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Serbare craciun emgleza 2013 1.

Snowman = Emilia Neagu When winter comes and Snowflakes fall, A lot of snowballs begin to roll. The won!t sto" ho""ing and ho""ing. !Till a lot of snowmen start "o""ing. 2. Snow, snow, thick, thick snow = Nicolas Snow, snow, thick, thick snow, Wintertime!s here, ou know, While the tem"erature!s low. 3. Let it be Christmas everywhere = aria #n the hearts of all "eo"le $oth here and afar %hristmas e&er where 'eel the lo&e of the season Where&er ou are (n the small countr roads With the green mistletoe $ig cit streets Where a thousand lights glow. Fie Craciun pretutindeni In inimile oamenilor Aici si departe Craciun peste tot Simte iubirea din aer Oriunde ai fii Pe drumuri mici de tara Cu vasc verde In orase mari Unde o mie de lumini stralucesc ). *et it be %hristmas e&er where #n the songs that we sing And the gifts that we bring %hristmas e&er where #n what this da brings And what we belie&e 'rom sand white beaches Where blue waters roll To snow co&ered mountains and &alle s below

Fie Craciun pretutindeni In cantecele si in cadourile Pe care le daruim Craciun pretutindeni In ce aduce aceasta zi Si in credintele noastre De la plaje cu nisip alb Unde ape albastre se varsa La muntii inzapeziti si vaile de la poale