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[ADss¢ sutmital Form v_ 2 [enor ust-aosse v 3 [Matera Data Shect v_| 4 [eomptance and Devan Fm v 5 |Gateiogue Broverre /Dswnge wn 6 _|Manutcaurer Quality Cortiestes (150 Or her) wi 7_[eepyorcerteses (Over) v_ _ 8 [Gopy oF eat Pages of 8.0.0 (Marked) 2 [Copy ar Rested Contact Specfeataons | 10 _ [Copy ot Shop Draws / Sketch 12 [Technical Data Sheet 13 [Retavert Test Resuts Vv 7 11 [yo rea aperocn 7 v wi 14 [Ssfety Data Shest 15 [Agpicators Method Statement 16 [Recon rom Ste Trl - “7 | Samples Provsea = 48 [omer Encausers (W Any) v CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS Project South Shia hrastuctaral Work TatT Submittal Form - ADSSC. CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS Yo Form te [sor re ‘TECHNICAL SUBMITTAL FORM. |=" [00 ‘ BM Tne fe | Tet ti ApproalatNeat on. a wea 0 Bate] onset EA lah Sent ose Waiera Cate ea ent alana el bin feist Sen Sw [Gk tn Oust "Paine = - Fo Teme TEE comme | ECON a = os Fema | AO ee Tas [A [pct at —— pee Bg poo] Da aoc HOO Re! = Bask soit Comey ne et Laity = Mle i ra — fami Se ieee locas ier ey CeO Fr cries Oe spot Rha Pig of BO P petite Carat pete seg Dye ee = — pases geet bay ie serene —t ete th —| Pests ace” [Cys LBs | ENA —| content Seamer The 1 Exe Bava ——| Sete hoe ta Te Te TE = : at ted resin no ued ens ei ied mene TE} tor Returned au acomplte Sanat Wap ay | xi Conan Wane a sto [RSE ane ae Ti | Tate a CR a ‘Seema ein san bd oop TS RT REFERED PRONE ECON PROCENRE OPH OF RSS WERK TED RORGCERERT TER Prajeat South Shanks TarasructraT Works —Tet Approved Vendor List QD CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS i ul bie = ee sr sath ag swim (oss Junta ong temnos ea na] ‘SOM MAD: zz NOLLOaS ‘To our values Customers and Suppliers 30" Nov, 2006 TOWHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN Pease be informed that our company RMC SUPERMIX LLC with license umber: $2841 and, rogister number. 11681 hes changed its name fom RIC SUPERMIX LLC to CEMEX SUPERIMIX LL ‘Therefore, we request you to kindly change our company’s name in your data to (CEMEX SUPERWIX LLC for any futher correspondence, ‘Thank you for your cooperation Koasepacs, Oy Seco \ | irate of Abu Dhabi Department of sicipalities and Agriculture bu Dhabi Municipality revssles teat] ye pes poll cast Saale ut pla Hea LL tat a S/o cy Lae ps Paty (YAY ) g AA ad yas a op fn Lak Ll cad hn A yt pe oe sae gel J gh eo Nos lad ahaa al aad ig a Beata gl yah je | pl B= Rain eh yay ge a ene at Thad 1 cp pc in| a Ja pt a -¥ Lk Las ny pte) Alegre oh ak gl hel iy Ae sy pl Hh dy ay Ae cdi Maple tii GeLiel Leboll Lata “ Higher Corporation For Specialized Economic Zones SAV. OV By Retina eas gly dementia) Spel Ghia YS Raga th gy HD le jah Updo ca ( peed ae see nage) pal nd ally YN gate Sy Ja Cy Ge ONY by Yell dead I ac Ped Se ge Se Bp See eel oe ga pl at gee dps ° (Asn) gal a fan gle sae — (9a) hy ae dd wall clay etal Las J quad (cL) (aut dye lle uae - (Ba) yg ea ee ed - say Yea ana aa TeV lan JOSE TONY fas Hela Last ans 1 Kee yfyf eles ee Sats | SALAD Mle le Uli Sag ola Jal HAD lad Uy jue il Mammal LT tll Ube Aantal Deas cad lis ppd iS ssctbly ol Sal ey ybiy ABU DITABI MUNICIPALITY & TOWN PLANNING Das Sat) dctiy at pea aps Go pe ed DLN pal pals glee oh a J ed ye Shp pa IOS Lads DD DE ey phew dy fn a QM Hyg Jatabs | (Sie ape) HEI pe AD Lege Sah Ny TAS Ae AN oF Apt IL ad fg ee LY el Cg 18 Sh appr lig iyy Sd Lad AEN hs ele gel I Se le ad al sgh BL i, Gill on 5 hg Dla ed SA pl py i as Mea he RA el J SH go pe Sl wSe ge geal Sl gD ell age Sy a SH Up ay este LeYl AAG add BG lel pe Yantai“ HEN Al al gptTV NB ogy altho belgie Project South Shaka rastactral Works “Tok Material Data Sheet CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS SS TS SS RSET E a= 2 ee esr oe ia ices reno =| facie Ere pone et — wap i See Sead ier a ia pee Ee ee 2 Eeraorooetes ncn RTE Ta Se HTT TAT pase ag0n oan [ser cnr he thnelPaater 0 eect Sr ed = cate rece al so “ on fee - 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Box eter ‘Abs Dal Uta eas Ema fre San ‘oa unageona o ‘SUMMARY OF AGGREGATE TEST RESULTS a tomatoe eed oe Latent = Concer ner patie a cn vans Rosita fate Grate vans fa amous pecuecr Sa ee senate fFoang_ fering wa] [ihy fom BS om a eo ee ra a ra a Tz . z oe + s ‘or ca asi ‘samp tiitinoy Canes Spe coateae : NP Sue ARLE STONE Cuties pened NP 2m orm thet agg Ra ros Ne Ecenonstod ag PAR re) Ne Dire Saa : ‘Series 0) {Otho suneig dae sanonott SimpingNoned | ASTMD7S i eT SUMMARY OF AGGREGATE TEST ‘te | ton | fon | Sino — sttia | aos | sora | fer | lope sne ears spe [Mater finer Bw 78m Fine % ar os = ‘Desi: an Sy Wai aa or sa | oe [ss net-s55" Tal zu fam ae tae Tae Ves Pcs Gos —— ha ze] a [snob 2 a a os [as [te zm [Gertnes sree Panes — seems [w]e ot] “fir [oamc son fees Beat Rest] Farias Eases ee ee = Ease Sheree [wt re Pecans sapioe Comes — a feat os} ee = ae et se Se Faso = aa er Tate fast chaise Corse ag vs EER _| 67] OF Bert fesse Sioa oe ae at somo] [aes Paar vat ag — afr cs 2 argat Moats Corte Jus iamsea | - = sr igitvags ems See —| at | “a | af Fongonst ae ifsrsnia | ao —| 29 [Soundnass (MgS0.) 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ME FoquetNe Goaat Date Testcomoted aH ‘Bue Same No neous FE TestFea No, teat Tat Motos Astalow manna Teatleiod aration None Tastes oR eae sin Result Constituent “est mathods TestResut Paves aS - BS 1271008 7 Total Akainty Carbonate a8 C300, ppm BS 14271085 20 ‘Chie 98 Cl, pam — BS 1427 1669 s Sulphate as 50, ppm 5 1977 Pan's 1980 [250 “otal Disaived Salds om BS 1877 Pan 1990 35, cousswniaianiannn IE GULF CEMENT COMPANY Punic Sarcnarsiva Copa Counescun Rec. No. 22 a ora_oo_woa_9y 5 ne pag vaa ‘TEST CERTIFICATE Wook No.t6/14 Date: 29.04.2011 Period:t6i04/t1~22108/14 ‘SULFATE-RESISTING PORTLAND CEMENT B.S, 4027 (1986) CLASS 42:5 N (LA) CHEMICAL COMPOSITION REQUIREMENTS RESULTS Lose on 0h) Max 30 119 isk Rave Oh) Mae 15 O28 Size ie (so) 4) 2154 ria xo A) (%) 367 Fen Oe (Foo) (%) 438 Cum ote (30) as Magrsin Os (igo) %) Max 80 128 Suphr Tee (80) (8) Max 25 15; “kan Stee @s) 358 Dean Site 5) 6%) 122 “kale Asia (A 0%) Max as 23 Tl Akales —(aj040850K,0) 04) Max 080 043 Colntes (6) Max 010 0 HYSICAL, PROPERTI . = SpeateSutce APomesity st (og) suo Sundnes: Le Chater Expansion (mm) Max. 10 i “Tne of Sang eat et int (Mines) Min 50 150 Frat Moses) 70 copes Seng 205 (inn?) >40 7a (umm?) 20am cestne 12) (Ninn?) 258.5025 We catty at uty of camant conforms te peiatns a sats above Et wept TEST CERTIFICATE PORTLAND CEMENT CEM 42.5 N BS EN 197-1:2000 ‘Loewen couPosmion raven a ewe sete sau see a tara a ann ae ‘mens (sox o 0 en an) “0 eva Fay 30 tose eo - ae Se ‘i s 18 ‘ine om mae Er ‘tae toy ° 50 Tashi Mebane) oer be soo os Sti ame ty oe Soran Spe int se 3 ‘ata Vent is Winds 880 ae Va = Comme ote 28 fee 2 m Joe me a . 20m (Wom) 22s ane a Fh sad bee Secea mine fez sma pae- als aenterit, See ii conexrtcouc Le eps Alcoa et a betes se mieten Seam Fae ear vin tnerergl at screce ate ee ‘tana tacit tase eneaousnen (CEMEX ini ote Soper Pasi EBI Sikament®-R4QV(CD) Very High Range Water-Reducing and Slump Retaining Concrete Admixture Skaner?-naaVco i ai eee atau enecicae ee Product Saran fee oungores ts sams eget Description ona on rane Hs Si spa ane kaner™R4OWCO ety tr ee nants me nang ‘im none pcs ham he SS Shanna Rave) 9 wees supe nt con fe Not ecg en es angh 1 Siders sce Stone? LOWED) ono pase, 2 atts perc 1 Shomer eect tle ade copane a ‘= Bere RNG) crave smi casTm omae Product Data : operas Se Patan Sorape EAE tren td —sepoaanoy aang a ‘hint Content Nl acca w EN 9903) — " Aplcaton Dette | Gommptn Oost Sede sea 0578 Hy nga Tl nn aoa : ‘Semin ave aonoe ‘anon? RAG VED mayb cant why ce ha Foc pana shauna Sha Recon Ss Ae. 28 Stat Fores Appleton | (trons | Deena Shane GVO) wand we sng at wpe ps Sse te cone met Sir snon tee ecataoe ne Soma SEER sees aes gp ere pc. once pig isnt sng Ute aca ca eae etigaaprisen? aren vara sna RGU) sate nic cn meses Shaman RAQVCO} muse ey amen eo putng sty a ath oe abe et oath and Satety Information 9 Pe, cnsogeal and nag Saabs eters ne ra a ee para tbc arara ol oy ta Wats shy sana re Tsai ede eta ps es Roe erptennepunse Soarerersemgncete eer ue ween sty Tosa sey erm CEMEK el ae PLASTICIER A 3 =m Plastimente-100 Water Reducing Concrete Admisure Fetion Ree OP 2 erase on Rice aaa caves ‘equte sping est opacity tea wh erm parte ee 1 Pree cement ae roses {Sascwnsca’ Posner 100 Gas we Eg epeies Trojoved wats wi fesse ater soramaaue roduct Data Technical Data {Reduces water wou bso woe reese rng trove ere sh esse Arprearatoy TSI Aepontatay 3 Pistni-TSapTaE WR TTC Tips AE —— rate betwon °C a 36 Pretec on dict unin ~ era iia Sa peo dee aed ep oral —— unopened pages Chloe conten, _~ Niles) Systom Information ‘pletion Oatate ‘Conunpton! Borage 02— 1 ORB] WARNS canoe Ta SIARDIE I a BERT RGSTS — ST tormprre cot no! ota 9 fr mere orang tuner ‘epleationConions nso crete mn np sitar cement Pri ro "emnmended #eonbisons wthhe above posass enya. Peas cant our Tectia Svoes partner en TR WIS OTE STOR Ss Tesiniagls oe ong ci areas potion ana Glan quer ands wih wee ned ar oe xem tt ia le Duin te parade Sus aoe apa Ae Sar yvean taney Value Base Aci a en Prot Dat Shab ata r (eRe eat ree Seti faeetanctsim alicia” oatnand Satay senate gunn ew sp pga romaine set te eect te mee Loga Notes: Supertaster 204 | "BASE ‘The Chemical Company RHEOBUILD® 858 High range, water reducing suporpasicier fr theopa Deseration FRHEOBULDY 858 & famuted from gmat otras specaly designed to fmpat heats ‘uatos ener, ‘A thal concrete fs a dl concrete wh a stump of et est 200 mm, eaiy Nowy, but ‘te sii at90 fom segregation and having (e same usterearent rao a3 that of a low ‘tmp concata (25 mn) wthout anit, RHEOBULDT 2588 clot, Advantages FREOBULD" 853 considely ipoves the ropes of rah nd arcenecl coer Primary uses i + Mert consis + Mass coerte pours 1+ Rea micas oncata + Long-datane tanspot + Purood concrete + Casing nto cfmates “obtain + oduca hema pests + High ockabity or onosr peas + Lower puroing prossure + Dalayed setng with anger woraby + Higher utr erengts + Reduced poraabity 1 oro drabity Compa FEEOOULD? 8586 compat wih al cements and meets entrain agents msc the ASIA Standards. The akin of RHEOBLILDP 358 ane |MIORO-AI 100 fer eretannn apa to concrta 'srecarmended wna i aquted to whet fesngandthavig oc, Packaging a FREOSUILD 858 avalale in blk or 210 to cruns, “peal propartse Propet te ae fr ulate and ae nt 2 rte terrace oa Bone Seectogry 125031280 Coto conan) Nin 895075 Pan 1 Feuigpat O10 Fatoore NA Standards -ASTMC-A04TWH0A 8,0, Fang Dosage pair dosage of SHEOBUILD B58 sould be cteminedin tl mise, Aa. uk tha fling Aesages are rscorrrended a @ staring point ay i, nnarmal concata a dosage of teteon 08 102.0 los por “Och coments rate bh big partoance micro slot oonzete 4 onige of beiveen 15 to 25 es par 10rK3 feumertioue mater. Dependent upon rt reautrant, a possi tS use arigher dosage of BHECBULO" 256 wihout easing ay adverse jets upon the conte, Pease coneut BASF CConsncton Chemis Tectrical a or ther inrnaton, Plasticiser Ao’ | @ REFERENCE INFORMATION RMC P12 Plasticising/water reducing admixture description ‘WOPI25 3g yfors ate aoa Ben easos ies "opulent smote penta cme oaee ‘arena, sneer maton Standards Compliance Technical Data |micrzenteimasnicisinera.3.0. (Typical Properties) Pe a Advantages 6 tom | Gomaioststanmwe rapoitate | agtaRateaty 12k So entice pecs Coit Ast © Sostestintemtessincstmteas | Ste etn yr meet ay + itiniemcomasnestints Dosage Rates on epi | Pare any et cteanettwn “momamtccnee | Eeeeeantitoe cumeraoinporeseratyeenen | Soeteseiamentat nea memes 1 i Project “South Shmka rast Catalogue / Broucher / Drawings CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS Company Profile stom CEMEX is 2 growing Globe, puiding-solutions company thet provides products of 9 oe ateily high quality and reliable service to Provomers and communities In "ian 60 countries around fhe cosa. The company advances Ne ‘well-being of those It Serves hrough its retentless FOCUS 97 ne nuus improverent 274 tS efforts to promote 2 sustainable Uli “Jo: Founded in Mexico in 1908, CENEX has grown fom 2 smal local player into atop slobal ‘uiding-sotutions company. Today the Eompany is strategically positioned in the Americas Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asi _. Cemex at a glance: = global industry leader ~ Annual sales of more than uss15 billion Presence in more than 50 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the ‘Middle East, and Asia _ One of the top three cement manufacturers in the world World's leading supplier of ready-mix concrete and ‘one of the largest producers of aggregates One of the world’s top traders ‘of cement and clinker ~ More than 50,000 employees worldwide “qur mission is to serve the global building needs of our customers and build Value for our stakeholders by Cacoming the world’s most lefficient and profitable building solutions company” - passion for change «+ Ifthere is one characteristic that sets us apart, it is our passion for change. Our unusual blend of discipline and resourcefulness has fundamentally changed the way we, and our industry, do business. + Through novel intatives—from 24-hour self-service coment dispatch to Toonsee distributor networks—we leverage our industry knowledge and ally o deliver efficient client-focused solutions that are responsive and tailored to local market needs. Consistent performance ZonxQur unparalleled record of manufacturing cost leadership benefits our stakeholders and underscores the agilly,resiiancy, and sustainability of Sur business model. After honing our production axpertise, we are taking Sdvantage of Our extensive commercial networks to extract more value for our customers. Ensuring the ability of future generations to achieve their goals Zona\Ne combine our strong economic performance with our unwavering ‘commitment to society and the environment. For example, our use of alternative raw materials in the cement production process allows us to Conserve our natural resources, increase the useful life of our quarries, reduce our energy consumption, and decrease our atmospheric emissions. Technology to transform cement into a service and solution- based industry on Our proprietary information technology leverages the collective knowledge of our people and raises the standard of customer satisfaction tnd employes productivity. We use it to maximize our operating efficiency and agility, pioneer superior customer service, logistics, and fulfilment. practices, realize cost efficiencies, and streamlire our internal processes Cemex in the UAE . CEMEX trades under the name of RMC Supermix LLC (in ‘Abu Dhabi) and RMC Topmix LLC (in Dubai/Sharjah) Zon: CEMEX is the market leader in providing quality products for the UAE market on a constant basis. ae. Operating from 12 plants, the annual production exceeds 2.5 mmillion cubic meters, on-site plants running at this moment in Dubai, includes Dubai International Airport Expansion (2.4 million m®) and Dubai Mall (0.5 million m°). soUEID 9 ae. INV BV (AVI) HO DARNT AAINDOD cTaysmuwnvao STTXNINWAANS XANAD-LAVAD NOTLVSINVOAO: UY Equipment Availability Thin 36 Max 50 0PM. 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Spreowredtine Matancowieore | Sot |- | le | e edcod rma wak cost ovens RMC Group Further information ME quay ses rst e Tis aft ore ofa alte ergs ‘cay al tects ne FF sare coeteg wpe pert ereire dng fh it Srpeaiet secon patermance nd imate te rant bathe gttime | Sptenon. ft ors anduvaled rege of Toros adn tet, a Mix advice and guidance asec ncn ela | Your Tess! parent an INC Super. Mc Topmia LL. El surernxemates net Project South Shika nastactual Works “Tote Manufacturer Quality Certificate ( ISO or Other } CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS, ISO Certificate & National Ready mixed Concrete Association Certificate “hss. Certification - wate x CEMEX SUPERMIX u.t.c. MUSSAFAH P.O. BOX 72071, ABU DHABI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ‘Bureau Vestas Certification cenify thatthe Management System of the above organisation has been audited and founda be im accordance ‘with the requirements ofthe management system standard detailed below Stasdaed ISO 9001:2008 Scope of Ceriéention DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY OF READY MIXED CONCRETE, SCREEDS AND. PLASTER PRODUCTS, Ongar 08" ocroBeR 2003 ‘sz oie tr pol op Sean ‘octet 2S NOVEMBER 2012 once an 971 43653860) “srmsemnn ae deans mance Vy em iy Pew 2 wovenser 209 SL _ else seca r ea Cer Certification CEMEX SUPERMIX t.t.c MUSSAFAH P.O. BOX 72071, ABU DHABI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Burest Veritas Cenification erty thatthe Management Spirem af the above organisation has been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements ofthe mangement system standard detailed below ISO 14001:2004 DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY OF READY MIXED CONCRETE, SCREEDS AND PLASTER PRODUCTS. EUS aren Certification CEMEX SUPERMIX L.t.c. MUSSAFAH P.O. BOX 72071, ABU DHABI UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Bureau Veritas Certification certify thatthe Management System ofthe above organisation has heen audited and found to be in aecordance with the requirement ofthe management system standard detailed below Standard OHSAS 18001 ope of Ceri 007 DESIGN, PRODUCTION AND DELIVERY OF READY MIXED CONCRETE, SCREEDS AND PLASTER PRODUCTS. 04" NovEMBER 2010 i pn 971 A483 wor0.7560/0 National Ready Mixed Concrete Association ( ( Certificate of Conformance ( For Conerete Production Facilities NRMCA ‘THs 1S TO CERTIFY THAT Mussaffah Plant No. 201, Abu Dhabi, UAE CEMEX Supermix LLC “Paci doer nt met a repiemet fer frshng comeing wa” as bees inspected ye undetsige liens pofessoalengine for confirmance with he euleens a the Check Lis Jor Reads Mad Concrete Prodctin Fclies ASO ‘ropeton dat efits met he egucement fr production Central Mixing with Automatic Batching ard Recordings of Cementitious Materials, Aggregate, Water, and Chemical Admixtures July 29, 2010 July 29, 2012 (so Teen De atic Eston Da National Ready Mixed Concrete Association / Certificate of Conformance C fe Concrete Production Facies NRMCA usissocoxey nis Mus: affa Plant No. 202, Abu Dhabi, UAE CEMEX Supermix LLC “Poy doo not metal eprom fr come abcing weahe” bas bes inspec the undesand licensed poison engine fo confemance with he equeets ofthe Check Lis for Ready Med Concrete Production Paces As fe "sapeton dae the fies met te eeemes or reduction Central Mixing with Automatic Batching and Recordings of Cementitious Materials, Aggregate, Water, and Chemical Admixtures Greg. Mattors ‘ ae Er Teme owe a oecmaumoee August 02,2010 August 02, 2012 ean) Iresson Oe Cetin Ene ae This company wil mini tese lesiacomplanc with h Chek ir ruin i omet pomp 99 deine which eva ie. National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (/ Certificate of Conformance ( - Conerete Production Facilities NRMCA gasisrocesny Mussaffah Plant No. 203, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi CEMEX Supermix LLC Fact doc not met ol repirement or fring conse sein wether” ‘ns ben inspected hy the undersigned lensed professional engine fr conformance with he reouremems of te Check List for Ready ied Conrete Provo Facies. As ti Teapevton dae the fies net the reuremens or prodoton by Central Mixing with Automatic Batching and Recordings of Cementitious Materials, Aggregate, Water, and Chemical Admixtures 5 re) Geog. More 2 olor Tenant ne ina ae Po no 807 UA July 29, 2010. July 29, 2012 oy aecon Dae Cetin gro De Ths conpany wil ainin fis compliance wih the Check is une s Soop Sn wh jf. Recon Cpeneners Dis a of apy Oe 74 tonal Ready Mind Conca Arion 808 Sting Sot Sia Sain « Marfan 2930 National Ready Mixed Concrete Association «€ ( Cortiticate of Conformance ror Concret Production Facilities NRMCA ‘sis 0 CERT THAT Mussaffah Plant No. 204, Abu Dhabi, UAE CEMEX Supermix LLC "Pac de ec al eprom foreigner ming whe” as en inspec by the undersigned essed poesinsl engine for onfoance wih the requirements ofthe Chek List for Rea Med Concrete Pradtion Paces Aso te inspection dae he fain met te rogue or prastion by Central Mixing with Automatic Batching and Recordings of Cementitious Materials, Aggregate, Water, and Chemical Admixtures Gueg. Metter pcos] ae ‘Sma of seed el Eg July 25, 2010. July 25,2012 (sea) Taecn Da “Ths company will min ee ee a compe wit the Chock Lit eames nd wl come a en ‘Seana Company Oca Project South Shika istuctaral Works Tord Copy of Certificates ( Other ) GZ CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS Quality Control Plan Me RAT eouMROL TL 5 eee [Ease erica RES] ewe Se | ee ssn ea se ‘Bhawan i esi eae esraes nar fonts ae ae ee = ft rz a ‘faster eae n Sen ae lane sera isa E eae Sees etaes | Buenas re —— sinner a 2 Ta ——| | os Baars | Pome co merece rae = | a someeas| ceeamee ser aren ee etna Sh merce, Ls cir an caren toe tre res genoa cate ern SM My [erectarnoahrusumnn ences ee creer Meccan. {OL PROCEDURES &PLAN Quality Control is oF prime imporance to our busines and as suc it hasbeen organized in a mater to ensue te production ofthe required grades and quality of concrete trough various stages of work starting from materials selection unl the delivery of const othe Point of pur. In addition t the i-house quality contol of the materials and the concrete proc, CCEMEX Supeemix employs the services of reputable testing loaves for continuous ‘monitoring ofthe materials quality ona yearly contrat basis. Quality Controt Team A) CEMEX Supermix In-house Quality Cont Quality Como! within the plant and during transportation and pours is supervised and fully co-ordinated. by the following, Super Mix’ Cemex Personnel Plant & Maiteracne Manager ‘Me. Mahmood =O. Manager ‘Mr. Mohammed Faz Malik ~QA./ HSE Executive (QMR) Me. Roseman (Dip In Civil Eng, Dip, tn dusts Sey) EHS MANAGER UAB “Me. Fayaz Mohammed Shab (B.Com, NEBOSH) = Quality Supervisor ‘Mohammad Zia '8) Independent Laboratories ‘Complisnce of all concrete components with the requited specification is ‘soniolled and monitored by the fllowing independent cei laboratories in ‘Abu Dhabi Meares ‘CEMEX Supermi bas contact wih the fllowing independent laboratories for testing procofure as per Supermix quality conto plan attached 1. Bodyeote Laboratory 2. Pugro Middle East 3. Anb Centr for Engg. Studies 4. Lous fr Sol Testing & Consrcton Mater 5 Bainounah for Soil Maeil Test 6. Hoty Stangers Laboratories 7.Al Hai Mukaddam for Geo Technical Works LUC All esting procedure are performed in accordance to Superm’x Cemex quality contol plan and procedure Quali Conteot Procedure © ~ A) Materials At Aearoetes: ‘Orders of aggregates of al sizes and types are checked visually upon arrival to the plant and before unloading them in the materials sage area any deviation is visually spotted, ur lahimstrial chnician wil reject the toad. Regular weekly test are being mae on the supplies of diffrent materials to check their consstncy and compatibility with specitistion A2 Cements “Test cerifcates from cement factories Falcon Cemex Duabi, Gulf Cement Company RAK, UCC RAK are being obtained ty-Monily. Records of the last swo years indicate thatthe properties ofall supplies are Aa Water ADWEA water malas are being used for mixing waier at our plant. Water ‘mains are of drinking water quality. Analysis has shown thei suitability to ‘concrete works AA. Admisture & Additives CConerete Admistures which ae being used by us fr the lst two years are of FOSROC, BASF, SIKA and GRACE certificates of quality forthe admires se delivered to with foreach suply of bulk admixture. Consistency has ‘boon proven forthe admixtures commonly used in ourmixes Admintre produced by other manufactures are also used if specifically requested by furcustomer. 2) Eguipmene 1 Batching Plants ait ‘The following pats and ystems re ing visually checked ech morning and theneessary eparifan is perormed Pulleys nd bets = Weight gauges suspension system = Oils and hydraulic systems “circuit beakers * Limit switches ~Zero setng of weight on digital ndiatrs = Visual read ot check o ach lod displayed on the dig scale, Weekly General maintenance and cesning (Friday) Calibration check up to the elacironie scales by step up and step down loading. 2 Truck Mixers ‘Truck miners are being checked daily inthe mening bere operation and inthe evening before night parking Checks are smd at keeping the track miners ia fll working conditions tal ies. “Monthly checks and cleaning for any possible died concrete inside the drums being performed, i BS. Chillers Chillers are being checked daly for any possible gas leak to ensure proper performance, ©) Handling Orders CCEMEX Super Mix maintains a separate register fr customer. Each register contains a complete record of the eustoner, Le project leaton, ‘ype ofmxes, Consultan, invoices, bling Onders received 24 hours in advance willbe fied ito the next daily soppy schedule Information sheet containing the conerete mix components and pour loestion is then produced and handed over to the tai conaller with copy 0 the Lab At the schedule time, the mix component is veifid and logged on the contol boar! and production of eonerete starts, Slump testi taken fom cach trick lead. Admixtures amount is generally adjusted n provide the customer withthe required workability atthe point of pours. ‘est eubes are normally taken according to the consultant andor customer sree upon requirements D) Personnst Site mecings with employees including drivers, opemtors technicians. te, are held frequently, where employees commenis anc observations are bing discussed, The mesting are also aimed at educating =mployees and ensuring that the quality assurance procedures and discipline are beng applied. Circulars, sketches and photographs are regularly produced and distributed to all employees in English, Arabic and Urdu to ensue thatthe management instructions for quality are being cried ct Consrete Specified Strength Im addtion 10 the test cubes taken atthe point of pour in compliance with the Consultant andlor Customer requirement, CEMEX Super Mix is taking daily cst cubes for their own record and feed bock purposes. Cokes crushing results are ‘monitored 10 vetify the concrete consistency and compaitility wih the specified strength. * Calibration Certificates Certificate of Calibration BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) ASSET NO: PLANT 201, «7385, Issue Date: 12.08.2000 ‘Cert, No = DEMy242¥7/2010 Job Noo 11392 ABU DIABLUALE Serial No: 23635; Aneto PLANT 20L, 47385 Location: — Musa Abs Dai ‘CALIBEATION DUEON 1.052001 (See Note BASISOF CALIBRATION NIST HANDBOOK NINH asTTM CoE HMa® {accredit by Dai Municipal) As pov claws 510.44 of ISO/IEC 1705205, a alia eit shal mt contin sy re ‘onthe saliration interval excep where his hasbeen agreed withthe cso 2, Decemsing lanes wasnt cuca the devices tug wight eco USA NIST epocy of te ele tf he atid anh, weve ree iterations standards "hiss ety that ofthe viii dt, he wlghing cles the aching plant comply wth hs ‘equiremonts of NIST HAND BOOK NIV and the acuracy af the scales ant wate rogue 130 ASTM CYC AM See Note 3 The result ofthe vriaion ae somomomeis Len. Lea ¥ Kavindeanath = (4) TE TTRY maT - Continuation Shot BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) ASSET NO: PLANT 201, 473405, Cert. No= Dent /2a2s7/2010 AGGREGATE SCALE capa 7 Ta Ieadsbiiy Unda = 7 IRedabiiy enter 5 [apries tna] Remsnaibe | trace ky Monier ink ints [Enorins tg tod Vale [ Exe nig [ Ta Vale [Wi Op v0 3 100 > 1600 ° 200 46 2400 « uae > 00 m2 20 ° 20 « zm ne | am » m0 ° so sso | om « 000 ° ‘oe: The ncertiny of measurement at maximum seed capes of tenes W 2887 (CEMENT SCALE keadatity Unda a ie eeadasitey (onitn t Permits | Toor TR Monier tink nig [en Tk Value [Boring | Tad Value [Ener soo 2 ~ 1 » 1 [Noles The uncertain of measurement a the mation vee capaly of he Case Continuation Sheet BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) ‘ASSET NO: PLANT 201, 473835 Cert, No: DEM/23287/2010 WATER SCALE Resdsblty Gar Appia’ Land] ormisibie [nator bi Monitor inky inks | frorin2 kg tnd Valve | vorim kg] Toa Watve [tor ay 2a u woo | as ano 0 nw 3 | amo | oo san0 oy soo ae | woo | oo mo ao Note:The uncertainty of measurement a the maximum verified capac of he Sick = 02m ig ICE SCALE eaten or 3s ° ineadariiny (Monten as e [Applica Land] Persie | —tnaeor (in Montor (la Ink | torins hg| tod. Value [ Goring | Tod Vale | firing nao os wo | oo 00 na 2400 w | 200 | aw 200 ow 00 a sae | ao s09 oo wy ‘Continsation Sheet BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) ASSET NO: PLANT 201, 473595, Cert. No: Demi rars7pn0 ADMIXTURE SCALE lcapasiy 0 nits Ieadbiny dna at oe Readabity Monitec) on Arplied Lod] Permissible | Indicator inka) Montor (inte) inks _|torinzkg| tnd. valve | enrinke| tnt Vole | txorinkg a nos | 300 | om ao oo 180 vo | oases | ons 180 wo sa on | 2997 | om | mo oo Note:The uncetiniy of meostement a he maximum vested caput of fea = WANT Certificate of Calibration BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) ASSET NO: PLANT 202, 706 Issue Date: 1208.2010 Cert. No = DeMt/24284/2010 Tob No= 11382 ror CCEME-SUPERMIN L1.