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Cornejo, Apolinaria C Abergel, Paige K; Baker, Heather D; Duarte, Judith; Gudiel, Evelyn J; Escamilla, Adriana; Math, Marina s; Villanueva, Christine C; Leal, Letcia; Jimenez, Celeste; Orozco, Vanessa; Ramirez, Elsa; Saavedra, Emily R; Rodriguez, Gina M; Molina, Hilda; Giles, Melba N; Cuellar, Blanca M; Hymes, Sarah T; Batrez, Juan F; Donato, Rickey D; Nunez, Leyla J; Lacey, Kandee R; Sandoval, Mario M; Naranjo, Steven J; Drew, Sherri A Saenz-Phillips, Siomara; Cruz, Enrique; Summerlin, Brigitte; Ward, Ruth Anne S Planning For Success II - Attachments Tuesday, November 05, 2013 2:21:00 PM 9-Week-At-A-Glance_1.doc Bloom"s Actions and Stems Compiled.doc ELASLA 3-5 Just in Time flyer 2013-2014.pdf ELASLA 4th grade Writing Just In Time flyer 2013-2014.pdf ELASLA K-2 Just in Time flyer 2013-2014.pdf

Dear Team Southmayd,

It was a pleasure to spend a portion of the day with you during our Planning for Success II sessions yesterday. Thank you for being active participants while making the most of the time provided by Mrs. Phillips. In follow up to yesterdays sessions, attached are resources for your use. The attachments include: 9-Weeks-At-A-Glance template Blooms Actions and Stems Compiled document Just In Time flyers for ELA teachers interested in attending todays sessions. Please send us individual requests for other resources that were presented yesterday (Ice Breakers, Area II Objectives, etc.) and we will reply to your request. We hope that together we can all continue to add ideas and best practices to our teaching tool box. Thank you and do not hesitate to reach out to us for support and to share additional ideas and best practices.
All the best,

Polly Cornejo, ELA TDS Ruth Ward, STEM TDS Professional Support & Development (713)696-0600
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