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(Episodes 82 to 169)
(Episodes 82 to 169)
542 NANAKSHAHI (2010 CE)
Institute of Sikh Studies
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"The Guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul "The Guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul "The Guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul "The Guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul "The Guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul
Of all my moral being" Of all my moral being" Of all my moral being" Of all my moral being" Of all my moral being"
vii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Gurbani, states, 'Babania kahanian putt sputt karen' (Guru Granth Sahib, p 951) which
means worthy sons create worthy history. Keeping this noble tradition alive and being a true
inheritor of the rich legacy of his illustrious ancestors and legendary Sikh warriors S Mehtab
Singh Mirankot, S Sham Singh head of the Karoresinghia Misl and S Rai Singh, Rattan Singh
Bhangoo had chronicled the Sikh history in his magnum opus 'Sri Gur Panth Prakash' (1841).
Following and furthering the same instinct, now the sixth generation descendents of S Rattan
Singh Bhangoo settled mainly in the villages of Bhari, Saidpura, Kotla and Badla in district
Fatehgarh Sahib as well as in distant foreign lands have jointly sponsored the publication of this
volume of English translation of Rattan Singh Bhangoo's great epic. The Institute of Sikh
Studies, Chandigarh acknowledges this contribution and thanks S Dildar Singh Bhangoo, Lt Col
Daljit Singh Bhangoo, S Daljit Singh Bhangoo PCS and the entire Bhangoo dynasty for their
spontaneous and gracious gesture in funding this project.
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82 Episode About Chandialias, Jandialas And those who harmed
The Gurus Cause and the Sikh Panth And those
Given to Debauchery and Irascibility ... ... ... ... 3
83 An Episode that is Shocking ... ... ... ... ... 5
84 Episode About Tara Singh The Martyr ... ... ... ... 13
85 Invasion of Moman Khan ... ... ... ... ... 27
86 Episode About how S. Tara Singh Attained Martyrdom ... ... ... 31
87 Episode of Randhawas (Singhs) of Chamunday and Kairon Nanglian ... 43
88 Episode About Nawab Kapoor Singh, The Nihang Chief ... 51
89 Episode About Mulkhayan and Biwastay and Dinikhudian ... 57
90 Episode About the Title of nawabship on S. Kapoor Singh ... ... 73
91 Episode About Jassa Singh (Ahluwalia) ... ... ... ... 93
92 Episode About Nawab Kapor Singh Bhujangi ... ... ... ... 97
93 Episode About Bhai Mani Singhs Martyrdom ... ... ... ... 105
94 Episode About Nadar Shah ... ... ... ... ... ... 121
95 Episode About Khalsas Petition Being heard in the Divine Court ... ... 129
96 Episode About Khanu Nawab, Nawab Zakaria Khan ... ... ... 133
97 Episode About Mehtab Singh, Sukha Singh ... ... ... ... 139
98 Episode About S. Bota Singh Th Martyr ... ... ... ... 161
99 Episode About Bravery of Bhai Sukha Singh ... ... ... ... 171
100 Another Episode About Sukha Singh ... ... ... ... 181
101 Another Episode About Sukha Singh ... ... ... ... 193
102 Another Episode About Sukha Singhs Brave Acts ... ... 197
103 Episode About Mehtab Kot ... ... ... ... ... ... 201
104 Episode About Khalsas Conduct ... ... ... ... 207
105 Episode About Subeg Singh Jambar ... ... ... ... 215
106 Episode About Bhai Taru Singh A Fearless Martyr ... ... 229
107 Episode About Babur ... ... ... ... ... ... 241
108 Episode About Satguru (Guru Nanak) ... ... ... ... 253
109 Another Episode About (Taru Singh) ... ... ... ... 281
110 Episode About Mehtab Singh ... ... ... ... ... ... 283
111 Episode About Bhai Taru Singh ... ... ... ... 287
112 Episode About painful death of Nawab Khan Bahadur ... ... ... 295
113 Another Episode About the Nawab Khan Bahadur ... ... 317
ii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
114 Episode About Bhai Taru Singh ... ... ... ... 321
115 Episode About the Slaughter of Jassu (Jaspat Rai) ... ... 325
116 Episode About Massacre at Parol and Kathuha (Chhota Ghalughara) ... 337
117 Another Episode ... ... ... ... ... ... 371
118 Another Episode-Head Count of Singhs Martyred ... ... 375
119 Episode About the Destined Death of Lakhu and Shah Nawaz ... ... 377
120 Episode About Ram Rauni ... ... ... ... ... ... 385
121 Episode About the Valour of Kaura Mal ... ... ... ... 399
122 Episode About Sri Amritsar ... ... ... ... ... ... 403
123 Episode About Ahmad Shah Abdali and Sukha Singh ... ... ... 405
123 Episode 123 continued ... ... ... 415
124 Episode About Adina Beg And Sodhi Vad Bhag Singh ... ... 417
125 Episode About Marathas And the Khalsa Panth ... ... ... ... 437
126 Episode About Sadiq Begs Betrayal in Friendship ... ... 443
127 Episode About Gazdi (The Minister) ... ... ... ... 449
128 Episode About Whole of India And Gilja Pathans ... ... 453
129 Episode About Maneuvers of Gilja Pathans And Singhs ... ... 453
130 Episode About Hatlhoo Singh Majhail ... ... ... ... 455
131 Episode About Bikaner ... ... ... ... ... ... 457
132 Episode About the Bangar Region ... ... ... ... 457
133 Episode About Mit Singh The Martyr ... ... ... 459
134 Episode About Mir Mannu ... ... ... ... ... ... 463
135 Episode About Mathura And Koel ... ... ... ... 469
136 Episode About (Ghallughara) Near Malerkotla, Kup And Poheed ... ... 481
137 Episode About the Rift between Khalsa Panth And the Brars ... ... 517
138 Another Episode About the Brars ... ... ... ... 527
139 Episode About Kapoora Brar ... ... ... ... 531
140 Episode About the Slaughter At Morinda ... ... ... ... 535
141 Episode About the Robbing of Luxmi Narayan Kshtriya ... ... 547
142 Episode About First Invasion on Kasur ... ... ... ... 549
143 Episode About Dileramian ... ... ... ... ... ... 565
144 Episode About Dileramian contd. ... ... ... ... 567
145 Episode About the Occupation of Doaba ... ... ... ... 583
146 Episode About Further Occupation of More Territory ... ... 589
147 Episode About the Taruna Dal ... ... ... ... ... ... 591
148 Episode About Both Budha Dal and Taruna Dal ... ... ... ... 593
149 Episode About The Capture of Sir Buland Khan ... ... ... ... 599
150 Episode About Occupation of Sirhind And Slaughter of Zain Khan 603
151 Another Episode About Sirhind ... ... ... ... 609
152 Episode About Construction of A Memorial at Sirhind ... ... 613
153 Episode About Occupation And Handing Over of Sirhind... ... 619
154 Episode About Occupation And Handing Over of Towns to the
Descendents of Bhai Bhagtu And Baba Phool ... ... ... 623
155 Episode About Khalsa Panths Occupation of Both Sides ... ... 629
iii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
156 Episode About Nihang Gurbakhsh Singh ... ... ... ... 631
157 Episode About Ahmed Shah Abdali, Jawahar Mal of Bharatpur
And Najib Khan Rohilla ... ... ... ... ... ... 657
158 Another Episode About Ahmed Shah And Rohilla ... ... ... 669
159 Another Episode ... ... ... ... ... ... 681
160 Episode About S. Sham Singhs Misl ... ... ... ... 685
161 Another Episode About Khalsa Panth ... ... ... ... 713
162 Another Episode About S. Baghel Singh ... ... ... ... 733
163 Episode About Deegh, Ghumer And Bharatpur ... ... ... ... 743
164 Episode About the Malwa ... ... ... ... ... ... 749
165 Next Episode About the Malwa ... ... ... ... 759
166 Episode About the Phulkians ... ... ... ... ... ... 763
167 Another Episode About the Phulkians ... ... ... ... 769
168 Another Episode About Malwa ... ... ... ... ... ... 771
169 Episode About Bunga S. Sham Singh ... ... ... ... ... 783
References ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 786
Quotable Quotes ... ... ... ... ... ... 830
Index ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 846
iv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Rattan Singh Bhangoo, a direct descendant and grandson of two of the most illustrious
Sikh warriors, is the author of Sri Guru Panth Parkash, a social chronicle and a poetico-
historical epic of Sikh history particularly of the darkest and the most violent 18
century. This
epic, being based on the eye-witness accounts of his illustrious ancestors about the Sikh-
Mughal and Sikh-Afghan battles and superhuman sacrifices of the legendary Sikh warriors, the
eighteenth century Sikh history comes alive in its poetic verses. Imbued with the spirit of
setting the record straight immediately after the highly biased and distorted writings of his
contemporary Muslim and Hindu scribes about the Sikhs and their struggle for their sovereign
human rights, Rattan Singh Bhangoo was a man of the moment in the historical sense. His
chance encounter with the British political resident at Ludhiana and the latters keen desire to
learn about Sikh history provided him the proper opportunity to record the major events of Sikh
history from the inception of Sikh religion upto the end of eighteenth century. In this poetic
epic of one hundred and seventy episodes selected subjectively, there runs a consistent under-
current of the authors highly philosophical and ideological vision about Sikh religion and its
distinct ethos and divine sanction behind its inception. Rebutting the contemporary Muslim
scribes derogatory version about the Sikhs being rebellious subjects without any religious
ideology or Divine sanction for their alleged claims to sovereignty, this Sikh chronicler brings
out the major contours of Sikhism depicting the evolution of Sikh religion from the moment of
birth and divine revelation of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak upto the foundation of the
Sovereign Sikh rule. With the depiction of the major vignettes of Sikh history such as Guru
Nanaks mission of preaching the word of God through his sermons, travels and revealed
poetic verses, the propagation of Sikh religion by the third Sikh Guru, Guru Amardas through
establishment of several dioceses, manjis, the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur, the creation
of the Khalsa by the tenth Sikh Guru, sacrifices of Gurus four sons, Banda Bahadurs organised
reprisal against the Mughals, persistent and relentless confrontation of the eighteenth century
Sikh warriors and their Superhuman sacrifices, Bhangoo proves before his interlocutor that
Sikhism is a divinely ordained religion with its distinct holy book, ideology, church and identity.
Access to this great epic has so far been limited to Punjabi knowing readers only. A
vast section of English knowing readers has, however, remained unaware of this great epic,
and has thus been deprived of the inspiration it carries. To meet this keenly-felt need, the
Institute of Sikh Studies decided to produce an English translation of this great Sikh epic. Prof
Kulwant Singh, who was commissioned to do it, has completed this translation in two volumes.
The first Volume with the first 81 episodes has already been published by the Institute of Sikh
Studies in 2006. The second volume, now being published by the SGPC, will shortly be
available to English readers.
v Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The present volume, consisting of 88 episodes, consists of legends of Sikh warriors
belonging to the post Banda Bahadur period. It records the great sacrifices made by the legend-
ary Sikh warriors like Bhai Mani Singh, Bhai Taru Singh, Bhai Subeg Singh Jambar, Sardar
Mehtab Singh, Sardar Gurbakhsh Singh Nihang together with the relentless struggle of the
Khalsa under the leadership of legendary Sikh warriors like Nawab Kapur Singh, Sardar Jassa
Singh Ahluwalia, Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgharia and Sardar Beghel Singh. Besides these leg-
ends, the volume chronicles the two historical genocides of the Sikhs popularly known as
Chhotta and Wada Ghallughara, Baburs invasion of India, Ahmad Shah Abdalis repeated
invasions and Khalsas consistent confrontations with the Mughal and Afghan tyrants and their
ultimate establishment of Sikh sovereignty over Punjab towards the closing years of the eigh-
teenth century. The description of factional fratricidal fight between Bandhai and Tat Khalsa
factions of the Khalsa, founding of the Phulkian states, Sikh-Rohilla, Sikh-Maratha and Sikh-Jat
relations also forms a significant part of this volume. The evolution of the central Sikh doc-
trines of Gurmatta, Guru Granth and Guru Panth and Sikh sovereignty have been highlighted
as the core principles which enabled the Khalsa Panth to fight the Mughal and Afghan tranny
and finally establish itself as a sovereign power.
Prof Kulwant Singh has added a detailed introduction, which greatly enhances the
value of this publication. He has described this work as an epic comparable to some of the best
ones in the Eastern as well as Westerm classical literature. There is one difference, however,
that Bhangoos epic is based on history, unlike some of the others which are largely mythologi-
cal, or reflect the authors imagination, unrelated to any historical facts.
Bhangoo wrote this epic in Punjabi verse. He was, however, well-versed in Persian
and Sanskrit also. This is clear from the liberal use of vocabulary from these languages in the
text. Apart from the accuracy and vividness of the account given by the author in various
episodes, a remarkable feature is the astonishing brevity of his expression. Its translation
without loss of original beauty, is no easy task. Prof Kulwant Singh, has, however, not only
succeeded, but has come out with laurels. As a result of his efforts, we have a highly readable
versified free English rendering of the epic.
I wish to express my sincere thanks to Dr Prithipal Singh Kapur who helped us to get
this volume published by SGPC for a wider circulation. We acknowledge the SGPCs financial
generosity for the publication of this voluminous work. I am deeply greatful to Bhai Ashok
Singh, President, Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh, Dr Kirpal Singh, Dr Gurbakhsh Singh
and Dr Birendra Kaur for the valuable help rendered by them in this task.
July 30, 2008 Kharak Singh
959, Sector 59, Convener, Research Committee
Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
vi Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The second volume of the English Translation of Sri Gur Panth Prakash (1841),
originally written in Punjabi by S. Rattan Singh Bhangoo consisting of 88 episodes from
episode 82 to 169, is in the hands of the readers. The first volume consisting of 81 episodes
narrates the Khalsa Panths birth and origin by Divine dispensation with the birth of the first
Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak and its evolution through the consistent efforts of the succeeding
nine Sikh Gurus for the propagation and crystalisation of its fundamental doctrines. This
process reaches its culmination with the final establishment and acceptance of Sri Guru
Granth Sahib as the eternal Guru of the Sikhs. It further highlights the establishment of a
distinct Sikh church (Gurdwara), the Sikh emblem and the flag, the Sikh code of conduct
including the dress code following Khalsas initiation by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind
Singh in 1699 at Anandpur Sahib by administering khandey-ki-pahul to the first batch of five
chosen Singhs. It also records the relentless struggle of the Khalsa Panth for achieving the
goal of Sikh sovereignty concomitant upon its divine sanction, from its birth upto the
conquests of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur and his subsequent martyrdom. All these Sikh
tenets of the Khalsa Panths spiritual and temporal sovereignty; supremacy of Guru Granth
and Guru Panth; the inevitability of making unconditional sacrifices and even attaining
martyrdom for upholding and realising those objectives have been laid out and illustrated very
well in the first part of this epic. It records the voluntary sacrifices of Guru Tegh Bahadur,
the armed struggle waged by Guru Gobind Singh and his dedicated band of initiated Singhs
including his four sons and subsequently by the highly indoctrinated and empowered Banda
Singh Bahadur and his several hundred companions. Thus, majority of the episodes narrated
in Volume I encapsulate the philosophical and metaphysical basis of the genesis of the Khalsa
Panth together with the modus operandi of the assigned dramatis personae to make this
spiritually-oriented ideological order and faith flower and flourish despite the oppressive reign
of terror let loose on them by the ruling Mughal rulers and their Indian collaborators, the Hill
The episodes in Vol. II describe in greater detail and in greater number the sacrifices
made by the post-Banda Bahadur period Sikh warriors under the most trying circumstances
to realise their divinely-ordained and cherished goal of sovereignty for the Sikhs. This they
are shown to be achieving through an armed struggle adopting an array of strategies including
guerilla tactics, hit-and-run strategy known in Singh parlance as Dhai Phat and at times
entering into negotiations with their adversaries when it suited the former in military and
material terms. During this gruelling period of almost one hundred years throughout the
entire span of eighteenth century when these valiant Sikh warriors and religious crusaders,
driven out from their homes and hearths by the excessively outnumbering mighty forces of
vii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
the state and alien invaders, had to go without food, shelter and even the barest minimum
necessities of life. During these times of extreme adversity and dire necessity, they had to
survive through loot and plunder of sometime even their own people and retire to the wilds,
ravines, caves and lions dens. But throughout this century-long period of skirmishes,
encounters, battles and bloodshed leading to two large-scale massacres of Sikh soldiers and
their families popularly known as two Ghallugharas, never for a moment did these religious
crusaders and valiant Sikh warriors allowed their indomitable faith to be shaken in their
Gurus prophetic declaration of their ultimate sovereignty and their reign. Neither did they
doubt the sanctity and piety of their sacrifices and the their ultimate destiny of being recognised
as martyrs in the highest Divine Court. Nor even for a moment did these devout Singh
warriors feel the absence of the invisible presence of their Guru amidst them whenever they
prayed together in a congregational assembly of five or more Singhs while confronted with
any seemingly insurmountable ordeal or a threat of catastrophic dimensions, be it the occasion
of leaving a fort; leading an invasion to free a helpless Brahmin girl from the mighty Pathan
adductors of Kasur or Sayyads of Luhari Jalalabad; sorting out the ticklish issue of claiming
their exclusive claim over the offerings made at the sacred shrine against the claim of Bandayee
Singhs or during the worst ordeal of passing through two massacres (ghallughara), to name
only a few. Taking for granted the scriptural text as embodying the commandments of the
Sikh Gurus, they regarded the Gurus words that appeared on its random opening after a
congregational prayer as a writing on the wall and a direct message from the Divine. That is
why, despite their meagre military resources and minuscule strength in numbers in comparison
to the well-provided and well-equipped hordes of Mughal and Afghan adversaries, they neither
blinked, nor flinched nor even retreated their steps from the field of battle once they had
heard the Gurus words and understood their import and essence. Thus, Guru Granth is the
supreme Guru for the Khalsa Panth and the resolution (Gurmatta) adopted in a congregational
assembly Guru Panth in the presence of Guru Granth is a commandment sanctified by the
Guru which could neither be violated nor remain unfulfilled. Rattan Singh Bhangoos epic Sri
Gur Panth Prakash repeatedly tries to bring home to his readers these basic tenets of Guru
Granth and Guru Panth. It is by adhering to these basic Sikh tenets that those eighteenth
century Sikh veterans succeeded in their goal of becoming sovereigns of their region and
chased away the most formidable invaders not only from Punjab but from the whole of India
for all times to come. It is on their faith in these basic Sikh tenets that their sacrifices and
supreme acts of martyrdom have become a stuff of the legends which the whole Sikh Panth
remembers with reverence in their daily prayer in its sacred shrines and individual homes.
This daily repetition of the supreme sacrifices in Sikh prayer consciously and un-consciously
rejuvenates the well-springs of their faith in the Sikh gurus and their ideology and makes it an
integral part of their mindset and psyche. What the Sikh prayer catalogues, and encapsulates
and states briefly has been illustrated and highlighted profusely, as if in a mosaic, on a vast
scale in this epic of Sikh history at places in as sublime a verse as that of some other well-
known Indian and western epics. Many of these legendary Sikh warriors come almost alive
with their distinct features before the readers eyes, such being the impact of Bhangoos lofty
poetic verse and deft rendering of their deeds of great valour and supreme sacrifice. The
epic is a veritable portrait gallery of a galaxy of eminent Sikh warriors in words.
Before enumerating and elaborating their legendary deeds of bravery and sacrifice,
viii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
let us first refer to the major occasions and instances where the Khalsa Panth resorted to
seeking guidance from Guru Granth and thereafter arrived at a unanimous resolution Gurmatta
in the light of Gurus indicated and implied Will. A few examples will suffice. Before launching
an attack on the powerful Pathans of Kasur one of whom had abducted a Brahmins wife,
Khalsa Panth unanimously resolved to seek Gurus commandment through a prayer.