¢ ‘ABU DHABL UAE pexrintearton Monts Make: STEEL LD ‘set No= PLANT 212 73606 lndiestor Make: COMMAND ALCON; Motel: SPECTRUM V4 ocation: —Musafah, Aba Dhabi DATEOF CALIBRATION osama ‘CALIBRATION DUE ON ‘1.08201 (See Note 1) BASISOFCALIBRATION NIST HAND BOOK NIL44 & ASTM CYC NO? {Accredited by Dats Municipality) 1 As pra 50.44 of SOME 1713825, a abalone sl net contain ony teem on the cltaton interval except whore this hs bam aged withthe estes 2 Decetsig lond tes wasnt cnkuced a the device ent ws walgh out eer ase no NAV NESE Hand book NI a be measere hy wep ome oan acres of co he eure al mig var The temperate dering the eaitation wae 3b 22°C ‘= of vestation date, the weghing sae f the btching plant complies with the ‘equines of NIST HAND HOOK NHI an the aceray of He wakes met withthe request use In3ef ASTM CWE HN ee Nee The etna the tection re nen nthe omaha somoveosififcny ERIN cx)» hap chs Sts aaa Tis mye te los ae ns E361 Continuation Shit BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) ASSET NO: PLANT 202, 473806 Cert. No: DEMI/24284/2010 AGGREGATE SCALE ‘pple aoa] Perwibie [tester mg aig Ink, | toring) Tod Vale [ Ero to Eee 200 ms | 24m ° 20 ° som no | 3am ° — 0 500 as | san ° 400 > a 20 | caw ° soo o "oes The uncetainy of mensarement a maxinoe verified capacity af the ale A887 kg CEMENT SCALE feapciy 150 ait Rewaabiliy rae) 1 we [neds (Monitor) L | Fernie rim —] Enon be Ta Vale [Everio | Tae Valve-Eror g ere aye tela Continuation Sheet BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) ASSET NO: PLANT 202, 473806 Cert. No: DEM24289/2010 WATER SCALE [Readability (Monitor) 1 “ eved nd] Rewer nig arr ink ing [ering | To vate [Erni] Tava [to ig m» | oo | m | oo | wm a mw | we | ow | oo | ae ° w [os | om | oo | ° wo | as | a | 6 | oe ° w | os | w | oe | o@ ° ‘Nite: The een oF meres the mann ied pec ibe ase ICE SCALE Emaar on Tae esabiiy dioiay ae = tcdabilty (entr oi Revd] Remiine| air ig Wont i ‘inky | erovins gl Tod Vale | wring] Tad Vater [toe a suo | to | ame | oe | oe ‘ we Page Yat Contisiation Sheet BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) ASSET NO: PLANT 202, 473606 Cert. Nos DEM /232869/2010 ADMIXTURE SCALE em une pcs Una ae ts nday anton wn | ea Femiaite[ Inder tinny) |__ Mostra int |tnrin2tg| tn vate [enone | na vate | tring no | ave | un | ow | zo | 00 am [oom | am | om | a | oo Note:The uncertainty af measurement athe maim veifiedcapasiy af ssl in +008 we “ Page to ‘Certificate of Calibration BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) SERIAL NO: CB 120495 ‘This certificate supersedes the certifieate ne: DCML 232742010 Issue Date 11.08.2010 ‘Cert. No: DOME /24285 Job No 10836 AABUDHABL UAE wenticaTion Ponti Make:cot SIN0 8 120195; Ane No: PLANT: 203,787 Indicator Make: COMMAND ALKON; Model: SPECTRUM Vt cation Masa, Ab Ds DATEOFCALIMRATION ———_2g042010 CCaLimaTION DUE OW 25042011 (Se Note) BASISOFCALIBRATION NIST HAND BOOK NH-44& ASTM CYC IMDB (credited by Dai Manspaity ccattneareD By ean Googe #1SOMEC 175208, a carton cereale shal ot onan any rewmmetation Interval except eee this at bon goed with the afore, 2 Destising lan test wasnt enacted asthe device ot wing Io wegh ou afer aus: NA. uf NIST Hand bok NIB ‘The sed water shall bemeanired by weit volume a acaracy af the eed ol ig ses ‘the mesurements repre in his certificate ae trace to atonal o infernationa "Thetempeatre daring the calibration was 222°C ‘This 0 ety that a ofthe vesitieation de, the weighing scale of the aching plan complies wh th volves oF NIST HAND BOOK Ni andthe acer of he see 1366 ASTM C9YC 94M. ONSce Net 3 The eu of he Versione gh Ay heiager eM Ser tapnnny on oc a a a Se DDANWAY . Continuation Sheet os BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) SERIAL NO: CH 120495, Cert. Nos DeMyaa7y200 AGGREGATE SCALE _ [espace 700 ca [casa anor 5 7 [east (Monit 5 ‘ppled Vand] Porm | adcatr ing Monitor ing) 0 a) ° so ° wo | ona | im ° mo a 10 ns | aw ° 390 o wo | m3 | am | 6 20 > 200 m | sw ° = ° soon ne | am ° son a 2500 wo | am | s 2s 5 wom | 160 | coos 5 0s 5 so wo | as 5 sas 5 009 200 | _ sms 5 sas 5 "he uncertain af measurement atthe masimin ves pacity of he sale f+ 287 bg (CEMENT SCALE Resdabiliy nner 7 | ¢ Kendo (Monin) 1 ‘plied ond] Pemnais | —Tndier Ta Ra Mosier tak ink _| Forint | Tod Value [Erorin ig | Ind Value | Err ink 50 as sa 1 = 1 he uncertainty of menuremnent the manimun verified capacity of thowcale AE Lg yee Doanway - Continuation Shoot BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) SERIAL NO: CB 120495 Cert. No: DeMLyz274/2010, WATER SCALE (pasty Too te] Readable z oe fess (Monin o [Rie aoa] Permit | — Inder in ‘Monitor (img intg | rvorin | Ta Value | toring | Tad value [Bowe so 3 = « 2 ° 100 as 100 ° 10 0 10 1 10 ° wo ° 20 3 20 ° 20 a aw 1s ~ = a 0 u 49 1 48 a seo 20 ~ 4 ey 1 "he uncetsinty f messurement a the max veiled capacity of heaalee 10882 ig ADMIXTURE SCALE (capaci ‘iv Tae > [Readabitn aicatn s : feadsbiy Monte = ‘Ape ona] Permiabie| deter ng Mentor tieal ing | toein [Tod Valve | Exoring | TadValc | Enoring 7 ‘x00 . a 7 ° woo | ca | a ° so ° wae | oa | eaei0 | 1200) ° wow | ooo | ages | 50 1083 » ee st pe ~DPANWAY Certificate of Calibration BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) SERIAL NO: CB 2014 ‘This certificate supersedes the certificate no: DEML23275/2019, Issue Dates 1.082010, Cert. No: DEM /as4/2010 Job No 10% ADU DHANLUAE SING:C8 IDB At No: PLANT 204473808 Inditoe — Make:COMMANDALKON Model: SPECTRUM Vt Location: Missi Abs hat catunexrion Du ON 2042018 Se Note) NASISOFCAUIRATION NIST HAND BOOK NH & ASTM CCIM (Mec by aba Merial ccatumeareD uy Thsen George 1 Asperclwse 81048 of ISOTEC 17085: 205 «eairation ciate sal ot contain any teommentaien ‘the callaton interval ecep wert as been grad ith he cetomnee 2 Deeeasing fond test was nt conducted asthe device nt sing to weigh ut eft lana: NIA of Nt and took NHL ‘om eb within © 15% of he tora caocy fhe sea 0.4% fmt appied nt, wchres nance ‘Weald wae sa be measered by neigh or vlume tan scarty af eo the meee All thememrement reported in his ene aeacesbl fo ation intenaional stands "he temperature ding the eaaionwas23 22°C ‘his iste cet that 8 ofthe vrifation date, he weighing sla fhe batching plant complies with he ‘eauiremens af NIST HAND BOOK Nil andthe eeuray of the seal me wth eeguton eo are ARSALASTREC 94C 91M (Sc Note 9) The esl ofthe verification re ivi ciation sh svrmoven sega ZR ot \ 22 te Rayon Eonar \ DDARWAY ~ Continuation Shest BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) SERIAL NO: CB 120394 ert. No: DEML/232% AGGREGATE SCALE fexmaiy 7500 ie Ineaaouy Gado 5 Reagabiliey (Monitor =] ‘poison Permit | india) | vio ina long | rror weg | Toa Value [ror nl] Tad Value [ering 10 13 | sw ° awe ° 1s ns | wm | oo 190 ° "he wacotiny of means ment a the mason eed capacy of he ale ns 27 Kg CEMENT SCALE [capacity 150 vas) [nenabatig dndiatn i i. eaasbiiny eon 1 Appia asa] Renae [roar ae ‘Wontar ia inks | tivor in bg a Vale [ Borin | Tad Vale [Fr Tag >a 2s o 200 « The ansrtsinty of measurement athe mavium verified capacity of he alec OB? kg DDANWaAY < © Contiewation Sheet BATCHING PLANT (CONCRETE) SERIAL NO: CW 120495 Cen. No: DeML2I27yam10 WATER SCALE (eps ow Tai esdabiy Gate) 7 Le Resdabiiny (Monten 7 s [replica asa] Romine | Indies Monitor inka [tnt [ero in Tod Value [ror nk | Tod Vatoe [tiring = us *” ° > ° 150 15 150 ° 10 a 2m 5 9 a 19 4 = 13 a a 28 4 0 8 «0 ° = ° 00 2 0 ° sa ° "he uncertainty of measurement ath maim vlad apo ofthe wae nS 0577 ig ADMIXTURE SCALE . Indaba = : iReseaby Monte) Ey “ apie tsa] Foote | Taaictr Ging Tonle ia Ing__| toring [Toa Vale | Snoring | tad Valve | tmer ing 11000 woo | 0 oy ° 00 nao | oo 2400 « 20 zoo | oo 25001 ° aime sam | oo 20) ° "he unccrainty af measurement a the maximum verified capacity oF thescale Wt 28888 3 ae General Const. Lab pei ke chad le Tal (METAR TTSACS vorgsoivvion ron isonarony covipwewt& eATEWING PLANT asa CERTIFICATE OF CALIB IN Cente tuner uczezst- ove Cran eet Ne carae2st Date ots ie tt2001 Cer Mess CEMEKLUG OBOE: 72071, BU DRAB, UA Catton Date ee, 2011 canned Out ,202 Descipton of Terometer unde st pe Dil hermanetr sada cone ode x0 Set. cosmos Leet ENSHOT Cabbage “1 400" Feadsey anee Ut easy 05%otradg 41°C venation Tepertreuniy any ciszaen - Testequpnent used Si Tempe BS No S801216 GM. OD 1390 208.0 AD ae a) Fern rant Mos No 5, Sl ZS a 296 aby OS Ae) Biss of tes GTS 15s on BS EN T3190:2001, BS 5074974) ‘Tacebly Satemest Almesne pipet tlc pps rable went ie Sass cera Sateen The crite bs on atc ucrtyrlfpe by &coeage ‘actor 2 proudog abet cine apo 95% Results obtned ied oe sc 00 ‘LC oe any nag casa 7 Tg Ta pe et iC may ob re estan xcept th ete ere Gata aan UC é . = gear cess) cananardenera oes Ra ise CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION Cente aber sagezesto2z011 Cavan ages saca02251 Ciel sve reat 201t Canon Mane Shasese ——CEMEKLL, PO BO: 72071 ABU AB, UAE ‘craton De a t,2011 Resamerdo Duco 9.2022 Designo Thetomster unde est ie ea herent andacuer come Hotes 200 Seta 0105 sto. eu9H05 Calo Rye sineaore Feb awnre Ua oray 0shotrndig $1°C Enron Cantons Tenperateundy nsec) 526A . “est equpment wed hana ah Sra i 601216 C0003 D380 208 (aby DD Ac ab) ule Puen Tenant MelNo152, Sl MACS ot 4236 (aly US Ade ab) fs oft GS WP (ee on 85 Ek 13190300, 85 50741874) "Yaceabty Sateret. Aes qn rctren pepo Sbacleta nso epi Sans, Uneriny StenentTe ner pes bsseen sada unity mpd bya avenge ‘adr k=2, peng sel of oni ol aprox 5%. Fests otahed irae tt sed oa Maron GLC kl any age aT oT FSI OPE OE saat aya be aed che tani A exec wh he rw permis of page tof General Const. Lab peters ch ord fl EEMEL ERAGON) Torn sovvriow ror tasozarony coUiewenr & BATCHING PLANT Fate zansnn Ett emt ERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION ert Nonbe cegeast. 23201 Cotati Pa No cauraen2st Date ee et 2011 Casonerone Hares GEMEKLLG PO BO: 72071, AU DAB, UAE Calin se eet 10.201 camer Do os re 9.207 Descipton of Teeometer under test pe gta Team Nimbteer coe ots 300 Sera saz sto. censtos Catocaed arge ows00"¢ - ey ourre (at cay 05% ord 1 Eicon Cntons Tempra ancy sis 7 Testeqipmert sed Sea ene th Sef 90126 Cet 0019 HDA 390 20.0. OD Ace Fates Termes Nod e152, ceo ATS er. 295 (atl b. UOS ces) Bas Ftc GTS WP 15(asad on SEN 13190200, 8 5741978) “racably Saterert: Alsen epee wet alireen poss tame itera Sard retaity Satna he une ete tasad ona unr nt lips by coveoge facurk=2, pov ale af coe rons 95% esis obtanes CL rt ee ny age ae yo a FORT Be aan teres tne rit cher ea ams te Ger ab Calan LL. page 1041 ita green ‘ite mp CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION Cena nba ceuzenas- avon (alban Roget saonaen25i Cate oe 2a 3,208 CGstonerNare fae CEMEXLL, PO BOK 72071, ABU DAB NE Catvatoodae et 10,201 ones Due et, 2012 Descipn of Terzometer under est ye Del henanetr Houewer Center ot 0 Selo ‘3020%081 sto. couse (alee Rare ta Fextity aunee WT Aearcy ‘:05tbat nde 41°C Fenton Cnitons “enpestiunaty 212°C) S168 AM Testequpment used 0a epee M0016, et 0013 T1802. IND ete Lat) ‘be reso Panter et 12, Sr NAT 8.1096 (aby AS vested ab) sis tat TSP 5Besed on 85 E 131902001, 85 50781974) Taceaity Statret| Honan equipo el rn pp sti ental ee! ards theminy Saleen encrypts based on 2nd arty uty a coven far Fp ao of cence of aprons 5%. Rests obtaned yr) \ a ated oy i hes ZICH TG Ta POT OTIC 1s orca yt rece ctr neve ah ie rir ite perio he Serra Co Lab arate LC ES pone soft General Const. Lab” ppd Mh, Ro clans bale EMAL ECAC joins soivrion rox .avorarony EQUIPMENT & BATCHING PLANT ‘ete mp RTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION Cerkate ber sgen22t-o52011 Catia eqn caugraanzst Oates eet 1,201) Cistnerane States CEMBKLLG PO BO: 72071, AU OHA, UAE Catratis e eal 10,2011 ecnmenfe Dion esi 9.2012 Desciton of Theomeer unde est pe gal Theor Niwtewer coer ote 0 Serato ra70508 esto. cewswinis Caled inge “1 taarC - Peay aur Uw cay 205% eleandng #1" noe Condos Tepes Ae cis. = Testeqipment sed SA Tempe athe 501216 Cob 0009 1KDX 1390 20. 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Caps 2000 &N Force fndicator we Digital Readout - Sei No, NA Capsity 20004 Rescability oan ky Description of Reference Apparatus Devise ‘Stan Gauge Lad cel with Dig Inicto> Sora No. 300022¢ Traceability ‘National Pisa Laboratory, UK Standard Adopted: BS EN 1SO 75001-2004 “Uncertainty Slatemeat-The encersin reported s based ona standard uncersinty rlipied bya coverage fatr k=2, providing aleve of confidence o approximately 95%, Tien eet sei ot a hfe atin a ‘Techie eset yao ie PeRESE ry Siceracedentetem anc a pate see rtm. = wn feel * mee Sa ppt ploh esa oiEEe ted Jali) TOTAL SOLUTION FOR LABOTATORT EQUIPMENT E BATCHING PLANT General st. Lal eae eee Certs No, GCLC202251-062011 ‘Test Results “ambien temperate atthe tine oFvesfestion 222°C Relaive Humidity 554 108 Force Indicate Manuficeer PLE. 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TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 GENERAL... ne 4 44 score ‘ 12 RELATED BOiNENTS ‘ 13 StaNDARDS ‘ 14 Sueuirrats 7 14 PRODUCTS AND MATERIALS APPROVAL 7 443, DRaMINGS: 3 15) QUALITY CONTROL 10 18 DELIVERY, STORAGE AN HANDLING " 181 CENENT, GOBS, PFA AND SKICA FUME " 182. AGOREGATES 183. ADMIXTURES 164 WATER’ 2 PRODUCTS ennennn so 24 CONCRETE mx 32° ORTLAND CeMENT. 23 GROUND GRANULATED BLASTEURNAGE SLAS (6088) 77718 24 PULVERIZED FLY ASHES (Pa) iv 25 SiucaruMe Sy 48 26 AooneaaTes. 19 27 owpruRes 2” 25 Wwarer 2 29 HER REINFORCEMENT 2 210 HESSIANPOLYTHENE SHEETINGICURING COWPOUND 22 211 VAPOUR BARRIER 23 9 ECU TO renters ny 31 PRELIMINARY MX TESTS, x 32. GONORETE TRIAL Mix AND PLACEMENT. 33 23° BATCHING AND MIXING OF READY MIXED CONGRETE 128 54 ROUTINE CONCRETE TeeTING 4 33 DELIVERY OF CONCRETE 3 50 PREPARATION FOR CONCRETING 2 37 PLACEMENT OF CONCRETE a 38 ADVERSE WEATHER CONCRETING ae 39 COMPACTION OF CONCRETE 5 So Finsvine concsere 2 311 CURING AND PROTECTION % 512 SCHEDULE OF TOLERANCES ss 313. REPAIR ANO PATCHING = 314 DEFECTIVE CONCRETE 2 318 LOADING OF STRUCTURES * S ADSSC General Specification for Civil Works. ASD Swe ees Coney ‘This secton ofthe specflcaton gives the requrement fr concrete batching delvery, placing, comparing nshing and curng 12 RELATED DOCUMENTS ‘The foloning section of te specification shal be read in conjunction with ths eacton Section 0100007 Submis Secion 0000-08 Qual contol ‘Secon O1000.09 Matanals and equipment ‘Section 03100 ‘Concrete forme Section 02200 Concrete refreoment Seton 03700 Joints concrete 13. STANDARDS ‘Al aces olating to this secton ofthe spacfaton shal comply with the folowing o approved equa standards ‘Cement BS EN I67-1 2s4027 BS 4550.0, 8S 4550-31 BS 4850-24 5S.4550.36 BS 45505 cites, ‘crouns socio BS 2802-1 BS ENA50 ‘lca Fume ASTM CIZ40 ‘Cement. Composition, speciatons and conformiy teria for common serents ‘Specfeaton for sufatereising Portand coment Mebneds of testing cement. Ganeral ntoducton Metneds of testing coment Pnysca ests introduction, Methods oftesing coment Prysca eee: Srengih ts Metrods of testing cement, Pyscal st. Test for heat of hyaraton Metvods of testing cement. Standard sand for mortar 1 Fumaoe ‘Speceaton for ground granulated bastumace slag for ‘se mth Portand coment Polverzee-uel ash, Speciation for pulverized: fuel ash forse wih Potans coment Fly ash for concte, Defiton, requrements and quality conta! Standard Speotiction for Siles Fume Used in Cementitous Matures ee S General Specification for Civil Works ‘nas enor sone eet aateantes [ASTM C38 Standard test method for soundness of aggregates by vse ‘ot soium sulfate or magnesium sue. ASTM C123 ‘Sandard fest metod for ightworhpartces in apgregate. ASTM C127 Standard test mets for net) reatvs deny (specie ‘gaviy) and abcorpon a coarse ‘ast .ci28 Standard test method for dens. reste density (space ‘uly and abeorton of ne aggregate, ASTIVCI31 Standard test method for resistance b degradation of sal ‘Sze coarse aggregate by abrasion and impact the Los ‘Angolos machine ASTM C142 Standard test method for clay lumps and fable paris in aggregates, ‘ASTM C227 Standard test metho for Tet for pete aa eactivty of comer aggregate combinators. mat bar method) ASTIAC289 Standard lst method for poontalakal-stca reectiy of 2aregates (chemical mahos) ASTM C1260 Standard test mathod for poten! atkalireacvty of _2ggrogate.(mera-bar ethos) Bs 012-1061 Testing aggregates WetRode for dlermnation of parle Shape. Flkiness ro 88612-1052 Testing agregates. Methods for determination of parle shape. Elongation nex of coarse aayregate. 