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Corbett Walker Lynn Raymond ENGL 1103 11/05/13

Wiggins, Grant. S.E.S (Household Income) vs. Student Achievement. "The Odd Correlation between SES and Achievement: Why Havent More Critical Questions Been

Asked? A Call to Action." Http:// Wordpress, 12 Dec. 2012. Web. (Wiggins)

This graph shows how the link that lies between a students education and his or her familys social economic status really is a factor. It has been found that there are many different aspects that show how a family of higher income invests more than a family of lower income educationally. In this graph you can see further how education and a familys income are related. It has been found that a child from a family of high income will tend to have higher grades on an academic level than a child from a family with a lower income. Some of the facts that can come from this are that kids in a higher income family will be more likely to have parents that will read to them and be able to provide for more of their academic needs. Comparing this to a child from a lower socially economic family, he or she will have parents that will be working more often and be less likely to provide for educational desires and advantages like those from a higher socially economic family.

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle. "2011- 12 Martin Luther King Jr Middle." Public Schools of North Carolina. Web. (Martin Luther)

This table shows the percentage of students that are either preforming at their grade level or are preforming above it. From this graph, it can be inferred that the teachers are of a low standard and that the school is in an area of low economic status. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle is a school that is of a school of lower status in terms of education. This can then mean that this particular school is located in an area with a lower economic status. Now just from this data there are several other points that can be made about this school. These percentages can mean that the teachers at this school are newer and have lower qualifications and it can also be inferred that there is probably a higher teacher turnover rate. One other thing that I will mention is how from this data we can also perceive that there is a higher crime rate at the school too.

Marvin Ridge Middle. "2011-12 Marvin Ridge Middle." Public Schools of North Carolina. Web. (Marvin Ridge)

In this table, you can see the percentages of students that are preforming either at or are above their grade level. You can then infer from this that the teachers are of a high standard and that the school is in an area with a high economic status. Moving from the table that showed the percentages of students at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle, you can see that the students at Marvin Ridge Middle are of a much higher standard. I again will state that from this table, in can be inferred that this school is in an area of a higher social economic status. The teachers at this particular school are much

more qualified, and have taught for a longer period of time. They also are more experienced. Now because of this higher percentage I can also say that the crime rate at this school is much lower too.