Chaupai : Thereupon, the whole Khalsa congregation went to Darbar Sahib,
With folded hands and a single prayer they stood before the Guru.
They being the Gurus followers and the Guru being their Divine Lord,
They begged the Guru to indicate what was His Divine Will. (26)
Must the Guru indicate the destruction of the city of Kasur,
Provided His Divine Will approved of His followers cause.
Thus with folded hands the whole gathering stood,
With some still prostrating after paying their obeisance. (27)
Guru Granth Sahib being the true embodiment of the Sikh Gurus,
Must it provide a true direction to the Sikh congregation.
As the head priest looked at the text after turning over a page,
It was the turn of hymn in the Raga Basant which read as follow: (28)
Pauri : With the support and protection from the true Lord,
Have I put the five most powerful demons under leash.
With His Divine presence lodged within my mind,
Has he made me meditate upon His lotus feet (Divine).
With all the afflictions and frustrations wiped out,
Have I become hale and hearty forever indeed.
With meditating upon His Name day and night,
Have I got liberated from death again and again,
With the true instructions from the true Lord,
Has Nanak received comfort and happiness.
Dohra : So much delighted the Khalsa felt after listening to Gurus word,
As if they had already taken over the city of Kasur.
Khalsa slogans of victory did they shout out of joy,
As if they were already beating war drums of victory. (29)
(SGPP, Episode 142, Vol. II, pp. 555, 557)
During the conflict between the Bandai Singhs and the Tat Khalsa Singhs over the
claim over offerings made at the sacred shrine on the Diwali occasion, Divine intervention from
the Guru Granth is again sought through a congregational prayer. The controversy is soon
resloved. As two slips of paper wrapped with a cotton thread and each one inscribed with the
Bandai and Khalsa slogans of Fateh Darshan and Waheguru ji ki Fateh are dipped in the holy
waters of the sacred pool, the slip bearing the Khalsa slogan Waheguru ji ki Fateh starts
ix Sri Gur Panth Prakash
floating while the other goes down:
Chaupai : They prayed that they had faith in the Gurus Omniscience,
As His Will prevailed eternally in the past, present and future.
Whichever religion His Divine Will wished to flourish, should flourish,
Till this planet earth was going to stay, exist and last. (19)
While the written draft of the Divinely approved religion should float,
The version that the Divine will disapproved should get drowned.
Nothing could remain hidden from the (Omniscient) Divine Guru,
Since He was the creator as well as the preserver of everything. (20)
Dohra : Both the factions stood before the Guru with folded hands,
And joined the prayer in a loud chorus.
They prayed to the Guru to let that factions packet float,
Whose religion the Divine Will wished to prevail and flourish. (24)
Immediately after the police officials handed over the letter,
The arbitrators handed it over to the Tat Khalsa after reading it.
Disclosing that the version with Waheguru ji ki Fateh had floated,
The arbitrator pronounced the judgement to both the factions. (27)
(SGPP, Episode 72, Vol. I, pp. 443, 445)
Similarly Bhai Taru Singh takes a vow to make a supreme sacrifice against the oppression
of the Mughals and the whole congregation prays to the Guru, Guru Granth Sahib for the
fulfilment of the wish of the devout Singh:
Chaupai : Thereafter, praying with folded hands in a congregational prayer,
The people prayed for Bhai Taru Singhs success in his ordeal.
The Sikh congregation prayed to God Almighty.
May God help to keep his faith till his last breath. (3)
(SGPP, Episode 109, Vol. II, p. 281)
A prayer at the time of Martyr Gurbakhsh Singh Nihangs sacrifice is made in the same
vein and gets soon fulfilled:
Chaupai : The Khalsa Panth which the Divine Guru had himself initiated,
So much suffering had that Khalsa Panth gone through.
The wretched invader (Ahmad Shah Abdali) who had been called from Kabul,
Must he be done away with as had Banda Bahadur destroyed the Mughals. (92)
So much had he tortured the Khalsa Panth,
That he be not allowed to invade (Punjab) any more.
x Sri Gur Panth Prakash
May Gods own Khalsa be strengthened to fight,
May all the wicked invaders be decimated by the Khalsa. (93)
May Punjabs wealth and resources be reserved for the Singhs,
Why must invaders from the South and the West take those away?
Delighted did the Divine Guru feel at Gurbakhsh Singhs plea,
So be it, uttered the Divine Satguru at that moment. (94)
To the dark dungeons of hell did Abdali go the same year,
Delighted did the entire Khalsa Panth feel at this development.
Listen further to the account of the events in the post Abdali days,
The way the Gilja Pathans were butchered by the Singhs. (95)
(SGPP, Episode 156, Vol. II, p. 651)
Even the Nawab of Lahore, Khan Bahadur, unable to bear the excrutiating pain due to
blockage in his urinary tract, following his wicked act of torturing Bhai Taru Singh, is depicted
as seeking divine intervention desperately through a Sikh prayer as enshrined in Guru Granth:
Chaupai : Whatever had been inscribed in the sacred Guru Granth,
The Sikhs believed it truly to be the word of God.
That he, too, wished to test the veracity of that inscription,
So said the Nawab of Lahore to Subeg Singh there. (38)
He had also heard the Singhs reciting the sacred text,
Which had been inscribed under the title Sukhmani:
Though Perpetrator of atrocities on the saint has nowhere to belong,
But even a sinner is redeemed if a Saint pleaseth, sayeth Nanak. (39)
Though slandering of a Saint is the worst kind of affliction,
But even a slanderer attains salvation if a Saint wills, sayeth Nanak.
Though none can provide protection to a slanderer of a saint,
Even such a sinner can be liberated of sin if a saint wills, says Nanak. (40)
If these inscriptions of the Guru really state the truth eternal,
Then let his sins be condoned as per these inscriptions. (41)
(SGPP, Episode 112, Vol. II, p. 305)
Next in the line of Sikh sovereignty after Guru Granth is Guru Panth or the Khalsa
Panth. The author starts tracing the whole sequence of its evolution quite early in the epic in
one of the question-answer sessions with Captain David Murray:
Dohra : Then David Murry enquired of me,
That I should reveal the secret of the Sikh Gurus lineage.
xi Sri Gur Panth Prakash
How other Sikh Gurus succeeded Guru Nanak,
I must narrate the whole sequence and detail. (1)
Chaupai : Then I supplied him with all the details,
That Guru Angad Dev succeeded Guru Nanak.
If I started narrating the biographical details about Guru Angad,
The present volume would never come to its end. (2)
Guru Angad Dev was succeeded by Guru Amar Das,
Who deserved to be an inheritor of the Gurus seat.
As he made the rulers of twenty two states his followers,
Whosoever claimed to be a ruler, became his follower. (3)
Guru Ramdas became the perfect Guru thereafter,
Since then Guruship remained vested in the Sodhi Dynasty.
The succession then passed on to Guru Arjun and Guru Hargobind,
And Guru Hargobind had to pick up sword to kill Paindey Khan . (4)
He became an embodiment of both spiritual and temporal powers,
As he even defeated Shahjahan in the field of battle.
He also vanquished Lalla Beg and Kambar Beg in battles,
But, later on, the emperor patched up with Guru Hargobind. (5)
Dohra : Thereafter Guru Har Rai and Guru Harkrishan followed,
And attained the status and glory of Sikh Gurus.
Their blessings fulfilled all the desires of their followers,
Who offered their services to the Gurus out of gratitude. (6)
Chaupai : Then Guru Tegh Bahadur was the next successor,
Who gave up his life for the protection of others human rights.
He made the supreme sacrifice in this Dark Age (Kaliyuga),
And protected the religious rights and rituals of the Hindus. (7)
Then Guru Gobind Singh succeeded as the sovereign prophet,
Who bestowed Sovereignty on the Khalsa Panth.
As one lamp lights another lamp and illuminates,
So the ten Sikh gurus succeeded one after another. (8)
(SGPP, Episode 11, Vol. I, pp. 55, 57)
A similar dialogue about Guru Panths sovereignty has been recorded in the later part of
the epic which is reported to have taken place between the run-away Nadar Shah and Zakariya
Khan, the then Nawab of Sirhind:
Chaupai : On his return to Lahore, he asked Khan Bahadur of Lahore,
xii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
About the identity of those who had robbed his war booty.
He thundered that those who had waylaid his treasures,
He would raze their country to dust and ashes. (3)
Then Khan Bahadur, responding to his query, remarked,
That his plunderers did not belong to any specific country.
They could feed themselves and relax while on the move,
They had not any definitely fixed place for their stay. (4)
Neither did they bother about any taste while feeding themselves,
Nor did they feel any pain while being tortured.
Neither did they care to drink water in the peak of summer,
Nor did they need any warmth in the extreme winter. (5)
While they bothered little about their cereal food being grinded,
They fought fiercely in battle with utmost agility.
Each one of them could fight against a hundred adversaries,
Since they were not scared of death at all. (6)
Dohra : They were too desperate to sacrifice their lives,
For upholding their religion and its fundamental ethos.
The Mughals had exhausted themselves in exterminating them,
But they could not reduce their numbers in any manner. (7)
Then Nadar Shah enquired further from Khan Bahadur,
Which prophets descendents were these Khalsa Singhs?
Did their religious order increase of its own volition,
Or did they convert from some other religious order? (8)
Then Khan Bahadur traced their whole genealogy,
How they owed their origin to birth of Guru Nanak?
He narrated the various miracles associated with Guru Nanak,
As he had heard those narrated from Janamsakhis. (9)
Chaupai : He narrated how the Mughals had tortured Nanaks followers,
And the way the Mughals committed atrocities on the Singhs.
He narrated the miraculous resilience that the Singhs displayed,
And the way the Mughals had executed the Sikh Gurus. (10)
As Nadar Shah kept on listening to Khan Bahadurs narration,
Khan Bahadur narrated all the past details of their execution.
He narrated how Guru Tegh Bahadur had sacrificed his life,
And the way the Gurus four Sahibzadas were murdered by Mughals. (11)
xiii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Hearing this, Nadar Shah shook his head in despair,
Remarking that the Mughals had reaped what they had sown.
He further remarked how could one conquer those,
Whom God Himself had come to provide protection. (12)
(SGPP, Episode 95, Vol. II, pp. 129, 131)
It is with this unflinching faith in the inevitability of the sovereignty of the Khalsa Panth
that S. Darbara Singh, the spokesperson of the Khalsa Panth, initially rejects the offer of
Nawabship to the Singhs offered by Nawab of Lahore:
Chaupai : Responding to Khalsa Panths proposal Darbara Singh remarked,
Why should he think of accepting Nawabship ?
Since Satguru (Guru Gobind Singh) had promised sovereignty to the Sikhs,
He visualized that the moment for fulfillment of gurus prophecy was fast approaching.(36)
Since the Khalsa Panths claim for sovereignty was legitimate,
They would surely achieve it either in this world or in heaven.
Whatever prophetic words Satguru had said to the Sikhs,
Those were bound to be fulfilled instead of going waste. (37)
Even if the pole star shifted its position or earth shook from its axis,
Satgurus prophetic words would never remain unfulfilled.
Why should he barter that promised sovereignty with the wretched Nawabship,
Which was replete with subordination and harassment. (38)
Dohra : Satguru had conferred sovereignty on the Khalsa Panth,
As well as on each individual Singh of that fraternity.
Wherever a Singh sets his foot and settles on earth,
He establishes his own self-reliant/autonomous sovereignty. (39)
(SGPP, Episode 90, Vol. II, pp. 81, 83)
Since this sovereignty has to rest with the Guru Panth ultimately, it is made absolutely
clear on the very first day of the initiation of the Khalsa Panth by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru
Gobind Singh. After initiating the five chosen Singhs, the Guru himself bows down and receives
initiation from Khalsa initiates:
Dohra : Whatever ceremonial procedure Satguru had devised earlier,
He repeated the same procedure once again.
He begged to be initiated himself in the same manner,
From those five chosen ones whom he himself had initiated. (20)
Chaupai : After being initiated by the five initiated ones in the same manner,
He came to be known as Teacher-disciple rolled into one.
This has been the tradition from the very beginning,
xiv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As Guru Nanak had also accepted Guru Angad as his Guru. (21)
(SGPP, Episode 15, Vol. I, pp. 87, 89)
Later on, during the battle of Chamkaur Sahib, the tenth Guru passed on the sovereignty
to the Khalsa Panth symbolically by making one of the Singhs (Sant Singh) to wear the Gurus
crown and robes before leaving the mudfort at the dead of night:
Chaupai : But so it be, the blame had gone to the Mughals,
As our ancestors words had come out to be true.
Now I would confer sovereignty on the Khalsa Panth,
By anointing them as my true successors. (7)
Satguru vacated the seat on which he was sitting,
And made a Singh named Sant Singh occupy that seat,
Removing his own turban from his revered head,
He placed it on Sant Singhs head with his blessings. (8)
Then removing his crown, he put it on Sant Singhs head,
As well as he made Sant Singh wear his own royal garments.
Following Sikh Gurus tradition, he appointed the Singhs as his successors,
Much in the tradition of Guru Nanak appointing Guru Angad his successor. (9)
Asking the remaining Singhs to pay obeisance to his successor,
The Guru bestowed the Singhs with power of sovereignty.
Thereafter, the Guru instructed Sant Singh to this effect:
That he should prefer martyrdom to being captured by the enemy. (10)
(SGPP, Episode 19, Vol. I, pp. 127, 129)
Still later, on the occasion of commanding Banda Bahadur to lead the Khalsa Panth, the
Guru advised him to work in tandem with the Khalsa Panth and be a partener in the sovereignty
that had been bestowed upon the Khalsa Panth. When Banda Bahadur still insisted on seeking
special spiritual powers exclusively for himself after the Singhs had snatched from him the
double-edged sword bestowed on him by the Guru, the Guru felt delighted at the assertiveness
and aggressiveness of the Khalsa with which they had taken back the symbolic emblem of
sovereignty from Banda Bahadur, which legitimately belonged to them. Thereafter, the Guru
told him clearly that he (the Guru) had already vested the sovereignty in the Khalsa Panth and
that he could also have his share of Gurus blessings and be a partner of that sovereignty and
the Khalsa commonwealth by being one of them after praying in the company of five Singhs:
He also entreated the Guru to bestow him with certain miraculous powers,
So that he might also win some fame and reputation.
But if he ever betrayed and defied the Will of the Khalsa,
Then the Guru had every right to withdraw His pleasure. (8)
xv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Hearing this, the guru repeated his earlier declaration,
That he had handed over all the powers to the Khalsa Panth.
Since the Guru had admitted Banda Singh into the Khalsa Panth,
Banda Singh was equally entitled to share those powers. (9)
Whenever the need arose, he should gather an assembly of five Singhs,
And make a joint prayer for the fulfilment of his wish.
Receiving these instructions, Banda Singh launched on his mission,
And marched with his contingent towards Sirhind. (10)
(SGPP, Episode 30, Vol. I, p. 201)
This sovereignty, spiritual as well as temporal, born out of the manifest Will of the
Divine, after operating through the lives of ten Sikh Gurus and thereafter getting embodied in
the sacred Guru Granth and Guru Panth forever, has had its fair share of sacrifices and
martyrdoms much the same way as in all other spirutuo-religious ideological orders. Making
a sacrifice of ones life for adhering to and vindicating the distinctiveness of ones faith and
religion is an inbuilt, spontaneous and instinctive urge in all the adherents of every faith. The
urge to make sacrifice and die for ones faith arises from the deepest recesses of the conscience
of the faithful as he finds his cause to be just and legitimate. This justness and legitimacy of
his cause makes his sacrifice sacrosanct and his act of sacrifice an act of martyrdom.
Martyrdom, sought and achieved for the vindication of ones faith, is the noblest deed that a
human being can ever perform. That is why all religions and nations hold their martyrs in the
highest esteem and raise monuments in their memory. Sikhism and the Sikhs worship their
martyrs. They remember and invoke their blessings in their daily prayer. Rattan Singh, in
this epic, records a series of Sikh sacrifices and acts of martyrdom of the Sikh warriors in
flashes of most sublime poetry, beginning with the martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur:
Chaupai : Thus Guru Tegh Bahadur made the supreme sacrifice without compromising his dignity,
And protected both his religion as well its practices.
Not only he saved his body from being sewn in raw leather,
But also laid the blame of execution squarely on the Muslims. (53)
The foolish Muslim rulers did not realize their stupidity,
That the Guru was determined to lay the blame on their head.
Thus, Guru Tegh Bahadur had made the supreme sacrifice,
He had sacrificed his life for the protection of others rights. (54)
(SGPP, Episode 12, Vol. I, p. 69)
It was in the same spirit that majority of the Tenth Gurus initiated Singhs refused to
desert the Guru during the siege of Anandpur Sahib reiterating their faith in the Guru and
ideology even at the cost of their lines:
xvi Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : The Khalsa Singhs declared that they were the repositories of their faith,
That they would not betray their faith even at the cost of their lives.
That they were ready to die hundred times, what to talk of one sacrifice,
That they would not betray their faith at any cost.(37)
(SGPP, Episode 18, Vol. I, p. 115)
Similarly, the four sons of the tenth Guru sacrificed their lives for the same cause of
Sikh faith and religion, the two elder sons achieving martyrdom in the field of battle at
Chamkaur Sahib and the two younger ones facing the executioners sword with steadfast
courage and faith at Sirhind. This series of sacrificial sagas and acts of martyrdom continued
throughout the span of eighteenth century involving the heart-moving sacrifices of Baba
Banda Singh Bahadur and his companions, Bhai Mani Singh, Bhai Tara Singh Dalwan, Bhai
Taru Singh, Bhai Mehtab Singh, Nihang Gurbakhsh Singh Bhai Subeg Singh and countless
Bhai Taru Singhs answer to the people of his village, who come forward to pay
ransom to the Mughal officials for seeking his release, best sums up the spirit of all the Sikh
Declaring that he would never flee from his impending death,
Definitely would he offer himself for sacrifice to the Mughals.
The Guru had not only sacrificed his own life for the Sikhs,
He had sacrificed his sons and grandsons as well. (34)
It was for the glory and expansion of the Khalsa Panth,
That Guru had put an end to his own family line.
He being the devout follower of the Sikh Gurus,
How could he flee from making a sacrifice? (35)
(SGPP, Episode 106, Vol. II, p. 237)
S. Subeg Singh and his infant son too express similar santiments at the time of their
Why should one give up ones faith for a temporal life,
How could man escape death as it is inevitable.
The Sikh Gurus had served the cause of Khalsa Panth,
Even as they sacrificed their lives together with their progeny. (27)
All the four sons of the Guru had given up their life,
Sacrificing their lives at the altar of goddess of war.
As they had sacrificed their whole family for the sake of Sikhs,
What distinction would the Sikhs earn preserving their progeny? (28)
(SGPP, Episode 105, Vol. II, p. )
xvii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Rattan Singh Bhangoos sublime verse sum up these noble deeds of sacrifice in episode
110, while narrating S. Mehtab Singhs execution:
Chaupai : Praise, more praise be to Bhai Mani Singh,
Who got his body dismembered to keep his faith.
Praise be to Bhai Dyal Singh of Shahesar,
Who got himself crushed among spoked wheels for his faith. (10)
Praise be to Subeg Singh Jambar and his son,
Who kept meditating even while being crushed on a rack.
Praise to all those Singhs who kept their faith,
Who shed their mortal frame in the name of their Guru. (11)
(SGPP, Episode 110, Vol. II, p. 285)
So in Sikhism The idea of Sovereignty says Dr J.S. Grewal, as closely associated
with martyrdom had originated with Guru Nanak and had been passed from one successor to
another. Guru Arjun, Guru Harkrishan, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh, whose
four sons attained martyrdom, put this idea into practice. The moral triumph of the martyr
strengthened the position of the Khalsa vis-a-vis God and weakened the position of their
adversaries. Consequently martyrdom enhanced the power and sovereignty of the Khalsa on
the earth.
