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13127 S. Resume Road - Jobs, CA 95959 CAR$$R %&J$C'()$

(555) 555-5555 or (555) 555-5555 lient!no"

Outgoing, motivated team player eager to contribute dynamic customer service, administrative, supervisory, team building, and organizational skills towards supporting the objectives of an organization that rewards reliability, dedication, and solid work ethics with opportunities for professional growth.

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Feather River State ank ! "uba #ity, #$ %&&'!(resent Recipient of Feather River State Banks top 2 awards, the Star Award and the Chairman's Award . Customer Ser.i e Re/resentati.e )*++,!(resent Relied upon to apply comprehensive banking e.perience as Supervisor and multi!department backup while concurrently managing online personal/business banking product processing and servicing. (resent a professional, client!focused image in representing bank to customers and branch personnel, generating a positive market image and supporting business growth. (roficiently plan, coordinate and manage a broad range of banking activities including monthly and 0uarterly reporting, outside broker investment processing, payroll reporting, outgoing wire transfers, legal re0uest processing, and supplies procurement. Ser.i e and %/erations Su//ort 0nit Su/er.isor )*++%!*++, (roactively managed 1!member team, with accountability for creating job descriptions, recruiting and hiring, training/cross!training, performing annual performance reviews, conducting weekly employee meetings, and diplomatically implementing disciplinary actions. Spearheaded audit review preparedness initiatives vital to ensuring operations compliancy. 2stablished, cultivated, and maintained productive customer and branch relationships. Ser.i e and %/erations Su//ort 0nit Re/resentati.e )*+++!*++% #oncurrently managed * desks, demonstrating dynamic organizational, prioritization, project administration, and time management skills. (rocessed and maintained $34/5ebit card and personal online banking product transactions. #reated an online banking product and 0uick reference guide. 5efined, developed, wrote, and integrated streamlined/centralized operational procedures and processes to boost efficiency, productivity, and 0uality assurance. Customer Ser.i e Re/resentati.e )%&&'!*+++ (rovided comprehensive customer support through performance of a variety of teller activities including money order/official check/traveler check processing, school food coupons distribution, mail/night drop deposit processing, credit rating, monthly certifications, and various reporting. 6nited Retail 7ncorporated, 5 $ Sizes 6nlimited !"uba #ity, #$ %&&8!%&&' Store 1ana2er )%&&8!%&&'Assistant Store 1ana2er )%&&8 Rapidly promoted to lead %+ employees in service!oriented retail environment, with accountability for scheduling and training personnel for optimal individual and group performance. 2nsured achievement of home office and district sales management productivity and profitability goals through decisive leadership, sound business practices and effective operations administration. Strategically merchandised products to ma.imize sales and profits. 5ynaco Food Service, 5 $ (erko9s #af: !"uba #ity, #$ %&;&!%&&8 Assistant 1ana2er 5irected up to %, team members in providing 0uality food service to patrons. 2ntrusted with managing and balancing cash receipts and deposits. #losely monitored and forecasted food and labor costs to optimize bottom!line profits. #ontrolled inventory levels to meet operational demand and cost!effectively procured supplies. 2nthusiastically supported waitress and hostess activities, building strong guest relations leading to repeat business, referrals, and client retention.

&usiness 1ana2ement, "uba #ommunity #ollege < 4arysville, #$ 4eneral $du ation5'ra.el and 'ourism, utte #ommunity #ollege < Oroville, #$