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Pf is calculated on only basic of salary, not DA 2. Employee contibution is 12% 3. Employer contribution is devided in two parts A) 3.

67%- which goes directly in the pf account of an emplyee. B) 8.33%- Which goes to family Pension Scheme. Including above, employer has to pay Administrative Charges = 1.10% on the total ammount of basic ie (6500 & above also). Then Employer has to pay contribution for EDLI Scheme = 0.5% & Administrative charges =0.01% of the Ammount of total basic cosider for Family pension scheme which does not include total basic amount above 6500 So this total is= 12%( 3.67+8.33)+1.10+0.5+0.01=13.61% paid by employer. 6000 basic = Pf contribution by Emplyer=720+66+30+0.6=816.6 voluntary Ceiling was 3500/- upto 01.10.94, then revised to 5000/-. Then it revaised to 6500/- from 01.04.1995. and remains same, further there is no amendment. if the employee basic wages exceeding Rs.6500/-, there is no liability on the part of employer to pay PF contribution. If employee joined with less than above basic, continuing service with more than the basic of Rs.6500/- , employer bound to pay PF contribution on the Rs.6500/- only (.i.e.Rs.780/-),eventhough his basic salary more than that. attribution

Please find the below details for PF calculation on basic salary: A/C NO.1 :- From Employee 12% + Employer 3.67% A/C No.2 :- 1.1 % (it's called PF admin charges) A/C No.10 :- 8.33 % (pension) A/C No. 21 :- 0.5% (E.D. L.I) A/C No.22 :- 0.01 % (EDLI admin charges) Note:- The PF Ceiling amount is Rs.6500 /- if the Basic salary is >= 6500 /- the pension salary will be paid Rs.541 and remaining goes to PF i.e A/C NO.1