109 _Testrg aggregates Meteds for determination of moistie content. Bs012-112 Testing aggregates. Method for determination of Aggregate mac value BSENGs3.1 Tests” for" geomelical properties of aggregates. Determination parse 820 dstrbuton. Slevng method, BSENG202 Teste for geometrcal properies of agoregaten, Determinaton of parse se sisvbution, Test sever, nominal se of apertures BSENG33.7 Tests for’ geometical properties of aggregate, Determination of shell content Percentage of shel BSEEN 1967-4 Tess for thermal and weathorng properties of aggregates, Determination of yng sankage SEN 1744-1 Tests for chomcal properties of agoregates. Chemical analy, BSEN 12820 ‘Aggregates for concrete, ese ‘Gongene admires BSEN 480-1" Acmicures for concrete, mortar and grt Test methods. Retorence concrete and reference matt fot testing BSN 480.2 Admiwures for concrete maar and prot. Test metheds, Determination of sting ime. sosscvscw [owes [seaman Jemnraxcraee [awor Janae |romsan General Specification for Civil Works ASE er a a BS EN 400.4 8S EN 480-5 BS EN 480-8 BS EN 480-8 BS EN 480-10 BSEN 48011 BS EN 480-12 ater STW 0512 AASTW O51 ASTM pst Bs 316 Sonerste RCTSOoR STW ci38 asmuct73 ast cz31 asta C222 ‘ASTM Ga97m, ‘ASTM .c1064 asTu C1202 Bs 1881-126 BSEN2051 BS EN 123502 BSEN 123508 BSEN 123002 BSEN 122003 ‘Amst for concrete mortar an grout Test methods, DDotormnation of easing of concrete. ‘Admures fo conereta motar and grout Test mathods Determination of cai abeortion Aamiures fr conrete mortar and grout Test methods. Intred ena ‘matures or concrete, mortar and gout_Test methods, Determination tho conventional dy matera content, ‘aminuts for coneete mortar ang grout Test methods Determination of water soublechrde content ‘Admitures for concrete, mar and grout Test methods. Determinaten of ar wd characenstes in nardened concrete ‘Admire for concrete, moriar and grout. Test methods Determination ofthe aka contrt of amacures. Stondard tet methods fr chore ion in water, Standard test’ memos for total and isoved carbon oxigen wate ‘Standard tot mathod for sua in water, Methods of est for water for making concrete, Hot weather concreting Standard test method fo dont (unt weight), yea and ae ‘content (ravmetic) of conte Standard fest method for ar content of fresh mixed concrete by the volumete method ‘Standard test mettod Yor af contint of freshly mixed concrete by the preesure method Standard test methods for bleeding ofconcrete Slander tast mathoas fr concrete pe, manhole sections, ‘rile (Mev version) Standard test motiod fr tomperatre of freshly med hydraute-soment concrete ‘Standard test rethed fr elactrcal isan of concret's abit fo resis clei on penetration Tsing. concrete Method for atalysis of hardened coracte Gonerete. Speciation, pertormance, producton ond conform ‘Tecang Fes coneete. Slump test Testing Fesh conse, Dens, Testing hardened conceta Making and cuing specimens forstenghn tects Testing hardened concrete. Compressive strength of test specimens seams [easinmancnome —[rarat [meant [rasecaar General Specification for Civil Works ‘Abul Seveage Serces Company (aes) 18S EN 123087 Testng hardened concrete. Deny of hardened conerote [BS EN 123008 Tosing hardened concrete. Depth 9fpenerabon of water er presse + Tosing coneete in structures. Cored specimens. Taking, ‘ramiing and feng compression 1S EN 1250 ‘Suring compound ‘ASTM.C309 Standard speciation for lqud membrane. forming compounds for cung concrete, Sener 1508000 Quality management syst. 14° SUBMITTALS 141. PRODUCTS AND MATERIALS APPROVAL, In onder to verty compliance withthe speciaior the Contactor hat ‘submit information fo a produts and materais Used inthe Works fo the Engineer fr approval utenti in acvanoe cf thei sen accordance with the Contac pogranene alowng ample tne for ‘evn, als, testing, epproval and Gderng times, Submitals related tots secion wil only be Approved by the Engiear the resus of the concrete tial mic ‘and Dacoment conduct m accordance wih Clause 3 02 are tis satisfaction. Irvcentin creumstances fis Wal mx and placement requrement ray be waved atthe Engineers eicrten, Reference shal aso be made to Secon (7000-09 oF the cpecfeaton “on. proaucis snd) matarais approval Information to be submited shall compre but not necessary Be imted 2) Detals ofthe proposed ready mix supper which shal include a leat fg | Name and locaton of supplier and his plant | Management sructure at plant 1 Desergton of predcton, and quality contol management prcte, Iv. Deserpton of lam, equipment and producon rat pr hour Description ofmanienance management praoe Yi Ident technica team, tha quatficatons ane experience. Wi Number of delver vehicles and thet ated capacies Wil Deserpon of mpant test faclbes 1b) Mic design foreach grade of concrete tobe usedto inca at eas the folowng |. Uist of all materals to be used in the sx, cement, ground fanuiatod blast fumace slag (GGBS),pulverzed fy ashes (PFA), Eliza mes, fee enforcement, aggrgates, amistures and war (éc, ther sources and ype, tase names, delaled fecant test feparts and manufacturers cerfestes confirming comelance wth the specified requirements and referenced starts rossccew [oun [satinaneo [eainpaxconme [revo [anaes [rowan esses For admtures the folowing specfcinfamaion shall alo be aven The genetic chemical names ofthe men sctveingedent in the aemisture, + Chorge ane akal conten. Range of sols content * Reducing sogar conten by percentage weight of the assupphed ‘Sumo which shall be les than 4 ae be contrmed ths test ceteate + Alioforaton as requred under BS EN 480-12, 4,5 6,8, 10, t32 1 Dosage iis at 25° and 30% ‘Any cstimartal eflects shod oF lng torn, that may affect he performance or durabity ofthe concrete coment content. ‘G88 content appicbie PEA content appeabie SF content applicable. Fre renforcement content appcatle, Maximum aggregate se. ‘Aporegato ras ouves, Proporsonatequatites ofl inva mateals ona ye o 1? ‘Aguregata proporions shal be based on messufed and nt relative Genates, Detais of calculations for varous ratios to nce water cement Fala, fe to saarse agprogate ratio. pate to agoragae ro by Volime. freness mesisus Compressive strength at 7 and 28 days, Hardened erst ‘Water permeasly Water Sbeorpion [ASTM C1202 parmesbity at ané 28 days Sulphate and eionse contents, Concrete setting tme and bees Target sump at discharge and sum retention tine. ‘Target unt weight. ‘Target temperature Names, iosatons and services to be prowded by sub-contractors ‘again vexing, supplies tecnncal support and know how to Be ‘eed in concrete producton and placement S General Specification for Civil Works ‘ase, 1.42 METHOD STATEMENTS ‘The Conrector shall submit method statement othe Engineer fr approval 4 weeks in advance of conmencng the ste sctuty im aecordanes wh Section 0100007 of the specfeaton. These shall comprise but ot necessarily be ited to 42) Dota for reevng. pumping lacing, compacting, sampting and cing ‘concrete. Ince atleast the folowing | Ident concrete crew, te sks, experience ard alning received, | dent equipment and materas tet wil be required on ste before any coneretng operation commences and the method of using equipment mass and men fo ensure thal the coneeting operation runs smoothly, wihow errs and it analy fashion, For each stucire iently concrete placerant sequences which shal inode {Timing of pour during ht weather conatens ‘Estimated time for poure + Concrete equred per nour. Numbers of vrators required Conerete na nah Method a urn + Quality cont measures, IM. The aangement for sampling, making of cides, curing, transport 2d tewing of cubes b) Repair of deficiencies which may otcur ding covsrcon which sha Include Bow holes, lack of cover, Roneyconbng, paste cracking, aher "ypes of cracks and era hles, 143 DRAWINGS 48) The Contactor shall submit drawings to the Engineer for approra in ‘canes of commencing tre ste scily In accnsance wth Sacton 1100097 ofthe pectieaton. These sal compre Bl hol necessary belimted to |. Layout of concrete pou incusing postion of all vertical and ‘ottzonta jos, neg of is, size of pours, ate of pours, PUMP Ieeatons and tick aczoss rte nesscnsew [owenas [seamen eoinenccnme [amor [aware |ramsoe General Specification for Civil Works pe sorcn toy ADSSC 1s ») Representative samples, a6 agreed with the Engoger, mist be submitted Tor at least the folowing tems at be came tine as the fadiulrs ae submited. Al samples sha be tacen inthe presance of the Engineer’ representative | Goment, 668, PFA and SF “+ Provide coment, GOS, PFA and SF sanpies as requested by ‘he Engineer for testing 1 Aggregates Provide samples of both fie and coarse agaregates for esting atleast 3 weeks pris to begining delves tothe ste and regular imervats as roqueste by the Engineer. Admire 1+ As requested by the Engineer. be Water. '+ Provide samies of water proposed for concreting and curing works for tstng Fb reinforcement ‘+ Smal bag of re reinforcement ‘QUALITY CONTROL 9) Pror to diepatch of any product andlor mateial trom source the contactor shall notly the Engineer in wring in sffient tne fo allow the Engineer the opportunty to inspect and tet the product andor materal prot t© deivery accordance win Sacton 1000-08 of he Speciation ) Products and materls shal be ftom a manuactuerlsuppier who ‘operates @ quay system wich is rogistored to (SO 9000 eres ot Spproved eq. ©) Toallow the Enginert inspec he Works the Contractor shal give the Engineer @ minmum of 24 hours notice of camyig out the folowing ‘avis on Ste 1 Delvery and placement of concrete, nesscscw [owines [Seacneazs [oarnneccoeee owor [anans [rontoua General Specification for Civil Works Abbas egy eve Comey DELIVERY, STORAGE AND HANDLING Delivery. storage an handing of preutsane mater shal be in ‘accovdance win be manufacturers cammandatons Secon 0100009 of the spectcaton and the folowing provisos, (CEMENT, GBS, PFA AND SILICA FUME, 8) Store and protect coment tam deteeraton and contamination ) Store in dust contotied dry waterproofed sos etver shaded or partes ©) Provide separate cement sios for each ype of coment. OD not mi ‘ferent ypes of coment Any consignment of cement not used within 3 ments fom th date of ‘manufacture which in the opinion ofthe Engineer eof ub quay Sal not be used inthe Woks ©) Prove copy cf plant certiate and dalvery note of every delivery to batching plant 1) Cement delivered to the work se In ums oF bags provided by the ‘manufacturer or supplersrat be stored nthe drums or bags int used Inte Works, n cary marked separate storage antes and be ved ‘he ordorin which they are receives 1) GBS, PFA and sica ume sha be stoves in separate clearly identied facies as fr tne requirements fr comant AGGREGATES, 8) Store in purpose bull shaded or covered bins or bunkers wih an impermeable oping substrate Prevent intemixng from adjacent aporegate ples of @ ferent size by ‘he provision of adequate wals between Bins ©) Prevent cntaminaton o aggregates. ‘ Provide suitable labels for each bvbunkee Hetght of stock ple wthin each bin shall not exceed 3m, 1) Cooling of agprogates by spraying wih water shal not be aocepted, nessocscw [owines [seammns eauimanconame [recor [arian [rox traar General Specificaticn for Civil Works ‘Ab Dab Sweep Semcas Company (nose 5) Washes tne aggregate shall be orained overight fom the tne of deivery, 1163 ADMIXTURES 29) Stow in waterproofed shades cosed container, dearly marked for easy "denticaton oft contents and ted witha siverorefcuaing ung, ‘Each ype of admixture shall have ts oun cut system, 164 WATER 8) Water shal be stored in clean covered tanks to prevent contamination 1) Tne chile storage water tank shall be insulate. 2 pRopucts 21 CONCRETE MIX 8) Concrete shall comply with me requirements of Table t and Table 2 below unless oftervise approved by the Engineer. rosscroscw [ovens [smsencaxe [enmuaconae [root [rovaoe |g aoe S ‘General Specification for Civil Works ‘ita emer om Cae lo 21.1 Grades of Concrete TORT vs omen = | a cence |WSenet | MEcamert] Tyreor | Meat | Coens Gre” | agente | Caen | Came | ae ‘om baie = New ca} ae ao are] 8 a} or] a8 waa} 35 3] oR] a a aR} 35 BO SRPCORE | 3a] a5 Notes to Table 21.4 ‘Wine efetste wokabiy is det oobi a the maximum watercmen tae plowe th ae of Hants” meesedcry some Sef rent carters in exces of 40kg shal ot be use. ‘Grade C20 cone sal cay Be Used ing ofS areas, Bing ibe support ane sured {Gade C1020 ence shal ypealy be used for precast work, sls, wal Calusa chamters ane ronorndsructres (rade Cari cence sal bused In cgesod aes at he een ofthe Enaioo (tage CAOFR shat incude up wo 1.0m of Sore inoroament wth exact ‘Wantees borg eterno by eral. {SGBS, Pra and sca fumes may be popote by thy Contactor a cant ‘tbe upto prea i a th approval fhe Eine! S General Specification for Givil Works woe ae hb 21.2 General Reatonet for one ves Testuetod Seaton uit Topo FRET ASCOT Tawa TECHIE GAT a TSE — Tro eT SEN TERT — | errace oo TEEN TESS | Sa TT i eT oS GT | BS TTT —] Sa CH Be TS CSE ca Tee a aba aT Te | TST CHAT —— Fa CREW SENT ET | TFT Tastee ERTORS Ta Mandate ang Sm Siete Notes Table 212 {For cnt Gre C20 oy eur a pleenent ant conpresive stent 2, Tegetune wegh shal be exableted due pnt is, S$ General Specification for Civil Works Apssc ‘aE, 1) Design of Concrete Mies |. Atthe commencement ofthe Works the Contractor shall design a ‘mc foreach grade of coreeta ted in Tale that is raqured to Be ul ino the wort. 22 PORTLAND CEMENT 2) Pottand coment shall comply with CEM 1 42.6 N to BS EN 197 for (Osinary Pertand Cement (OPC) and Clas 42.54 (LH) to BS4027 for Suiphate Resisng Porland Cement (SRPC) excrpt as modifies by the Speotieton hero |. The Contactor shal provide datas of ther cements if spaced or fecommensea| high Alumina cement sha not be used under any ckcumstancns for stuctrel concrete or for corsion Potecton of tel oF | Cemont batch centicate shall meet the flowing requirement aba ae FE SPE Lehemiet 3 E =e =aE nso es on on Aas sob aT mas ss rc Sar S ‘General Specification for Givil Works Senin eee apse vers 7 Recepiance ee Sposte sce area] aS De ane) Fal eting tna —[ mins =600 5 meee ir = =m ‘ranged Compre Ta as song 28 days Te Castle = a0 ') The coment producer shall have tested every batch af cement tothe ‘relevant standard and shal provide test ceteate not oer han 2 ‘months that conta ne above ntrmation andi adston te oFowing data for every baton of coment delverod. 