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Bloc Québécois Platform: If the Bloc Quebecois were elected, this is what
they would do:
1. The primary goal of the Bloc Quebecois is an independent Quebec.
2. The Bloc Quebecois intend to create an independent health care system, run by
Quebec . They promise to maintain universal health care.
3. The majority of Bloc Quebecois MPs are in favour of allowing same-sex couples to
marry. The Bloc Quebecois have promised to allow a free vote in Parliament on the
4. The Bloc Quebecois has suggested that the Canadian military be devoted to
peacekeeping missions.
5. The Bloc Quebecois favours decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana.
6. The Bloc Quebecois sees the rehabilitation of young offenders as a priority.
7. The Bloc Quebecois favours maintaining the Gun Registry.
8. The main goal of the Bloc Quebecois is to promote sovereignty and create a country
called Quebec.
9. The Bloc Quebecois proposes that Quebec should recover millions of dollars paid in
taxes to Ottawa because the two levels of government have resulted in the duplication
of many services.
10. The Bloc supports economic growth while practicing environmental responsibility. They
would ratify the Kyoto Protocol.
11. Education is a priority for the Bloc Quebecois. They would lobby Ottawa to increase
transfers for post-secondary education.
12. The Bloc wants the federal government to make fiscal transfers to Quebec so the
province can implement and maintain parental-leave and compassionate-leave
programs and low-cost daycare systems.