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English 1101: Final Portfolio and Presentation This is an opportunity to celebrate your hard work throughout the course.

Dont think of this as a final exam but as a celebration! You will present your portfolio and discuss your experiences. Task 1: Publication-Ready Submissions Prepare your essays as if for publication. Meticulously proofread and edit. Task 2: Traditional Essays 1. For each essay youve written, consider the overall quality. Which essay is your best work and why? Make a note of each essays rank in your own personal preferences (with #1 as the best). 2. After ranking the essays, include a reflective paragraph describing a. The writing goals of the assignment to demonstrate your understanding of rhetorical principles and college-level writing. You may refer to your text books to help you explain the purposes and techniques of each type of writing we completed. b. Your thoughts on this particular type of writing. For example, how would you use this type of writing in your career or in other classes? c. Tell which ranking each essay received and why. d. What are the best qualities of the essay? Cite a specific example from the essay. e. What was your favorite part about writing the essay? f. What was the most difficult part of writing the essay? g. If you could still change one thing about the essay, what would that be? 3. This reflective paragraph should appear before your documents. 4. You may choose to omit one essay or multi-modal work from your portfolio; however, you may not omit the final reflective essay. 5. Display: Each essay should have its own sub-page under the Projects page. We will embed the documents rather than copying and pasting them in order to maintain formatting integrity. Task 3: Multi-Modal Works 1. For the multi-modal works, create another main page on your menu. Title it New Media. We will review how to embed and link these projects in lab during our last week of class. If you have trouble, make sure to come see me for help. 2. For each multi-modal work, please include a brief description of what you were trying to accomplish. Task 4: Overall Portfolio Evaluation The overall evaluation will be both persuasive and reflective. You will evaluate your own writing and discuss what grade you believe your portfolio deserves. Do not base your Page 1 of 2

evaluation on the grades you have been earning, which are designed to allow students to succeed. Be honest with yourself. Could you see your essay in a magazine? The overall evaluation may be as short as one page or as long as you like. The following are some prompts to help you begin evaluating your work. Do NOT write a list answering the questions; the evaluation must be prose. Remember that any piece of prose should have a clear introduction and main point, a well developed body, and an ending that has impact. This reflection should appear on the Projects page. A. What do you notice about your earliest work? B. Are there pieces about which youve changed your mind? For example, did you like one piece earlier in the term that you now think needs more work? Is there a piece you didnt like earlier that now seems rather promising? C. What specific changes in your writing do you see? (It hasnt changed is not an appropriate answer). D. At what points during this semester of writing did you discover something new about writing? What was it you discovered? E. What do you now know about your writing that you didnt know before? What do you now know about writing in general that you didnt know before? F. How do the changes you see in your writing affect the way you see yourself as a writer? G. How have drafting and revising influenced the way you understand writing? H. Mandatory: What grade do you believe your portfolio deservesbased on drafts, revisions, effort, and skill? Why? ***I will provide a separate checklist of assignments to help you assemble your portfolio. Task 5: Presentations (during the final exam): 1. 2. 3. 4. Display your portfolio and discuss your overall design choices. Discuss three pieces of composing of which you are most proud. Discuss your experiences, good and bad, with the writing assignments. Discuss your plans for continuing to improve your writing in the future.

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