Thus, this epic, besides chronicling the sagas of supreme sacrifices by the Sikh
Gurus and the Sikhs for upholding the values of their faith and religion, also acquires the
status of a seminal work for the preservation as well as presentation of the most basic Sikh
tenets of sovereignty of Guru Granth, Guru Panth, and the Sikh tradition of Gurmatta and
Sikh martyrdom. The epic writers whole-hearted effort appears to be both on conceptualising
these tenets as well as demonstrating the technique and tradition of materializing these concepts
as living role models so that the coming generations may learn to preserve and uphold this
rich heritage and legacy of their faith.
By accomplishing these two objectives, this epic has come to hold a unique positon
among the few available resources of contemporary Sikh history. It is perhaps for this reason
that a twentieth century Sikh historian remarked that had Rattan Singh Bhangoo not composed
his Panth Prakash, we would have known very little Sikh history.
Hari Ram Gupta regarded
Guru Panth Parkash, an extremely valuable and a first-rate authority on Sikh history.
Variouss other historians like Dr Ganda Singh
, G. C. Narang
and Indu Bhushan Banerjee
have acknowledged its relevance and borrowed heavily from it while writing their books on
Banda Singh Bahadur and the Post Guru Period of Sikh history. Sirdar Kapoor Singh has
referred to this work time and again while writing his philosophical treatise on Sikhism.
Despite these super-human deeds of sacrifices and acts of martyrdom both by the Sikh
Gurus and the Sikh warriors to uphold and espouse the basic tenets of Sikh sovereignity and
its acknowledgement by an overwhelming number of eminent scholars of Sikh history, there
still persists a belief in certain quarters which feels shy of according this poetic work the
status of an epic while admitting it to be a social chronicle and a masterpiece in the same
breath. Let us analyse some of the definitions of an epic as given by certain literary theoriticians
xviii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
in order to see what makes a poetic work an epic and see wether Rattan Singh Bhangoos
work belogns to this genre. Epic, according to Oxford Dictionary is a long narrative poem
of heroic deeds. Another literary theoretician M.H. Abrams says, In its standard sense, the
term epic or heroic poem is applied to a work that meets at least the following criteria: it is a
long narrative poem on a serious subject, told in a form and elevated style, and centred on a
heroic or quasi-divine figure on whose actions depends the fate of a tribe, a nation, or (as in
the instance of John Millions Paradise Lost) the human race.
Among the other characteristics
of an epic are its hero as a figure of great national or cosmic importance, its setting which
is ample in scale or even larger, the action which involves superhuman deeds in battle in
which God and other, supernatural beings take an interest or an active part; narrated in a
ceremonial style which is deliberately distanced from ordinary speech and propositioned to
the grandeur and formality of the heroic subject and epic architecture and begins in medias
res that is in the middle of things. Considering all these characteristics as parameters of an
epic, Rattan Singh Bhangoos Gur Panth Prakash fully qualifies for being an epic of a sublime
order. It narrates the evolution of a nation and a religion, the Khalsa Panth, enumerating the
superhuman deeds of human valour, endurance and sacrifice in a grand poetic style over a
span of vast space and time. The Sikh heroes and martyrs, both among the divine Sikh
Gurus and the human Sikh warriors can be counted among the worlds greatest martyrs by
any reckoning. Bhangoos flashes of poetry touch the sublime while narrating some of these
deeds of rare sacrifice. The contrary view which denies this poetic work the status of an
epic, ignores all these attributes of this work because it thinks erroneously that Bhangoos
work lacks in the homogeneity of personages and events which communicates wisdom as
the corelative of truth. But it fails to realise that homogeneity in this poetic composition, as
in all other epics, is one of vision and its steadfast projection of that vision rather than the
homogeneity of personages and events. All the diverse personages and their sacrificial deeds
of valour and sacrifice which form the dramatis personae of this Sikh epic right from the
Sikh Gurus to the last Sikh warrior stand for and uphold the same homogeneity of supreme
principle throughout the span of this epic - the principle of sovereignty of the Khalsa Panth
and its achievement and preservation even at the cost of their lives. How can the personages
and events belonging to different periods of time and facing different circumstances be
homogeneous? Thus, this epic, like all other epics, has heterogeneous personages and
encounters to uphold a homogeneous vision of Khalsa Panths evolution, preservation,
promotion and ultimate sovereignty.
As stated earlier in the first volume, Sri Guru Panth Prakash, besides being one of
the widely acknowledged historical sources and social chronicles of the eighteenth century
Sikh history, presents a fascinating portrait gallery of great Sikh warriors and martyrs. While
Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh, the four Sahibzadas, the forty Muktas and Baba
Banda Bahadur have been portrayed as great martyrs in the first volume, the glorious deeds
of superhuman valour and supreme sacrifice of several Sikh warriors belonging to the post-
Guru and post-Banda Bahadur period have been recorded and portrayed in the second part of
this epic. These selfless, devout and highly indoctrinated and motivated warriors, by virtue
of their commitment to their faith and ideology, have become icons and epochal figures in
xix Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Sikh history as well as in the collective consciousness of the Sikh Panth. Flashes of Bhangoos
inspiring verse have immortalised them in the public memory. Foremost among these Sikh
martyrs is Bhai Mani Singh who got his whole body dismembered limb by limb after being
held guilty of defaulting in the payment of an agreed sum of state tax to the contemporary
Mughal ruler for holding a congregation at the sacred shrine on the occasion of Diwali as well
as refusing to convert to Islam. Bhai Mani Singhs sacrifice is the epitome of all the Sikh
religious attributes which the latter Sikh martyrs tried to emulate. The author sums up Bhai
Mani Singhs whole life in the following verse:
Chaupai : Mani Singh was a saintly enlightened person,
As well as a celibate, and a renowned meditative soul,
He was perfect in resolution, meditation and self-realisation,
As well as perfect in human endurance and courage. (2)
He was industrious, religious, devoted and scholarly,
Who had reposed complete faith in Satgurus teachings.
Since he had lived in the sacred company of the Guru,
He became thoroughly groomed in the Sikh way of life. (3)
Since he had broken bread with the great Guru,
He became a man of resolution and firm convictions.
He would drive home the spirit of Sikhism to the Sikhs,
As well as award punishment to those erring in Sikh conduct. (4)
He would indoctrinate young minds in Sikh way of life,
As well as preach Sikhism among all the four castes.
He would narrate many episodes from Gurus lives to the Sikhs,
Partly by quoting from the Gurus, partly through self-composed anecdotes. (5)
(SGPP, Episode 93, Vol. II, pp. 105, 107)
An anonymous contemporary bard quoted by Rattan Singh Bhangoo sums up Bhai
Mani Singhs supreme sacrifice in a typical kabit style verse:
Kabit : Being the greatest Sikh among the Sikhs,
Being the greatest spiritual devotee among the devout,
Bhai Mani Singh could be declared as unbeatable in faith,
In the annals of Sikh faith throughout,
Having earned a great applause in the world,
Having sacrificed his life for the sake of religion,
He got himself slaughtered for the sake of faith,
Without displaying a trace of the slightest fear.
Sikhs having been delighted with his sacrifice,
The wicked having been contaminated with his act,
xx Sri Gur Panth Prakash
He decimated evil all around the world,
With the sword of his spiritual enlightenment.
He who claimed himself to be a Gursikh,
He alone could accomplish such a deed.
No one could excel Mani Singh in sacrifice,
Either from amongst the rich or the poor as well. (1)
(SGPP, Episode 93, Vol. II, p. 119)
Bhai Taru Singh, likewise, refuses to part with his sacred Sikh hair and bears the
extreme torture of being scalped alive after being charged with harbouring and feeding the
defiant, militant Khalsa Singhs fighting for the Sikh cause. In a dramatic question-answer
dialogue with his torturer, the Nawab of Lahore, Bhai Taru Singh vindicates his resolve to
sacrifice his life with his sacred hair intact:
Dohra : The same day (after getting Bhai Taru Singhs scalp scraped),
The Nawab of Lahore put forth a poser to Bhai Taru Singh.
How could Taru Singh justify his much touted claim,
That he would not part with his hair without his head? (28)
Chaupai : Rejecting the Nawabs claim of removing his (Taru Singhs) hair as false,
Bhai Taru Singh explained that his hair had gone along with his scalp.
Since his body alone had been dispossessed of his hair,
Nawabs claim on both these counts had been proved false. (29)
Explaining his remarks further to the (arrogant) Nawab,
He told the Nawab that the latter had not understood his words.
Since his (Taru Singhs) (sacred) hair remained intact on his scalp,
Nawabs claim about both Bhai Taru Singhs hair and skull were false. (30)
(SGPP, Episode 111, Vol. II, pp. 293, 295)
Equally glorious is the martyrdom of S. Mehtab Singh of Mirankot who, after beheading
the wicked Massa Ranghar in broad daylight for his sin of desecrating the sacred shrine Harmandir
Sahib, presents himself voluntarily before the Lahore Nawab to join the fraternal company of
Bhai Taru Singh and gladly jumps on the engine of torture to be pierced and persecuted to
uphold the dignity of his faith. Rattan Singh Bhangoo, whose grandfather this martyr was,
describes his martyrdom as follows:
The way Mehtab Singh had resolved to make a supreme sacrifice,
He placed himself between the two spoked wheels voluntarily.
Praise be to the blessed Singh and his noble sacrifice,
Who made the supreme sacrifice to keep his Sikh faith. (23)
Bhai Taru Singh felt ecstatic after hearing of this act,
That Mehtab Singh had voluntarily made a supreme sacrifice.
xxi Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Priase, Praise unbounded be to great Mehtab Singh,
Who had joined him (Bhai Taru Singh) in the noble cause voluntarily. (24)
(SGPP, Episode 110, Vol. II, p. 287)
Another unique legend belongs to Nihang Gurbakhsh Singh who takes a vow to sacrifice
his life in defence of the sacred shrine Harmandir Sahib as the news of Ahmad Shah Abdalis
invasion reaches Amritsar. His life and sacrifice epitomise all the eighteenth century Sikh
warriors who had pledged their lives to combat the Mughal and Afghan oppression and tyranny
and achieve the goal of Khalsa Panths sovereignty. The epic writer defines the real character
and motivation of these defenders of the Sikh faith in one of the most sublime verses:
Dohra : He alone deserves to be called a Nihang,
Who remains indifferent to joys and sorrows.
He alone is worthy of being called highly detached,
Whose constitution remains unaffected by pain or comfort. (6)
He who is firm in conviction, character and meditation,
He who is generous in charity and perfect in bravery.
He who remains engrossed in his own regimen,
Even when Sikh dignitaries come doting upon him. (7)
Chaupai : Whenever an opportunity for waging a war arises,
Never does he shirk from making a supreme sacrifice.
Whenever his religious ideology comes under threat,
Readily does he offer himself to combat that threat. (8)
Wherever there is a war being waged,
Among the front runners would he stand.
Wherever a beat of the war drum is heard,
First among the front runners would he be to reach. (9)
(SGPP, Episode 156, Vol. II, pp. 631, 633)
A monument Shaheed Ganj was constructed by the Singhs on the spot where Nihang
Gurbhakh singh and his companions were cremated in Amritsar at the back of Sri Akal Takht.
The epic writers imaginative verse deifies and mythologises this Sikh martyr as his sacred soul
is taken to heaven (Sachkhand) by the spirits of earlier Sikh martyrs. The True Guru Satguru
is persuaded by the spirits of Bhai Mani Singh, Bhai Taru Singh and other Sikh martyrs to make
Nihang Gurbakhsh Singhs soul take a human birth once again and become a king of kings
among the Sikhs. The Divine Guru, acceding to the martyrs prayer blesses Nihang Gurbakhsh
Singh to be born in the house of another great warrior S. Charat Singh after tweleve years to
become the supreme Sikh sovereign, implying Maharaja Ranjit Singh:
Dohra : Graciously did the Divine Satguru accede to
What the martyrs souls had beseeched.
xxii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Never is the Guru distinct from his Sikhs,
Nor are His Sikhs any bit distinct from their Guru. (111)
Chaupai : As the Divine Guru acceded to the Singhs plea,
Delighted did their souls feel at the Gurus grace.
Once again did Gurbakhsh Singhs soul ask the Guru,
How could the (sovereign) Khalsa follow his command? (112)
Thereupon, the Divine Guru expressed His divine Grace,
Saying the Guru had invested Gurbakhsh Singh with His powers.
The Khalsa upon whom the Guru had conferred sovereignty,
Would Gurbakhsh Singh be the supreme sovereign among them. (113)
The whole Khalsa Panth would abide by his command,
Vanquished he be whosoever dared to fight against him. (114)
(SGPP, Episode 156, Vol. II, p. 655)
Most-heart moving of all is the sacrifice and martyrdom of Subeg Singh Jambar and
his infant son. Even though he had been in the service of the Nawab and had mediated many a
time between the Nawab and the Khalsa Panth, yet he was coerced to convert to Islam or face
prosecution and torture. He, like the other Sikh martyrs, preferred death to conversion because
even after accepting Islam he was destined to die one day at last:
Great was the Nawab, greater still was his faith in Islam,
Great must be his sense of justice, he being a legal expert.
Should he (Subeg Singh) convert to Islam for fear of death,
Would he never die after his conversion to Islam? (10)
If death is imminent even after getting converted,
Why should he give up his own religion in this life?
He would gladly convert to Islam to escape death,
Provided Islam guaranteed that he would never die. (11)
As Islam was very dear to the worthy Nawab,
So was his (Subeg Singhs) own religion very dear to him.
He pleaded to be immediately executed on the torture rack,
And be done away without any further loss of time. (12)
(SGPP, Episode 105, Vol. II, p. 217)
When the most inhuman and excruciating torture fails to crush the spirit and morale of
this Sikh martyr, his infant son is brought and passed through a similar torture before Subeg
Singhs eyes. This infant Sikh martyr, after a very brief and temporary recantation, also reiterates
his allegiance to his own faith in the midst of extreme torture:
xxiii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As the Nawab started questioning the child,
The child turned a deaf ear to all his queries.
Asking the child to get converted to Islam,
He promisted to spare his life after his conversion. (52)
At this the child told the Nawab (in unmistakable terms),
That his own faiths teachings were dear to him.
As he (the child) had received Gods true Name from his Guru,
The Guru had blessed him with the Divine name Waheguru. (53)
(SGPP, Episode 105, Vol. II, pp. 225, 227)
Besides these Sikh martyrs, the galaxy of Sikh warriors includes the heroic deeds and
military exploits of a few others. Prominent among those are Nawab Kapoor Singh, S. Jassa
Singh Ahluwalia, S. Sukha Singh, S. Bota Singh, S. Sham Singh, S. Charat Singh and S. Baghel
Singh. These Sikh warriors have been immortalised in this epic for their selfless service, rare
administrative and military accumen, and their acts of dare-devilry in the teeth of extreme
enemy oppression and tyranny. They have become legendary heroes in Sikh history for bringing
about the prophesied sovereignty of the Khalsa Panth as well as cutting the umbilical chord of
the Mughal rule by blocking and plugging for ever the Mughal and Afghan invasions from the
north west. The epic sums up the unique contribution of these Sikh warriors as follows:
It was Nadir Shah who had captured Delhi,
Full seventy thousand people had he massacred.
The warrior who had killed the mighty Nadir Shah.
The same warrior had tasted defeat at the hands of the Singhs. (48)
As Nadir Shah had come to be known as Delhis destroyer,
So had Ahmed Shah come to be known as Nadir Shahs destroyer,
So had Khalsa panth come to be known as Ahmed Shahs destroyer,
Who had forced (the mighty) Ahmad Shah Abdali to flee. (49)
(SGPP, Episode 158, Vol. II, p. 679)
These Sikh warriors occupy a place of prominence among the Khalsa Panth for their
complete allegiance and commitment to the basic Sikh doctrines of selfless service to the Sikh
cause, unconditional eagerness to make sacrifice in the defence of their faith and practice of
Sikh Code of Conduct in letter and spirit. S. Kapoor Singh is singled out for the conferment of
Nawabship on him purely on the basis of his selfless service and sacrifices rendered to the
Khalsa Panth:
S. Kapoor Singh was attending upon the congregation at that moment,
Moving the hand fan with quick strokes for fanning the air.
He had faced the stroke of enemys sword on his face single handed,
The scar being still as fresh on his face as the scar on moons face. (42)
xxiv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
With the scar, still fresh and raw on his face,
He had won the hearts of the whole Khalsa Panth.
A thought ran across the mind of entire congregation simultaneously,
As if it was a moment of coincidence for the whole congregation. (43)
Dohra : At that moment, a devout Singh beloved of the Guru,
Was heard reciting the following line of Gurbani!
The honour of serving the Gurus devotees goes to those,
Who become worthy of the grace of Gurus saints. (44)
Chaupai : As S. Kapoor Singh was fanning with the hand fan,
He became the focus of the gracious eyes of the congregation.
As the congregation heard the sacred line of the Divine Guru,
Everyone agreed to accept the message of the Gurbani line. (45)
Since the one performing service deserved to be honoured,
S. Kapoor Singh should be conferred with the proffered robes.
As the Khalsa Panth ordered him to pick up the robe of honour,
S. Kapoor Singh bowed down to accept Khalsa Panths gracious offer. (46)
(SGPP, Episode 90, Vol. II, pp. 225, 227)
After taking over the command of the Khalsa Panth force, to Nawab Kapoor Singh
goes the credit of organizing the splintered bands of Singhs into five contingents (misls) initially
and assigning various duties to the Singh soldiers on the basis of merit and skill of each Singh
Dohra : Thus, the whole Khalsa Panth was organized into five contingents,
With five distinct emblems for their identification.
The five standards representing each contingent,
Were planted in the precincts of Akal Takht. (26)
Chaupai : The first emblem was allocated to the martyred Nihang Singhs,
Who were represented by Baba Deep Singh and Karam Singh.
The second contingent was headed by Karam Singh Dharam Singh,
From Amritsar belonging the Kshtriya caste of Singhs. (27)
The two elderly Singhs from ancient lineage represented the third,
Coming from the Trehan-Bhalla clans of great gurus.
S, Dasondha Singh who headed the fourth contingent,
He hailed from village Kot Buddha of Gill Jat Sikhs. (28)
The fifth contingent was put under the command of Bir Singh Ranghreta,
Which consisted of thirteen hundred horse-mounted Singhs.
xxv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Such a command and control structure was put in place,
Which Rattan Singh (the author) has narrated as he heard it. (29)
(SGPP, Episode 90, Vol. II, p. 91)
Later on these contingents and misls multiplied in strength, but the command and
control principle introduced by Kapoor Singh continued to guide the Khalsa force. During
his stay in Malwa he initiated Baba Ala Singh, the Patiala chief, into Khalsa Panth and lent him
support to occupy more territory. Thereafter he renovated Darbar Sahib before the Diwali
festival and Malwa Singhs offered many horses and provisions to him for the journey. On
the way, the Khalsa ransacked Sirhind once again to avenge Sahibzadas execution. It was
under his command and inspiring leadership that Khalsa Panth contingents robbed and
dispossessed Nader Shah the Afghan invader who was returning to Kandhar after looting,
plundering the most valuable treasures at Delhi and slaughtering seventy thousand defenceless
inhabitants of India. The dialogue between the dispossessed and beaten Nader Shah and
Nawab Khan Bahadur of Lahore, as recorded by the epic writer in this epic, bears a testimony
to the indomitable will and physical grit of the Khalsa Panth soldiers under the command of
Nawab Kapoor Singh:
Chaupai : On his return to Lahore, he asked Khan Bahadur of Lahore,
About the identity of those who had robbed his war booty.
He thundered that those who had waylaid his treasure,
He would raze their country to dust and ashes. (3)
Then Khan Bahadur, responding to his query, remarked,
That his plunderers did not belong to any specific country.
They could feed themselves and relax while on the move,
They had not any definitely fixed place for their stay. (4)
Neither did they bother about any taste while feeding themselves,
Nor did they feel any pain while being tortured.
