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Mega Cities: Globalisation Assessment Task






Geographic Task identifies Task identifies Task identifies Task identifies 2 local Task does not identify Knowledge and 4-5 local and global 3-4 local and global 2-3 some local and and global issues, with any local or global Understanding issues in specific detail. issues in specific detail. global issues in detail. minimal detail. issues . It identifies and It identifies and It identifies and It identifies and Task does not identify compares significant compares compares some compares some development issues development issues development issues development issues development issues from around the from around the from around the from around the from around the world. world. world. world. world.

Organisation of Ideas

Ideas were expressed Ideas were expressed Ideas were expressed Ideas were expressed in Ideas were not clearly in a clear and in a clear and in a somewhat clear a disorganized manner. expressed and lacked organised manner. organised manner. and organised Some sections were organization. All sections were easy Nearly all sections manner. easy to read and Sections were not easy to read and were easy to read and Most sections were understand. to read and understanding was understanding was easy to read and understand. gained effortlessly. gained easily. understand. Able to effectively identify and extract accurate and relevant information from given websites. Table is completed using details from all websites. Information is recorded using students own words. A clear point of view has been expressed in detail. Able to identify and Able to identify Limited ability to extract accurate and relevant information. identify accurate and relevant information. relevant information. Table is completed Table is completed using 1-2 websites Table is completed using using 2-3 websites details. less than one website details. detail. Some attempt to Information is record information Limited attempt to recorded using using students own record information students own words. words. Point of view using students own Point of view is is somewhat clear. words. No clear point of expressed in some view. detail. Insufficient information was gathered to complete the task. Table is incomplete. No attempt to record information using students own words. No clear point of view.

Information Gathering

Spelling & Grammar

Appropriate and Appropriate and subject specific subject specific vocabulary is used vocabulary is used throughout the throughout the inquiry inquiry assessment assessment. task. There are no There are no more spelling or than two spelling or grammatical errors. grammatical errors.

Appropriate Appropriate The choice of vocabulary including vocabulary including vocabulary is some use of subject some use of subject appropriate. specific terms. specific terms. There are a number of There are no more There are a number of spelling or than three spelling or spelling or grammatical grammatical errors. grammatical errors errors


The overall The overall The overall The overall presentation The overall presentation is very presentation is well presentation at times is not structured well presentation is not well structured and structured and follows was not structured with limited use of structured and did not follows a logical a logical sequence. and did not follow a visual aids. follow a logical sequence. There has There has been clever logical sequence. sequence. There was been clever use of use of visual aids. There has been some no use of visual aids. visual aids. use of visual aids.


ALL the requirements MOST of the Inquiry assessment Inquiry assessment task Inquiry assessment of the task are met. requirements of the task submitted 1 day submitted 2 days late. task submitted more Submitted on the due task are met. late than 3 days late. date. Submitted on the due date.

_________________________ Globalisation Assessment Task meets the requirements of an: r Expert r Skilled r Capable r Apprentice r Novice Comments: Teacher Signature: