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Drug Study Brand Name Action Indications Contraindication Adverse Nursing

s Reaction Considerations
> Acetylcysteine >Fluimucil >Muculytic that >For abnormal >Use cautiously in >fever >Bronchial
reduces the viscid and elderly or >drowsiness tapping
viscosity of thickened mucous debilitated >tachycardia >Monitor for
pulmonary secretions patients with >dyspnea bronchospasm
secretions severe respiratory >rash
insufficiency >chills

>Budesonide >Asmavent >Drug inhibits >As a preventative >Those with acute >headache >During
mast cells, in maintenance of asthma episodes >sinusitis inhalation
macrophages & asthma >nausea Turbuhaler must
mediators (such be in the upright
as leukotreines) or horizontal
involved in position
inflammation >Advise pt. to
gargle with
water after each
>Ranitidine >Zantac >competitively >Active duodenal >Contraindicate in >dizziness >Reconstitute
inhibits action of & gastric ulcer patients >headache drug before
histamine on the >Maintenance hypersensitive to >sleepiness instillation
H2 @ receptor therapy for drug and those >vertigo through a
sites of parietal duodenal or gastric with acute nasogastric
cells, decreasing ulcer porphyria. tube. Flush tube
gastric acid >Gastroesopaghea >Use cautiously in with water to
secretions l reflux dse. patients with ensure passage
>Heart burn hepatic into stomach
dysfunction. Adjust >Monitor pt for
dosage in pt with severe,
impaired renal fx. persistent
>Monitor pt with
insufficiency for
>Loperomide >Diamide K >Inhibits >Acute nonspecific >Contraindicated >dizziness >If symptoms
peristalsis diarrhea on pt >drowsiness don’t improve
>Chronic diarrhea hypersensitive to >fatigue within 48 hours
drug and in those >constipation stop therapy and
who must avoid >abdominal consider another
constipation pain drug
>Use cautiously in >distention
pt with hepatic >nausea
dse. >vomiting
>Potassium >Kalium durule >replaces >to prevent >contraindicated >paresthesia of >Assess for S/S