1. Chamat essay 1 Satu phase compasiion Cah CAF, CS, 638) 1 Free ime content Carbon content, ih Acceptance tests + nat and fina sting time Heat efhyeraton vaue ©) Any cement which’, nthe opinion of the Engin: unsutabl or ue in the Works shal be rocctea an the Contactor thal pompty remove ‘such cement fem the Se at na own cost nd consequences 1) Whenoverrequred by the Engineer, representatne samples of cement stall be taken and fewarded im tie prevence @ the Engineer to an proved independent laboratory for anaes to check te complanoe _2ptinst the Speciation. | A representative sample of coment shal be collected by the ‘Contactor rom each consignrent and Kap nthe store. Samples shal be eisposod ony wit parmsson oF the Engineer 23 GROUND GRANULATED BLASTFURNACE SLAG (GCS), 9) GGBS shat comply wih BS 6590, in addlion to the fotouing ‘equrements, unless amenwise approves by the Engineer, | Raw mara (stop) is mied to one sours Stag supped ot Blendad fem several seen plans or mils eal nt be acoeptes |i The GGBS most orgnate fom anren wing process using the bast furnace precess and tne at slag must be rapidly war roscoscw [owunas [soaoncaxn [oatnmetmmn —]seror [acaioe ro ieare S ‘General Specification for Givil Works ensetn ter Si ts quenched before extraction as slag suitable for use 98 concrete improve ave ii G6BS quay (ie. react) is subject to considerable variion ftom the diferert sources using the same process The suppser must have a ong tern contact rom te same ensure consstency of perornance. The supplier shal provide ‘locurantry evidence o vaste heft. Iw. One o the inportrt markers for quay is he compton, glass ote and teness. The supplier's test certfeste shal inl the ‘Be tems ithe teat certcate + Panicle > 48 morons 20% max 2 Glass contant 20% min GBS that has been manufactured eater than one year shal act, beusea VL Blast furnace sag which tas been used fer de-suphursing on shal ot be used or presueing GGOS vi GGBS shal be supplied to the concrete tatching plant in buk powder form, + Itergrourd sing coment shal nt be used ‘+ Problended sag ements shall nat be usd, Vit. Whenever requied by the Engineer, represeniave samples of {GGBS shall be drawn and forwarded in te presence of the Engineer to an approved independent iaboatory for nats to ‘hack corplsnce agains the Speciation, +A representative sample of GGBS shal be collected from each Consignment and Wop inthe sore. Sarles shall be daposed ‘only wit he permission af the Engineer 24 PULVERIZED FLY ASHES (PFA) 8) PFA shal comply wih 8S 3892-1 and BS EN 480, in adiion tothe folowing requrement, unless ahenwse approvesby the Engnger 1b) PFA shall be limted to one source, PFA tended from several eferent Sources shal not be accopted ©) Whenever requited by te Enginaer representative samples of PFA shall be then ana frwarded in the presence ofthe Engineer to an approved Independent laboratory fer analysis to check compliance agama the specticaten S ADSSC General Specification for Civil Works pe soven ey 25 SILICA FUME (SF) » » Silica fume shall comply wih ASTM C1260 intusve of te opens indested in th standard and ln adton fo the folowing Yequermens Unless cherrse approved bythe Engnaer |The ica rume must originate fom ferrsicon or sion smelters Fume for other base metal maces shal ot be sccepable |The sca Yume preducor shal produce a pe est cerfoata for ‘2c furnace ofthe ‘umes onginn compliance vth ASTM 1240, 2d include al he optional equremants stead he stasard ‘% Stica fume shal be flor one sues, sin evidence shal be rovded on demand. Sica fume suppsed or bended rom several Gfeont sources shai ot be accepted Iw. Sica fume shat be supe in powder fre and comely wh the folowng speciation ims + 02 content 25% min teantent 0.02% max Free carton 3% mae + Coes on anion ‘aemax Buk densty {500 Kg? mae 4 Specie suace area (BE) 16,000 ming min + Simetal content 01% mae Batch test certctes issued by the producer ofthe sica fume shat accompany every Balch delvered and contain a least the flowng ‘etais" |. Thetype and location of of he fumace ag. feroasiiean,Elismare Bavara 1k Relevant date, signatures, ofc sea I Thevestresuts Iv. A declaraton ‘confming that the slica fame orginated at te ramea tumace ¥. Bate test cert cate sha be issued by the prcuaer Whenever requires by the Engineer, representative samples of sca fume shal be caw and forwarses inthe presence of Engineer fo an spproved independent laboratory for analysis > check complanoe ‘patna the specfeston atthe Contractors expens® S ADSSC General Specification for Civil Works “ae 28 AGGREGATES, a Fine and coarse agpregates shall be in accordance with Table 26.4 below long withthe folowng general requrements Unless othanese spproved by the Engager | Aggregates shat consist of nar, durable, uncoated materials contasning no harmful substances. in quantes‘sufcent to fadverstyafect the srangh or curaby ofthe concrete or aac the renorcament | Aggregates shall not have the potential to cause akatsileate oF ‘kal-carbonate reacions or other damaghg chemical reactions between aggregates and akals The Convoctor shall cary out teat to ensure hat the aggregte-cemen-scsibve mur Is Hoe of potently damaging reactions ‘Agoregatos shall be Inaly assessed for react in accordance ‘ath ASTM C288 and C1260 anc # pte! ntti ehown, than {ests n accordance wits ASTM C227 shal be conducted Iv. Aggregates used in the permanent work sal be obtained only fom the sources approved by te Engnaer Aggregates sta comply win the requirements of BS 882 except as modied inthis section othe specfieaon and necessary shal be Imecanicatysioved ar washed clan wth pablo water comply wt these requirement, Vi Fine aggregate shat be naturally occuring urenashed sand, {cushed quarred sand or Ber af he two The use of lean cine ‘and blended with ester sand may be permsted i meets the _=nplcable specication requrements Wi Coarse aggregates shale crushed quate stone _ eee S General Specification for Civil Works: ADSSC won Table 26.4 -Aggrgate Tests T Requrement Teamebes | Fi course | MnTest gesen |Paqenne | Feooy cre SSENRET PBs eet [Bs 802 [Orewa aT BSENSSS2 Tread mr han OTE onan aay Matera ner Pan uened [SEN GDS1 |sweMax | 13 Moe Gnhed ack SSenass2 | ox Mox__| 1% Max +cat ee —Trsiuciat | ewer | THMaN [Sense parloes Tigh wear pe ECTS} Oa | OSH Max [As ested ater aSsrTGR eRaCT | Baa | Tea [One swe ASTMC Saanegam apa —|rstmctar | Zen | ZEN [Onsen ASTM C8 SCORER BGG PESEN OOET ree wes ‘Conse than 1mm Nove | sietax |ment “Seno om None | 15% Max Zeenm'o rm sarentox | "None “Finer fan 226m None Nolo sats None Pari shape PFkess nex ps er21051 25% Mx 1 Elongation 5672-1082, Sou Me Fen cue condos [BS EN 1744-7 ‘For oRC renforced cas Max | 002% Max | moths {For SRPC riers Stax Max [000% Wax FeroPe umenforced (hose Max | 008% Max Fer Sec uwentered Sage ax | 0.02% Ma For SRP wees — sen TaET | ase Max | OSH Mae | Org? wont Sonar FETE nee eV PHigsO4 6 oye oF a%max | 12%Mex_ | mons {Nazs0# ‘phen _| 0% ae Thacher ena Ores we> impact vaue es et2-112 ox ttae | mene “UnPRigees srason | ASTIN CASE 20s Mae in srnkose AST CIE 7 | UUme ax | 0.06% Max Ones ever ‘rons nero [rosso Page ate [pacers [ono [sero [prermnerme General Specification for Civil Works er) Parental reac noe weVe Aggregates, chemical | ASTM.C289 | innocuous Jinnocuous | months rmethoe "Coment-agregate astu Bren | month ombinaton 227101260 | expansion | expansion 0 10% Max | 9.10% Max irs carla BSS Tee aay 27 ADMOKTURES. 28 2) Water reducing and relating adres shal be BS EN 480, ‘Aeimintres containing chlorides shal nt be se Use water reducing admatures and relring agmatres in ‘ceordanoo wih he manutstier's recommendations i Notify the Engineer of te mis af dosage for the various temperatures encountered dng use. Iv. Retardng' admires shall no contain redieing sugars of more ‘han 436 By weigh of he some WATER ') Water used for concrete mies, wathing of aqugment and curing shall be potabe water and shal comply with fe eq irements of BS 3148 and ‘atie 4 below pH ofwater used in cone works shal be in te range of 6 to 8 ce fused, sat be faked and shal be he product of frazen wate wich complies with te acceptance errs of BS 3748 ond Table 28 1 4) Every efor shou be made to protect water ppes and tanks fom the sun y Buying, shading insulating or pang wie 1) Whenever requted to do so by the Engineer, the Contactor shal take samples ofthe water bang used an est for quay, 1) No-scurce of water sal be used unless approved ty the Engineer General Specification for Civil Works Tablo 28.4 Water Quality Maximum Concentration Test Method ‘Specteaton Lint ‘Ohanes AST DETE Ra SS AST OSTE oRGT ial caroanaios and | ABTATOETS one ‘earbonates 29° FIBER REINFORCEMENT 9) Fiber reinforcement shal comply withthe ftowing requirements unless ‘otnerise approved by the Engineer | Matenais shat be polysroplene with a norinal surface area of 2g, aroma hckness of 18 mlrons and a nominal fn of 2mm |i Exact dosage forthe titer reinforcing shall te determined during pant ral but sal be within manclacirors recommended mts i. Fiber sha be supplied in cellose concrete ready bags fo ensue ‘apid persion during ming. For unorm dttuton, the bes Sal be added athe batching lant. 240. HESSIANIPOLYTHENE SHEETINGICURING COMPOUND 1) Hessian used fr curing shall be close anit and new and shat be ‘approved by the Engine ) Poythene sheeting to be used for curing shal nave _a_rinimum twekness of 100 mecrons and a mnemum reectnce of 7% and be undamaged ©) Water for curing purposes shall be potable and shall comply wth the ‘equremens ofS 2148. 4) Curing compounds shal be Yo ASTIA C309, Type 1, Class B with 2 ‘cuting effcency of greater tan 80%, water retanon less thon ‘.8Skgind and a touch dying be ofa maximum ef hours. They shall ‘be compatible with subsequently sppted ‘nishings or coverings and shal be not deleterious to bond of cementious mars fo concrete [rosscnscw Tomasres [Scena [ean pao $ General Specification for Civil Works ‘asso 2.11 VAPOUR BARRIER Vapour baer shall be a clear polythene sheet with aminimum tikness of 250 mesons. 3 EXECUTION 34 PREUMINARY MIX TESTS 2) Preliminary mix tests sha be carted aut wth the approved atari to emensate thatthe mines for each grade of cenrte wil easy the Specticaton, |. Samples sha bo taken and teats shal te conducted at laboratory approved by ne Engines to demonstrate contarmance wth al te requirements given in Tables 211 and 212 |i Hany ofthe vluas obtaned ae Unacceptae, te mixes shall be resesined. 82 CONCRETE TRIAL MIX ANO PLACEMENT 9) Unless athenisesporoved by the Enginger concrete wil nt be allowed to be placed In te works ual a success combined tral mix and Placement has boon conducted to the satstcton tthe Engineer Port the combined tial mix and placement the Contactor shall say hmset by inspection and aut thatthe ready mi plant and concrete placement crew are capable, read), well qulpped and experienc to ‘conduct the successful pregucton and placement of cone. Ati mix ard placement shat be conducted ots and prove the aby ote contractor to aban concrete che desred quality and Nis ably to place, compact and cure te concrete fo achieve he desied Propet ofctenath, drat, frien and wortnanship, ‘The tal mi and placement shal be conducted ine same manner that ‘arma placement ino the works woul be exes ®) 4 [At least m3 of concrete for each grade propoted for use shall be manufacture, sarod, tested. delvered, umpec. paced, compacted ‘and cued into 3 dummy constuction at the ste folowing the deta, rmtrods ang pans submited under ase 104 above |. For concrele grade 049 at least one reinfrced horizontal slab ‘measuring 12m X 1.2m X0'0m thicimess and one enforced wall Section measuring 1.6m high 16m long X 0.90m thks, Tehforoed as dacted by the Engineer, shal ba constructed as til panels es S$ General Specification for Civil Works ‘ADSSC ves Apssc 4) The dummy constucton shal becesined For coring samples at 7 anc 28 day for compressive strength and ensity Testng) and chlorde ‘on penetration and. chonge nd ‘ulate prong ‘i As'a surface for tal and demonsraton of zppiation of coatings, laminates and ter teabrents or mshings to be used he works. Fresh concrete shall be sampled and tested far concrete bleed, slump, {empeature, unt weight and alecontent and at last 19 number 120mm tubes shal be moulded and cuted for testing st? and 20 days fo Te schedule glen in Taso 32 below, Metnods of making and cum Cubes shall ben accordance with BS EN 12360°0 ‘Tablo3.24 Concrete Trial Mix Cube Testing No of Cubes “Tobe Tested Test Nathod 3 7 cay cabs compresove sregh and BSEN T2003 densi BSEN 123007 3 28 cay cibe compressive Sangh and | BS EN 123007 ensty BS EN 123907 3 7 ay {OO core Sonprassive TBS EN 125061 siengh 7 28 day (Odie core compressive BSEN TOOT ssenath 7 7 day cHanle on panataion and] ASTM CEB cide and sulphate profi ‘aat.t24 7 28 day chionde on penevaton and PASTA C1ZO2BE conde nd suphateprofle ‘aat-t24 3 ‘2 cay wate! pensraton BS EN 125503 7 "day Toi care war parataton | BS EN 2300S T Spare [At days and 28 days 100mm coves shal be erated fom the dureny placement and shallbe ested at 7 and 28 days to he schedule van A ‘Table 3.22 below S General Specification for Civil Works Semon Seen Coy Table 3.2.2 Concrete Tal Mx Core Testing No.of Cores Tobe Testes for Test ethos 7 7 day compossne areraivand [BS EN HOEY sone z "28 day caTipressve Sieg and | ESENT2SOET ‘erst 7 7 day Slate on ponekaton ond | AST STROBE Chloride ana suphate pote ‘feeit2e 7 7 aay cre on panataion and | ASTH OTRO hd and spate proie est tae 3 75 Gay water paren BSENTHOS {An 3d ebb chord and al shat content sal be peioed on he sample before the ASTM C1202 eter ot 2, Anactlsclule conde arial sits pofe sl be made on he ere ‘cess a to caer the ASTM Cate ta by anaying 10mm deo dest ‘tings exacted win 4 hear of tain revert ing Sulton 1) The resus of he tests undertsken n Clauses 325) and 3.2) shallmeet the requrements of Tales 211.and2.1'2 |) Wnenevera change of brand or sures of supply fr any ofthe concrto constvents curs, additonal tras erected atthe Engines cretion may be requited to demonstrate complance with te specteaton 33 BATCHING AND MIXING OF READY MIXED CONCRETE 8) Concrete shat be batched, mixed and delivered in accordance wih 8S EN 206-1, unless otherwise approved by the Enginer ') Prove concrete to a mix design approved st the tal mic and placement and fo possess the minim propetes determined atthe {ial mix placement None ofthe properties shall be Below minimum or above the max values, speciosa Tables 2 11 anc2.42, $ General Specification for Civil Works ‘aBsec) ©) Weights and volumes of al consent materials must take account of the flee water aready contained inthe material. Adjust actual weighs Volumes aesordngy. Water In admatre shal be calculated os part of the tee water 4) At row materials shal be added tothe mor by an automated computer ontolled system. Manual or semi-manual astiow snl not be cared futwithout te pror approval athe Engineer The mbter shall not retin signficant amouns of concrete upon eS remrecielor a eB Egat lg speo pea Tg Ys 0.n0% 268, ABUDIIMMI- UG A‘-eLax. 2m ADNGUTY I -PAX 70D TL TE EMIRATE OF ABU DAB)! ABU DUABE MUNICIPALITY 2. 0, Box 263 ABU DIIARI-U. 4B 7 lot. cate Canina Fatal GY al Dhaest / Balad 66 Agu dag Bata RSM aye ced: pgp Ghaad A dy de gaa By hal CANN ANY YL gases 91/6 py pts yy ele ayd yh ty Se gt Ta jt gto Sth DA ah og ney ge sg we Lyd ly ay Beeld 9 ed sy tig BM ype sabe age Emirate of Abu Dhabi ‘Municipalities and Agriculture Dept. Beh oh ts is Works a geek ON: Paris - siete OPA pegstatt ee kil Gl filo apt) Salat abil (VEAL s(t pega 4 dat De pet egy bl Keg Lith cL joe sg gta AWD Oy tase ae it et yy SAA a Tee Bay 0/ Ng Tp ty SIS HEL Sel Sle eas Ys 09/4/04 Beste Stal GD AI H/T phy gst OA a | AL a yl) il (SI a ThA St HB (Ke epi al a Sad yaad AB, HAI CULL eel Go Uy ghey = otra gi * Eph alba alld EL ayy FA Sh J = + i a ely Fatal CHAD Gn gat Cl ee = + pa un AAs Racial ARIE OS lame AS = SH As eee J ins Je cle A shal a ey = FSi aA Gb Gat AD ps gh lng al lei a oo has tty ssettd) Fahl dann Salt plat gash wef og ww mes ad Yrnwdgouse: 150! 