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A lesser known point in any natal chart is the vertex. It acts almost like a secondary descendant.

Strong interaspects involving the vertex are found in the synastry of people who feel they are made for each other. When one partner's Sun makes an aspect with the other's Moon, there is a natural affinity. he Moon person supports the Sun in !uiet "ut meaningful ways, and the Sun person returns the favor with an affirming energy. When the outer planets #$ranus, %eptune, and &luto' figure strongly in the synastry of two individuals, there is generally a powerful feeling of "eing uplifted and transformed through contact with each other. (hiron figuring prominently in synastry is )ust as, if not more, potent. A person's Sun*Moon midpoint is a point of great sensitivity. In a natal chart, planets that form a hard aspect to this point are highlighted, and tend to reveal a strong sense of destiny and identity. %aturally, when a planet in another person's chart makes a hard aspect to this point in a native's chart, that other person tends to give the native a feeling of purpose and meaning. Strong connections "etween the asteroids +ros and &syche in synastry point to a powerful romantic and sexual relationship. Soulmates always have a powerful composite chart. hat is, their composite chart is not scattered,,it contains plenty of strong aspects and connections. he Sun and Moon are generally strongly aspected #not necessarily with each other'- and similar patterns exist with the other personal planets,,.enus, Mercury, and Mars. Amor he /oman god of love Amor, from whose name we get the word 0amorous0, represents the principle of compassion and loving kindness. Amor represents the !uality of loving, or the spiritual side of love, loving kindness that is given without )udgment or expectation of return, rather than the sexual or romantic love represented "y (upid or +ros. Amor is exalted in &isces, where love, compassion and selfless service find their ultimate fulfillment. A prominent Amor signifies a kind, well meaning person with a desire to serve. Stressful aspects suggest difficulties in expressing one's empathic side. Amor, 1upiter, a love of learning, Amor,.enus, a love of "eauty, etc. In synastry, Amor contacts signify a loving "ond and deep affection, "ut this kind of contact is usually platonic. he love "etween parent and child, or "rother and sister. Atlantis his asteroid has "een shown to "e prominent in the charts of every nuclear event. Astraeia #(oming soon' 2iana 3oddess of untamed nature, 2iana represents the principle of survival and self,protection. As a virgin new,moon goddess, she roamed the forest with a "and of chaste nymphs. She was venerated "y the Ama4ons. 2iana represents the first stage of the feminine as virgin, and as such, depicts the inviolateness of the maiden stage. 2iana protected the virginity of young girls, and guided them into pu"erty. 2iana sym"oli4es the vitality, strength and aspirations of young womanhood. his corresponds to the waxing crescent moon. 2iana also represents the wisdom that comes from an instinctive understanding of natural law. 2iana spent much of her time in solitude. In a chart analysis, a prominent 2iana signifies an attunement to natural as opposed to civili4ed laws, and to the instinct to protect those in need. he 2iana personality is private, self,identified, strong, independent, and concerned with personal survival. Stressed, it can indicate a desire to remain in perpetual youth, or the fear of intimacy and closeness. Aspects denote a protective concern for the planet involved, 2iana,(eres protects children, 2iana,%eptune protects the faith, etc. In synastry, 2iana contacts point to sister to sister camaraderie or to "rother,sister relationships. +ros he god of erotic love and new,found romance, +ros represents the principle of passionate desire. +ros was a primal, phallic god "orn out of (haos at the "eginning of time. Astrologically, +ros is the higher octave of Mars. +ros was a"le to refine and transform his unconscious, instinctive sexual drive into erotic love as a path to spiritual illumination through his romance with &syche. In classical 3reece, +ros "ecame a patron of 5omosexual love and can "e one indicator of preference. 6eyond sexuality, +ros' passion can "e experiences as 0whatever turns you on0, excites or arouses. In a chart, +ros can serve as a timer of sexual activity. +ros aspects signify sexual compati"ility and passion. 5idalgo 5idalgo represents the principal of self,assertion, fighting for one's "eliefs. Miguel 5idalgo y (ostilla was the father of Mexican independence, a (atholic priest. 5e was shot as a re"el 1uly 78, 8988. Mexico cele"rates independence day #Sept8:' on the day he proclaimed his nation's freedom. ;ike 2iana, 5idalgo serves as an intermediary "etween Mars and 1upiter, the courage to act #Mars' on ones "eliefs #1upiter'. he forms of political involvement, protest, and radical movements challenge the authority of 0the esta"lishment0. 5idalgo works to correct in)ustices. A prominent 5idalgo can indicate involvement in political causes, an affinity with ;atin America, or a desire to defend and protect minorities. he personality is characteri4ed "y an assertive, rugged, willful or re"ellious nature. Stressful placements may indicate conflicts with authority, recklessness, fanatical adherence to one's own vision, defiance, and possi"le incarceration. 5idalgo,.enus will indicate protecting loved ones, 5idalgo,Mercury will defend ideas, 5idalgo,(eres may dedicate itself