Neither did they care to drink water in the peak of summer,
Nor did they need any warmth in the extreme winter. (5)
While they bothered little about their cereal food being grinded,
They fought fiercely in battle with utmost agility.
Each one of them could fight against a hundred adversaries,
Since they were not scared of death at all. (6)
(SGPP, Episode 95, Vol. II, pp.129, 131)
Another legendry figure among the eighteenth century Sikh warriors is S. Jassa Singh
Ahluwalia who inherited the legacy of commanding Khalsa Panth from the most venerated
Nawab Kapoor Singh and became worthy of being addressed as Sultan-ul-Kaum of the Khalsa
Panth for his qualities of leadership and selfless service. Steeped in the Sikh way of life by his
devout mother and initiated by Nawab Kapoor Singh, he like his mentor, rose to the highest
xxvi Sri Gur Panth Prakash
position among the Khalsa Panth. Nawab Kapoor Singh blessed his adopted progeny to be the
The Khalsa Panth which had made Kapoor Singh a Nawab,
Would one day make the boy (Jassa Singh) a sovereign.
Since that moment, the boy became worthy of Khalsa Panths grace,
And came to be known as Jassa Singh Kalal, the sovereign. (15)
(SGPP, Episode 91, Vol. II, p. 97)
Next in the hierarchy of these Sikh heroes is S. Sukha Singh. To him goes the credit
of accompanying Mehtab Singh on the expedition to behead Massa Ranghar and slaughtering
Karma Chhina, the state informer and slaughterer of many a Singh. Among all the Sikh warriors,
he is the bravest and the most daring. Initiated by S. Sham Singh, chief of Karoresinghia Misl,
he attempts to commit suicide after his sacred hair were shorn by his parents after doping him
with a heavy dose of narcotics. Later on after stealing the mare of a village chief, he joins a
Singh contingent but compensates the village chief by robbing a rich goldsmith in a crowded
Lahore market in broad-day light. During Ahmad Shah Abdalis advance towards Delhi after
the occupation of Lahore, Abdali throws a gauntlet to the Singhs through a written epistle to
come out of their hiding if they claimed themselves to be great warriors and engage in a single
combat with one of his most muscular Durrani soldiers. As S. Charat Singh, still tender in
years, picks up the gauntlet Sukha Singh volunteers to take up this challenge on his behalf. In
a hand to hand fight that takes place between the Durrani soldier covered with a steel armour
from head to foot, Sukha Singh pierces his dagger through his steel armour killing the boasting
enemy instantly. Among his other exploits as a brave Sikh warrior included ransacking of Sarai
Noordin, Chhina village inhabitants of which had been conspiring against the Singhs and were
instrumental in the arrest and persecution of many a Singh. In another rare act of bravery, he
sneaks on a horseback and manages to take a dip in the sacred pool at Amritsar in broad day
light in the midst of heavily guarded premises from all sides after the Mughals had publically
dared the Singhs to touch the waters of the sacred pool. During the first massacre of the Sikhs
by the forces of Dewan Lakhpat Rai in the swamps of Kahunwan popularly known as Chhota
Ghallughara, One of Sukha Singhs legs gets badly wounded and broken by a bombshell. But
he carries on the fight by tying his broken leg with the horses saddle. Finally, he achieves
martyrdom during another invasion of Ahmad Shah Abdali. No wonder, Rattan Singh Bhangoo
has recorded his daring acts of brvery and sacrifice in as many as seven episodes.
Two towering portrayals in succession of Sikh warriors are those of S. Sham Singh
and S. Baghel Singh. These two Sikh warriors, commanding the Kroresinghia Misl in turn,
have accomplished legendry victories for the Khasa Panth and hastened materialisation of Sikh
sovereignty. S. Sham Singh had the good fortune of having seen and met the tenth Sikh Guru,
Guru Gobind Singh in the company of his revered father. Having been initiated into Khalsa
Panth by a devout Singh Mastan Singh, he took over the Sikh seminary of his religious teacher
after the latter was commanded to accompany Baba Banda Singh Bahadur to Punjab. He not
only became the chief of Kroresinghia Misl but also had the good fortune of being Nawab
Kapoor Singhs confidant Sunehria. His contingent Misl produced such great Sikh warriors as
Sukha Singh, S. Karam Singh Paijgarh, S. Karora Singh and S. Baghel Singh. His Misl subdued
xxvii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
the Phulkian state force consisting of Malwai Brars and their collaterals when they attempted
to encroach upon the territory of S. Sham Singhs Misl. Sham Singh had the distinction of
collecting a ransom of seven lakh rupees from the powerful jat ruler of Bharatpur just for
honouring the jat ruler with an embrace symbolic of jats allegiance with the Khalsa Panth. He
distributed this amount among the ten Sikh Misls in proportion to their respective strength. In
fact, S. Sham Singh and Nawab Kapoor Singh formed the twin pillars of Khalsa Panth under
whose joint command the ten Sikh Misls functioned and carried on the struggle for achieving
complete Sikh sovereignty. Rattan Singh Bhangoo brings out the glorious achievements of
these ten Sikh Misls through the epic simile of Lord Krishna and his ten Yadava contingents
over the evil Jamankal from the Hindu mythology.
Dohra : As there were ten Misls of the Yadav clan,
So there were ten Misls in the Khalsa Panth.
As Lord Krishna commanded the ten Yadav Misls,
The tenth Sikh Guru directed the Khalsa Misls. (20)
Chaupai : As the Yadavs escaped Kaljamans onslaught,
So would the Singhs escape Abdalis invasion.
The number of times Jamankal invaded the Yadavs,
The same number of times Abdali invaded the Singhs. (21)
As Lord Krishna got Kaljaman destroyed by the Yadavs,
So did the tenth Guru get Abdali decimated by the Khalsa.
As all the Muslim rulers were annihilated by the Khalsa,
The Khalsa Panth shouted slogans of Gurus victory. (22)
(SGPP, Episode 163, Vol. II, p. 747)
The portrait gallery of eighteenth century Sikh martyrs and warriors will not be
complete without mentioning the glorious contribution of S. Baghel Singh and S.Charat Singh.
S. Baghel Singh, commanding the Kroressinghia Misl, not only burnt alive the wicked Sayyad
abductor and hanged his Ahluwalia procurer of Luhari Jalalabad both of whom had kidnapped
the daughter of a helpless Brahmin from the distant trans-Yamuna region but also rehabilitated
her in the house of her would-be inlaws by solemnising her marriage as a daughter of the
Khalsa Panth, giving a handsome amount in dowry as well. He extended not only the frontiers
of territorial occupation of the Khalsa Panth in the East but also occupied Delhi for ever a
year in 1783. He not only demarcated and constructed the seven sacred shrines associated
with the Sikh Gurus in Delhi, but also levied and collected 38% share out of every rupee (Six
annas out of a rupee) that came to the Delhi state treasury as octroi for the construction and
renovation of dilapidated Sikh shrines. His brave exterior and charismatic personality created
a terror among the Muslims. He went to see the Delhis emperor Shah Alam II at the latters
invitation without bowing his head before the emperor as was the custom.
S. Charat Singh has been portrayed as the bravest among the brave in this epic. If
Baba Banda Singh Bahadur is the hero of the first part of this epic, S. Charat Singh is
indisputably the foremost among the Sikh warriors in the second part. His acts of bravery,
xxviii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
his fearlessness and his courageous acts of offence and defence are the stuff of which
legends are made. He is portrayed as an epitome of Khalsa grit and dare devilry. S. Charat
Singhs mettle as a Sikh warrior with a superhuman skill and bravery comes to the fore
during the most fierce battle between Khalsa forces and those of Ahmad Shah Abdali that
took place around the villages of Kup and Poheer near Malerkotla. This battle is also known
as the greatest massacre or Wada Ghallughara in Sikh history. S. Charat Singh is the hero of
this unequal battle between the Sikhs and the Mughals. He proves to be the saviour of many
a Sikh lives in this battle. His heroic deeds of offence and defence are the ultimate in Sikh
war history. Rattan Singh Bhangoo has delineated his warrior profile in the most sublime
Chaupai : Uncountable was the number of wounds which S. Charat Singh received,
Innumerable were the arrows, lances and swords which hit his body.
Whosoever did S. Charat Singh hit like the mighty Bhim Sain,
His every blow resulted in wounding his adversary in fight. (148)
Dohra : From the concluding day of this massacre of the Sikhs,
Did S. Charat Singhs stock sore high among the Singhs.
Many a life of Sikhs in the caravan had he saved,
Putting his own life at a great risk determinedly. (149)
Chaupai : Praise be to S. Charat Singh said each member of the caravan,
They owed their life to S. Charat Singhs valorous deeds.
Whosoever survived, survived because of S. Charat Singhs efforts,
Thus did they praise S. Charat Singh all in one voice. (150)
Thus did they bless him gathering in a congregational prayer,
Undoubtedly would he be a chief among the Singhs.
May he become a chief among the Khalsa Panth,
Unitedly did they shower their blessings on this great Singh. (151)
Surely would he become a sovereign, some surmised,
Undoubtedly would he occupy the Lahore throne, others opined.
Admittedly would he take over Multan, some believed,
Clearly would he conquer Kashmir and Kabul, others declared. (152)
From Delhi to the South to the mountains in the East,
Definitely would his writ run in all directions.
Thus did the whole caravan pray for S. Charat Singh,
That the entire Khalsa Panth might accept his leadership. (153)
(SGPP, Episode 136, Vol. II, pp. 515, 517)
S. Bota Singh calls the bluff of Mughal Nawab of Lahore of having exterminated every
Sikh in the State, by putting up a toll tax barrier on the highway to Lahore in a broad day light
xxix Sri Gur Panth Prakash
and sacrifices his life fighting against the battery of Mughal soldiers who had come to arrest
him. S. Hatthoo Singh Majhail, after his arrest by the Mughal authorities, achieves martyrdom
when his body is torn into two parts by tying his two legs to two elephants pulling in opposite
directions. Martyr Mit Singh sacrifices his life while fighting against Jahan Khan. S. Tara
Singh of village Dalwan achieves martyrdom while fighting against the mighty Moman Khan
and his most muscular Mughal warriors like Taki Khan, Mansa Ram and Daya Ram. He is one
of those Sikh warriors who upheld the principle of Sikh honour and dignity at the cost of their
Thus, S. Tara Singh accomplishing a legendary deed,
Became famous (as a martyr) in the whole world.
Following the great Gurus words in letter and spirit,
He sacrificed his life rather than compromising his dignity. (50)
(SGPP, Episode 86, Vol. II, p. 43)
Sri Gur Panth Prakash, besides being a seminal work delineating basic Sikh doctrines
and recording the glorious deeds of sacrifice and martyrdom of prominent Sikh warriors, is
also an authentic social chronicle of some of the major upheavals, cultural and cross-cultural
currents in the contemporary Sikh and Indian society. Prominent among these movements
are the two massacres of the Sikhs-one in the swamps of Kahnuwan, District Gurdaspur and
the second near the villages Kup and Poheer on the Ludhiana Malerkotla highway. Nearly one
lakh militant Sikhs and their families perished in these two massacres. These are known as
Chhota Ghallughara and Wada Ghallughara respectively. The first massacre was the result
of an encounter between the Khalsa force and the Mughal forces together with the forces of
several Hill chiefs. The Mughal force was led by Dewan Lakhpat Rai whose elder brother
Dewan Jaspat Rai was killed by the Singhs in an earlier encounter near Eminabad. The
second massacre of the Sikhs on a much larger scale occurred during the Khalsa carvans
escape towards the Malwa region after the devastation of Majha including the nearly complete
destruction of Harmandir Sahib by Abdalis forces. As the retreating Khalsa had ransacked
Sirhind, its governor Jain Khan and Pathan rulers of Malerkotla conspired to block the Khalsa
passage as Ahmad Shah Abdalis forces were invited to attack the Khalsa force from the rear.
In the battle that ensued, the Khalsa force, being outnumbered and encircled from all sides,
fought bravely but the Sikh casualties ran into several thousands. This was the worst massacre
of the Sikhs in their entire history. As Rattan Singh Bhangoos father and uncle had both
participated in this fierce battle, his account of this massacre seems to be quite reliable.
In all twenty thousand Singhs could reach upto this point,
While many others died or got scattered from the caravan.
The eye-witnesses reckoned that there were one lakh Singhs,
Fifty thousand of whom survived, the rest having perished in this massacre. (143)
My father (S. Rai Singh) put the figure at thirty thousand Singhs,
Who perished in this crusade, the rest having returned safe.
xxx Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As both my (authors) father and uncle were part of this crusade,
I have narrated this episode after listening this account from them. (144)
(SGPP, Episode 136, Vol. II, p. 515)
Among the other episodes about Khalsa encounters and achievements are those of
the slaughter of Jain Khan, Nawab of Sirhind and destruction of Sirhind for the second time;
massacre at Morinda and slaughter of Muslim converts families who were instrumental in
arresting of younger Sahibzadas and handing them over to the Nawab of Sirhind, the sacrifices
of Sikh martyrs belonging to Randhawa clan of villages Chamunday and Kairon Nanglia, the
love-hate relationship between the Malwai Brars and Majhail Singhs; the siege of Jat rulers
fortress at Deegh and Ghumer and the rapprochement between the Khalsa and the Jats, the
origin, evolution of Phulkian dynasty and Khalsa-Phulkian inter-active relationships. Among
the cultural currents that this social chronicle depicts are the emergence of some splinter
Sikh groups such as Chandialias, Jandialias Niranjanias who, having originated from the
Sikh Panth, came into conflict with the Khalsa Panth for purely mercenary reasons and
causing a considerable damage to the Khalsa movement. Another sect that caused the
maximum damage to the Khalsa Panth was that of the Sultanis. Members of this sect, though
they dressed and lived like the Hindus, professed their faith in a Muslim Pir known as Sakhi
Sarvar. The members of all these sects turned informers and collaborators with the Mughal
and Afghan rulers and were instrumental in getting many Sikh martyrs like Bhai Taru Singh,
Mehtab Singh and others arrested and executed. For instance, it was Harbhagat Niranjania
who led a Mughal raiding party to invade S. Mehtab Singhs village of Mirankot. It also
records the crumbling of the mighty Mughal empire and the subsequent internecine war
between its four powerful ministers who tried to chalk and consolidate territories inside and
around Delhi with Ghiasudin Gazdi inviting the Marathas and Najib-ud-Daula inviting Ahmad
Shah Abdali. The epic writer says that as a thorn is used to take out another thorn from the
human flesh, the Divine power willed to get the tyrannical Mughals decimated by the Afghans
as it had earlier ordained the Mughals to replace the despotic Lodhis. Finally, it was given to
the Khalsa panth to hit the last nail in the coffins of both the Mughals and the Afghans:
It was Nadir Shah who had capatured Delhi,
Full seventy thousand people had he massacred.
The warrior who had killed the mighty Nadir Shah,
The same warrior had tasted defeat at the hands of the Singhs. (48)
As Nadir Shah had come to be known as Delhis destroyer,
So had Ahmed Shah come to be known as Nadir Shahs destroyer,
So had Khalsa panth come to be known as Ahmed Shahs destroyer,
Who had forced (the mighty) Ahmad Shah Abdali to flee. (49)
(SGPP, Episode 158, Vol. II, p. 679)
The epic records two other events of his times. These are the invasion of Babur at
the persistent request of Daulat Rai Lodhi of Sultanpur to seek blessings of Guru Nanak for
the extinction of the Mughal empire, and demarcation and construction of a symbolic platform
xxxi Sri Gur Panth Prakash
at Sirhind at the place of Sahibzadas execution by the repentant Wazir Khan, Nawab of
Sirhind. While both these are facts of history, much of the mythological baggage with which
the epic writer has loaded these two incidences does not appeal to the sensibility of a modern
reader. In the second incident, Bhangoos version differs from the centuries-old Sikh belief,
and perhaps historical records as well, when he states that the two younger Sahibzadas were
beheaded instantly by a butcher with a sickle inside Wazir Khans court after they refused to
covert to Islam. It was many years after their execution that a platform was raised with the
Nawabs permission at state expense on the advice of his Muslim clerics to rid the Nawab of
several bodily ailments, which in their opinion, were a consequence of his sinful act of killing
Gurus two innocent sons. This version runs counter the age-old belief that the younger
Sahibzadas were bricked alive and finally beheaded. In Baburs case, Bhangoo depicts Guru
Nanak blessing Babur and his dynasty to rule for seven generations by putting seven handfuls
of connabis leaves in Baburs lap indicating that his dynastic rule at the end of his seven
generations will be uprooted by the followers of Guru Nanak at the cost of great sacrifices,
because Baburs descendents would have turned tyrants and oppressors like his predecessors
the Lodhis. Although, it is historically true that the Mughals ruled effectively for seven
generations, but the myth of Guru Nanaks blessings on Babur and sending the latter to
heavens riding on Guru Nanaks wooden staff and showing him the highly subordinate position
of prophet Mohammad among the hierarchy of worlds prophets in the Divine Court and
Guru Nanaks splendid position and closest proximity with the Divine seem more to be flights
of his poetic fancy rather than incidents based on hard historical facts. Nevertheless, these
two myths also highlight the sanctity of Sahibzadas sacrifice and Guru Nanaks divinity
which fit into the overall design and scheme of this epic, though the excessive exaggeration
and their mythological dimension somewhat blunts the modern readers sensibility. On the
whole, his liberal use of mythology, especially of the Hindu mythology, has been very
successfully and skillfully employed as has already been pointed in the introduction to the
first volume of the translated version of this epic. The Hindu myths about Nehkalank
Bhassmantar, Kaljaman, have been used so dexterously to emphasize the authenticity and
inevitability of Sikh Sovereignty having a divine sanction that their use places Rattan Singh
Bhangoo among some of the best modern Western and Eastern poets who have used myths
from the ancient Greek and Hindu fertility cults to bring about the decadent aspects of their
contemporary cultures and civilizations. As we analyse this aspect of Bhangoos epic, he
seems to be a man of vast erudition and scholarship, his doggerel colloquial verse covering
the bulk of his epic notwithstanding. Taking into account his repeated references to appropriate
hymns from the Adi Granth, Ramayan, Mahaabharata, Tantric Lore Chandi Astotar and
Zafarnamah, it appears he was quite conversant with the ancient Indian classics and common
beliefs and opinions of his contemporary society, though bulk of his information came through
oral and traditional resources. To conclude in the words of Dr J.S. Grewal, There is some
hearsay, which the author (himself) points out and there is much graphic detail which could
come ultimately from first hand observation. Not only actions, but also sentiments, beliefs,
ideas and emotions come into play to make the Prachin Panth Prakash a rare kind of document.
It embodies an understanding of the Khalsa tradition by a respectable member of the Khalsa
who was deeply religious in his feelings and acutely political in his outlook on the world.
This, in itself, is a telling comment on the Khalsa of his times and of the days of his ancestors.
xxxii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Apart from being a social chronicle of the contemporary times and an epic projecting a vision
of Khalsas sovereignty and its inevitable realization due to Sikh Gurus prophetic sanction
together with the portrayal of legendary Sikh warriors and martyrs, this work contains rare
insights amounting to value judgements. For instance, in the first part, its author had dwelt
upon the dialectical relationship between ones ideology and progeny through illustrations
from both Hinduism and Islam and the need to sacrifice ones progeny, if need be, to uphold
ones ideology:
By keeping ones own family and progeny near ones heart,
One can not preserve and promote ones own ideology.
