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Dear Family Friends


We hope this letter finds you all in good health- body, mind, and soul. od has been leading our family, step by step, this past year as !e ha"e returned to #$hee %ines &nstitute in 'labama, training medi$al missionary students from around the !orld. (ur family has made a de$ision to ta)e half a year and ser"e as o"erseas missionaries. od has opened up the door for us to go !or) in *orth &ndia + *epal !ith an organi,ation )no!n as Laymen Ministries, tea$hing + training young *epali -hristians. Laymen Ministries is a supporting ministry of the .e"enth-day 'd"entist -hur$h and has mission pro/e$ts !orld!ide. Laymen Ministries began !or)ing in *epal ba$) in the late 10001s. 2oel and 2oy$e 3eyers pioneered a !or) there. 4hey !or)ed in the 5atmandu area gi"ing health tal)s and learning the language. 4heir !or) e6panded into the translation of *epali literature. 's !or) progressed, they !ere /oined by .andra 7orner !ho no! heads out the same pro/e$t from *orth &ndia. &n *orth &ndia, .andra and her mother, 4erri, operate a 8ifestyle 9du$ation -enter that edu$ates and trains nati"e missionaries from *epal, :hutan and *orth &ndia. 4hey also ha"e been publishing literature and planting $hur$hes throughout *epal, partly in $onne$tion !ith the 8ifestyle -enter and partly !ith trained nati"es !ho !or) inside *epal. &t has been the fo$us of .andra and 4erri to train young *epali !or)ers to go into their o!n $ountry and spread the gospel to their o!n $ountry men. 4hese $ountries in$lude *epal, *orth &ndia, :hutan and 'ssam. 4his has been a burden of our family, for years, to support dedi$ated -hristians in their o!n nati"e $ountries to spread the e"erlasting gospel to their o!n people. *orth &ndia is a safe ha"en to operate a training program for young *epali belie"ers at the 8ifestyle 9du$ation -enter. ("er the last fe! years, more than 100 students ha"e $ome for training. raduates of this training $enter return to their home regions to be self-supporting lay pastors and leaders in their areas. 4hey start up $hur$h $ongregations and edu$ate the lo$al "illage people ho! to li"e healthier li"es. %romising graduates are sponsored by 8aymen 3inistries, but also $ontribute to their o!n li"elihood by being $olporteurs of -hristian literature, and through ;tent-ma)ing; s)ills su$h as tailoring, litera$y $lasses, or other abilities. 4hese missionaries ha"e begun $hur$h $ongregations in many pla$es through *epal. %lease pray for the !or)ers there as many go to the most remote areas in the 7imalayan 3ountains to help spread od1s truth< 4his is the only training fa$ility for 'd"entist lay !or)ers in *orth &ndia. 4he gospel message has gone into 4ibet, :hutan, and other nearby regions.

&t is e6$iting to pray, !at$h, and !al) !ith od as 7e re"eals 7is plans for our li"es. 's preparations for the *orth &ndia unfold, !e ha"e been reminded again and again of the "erse in %ro"erbs 1=>0, that ?A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. @ 't times, it is tempting to feel o"er!helmed !ith all of the details in"ol"ed and the responsibilities that !e need to finish here in the states, and still $onsider all ahead of us in *orth &ndia + *epal. 7o!e"er, !e are at pea$e, )no!ing that the 8ord !ill guide and pro"ide. 's part of our preparation for the up$oming half year of mission ser"i$e, Laymen Ministries has as)ed us to raise a total of AB000 #.. 4his money !ill be used to pay for our plane ti$)ets as !ell as supply us !ith our simple needs throughout our stay. &f you !ould li)e to help us finan$ially, !e !ould be e6tremely grateful. 's of *o"ember 1C !e ha"e about A3B0 dollars raised. (ur prayers are to ha"e all the funds in hand by 2anuary 201D so !e may depart at the beginning of February. 9"en more important than your finan$ial support, ho!e"er, is your prayers. ',aliah has been starting to lead out lately in $hildren1s a$ti"ities, li)e .abbath s$hool. &t is e6$iting to !at$h her gro! in this area. We $an1t !ait to see her intera$tion !ith the *epali $hildren >-E 4he pi$ture to the right is of a .abbath outrea$h !e did as a family in a lo! in$ome housing pro/e$t in -olumbus, eorgia. ',aliah ga"e ea$h of the $hildren their o!n pie$e of literature and one little girl e"en !anted to pray !ith her. %lease pray that !e, as a family, $an be used effe$ti"ely to further 7is !or) in *orth &ndia + *epal this $oming year of 201D. &f you so desire to help us finan$ially please use the self-addressed en"elope to mail any donations. &n the en"elope please $he$) the bo6 for N. India Training School and on the line ne6t to it !rite Jeresek Family to spe$ify !here those funds should go. 100F of your donation !ill go to assist us< 4han) you so mu$h, for your prayers and support < We deeply appre$iate them and you< Laymen Ministries D1D Gapada Hd .t. 3aries, &D 838=1 With sincere love, 2oshua, 9mily, and ',aliah 2erese) IB0CE 208.810C 7ishomeministry.!eebly.$om