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MCA (Semester - 1st)

Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is compulsory.
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B.

Section - A

Q1) (15 x 2 = 30)

a) Define Accounting.
b) What is meant by ‘going concern concepts’?
c) Describe Postulates of Accounting?
d) Explain different types of Errors.
e) Who is financial manager?
f) Explain the current ratio with the help of example.
g) Explain the Benefits of Fund Flow statement.
h) Describe cost object.
i) Give the formula of Break-even-point.
j) What is the meaning of variances.
k) Describe Audit.
l) What is the meaning of computer?
m) What are the Benefits of computer?
n) What is the meaning of standard costing?
o) Describe the limitations of Cash Flow statement.

Section - B
(9 x 5 = 45)
Q2) How to prepare a trial Balance explain with the example?

Q3) Describe the principles of Accounting.

Q4) Describe the concepts of Accounting.

Q5) Explain in detail the double entry system of Accounting

Q6) Discuss in detail the limitations of financial Accounting.

Q7) Explain with the help of example how to prepare profit and loss Account.

Q8) Give four solvancy ratio.

Q9) Explain the perform of cash Flow statement.

Q10) Discuss in detail the managerial applications of marginal casting.

Q11) Explain the meaning and advantages of computer program for accounting.

Q12) Describe sub-modules of computerised accounting system.

Q13) Give graphical presentation of Break even point.

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