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Momentele zilei/ sptmnii/ anului

Times of the day/ week/ year

hour day date week weekend month year morning afternoon evening night midday midnight yesterday today tonight tomorrow the day after tomorrow Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday !riday #aturday #unday anuary !e$ruary or zi dat sptmn sfrit de sptmn lun an diminea dup-mas sear noapte miezul zilei miezul nopii ieri astzi la noapte mine poimine

Luni Mari Miercuri oi "ineri #m$t %uminic &anuarie !e$ruarie

March 'pril May une uly 'ugust #eptem$er (cto$er )ovem$er %ecem$er spring summer autumn winter

Martie 'prilie Mai &unie &ulie 'ugust #eptem$rie (ctom$rie )oiem$rie %ecem$rie primvar var toamn iarn