to defending a"used children. In synastry, contacts depict areas of potential protection or domination "etween people. Icarus he winged youth who flew too close to the Sun, represents the principle of li"eration and risk taking. Icarus serves as an intermediary "etween Mercury and $ranus. 5e represents the most direct, "ut also the most dangerous path to li"eration. Icarus' teaching involves the necessity of maintaining self,discipline and mindfulness during free flight so as to avoid going to extremes, and crashing. Icarus sym"oli4es the opportunity to achieve li"eration from confining or restrictive situations. here is an affinity for freedom, risk taking, #especially through the sports of aviation, motorcycling, car racing and skiing' and meditation. his personality re"els against confinement, continually tests and attempts to surpass limits. Aspects to planets associate them with a desire fro freedom< Icarus,Mercury, freedom of speech, Icarus,Mars*.enus, sexual freedom, Icarus,1upiter wants religious freedom, etc. In synastry, Icarus shows us how we support or repress another's individuality. ;ilith 3oddess of the night who tames the wild "easts, ;ilith represents the principle of repressed anger and conflict resolution. According to the 5e"rew tradition, ;ilith was the first wife of Adam. She found herself in conflict as he wished to rule over her, despite her "elief that 0we are "oth e!ual "ecause we come from the same earth0. +ventually she left, "ecoming a personification of feminine evil, who threatened pregnant women, and children, seduced and destroyed men. She shows where we are fascinated or addicted to another, thus, what we fear. ;inked with oro, ;ilith forms a step in the progression from Mars to &luto, and addresses the issues of personal sexual power and repressed anger. 6ecause of the primal resentment that arises from re)ection, ;ilith contains a tremendous amount of repressed anger. his suppressed rage has the potential to erupt into sexual domination and violence. In a chart, ;ilith represents personal independence and a refusal to su"mit to another or compromise one's "eliefs. here is a potential for sexual a"use or rape when aspected "y Saturn, Mars or oro. In aspect, the contact planet deals with the issue of conflict resolution. ;ilith,(eres focuses on resolving conflict in family matters, ;ilith,1upiter, religious "eliefs, etc. In synastry, contacts may signify the need for individuals to learn negotiation as well as potential sexual pro"lems, re)ection, anger or suspicion. &andora =pener of the for"idden "ox, &andora represents the principle of curiosity that initiates change. She serves as an intermediary in the progression "etween Mercury and $ranus. hrough her curiosity, she acts as an agent of change. &andora may signify a process of deep cleansing, purification and healing. &andora is a 3emini,Scorpio "lend who through her unorthodox actions raises the rational intellect of Mercury to the intuitive and revolutionary vi"ration of $ranus. A prominent &andora denotes an affinity for innovation, unexpected discovery, and controversy. Stressful placements can depict a meddling trou"lemaker, or the individual who resists change. &andora 0rocks the "oat0 or stirs things up when it aspects a planet. In synastry it signifies those areas where we stir up others, and put them through a variety of changes. &syche he asteroid &syche represents the principle of "eing psychically attuned and "onded to another human "eing. =ften portrayed as a "utterfly,maiden, &syche was "orn mortal, who in her search for reunion with her lover +ros, mastered heroic tasks set upon her "y Aphrodite. hrough each undertaking, &syche sensiti4ed her telepathic channels. She "ecame the heavenly "ride of +ros, producing the children 6liss, &leasure and +cstasy. ogether, their love has come to sym"oli4e soul,mate union. &syche is a higher vi"ration of .enus. A prominent &syche sym"oli4es the capacity for psychic sensitivity to the feelings of another person. here can "e a yearning for mystic, soul,mate union. Stressful aspects can lead to a total lack of sensitivity to others, or the ina"ility to enter personal relationships. In her trials and search for +ros, she shows the potential for "lissful union, "ut the need to win this state "y discovering her deeper self. Air , mental telepathy Water , empathy >ire , controlling energy fields +arth , physical manifestation &syche connects a contacted planet with heightened awareness. &syche,$ranus, precognition, &syche,(hiron, healing. In synastry, &syche contacts descri"e points of intuitive knowing and understanding "etween people. &syche,+ros contacts indicate the potential for soul,mate union. Sappho he 3reek poetess Sappho represents the principle of romantic and artistic sensitivity. 5er poetry speaks of a variety of loves, single, multiple, heterosexual and les"ian, maternal. 5er vision rests on empathy and attraction "etween people as "eing, in a sense, all we've got. Astrologically, Sappho links .enus and %eptune. /ecogni4ing that all humanity has a need to love "oth men and women, Sappho taught us to honor the healing power of love, in whatever form it presents itself. Sappho is a significator of sensuality and sexuality, emotional extremes in love, poetic a"ility and feminine education in the fine arts. While she can indicate sexual preference, she more commonly suggests a sensitivity and "onding with one's same sex that may or may not result in sexual activity. Stressed, it may point to potential difficulties in expressing or understanding love. In synastry, Sappho contacts depict sexual*sensual attractions or repulsions. oro Spanish for 0"ull0, oro represents the principle of "oundless strength and power, a "ridge "etween Mars and &luto, transforming the raw instinctive power of Mars into the controlled and focused power of &luto. A prominent oro indicates that the proper channeling of one's inner power will "ecome a lifelong theme. Mastery of the martial arts, knowing how to turn an enemy into an ally is indeed a potent power, especially when the 0enemy0 lies within one's own "eing. here is the potential for violent or destructive out"ursts unless this power is harnessed for good. If this power is

pro)ected, the person may experience fear, paranoia and victimi4ation. oro,Mercury, forceful communication, oro, Moon, emotional power, oro,%eptune spiritual power, etc. In synastry, oro contacts may depict areas where power struggles and confrontations are likely to arise. $rania 0 he 5eavenly =ne0, represents the principle of inspired knowledge. A source of divine inspiration over the domains of astrology, astronomy, music and num"er. ruth gained through meditation as well as the a"ility to "ring wisdom into one's creative work. A prominent $rania indicates an affinity for astrology, astronomy, music theory and composition, pure sciences, mathematics, measurement or numerology. he personality type is introspective, thoughtful, and serious. Stressful placements can point to learning difficulties, and "locked insight. Aspects to planets "lend inspirational understanding with the activities of the planet. >or example, $rania,.enus denotes inspired love, $rania,%eptune, inspired music or poetry, $rania,$ranus, inspired genius and revolutionary ideas. In synastry, contacts sym"oli4ed individuals who can share a common source of inspiration, especially astrology, music, or any a"stract