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Gravity of love Gravitatea iubirii

Turn around and smell what you cant see, close your eyes its so clear. ntoarce-te i adulmec (miroase) ceea ce nu poi vedea, nchide ochii este att de clar. Heres the mirror, behind there is a screen. On both ways you can get in. Aici este oglinda, n spatele creia (n spate acolo) este un ecran. Pe ambele ci tu poi intra. Don't think twice before you listen to your heart; Follow the trace for a new start. Nu gndi de dou ori nainte s-i asculi inima; urmeaz calea pentru un nou nceput. What you need and everything you'll feel is just a question of the deal. Ce ai nevoie i tot ceea ce vei simi este doar o chestiune de afaceri. In the eye of storm you'll see a lonely dove; The experience of survival is the key To the gravity of love. n ochiul furtunii vei vedea un singuratic porumbel; Experiena de supravieuire este cheia gravitii iubirii. The path of excess leads to/ The tower of Wisdom. Calea de exces (de depaire) duce la Turnul nelepciunii. Try to think about it...That's the chance to live your life and discover what it is...what's the gravity of love... ncercai s v gndii la asta ... Asta e ansa de a-i tri viaa i de a descoperi ceea ce este ea ... ceea ce este gravitatea iubirii ... Look around just people, can you hear their voice. Find the one who'll guide you to the limits of your choice.

Privete n jur doar oameni, poi auzi vocea lor. Gsete-l pe acel care te va ghida la limitele alegerii tale. But if you're in the eye of storm just think of the lonely dove. Dar dac eti n ochiul furtunii, gndete-te doar la porumbelul singur. The experience of survival is the key to the gravity of love. Experiena de supravieuire este cheia gravitii iubirii. (=Cheia experienei de supravieuire este gravitatea iubirii).