Much as an agricultural piece of land over grown with weeds,
Cannot give a wholesome yield of grains. (10)
(SGPP, Episode 13, Vol. I, p. 73)
In the second part of this epic Bhangoo, being a direct descendent of those Sikh
warriors who belonged to the Tat Khalsa (Majhail) faction of the Khalsa force, after the
latters rift with Banda Bahadur faction, has been found to be somewhat biased by some
readers in favour of the faction consisting of warriors from his own stock. His deriding and
debunking of Banda Bahadur, just before his defeat and death after his extreme glorification
bordering almost on deification earlier, seems to confirm this impression. However, Bhangoos
catholicity of vision and impartial outlook towards personages and events comes out here as
well. In a few lines of rare insight and a philosophical observation, he looks up on the
miserable plight of the Tat Khalsa Singhs as a consequence of their betrayal and desertion of
Banda Bahadur and his companions who were being held under seige by the Mughals at
Gurdas Nangal. This reflection makes Bhangoo, not only an impartial observer of the two
warring factions but also a poet with a deep analytical mind who was capable of making an
indepth study of the strengths and weaknesses of the contemporary Khalsa Panth organization
and presenting a balanced opinion on the whole situation. While SGPC approved version
edited by Dr. Jeet Singh Seetal has given only two lines about this observation and deleted the
rest of the four lines, Dr Balwant Singh Dhillons edited version (Singh Brothers 2004) has
retained the complete text of this observation. SGPC version reads :
Sortha : Banda Singh had let out a curse on the Khalsa Panth,
When he had to confine himself in the fort (at Gurdas Nangal).
The Khalsa Panth had to bear the consequences of their sinful act,
Of not reaching out to the support of Banda Singh. (5)
(SGPP, Episode 88, Vol. II, p. 55)
Dr B.S. Dhillons version, however, carries the full text of this observation in continu-
ation with above-mentioned lines which reads as follows:
Dohra : Thereafter the scatterd Singhs hid themselves in the wilds,
As in whatever little strength had they been left behind.
xxxiii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Repentant did these Singhs feel at that time,
As they remembered Banda Bahadur at that moment. (6)
Chaupai : Truly was Banda Bahadur given to Khalsa Panth (by the Guru),
Surely had we (Khalsa Panth) got him killed.
Had we attempted to stand by Banda Bahadur,
Definitely could he not be killed by the Mughals. (7)
Certainly could we have decimated the Mughals by now,
Nor would have we been harassed as much.
Truly had his curse fallen upon us (the Khalsa Panth),
As he had already let out such a curse. (8)
(Dr B.S. Dhillon (Singh Brothers, Amritsar 2004), SGPP, Episode 82.2, p. 198)
All these insights and observations reflect Bhangoos vision matching that of a great
epic writer, and reflect his sound knowledge of Sikh history, his erudition and scholarship and
his profound thinking.
In the editorial written in Punjabi by Giani Gurdit Singh the Prachin Panth Prakash
issue of Singh Sabha Patrika, he states, S. Rattan Singh was an educated aristocrat . He
could read and analyse epics written in Persian. He also had a knack for composing poetry.
Above all, whereas his family lineage belongs to family of the martyrs of village Mirankot, his
educational background is linked to the poet Sainapat, a court poet of Guru Gobind Singh.
Rattan Singh Bhangoo himself has referred to this link in one of his other compositions.
[Translation mine]
Giani Gurdit has come across the manuscript of another composition
written by Rattan Singh Bhanoo which is known as Hanuman Natak. In the preamble to this
dramatic verse, Bhangoo has stated his educational background. Translated into English this
introductory verse reads as follows:
Dohra : Praise be to Sri Guru Gobind Singh
Who is worthy of great name and fame.
Fifty two poets had he kept in his court,
Who remained immersed in the nectar (or knowledge). (13)
In this sacred pool of nectar full of knowledge,
Did they daily immerse themselves at its nine steps.
Among them was included (the poet) Sainapat,
Who hailed from a Jat stock from Majha. (14)
Amanuensis had he been to the (tenth) Guru,
And a composer of innumerable melodies.
Initiated was he by administering Khandey-ki-Pahul,
As he endeared himself to the Divine Guru. (15)
xxxiv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Thereafter proceeding to the region of Majha,
Did he found a village in that region.
It was in the vicinity of village Jagatpura,
That he had set up his household there. (16)
Dohra : Whosoever was fortunate to have his company,
Highly enlightened and wise did he become.
Chandan Saina Singh was one of these disciples,
To the forested region Majhori Dhan did he belong. (17)
One of them was a Brahmin,
By the name of Punjaba was he known.
At the village of Mirankot did he settle,
Leaving his own native place Chander Gram. (19)
Kaur Singh did he (the Brahmin) teach,
Who happened to be my (Rattan Singhs) elder brother.
Of S. Mehtab Singh were they grandsons,
S. Mehtab Singh being the father of Rai Singh. (20)
From this brother of mine did I receive education,
Thus did this seminary keep imparting Gurus education.
With this sort of grace of the True Guru,
I (Rattan Singh) also got blessed with education. (21)
Hanuman Natak, p. 3 ( A Handwritten Manuscript)
This poetic work was composed by Rattan Singh Bhangoo in the year 1881 B.S. or
1834 A.D. whereas Sri Gur Panth Prakash was composed in 1898 B.S. or 1841 A.D. I hope
this documentary evidence about Rattan Singh Bhangoos educational background meets the
demand of section of the readers of the first part of the translated version of Sri Gur Panth
Prakash by the author, who had pointed out that the translator had taken no pains to provide
any information about the authors credentials for being an epic writer. The same section
while acknowledging that Rattan Singh Bhangoos verse being a hybrid language of
Gurmukhi despite being colloquial Punjabi, is arduous in reading, has also faulted the translator
for making his translation explicatory, while admitting at the same time that the translator
has extended its reading range. It is precisely for this so-called explicatory stance of
translation of this work of otherwise archaic idiom that innumerable number of readers, both
in India and abroad, have commended this monumental effort on the part of the translator by
way of a positive feedback both to the translator as well as to the Institute of Sikh Studies.
Rattan Singh Bhangoos major source of 18th century Sikh history being oral and
traditional form of listening to the Sikh sagas from his elders, there are a few differences in
the dates of certain historical incidences. For instance, he mentions the year of Bhai Mani
Singhs martyrdom as 1794 B.S. as he heard it from his father but the writer of Shaheed Bilas
xxxv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
mentions it as 1791 B.S. or 1734 A.D. Mir Mannus death is mentioned as 1823 B.S. or 1766
A.D. but, as per historical records, Mir Mannu died in November 1753. Similarly, the year of
Ahmad Shah Abdalis death is recorded in Bhangoos epic as 1823 B.S. or 1766 A.D., but
historical records place it on October 23, 1772 A.D. Certain names such as those of Jassa
Singh Ahluwalias fathers name, Nawab Aslam Khan in place of Zakaria Khan and Abdul
Samad Khan in place of Zakaria Khan in episodes 90 and 91 have been wrongly recorded.
But for these variations in dates here and there, there is hardly any variation between his
version and historical records in the sequence and chronology of major events. That speaks
volumes for the credibility of this epic as a social chronicle of the times as well as Bhangoo
as chronicler and epic writer.
We hope that this second volume improves upon the first volume so far as the quality
of translation is concerned and makes up all the deficiencies which have been pointed out by
the readers and reviewers of the first volume. For transliteration in Roman script below each
couplet of the Punjabi verse, we remain highly indebted to Dr. Gurpreet S. Lehal, Head,
Department of Advanced Centre for Technical Development of Punjabi Language, Literature
and Culture, Punjabi University, Patiala for providing us with the latest software prepared by
them for the automatic transliteration of Punjabi text into Roman script, free of cost. The
key to this internationally accepted phonetic symbols for various sounds for reading the
transliterated version is given below once again as in Volume I for the readers convenience
and assistance:
Gurmukhi-Roman Transliteration Table
m mm m u uu u m m m m
8 88 8 = == =
H HH H 8 88 8 l ll l
J JJ J J JJ J l ll l
= == = u uu u
= == =
6 66 6 = == =
0 00 0

1 11 1
v vv v 2 22 2
= == = 3 33 3
c cc c s ss s
4 44 4

5 55 5
J JJ J m m m m 6 66 6
= == = l 8 l 8 l 8 l 8
7 77 7
8 l 8 l 8 l 8 l 8 88 8
3 33 3 U U U U 9 99 9
u uu u U U U U
8 8 8 8
m m m m
The translator is extremely grateful to the Institute of Sikh Studies and its management
xxxvi Sri Gur Panth Prakash
for providing him with the sponsorship for undertaking this work. For consistent discussion,
explanation and exposition of several references in the body of this work, I remain indebted to
the scholarly guidance of Dr Kharak Singh. Thanks are also due to Bhai Ashok Singh Bagrian
and Dr Kirpal Singh for their inspiring support. Mr. Ramesh Kumar, who typed the entire
manuscript, did all the type setting and compilation of the whole book in Punjabi, English and
Roman script, deserves my grateful thanks. With the completion of this second volume the
complete Sri Gur Panth Prakash has been translated into English. Any suggestions, amendments
and relevant observations will be welcomed for incorporation in the second edition of one of the
primary sources of Sikh history. I hope this humble endeavour will meet the long-felt need of
English knowing readers interested in the subject.
S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali) Kulwant Singh
Date # 732, Phase 3-B-I
SAS Nagar (Mohali), Punjab 160059
Tel. 0172-2228109
Cell. 98150 47866
All the quotations from the text both in Punjabi and English are from the translated
version of Sri Gur Panth Prakash (SGPP) Vol. I & II translated by Kulwant Singh, published
by Institute of Sikh Studies, Chandigarh (First edition 2007-2008)
1 UU| : 3J HJ "H I UJJ ! J H5 HJ lU H J !
U|H = H J JU| ! 3 Hl3IJ JH J lH 3U| !!
chaupa : tab sab khls gay darbr. hth jrd sabh ik man dhr.
djai vk ju karn h. tn satigur ham hain sikh t.26.
HJ HJ | U|H o=H ! J H J lH H !
J H5 HJ HI3 5| ! H l JlU J 5| !!
kasr mran k djai avj. hai j karn sikkhan kj.
hth jrd sabh sangat khard. tk math kichh bhui par pard.27.
3 IJ I HU| J UJ ! lH HI3 HU = UJ !
U 3J 3J I| U ! JH3 =J o " !\!
t gur garnth sach hain dh. sikh sangat k sach vk dhu.
chak patr tab garnth dkh. basant vr k y lkh.28.
U5| : H J HJJ"| lJ HU =o !
o UJ HlUo l=lU U 5o !
JI HI HlJ lHl IU l3 = lJo !
lU Jl H lolUU llJ lU Ho !
HU J IJ UUlHo H Jo !
xxxvii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
paurd : paj badh mahbal kari sach dah.
pan charan japinu vichi dayu khard.
rg sg sabhi miti ga nit nav nir.
dinu raini nmu dhiid phiri pi na m.
sach pr gur updsi nnak sukh h.
U JJ : I JU H H JU "U| HJ H HJ !
J IJ H3 IJ 3 H UU UUJ !\!
dhr : garnth bachan sun khush bha la kasr janu mr.
karain nagr jait k gur phat su ch uchr.29.
SGPP, Episode 142, Vol. II, pp. 554, 556
2 Ibid.
U U| : J Hl3IJ HJ H| H ! J3 Jl=3 o J3H !
H 3 = "5 ! " J lH| H lJ U5 !\!
chaupa : h satigur sabh jn jn. bht bhavikkhat au bartmn.
jau tn panth vadhy lrdain. l kar parithm j nibhai rdai.19.
3| lU| oJ 3J o= ! lHH = UH J H= !
3H 3 | U J3 ! 3H lH J3 lH lJ3 !O!
tnk chitth ab tar vai. jis panth ghatnn us bud jvai.
tum t chhn k na btai. tum nij kartai nijai bidhtai.20.
H J : lUH J| o JJ3 5 lHo J 3J| !
H lU| UU 3J3 JJ UU oHJ !e!
srth : im bh khain bahut khard sin nar tahn.
jau chitth d tarat rahain panth d amar.24.
lU| l3H 3JU|U J lHH IH !e!
dhr : thndh bha kar jr sabh ch kar ards.
chitth tisai tar karn jis pargs.24.
3J3 UJI 5 HI ! 5 J "H J 5 !
3 IJ | J 3J oU| ! UU UJ U o HU| !!
turat dargan pakard mangy. pardah kar khls hatth phardy.
phat gur k hai tar . d r un kh sun.27.
SGPP, Episode 72, Vol. I, pp. 442, 444
3 Ibid.
UU| : lJ Hl3HI3 HJ J H5 ! lJ "H lH| | U5 !
lH HI3 J oJUH ! lH| H lJJ| HH !=!
chaupa : phir satisngat sabh hath jrd. nibhai lj sikkh k rdai.
sikh sangat yau karai ards. sikkh sth nibhn ss.3.
SGPP, Episode 109, Vol. II, pp. 280
4 Ibid.,
UU| : H JHJ lH JU ! oJ l3H J JJ U !
xxxviii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J" 3 HU 3 HI ! JU lHH UH UJ|o3 I" !\!
chaupa : j hajr nij panth rachy. ab tisnai hai bahu dukh py.
kbal t j kut mangy. bandai jim us chahat galy.92.
JJ U lU "H U ! oJ lUH UJ|3 J o !
3J "H o "5= ! lU J| 3 HJ UH HJ= !\=!
bahu dukh in khlsai day. ab is chahyat phr na ay.
tr khls p lardvaiy. in h t sabh dushat marvaiy.93.
HJ U"3 J| 3 lH= lJ ! U| H| lH " HlJ !
JU lH= H IJ H JU ! 3 oH3 Hl3IJ JU J !\e!
pajb daulat yh t singh khhin. dakkhn pachhm kim lai jhin.
bachan singh sun gur khush bha. tath astu satigur bach kah.94.
HJ HJH U3 H" I ! HJJ3 "H lUH lJ H| o !
oI H H l"| J3 ! lI"H H5 lHH lH= J =3 !\!
shhu jahnnam ut slai gay. sarabat khlsai is bidh khush ay.
agai sun su pichhl bt. gilj murd jim singhan kar ght.95.
SGPP, Episode 156, Vol. II, p.650
5 Ibid.,
UU| : IJ I H l"lU HlU ! lH HI3 J H3 H JlU !
lUJ 3lU H JH lUlU ! oH o =J JlU !=\!
chaupa : gur garnth main likhi ji. sikh sangat kah satt su hi.
dih parti su hamain dikhi. ais khy navb bani.38.
oJ H| H 53 J| ! HH| H IJ J| !
H3 U| U lJ ! H3 J= 3 UlU J| Il3 lJ !=\!
aur sun main pardht bn. sukhman j gur bakhn.
sant dkh k thu k nhi. nnak sant bhvai t i bh gati phi.39.
H3 | lU U HlJ U ! H3 J= 3 UH J| JlU H !
H3 U| J| U ! H3 J= 3 "U lH"lU!eO!
sant k nind dukh mahi dkhu. nnak sant bhvai t us k bh hi mkhu.
sant ke dokhi ko nahi thau . nanak sant bhavai ta lae milai.40.
H3 U| U o=J JJJ ! H3 J= 3 "U UJlJ !
H J J| J IJ HU| ! 3 3H|J J H U| !e!
sant k dkh kau avru na rkhnahru. nnak sant bhvai t la ubri.
j yah bn hai gur sch. t taksr kar mujh kch.41.
SGPP, Episode 112, Vol. II, p. 304
6 Ibid.,
U JJ : 3J H"| JH J J J| J3 HlU !
IJ IJ JU l3 lJUJ UJ J3lU !!
xxxix Sri Gur Panth Prakash
dhr : tab ml nai ham kahy yah bh bht suni.
gur nnak pchhai gur bha tin biur dhu bati.1.
UU| : 3J H UH lJUJ U ! IJ oIU J !
H U| HJ ! I J lJ o3 H !!
chaupa : tab main usk biur day. gur nnak pchhai angad bhay.
jau unk sabh kath kathyai. granth badhai nahin ant su payai.2.
oIU 3 IJ J oHJUH ! | 3HJ| U= HH !
JU| HJ lH l=U! l3HJ| U= lH3 H3= !=!
angad t gur bhay amradsa. ky ptshh dv jsa.
b sb jinhain niv. patishh dvai jitan jatvai.3.
JHUH J H3 U| ! 3J 3 lJ =J H=| JJ| !
lJ oJH IJ JlJIlJU ! 5I U lH HJ lUU !e!
pun rmds pran mat tha. tab t phir ghar sdhyan rah.
phir arjan gur harigbinda. khardag chaky jin mr paiinda.4.
H|J| |J| UU lUU| ! HJ HJ JJ H UU| !
"" JJ HJ HUJ ! lJ 3HlJ H "U| H=J !!
mr pr d dikh. shh jahn k hr su da.
lal kambar mr phaujdra. phir patshhi sn la savra.5.
U JJ : lJ JlJ JlU o JJ lH JU l3H IJU= !
lU J lH | lH J IJ H= !!
dhr : phir hari ri au har kishan bha timain gurdva.
ichhain prain sikhan k sikh karain gur sva.6.
UU| : 3I JJUJ lJ IJ J ! JHJ lJ3 lH lHJ U !
"HI H = H | ! JH JH J lJUo "| !!
chaupa : tg bahdar phir gur bhay. parsavrath hit jin sir day.
kaljug main vad sk ky. dharam karam rakh hindan ly.7.
IlJU lH= JU "J| ! UU| l3HJ| | JJ| !
lHH U| 3 U| HI ! l3U IJ 3 IJ J3 JU oI !\!
pun gbind singh bha kaldhr. da patishh ky panth bhr.
jim dpak t dpak jgai. tiun gur t gur ht bha gai.8.
SGPP, Episode 11, Vol. I, pp. 54, 56
7 Ibid.
UU| : UJ olU ! JH "JJ J3lU !
lH " JHJ JJ ! H" UH | U U HlJ !=!
chaupa : pchhy ndar n khn i. ham k luttnahr bati.
jin lut khy hamr rhu. mulak usai k uda dayn savhi.3.
3J oH J| ! H" UH lJ lH| !
xl Sri Gur Panth Prakash
5 H= o U"3 lJ ! lJ J = l3 lIJlU !e!
tab khnn n ais bakhn. mulak usai k nnhi nishn.
khard svain au chalt khnhi. nahin baithain vai kit girin.4.
l=J3 HU H ! JH U U= = H H !
J5 lU JJ |= | ! H" J oI lH| !!
nn ghirat k savd na jnain. ham dukh dvain v sukh mnain.
hrd na din bhar pvain pn. sayl rakhain na agan nishn.5.
lJ = = |H H ! "5 JJ3 = J JH !
U JlU 3 H H "J ! HJ 3 = H" J !!
nahin khvain vai psy nja. lardain bahut vai kark bhja.
k hi tn sau sau larain. marn t vai ml na daarain.6.
JH HJ3 U IU UlU =3 l3J UlU !!
dhr : rahai chu un maran k dn mazhab kai bhi.
ham mrat un thak ga ui ghatat na kithn di.7.
lJ UJ =lJ UH3 lJ |J !
=lJ o 3 = 3 =lJ JlJ 3I|J !\!
phir ndar khnn puchhy vahi umatt kih pr.
kai vahi p t vadh tau vahi hhin tagr.8.
3J HJ J IJ H !
JH3 J| JJ J| HH H H| J !\!
tab khnn n sabh kahy gur nnak k parksh.
karmt bh bahu kah janam su skh bhkh.9.
UU| : lHH U HI3 HJ| ! lHH lHH lU H J| oJ| !
lHH lHH "|| JHH3 ! lHH Hl3IJ H | =3 !O!
chaupa : jim un nnak sangat mr. jim jim in sn kar khur.
jim jim ln karsumta. jim satigru s kn ght.10.
UJ HJ H " ! HJ J3 3J U !
3 JJUJ lHH lHJ U ! lHH J UJ HHU J !!
puchh puchh ndar sabh sun lay. sabh bht tab khnn day.
tgh bahdar jim sir day. jim kar chr sazd hay.11.
3J UJ H H|H lJ" ! o | 3J 3H !
H oJ H|3 H= J| ! lH HlJJ o J| !!
tab ndar sun ss hily. apn kn tab tum py.
s ab jt jvain nhn. jinkai shib p panhn.12.
