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To whom it may concern, I have known Ashley Walshe for the past three years.

The past two of those he has been my son Kents swimming instructor. My son is seventeen and has many additional needs. He has a neurotransmitter disorder that presents as global delay, fine and gross motor issues and a severe speech impediment. Kent also has obsessive-compulsivetendencies, which sees him obsessing over specific things and repeatedly asking questions. Ashley developed a special bond with Kent well before he was his instructor. Ashley used to engage Kent in conversation while we were at the pool; usually about their shared passion for AFL, and he always took an interest in what Kent was doing and how he was progressing. When Kent needed a new instructor Ashley willingly put his hand up to take Kent for one on one swimming lessons. In his role Ashley has had to modify the swimming program to suit Kents individual needs and limited attention span. He quickly adapted his program to accommodate Kents strengths and limitations, setting clear achievable goals for each session. Since working with Ashley, Kent has become a more capable swimmer and his water safety awareness improved. Due to study commitments Ashley was initially unable to teach Kent this year on his regular day. I am very appreciative that he offered to stay late on one of his other teaching nights so he could continue to be Kents instructor. Kent has developed a very close bond with Ashley and looks forward to his lesson each week. Being a teacher myself I recognise in Ashley the qualities needed to be a wonderful teacher. He liaises with parents, students and other staff with confidence. He knows his students and knows what he has to do to improve their skills. When working with my son he has shown great empathy, tolerance and understanding. It takes a special person to take on working with children with disabilities and Ashley has taken on that task treating Kent with utmost respect. He is tuned into Kents mood of the day and can adjust the program accordingly or create a diversion to keep Kent on task. He has been a fine role model for Kent. I have no hesitation in recommending Ashley as a worthy graduate teacher in either a mainstream or special setting. Im sure he has a fine teaching career ahead of him and would be an asset to any school in which he worked. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to elaborate on any of the above information, With Regards Julie Price 4 Birdwood Avenue Upwey 3158 0400859970