sym"ol system. +ros in the Signs of the ?odiac he asteroids or @minor planets@ are "y no means minor in their power of expression.AB ,,2emetra 3eorge C 2ouglas 6loch he planets "y sign descri"es 5=W they will orient themselves in the chart. It is the costume they wear, the approach they take, the way they express. It also gives an indication of which other archetypal figures they will like to keep in their company. his holds true for all the planets, including the asteroid +ros. >or example, +ros in a fire sign might "e friends with the exu"erant 1upiter in ;eo "ut have discomfort with the sometimes cautious and testy Mercury in (ancer. In the element of earth, he might associate easily with the voluptuous Moon in aurus, yet clash with the sometimes inaccessi"ly aloof Sun in A!uarius. Sometimes planets with natural affinity find themselves estranges as when .enus is in &isces, +ros in Sagittarius and Moon in .irgo. hen it seems we are at internal odds and una"le get what we want without some part of ourselves giving up a vital need. 6y studying the placements of +ros "y sign, we can "etter integrate the diverse needs and drives of this "ody. In an archetypal sense, the signs have a distinct way of relating to "oth inner and outer experiences and acknowledging those distinctions is a step towards "ecoming more complete. /ichard Idemon7D offered the astrological community great insight in his lectures on the orientation of the signs. When speaking a"out the various approach or attitude the signs exhi"it towards a given goal or function, Idemon shared his keen perceptions into the deeper nature of the 4odiac. his orientation through the archetypes of the signs also helps interpret how planets operate in synastry, progression, composite, transit and progression. he following delineations of +ros provide an easy reference for !uick overviews and initial understanding. # his represents the first few paragraph of each deliniation from my "ook, &lanets and &assion< he Astrology of +ros' +ros in Aries +ros' forms are many and sometimes terri"le, and in full strength he comes to us winged and gleaming and muscled like an athlete, with a fury and will that overpower our own and drive us "efore him as would a storm. 78 ,,&eter Marin +ros in Aries says, @&lay with me, right here and right nowE@ In this sign, +ros wants action, competition, confrontation and of course, he wants to winE +ros in Aries can make a game of love complete with points to score and visiting teams to defeatE he more impossi"le the relationship, the more ardent he "ecomes. As the first of the >I/+ signs, he spends and consumes tremendous amounts of energy in the pursuit and capture of his !uarry. All this fiery ra"idity makes +ros in Aries a very active and perpetually "usy lover. +ros here, whether in the chart of a male or female, can exhi"it traditional romantic "ehavior not unlike a knight of old. 5e is ro"ust, gallant and ever dashing off to slay dragons or rescue damsels, or helpless men, in distress. +ros in aurus his way, my love, this way, come here and haste to rest the whole night in my arms. I worship your lovely curly hair- I am consumed with ardent desire. =hE +ros F*cgi,"in*sor@typeGphraseClookupG+rosH, in thy mercy, compel him to my "ed. 7A ,,Aristophanes +ros in aurus says @5old me, touch me, kiss me, take me.@ 5ere +ros has little interest in the aggressive ardency of Aries. aurus is not responsive to getting up at : a.m. to do fifty laps at the pool and he would rather not have to compete with anyone to get what he wants. +ros has a different orientation in this sign, namely, an orientation towards pleasure. hat means pure and natural, undiluted personal and sensual gratification. his pleasure,seeking eye of the "ull is ever on the niceties of sensuality whether they "e in the dinning room, on the massage ta"le or in a king si4e "ed. 5e finds )oy in tangi"le pursuits that revolve around making the "ody feel good as well as the pleasure of ac!uisition. aurus can also "ecome ferociously possessive of those pleasures in an extremely dogmatic way. +ros in 3emini @and the most "eautiful words ever spoken, I have not yet said to you. ,,%a4im 5ikmet +ros in 3emini says, @If you want me, talk to meE@ 5ere +ros thrives on the interaction of ideas, and the intellectual

stimulation found in sharing o"servations, data and little understood facts. 5e likes it known how well he comprehends a su")ect and how much he could teach a"out it. +ros in 3emini wants to hear the words, or receive little cards with messages of love, much more than he wants to get a "ox of chocolates or even a massageE 3emini governs the realm of the mind, the known universe, its facts and fancies. When +ros dresses in this outfit, he seeks intimacy first through intellectual rapport and that usually means talking. he mere act of communication can stimulate this position of +ros into desires for deeper intimacy and union, provided one listens to the discourse. he "eloved@s inattention to detail or loss of concentration on the su")ect kills a genuine pursuit faster here than in any other sign. (uriosity a"out how things work, why people "ehave in a certain way, or where some tradition "egan all contri"ute to the stimulating mental atmosphere where +ros in 3emini likes to live. 5e uses knowledge as a lure, his mind as "ait and his wit as reward. 5e also uses these intellectual instruments as a "astion against the pain and suffering of the emotional world. he first of the AI/ signs, +ros in 3emini has a sense of mental o")ectivity and a distinct need for space. Although drawn irrefuta"ly to the depths of intimacy "y the nature of +ros itself, in this sign he may at times do more talking or reading a"out emotional closeness than going out and experiencing it. +ros in (ancer A mean young man meets a witch, who says she will "e his lover forever if he "rings her the heart of his mother. 