SGPP, Episode 95, Vol. II, pp. 128, 130
xli Sri Gur Panth Prakash
8 Ibid.,
UU| : UJJJ lH= oI J| ! oH| lJJ| U UJ "U| !
JH Hl3IJ JU l3HJ| ! JH H3 l=I HU oJ| !=!
chaupa : darbrai singh agyn kah. asn nibb kad chahain la.
ham k satigur bachan patishh. ham k jpat dahig s h.36.
JH J3 l3HJ| U= ! H lU3 H oI" = !
H Hl3IJ lH J| J3 ! JI HU| lJ "| H3 !=!
ham rkhat patishh dv. jn itk jn agl pv.
j satigur sikkhan kah bta. hgu s nahin khl jta.37.
l=J3 o =" "lU ! Hl3IJ JU "| HlU !
l3HJ| lH "J lJJ| ! J| lHJ HlJ JJ| !=\!
dhr vidharat au dhaval dauli. satigur bachan na khl ji.
patishh chhada kim lahain nibb. pardhna jih mnhi kharb.38.
U JJ : JH l3HJ| Hl3IJ UU| J J "lU !
HlJ HlJ JJ HH| H" 3lJ 3lJ 33 JlU !=\!
dhr : ham patishh satigur da hannai hannai li.
jahin jahin bahain jamn mal tahin tahin takhat banin.39.
SGGP, Episode 90, Vol. II, pp. 80-82
9 Ibid.,
U JJ : J| H Hl3IJ lH lJ HU| lJ | !
H JHI| H JU IJ U3 J" "| !O!
dhr : kar ju satigur paritham bidh s pun bidh kn.
paj bhujngi j bha gur unt phul ln.20.
UU| : =J| =J3J JHI =J3 ! oH IJ U" lJ= !
J| oU J3 o =J3J ! lHH IJ oIU J !!
chaupa : vah vartr bhujngan varty. pas gur chl kahivy.
yah d hut y vartr. jim nnak gur angad dhr.21.
SGGP, Episode 15, Vol. I, pp. 86, 88
10 Ibid.
UU| : J J"| JU| lHJ 3J "lU ! JU J JH Jlo JlU !
oJ JH "H U IJU| ! U l "H "U| !!
chaupa : par bhal bha sir turk li. bachan pran ham badian bhi.
ab ham khlsai day gur. dayy tikk khlsai l.7.
HlJ Hl3IJ J o ! H3 lH= l3J JJ !
H|H ol 3 lI U3J| ! H3 lH= lHJ o HJ| !\!
jahin satigur th baith p. sant singh tih bahy thp.
ss pni tai pagi utr. sant singh sir p sudhr.8.
"I| IJ lHJ UU| "IlU ! UU| H o| lJJlU !
xlii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
IJ 3J lH= Jl JJ ! IJ lHH oIU l !\!
kalg gur sir da lagi. da pushk apn pahiri.
gur taur singh rakkhi bahy. gur nnak jim angad tiky.9.
HU "H H J=U| ! Hl3IJ lH= UU| l3HJ| !
H3 lH= lUH J HHU| ! JU| HJ|U H3 l5U HU| !O!
sadd khlsai kunas karv. satigur singhan da patishh.
sant singh im kahy samjh. hn shahd mat phai j.10.
SGGP, Episode 19, Vol. I, pp. 126, 128
11 Ibid.
lJl lHl l JH J| U ! lHH l3oJ HI H !
H H J lH= H J ! 3 H " oI"| J !\!
riddhi siddhi kichh ham bh dayyai. jim patir jag main payyai.
jau main karn singhan sn dhhu. tau main lay agl khhu.8.
l3H Hl3IJ J| ! H HJ| JH "H UU| !
JH "H 3 J| J" ! 3 J| "H = !\!
tis kau satigur yau pun kah. saump sabh ham khlsai da.
hamnai khls tn bh raly. tain bh khlsay vand py.9.
H lH= " 3 H ! J oJUH J| JlU J3 !
H JU J| U5U| ! J 3J lHJJU UU| !O!
paj singh lai k tn stha. kar ards pr hi bt.
yau sun band kar chardh. dr try sirhandai d.10.
SGGP, Episode 30, Vol. I, p. 200
12 Ibid.,
UU| : H|H U J lHJJ U|U ! o JH JH J "|U !
UJH U 3 H|J JU ! 3J lHJ H|H "I !=!
chaupa : ss day par sirar na d. apn dharam karam rakh l.
charam kachai t sarr bachy. turkan kai sir ss lagy.53.
U H5 lJ " H| ! JH lHJ lHJ "= I" | !
Hl3IJ = H | ! JHJ lJ3 lH lHJ U| !e!
un mrdahn yahi kal na jn. ham sir sir lvan gal thn.
yau satigur vad sk ky. parsavrath hit nij sir dy.54.
SGGP, Episode 12, Vol. I, p. 68
13 Ibid.,
UU| : J "H JH lHU HJJ ! H|H UJ JH lHU JJ !
U H|H H H|H 3U| ! JH lH| lJ UlJ I=U| !=!
chaupa : kahy khlsai ham sidak sambhrain. ss par ham sidak na hrain.
k ss kay sau ss tn. ham sikkh nahin dhin guv.37.
SGGP, Episode 18, Vol. I, p. 114
14 Ibid.,
oH| HJ =J ! oH| H HlJ J HI" U=J !
JH lH J IJ lHJ "U ! 3 3J o JU !=e!
xliii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
asn na marnn natthan vr. asn ju mari hain mugal duvr.
ham sikkhan kran gur sir l. put ptr pun p kuh.34.
J= 3J 3U| ! lUH o| IJ " I=U| !
UH | JH HUU ! JH HJ 3 lH HU !=!
panth badhvan khtar tn. im apn gur kul gav.
us k panth hamain sadn. ham marn t kim nath jn.35.
SGGP, Episode 106, Vol. II, p.236
15 Ibid.,
l3 H|= H JH I=U|U ! HJ HU l3 HU|U !
lH H H IJ JHJ ! H|H U|U lH H J=J !!
kit jvan s dharam gav. marnn sch kitai nath j.
sikkhan kj su gur hamr. ss d nij san parvrai.27.
UJ 3J H JU ! H U| | J JU !
JH J IJ "lJ I=U| ! JH " J JU| !\!
chr putar jn kuh. s chand k bht kar.
ham kran gur kulahi gav. ham kul rkhain kaun bada.28.
SGGP, Episode 105, Vol. II, p. 220
16 Ibid.,
UU| : UJ H| lH= JU| ! JU JU lH UlJ U| !
lUo" lH= HlJ lHJ =" ! U5 UJ5| JH HJ" !O!
chaupa : dhann dhann dh man singh bh. band band jin dhi kat.
dhann dil singh shhi sir vl. chardhy charkhard dharam sambhl.10.
HJI lH= HJJ H3 " ! U5 UJ lH H o" !
= lH= lH lHU JJ ! IJ lJ3 H|H "IlU lHJ!!
subg singh jambar sut nl. chardhkai charakh jin japy akl.
dhann dhann vai singh jin sidak na hr. gur hit ss lagi sidhr.11.
SGGP, Episode 110, Vol. II, p. 284
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xliv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
25 SGPP,
UU| : H| lH= H3 HH ! H3| H3| o | H !
J| 3| o H3 J ! HJ H|" o lU" HJ !!
chaupa : man singh th sant sujna. jat sat au dhayn mna.
hath tap au mat k pr. sahan shl au dil k sr.2.
JH| JH| JIl3 lIo| ! Hl3IJ JU J Hl3 | !
J3 Hl3IJ H JlJ3 JHJ ! l3H J J H IJH3 J!=!
karm dharm bhagti gin. satigur bachnan par mati thn.
hut satigur s rahit hazra. tis kar bhay su gurmat pra.3.
U Hl3IJ H ! 33 J|o o5|o J !
lH H lH| lU5= ! lH|U U l3H 3J "= !e!
un satigur kachhu jth khay. tnt hath ard bhay.
sikkhan k s sikkh darirdvai. sikhn chukai tis tankhh lvai.4.
J|H J|H =lJ IJH3 "= ! UJ JJ lH| lU5= !
J H| JJ lH H= ! IJ J| H 3 "= !!
bj bj vahi gurmat lvai. chr baran k sikh dirdvai.
kar skh bahu sikhan sunvai. kachhu gur kah kachhu man t lvai.5.
SGGP, Episode 93, Vol. II, pp. 104, 106
26 Ibid.,
lJ 3 : lH H lH UU JI3 H JI3 HU,
lH| | loU| J|U JU| H| lH= H| !
lHU H J| H| H H| !
lIo | 5I H H HJ UJI H| !
H IJ lH J= HU J| lJ H=,
H| lH= H| 3" J J o J H| !!
kabitt : sikkhan main sikkh ch bhagtan main bhagat mch,
sikkh k ni kah bh man singh j.
jagat main jai kr bhay dharam arath dh day,
sidak sn katy hy na mn kachh sank j.
sikkh s parsann bha dushat sabh bharishat bha,
gin k khardag saun s mr chaurang j.
j gur sikh kahvai s karn yahi kamvai,
man singh j k tull bhay k rn au n rank j.1.
SGGP, Episode 93, Vol. II, p. 118
27 Ibid.,
U JJ : UH J| lU H =J JH lH= H| J !
3 H J3 H JH H|H J| H lJJ !\!
dhr : us h din su navb n puchh bhjy singh j phu.
tn ju kahat th ks ham ss h sth nibhu.28.
xlv Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : J 3HJ| JU| | I" ! IU J" " lHJ " !
lJ J" lHJ UJ| JJ| ! UU J3 3 | JU| !\!
chaupa : yah tumr bha jhth gall. ga bl laik sir khall.
binn bl sir dh rah. d bt tujh jhth bha.29.
3J lH= J| J| ! lJ =J 3H HH oU| !
JJ H JH J| " ! J UlU 3HJ H" !=O!
tab singh n yaun bn kah. nahin navb tum samjh a.
rah ks ham khpr nl. hain jhth dui tumr savl.30.
SGGP, Episode 111, Vol. II, pp 292, 294
28 Ibid.,
lH| lH= | lH= H| l3H U5 UJ J lU !
HH JH U lH| J| lHJ "lU !=!
mith jivn th singh j tim chardy charakh par dhi.
dhann janam dhann karam un sikh rakh sir li.23.
3J lH= H H J lH= U5 UJ lH3J !
oH lH3 o o lH" lH= H3J !e!
tr singh sun khush bhay singh chardhy charakh shitb.
asn namit p mily dhann dhann singh matb.24.
SGGP, Episode 110, Vol. II, p. 286
29 Ibid.,
U JJ : lJI J= H JH U H H oI !
lHH U H UJ| H UH J lJUJ| UI !!
dhr : nihang kahvai s purash dukh sukh mann na ang.
jim dukh sukh dh n mann us kahain bidh chang.6.
J| H3| o H 3| U3 J HJ !
o= H HJUJ l3H =J JJ o HJJ !!
hath jat au jap tap dt pr sr.
vain ps sardr tis vahu rahai p maghrr.7.
UU| : HJ H | HI JlU ! HJ J J HlU !
HJ J = J|J ! J o HlU 3J HJ|J !\!
chaupa : jahn juddh k jg hi. marnai kai daar tarai na si.
jahn panth pai bada pavai bhr. dahai p ji tahn sarr.8.
HJ H | HI JlU ! 5 lH o oI JlU !
H IJ =JU H= ! HlU "5U| HJJ = !\!
jahn juddh k jg hi. phard nishn p agg hi.
sth nagr ghurd jvai. ji lard mhrai pvai.9.
SGGP, Episode 156, Vol. II, pp. 630, 632
30 Ibid.
U JJ : H| Hl3IJ I" H "U| J" J| HJ|U HlU !
xlvi Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lJ lH 3 IJ HU IJ 3 lJ lH HUlU !!
dhr : sar satigur gal mann la ral kah shahdan ji.
nahin sikkhan t gur jud gur t nahin sikh judi.111.
UU| : Hl3IJ JU HU H "U ! 3 lH= lU" "3 JU !
chaupa : satigur bachan s mann la. tau singhan dil phlat bha.
phun gurbakhash singh bachan uchr. hamr hukam kab mannain panth sr.112.
3 Hl3IJ ol3 lJ J| ! 3H H " lH HH J| !
H J J |U l3HJ ! 3 U HJ lHJ HJ !=!
tau satigur ati kirp kar. tum main kal nijai mam dhar.
jau hann hann k th patishh. tn un shhan k sir shh.113.
3J oI HJ U| J ! 3lJ H "J H H= JJ !e!
tuh agai sabh dn dar. tuhi sn larai su jvai hr.114.
SGGP, Episode 156, Vol. II, p. 654
31 Ibid.
=J 3= U| ! oU" J 3 J J| !
HJ J JH U| H J ! JlU U| H lJ lJ HJ !O!
dhann navb dhann tav dn. dal hain tn bada parbn.
marnn daar ham dn mn kar. hi dn main phir nahin marn.10.
H lJ J| lHJ HJ JJ ! oH H|= lU H 3H JJ !
HJ J JH o= U| ! H JlU HJ lJ J| !!
jau phir bh sir marnn rahai. ais jvan kiun dham taj bahain.
marnn daar ham vain dn. j hui marnn nnhi kabhn.11.
HH 3H U| J J ! 3H J| J JH JHJ !
U5 UJ5| oJ HJ= ! HJ oJ UJ "I= !!
jais tumai dn hai payr. tais h hai dharam hamr.
chrdah charkhard abai marv. mr abai na dr lagv.12.
SGGP, Episode 105, Vol. II, p. 216
32 Ibid.,
3J =J U "5 J ! "5 "I HJ !
JlJ "5 3 HH"H ! "H 5 3 !!
tab navb uth lardk th. lardk k kachhu lag na mh.
hhi lardk tn muslamn. kalm pardh tau chhdaain parn.52.
3J "5 JU UUJ ! o "H JH loJ !
Hl3H H IJ 3 "|o ! =lJIJ IJ "H U|o !=!
tab lardk n bachan uchr. apn kalm hamain pir.
satinm j gur t l. vhigur gur kalm d.53.
SGGP, Episode 105, Vol. II, pp. 224, 226
xlvii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
33 Ibid.
lU"| HJ| | U J 3" H3 JHJ !
lHH JH HU HlJU oJ lH= 3 H JJ !e\!
dill mr th unhain kar katal sattar hazr.
jisai purash s mri ab singhan t muy hr.48.
lU"| lJ UJ J lJ UJ olJHU HlJ !
lJ olJHU HlJ "H lH H U JHlU !e\!
dill ripu ndar kahain ripu ndar ahimad shhi.
ripu ahimad shhi khls jin s day bhaji.49.
Episode 158, Vol. II, p. 678
34 Ibid.,
J lH= J" H=3 ! U5 U5 "=3 !
U "| 3 | HH "! oH HH| H HlH lHI "!e!
kapr singh th tahal kamvta. daurd daurd th pakh jhulvata.
un jhall tgh th sanumukh kallai. ais saj jan sasi marig chhallai.42.
HH U "I 33" ! J U UH lH= lJ" !
UJ| JU "H J ! olU HH HJ lH= HJ !e=!
zakham kach th lagy tatkla. kahain dkh us singh nihla.
uh bachan khlsai k phury. i samn sabh singh k jury.43.
U JJ : 3J lH= lU o 53 J| IJ "" !
J" HJ" 3U lH" H U H l" !ee!
dhr : tahn singh ik pn pardaht bn gur ll.
tahal mahal tkau milai j kau sdh karipl.44.
UU| : lH= J " U| ! l HJ UH =" JU| !
o=H o" lJ H U| ! IJ I JU H l"J JU| !e!
chaupa : singh kapr jhalai pakkh th. karip nazar panth us val h.
avz akln panthhi sun p. gur garnth bach mann lihu bh.45.
J" J3 lUH HJ" U= ! J lH= lHJU lJJ= !
J U lH= JHI| ! J J H UH o| UI| !e!
tahal karat is mahal puchv. kapr singh k sirpu pahirv.
kahy panth chak singh bhujng. kar kar kunas us kh chang.46.
SGGP, Episode 90, Vol. II, p. 82
35 Ibid.
U JJ : H J lJ JU UU| H lH JlU !
H 3 I H| o" JI 3 "lU !!
dhr : paj daran bidh rach da paj nishn bani.
paj jhand tau gada sar akl bung t layi.26.
UU| : H HJ|U o lJI 5 ! U| lH= lH= JH H !
xlviii Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU JH JH lH= oH3HJ|U ! U U U H3 3J|U !!
chaupa : partham shahdan au nihngan phardy. dp singh singh karam su ny.
d karam dharam singh ammrtasr. day unai th jt khatr.27.
3|H U JJ J oH| ! 3J J" olU IJ oH| !
U lH= UH H ! lI" H J= H !\!
tj chaky bban bada ans. than bhall th di gur ans.
chauth singh dasaundh nma. gill jatt kt budahai th dhma.28.
H= J=J J|J lH= lU ! J3 3J H =5 =lU !
oH| "|| HI3 JlU ! H H| J3 lH= H UU| IlU !\!
pajv ranghrt br singh ni. hut trn sai ghrd vi.
ais ln jugat bani. j sun ratan singh s da gi.29.
SGGP, Episode 90, Vol. II, p. 90
36 Ibid.
UU| : UJ olU ! JH "JJ J3lU !
lH " JHJ JJ ! H" UH | U U HlJ !=!
chaupa : pchhy ndar n khn i. ham k luttnahr bati.
jin lut khy hamr rhu. mulak usai k uda dayn savhi.3.
3J oH J| ! H" UH lJ lH| !
5 H= o U"3 lJ ! lJ J = l3 lIJlU !e!
tab khnn n ais bakhn. mulak usai k nnhi nishn.
khard svain au chalt khnhi. nahin baithain vai kit girin.4.
l=J3 HU H ! JH U U= = H H !
J5 lU JJ |= | ! H" J oI lH| !!
nn ghirat k savd na jnain. ham dukh dvain v sukh mnain.
hrd na din bhar pvain pn. sayl rakhain na agan nishn.5.
lJ = = |H H ! "5 JJ3 = J JH !
U JlU 3 H H "J ! HJ 3 = H" J !!
nahin khvain vai psy nja. lardain bahut vai kark bhj.
k hi tn sau sau larain. marn t vai ml na daarain.6.
SGGP, Episode 95, Vol. II, pp. 128, 130
37 Ibid.
JH 3 | =J ! 3J lJI l3HJ| 3J !
UH| =3 3 J lJ" ! HlJ J HH lH= "" !!
ham tai kn panth navbai. trai kariyugu patishh tbai.
us vakat t bhay nihla. shhi kahy jass singh kalla.15.
SGGP, Episode 91, Vol. II, p. 96
38 Ibid.
U JJ : lHH HU= | UH lHH" 3U IJ olJ !
H| lH HH IJ UHH l3H J| l=lU !O!
xlix Sri Gur Panth Prakash
dhr : jim jdvan k das misal t panth gur hi.
shar karishan sam gur dasam tim h khda khidavi.20.
UU| : lHH " HH HU= lJ ! l3H lI"H 3 lH= HlJ !
lH3 =J HH " o ! l33 =J U l" !!
chaupa : jim kl jamn jdav nathhi. tim gilj t singh nath jhin.
jitnak vr jaman kl y. titnak vr un panth nikly.21.
o3 HH H JJ H| HJ= ! l3H IJ lI"H I"= !
HJ 3J HJ U|U lU ! IJ 3 "H UU| J"lU !!
ant samn s har j marvy. timai panth gur giljai galvy.
mr turak sabh d khapi. gur phat khls da buli.22.
SGGP, Episode 163, Vol. II, p. 746
39 Ibid.
UU| : U5 lH= HH lI HU ! 3|J 3"=J H H U !