3 Ter d= adbeea as ie -EMIRATEIOR'ABU DHABI WORKS DEPARTMENT ioe : aed sagan jen b AE (1) ae ol gh Hit fh le (84 poe eS (ga Ag ae gle (0) dane ue ee B BI (Pass ada ae 5 eo I agads (SC-008) Ay chy ste sa “ Ra a ay a Dae CRT ey Renal Hig latin gle EU FAL y (Gal assy il hy SSID ay co eh) Qe gla al ld poe RS yA ML gd pl JA Joe Bn ENN Ng Lage abs) a gl Gate tl gly pad a go | 1 ly Le E Apinbaad pi eal i dd gl pad Aisa lita . asi y Gah fy yy ccm Ref. : ADH, 7098.440/108/25 - ‘jue 18, 2000 MAABANI CO. P.OBOK : 2 ABU DHABI-UA. ese Si, PROJECT: CONTRACT NO. 613 [REHABILITATION OF CONCRETE INSTORM WATER OUTEALLS SUBJECT: REVIEW OF CONCRETE 3X DESIGN FROM SUPER MIX Reference i made to your Intirs MULT-LSQ7200NAIFA unt MILT. BS/0O'SHNVPA dau 3/0/2000 and £3/08200 concening the pre-qalifaton fess for corre frm Super Nix In geser, the submited tents resus are scihctory and semply withthe contact speclficaion «Therefore we have no objection use Ren mix concrete from Mis Soeras per he subatd design et excet forcast A” 40N/tam2 OPC witk 709 sag provided tha: |. BUREAU VERITAS Engacer ball ave fron cess tote btching Diaze of Mls Sopee Mix at any tie, Goupbout te woks ia ener ¢0 heck be being amd og perio a well 8 he Used raters 2, Transporation, handling nt poung ofthe eoneet shall be done in Sccoreance wih the project’ speciation, approved method ‘Sxemen, a relevant wanda Sampling ad esting of cone and its companens during the watk _/ {Dall be doce as per te projes' reuters ath te specified 4 Copetete wena infomation shoul always be more + Const misng ad posing . setenpenire FERS RE roevery 1 OI bat rte Ck | sue a ai a pote sve pas spl a at 50 (Com OF HE tices) ane potat Batching Piast ase te uly seed Maes Apr Far. 'A YS OTE: ‘Yous ably fer BUREAU VERITAS hak ‘ZAKESHANTE ESDENT ENGINEER se, ‘TheDigeeron. SP Eng. abimed Brit SPD Entoeer wy Bette Gate o BIN HAFEEZ EST. SIMI TRANSMIS 10 To + WIERMe SUPER WExiiEc) ——RaLNo. + scosntrnonzend Attention = Mr, Joseph Richa FleNo, : scoss-9 Techaleal Managor Your Fax + 02-4855002 Date 16,20 YourTat. 02+ 5ses5001 Payer: 3 Prosecr 408s conrRadt 24 SEWERAGE OF fy OAMKHA (PHASE 9 SUBJECT: READY CONDRETE CLASS "5" 4 xc" ‘Wath reference to subject above, 5 pase fo atch a copy of be Contant formal ocd aaron eee MP OME ded 08082005 ogee wih Poot Reda Sted by tener ee set raged Peaae take nota the comments aie fein and ene the fling "Conta shall be Sever fe our PrN, tty in acdc th he Contant apectcine % A Gaired QAIGC tests shalbecarie cut wih he desi results, in ede to ‘etthetnat approval fortis, For your formation an farther neces n Rogeraa MOHAMMED FATHI PROJECT MANAGER PoE 9r gus AV) Yee cig dis 12x : 47100 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Envvuiee £E Wobeite: we. Sassi eee Lay, Tol. 971 «2 6458000 ® | MWH ‘Ui ales al 9 Jone 2003 i ‘curref K80724-6 oumPraLveat Bin Hafeez Ex, POBox 180 Abu Dia UAE Dear is Abu Dhabi Sewerage Scheme Contract 7 Sewerage of Al Sh ‘Matesial Subwaitat No 12 Readymix Conerewe Cats B & ‘eto tr SCISGMPDb ded 2 Ma 20, eu store meet” "2 son you propeed plier readyic cre sujet o aftr it Sige abe Steed rom pon No 4 ly ad al equines of SPS shal be complied with | Src cel cid ota pM aeons of Contes species Fi 7 ‘rove sabe accorded ater satfactry BH rns hve Seg sa THssnrovat overs dente 08 ey of on cone linn 4 ‘Your ily, SS, | ew ‘Mohammed Pervez Tasne t Tatig Motemed Vousit fs Va arm | Rion =a 14 ay, 2000, x sens eta \ ‘Abu abi UAB Nk a Scheu Contact No. 708 - KE Cie 3. ery Cont a Sper A Dm | Werteto sou: Mie Sie No GAD ee Ap 00 tc spor ay 2s Comet fom Ms Siri. Ao Di Mn Coase ts BAC. {Supe MG Rady Mix Cine ‘Supers Ready Mit Conroe (oershPlant Oxy 1 Uiitotappliaton - Mestoin we Suetres Pleat avi tht lth onion afr are nd concrete, eng Mi {ess un Conte Tit Mica are eins cated wasp Coat Spiers "he Gaul spol esse oi al saat eas fr achcrsl tae be “Thr approval honever ds mt elieve vo of any of your gonmectul obligor esa fre pacha Peer Hineom LB) aye Resin Rrgioe gh gees {orMfengaiesy Watson eayetet = Eng. amaltirin: Dieatn $80) Eng Ose A! Adnan Chl Nathan! Elsie ~ SPC ! Eng. Abdul Hameed Al To iar B= SPD Ey Hatezulah adsl © Gc Bg -5PC 4 \ec@reMAtes) | Pan | anu [TT OPS ete: ? ABUDHABL BEWERAGE SCHEME __ __ Fon PER RerrovaL [eons abes rag [Revion:Shaméha,Abu bbl. [Coniact Aner Date saunas STE lamtnn i Pst Reset: 206-2003 |S cimamsmcanor [eta hn Haoez x. [costars Fino. nor [tena 1 [2 Banna) Ts Fea tra toed [oetvey batho — UT Aornepsines BF or naa maps — shee sb ads eon ee inet OE aT Da [as Ont UAE Ua = [eo —orseerot Fanos elie S580) —— rare aT [evar ipaoininetas SneoeRomi scan —— Wess [scrips a ie prepow [tea #spteabi (eg, aeeten naa one ReaeymizodConer Pao aed Raa o opiate eatg Te DRAB ‘A088 Cdr [detacon extra t Raia (SSI, AR Taine, BS ies. sso sealers i ei wnae Bree [Preeti open — Far nang wa kciopSnaTaSTor Posed et of appt (Er eso or ocr [PS a “2 rep tem in 404,08 Te, aL aoa rvs) 60 ond bn 60 pemasin Refer ke Ou Lelhin ozfor'y LALA 4 Fite un? fa Ran ay apoE elon Ca fo sata cope Sass] [of eon submits Kaisa Eagar Yamane oferepertwr ie WaT aT ped ah [contractor Signa aor Sihalre& Date ~TCorwatants MatRE Signa Fly re | brava a q q | Allcondons exacted nis term mise uid [2 Method sstemerts snd ste appeoroe, opin iran of mater 3. Allsostons or Preece On / * "gxex porsc / BS cohat 10 40 WAN: ASG = WNT ile - Folly al ola POST Box 2s 588 Mis, induct. & Bay, Enterprises 7.0.Bex «1579 Abu Doshi Ret: ADSS Contract 441 Divervion of Hxisting Sea Outfall At AJ Raha Beach (Civil Works} ‘Revised Concrete Mix Desigs (Mis. RMC - Supermix / Mussafth) Plant No. 1 end 4 ‘+ Gruthed Aggregates In The Mines : Tarmie / Al Ain In Lies of Mis, ‘RAK -Rock Company / BAK + BSS (Type—V and If Cement) © BIS (Type-V Cement) Dear Sin, aner o our ener no. 4415572 dated November 04, 2002 requesting you to Provide veieatins for naaavalabiliy of /shorages in supply of crushed eperegsics ‘om Mis, RAK-Rock Company —RAK and thereupon jig meeting held slong vt you and Mi. RMC-Supermix a! 05:00 PM as of today in DC's offices in presse of ‘Mis. SPs representative; |MWs, RMC ~ Supermix may proved in supply the concrete from the akermative esigns (Attached ~ As approved to ADSS 408/22) inorporaing ageregues fom ‘Mis. Tarmac ~ AJ Ain as consemud by Ms, SPC’s representative subject 10 suisfictory peiormance andthe falling, 1) Observe che requirements of testing sipulated in Contact Speifictions, Volume 1, Seation 03300, Tele 03300 ~ 1 and comely with th seme 2) Teas been revealed during the above metioned meeting that delays ins conaree ether to precast yd or to ste might bo ooued betneso ‘4 i tbat ‘200 (1) hour, which is convetioa! precce in constuction. 3) However, Mis, RMC-Superx ill tempt with all manures to avold delays in ‘supoly of coset either fn proctyerd orf site 4) The onder forthe coquird strange class and amount wil be addressd io iting is ‘vance (4 ins, in zhead) fo Mis, RMC-Supermix for thar requires arwagerse ofthe conoree supply ont 2 The aquired loestion 5) Mis, RMC-Supennix will be under monitor for 2 week whether 2 ansrate on eixed tie o at. Trerspon, if there are further delay than aoanal prac in supiy the evreene fr the usege of etersative sur 7 « ABU CHAS) - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - TELEPHOI ‘mai cerch@emiaesnatae oS 7) Please note that tis approval shall not relieve you from the responsibilty for conformity tothe Contract Spcicatins, Standard nd requitenen's Yours tly, DORSCH CONSULT RE Macrae nd QC Resident Bagncer Back w/a ebincce S20 Me Orr A Aarons Depry itr Hed FM an OC Commitee SPD Me Ral Khoo Hea oC Scion 82D ir Omar A Attar, Pe Ean = 2D Me Mot. Al Al Jeti, Masi ed QC Commies Coton = SPD. Me: Fmd Al Al Dae Member af tial and QC Cosice- $2 ‘Me Aone Saved A Maa Member of Materials Q° Cosas —SPD ‘Me Mad Kassim, Mee of Marais and QC Commie DN Meats (A chen) DOF, AYA KAS, FER HAS, ART PARSONS atric neti naatee EE N FO" eoe 508 ow Dro Unto Rb Er SAT RAUSNG © Fon catiadoat%s Somnpanoncon PIL Ret: PLSoronn Sanur 1, 2003 - Arto | Egy Toeerd ‘Me. Abdul Munsef Ameen ~ General Manager Enirates Egyptien Co. For Land Reclamation L.L. C P.O. Box: 47378 ‘Abu Diabi UAE CONTRACT NO: 50718 Sewerage Facilites at Shalelah Area Phase 2 Subject: Submittal No. 5A —Ready Mix Concrete [Reference 1 : EECLR letter Ref: 507-6/P/008/2002 dated 16 Dec 2002 Dear Sir, We refér to your letter, reference 1 regarding your Submittal No, 25 for Ready Mix Concrete (C20, C40, C40 FR, C50 GMS) fom Mis. Supper Mix, Mussafah - UAE, The above submittal has boon reviewed and approved es Code ‘B” subject to the correction andor comments shawn om the submitl form and contract requiemens. This is for your information and ation, Sincerely, Ho m&—— Haisam Bassaleh RESIDENT ENGINEER Bnol, Asabove XC! Dirsetor, SPC (Mr Khalid Haji Khouri, SPC ‘Me, Ahmed Saeed Al Mubarbi, SPC cO-StU-i FO-SUL mD Bia 12. SAN 2083 PARSONS : eas Pb gti others cae 2C bn Dba uno Aa mnie nt =O a 6 Pik Refs en so raag3v02 sennboe 07, 2002 esl Nungef Ameen ~ General Manager Emintse Egyptian Co. For Land Reclasit Ly LC. PO Bow: 67078 CONPRACENO: 807% Ssewenans Facitien at Shaleelah Aven —Phnte 2 . Sublet > GGBS Comerie Dew st: ‘se sould like to inform you that acoonding to the discussion between our Materials Engineer sod SP Bite Representative the blast furae veg (OGIS) ftom Falcon Cement may be ullized et until antics souroes is approved. . Healauasn Bsuateh RESIDENT ENGINEER. Dieu SPC lid lai Khas, SPC ep Sed A Mit, SPC Lanp rectamation — Cats) alll glaiad _ Best eg eA [CONTRACT No. Dacember 16, 2002 rf, 507-87/008/2002 Parsons international Resident engineer ‘ADSS Contract No. 50718 ‘Sewerage Facies at Shales Ard Phase 2 Please fné enclosed sts ofmeterial submit na. 254, fot ready mix concrete manuiatured by Mrs Suporméc ard supple by Ns. Super mix ‘and attached herent ist eas ofconctete cased by Mrs, Super mixin {heir batch pant in reresenteve of consutent’ supervisor forthe project subject ebove, we ee ‘Please this is for your kind review ard approval At | eee soneoore Eh Abihinouse! Aneat 7) 5 | Zeer B CREE Tecra D seb conmerds Cala RALLY) EVIVA Se WI: SSE ayant Tel: 6716626 Fax: 6716536 P.O. Box 47378 (Abu Dhabi~ U.ALE) E-mail: Egypemis @ Eriraws. Net ae Website: Le. WWW. Egypemis co ae nee +) oman peed Gemma cont si 57 casrepeegaldtlany RMC SUPER MIX (L.L-C.) ald up Captal 300,000 Ds, ea" by PL GC} 19'Bee 2002 Date: 16% December 2002 Ref. SM/1131/92002 eA Mr Peon Iterated, Mo kenema Q smbeLAR SO 4 Ateaton Mr Jemes Dadra Scbject": Comparison af Crcrete Rte for Varina Mie t Location —_: Abu Dhabi Ares Only. ych * Conerte Grae: C40-08C yh Chores coss , (C50-OPC + 85% GGRS + 4% MS / a my, Acton Seer her cen wrt essa) gal a ‘eter rege ets et en ete Shove gcaus oecrseomranenymea ieee ‘As for C 50 GMS with 55% GGBS +436 MS, the premiusn is over 30 Dis. due to the effect of i ‘Should you requiefither information, pleas feel fre to contacts ‘Assuring you the best of ou erica a al tise we emsin, Sincerely yous fin KAC- 556BHOR Seth pypys deyhaw 8. aa Conn yout plese alive Be megs? olophone S56 1s0 - 9002 Frm upernan@emiretenrates 3) Cees Gaps Riel Opennign Spe Boal ACE Internationa - Consulting Engineers Date : 17/07/2002 Ref: 80S/SD/IEE/2002072 ‘Mis, INDUST, & ENG. ENT. Co, P.O. Box. 47549 ‘Abu Dhabi ‘Atta: Mr. Khaled EI Bably, Project Manager Dear Sic, Project: Abu Dhabi Sewerage Scheme - Contract 805. ‘Museafah East Surface Water Drainage Maser Plan Subject: Mi Design and TriaL Mix Results fe ‘RMC: SuperMir (Ready Mis Concrete) - Musfah, With reference to your leter TEE/805/119 dated 29-05-02 regarding the above ‘mentioned subject, we draw your attention tothe following 1. Mic Designs submitted are approved 2. Trial Mixes cared ou give satsfctory reuts and ere approved -RMC - Supermix can supply concrete to your ste, subject to performance and to the ‘condition that concrete delivered during the work will meet he tial mixes ruts Yours Sincerely, For ACE International fro Ueonardo Licar RE-Marerals see Resigns Engineer Ey Khaled Hor Hed i Dina sec Eng Fasd Al Dis, Projo gino SPC BE foment Seal eel hh ga gh EVE ge EWEN: SLI EEWE egg lt Tel. : 6487764 - Fax : 6447746 - P. 0. Box : #7302 - Abu Dhati- United Arab Expann Athens, Greece, Frangoklisias 4, Amarousion 15125 Te, : (003010) 610 5090 fea io sie ea AES ae WERONERS Te mA Yeathe GikuTIUS SIR ALEXANDER GibBe ae sechiricts 2 Cae ‘Ot80DRENT. 19/278 24 Devember, 1997 Biccks & Roads itemetional Construction Co, PO Box 3800, ‘Abu Ohaby, United Arab Emirates. Ateiion: Mr, George Ayyoub Project Manager Dest Sis, Contract No. 83 - Develoomant of Mins Area ‘Approved Materials «Item Nos, 68, 38 & 8 The folowing materials have been provisional approved subject to: 1, Performance and furnishing the same in conformance wih the intent and Fequrements ef the Contrset Documents 2 Routine samplingtesting by the Abu Dhabi Municipality Cental Laboratory. enna, Dessilon Suooiac $6 Conctete Nx Desin ess. Super Mic 38” Uy Ouct Marker Ness, AL Ain Aly Indus. 8 Goat Tar Epoxy Palnt ess. BCR Yours thy, BRICC {or Si Aesanfr Gibb & Partners Lid CONTRACT No.3 | peaecaeeh ee FILE | TERME . PH STEVENS [Peomect MANAG i ie Resient Engineer ‘OFFICE ENGIN: fu &a asd of Wo ue ah fH? As m0. UNITS my for URAC A rams 10 neasteKinonnet merci SUB A GONERAG TOR saicbcweabinnts in 20 TEBODIN te Gane Consus Company ‘ween aa eae Po. anu s08, Aoi Ot UAE, TOWSANDCHTMATLONAUR Sens ‘Abd Raed—aateny caeosied? ec aty ) aPeeruay 200 ae Urgentinprovactet WaterWorks a Sugen Shige? one cacao aes, Pafuence ead o your subi water wks meas as Sind ete folowing ata Oats Shoes NOS} tion tute vaenata conan ton Ws Ae Spi UAE, —— ae Sette, a > spo Cnet WE Sat Ata KSA, ameter en Crate hy Pome UAE ars 2er ce + TRO: have been Approve Wy ADDO mn Tatas, ste tong 1. Gaye fl et of tang by pov depend eborty, th cost ef Contac, fer every consent delved ole, Teag bt whoo by Teas rprvein 2% Petemnancs and hosing the stm in corferrancs wh ie init an ‘eputumant of cote acumen. 3 Copy atest rsuts 6 sunmiad Wo ADDOTTebodn fo mene Pease pave an independent bray teary ot eg of pres tal ad ‘ith bean pots decumarn ge aco fev anspor ADDC-H.0'.wairPais stat onsipon: petri conenere [so0Kn a saanen ‘actor mT Tana TeRTET tmp igure tte "ca teapot Oa Sa to Bat oe Fev Sh 8 rt (® Ro Siall SLES, Khatib & Alami Sonscidietedienghwsring comoary, ADOBSOADILIS2I/0 March 9, 2003, Més General Construction Company (G.C.Q) P.O. Box No, 3338 Abu Dhabi. AE. ‘Projects Monsger Contract No. G12 Wier Sepnl t 8100 Residential Accommodation, Farms and Surrounding Areas Ready Mc Sunpier Subject Dear Sirs, We refer 10 your Submittal ef. No. TDS22 REV.O dated February 8, 2003 regarding the above mentioned subject. We wish tc inform you that the same Sound 10 be “Anproved” subject to the fulflment/compliane with the following ‘comments: 1. Fresi taboratory tess for Concrete components are tobe submited rial mises to be prepared uncer ful séale Sie’ conditons end tstat (mn accordance 1 Clause 103.3. 