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Some Substitutions for Essential Oils Bergamot Substitute -- Grapefruit Cajuput Substitute -- Camphor (White) Chamomile Substitute -- Lavender

Clar Sage Substitute E!ual "arts -- Sage # $utmeg C press Substitute -- Cedar%ood Grapefruit Substitute -- Lemon &asmine Substitute -- 'lang 'lang Lime Substitute -- Lemon Lemon Substitute -- Lime Lemongrass Substitute -- Lemon (andarin Substitute -- )angerine (andarin Substitute -- Orange (elissa Substitute E!ual "arts -- Lemon # "etitgrain (elissa Substitute -- Lemon $eroli Substitute -- "etitgrain Orange Substitute -- )angerine "at*houli Substitute -- +etiver ,ose Substitute -- ,ose%ood ,ose Substitute -- Geranium ,ose%ood Substitute E!ual "arts -- Geranium # Cedar%ood Sandal%ood Substitute E!ual "arts -- Ben-oin # Cedar%ood Spearmint Substitute -- "eppermint )angerine Substitute -- Orange )ea )ree Substitute E!ual "arts -- Lavender # Camphor (White) )hese substitutions %ill onl slightl affe*t the fragran*e of a blend. and %ill often drasti*all redu*e the *ost/ 'ou *an use this table as a guideline for e0perimenting %ith other aromati* re*ipes/ Sometimes ou *an even get a%a %ith double substitutions (ie. using Lemon for Grapefruit for Bergamont) %ithout signifi*antl affe*ting the fragran*e/