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A Doggy Wedding

By Elton Camp Mary Lou loves her dogs better than life Wanted her two to be husband and wife For she wanted puppies from those two So, to each other, they should be true The very thought Mary Lou did abhor That her Prissy should become a whore Rolfe s morals, too, must stay clean That they should wed, she did mean So an out!of!luc" preacher she hired To perform the ceremony re#uired Prissy she fitted into a wedding gown $nd Rolfe with dignity did surround She rented the very finest wedding hall $ll her friends to attend, she did call Their wedding ca"e was made of cat For she "new they d both li"e that Ten thousand buc"s is what she spent They, to a %iagra Falls honeymoon, went Regular readers "now for dogs & don t care For this write, there s mendacity in the air

The newly-married couple