5e runs home, kills his mother and cuts out her heart. As he is running "ack through the forest, he trips and falls, dropping the heart. In a concerned tone, the heart says to him, 0Son, did you hurt yourself@@ ,,=ld 1ewish &ara"le +ros in (ancer says, @share your )oy and pain with me@. In this sign, +ros experiences a certain measure of affinity and ease. 5ere the "oundaries can dissolve into a space of intimate rapport where the feelings, emotions, fears, pains and sorrows of two people merge and mingle into one. In cancer, +ros does not hesitate at the threshold of erotic intimacy. =nce inside, he simply never wants to leave. +ros in (ancer longs to "e wanted and he craves the significant other@s attention and deep need for attachment. %urturing, sustaining and mothering all arise with this archetype creating a potent link that can enhance life as well as strangle it to death. It is the image of the um"ilical cord that offers succor "ut may also "ecome toxic if it is not severed at the necessary time. +ros in ;eo (all me a she,lion, then, if you like and Scylla, dweller on the uscan cliff. >or I have touched your heart in the vital spot.77 ,,+uripides +ros in ;eo says, @watch me, follow me, worship me@. he operant word in this phrase is me. +ros in ;eo is similar to his fiery counterpart Aries in the desire for action although here ;eo@s need diverges in its tremendous longing for attention and adoration. Where Aries likes a playmate and wants, of course, to "e first, ;eo needs the devotional attention and unfailing love of those who touch his life. $nfortunately, this is often )ust what he feels is missing. +ros in this position has a strong desire to feel special, uni!ue and distinctive. he second of the >I/+ signs, +ros in ;eo re!uires energy and returns it in playful a"undance as well. 5e da44les in the spot,light of admiration and gives priority to the creative, artistic side of life. +ros in .irgo can I find a path towards my soul's real nature that "egins right here where I am shipwrecked, rather than in pious hopes for a perfect life@ 7I ,,5arriet +isman +ros in .irgo says, @hold me, touch me, "uy me things, and explain to me why you are doing it.@ his second of the +A/ 5 signs has all the tangi"le desires of aurus with the added propensity to analy4e intentions and rate them on a scale of one to ten. hese discriminating !ualities of .irgo can come to the fore with a check list approach to romantic love. .irgo has tremendous perceptions and is not a sign to hesitate using them on the "eloved. Sometimes this can e!uate with )udgements and criticism, real wet "lankets for erotic experiences. his perceptiveness can also turn inward were it manifests as a self,criticism, an e!ually damaging trait. An inclination to carry out a running commentary on the attri"utes and failings of any given moment may mingle with passion like oil and water. +ros in .irgo does have a very lusty and luscious desire nature that shares an affinity with epithemia. he material elements of life appraise high on the scale of importance and that means physical contact, physical nurturing and physical pleasure. hey can a"ide a great deal of touching, tasting and sensing too. +ros here is not afraid to get close and stay close, if the special other turns out to "e good enough. +ros in ;i"ra +ros F*cgi,"in*sor@typeGphraseClookupG+rosH, god of love, distilling li!uid desire down upon the eyes, "ringing sweet pleasure to the souls of those against whom you make war, never to me may you show yourself to my hurt nor ever come "ut in due measure and harmony. 7J +ros in ;i"ra says, @share the elegant "eauty of life with meE@ his +ros wants a"ove all to participate with a significant other in many splendid activities. ;i"ra is the sign of personal one,to,one relationships and +ros here has all the longings

for the excellence and refinement that exemplify ;i"ra. In this position, life needs to unfold pleasantly and in the company of a "eloved other. 6eing the second of the AI/ signs, +ros in ;i"ra has the a"ility to o")ectify life, and en)oys the communication of ideas. alking , interpreting, counseling and the giving and receiving of feed"ack all rate high on the list of ;i"ra@s good times. his is a refined position for +ros, a sign that inherently honors the social niceties of the times and en)oys the sophistication of good manners and pleasant exchange. $nless, of course, they are flipping into their antagonistic side. hen, from ;i"ra erupts the disputing de"ater or 2evil@s advocate par excellentE +ros in Scorpio (ome to me, and I shall "e the sun round which you are locked in or"it, and my rays shall lay "are the secrets you keep from each other, and I, who possess charms and powers of which you have no inkling, shall control and possess and destroy youE0 7: ,, Anne /ice he .ampire Armand +ros in Scorpio says, @merge with me in the searing furnace of the souls so that together we may "e transformed.@ +ros in Scorpio speaks "luntly. 5is desires are potent, ardent and fixed and often involve a great deal of intense intimacy that can make the light,hearted falter. +ros in this sign is interested in a very personal and erotic form of relating that has no !ualms a"out ripping off the surface sca" of social superficiality to expose the true nature of ones soul "eneath. hey generally don not hold "ack. +ros here seeks, often through intense and possi"ly ta"oo sexual experiences, the gift of merging, union and transformation. his is the "reak on through to the other side that 1im Morrison echoed. 5e invites you to the threshold and if you enter, there is no turning "ack. Kou will transform or perish, or "oth. +ros here may "e in the sign of his greatest affinity. he second WA +/ sign, Scorpio relates well to the powerful hungers exhi"ited "y +ros and there is little to modify or temper. Scorpio is not afraid to get too close. 5e does not shun intimacy, physical or otherwise. 5e is not nervous a"out "odily functions, losing his freedom, sharing his emotions or surrendering his mind. 5e )ust plain is not nervous or afraid of much, except may"e losing control. +ros in Sagittarius Imagine, if you can, silver leaves waving a"ove a pool of gold filled with singing fishes. win moons in an alien sky. If you like, I'll show them to you and they will "e, I promise you, the dullest part of the )ourney. (ome with me and I will show you sights that you have never dreamed of. =r stay "ehind, and regret it until your dying day... ,,William 5artnell as 2octor Who +ros in Sagittarius says, @expand my hori4ons and explore the unknown with meE@ his placement of +ros needs widespread goals for the future and the space, energy and enthusiasm to live them out. Spontaneous, exu"erant, adventurous and fickle, +ros here prefers a lively and challenging experience with the "eloved, one that will take him to the limitless corners of the universe. If someone is going to "e with +ros in Sagittarius, they "est get ready to soar. his third >I/+ sign has enormous sexual energy and will "ecome "ored if the relationship does not develop into "roader and richer potentials, or offer new