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VIRTUAL REALITY JNTU previous years question papers

Time: 3 hours Max. Marks.80 Answer any Five questions All questions carry equal marks

1a) What is meant by Virtual Realism? Describe a real world application of VR technology, which demands a high virtual realism. b) Explain the following terms in context of Virtual Environment. i) Degree of Freedom ii) Latency iii) Augmented Reality iv) Telepresence. [8+8] 2. Explain about the input devices used for navigation and manipulation in detail. [16] 3. What are the output devices used for sound and explain them in detail. [16] 4. Explain in detail about physical modeling and behavior modeling. [16] 5. Explain about VR health and the issues taken for safety. [16] 6. List out the Medical applications and explain them. [16] 7. List out the features of Java 3D and how it is useful for VR Programming. [16] 8. Explain about 3D sprites and how the Practical System is implemented with examples.