J|H H lHH lH3 =" H5 ! lJ "U HH3J "| H5 !e\!
chaupa : chardah singh zakham gin na j. tr talvran j nj kh.
bhm sain jim jit val jurd. bin l shastar khl na murdai.148.
U JJ : l3H lU 3 U5 lH= | JU| lH=U HHJJ !
dhr : tis din tai chardah singh k bha singhaun mashhr.
bach bahut bahr chak jkhn ss jarr.149.
UU| : HJ JJ|J|U o ! JH lH=U U53 lH= J !
H H|= U5 lH= lH=U ! JJ|J HJ o3 HU !O!
chaupa : sabh bahr dhann dhann khain. ham jiv chardaht singh bhkhain.
j jvai chardah singh jiv. yau bahr sab khat j.150.
J" JJ|J UU oH|H ! JlU HUJ J lJH J|H !
ral bahr yau da ass. hui sardr yah bisvai bs.
sarab panth yah hui sardr. sabh is dv ass hazr.151.
U J J JlU l3HlJ ! U J J "JJ lU !
U J J "U H"3 ! J HH|J o J" 3 !!
k kahai yah hui patishhi. k kahai yah lahaurai pi.
k kahai yah la multn. kah kashmr au kbal tn.152.
lU"| U JJ JJ ! lUJ| "= HJ UJ !
lUH J J JJ|J oJUH ! "I I" HJ U5 lH= H !=!
dil dakkhan prab pahr. ih lavai sabh kuntn chr.
im kar karai bahr ards. lag gail sabh chardah singh khs.153.
SGGP, Episode 136, Vol. II, p. 514,516.
l Sri Gur Panth Prakash
40 Ibid.
lUH 3J lH= H| H |o ! HHJJ HJ HI H |o !
IJ = lHH oH H ! H|H U J lHJJ U !O!
im trai singh j sk k. mashhr sabh jag main th.
gur kau vk jis ais kamyy. ss day par sirar na dayy.50.
SGGP, Episode 86, Vol. II, p. 42
41 Ibid.
J|H JHJ UJ JUU ! oJ H o l J| IU !
" J lH= lU " HJ ! UH JU oJ HJ I HJ !e=!
bs hazr hn pahuch. aur muy au khind bh ga.
lk kahain singh ik lakh sr. pachs bachy aur sabh gay mr.143.
l3 JHJ 3|H J3U ! JJ H HJ oJ JU J oU !
l3 UU UlU JH H ! U 3 H JH o| J3 !ee!
pit hamr ts bat. rah su mar aur bach kar .
pit chch dui ham th sth. un t sun ham kh bt.144.
SGGP, Episode 136, Vol. II, p. 514
42 Ibid.
lU"| HJ| | U J 3" H3 JHJ !
lHH JH HU HlJU oJ lH= 3 H JJ !e\!
dill mr th unhain kar katal sattar hazr.
jisai purash s mri ab singhan t muy hr.48.
lU"| lJ UJ J lJ UJ olJHU HlJ !
lJ olJHU HlJ "H lH H U JHlU !e\!
dill ripu ndar kahain ripu ndar ahimad shhi.
ripu ahimad shhi khls jin s day bhaji.49.
SGGP, Episode 158, Vol. II, p. 678
43 Grewal J.S., Valorizing the Tradition : Bhangoos Guru Granth Prakash in the Khalsa
and Non Sikh perspectives, Edited. J.S. Grewal, Manohar Publications 2004, p. 119.
44 Ibid.,
o oHlJ Jl3 l=I J oHlJ J=l3 J3 !
JH 3 lHJ =H J lJ JlU o l3J 3 !O!
apn anshi hti dhigai par anshi badhti na hta.
bhm putar jih ghs havai nahin hui ann tih khta.10.
SGGP, Episode 13, Vol. I, p. 72
45 Ibid.
H J : Jl3 JU U H l=J J3 HJ I5 lJ !
H "I H HUU UH | lJ J| !!
srth : huti bandai dayo sarap ghiry hut jab gard bikhai.
s lagy panth janu pp madad us k nahin kar.5.
Episode 88, Vol. II, p. 54
46 Dhillon B.S., SGPP, Singh Brothers, Amritsar 2004, Dohra 6, ChaUpai 7, 8, Episode
82.2, p. 198:
li Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UJJ : 3 lH= l J " IU 5 JJ3 JlU !
o JU lU Ul "I 3= 3lU !!
UU| : JU U HU ! JH UH HJ=lU U !
JlJ UJ" UH HU ! lJ HJ3 3Jl 3 3U !!
olJ " 3J " 3 HlJ ! JlH lJ J3 oH olJ !
JlH HJ UH "I ! J3 lJ3 H lUH oI !\!
47 Gurdit Singh Giani : Sri Gur Panth Prakash, issue of Singh Sabha Patrikam, Vol. VIII,
Issue 3, published by Kendriya Singh Sabha, Amritsar, August 1978, pp. 11-12.
J - Hl T Tl8 lH l = 8Vuu1
8= =l= l=c, m33 = H1 51
m3 m3 3YU u 3 3 = c1
l3 u H ul3 =lH uv = c1 81
lYl J3 J = m =l83 mu1
uJY J =l 8l Hl Hl3T lJ3=1 u1
l3 uv u ml8= Yl Tu 8Hl81
T3 u= = lVT l3 Yl 8l81 g1
J- l l =l HT3 =l J8 H 8J 8l=1
6 l H lH 8 uvl 101
l3 u 8Ju u ul=U u8 3lJ u1
ul =c H m 8lHH J lH 6 Tu1 t1
l3lJ u=H = lH, Ju 8J H J31
u38 lH u3 l8 lH = 331u1
H J8l 3 Ju u= l8u 6Yl H T c=HY1
H Hl3T =l H 3 Ju Jl J8 lJY11
,Ju c= Hcl= Ju lY3 H= 5)
l8H Ju c= Tu cl= = mT Hu3 lYlm J
m u l8=Hlm l8 H=l = =1
3 lH Uu =lH1 T = uT l63 11
\. H| H lo"|o U "|o o J lH I J " | lH \. H| H lo"|o U "|o o J lH I J " | lH \. H| H lo"|o U "|o o J lH I J " | lH \. H| H lo"|o U "|o o J lH I J " | lH \. H| H lo"|o U "|o o J lH I J " | lH
I J =3|ol o H| |o | I J =3|ol o H| |o | I J =3|ol o H| |o | I J =3|ol o H| |o | I J =3|ol o H| |o |
('HJ H =lJ H lJ U"') ('HJ H =lJ H lJ U"') ('HJ H =lJ H lJ U"') ('HJ H =lJ H lJ U"') ('HJ H =lJ H lJ U"')
82. skh jandil chhandyl aur nij gur lpy nij
Gur panth ghtni au km kardhan k
(jar na saky vahi jatt hindl)
U JJ : H H J U UH JlJ olU UH H l" !
IJ "| | lU lH IJ lH !!
dhr : skh sun bada un dushtan hhi di dushtan main likkh.
gur lp kp panthai nindain jin gur sikkh.1.
H3 loH3 IJ UU| H HU UlU !
lHH H" 3 U J UlJ HU H"J H"lU !!
mukhat nimat gur da saky na s pachi.
jis jal t paid bhay chahi s jalah jali.2.
UU| : lH UH| U33| HU ! UH " J3U !
H =I H H" H"3| JJ ! I J UH 3 UJ!=!
chaupa : paritham usk utpat sunn. pchhai usk lachhan batn.
jat ghanag su jandyl sultn rahai. nang bhukkh us tan k dahai.3.
Ul HlU IJ "IJ U"= ! UJ HlU " JJ = !
J lJ" J= lJ JlJ ! 3J lJH | H| H lJ !e!
uni sunin gur langar chhalvain. hn ji lk pt bhar khvain.
kar tahil bhvain nnhi karhi. tahn rijak k kam su nnhi.4.
lUH Hl =lJ 3J J ! HlU "IJ|o H HUJ !
JJ oJ HJ J lU ! o I JJ U" 3lU !!
im suni kai vahi tahn padhray. ji lngran maddh sachray.
bharai pt aur jab hn khi. t gunnh bahu chulh tapi.5.
HIH JlU H"3| IU| ! lH| J|3 l lHIJ U| !
lHIJ H JU 3J J| HlU ! JlU lH" JJ HH" 3lJ!!
magjn bi na sultnyan ga. sikkh rt kichh jigar na tha.
jigar m rachai tab h ji. hi sikal bahu maskalan thi.6.
J J" H H =J lH ! H3 H| Hl3IJ " !
UH H | lJ" ! HJ H =lJ H lJU" !!
par bhalai saun s gharn sidhy. mukhat jhk sar satigur ly.
us jhk madh ky nihl. jar na saky vahi jatt hindl.7.
Episode 82
Episode About Chandialias, Jandialias
Those who harmed the Gurus cause and the Sikh Panth
And those Given to Debauchery and Irascibility
(That (rustic) Jat Hindal
could not contain Gurus Blessing)
Dohra : (Dear Readers) listen to the episode of extremely wicked persons,
Who deserve to be included among the earliest crop of villains.
Those who tried to eclipse the Gurus and harm the Sikh Panth,
And who had been slandering and vilifying the devout Sikhs. (1)
Of those whom the (great) Guru gave his blessings gratis,
And those who failed to assimilate and imbibe Gurus message.
Of those who wished to destroy the very same source,
From which they had sprung up (and got sustenance). (2)
Chaupai : Let me, first of all, narrate how he originated,
Thereafter, I would reveal his (evil) thoughts and deeds.
A Ghanag
Jat (by caste), a Sultani (by faith), a resident of Jandiala was he,
Who lived a life of extreme deprivation and raggedness. (3)
He came to know that the Guru ran a free community kitchen,
Where people flocked and ate food to their hearts content.
Irrespective of the fact whether one rendered any service or not,
There was no dearth of any provisions and eatables there. (4)
Hearing this, proceeded he to the Gurus abode there,
And joined the (dedicated) band of Gurus cooks and kitchen crew.
There, he kneaded flour and kept the kitchen fires burning.
And had had his fill as many times as he wished to eat. (5)
But he could not exorcise the ghosts of his Sultani past from his mind,
Nor could he thoroughly imbibe the Sikh spirit in his character.
Mind is cleansed of dross only after the Sikh spirit is embedded in it,
As rigorously as rust deposited on a sword is rubbed with a chisel file. (6)
But having departed from his homestead at an auspicious moment,
He became worthy of (great) Gurus blessings gratuitously.
Having been blessed with all the boons with Gurus (single) glance,
This rustic Hindal Jat could not contain the Gurus benediction. (7)
4 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : lU lU U H| Hl3IJ IU H "IJ UlU !
U lH UJ| "I lJU" J| o lU !\!
dhr : ik din uth sar satigr ga su langar di.
uth sikkh charn lag hindl bh y dhi.8.
UU| : HJ oJ lH UJ| J "U ! J3 lJU" o J l"J5U !
H U HU lU3 "U| J ! H3 o "I IJ I JlJ J !\!
chaupa : jab aur sikkhan charnn hath l. hut hindl t hath librd.
s un sch itnak la dhra. mat t lag gur pag hhin khavr.9.
J H5 U l J J ! H|H lU J UJ| J !
U Hl3IJ UH lU3 | HU ! J| H lUH IJ UH =" "U !O!
hth jrd un pith par dhar. ss jhuki par charn dhar.
dkh satigur us chit k scha. kar su darishat gur us val lcha.10.
lU3 HU J JU lUo" ! J U| lJU" lJ" !
3 HU 3 J HH UU| ! H3 loH3 UH lU oU| !!
itnak sauch par bha dila. kar dn hindl nihla.
tanak sauch t bada mauj da. mukhat nimat us ik a.11.
H3 loH3 J 3 olU ! JlU J" J 3U J UlU !
U JH JJ |J ! H J J JJ 33J|J !!
mukhat nimat hath t i. hui bhal bhnd tau rakhai pachi.
kachchai bsan rahai na nra. j kar rkh bahu tatbra.12.
\=. H| IHJ | \=. H| IHJ | \=. H| IHJ | \=. H| IHJ | \=. H| IHJ |
('J lJ H|U H lH| lHU|') ('J lJ H|U H lH| lHU|') ('J lJ H|U H lH| lHU|') ('J lJ H|U H lH| lHU|') ('J lJ H|U H lH| lHU|')
83. skh gajab k
(bhay nirjan nm sikh mit)
U JJ : H3 loH3 IJ JU U J IJJ IJ|J !
J JlJJ l J= |J !!
dhr : mukhat nimat gur bachan ku rkhai gahar gambhr.
kanak katrai bhir tikai na bghan chhr.1.
UU| : UU| HI3 H| IJ l3J "lU ! lIJU lH" J|H 3|H lIJlU !
lUH 3J "U| H llU ! lUH| 3J oU| JHJ lJ !!
chaupa : da sangat sar gur tih li. girad jindl bs ts girni.
is taur la math tiki. is taur hamr phi.2.
H3 3 JlJ o IJ JlU ! JlU H= lJ lH|U o=lU !
=lJIJ IJ H H ! Hl3IJ UH JH JH !=!
5 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : One day His Holiness (Guru Amadas) leaving his Divine seat),
Paid a visit to the quarters running the community kitchen.
As the devout Sikhs paid obeisance at the Gurus lotus feet,
This Hindal Jat also rushed to bow at the Gurus feet. (8)
Chaupai : As the other (fellow) Sikhs ventured to touch the Gurus feet,
The Hindal Jat found his hands covered with wheat flour.
Lest Gurus sacred feet should get smeared with wheat flour,
He decided to pay his obeisance in his own way. (9)
Folding his (flour-covered hands) behind his back,
He placed his head on the Gurus feet in a kneeling posture.
The Guru, impressed by his (rare) gesture of thoughtfulness,
Caste a benevolent glance on him considering his devotion. (10)
Responding benevolently to such a thoughtful gesture,
The Divine Guru showered his blessings on this Hindal Jat.
(Thus), such a small (sensible) gesture brought so many rewards,
That he became worthy of Gurus grace gratuitously. (11)
Such gratuitous rewards may, fall to anyones lot,
But noble human vessels alone can preserve such rewards.
A pitcher made of unbaked clay can never hold water,
Whatever strategies one may adopt for its preservation. (12)
Episode 83
An Episode that is shocking
(Becoming a Niranjania, he eclipsed Sikhism)
Dohra : Gurus blessings received gratuitously (are difficult to contain),
As people with a serious and profound disposition alone can preserve.
It is as if the milk of a lioness can not be preserved,
In a bowl of any base metal except that of (pure) gold. (1)
Chaupai : The Guru, having awarded the custody of a congregation (to the Hindal Jat),
Fixed its jurisdiction over a radius of twenty to thirty villages.
Directing him to ask the devout to bow down before him as they did before the Guru,
The Guru asked him to continue to visit the Guru as before. (2)
Warning him against the temptation of declaring himself a Guru,
Lest he should be ostracized from the Sikh Panth.
6 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
mat kat bahi p gur hi. hui jvai phir sikhn adahi.
vhigur dhann guru jp japy. yaun satigur us hukam phurmy.3.
U JJ : =J Hl3 loH3 JUJ H HU UlU !
H IlJ J=JJ "lJU lU 3| U| JJlU !e!
dhr : vahu mukhti nimat bkdar saky na s pachi.
jayn gadhhi baghmbar labbhi khi kht par bhari.4.
UU| : oH olJ HI3 U| U| ! lJJ lU lHH IJJ JU| !
UH HJ IJJ o ! Ul =J U IJ J" !!
chaupa : ais hi jagat k k. bibh pi jis garab na h.
us mrakh k garb y. dni vr un gur bhuly.5.
lJ l" U|U oJ J JH "|o ! U HI IJ l |o !
U Hl3IJ 3" J3 H lU= ! =J | 5| U II J !!
kahi pichhal d ab hai ham l. dn jg gur kin th k.
un satigur tl hut sun chinvy. ghar k chhaprd nun gang dhary.6.
IU Jl3oJ lH"= "lU ! U U HJ| IJ lU3 UlU !
oJ IJ "|U lUU J3U| ! J lJH|U H lH| lHU| !!
ga hatiran milvai nulhi. un chaky shark gur it di.
aur gur lp iu bat. bhay nirjann nm sikh mit.7.
H| lJ H o3J ! U l" H| H lHH3UJ!
o J l" H H=U|! J H| JH H= =U| !\!
sar nnak kahi janak autra. un likhy skh madh khijmatdr.
p bany likhy janak jav. bhay sar rm k sndh v.8.
U JJ : U J lU H | l J| H= | oJ !
=J =3 JU lHJJ | ! JH HlU "U| " 3J !\!
dhr : kad kahai ik sdh k kin kar sv th aur.
vah vakhat na pahuchy mihar k. ham ji la chhal taur.9.
UU| : U J JH o J ! U HI IJ l l !
JH lUH H HJH ! lU HJ " J3 J JJH !O!
chaupa : kad kahai ham p bhay. dn jg gur kin th kiy.
ham n is k jnyn marma. ik mrakh lk karat hain bharama.10.
U JJ : oH oH l" HH H| H lH"lU !
HJ JU J"U lJU" JU l"=lU !!
dhr : ais ais jhth likh jam skh maddh mili.
jahn na pahuchy parhld dh hindl pahuchy likhvi.11.
7 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Directing him to make the congregation meditate upon Wahegurus Name,
Satguru (Guru Amar Das) gave him instructions to this effect. (3)
Dohra : Being worthless to appreciate the worth of Gurus gratuitous blessing,
He could not maintain and preserve the Gurus rare gift.
It is as if an ass having covered its body with a lions skin,
Could devour the peoples crops by terrorizing the people. (4)
Chaupai : Very rare are such people in this human world,
Who do not turn arrogant after acquiring wealth.
This (worthless) idiot turning arrogant (after being affluent),
Chose to ignore the Guru who had endowed him with wealth. (5)
Claiming that had he harvested the rewards of good deeds of his past,
The Guru had no powers to endow him with his present affluence.
Having constructed a tank copying the design of Gurus sacred pool,
He labeled his cattle pond as the sacred Ganges. (6)
Including the cow-slaughterers in his sect after ablutions in the pond,
He made himself a rival to the Guru in this way.
Moreover, I would narrate how he eclipsed Gurus glory,
And how he converted himself into a Niranjania to harm Sikhism. (7)
Guru Nanak is reported as an incarnation of king Janak
(in Janamsakhi),
He interpolated the Janamsakhi
making Nanak the servant of Janak.
Interpolating further, he declared himself the son-in-law of Janak,
Thereby making himself the co-brother of Ramachandra
. (8)
Dohra : Sometime he remarked that there used to be a saint,
Whom another devout Sikh had rendered some service.
But when the saint wished to bless him, he failed to arrive,
And the Hindal Jat got the saints blessings in his place surreptitiously. (9)
Chaupai : Sometime claiming himself to be a self-made saint,
He denied that the Guru had any powers to bless him.
Claiming further that he knew the whole mystery (of creation),
He declared that the ignorant masses had a blind faith (in the Guru). (10)
Dohra : Drafting such fictitious claims (about his own powers),
He made a number of interpolations in the Janamsakhi.
He claimed that even Dhru Prehlad
could not achieve that spiritual status,
Which he (the Hindal) had achieved (with his own efforts). (11)
8 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : oJ J| "| IJ H ! lHU IJ U o J !
UH H oJ U IHJ H ! H| IJ lHU l" !!
chaupa : aur kar lp gur jn. jind gur un apan bakhn.
us madh aur un gajab kamy. sar gur nnak jind likhy.12.
U| J3 lHU lHU I"H ! IJ H| |U lUH = H!
H| J|J H| J JU| 3|H ! lUH HHH| H l J| H|H!=!
k hut jind sikndar gulma. gur nnak j k im ghat thm.
sar kabr nnak j k bany bh janamskh madh likh kar mj.13.
U JJ : lUH J3 UH | JU| lHH J lU"|U 3J HJ !
oI JH3 H U J" 3lJU IJ =J !e!
dhr : im bt us k bha jim ban dilln tur savr.
g rast madh k ral turi gadhh vr.14.
