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Beginning a letter

1.- about am at college course enquire I to writing your

2. advertisement am connection I in with writing your

3.- advertisement in reference the Times to with your

4.- 16 April letter of reference to with your _____________________________________________________________________________________________

5.- 16 about enquiring for June letter of thank vacancies you your _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Which of this expressions would you use if you were : a) writing in response to sth? b) asking for information? c) replying to so who has asked for information?

B.- Body of Letter.

1.- am inform delighted examination have I passes that to you you your

2.- a cannot I offer refund regret tell that to we you you

3.- allow apologise for had have me please problems the to you

4.- as as could goods please possible replace soon the you ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 5.- about be college grateful I if information me send would you your

6.- be complain done forced is manager the this to to unless will we

Which of these expressions would you use to : a) b) c) d) e) f) say you are sorry for something? give so. Bad news request information warn or threaten so? give so. good news? request that action is taken ?

B. Ending a Letter 1.- forward I look receiving reply to your

2.- forward

from hearing


soon to you

3.- help hope I information that this will you

4.- any contact do further hesitate if information need not please to me you

5.- free contact feel any further have if me please questions to you

6.- any caused has hope inconvenience not that this I you do

Which of these expressions would you use if you : a) were expecting a reply? b) had supplied information ? c) had done sth wrong ?