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Name Emily & Missy Grade level Pre-K Observation: 2

Long-term specific goal(s) for LESSON: Families come in all sizes. 1. Title of Research Lesson: Calling All Families of Preschool 1 2. Short-term specific goal(s) for lesson: Practice investigation methods Gather data to answer investigative question 3. Standards addressed: 10.A.ECa: With teacher assistance, come up with meaningful questions that can be answered through gathering information. 10.A.ECb: Gather data about themselves and their surroundings to answer meaningful questions. 4. Background of the Lesson: Students have been discussing families for the past few weeks. Some students may have participated in previous lesson where we drew pictorial representations of our families and then graphed our findings using post-it notes on a number line. How do we ask questions/interrupt our friends

DANILESON INDICATORS 3b: Using questioning and Discussion Techniques Quality of questions Discussion techniques Student participation 1e: Designing Coherent Instruction Learning activities Instructional materials and resources Instructional groups Lesson and unit structure

5. Lesson Procedure

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Activities (Divide this into sections. Sections might include: Set-up, Introduction, Teacher-guided instruction, Individual Practice, Group Work, Sharing Ideas, Summary, etc.) Transition into Lesson Toward the end of group time, explain that Ill be doing an activity about families. I will need at least 4, no more than 6, students (allow them to choose before leaving group?), and it will only take about 15 minutes or so, so theres plenty of time to play.

Dialogue (Teachers Questions; Anticipated Student Responses)

Environment (Materials, Strategies, Adaptations)



Today I need 4-6 students to help me with a really special project. It wont take the whole time, and you would be filling my bucket so much Id be overflowing! Does anyone want to help me? I want to go with Emily! What would we be doing? Wed be investigating the families of Preschool 1, but I cant tell you much more, its a surprise! Ok, for those of you not with me, we will be coming to ask you questions. Were not trying to interrupt your playtime; we would just like you to answer our question. Think you can help us all out?

Did anyone volunteer?


Introduce Question How many people are in the families of Preschool 1?

Were going to find out some information about Preschool 1 today, about the families in our classroom. How many people are in all our families? (Blank stares possible) Do you know how many people are in each of your classmates families? Student: Theres 4 people in Cosmos family. Theres 4 in Cosmos family? I have 4 people in my family. Oh, you have four? Who? (Mommy, Daddy, Me, and my kitty!) I think everyone has 3, or 4, or 5

Are students physically engaged? (leaning forward, trying to see what Ive got?)

6. Evaluation: Did those students I was working with seem intrigued by my question? Were students able to investigate with little to no help from the teacher (materials age-level) Did students successfully collect data on their peers? 7. Post Lesson Reflection: Talk about the goals of your lesson, how did your lesson meet those goals? What did the childrens responses to this lesson tell you about whether your goals were met? What would you change about this lesson and why would those changes improve it? How did your organization and materials affect the success of the lesson? What were some challenges with this lesson? What surprised you? Additional comments?