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Jenna Mychko and Jeff Steinberg Content of Lesson Skill Theme Kicking

October 22nd, 2012


Students are working on kicking for accuracy at different distances. Level of Skill Proficiency Pre-Control Objectives 1. Psychomotor Students will be able to kick the ball with the inside part of their foot, by using the plant, putter, push method. Necessary Equipment 8 soccer balls 8 miscellaneous balls softer and larger than soccer ball 16 cones 8 poly spots Speakers for music 1 putter Safety for Lesson Remind students to be aware of their surroundings in the instant activity and to not run into anyone. Remind students not to kick the balls at each other or past our boundaries. Remind students to wait for our signal to kick and retrieve soccer balls. Remind students to freeze when we say to. NASPE Standards Standard 1 Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. Standard 2 Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning performance of physical activities. Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Learning Standards) 19.A.1 Demonstrate control when performing fundamental locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills. 19.B.1 Understand spatial awareness and relationships to objects and people. Introduce Ourselves (2 min.): Tell the students our names and sports we play.

Instant Activity: Scatter Ball (5 min.): Set up cones to establish boundary lines. Each child chooses a ball of his/her choice then finds a personal space. When the music begins, the student may begin playing with the ball in their personal space. When the music stops, the students have to the count of 10 to exchange balls with someone else in the class. When everyone has chosen a different ball, and the music begins again, they may play with the new ball in their personal space. Jenna explains, Jeff sets up Call students in to go over set induction. Set Induction (2 min.): Ask students what sport would relate to the activity we just did. After getting a response of soccer, explain to students that today we are going to work on kicking balls, which can be used in many different sports. Go into cues for how to properly kick a soccer ball (5 min.) 3 Ps of Kicking Plant, Putter, Push Demonstrate for students Check for Understanding Choral Responding Jeff goes over cues, Jenna sets up for activity 1 Activity 1: Kicking for Distance (3 min.): Description and Management: 8 poly spots are lined up along the half-court line on the basketball court, four feet in front of it, to allow for space. Poly spots will be spread out so students are not right next to each other. Students will have their ball of choice on the poly spot, and they will be standing behind their poly spot near the half-court line. First, the teacher will give a proper demonstration of how to kick for distance and perform this activity. When the students are directed to do so, the teacher will tell them to kick, making sure that they all say the cues each time they kick (teacher will call out the cues for the first few kicks and make the students go step by step slowly). Then teacher will tell the students to go retrieve a ball and bring it back to their poly spot. If the students return to a different poly spot, teacher will tell the other students to just find an open one. Jeff explains Call students in to explain next activity While Jenna explains activity, Jeff cleans up other activity and sets up new one. Activity 2: Kicking at a Goal (5 min.): Description and Management: Set up 8 goals along the walls of our side of the gym. Make the goals around 3 feet wide (can be changed if needed). Set up 8 poly spots that are 10 feet away from goals (can be adjusted as well). Explain to students that now they are working on kicking towards a target, which in this case is a goal. The students have to focus on their kicking accuracy in order to score a goal. Remind students of the cues (ask who remembers, and call on a student that raises his or her hand). Tell them accuracy is also very important so they do not get in the way of their classmates. Teacher will tell the students when to kick the ball, and when to retrieve it. Jenna explains, while Jeff sets up activity

Call in students to go over game with this drill Activity 3: Kicking at a Goal Challenge (5 min.): Description and Management: Explain to kids that they are now going to play a game with this drill. Teacher will tell the students that now they are going to kick the ball ten times and count how many times they can make it into the goal. Teacher will then tell the kids that when they return to their poly spots, if they would like to challenge themselves and think they can make it from farther away, raise their hand once they get back to their poly spot and a teacher will come move their poly spot farther back. Give the students the go signal to return to their poly spots, and once they are back at their poly spots, remind them to raise their hand if they want to have their poly spots moved back. Teacher will give go signal when to kick, and then a retrieve signal to get their ball. Remind students to keep count of how many goals they make out of the ten shots. Jeff explains, both help move poly spots Call students back in and ask them how they did Activity 4: Kicking to a Partner (4 min.): Description and Management: Tell students to go back to back with person closest to them quickly. They will be partners for remainder of activity. Tell one partner to sit when we say go, this partner will go to a poly spot on the stage side, and the other partner will go to one on the bleacher side. One poly spot will be on one sideline of the volleyball court, and the other will be fifteen feet away. Make sure the 4 groups are spread out to avoid interfering with each other. Students will kick their ball of choice back and forth with their partner, using the cues every time. Tell the partners they have to stop the ball with their feet, not their hands. Give demonstration of what it will look like. Then have the partner closest to stage get a ball in order to begin the activity. Jenna explains, Jeff sets up QUICKLY Call students in have one student bring back ball, and other student bring back both poly spots. Closure (3 min.): Students will meet around the teachers after putting away the equipment. Teachers will ask students if they had fun and what the three Ps of kicking are (Choral Responding). We will thank students for letting us work with them and say we are looking forward to working on jumping and landing next time with them.