hori4ons. ravel is his watchword and that does not necessarily mean physically )umping on a plane and heading for a distant culture. he travel Sagittarius has in mind involves the exploration of any previously unknown realm. his includes sym"olic )ourneys through intellectual concepts, philosophical ideas, spiritual "eliefs and artistic creations. +ros in (apricorn 2o you see how unclothed ;ove smiles and looks so gentle@ 5e has no torches, nor "ows which he could "end. 6ut in one of his hands he "ears flowers, in the other a fish. hat's to say he sets the law on land and sea.7L ,,Alciato +ros in (apricorn says, @touch me, "uy me things, and "alance the "ooks if you think you are !ualified@. his position of +ros has powerful concepts a"out what is good and what is good enough. here is a need for competence and capa"ility that the earthy sign of aurus would never consider important. +ros in (apricorn is looking for a type of tangi"le perfection in the other or failing that, a certificate of completion at least. (apricorn may su"limate its earthy and very ardent desires for sensual contact and intimacy through the ever,present demands of work. &roductivity, attainment, and a feeling of self,sufficiency are vital !ualities for (apricorn and they like to see them in the partner as well as themselves. he third of the +A/ 5 signs, +ros in (apricorn has a powerful need to connect in a physical sense and may also have e!ually powerful reservations, fears and o")ections to intimacy. (aution is the watchword. his sign is acknowledged as one of the most difficult to get to know. hey do not open up easily and they may not stay open long. he paradox is that (apricorn is extremely sensual and sexual in a very earthy, potent, &an,like way. Its sym"ol is half goat after all and the implication of fertility and sexuality im"i"e the image. hey have all the desires of aurus lounging side "y side with their deep well of fear. +ros in A!uarius @I have never seen nor heard your name without a shiver half of delight, half of anxiety@. ,,+dgar Allan &oe +ros in A!uarius says, @surprise me, shock me, ama4ement meE@ his position of +ros carries a high voltage charge with stimulating encounters that need a lot of air space to conduct electromagnetic charms. +ros in A!uarius desires the weird,

the wonderful and the unusual. 5e thrives on the unexpected and luxuriates in situations that make the more traditional signs s!uirm with em"arrassment. +ros in the sign of the Water 6earer has a disposition "ordering on the "i4arre. 5e crosses "oundaries as if they did not exist and skips the lines of gender and protocol like a child playing hop,scotch. If it is unusual and invigorating, he is pro"a"ly interested. he third of the AI/ signs, +ros in A!uarius gets "ored with routine and needs intriguing conversation and somewhat unconventional themes to keep his interest aroused. 5e also needs a lot of freedom. +ros in &isces 5eld fast in a faience of sea changes While waves !ueue offshore in glittering stringsill love@s continuum rearranges, he persevering sea har"ors all things.79 ,,+.>. Mosher +ros in &isces says, @merge into the depths with me@E 5ere +ros wants to lose all sense of where his "eing ends and another "egins. +ros in &isces desires a return to paradise, a drink from the 5oly 3rail and union with the divine. 5e is willing to give up his own identity, allowing it to melt and merge with the "eloved until they are no longer distinct "ut part of a greater whole. his is the state of the mystic and the universe of the !uantum physicist. It is the persistent longing of &isces and the dreaded fear of almost every other sign. +ros here could "e in its exaltation, the affinity is that great. his position of +ros, the third of the WA +/ signs, represents the dissolving of the self into the other and all the pain, longing, suffering and ecstasy that process may involve. It also em"races the mysterious sense of the ineffa"le, something seldom glimpsed for long in any relationship. It suggests the "eauty and creativity seen only through the lives of lovers who have touched each other@s spirits. It is indeed a "ig call for the average relationship to achieve. +ros in the 5ouses +ros "rings "eauty, meaning and divinity into our lives. It comes to us through a very particular epiphany, a passionate inspiration present in a particular lover, teacher, melody, or landscape. We long to follow it always. 6ut this is not the whole story. >or +ros also "rings us o"sessions, cruelty, a"andonment, and "etrayal. It may come through anguish@@ 7B ,,5arriet +isman he asteroid +ros, like any planet in the astrological chart, represents a "asic human need, drive or impulse. As Mars sym"oli4es the drive or urge towards assertiveness, action and direction, +ros sym"oli4es the urge towards erotic love and the transformations offered "y this experience. he &;A%+ S represent the nature of an inherent impelling force in us, as well as a piece of our own soul, and +ros@s impulsion is towards union of a particular kind. he SI3%S indicates how the needs and drives of the planets will express. 1ust as Mars in ;eo may have a dramatic flare and fixedness to its drive to take action, so +ros in ;eo would have a flam"oyant spark in its approach to erotic love. he signs descri"e the way a need functions. he 5=$S+S in turn represent areas of life, inner and outer. hey sym"oli4e the environment where the need or drive is acting out. he ruler on the house cups and the sign or signs contained in the house suggest the climate found in that environment. Any planets residing in a given house indicates that the needs and drives implied "y them tend to operate strongly in that area of life. +ntering or doing that area of life will evoke the needs and drives of the planets found there. We meet those planets, and the archetypal characters they sym"oli4e, in that area of life. Where +ros is "y house indicates the environment, people or experiences that the god of love affiliates with. 5oward Sasportas, in his "ook he welve 5ouses, states< Any planet or sign in a house always suggests the most natural way to unfold the life plan in the area of life the house represents.ID he system of derivative housesI8 may also help elucidate experiences linked with the +ros house positions and is applied to the following cook"ook descriptions. he derivative approach is controversial< some astrologers use it with impunityother authors feel it is only useful in 5orary charts. As with the house systems, each individual must experiment and use what they find works "est. he following cook"ook style interpretation of +ros through the houses focus mainly on natal positions although they operate for positions "y transit or progression as well. A much more detailed working of +ros through the houses and "y transit and progression can "e studied in the soon to "e released text< Asteroid I77 +ros< he Astrology of ;ove +ros in the >irst 5ouse And as concerning reality@the impression we get of it is not the same as the perception.IA ,,Aristotle When +ros resides in the first house of the natal chart, it gains additional significance. his is especially true if it is found within ten degrees either side of the Ascendant. 