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Pactanac, Renz Jordan C.


Reaction to Jose Rizal’s Poem “Education gives luster to Motherland

The first thing that strikes me about education is knowledge gain. Education gives
us the knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking
at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on everything in life. People
debate over the subject of whether education is the only thing that gives
knowledge. Some say, education is the process of gaining information about the
surrounding world while knowledge is something very different. They are partly
right. But the conversion of information to knowledge is possible because of
education. Education makes us capable of interpreting rightly the things perceived.
Education is not about lessons and poems in textbooks. It is about the lessons of

Education cultivates us into mature individuals, individuals capable of planning for

our futures and taking the right decisions. Education arms us with an insight to look
at our lives and learn from every experience. The future of a nation is safe in the
hands of educated individuals. Education is important for the economic growth of a
nation. It fosters principles of equality and socialism. Education forms a support
system for talents to excel in life. It is the backbone of society. The importance of
education cannot be neglected by any nation. And in today’s world, the role of
education has become even more vital. It is an absolute necessity for economic and
social development of any nation. In fact, education is important not only for
individuals but for the whole society and state as well because it creates the basis
of the national intellectual potential and defines the future of the nation. The quality
of human resource of a nation is easily judged by the number of literate population
living in it. This is to say that education is a must if a nation aspires to achieve
growth and development and more importantly sustain it. This may well explain the
fact that rich and developed nations of the world have very high literacy rate and
productive human resource. In fact these nations have started imparting selective
training and education programs so as to meet the new technical and business
demands of the 21st century.

In fact, certain professionals like doctors, dentists and Nurses are obliged to follow
mandatory life long learning. This is done so that they keep pace with all the
research and development done in the medical field. These professionals not only
needs to update themselves about these developments, but also learn new
techniques of practice and perfect old ones. Learning about patient management
and the delivery of care is rather a continuing process. Since these professionals,
especially doctors have huge moral responsibility towards the patients and society
in general; continuing education is a must for them.

Education can lead us to enlightenment. It is education that builds in every

individual, a confidence to take decisions, to face life and to accept successes and
failures. It instills a sense of pride about the knowledge one has and prepares
him/her for life!