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March 21, 2003

Human Kinetics Scholarship Committee School of Human Kinetics University of British Columbia 0!1 University Boulevar" #ancouver, BC # $ 1%1

$o &hom 't May Concern( ' am please" to )rite this letter of reference for Kari *e+raiff, ' have -no)n Kari for t)o years havin+ )or-e" to+ether )ith the Human Kinetics Un"er+ra"uate Society .HKUS/ an" 'ma+ine UBC orientation pro+ram, 0s this year1s HKUS social coor"inator an" Human Kinetics MU2 .My Un"er+ra"uate 2roup/ 3ea"er, Kari )as remar-able, She )as instrumental in arran+in+ five successful social events, such as our annual 4um1*15++no+, an" )as a -ey or+ani6er for our 7irst 8ear &histler 9rientation, Her "epen"ability, her ability to ta-e initiative an" ma-e "ecisions, her sincerity an" her har" )or- ma"e her an e:cellent role mo"el for our council, HKUS has +reatly benefite" from Kari1s lea"ership, Her commitment to her fello) stu"ents, to our faculty, an" to U,B,C, is very apparent, 't is clear to me that Kari is a very "eservin+ scholarship can"i"ate, ' feel that Kari is an e:ample of ho) stu"ents can have a positive impact throu+h personal involvement an" "e"ication, 't is )ithout hesitation that ' recommen" Kari for a Human Kinetics a)ar", Sincerely,

2enevieve 5nnis ;resi"ent Human Kinetics Un"er+ra"uate Society