2 Batching planta be inspected You are requested 10 confrmleomply with the above comment: before any ‘conoreietelerey or production . free OS aly years ee For RHATIB& ALAM Felon teatro (Consolidated Engineering Co) Efe Usama Kastouneh Resident Engineer aa Ps CC Projects Drei, ADWEA (Fa No. 026543385) Projects Dirscion, ADDC (Fat No, 2-841 ¢4 Depusy Managing Direcon ADC (ex Na 0268. ae ore oen say py Moe = - 1 saute | 4 MacDona CONTRACT NO. N-00)- CEIVED REPLACEMENT OF 6 ENDCHOUP 4200 PUMES ATUSITW AND coarse or mesaroge petet) RASTING/DOCUNENT COMMENT NET Iscoming Doe. Ref: WEASU/PS/386/082I01 {acer onsacunewsi vane gece ‘Tocomsing Dig. Ref . Rev. | Dee 23/01/2001 Dif Si: a0 = SUB: APPROVAL OP READY MIX CONCRETE Ts ~ a Lot Approved @ + Approved as noted 2 Not Approved [| + Approval not requicad eed 1 Rowpltes refs tat of clone adiure FOSROZ SP 333 ut RMC sperm iefen HOFOSROC SP 2000, Cail adcintre for class AHS Grade SONS 2 _ When etna 74 crush seeatefoB8 352 doethe mm sevehe Ps ait have pe abjeation fe verre (@me) fe supely Grwch fr Aes payee fo shake flan c. Srntig ted Ha Posty Got for te Sarge Signet nS ohio yacbowk ES comaineee” 7 MOTT Mach Ne Fouatiniiar eke MavER)AL SUBMITTAL FORM TUT cnnis Fees ® aa le oc SRST + [atin aan minaret a fos ravezoot atashments teachin [crept oan ps H Ae es a eT ———, 2 die swe Yetta wa) en fae aot a 2 Crushed as, Sebe sel UD tender ances Reskads. fic. cannate Roceperay srs 8) Frcente Iba gona doje uu 8 ps De Lewy, Cather Internationel Limited Engines are Pamners Daestviceene Jae Ref €2002.2129 12 duly 2003 Mis. ADMAK General Cont.Co, 0. Box 650 ‘Abu Dab, UAE. & pec 2103 owt por ‘exton : Mr, Mobsin Megahed Bl Bassani ‘cing Projet Manager Subject: Aby Dhabi TIP Contact No, 2002 ‘Widening and improvement of West Roa (Musfah Road) IP-I38 0 Must Bridge Material Submital ANC2002/0CILMS/DO7 ‘Ready Mis Concrete Clas K-140, K-20 & K-33S DeseSig Reference is made 10 your leer AMC2OI2/DCILIMSI07 dated 16 Jane 2003, ‘requesting approval of the subject material manufactured and supplied by Mis. RM ‘Soper Mix, Abu Dhabi for use on the subject Contract Pease be advised ha he subject material is conditionally approved pe te ached ‘copy ofthe material approval form and sbjet othe flowing |. Conducting afl set of esting onthe raw mats under the supervision of consulta i coordination with RCL. 2. Performance and famishing the same in confrmance withthe intent ard requirement ofthe Contact Docanets. Routine sampling and testing under the supeison of consultant fo- every consignment dived to te. Copy af all st reall to be maintained int Se labors BA. Hof! iP atetitn Seni Resident Engines Deputy Peajeet Deter nek ce Mr, Abdalla lem Al Kaha, Director of Road Dspanment, Municait Munieipality Site Representative POICAIDPD.ClUCSME Bannge Ber tee 355 «20 170) Fen. Seas ra Foe ts N « } De Louw, Cather Internatinal Limited Engineers and Punsore ASH 2 ransons munronrenon sos 19 March 2002 sijs. sice-ccece. #.0. 604 3800 ; ‘Abu Dhabl UAE Asi ‘¢ - Ateniion Wr. George Ayyoub (c Project Manager aA ase Subjen ‘Abu Dhabl TRIP Contact No. 996 Bridge Inserchange on Abu Dhabl- Al Aln Road xt Mle~390 Materia Aanroval- MS 201 Soncrate Mixes (K140, 250, 6335 & R415, K415 Ping) erence RIC CCRC ter to Dex. 28/0C1/2002/19 ated 23 201 Dears, Conc eat te abe eonaspondence rte rr submitl or perv of Conc Ms Slats 140, K252, KSS5, K4tS Ping) manufactured and suopieg Sri oct Project MC Supa, AU Dhabi foe use ont The sve meter is condtonalyaproved subject oto foving: 4 Seating @ fl tof tetng under te aupeisn of consistant ta por or ‘pon detvey 2. Submital of 28 days strongth ruts, Conducting laboratory tat porto concrete prodcton, “ SASRDEY tetas to sie shoul include pant computer pect fo the devon ‘atch and minty cheoked by the constant 5 Fqaimanae end fuming the samo In canfomance with the want and reauirements of re Contant Bosumente © rae taE 2 ting unde the superlon of consular str every onseent Setvered to st, Copy of el tat resus fo be mane en ae labora, Spee doe not rake you of your responsbiy for conomly © tee TIP ‘Speciations and satisfactory perirmance ster neal seyrpes ea 5 thse oe GEER Sale A Kata, Duero Road Depart, Abu Dhabi Municipaity 1 y Bl canzone June 11,2600 ‘Mis. BILAL BIL BADI & PARTNERS (WEL) 20. Bor38i7? ‘Abu DEL, UL Area Me. Toes. fosaaou Aasag Projo Mscger j Bab Dear Sis, Fuge ptt psy KN = ‘De Leuw, Cather international Limited nates hn Pane ey AbuDabi TRIP Contract No. 587 ‘Sonccete Mix Dens ‘ Material Soba 4 Reference i made t your eter Ref, ADAL42.AIMGS9B7/1029/00 dated 18 May, 2000 whic proposed Conn Mix Deis (140, K-20, E38, Rel) ag EIS ~ Flowable) manufscrued end opled by Mi. Sper Mix, Abu Db forse fait projec, ‘Te material is provisionally sproved subj to: 1) Peformance end iting the ie in conformance with nessa ‘ulemens ofthe const ovat 2) Roun anstig nye Cont: ey etn eet in Coy oa mse sae ea Cor c= Maniipaliy Ste Representative Contaee Adminesntr Deputy Projet Dieses Coneactone Deputy Proje: Direcor Contig lt (Ht Seis & Matas Engineer Dor Seles | 4 Petersen Projee Dior races — | [water a3 za ae ara To reenter tase DeLeuw, Cathar international Limited Mga ata se ga Sbesicnet 2) June, 1998 Ref No C66B.SM/060 From Nell B, Munson Acting Resident Engineer { Contact No, 668 To erin Daniel | Project anager [BM Raginesring& Coassuction Co, Led Subject Abu Dhabi TRIF Contract Na. 660 | Material Submiual (or Apgroval Ready Mix Conerite tor recast Works Clase KeOD, Reference BME Suibital No BNAG6BII073/08 dated 11 February 1998 ese be advised that our procesng ae subject progosa to date indicate the fanny Of He Proposed mera for use in the suiess Comrar subjer ne following: | > Routine sampling and teing = Plant calibration porto uage Eatremely good conta on esng © dxtremely arf contro over oisurein aggregates is aoe © Make sure Msrafow adatve ie used aye © Municipality Site Representative Project Director Contract Administrator Deputy Project Director Senioe Retident Bagineer Chit of Surveys & Quantity Surveyors Chit Soils & Materials Engineer Chief Strubtucal Enginecr Naw Airnmissnsm060 ~ gibi ak aya — - brs opis on : ge Clie aces SS APPROVAL OF MATERIALS DATE: ssswanr sone er) NAME OF PROJECT: st iors osc |: gs! pal CONSULTANT : cet carnirennnonae gi! CONTRACTOR : _**consraucr cour rs ial yale 6s 5a Taal GS Diss gaod Spee. Ref DESCRIPTION 3.0.0, Ref, rorerrooa | (Class K1Z0, 250 & 295) es aaect Manuherer_| PRR eR ‘Supplier: CONTRACTOR SINGATURE CONSULTANT COMMENT. ‘A CONSULTANT SIGNATURE : AHMAR AUDULAZIZ CSME- DDI CLIENT COMMENTS 2 ——TE_AROVE READY winx CONCRETE (cLass un, 250.9 336) 15 = PERFORMANCE AND FURNISHING THE SAME IN CONFORM wr tae_awtewr. NTS_OF ENTS. = ROUTINE AND_STRICI ENCE TO THE BD sswoverconsumvscuaneces yl! MATERIAL SUBMITTAL FOR APPROVAL HL Shak Sutan Ba Tathoon ANahyan _Constucion of wargnguse on sector W.5/ Plt NOS. STRRETOR Site Seba be -aatcaon eo And Humaldytewcec Ect Ratha SIONS FACSIMILE MESSAGE To + Mi.Comex Super Mix- LLG ‘At Me Jory Anglin Commercial Director From + Procurement Support Dyarment Manager FaxNo: 6027442 ‘Ab Dhabi Ol Retiring Company aereeR) Ret No: TKRSW 665 _/FESDDIO Dae 75KR 20 Subject: REGISTRATION & PRE-QUALIFICATION STATUS ‘This has reference to your Prequalification documents recived on 22.08.2010, Please be informe tht your company Mls. Cemex Super Mix -I-L.C.- Abu Dhabi, sepsteed in TAKREER records as Conracior. However, the pregualifaion of your companys capes is subject to saisfciry compleon of Site Survey, which wll be scheduled as per require a fice. ‘You a advised to quote your Regstnton No, 750470 nll your fre conespondence. Jn order to maintin the name of your company in TAKREER record itis esse that you forward to us regularly copes ofthe following documents one they are renewed: 1, Commercial Licenses issued by Department of Planning & Economy. 2. Membership Certifies, issved by Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce In edston, any changes to your conscts information should be noid immediately 19 the designed. “yon to nt ete all the pages, lean call Telephone: (9713) 8027479 Confntay Nec. This on Conon. yon ar a he need rape pee ely mei Yan ‘aloe th x ora foray pono die come ay ah pon Tako. Tore. at SH ART zy! isL_a neineering Consultant Aa SLL ed 20742019 fe Duayee 2hele ftir sar mt 45 CEMEN) —— Relorng to yourleter ATCMGKOI dated 342010 plas fad ourconmenison—_/ ‘come Works and Mix Ds: [NOS [Seb NeW] — Deseriptions [Sia acca “2D lL | | conerete Mix asbelow: , Caen cw \ 2 Alma Weve no oct on te roars atl Sub-nrcor NS CEMEX ix dg, eto Be pope fer approval. Tests beeaiad _y Gur CJA Ses perconms estos ssresis el sumed orszpoel 7 3, Themsis contac wl eropomibe fall ats emis Cooninionofte aid bomen = Conese sds for gre 20 aud are approved based on he lng 4, Trail mix to be made before starting the work. \ 5: Coie tobe ken rng arcing fr messing compe sengtiat 7 sn day iste Stump oe maxon 75°27 Nopsier or wt hl fe dea Overasing ef pani ob aoe. . | ‘hy ean omic sino be in pr apo | To Concrtta te iatarge a or wi sows ching 11 -Cenrtsontoming 3810 ued Coss an ie ge 0 ‘afore 12 Sipe bl conime th pv oconcee drag orn wibocany | ely me 15, Use pede 20 br POC nd de 5 Wn for spear conte Darr OFC toe sed fr sperms ining sib on wade 14. Renfro gro ora sl be ct a eon mae ng Projet: INTERNATIONAL CLEAR PACKAGING INDUSTRY LIC able to sit fer qual cont 17 Conslian should winess and approve preparation and f tail cubes othe ‘raposed mi design which shouldbe at per BS sada and cont Specifications prior to usage on site 18. Alltest results iiae wits cantact speciation o be bmi fer record. 98 Atetive supper of eanette to be roped fer epra 20; Cera ind WIC rio as per DG, $00-Oeneral Nees, me irate es ~ 2 APR 2010 ‘Abu Diab! TeLs2 6818116 Faxt2 6818216 PaBoxs96I2 Dubai Tolct 2977293 Fax:04 2977298 POBoxIBI36 Ain Tel:03 7667721 Fax:03 7662608 POBoxt8779 Ermail: - ww higha Sse/as/2ni0 18:02 ex-sapaaen ALBSTEEY BUOTERINE Page sue ya eal Ad ALBATEEN ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY. RetNolypisionn Dae: 297082010, ‘Mls Hashim Contracting & Gen, Maintenance CO.LLC. Abu Dhabi ~7185 Fax: 02-5511618 Fro: Comtsion. Completion end Matnienece of Commercial Building for ‘Mu Mohamed Abmed Motard Vaied Al ahaa, Sublet: 7 i a ~ anette above mensond prj en your atv! long wth your eter RefNo. (200845205290 dted on May 26,2010, sanaoey nO med awe erty aproed Mi RM.C super (ene ander lowing sonditons 1 gl i berry fr lind of one hl be doe tcertng the pet {Becton & approved bs dein an nde the supervision conautas ogres 2. submital of 7828 diye snenge ert spat seme and testing under he epervion of coast egies fr every conse aeiverd sie Re gonsutar have aight to rejetany tive which doesn't specifeatin, 5 eating tne according to conan approval 6 no simixtze allowed to be added a he Hts Therefor: pee snd your repens ep eevee sepa se ofthe pro and prequalifisiondosement With best regards SD wad Tahoe ow TT ga ge 0 Abu DRE - Une An Emi “=n ierdigont ca at = 29 September 00 uN, ADRs: Anion Me Alesander te QC& Matera ago Proket + Pete Vila of Mr Makan Abie Ate Suet + CONCRETE MIX DESIGN C18 FOR BORED CAS PILES EY, O10 ‘Centex surnonix LLC, FUSION HONDEN EOONY CONTIN ALTERNATIVE APPLICATION” WS PROTEC THC DINISION ABU manna. ‘othe sshase mene ij, Heeb none at we pe kee Cori Sg Ra Ste ins ain Sar Ac DG : Lbasilla&Lacll deena ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING GROUP OR No. osoara Dat ovos2010 Ret: APGIOTST/S0AD/I0 Wis Hashim Contracting & Ganeral Maintenance Co. LLC. P.O, Box- 7185 ‘Aba Dr, UAE Tel 02851 1817 Fax 025511618 Attn: Mt, Mohammad Hashim Al Damasi- General Manager Project uit Me. Habroush Mohamed Subject: Approval request for Mix Desian Dear sir, We refer to the above mentioned subject end your teter cated Ref ‘006/626102290 dtd 2410212010 along with the aoove aut ‘We would ike to inform you that we do not have objection to approve your mix design suomited by ts. Cemex- your nominated oad mix concrete supplier as follows: ‘S.No:| Type of Gement (rade (Nini “Typa of concrete 1 RC 2a. Bibaing 2 | OPCMSAC 4520 Siuctural above ad |= under fishing vel | 3 [ORCAERE 305 Gut “ The approvals subject: 1 Complete cbigason with specs for casting coctons. 2 Submiting results of cubes as per spoce afer saven days and 28 daye and Sump test 100mm, 3. Using approved material for aggrogat ar sand and coment ‘This for your information and necessary action, Bost Regards, Joist Nell ngana eT Sen ae joa sbulda Uae smal Shelaby Division Projects Diroctor Architecture & Planning Group zoe 208 Saracen MIF : i ADCP @ > fee i SUB CONTRACTORS APPROVAL FORM Pri ore Son. Mae Rashed ris Stan A Maou Fle No, 288 [oma Engeerng Corsten Peta, Parent Hach Coeating& Ge, Mahtonanco Ca Lc awe zrmozo10 -——___ oars —__| [re ta: const wor to ContactName: Sewe RR TT a TS oom ee lvoe counencs rovers REQUEST FoR APPROVAL OF spEcPED WArERALS Pret Nona tooo Be9 eane an atnsFan 6 Cmnteetrasrproteg Commas att, . Aber. Seo: Hatin Camara Gn btw esc a 27927010 | is lat acs © GD eewall atjLicaull gail bball w& Golden Planners Consultants EF 5 zetay 210/09 a DATE: 2414212000 eel Ws Conetrueton General Contacting House ‘Abu Dhabi, UAE. Fax Wo 02 6772035, ‘Ati: Ea Kale Darwish = Project Manager Dear Si, “ Project AL ETTIHAD TOWEREFOR THE PRVATE ‘DEPT. OF SH, MOHD. BIN KHALID AL NABYAN ‘ABU DHABI-SECTOR 07, PLOT NO. 640 Subjet:_READY WX CONCRETE With efrenoe tothe abo suber andl to your eters: + Ral. (QGGHIP 2o4ncDroa) does 1/0208, et (COCP 2040/23/05) dated 31072008, af, (COCA 2042903) dated 24008, ease ote tht wo have no obj to aporove te oon 1, Mls CEM SUPERMIX asthe Sub-Contator of ad Mx Conse 2. The popesad mic das for Read x Conor “Thisis to proced exarnaly. Eng, Hatham Nisoaty ‘Assistant Manager + opr 7” aot A SH Me Boe Mbp naw crepe PO Warr coh oT GLE MI ay go pied ally Se ans ae gt [CONSULTANTS -STRUCTUTAL.- ARCHTTECTS - QUANTITY SURVEYORS AND COST "ol 672056+ Fax 16789290 -.O. Box 7158 - ABU DHABL-U.AB. Halcrow - alerow international Partnership rete tw ari2 waste arco wht ee ae Ftp es vralaowzom Es 290, Onsihserm som wonniccn ci Ente Ano a Odebreche— Al jaber V PO Bo«2175, ‘Abu Diab, UAB ‘Atcntoa: Mr, Mariano Domingues, Project Diector 28 Jy 2007 Our ssf PAD 745¢42/0A)/ 1385 Yout ef Tagseeal No 03187 DearS Project: “The Expansion ofthe Abu Dhabi Intemational Agport~ Contact WBS: 15.12.22; Acie Civil Worke New Rumway and Taxiways (NRTW.1008-CN) Subject: Concrete Mx Designs for Conctete Grade 5/10, ‘Thank you foe your Tramsital oo, OB187, Ref 100H-OA}-MEF-CIC-O14 RO, dtd 1S July 207 {We hare piven fll statin to the propos submit by M/s. Cemex and have no sbjesion in ppaoring the concrete mises, provide st the conditions lad out in the sto thecacered hinparion tle are et nthe meantime we ae tay to undertake peininry plants at the manulicres wodks ‘Plea make the aeesteyaraagements to sche thse tls welt us Kiow dts an eo We would prefcif they atc undertaken in the morning Yours ihfly Gon 7 Richest ‘Chit Resdeat Eagincee ce scaDIA Terance OBrica Pasoas Surdns am ues om vaya mmogucw owe a2 woh 98 Fs ‘ned 3100) owes 1 aed or seine a8 siemEe;UeL wd ENA Co eon Ej 0014 -IEN Ea on Taran] 6 0 we FB SUIS WANaTO| ‘55 wove wninar9| se 3 on ano ore ‘see g1Ina 03 31289 o1ne o> Sissies 55 GNvS avg] SS ONYS GSHSVER vo wars 9 ‘08 088 $54 557 FRO ‘S5ysann3 ¥orIG| sbi 800. = (Oe0) anna] SS STURLVY SNOUENSHD] wou vanao an vate TANNML SH 80d 01/08 3aVeO ALAHONOD YO 7@VL BAlLYEINOD — ATTN: me Ayer TAY 82 -S5 [585 reinctmurber | AL RAHA BEACH DEVELOPMENT - At ZEA z SUBMITTAL COVER sonnel] Ao 320, ras [ms | ooooe ew 2 fo PeLLrRscaNUse lowe A Iaeowstse tes |. Sohcoumeor tat] ae ane > are sein teehee cumenttsmpe td ow ia FAT waco KOT Dozen i Jnon Conse propo appre. 