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Part A:

5 x 2 = 10

1. List out the advantages and disadvantages of vegetative propagation compared to sexual reproduction. 2. With a neat labeled diagram list out the features of embryo sac. 3. List out the main structural features of seminiferous tubule with a neat labeled diagram. Part B: 1. Name the hormone produced by the following structural features. Corpus luteum Ovary Placenta Male gonad 2. Suggest when the following methods should be adopted for infertility treatment. GIFT ZIFT IUI ICSI Part C: 3x1=3 4x1=4

1. What are MTPs? List only two disadvantages of MTPs. 2. List out any three important reasons why sexual reproduction is better that asexual reproduction. Part D: 2x2=4

1. What are pericarp and perisperm? 2. Most zygotes divide only after certain amount of endosperm is formed. True or false. Justify your answer. 3. How is scutellum different from sertoli cells. Part E: 1x4=4

1. The male gametes of rice plant have 12 chromosomes in their nucleus. The chromosome number in the zygote of the seedling will be: a. 6 b. 12 c. 24 d. 48 2. Choose the false statement with respect to the pollen-pistil interaction. a. Pistil has the ability to recognise the compatible pollen. b. The pollen tube enters the style through the germ pore. c. In the two-celled stage pollen grain, the division of generative cell into two gametes takes place inside the synergid. d. Pollen tube enters one of the synergids through the filiform apparatus. 3. The LH and FSH are at their peak on the: a. 15th day. b. 14th day. c. 13th day. 4. What is Saheli? 5. What is Lactational amenorrhea? d. 12th day.