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[Food and Nutrition II]

What is Nutrition?
Class will discuss the importance of nutrition and what nutrition includes. Together they will come up with an analogy relating nutrition to something else. This will help students connect nutrition to something in their lives.

[Grades 9-12] [Week 1: Monday]

Teaching Materials
White board Marker

Standards/Objectives: (Identify domain & level)

Standard 5: Students will explore health concerns incorporating guidelines from MyPlate and current dietaryguidelines throughout the life cycle. Objective1: Identify the changing nutritional needs across the life cycle.

Other Resources/Technology

Introduction/Set Induction (5 minutes):

Have the word Nutrition written on the front board. Have students write down one word on the board that they think would reflect the word nutrition or a synonym for the word.

Transition (1 minute):
Students will look at the words written.


Lesson Body (37 minutes):

Synectics: PHASE 1: Description of Present Condition (7 minutes): Since today is our second day of class I want to help you know more about what we will be learning in this class. Typically when we are in a Foods and Nutrition class all we focus on or think about if the food aspect. Whoo, I get to eat food in class! Right? But there is also another very important aspect of this course. Nutrition is something that effects in our everyday lives. Lets discuss this word for just a little bit. PHASE 2: Direct Analogy (13 minutes): Lets look at the words that you each wrote on the board. What made you think of that word and how do you think it relates? Discussion. If we were to make nutrition an analogy what would you relate it to? Nutrition is like List some more ideas. Discuss these ideas. PHASE 3: Personal Analogy (4 minutes): What do these analogies mean to you? What does it mean when you say nutrition is like Why would that be important to you? What if we didnt have nutrition? PHASE 4: Compressed Conflict (5 minutes): Are there any of these ideas that may conflict one another? Like these, (discuss negative and positive). Which others? Discuss ideas. PHASE 5: Direct Analogy (3 minutes): Now lets choose one of these to be our class statement about nutrition. Lets make a new more descriptive analogy that includes our conflicting feelings. Nutrition is like PHASE 6: Re-Examination of Original Task (5 minutes): So lets move all the way back to the beginning of class. We started out talking about our foods and nutrition class. We all know food is great, but we wanted to focus a little more on the nutrition part. Based on what we discuss what can you conclude about nutrition and why it is important? What kinds of things will we be discussing dealing with nutrition?

Transition (5 minutes):
Have the students make a poster with their analogy stated that can be hung in the classroom for the rest of the semester.

Summary/Closure (2 minutes):
Hang the poster. Recap what students learned.

Students will be graded for participation points.