5ere +ros takes on first house importance adding his flavor to the sign or signs and any other planets found there. In this position, +ros contri"utes towards the general approach to life. It may indicate how plans are initiated, action taken or dilemmas worked out. It may not mean that we have an erotic approach to initiation, "ut that we tend to encounter the erotic when taking action or presenting ourselves to the world. +ros in the Second May I ask@whether you inherited most of your possessions or ac!uired them yourself@I7

,,&lato he second house traditionally rules money, values, resources and innate capa"ilities. It has a lot to do with valuing our self as a uni!ue individual and can give indications of tangi"le longings, desires and aspirations. &eople with +ros in the second house may value the erotic union as a resource or reserve. An erotic manner may reside with them comforta"ly like an in"orn perception of what they are worth, what they deem estima"le. his may actuali4e as a su"tle undertone in some, or a "rash and even over"earing urgency in others. +ros in the hird 5ouse I'm skilled at introducing new ideas every time out, each one different from the other and all of them good.II ,,Aristophanes he third house traditionally deals with ideas, communication, learning, short )ourneys and si"lings. It descri"es the early environment and local community, left "rain activity or the rational mind, and our attitude to leaning and knowledge in general. If consciousness is, as /ichard Idemon used to say, @what we think and what we think we think,@ the third house is the arena of that consciousness. It is the way in which we think we perceive the environment. When +ros resides in the third house, communication itself can "ecome an erotic experience. he written and expressed word, the transmission of information and the act of learning or teaching may all create an experience of erotic transformation for those involved. hese can "e people who really en)oy writing letters, keeping a diary or )ournal or getting up and making a speech. +ros in the >ourth 5ouse %ow after my long day's la"our sloping towards an evening of repose, has relaxed my energies "y suggesting the charms of family life. IJ ,,(icero he forth house is the domain of the family, emotional security and sense of "elonging at the very roots of our "eing. Astrologer 1oanne Wicken"urgI: says, if the Ascendant is W5= you are, the I(, and su"se!uent fourth house, is W5A you are. =ften it also represents what we like to hide from others. his house sym"oli4es the external home, the family emotional inheritance, a parent,IL domestic affairs and the country of origin. When +ros is found in this house the erotic links closely together with experiences of home and family. +ros loves to hide in the fourth house and there may "e a secretive approach to erotic love. +ros in the >ifth 5ouse @and those who devote themselves to music and letters and to the various contests, some "y exhi"iting their strength and others their artistic skill, win for themselves greater honor. I9 ,,Isocrates he fifth house is the traditional residence of entertainment. It encompasses the playful heart, the creative spirit and romantic pleasures. It is the house of the inner child and the outer speculator, the actual children and the latent rock star in everyone. he fifth house has to do with self,expression and that includes offspring, art work, novels, and romances "ecause they all activate the heart and engender feelings of uni!ueness that makes us feel special. hat is, when everything is going smoothly. hese areas of life also put us in a place of utmost vulnera"ility not )ust to the art critic and the gene pool "ut to those experiencing the inner child. he fifth house rules speculation "ecause we risk the child,like and creative !ualities in the harsh reality of potential )udgement and condemnation. here is no guarantee how we will measure up. +ros in the Sixth In constructing a homestead, we have to provide for the stock which it is to shelter, and for its health and well "eing.IB ,,Aristotle he sixth house traditionally represents daily routine, work and employment, health of the "ody and health services, small domestic pets, service in general, tools and gadgets. he common thread here includes the need to esta"lish ritual and routine, through organi4ation, commitment and concern, in the every day life. It also descri"es the ways and means we accomplish and perfect those daily routine tasks. When +ros is found in the house of skill development, service, health and daily routine, one may have some finely tuned proficiency when it comes to passionate and romantic love. hey may see the "ody as a vessel that provides for the delights and erotic passions of the "eloved and "e inclined to perfect their a"ility to give and receive those delights. hey may find the merging and transformation an erotic union offers desira"le on a daily "asisE +ros in the Seventh 5ouse When marriage is on e!ual terms, in my opinion it is no cause for dread- so never may the love of the mightier gods cast on me its irresisti"le glance.JD ,,Aeschylus he seventh house traditionally represents personal one,to,one relationships including marriage, "usiness partnerships, counselors and clients, long,term unions, or even open adversaries that engage in on going de"ate. In this house, commitment reigns although the stage often hosts more than a dance for two. +ros in the seventh prefers close partnerships to include erotic, transformational unions of the most powerful kind. he very nature of erotic love, however, suggests the sta"ility, commitment and endurance of the seventh house #a divorced relationship involving children can last a life,time' contradicts the risk taking, changea"le nature of +ros. +nter the triangle.

