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In the movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (Based on the book by J.K.

Rowling), good is
juxtaposed against evil to make the good look more good and the evil look more evil. Discuss
The movie, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, juxtaposes good characters against bad
characters and ideas, so to make the good look better and the evil look more evil. The filmmaker
contrasts good characters like, Harry Potter and _______________________ , against bad
characters, like Voldemort and _______________________, to make the viewer think that the good
characters are better than they really are and that the bad characters are more evil than they may
actually be. The movie also compares _______________ like _______________________and
_______________________ to highlight the goodness of some _____________________ and the
evil nature of others. By comparing and contrasting these _______________________ the audience
is able to see the true good and the true evil that is shown in the film.

The movie, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, shows a young boy, named Harry Potter, as the
hero of the story and an evil man, Voldemort, as the villain. Harry Potter is seen to be the good guy,
however, he also has some bad qualities. This is shown when Harry sneaks out of his room after dark
several times, which is breaking the school rules. He also goes into the 3rd floor corridor even though
Dumbledore says that it is out of bounds to anyone who does not wish to die a most painful death.
This shows that Harry Potter is actually sometimes a bad student. However, compared to Voldemort,
who is truly evil, given his murderous and selfish manner, which is shown when he murders Harrys
parents and sacrifices Quirrell in an attempt to kill Harry, he looks extremely good. When Harry is
placed next to Voldemort, the audience forgets the bad things about him and focus on the good
things like his heroism, shown when he rescues Hermione from the Troll. Therefore, the
juxtaposition of the hero to the villain in the movie shows the good as more good.

The filmmakers also compare characters like _______________________ and

_______________________ to make the bad character look more evil than _________ actually is.
_______________________ is shown to be the bad character when _______________________
_______________________ _______________________ _________________________________
_______________________. This shows that __________________________________________
_______________________ __________________________________________________________.
Despite all the bad things _______________________ does, however, _______________________
is also seen to have some good qualities. For instance _________________ ___________________.
This is shown when _______________________ _______________________ __________________
_______________________ _______________________ _______________________. However,
when compared to a character like _______________________, who is ______________________
_______________________ _______________________ shown when _______________________
_______________________ __________________________________ _______________________
_______________________ _______________________, ________ is made to look evil. This proves
that by comparing and contrasting the differences between _______________________ and
_______________________, the audience is made to see the evil as more evil than they perhaps
really are.

Furthermore, by contrasting _______________________ like _______________________ and

_______________________, the audience is alerted to the good in _______________________ and
the bad in _______________________ , rather than any good in _______________________ or
bad in _______________________. _______________________ is shown to be bad and
_______________________. This is shown by _______________________ ____________________
_______________________ _______________________. However, _______________________ can
be shown as good when _______________________ ________ ____________________________ .

_______________________ is shown to be good and _______________________ . This is shown

when ______________________________ _______________________ ______________________
_______________________ ___________ _______________________. However, can be shown as
bad when _______________________ ___ _______________________ ______________________
__________________________________ _______________________. When the audience is shown
_______________________ and _______________________ side by side, they are encouraged to
see the bad in _______________________ and think that _____ is more evil than _____ actually is
and to see the good in _______________________ and think that _____ is more good than ______
might actually be. This is proof that the juxtaposition of good and bad in Harry Potter and the
Philosophers stone highlights the good in good and the bad in the bad.

The movie Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone makes the audience believe that the bad
characters like Voldemort and _______________________ are more evil than they may truly be and
that the good characters like _______________________ and _______________________ are more
good than they may really be. The filmmaker does this by showing the opposite characters next to
each other in order to highlight the badness in the bad characters and the goodness in the good
characters. The different _____ __________________ like _____________________ and
____________________ serve to demonstrate that when the good and bad are contrasted together,
the good looks more good and the evil looks more evil.