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JULIUS ROSENBERG ET AL READING ROOM COPY FILE DESGRIPTION i) foes Fie SUBJECT __S/LVERMASTER FILE NO._€5-54902, VOLUME No.__//_ SERIALS 32 249- 268. | ee age 7 FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVEST) IGATION Form Noe : 46345 This cascomamaren at NEW YORK NY_. PHENO” 650115603 MW ; © NEW roRK HAROLD V, KENNEDY py - CARER CRC EHFORUATTON CORE Son WATHAN GREGORY STLVERUASTER, ESPIONAGEMRRELS 15 UiCLASS2FL® - : mH Prnrenor er 4 & CONPEDE ‘TIAL 2 “dad! trrormitioh Fo Her activities : reported. Identity of JGinS wat cut. “Results of vigit with i jeune aaah ROWDER reported agd’ infarwation re reorganization off WORLD 5 . STSINC. ALEXANDERW(ORAL survaillanoe teflects no sigmificant ty. Physical surveillance of RAYPELSON indicates contact with FRANRDUTTO and vets Pee HARDY, Communist. RAY ELSON temp- a orarily employed NFL. dential Inforzant gts conversation + between RAY and on FANNY, which ment ices ee information ! from Confidential ThYormant cevartea aA ‘ty of VERONA DANIEL HARDY and background set outs ARE QHUTHVAN 4s engaging in regular business activities, as reflected by surveillance ani confidential informant. Background of MICHAEI FREENEERG reported, GREEN2EAO hao ge & residence in New York City, where resides, and where he has gaye + been recently seen. GREEN "8 present employment unknowie Finan~ 2 {f° cial information re, PAULINEWAOGERS set ‘out, Selective Service in- t v4, formation on HICHAEDAENDELVAN reported, ENDEIMAN 1s reported both “Sas &@ Communist and ybh-Cognunist, No activities of significance re. {vealed by surveillancesPInforcation re contacts of Soxt_ERAN, * supplied by Confidentialfhformant, set out, LAUCHLIUACURRIE re— ceived passport 12/12/45 for European travel for busixds purposes. He is attempting to took passage on QUEEN ELIZABETH, 12/29/45, or on another ship, 1/1h/h64 Surveillance Uf he spends time at (yy, office, hone and making business contact RMA cone {u noted. Information relativé to departurd bf é forth, Background of Jang servar reported 4 s : | REFERENCE? Report of Special Agent FLOYD L. : ~~ Washington, De Ce; 12/18/45. 2 Report of Special Agent HAROLD Vy KENVEDY, made Y Z 5 Bt Now York City, 12/1h/45— J ey ; * : oe | — bY - SEY. 2