+ros in the +ighth 5ouse @how does one descri"e a trip to the underworld@J8 ,,5omer he eighth house traditionally rules sex, death and taxes, and their transformational effects. It also pertains to depth analysis, research and occult knowledge. he eighth house rules things of mystery, intrigue and intensity. he thread that "inds the eighth house scenery together consists of elements in life that re!uire us to make a leap of faith, to take a risk and discover the unknown within. here are no guarantees in the eighth and no way to "e sure that once we make a commitment to intimacy, a "elief system or a political party, that the implicit trust will "e honored. +ros in the eighth suggests an affinity with the purpose of the house< to take risks, to offer up something precious, to feel to the depths of the soul and to hope for transformation in return. hose with +ros in this house have an increased desire to experience the erotic on a very deep level of their existence. hey may also have a highly increased fear around doing so. he two can go hand in hand. +ros in the %inth 5ouse >or am I now seeking the favor of men, or of 3od@JA ,,St. &aul he ninth house traditionally rules spiritual "eliefs, long )ourneys, higher education, foreign cultures, ceremonies and rituals, pu"lishing and clergymen. hese categories all have the common effect of exposing us to areas of mind, "ody or spirit, that have never "een experienced "efore. hus, 2ennis +lwell descri"ed the ninth house as an exploration into the unknown.J7 When +ros falls in the ninth house, discovery of new and previously incomprehensi"le concepts, peoples or vistas ignite feelings of passionate wonder and intrigue. his +ros is aroused "y new information, strange landscapes and mysterious cultures. he act of gaining this information can "e an erotic experience in itself. +ros in the enth 5ouse 5e was, therefore, elated over his fame and had recourse to many other far more am"itious undertakings which would serve to increase the dominant position of his native state.JI ,,Siculus he midheaven #M(' and the corresponding tenth house traditionally denotes the career, mission or profession, one of the parentsJJ, and the social image and known reputation. 5oward SasportasJ: said that the !ualities of any sign or planet in the tenth house correspond to what is most visi"le and accessi"le to others. It is what stands out. he tenth house indicates how others perceive us and those with +ros here want the world to know they are passionate, erotic, potent and charismatic. he way they dress, speak and move may all have a su"tle undertone of +ros. Some people with this placement may even make a career out of studying, teaching or living out the erotic and transformational side of life. (ertainly, it would "e of ma)or importance for them to express, especially if early childhood experiences lead to the denial and repression of the god of love. +ros in the +leventh 5ouse hey are each, then, others of each other, in groups- for they cannot "e so one at a time..JL ,,&lato he eleventh house is traditionally associated with groups, hopes and wishes, mem"ership in organi4ations, relationships to friends and advisors and goals for the future. It has "een tagged as the desire to "e more than what we already are, as happens when )oined to a group or association. It is also the desire to "e everything we can possi"ly "e, as reflected in what we wish and hope for. his house represents a stretching "eyond the individual identity that pushes out into the lager world as a whole. When +ros is found in the eleventh house, friendships, groups and goals take on a potent and possi"ly passionate !uality. We may experience friends as triggers for erotic feelings, transformations or creative turning points. Whether a person with an eleventh house +ros passionately merges with a friend or that friendship inspires them to experience the erotic through another person matters little. he important point is that through friendship, the god of love awakens. +ros in the welfth 5ouse It is some solemn secret, surely, that you enshroud in mystery.J9 ,,Aeschylus he twelfth house is a place of mystery. Isa"el 5ickey called it the house of drawn shades, a region where we must serve or suffer.JB raditionally it rules secret enemies, institutions such as prisons, hospitals and asylums and other places of generali4ed pain and suffering, hidden activities, exile and seclusion. Sometimes +ros here awakens through in)ury, suffering or confinement. he case of the doctor and patient, alcoholic and counselor, or even "ereaved "rother and widow come to mind. here can even "e an erotic relationship "etween criminal and the officer of the law, as in the archetypal relationship "etween the "rilliant detective Sherlock 5olmes and his e!ually genius archenemy, &rofessor Moriarty. hese kinds of unions make short work of the traditionally accepta"le and they may em"ody an extreme "itterness, yet their potential for transform is infinite. he very ta"oo and suffering !uality seems to make them all the more potent. +ros in Aspect to the %atal &lanets he madness of "eing in love clearly shows many characteristics of soul activity< interference with plans and pro)ects, long periods of time spent in daydream and reverie, pro)ection of ideal fantasies onto the loved person@confusion a"out personal

