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Subject: Alabama History

Text Book: Social Studies

Week of: 10/28-11/1

ALCOS: ALCOS 3.) List reasons for European exploration and settlement in Alabama and the impact of Europeans on trade, health, land expansion, and tribal reorganization of Native American populations in Alabama. Focus Questions: (see daily questions in procedures) How did European settlement impact the Native Americans in pre-Alabama? Objective(s): {Students will be able to} Day 1: I CAN list ways European settlement affected Native Americans in the area. Day 2: I CAN compare and contrast how Native American life is different than today. Day 3: I CAN Day 4: I CAN Day 5: I CAN Accommodations: DAY

Compare and contrast organizer

Mrs. Caudle finish Lesson 1 Administer and explain homework. Students will fill out compare and contrast of 4 tribes at home using lesson 1. Eval:




S.S. books Pros/cons graphic organizer Compare and contrast organizer from homework

Administer pretest Pgs. 76-77 Graphic organizer-Pros and cons Work through reading these pages as a whole group, being sure to set the time. *Math: how many years ago? 2013-1500=513 The 1500s marked a time of European exploration (find Europe and Spain on globe). How do we know about the lives of the Native Americans in 1500s? Look at map of Native American tribes and talk about what they know about each one: Who is in Madison? Birmingham? Montgomery? What caused the movement of these groups? Page 78-

Eval: organizer Notes:


Books Organizers Sheet that explains instructions and gives room for chief to make notes

79 with partners, making note of what you learn this time of reading on post-it notes. Questions together: Why were they so similar? Why did they divide up work? How is their life different than today? Similar? Students will use what they have learned to act out a council meeting between Native American groups. Divide the students into 4 groups according to population. 25 students. (Group one will stay the same. Group 2: 6, 4, and 3) Give out instruction sheets. Vote for a chief. Creek and Cherokee, 2 chiefs (peace and war). Chiefs will take in the consideration of the group and act as a spokesman. If you have 2: one will make decisions on peaceful decisions, one will speak for war decisions. You MUST think like your tribe. Consider what you know, using the notes that you have. First have students talk about what they know about their tribe for 3 minutes. First problem to discuss as a tribe: There is a new disease forming in the Cherokee and Chickasaw tribes. What action will you take as a tribe? Think about if youll ask other tries for help and how you would do it. Think if you would lend your help and what you would lend. What toll is that going to take on your tribe? Give 5 minutes as a tribe, then discuss as a whole group. (one group at a time) Next problem: New Spanish settlers are causing buffalo and deer to migrate north. How does that affect your tribe and what actions will you take? What will be the consequences of your decision? 5 minute tribe talk, then group. Debrief what this taught you about the perspectives of Native Americans and What this taught you about council negotiations. Students will play a game to review this chapter. The game will be modeled after chungke, a game played by Native Americans. There will be 2 teams (Tuskeegee and Menewa) and one spokesperson for the team. A question will be presented and both teams will have a chance to discuss together and answer. Whoever gives a more complete answer according to the Great Chief (me) lands closer to the stone and a talley will be given to that round. One section of the game must include an individual part. I will give a definition and the team with more correct answers on whiteboards will win the round. (negative points to team members who share these answers!). Winning team may get extra point on test!

Eval: homework Notes:

Homework: 2 paragraphs: one about how it felt to think like a Native American, and one about what to consider when negotiating a problem.


Books Graphic organizers Study guide Whiteboards Cutouts of 2 spears and a stone.




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