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Here are the words for most of the parts of the body. How many can you name? Write each word beside the picture above and draw a line to the body part. Don't use your dictionary. After you've finished, use your dictionary to see how many you got right. Good luc !
abdomen adam"s apple an le arch arm armpit bac big toe calf chee chest chin collarbone crown ear elbow eye eyebrow eyelash eyelid foot forearm forefinger forehead hair hand head heel hip #aw #oint nee nuc le leg lips little toe middle finger mouth muscle navel nec nipple nose nostril palm part pin ie rib ring finger shin shoulder stomach temple tendon thigh throat thumb upper arm waist wrist

Perfect Score = 60. 55-60 = Excellent. 45-54 = Good. Below 45 = You need to do l!ttle "oc #ul r$ %r ct!ce&