goals and values, a weakening of willpower@all of these reveal an activation of the deeper strata of the soul. ,, homas Moore :D he aspects link the planets, points and angles in the natal chart creating an indivisi"le "ond "etween them. hey consist of the angular division of a circle, 7:D degrees, into different si4ed pieces of pie. Some of the divisions form stronger or more harmonious links than others, although the vital point is that they are linked at all. =ne way of viewing the aspects "etween +ros and the other "odies in the chart is to consider that +ros is holding a festivity and the other planets the guests. 5ow would .enus en)oy a feast with +ros@ 5ow would Saturn@ Would he dive in or ni""le the edges@ Would he simply lose his appetite altogether@ +ach planet has a different orientation towards the experience of +ros. +ach will taste, digest, assimilate or re)ect that experience in different ways. Whether it inspires arousal or repulsion, a connection "y aspect to +ros will have its effect. Aspects "etween planets "ond them for "etter or worse. $sually it is a uni!ue com"ination of "oth. If we have a grand cross "etween .enus, Mars, Saturn and 1upiter,:8 we only have to evoke one of the planets to activate them all. If we assert ourselves against a threatening situation #mars' we will automatically evoke the containment or authority of Saturn, the expansive enthusiasm of 1upiter and .enus@s desire to create harmony or extract value. We can not do one without the others when they link "y aspect. his sheds light on the effects of any unaspected planets in the chart. If Mars is unaspected, the act of assertion may evoke nothing "ut the aggression itself. It may function in isolation "ecause it has no links with the other "odies. =nce awakened, it may "e hard to integrate any self or external control #Saturn', any ar"itration or diplomacy #.enus', or any sense of meaning or purpose #1upiter'. he pure and possi"ly raw aggression may "e one "ig event all to itself with nothing to modify the energy in any way. he nature of the aspect, whether it "e a trine, s!uare, incon)unct or opposition, holds some significance yet it is more important to first esta"lished if there is a connection of any kind, and what that connection may represent. If the Moon aspects Mars, their will "e an ignition of the feeling nature !uite different from the Moon in aspects to %eptune. It matters little if the aspect is so called soft or hard, good or "ad. here are differences certainly, yet the primary signification of the planets "eing connected to each other remains unchanged. his holds especially true with the transits of the outer planets. A sextile from transiting &luto can coincide with every "it as profound an emotional experience as a s!uare or opposition. It matters more that one is "eing touched "y the god and less from what angle that god is doing the touching. With that in mind for +ros, the con)unction and opposition are the most conse!uential in the natal chart, although the @ lesser@ aspects should "e considered and evaluated as well. As far as or"s go, use what works "est and what "rings the most consistent and relia"le results. A larger or" may "e prefera"le for the con)unctions and oppositions, perhaps up to 8D or even 8A degrees when involving the Sun or Moon, with progressively tighter or"s for the s!uare, trine, and tighter still for the sextile and incon)uncts. he minor aspects would want or"s of no less than 8.J to A degrees, the parallel "eing 8.J degrees to exact. he most important consideration to keep in mind is that if +ros, or any planet, acts like it is in aspect to another planet, even if the or" is wide, then it pro"a"ly is. /esults speak louder than rules. >or greater depth of information and individual delineations, please see the soon to "e released text< Asteroid I77 +ros< he Astrology of ;ove. +ros "y ransit or &rogression @+ros remains a power "eyond our social order and morality- he stalks, goads, ruins, and transforms us, and sometimes he lifts us as if on the palm of a huge hand into regions that astonish and terrify us and that we would never, otherwise, have entered. >or desire appears to us from the corners of the earth or the depths of self with a force and urgency and sometimes a destructiveness so powerful we cannot help ascri"ing them to a god, for nothing else,,no psychologi4ing, no morali4ing,, makes any sense.@:A ,,&eter Merin As +ros moves through the sky "y transit, progression or even converse progression, it makes aspects "ack to all the planets and points in the natal chart. ;ikewise, the rest of the planets "y transit will periodically make aspects "ack to the natal and progressed positions of +ros. +ither way, these contacts often coincide with the times when erotic love and creative power issues awakens. Some aspects and particular planet com"inations appear to have a greater impact than others, corresponding to more specific inner and outer events. Watching the transits to and from +ros over a variety of charts is the "est way to familiari4e oneself with the various possi"le results. ransits of any kind are often associated with outer events, although the initial effect is usually inner. Some part of the psyche, some interior figure or archetype, awakens. (oncurrent with the nature of the transit, house and sign position, once awake it generally starts looking around for recognition. hat usually means it looks for a crown, a throne and appropriate patronage. If the recognition is readily forthcoming and conscious awareness is placed on the needs, desires and offering of the figure, often what it represents transforms into what we consciously express without a hint of an outer event. We simple add the new aspect of "eing into the multiplicity of our conscious selves. If, on the other hand, the needs and wants of the figure are denied "y consciousness, we will met them in the daily life as a person, place or thing. In this case, the event is often disruptive although it can also "e exhilarating. his assures, one way or another, our experience of the waking archetype. In the case of +ros, the intensity of emotions, the sensations of physical longings and the potency of desire wanting to express !uite fre!uently manifests itself as an attraction to an enticing other. his can range from another real life human

"eing, to a long distance or otherwise impossi"le contact, an ideali4e pu"lic figure, a creative pro)ect or set of glorified "eliefs or doctrines. Most fre!uently, it has a human component which often makes the compulsive feelings of love merge with the desire for sexual intimacy. In this case, transits involving +ros may coincide with the appearance of a specific individual that captivates the heart and enraptures the soul.