4 . son ° teat y ete fsbo comune om vo ‘SEIDCO GENERAL CONTRACTING CO. LL.C. isa NDED use = Pace en ed Role lial gS vo —smemcanas . ao ove Ma at oe My cee Beane Estes Ka one TE pests fe BSS Aton + Shae Anu Seri cee Pret ada Rie iy : SSSA i nt by Comutant : —Aehinctanl Consting Group Swe + Erland conte eae a lh doa above enc et, yb ed oan brats tan pene te 0 matey od Ne an enn SR Boson ane Sapo Beak foe ee eae re a 1 Te a cna be awe pre ptt, 2 Tevatron elas 3 Tm dni ato oi bc hub td cong Mon non Fed tenth stare nef ese it Fo od ners yh. ACG Sie seat cee at cae hes ees a 1 rye roman eo "nko 8 Bet Resor Fe nd Oonr og C0. tL ee Ee Re ee ees Cie Hysl_ call sil pla fl la ‘tt _ _ Aca ecuRaL cOMSULTRG GROUE Rett 10628-CA/A03SI80001 ‘Abu Dhabi, March 18, 2008 Mis. RW Armstrong. P.O, Box 45148 ‘Abu Dhabi, UAE Fax: 02 612 7700 Attontion : tt Khaleed Zaghloul Project Manager Project: Modem Residential City, Sector M36 ‘Subject: Subcontractor Submittal No. SC/GVI1/005 (Rev. 1) ~ Ready Mix Concrete Supplier Wis. Comex Dear Sir, With reference to the above mentioned subject ard further to our discussion in the \wookly progress meeting and as per your ineruction to accept Mls. Cemex as supplier Tor concrete forthe above project (not listed inthe Vendor list), we have no objection to ‘accept Mis, Cemex, subject tothe folowing 4. The mix design of concrete tobe folowed as oer the specifications. 2, The trail mix to be dene and results to be successful 5. The design mix materials (aggregate, sand... et.) should be tested aovording to the project specifications. “This ig for your kind information and necessary action. Respacfully yours, for Arphitectural Consulting Group wet Absad RODERN RESIDENTIAL CATY Resident Engineer ce: tae Hazen Mauss, A Rayan, Few 02 08 2282 ier vans Simic cee BER e Sante zsvos/2008 08:18 aoeniazeriiea7 Woe we Pace ag Sines SUBCONTRACTOR SUBMITTAL, MODERN RESSENTAL CTY [MODERN RESIDENTIAL CITY te ay etc [ps auac: Rony tex Conroe Supper [p-nar oprpos nubooaur + CEMEK RE SETAE TAO 1 Stdenar tora pes a Regeoton ceri APPROVED. ts sera con nts Contra ts raat is ct ty - i Ca ean 7 I ‘consultant's Advice Notice l= Er cteeee owe se = = pence i I eree:eepaenceentan tons Aten srecetherhette gt | Sees | ern hee re pra a vy ed te, oni oe ce ox sent ty: 80074 2 ssn wetter sre gs vt “ : LH Halcrow Haerow itamatona Parinership Proposes, tubes Na ‘asa reac ara woucon set eal ae Abeta at ‘Duteo Balfour Bets Group POBor 283 ‘Debai Unied And Emtes Por the tention of Me. Aner. G. MMi 22Nowember 2007 Dear Si, Dacab Cable Facey Extomion, Aba Dia ‘Teal Conente Mix Revue We fer to your ltr 0039 of 21.1407 wide ta ‘ates teeta WECETVED 12M 25/0) T0088 50 BH 624ebto08 EAUAALMMEDIRY BECOME oor e TIN! HR ABLE, h M Fax 107 634! Ge. [MATERIAL APPROVAL FORM 4 —_ Bovis 2 October 2008 Me. Walaed Sash Navona Projects & Construction LLC P.O. Box 7856 ‘AlMesstod Tower ‘Abu Dap ORE Fax +071 26740014 ‘ear tt. Salah, PC Ref. BLUSWHLIPT/04939, Project: Al Ream Island Development ~ Sector 1 Subject Pot 1 CEMEX Ready Mix Concrete Suppller- Prequalification Questionnaire We have appraised the sditnaliformeton from your proposed Ready Mx Concrate ‘Supaler, OEMEX, ard our revaod ecving rates thm as Goed.- Excelent bee sbactoe, Yours 2 E AXE ; if mone att Email: stuart mors @eu % Douglas Smal / Richard Day an Weng/ Eng. 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Clow! a.Sy0, Pusic Suarewo.oina Copawy Counencu Ree. No.2 TEST CERTIFICATE Wook No.t6/14 Date: 29.04.2011 Poriodt6i08/11~22I04/11 SULFATE-RESISTING PORTLAND CEMENT B.S. 4027 (1996) CLASS 425 (LA) CHEMICAL COMPOSITION REQUIREMENTS ‘RESULTS Lesser tin (%) Max 30 110 bebe este (8) Mac 48 a8 ‘Siivon Dioxide {SiO,) (3) Aisne (0) (8) Fer Oe 09 &) Cats Oe 0) 530 Magnesium Oxide (Mgo) (%) Max. 6.0 1.26 Suh Tnte $0) (%) Mex 28 135 Tis tet eso) a6 Dean Ste (cs) 122 Teak atin (CA 0) Max 35 =a TealAtales — W,0¥0659K,0) (4) Max 000 a cols 8) Max 010 =a PHYSICAL PROPERTIES ar ‘Specific Surface: Air Permeabilty tast {omtig) 3440 Searios Leh Spmsin Gm) Max 10 70 Tiel Stiga et, i (tes) min. 60 10 Frat Mites) ia Cones Sten 2Days: (Nim?) >10 T Days: (Nemm?) 2Oys oeokne rer (Ninn?) 2425.8 <625 carat! quay of camanconoms a th =psiaon 5 sted stove. 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TEST CERTIFICATE PORTLAND CEMENT CEM 42.5 N BS EN 87-2000 er ant -mea ave sectors rs \enain aay ss ae ‘Sane so ar = # sono . au ievem 2 fre hA) Beto ‘CEMEX intemal Code Super Plasiciser EBH Sikament® -R4QV(CD) Very High Range Water-Reducing and Slump Retaining Concrete Admixture Product ate ner a Descrnion onion smn nonin Saad Sans Raper Seow sacty we we eto me nny ‘Sci ae oer sostane on ne G00 FAN ‘arent ac) ‘oars ncn ch Product Data 4 a a Se eee oom — ESO eee eee ere eee ‘SEE fave amare cane Chemie ase SRST OST ae Deane at26% repay 1208190 ‘ite Cont NI acorng EN 854) © System | Information pert Avnteation Osta Sreumoten owas ade Goan 982A bmi acoea Tm ne Cima 4 campnitey Sansa RSG ay dw aoa Pa os Fagen = an Sienna ‘Shen? RAQVO) we aia Reggae i anes oH ia ‘te coe rat Alon arse fr feconaee ine nose Jeger ited’ ie serie nin aces acy on aa an oem mo cc carey egecat 9 mpi ne) Simian ora Sn Ses ane ay Ee rrr mara ao pee mooi a ‘Shamor?R4OWC0} must nthe oe yee ‘oad Sipe wins, me pai ens Hom iopoah Coroe at mt ns neh dh neg ate ey wo ‘owes woxrenntit sada oho pepe hes egies ol Heinen Say aero ‘Tepe tae rte tarot cng Gece er meet aca aS : est (CEMEX intemal code PLASTICISER A 03, Plastiments-100 Water Reducing Concrete Admixture Fister a VaR SRE oes mana a Product ie coronene stavros oleate Description Fstinente-00s parcial ae shaver hi aay al cies ‘eure ts posing ees spur ht woe 2 eodoad suo ae eporane tm morc res Prosumer Sed (Pastner 00 pai re lowing papers eam Road sna ah Sees ne Sars PR TOO Seas RST CRE Type kway —————~ | Product Data ake rack 6 pare on rand : Seroin a yates ween 56 36 Protect tor drt sigs srr __ open pking system Information Aoplcaton Condtions Compatity Platt 100 ry Bs Sie wi i long is aan : Bim Sec m adn etc Pie we Poe cantor Tetnia Saves Searmen. ‘ian a quot an tae wth str rr sere ‘Whe acl wong ooo par Re myo Perl TS ‘eigen tar Sy np roe ara ‘tneanred anus ty Sonera terse ‘roduc, rs sal le mas crt amr Sey ta Sa among reopen eee cae ed Legal Notes Reference So REFERENCE INFORMATION RMC P12 Plasticising/water reducing admixture description {CPI on pert tata toponym {hu in min wie hapa ag ‘oh ay tle econ, Standards Compliance Technical Data [Mertesemésicissmrama [Typical Properties) Prt Ut Advantages oa aan Cea Tres nesoey ais FpeCieooit Nes |e sectsgtesnbestiontnnnsa | Sette Mem meteors + Munintesacinpsnantiens, Dosage Rates | =e (eee sn, aie seget epitome gee [rocnamcgemmrs, | SERareece [7 sesnmmmteion ex naa: Super Plastciser EB4 El: BASE , The Chemical Company RHEOBUILD® 858 igh range, water educing suporplasicisor for haoplste conerates Doserption CCompstity FHEOBULDY 858 fs forested from gmihate RHEOBUILO asf compas win al coments ates epecalyéesgned tomes teopaste and most ak envahing apes mean the ASTM ‘usitae corte, standards. Thy adton of RHEOBLILD? 858 and MICRO-AI 00 ft entrarirg aged to concrete ‘A theopast concele f 8 fd conta wih a sracarmended vbw afd to wheter ‘Sump of at best 200 mm, easy own, but at asahg and haw cs. ‘wai tt for segregaton and hav ‘ho same watercament rato ab that of a fy Packaging - stip caersto (25 rm) withest anid. HEDBLILDY 858s avalon tuk or 210 HEOBULDY eSB ors fe, to ds, Advantages ‘ype propertise FRHECBULD? 258 considers mpovea the Paper ted we ofr gos an not a Proper fa nd hardened comer Poet of perms oon ia Sector 125098 290 Gisiscerteré Nn SS S075 Pa + oe Primary uses > + Mezesiea canesio 1 Mass conse pours Roady oncrata + Lengitans ransport Standard + Punpad orcrta ASTM C-884 Typo 48,0, Fand + Casingin totetates 7 Dosage Tobin Cpt cosago of AHEOBUILD 858 should be deined in tial res. Asa gush foun + Recuead tama pons cosages aro racormended at saring pint ‘High warty og paraes any ta, namal cone a dosage of between + Lower purging press (08 020 ts por 100g comertous mata 1 Dey sating th nger watabity In Nigh perornanes micro sia corciete 3 1 Higher utirata songs, osage of between 1.5 to 25 fres per1004q ‘+ Pockcod poreatiey camenttous meter. Dependent upon mi + Improves drabity ‘eutemen tis posse 7 us ahigher dosage of RHEOBULD® 858 winout causing any adverse sets upon the concrete, Plate coraut BASF Censticton Gremica Techical sa for futher bfaration BASF : Ze ‘The Chemical Company RHEOBUILD® 858 Dispensing Safety precautions PHEDBUILEY 88s eadyiouse aus whichis AHEEUIDY 658 is rot a fhe or heh Nazar ‘eponoed io ta conc tnster wih the Spllegss shoul be washed down medi ‘feng wat. The plata efect and waar wih cold wal For utr aration rl 10 Toduoten ae Nahe fh entire i dad to tha maralsably dataset the conerea afer 0 0 70% of th rb war fr boon od303. The acon of BHEOBULD* Noto Cee ay eoorgeta or coment 8 not Ad ince, where pened, does ro corte ceemivanind. Asis dpaeers ara supaeoy responsibly, For atonal bl, inearaion contac yor%.= atin BASE repre, worbity PLEOBULD? @58 ensues that optic BASF esses th gt have ho te ose ot Conavteranara westabe n excess 3 hous at aneaty detained by accapted. tat "206. shots. ‘Wossity osee dapendat cn tmpsratze and Quality and care nthe ype ofcamnt th ee of apgrogsss, Al rcs cghatrg fom BASF's Dub, UA fremetod of anmert ard wofsity. ie cy aw manulacred unde & manegenent Chongly recommended tht coneeta shoud be sytem independent card © oon © he ropa cured prtodaty het and dy cates, requ of tho quay, erent od ‘ccupaona eat sty standards 150 9001 Storage 150 14001 and OHSAS 100% FEEOBULDY 8s must bo. slored whe cesar FOO ens temperate co rat ea bw 45°C. recut ha fe2en thaw and gant comely roconsiuted. Stowe vndr ower, out of ec fonight so protect fom extremes tempat, Fah to comply wi he ecormende ston condor may rosa eure detriraon ot the produc or package. For spoctle stooge fihee conadt BASF's Tactical. Sencss Departmen yaaa ton nana gaeennyo gnc be ee ores et oenon ~ Biemamawen ues _&_ 68 6a. Use at olher dosages Health and Safety cee eee ice” | Sanetngatoe mmo ras nn or ac eat ‘Scowsesiten| Saeco = | enantio see tbe oecersamerawentnnetines | Sptennbareeneet oem, pbemcntesth sea aee Someone pe Dispensing mcr tt esr Sescranne spe snene vusmaraneuntonang et ie awe meses Storage Serene uc a WE rear Project South Shimka aststual Works Tar Safety Data Sheets CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) (CEMEX SUPERMIX LLC. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET FOR READY MIX CONCRETE ISSUE DATE JULY 01,2003. PRODUCT (COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. MANUFACTURE’S NAME AND ADDRESS CEMEX SUPERMIX LLC. P.O. BOX: 72071, ABU DHABI, U.A.E. ‘TEL: 02-5513501 FAX: 02-5515560 PRODUCT: READY MIXED CONCRETE 2, COMPOSITION OF INGREDIENTS, READY MIXED CONCRETE IS A MIXTURE OF NATURAL AGGREGATES, _CEMENT & WATER, and ADMIXTURES MAY BE ADDED TO MODIFY. "THE PROPERTIES OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT. 3. HAZARD IDENTIFICATION. FRESH CONCRETE FRESH CONCRETE CONTAINS CEMENT AND WATER WITH THE RESULT THAT AN ALKALINE SOLUTION IS PRODUCED. REPEATED SKIN CONTACT WITH FRESH CEMENT OVER A PERIOD MAY CAUSE IRRITANT CONTACT DERMATITIS. ‘THE ABSRASIVENESS OF THE CONSTITUENTS CAN AGGRAVATE THE, EFFECT. SOME SKINS ARE MORE SENSITIVE TO FRESH CONCRETE, AND DEVELOP ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMATITS, HOWEVER THIS IS, RARE, PROLONGED SKIN CONTACT WITH CEMENT CAN RESULT IN BURNS. HARDENED CONCRETE, CUTTING, DRILLING OR HAMMERING OF HARDENED CONCRETE CAN CREATE DUST. IF INHALED IN EXCESSIVE QUANTITIES OVER EXTENDED PERIODS, RESPIRABLE DUST CAN CONSTITUTE LONG ‘TERM HAZARD. (CUTTING, DRILLING OR HAMMERING OF HARDENED CONCRETE UNLESS ADEQUATELY CONTROLLED, CAN PROJECT PARTICLES AT HIGH VELOCITY WITH CONSEQUENT RISK OF IMPACT DAMAGE ANDIOR INJURY PARTICULARLY TO EXPOSED AREAS OF THE BODY. 4, FIRST AID MEASURES: EYE CONTACT (FRESH CONCRETE) IMMEDIATELY RINSE UNDER RUNNING WATER, ‘SKIN CONTACT (FRESH CONCRETE) IMMEDIATELY RINSE AFFECTED AREAS UNDER RUNNING WATER, CUTS/ABRASION SHOULD BE CLEANED AND TREATED USING NORMAL FIRST AID MEASURES. WOUNDS MUST RECEIVE PROPER MEDICAL ATTENTION. IN ALL CASES IF IN DOUBT OR WHERE SYSTEMS PERSIST MEDICAL ADVICE MUST BE OBTAINED. /HTING MEASURES: NOT APPLICABLE S.EIRE S.ACCIDEN: {ELEASE MEASURES: AVOID CONTRACT WITH SKIN. PREVENT ENTRY OF WET CONCRETE INTO WATER COURSES, DRAINS OR OTHER AREAS WHERE HARDENED MATERIAL CAN, CREATE PROBLEMS, REMOVE PRODUCT USING APPROPRIATE EQUIPMENT, ‘LHANDLING: AVOID CONTRACT WITH SKIN & EYES. ALWAYS FOLLOW SAFE LIFTING AND MANUAL HANDLING PRODCEDURES. 8.EXPOSURE CONTROL/PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPME} HAND PROTECTION - WEAR SUITABLE PROTECTIVE GLOVES. SKIN PROTECTION ~ AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN. OVERALLS SHOULD BE WORN. EYE PROTECTION ~ WEAR GOGGLES TO PREVENT EYE CONTACT FROM SPLASHING OF FRESH CONCRETE AND FLYING PARTICLES WHEN HAMMERING CONCRETE. MASKS — WEAR DUST MASKS WHEN CUTTING, DRILLING OR HAMMERING HARDENED CONCRETE, FOOTWEAR: WEAR KNEE HIGH RUBBER BOOTS OR SIMILAR WITH PROTECTIVE TOECAPS. KNEEPADS- WEAR KNEEPADS WHEN KNEELING ON FRESH ‘CONCRETE. PHYSICAL & CHEMICAL PROPERTIE: DENSITY OF FRESH CONCRETE IS TYPICALLY @2.6 TONS PER CUBICMETRE. PH OF FRESH CONCRETE IS TYPICALLY 12. FRESH CONCRETE IS USUALLY GREY IN COLOUR, READY MIX CONCRETE HARDENS THROUGH A CHEMICAL REACTION BETWEEN CEMENT AND WATER, 1STABILITY : REACTIVITY: NOT APPLICABLE. LLTOXICOLOGY INFORMATION: NO RISK UPON OBSERVENCE OF SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. 12.DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS: HARDENED CONCRETE MAY BE RECYCI APPROVED LANDFILL, OR REPLACED IN 13. DISCLAIMEI EVERY CARE HAS BEEN TAKEN TO ENSURE THAT THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS CORRECT AND ACCURATE AT THE TIME OF ISSUE. HOWEVER, CEMEX SUPERMIX CANNOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIRTTITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY ERRORS, INACCURACIES OR OMISSIONS WHICH MAY HAVE OCCURRED INADVERTENTLY. Project South Shinka Tafastuctural Works Tat Applicator Method Statement CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS Project South Shinka astuctaral Works Tort Records From Site Trial CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS ‘Project South Sha astral Works “Toa Samples CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS Project South Shaka asttaral Works Tare Other Enclousers ( If Any ) GZ CONTRACTOR : SAIF BIN DARWISH CIVIL ENGINEERS Licenses A Aa demsialdotnst sbi oie ALY A Wigher Corporation For Specialized Economic Zunes — ZONESCOrp INDUSTRIAL LICENSE Aetietios, Permanent iu License No sr kay LegotTipe —:unusibm corny coltrane ue Date evan swags ADEN Boia toy Oa avons Songs Tage ame ° wes, Cnwnera) Partners) 3s atonay ose Pate ae Soren) etvtes sett Connacht se Shabbat 2 Producte ones Product =n BY gy eee ‘nih Tew 90020NES Abu MMB. fc26coc | FFD mnith oP oD vefor/aven Serr mens rm Re ID - oer V6 etn red eon fos Phe for emay exter chats + ere eefP erry ire Fm hy Pte hy rere re BO PSO fit re ede Ory RD (P Sey Ce F om sy (gH? ins Oe Am org Ce ote vey : Cory cere Ee ANTAL Re RAGA ayeoytaeg drysiequrayy “se MT] [obey Q