UU| : H U JH3 =lU ! HJ 3 lJ" I" =lJ JU HlU !
JH U oHJ lU"|U oU ! =J I =" HJ =" HU !!
chaupa : j k pchhai rast vi. sabh t pahilai gal vahi bch ji.
ham pach asavr dilln . vah gadh vl sabh k val j.15.
oH| JU| lJU" J3 ! HJ IJH JHJ IJ J3 !
oI JU| H lJU" U"U ! H J IHJ IU l" JU !!
ais bha hindl bta. sunhu gurmukh hamr gur bharta.
ag bha j hindl ulda. j bada gajab ga likh bda.16.
H lJ lJ U H HU ! lHH H =lJ l3H l"U !
H3 loH3 "| IU| ! UH| J3 U JJJ l"U| !!
s bhinn bhinn unk nm sunn. jim mukk vahi timai likhn.
mukhat nimat jhall na ga. us bhnt day bahur likh.17.
U JJ : lJU" 3 3 H JU l3 J lH| 3J !
oI JU H 3J 3 IU lH|U U5 !\!
dhr : hindl putar t j bha tin kachhu rakhy sikkh taur.
g bha j ptr t ga sikkhn chaurd.18.
UU| : oI JU 3J HU ! J= o lJH|U HU !
H| IJUJ H H J| ! HI UJlU IJUJ J| !\!
chaupa : g bha ptr j. kahvain p nirjan s.
sar gurdavran mannain su nhn. sagn churi gurdavran khhn.19.
H| olH3HJ UU= UJJJ ! H "lJ HIlUU U U| JJ !
J3J J3J J oH H J ! =lJIJ H U J JJ !O!
sar ammritsar chandv darbra. s lhi mangi un ka bra.
kartr kartr kar pas main kahain. vhigur nm chup kar rahain.20.
9 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : He fabricated further tales to eclipse the Gurus glory,
By declaring that his own Guru was still alive.
Above all, crossing all sense of decency and propriety,
He declared that Guru Nanak was still alive as Jinda Pir. (12)
Referring to Alexanders slave named Jinda,
He declared the Guru Nanaks spirit resided in him.
Declaring himself as the third brother of Guru Nanak and Saint Kabir,
He made such an interpolations in the Janamsakhi. (13)
Dohra : His (blasphemous deeds of making interpolations) cast him,
In the image of a rider in a caravan of horse-riders from Delhi.
Although he might have joined the caravan midway,
And that too riding on an ass among the horse-riders. (14)
Chaupai : If, perchance, somebody enquired about the caravans (destination),
He would respond to enquiries ahead of others.
He declared that the five riders (including himself) rode from Delhi,
Such was the ingenuity and guile of this ass rider. (15)
Such were the (blasphemous) deeds of this Hindal Jat,
That my dear gursikh readers must listen to these.
Further, the progeny which sprang up from the loins of this Hindal,
Made even more atrocious and shocking insertions. (16)
I would narrate all the names of this (notorious) progeny,
And the way they met their doom (for their misdeeds).
Since they failed to preserve the Gurus blessing acquired gratis,
They made many more fictitious interpolations in (Janamsakhis). (17)
Dohra : The sons who were born to this Hindal, (a Jat by caste),
Did follow the Sikh tenets and Sikh way of life to some extent.
But the grandsons who succeeded the Hindals sons,
Had gone completely astray from the Sikh way of life. (18)
Chaupai : These grandsons (who succeeded Hindals sons),
Declared themselves to be Niranjanias instead of Gurus Sikhs.
Rather than following the Sikh way of worship in Gurdwaras,
They induldged into acts of burglary in the Gurdwaras. (19)
Several times had they stolen from Darbar Sahib (Amritsar),
The expensive canopy from the ceiling of the sanctum sanctorum.
Greeting each other with the words Kartar, Kartar,
They kept silent avoiding the reciting of Waheguru. (20)
10 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
l3 J JHJ ! l3 J JH lHU |J J !
HH"H H HJ JlJ ! H"3|o H Jl" lH" lJ !!
kitai kahain panth nnak hamr. kit kahain ham jind pr dhr.
muslamnan sn sanh rakhhin. sultnan sn rali mil khhin.21.
l3 HlJ UH J JlJ JI3 ! U JJ lH HJ=U JJ3 !
J UH UI"| JJ J| ! 3J H |l3 l3 J| !!
tin mahin dushat bhay hari bhagta. un bahu sikkh marv bbkhata.
bhay dushat chugl bahu kar. turkan sth parti tin kar.22.
U JJ : "H HJ U H| Hl3IJ |U UJ !
H lH= l3H lJ oU 5 o UU l3H HJ !=!
dhr : panth khls jab uthy sar satigur k parchr.
j k singh tis pahi a phard p da tis mr.23.
UU| : U|o U= "JJ JUU ! U lUH o " U !
UH J lH= =J l 5= ! H I" JJ 3J J= !e!
chaupa : kaan dvai lahaur pahuch. un k inm p lai kh.
dass kar singhan ghar pindn phardvai. phauj gail bahu turkan rakhvai.24.
U UlU JJ H l " ! J UU U H = !
UH HIJ H 53 JU! l" lUo" lHH HlJ U!!
un di br sda pind luty. bp dd un sda kadahy.
us k magar j pardt bha. karipl dil jis nmhi tha.25.
= oJHUHlJ HJJ U ! U JlU oI JJ lH= HJ=U !
J ="=J H"J J|! J3 JHJ J|H 3|H lH= HJ U| !!
vai ahmadshhi k muhr dh. un hui g bahu singh marv.
bhay ghallghr malrai ph. hut hazr bs tsak singh mr th.26.
lUH J lH= HJU "U ! olU oJHUHJ U 3U JUU !
HU "H U HlJ l" ! U J| JHU| "H " !!
is kar singhan mrach l. i ahmadshh un t bach.
jad khls day shhi nikla. un kar ras khls nl.27.
l3 UI lH= oH H J! UJ HU3 I l" HJ I!\!
kit dang singh pas madh bhay. hn madat gay karipl mar gay.28.
U JJ : l" HIJ U" UH lJ JJ IU| =" JlU !
HJUH l3H 3 J J JJ HJJ| HlU !\!
dhr : karipl magar dayl ds phir bahy gadd vl hi.
sharands tis put bhay bada kharb sharb ji.29.
11 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Sometime they professed to follow the religious order of Nanak,
While at another moment they professed to be followers of Jinda Pir.
Empathising and sympathesing with the Muslims,
They shared their meals with the Sultanis as well. (21)
The most wicked among them being one Har Bhagat,
Who was instrumental in getting many Sikhs eliminated.
Being wicked, he conspired and spoke ill of (the Sikhs),
As he had developed cordial relations with the Mughals. (22)
Dohra : The Khalsa Panth had come into Being (among the masses),
As a result of the teachings of the Sikh Gurus and their preaching.
But if a Sikh approached them (considering them as Gurus Sikhs),
He would catch hold of him and eliminate him. (23)
Chaupai : (Or else) he would handover the Sikhs to the Mughals at Lahore,
And received the rewards in return for their arrest.
Providing information, he would get the Sikhs arrested from their villages,
As he kept a large battery of Mughal troops with him. (24)
Twice had he got my (the authors) own village ransacked,
Which made my father and grandfather desert their home.
Hindal was further succeeded by his great grandsons,
Who were named Kirpal and Dyal respectively, (25)
They led the troops of the (invading) Ahmed Shah,
And got a large number of Sikhs eliminated through their guidance.
They were responsible for the genocide of the Sikhs near Malerkotla,
In which twenty to thirty thousand Sikhs lost their lives. (26)
When the Singhs launched an attack against them,
Ahmed Shah (Abdali) had to rescue them from the Sikhs.
After the Khalsa forces routed and packed Ahmed Shah Abdali,
These two (wicked) Hindals patched up with the Sikhs. (27)
(But) Once during a factional fight among the Sikhs,
Kirpal Hindal was killed while supporting one Sikh faction. (28)
Dohra : Dyal Dass succeeded Kirpal (after the latters death),
And occupied the seat of the (Jandialian Hindal).
Sharan Dass happened to be the son of Dyal Dass,
Who was extremely wicked and a dipsomaniac. (29)
12 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : J U l3H J H= ! =lJ lU JJ lU" H !
HJ 3 = H| =J JU ! HI3 | JJ U !=O!
chaupa : bada kadd tis bada juvna. vahi khi bakkr ikll mna.
sabh t vada km vuh h. chhadaai na sangat dh bah k.30.
UH 3 HI3 JJ HU| ! UH 3 J| JJ HU| !
3 lUH lJ U H| JU| ! lH| o| J J| JU| !=!
us t sangat rahai sank. us t bt bah na j.
tau is bidh un skh ban. sikkh aukh hai rakhn bh.31.
="J l| l3| ! JU HH3 H J l"| !
JJ J| J l3 J3 ! J JH UJ lH| =3 !=!
vlhu nikk khannyn tikkh. bd shstar kai madh hai likkh.
bh bt hai kitnak bta. hai param padrath sikkh vakhyt.32.
olU o3 H J3| oU| ! H JJH H JU| !
HH H| o J| JlU ! J HI3 U "J =lU !==!
di ant j ht . yn main bharam na mnyn r.
janam skh p dhar bani. kahy sangat dkh lh vi.33.
U JJ : H3 loH3 JUJ IU H lUH J| JU !
| UH lU HJ U JU| oI U"U !=e!
dhr : mukhat nimat bkdar ga su im h bd.
pp dushat nindak mahn un bha na ag uld.34.
\e. H| 3J lH = HJ|U | \e. H| 3J lH = HJ|U | \e. H| 3J lH = HJ|U | \e. H| 3J lH = HJ|U | \e. H| 3J lH = HJ|U |
('U lIU JH lH J U I JHJ| H3') ('U lIU JH lH J U I JHJ| H3') ('U lIU JH lH J U I JHJ| H3') ('U lIU JH lH J U I JHJ| H3') ('U lIU JH lH J U I JHJ| H3')
84. skh tr singh shahd k
(dangin ham kim tarain dang hamr jt)
U JJ : H| 3J lH= | H H Jl l !
JlU " H lH= J JJ I3 !!
dhr : skh tr singh k sun su buddhi nidhn.
bni daal madh singh bhay buttar gt pardhn.1.
U : J| 3| H3= JlJ3 =lJ JJ H UI| ! |" JH3 3 HH HH 3 HH3J HI| !
IJJ| lJ3 J lHU IJ UJ J ! H 3 = H JU H3| lHH H l3J !
U I HlJ l H U H J|o H lIlU !HlU J"lU H =J J "U o | llU!!
chhanda : hath tap jatvn rahit vahi rahai su chang. nl bastar tan sajai sajai tan shastar jang.
gurbn hit rakh sidak gur charnan dhr. mukh t kadahai ju bachan sat jim s paritpr.
dangaiyan mahin paritham usai dharai nm gini.ji bali ju ghar parai la apn thk tiki.2.
13 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : He, being very muscular and tall in stature,
Could consume one full-fledged goats meat at a time.
Being extremely lecherous and full of sexual lust,
He would not spare anybodys daughter or daughter-in-law. (30)
The Sikhs, being wary of his evil (sexual) designs,
Felt reluctant to allow their daughters to attend his congregations.
Then he concocted a tale (to cover up his evil designs),
That one had to pay a very heavy price to become a Sikh. (31)
That, as recorded in scriptures, to be a Sikh was more arduous,
Than a walk over the razors edge sharper than human hair.
So manifestly great was the blessings of being a Sikh,
That the offer of ones daughter or daughter-in-law was not a big deal. (32)
Since the daughters had been offered (to others) since eternity,
There should no hesitation at all about this practice.
Making such an interpolation into the Janaksakhi himself,
He asked the congregation to see this (fact) for themselves. (33)
Dohra : This worthless progeny who received the Gurus blessings gratis,
Perished without any achievement to their credit,
They, being extremely wicked slanderers and sinners,
Had no further family line (to carry on their dark deeds). (34)
Episode 84
Episode About Tara Singh
The Sikh Martyr
(How can we desist from fighting, as fighting is systemic in our Being)
Dohra : (Now) my dear enlightened, wise Gursikh readers,
Listen to the episode of Tara Singh (the great Sikh martyr).
He belonged to a village known as Bain-Dal
Which had a majority of Buttar Jat Sikh residents. (1)
Chhand : Leading a morally upright, clean and highly disciplined life,
He donned (the Khalsas) blue robes and battle ready armour.
Reposing his (full) faith in Gurbani and the Sikh Gurus,
He always kept his word as that kept by a Sati
Deserving to be placed at the top among the fearless/fighters,
He would even fight for a cause that concerned others. (2)
14 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : H|H J J J lJ lJ HJ HlU !
lHJ J J l3H oH JJ HJlU !=!
dhr : ss dhar hath pur phirai nahi marn sanki.
sirn par dar tisai ais rahai subhi.3.
HJ JU J3 H|=3 U "| 3J JJlU !
HHU J J lH= | "= H" JHlU !e!
jab band hut jvt un ln turak hari.
khushmad kar kar singhan k lvai mulak basi.4.
" lH= J 3U| " " HlU !
JU HJ HJ U lJ l3U lH= lJ !!
lt pt singhan rakhai tadd lakh tal ji.
band mry jab unain bin khatin singh khaphin.5.
UU| : J3| 3J lH= UU| HI|J ! JI lU l3J lH= J|J !
3J lH= lJ HH lJJ ! =J| J U lH J !!
chaupa : hut tr singh da jagra. bung chiny thau tih singh bra.
tr singh nahin samn nihry. vah rakhy un sidada dhry.6.
lJ"| J " H lJ ! UI I J HUlU !
JJ HU| "U lUH H"! UH H UI J H " !!
pahil bnn talai su nnhi. dang phang rakhai machi.
rh jnd la knis ml. das paj dangyyan rakhai su kl.7.
lH3 l3 3 U "= U"J ! JJ3 lJ3 J l3H =lJ HJ !
H HJ 3 J H" ! lUH J UI J HJJ !\!
jit kit t k layvai ulmbh. bahut hit kar tis vahi smbh.
s marn t daarai na mla. im kar dang rakhai zarra.8.
oJ 3J H lUH H= ! HU H UlU JJ = !
oH| J| 3J lH= J ! lJ H = 3J o !\!
aur taraph j kis jv. sadd ps dui pahar katvai.
ais par tr singh bna. nahin mnai vai turkan na.9.
U JJ : J UlIU JH lH J UI JHJ| H3 !
UI 3J JH |U H| Hl3IJ H| o !O!
dhr : kahai dangin ham kim tarain dang hamr jt.
dang khtar ham k sar satigur j p.10.
UU| : UI J| 3 I l3HJ| ! UI J| 3 JI H|H "U| !
lJ UI U J3 ! JH UI HU= " =3 !!
chaupa : dangai h t paiyug patishh. dangai h t hg ss l.
bin dangai k puchhai na bta. ham dang machvain yau lakh ghta 11.
15 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Being ever ready for a fight (for a cause),
He never hesitated from sacrificing his life.
Being ready to pick up a fight on the slightest pretext,
Such was the stuff that he was made of. (3)
When Banda Singh Bahadur was alive (and powerful),
He had defeated all the (ruling) Mughal forces.
The Mughals then kept the Singhs in good humour,
In order to remain in power in the whole country. (4)
They maintained good cordial relations with the Singhs,
In order to tide over the emergent moment of crisis,
But once they had eliminated Banda Singh Bahadur,
They killed (many) Singhs without any offence. (5)
Chaupai : The Mughals had made Tara Singh a custodian over an area,
Where this brave warrior had raised a small mansion.
Tara Singh, taking no notice of the changed times,
Continued with his same violent, aggressive stance. (6)
Refusing to budge from his earlier violent behaviour,
He kept indulging in acts of violence and rioting.
Picking up a fight even for the strangers cause,
He kept on commanding a small battery of violent fighters. (7)
Whosoever approached him with any kind of complaint,
He would eagerly take upon himself to redress that issue.
Having no fear of being killed in any violent encounter,
He kept on indulging in violent acts compulsively. (8)
Even if a contentious issue concerned others (unknown to him),
He would get himself involved unnecessarily into it.
Having become such a compulsive addict to violence,
He refused to abide by the Mughals sovereign writ. (9)
Dohra : He boasted that he would never desist from fight,
Since fighting was systemically built in the Khalsas body.
They had been ordained to be violent (for a cause),
By the express Will of the great Guru (Guru Gogind Singh). (10)
Chaupai : (The Khalsa) would attain sovereignty through fighting,
And fight alone would prod them to make sacrifices.
Since nobody bothered about their cause without violence,
They would indulge in violence myriad times. (11)
16 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : J3 HlJJ J J H H JHlJ !
HlJJ JlU J UJ| J3 UH HlJ !!
dhr : hut nushhir pur badaau madh pann jatt bashin.
shib ri bada chaudhar hut usai kai mnhi.12.
UU| : UU| =5| UH =J | UI| ! J 3| UJ=3 lJ HI| !
3lJ J| UlU lH= 3| J=3 ! H =5| UJ| UJ H=3 !=!
chaupa : du ghrd us ghar th chang. par kht charvat nahin sang.
tahin bh dui singh kht karvta. s ghrd chaudhar char jvata.13.
3 lH= HlJJ JlU lJ IU ! J =5| 3 JH 3 JJ !
3 UJ| J| lH= UUJ ! JH UJ H 3H lHJ =lJ !e!
tau singh shib ri pahi ga. bannh ghrd tau ham kht rah.
tau chaudhar kah singhan uchra. ham chahai munai tum sir k vri.14.
H lH= 3 H "I| oI ! J J J l J "I !
JJ JJUJ| J l HlJ ! J| HJ HJ3 3H oJ lJ !!
sun singhan tan man lag ga. kahain kahn karain kichh kb na lga.
bahu tabbradr hai pind mnhi. nahn mr marat tum kau ab thnhi.15.
H IU lH= U3 JH lIJlU! J3 J=" lH= oH lH= l=" lU!
HU U UU| =5| =lU ! U oI UU| =J" UlU !!
s ga singh dukhat bhusy giri.hut baghl singh amar singh dahill thi.
sadd un k da ghrd kadahi. un ag da gharyl puchi.16.
U JJ : oI " "H|J lH= H HI" JU| HlU !
lJ JlU 3J lH= lJ UU "IJ H lU !!
dhr : agn lai lakhmr singh sandh jangal bch ji.
phir bni trai singh pahi da langar pais pi.17.
UU| : HIJ HlJJ JlU H" U5 ! " H H H J| l3H 5 !
UH H| lH= UJ JU ! U lH= " J "JU !\!
chaupa : magar shib ri sl daurd. lai puj khj s bh tis thaurd.
us khj singh chr ban. un singhan lukan na thaur labh.18.
3 olU JJ 3J lH= H ! =J H H|= J oH !
3lJ J| o HlJJ JlU o ! olU 3J lH= J" H !\!
t nath i bah tr singh psa. vah j jvan rakh na sa.
tahi h p shib ri y. i tr singh bl suny.19.
JHJ UJ 3 UJ 5lU ! lJ UJ l"U "JJ HI=lU !
oJ 3 J lU J HJ" ! H3 3 " H= 3H I" !O!
hamr dhu tn chr phardi. nahin dhain lin lahaur mangvi.
ab tn rakh in khb sambhla. mat kat luk jvain tum gla.20.
17 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : There is a big town known as Naushehra
Which is inhabited by Pannu Jat Sikh clan.
There was one feudal lord known as Sahib Rai Chaudhary
Who was also a resident of the self same town. (12)
Chaupai : He possessed a couple of two high-pedigree horses,
Which he let lose to graze the peoples crops.
The crops which the two Singh farmers had raised,
Were these lapped off by the Chaudarys horses. (13)
Then the two Singhs approached Sahib Rai (Chaudhary) and appealed,
That their crops could be saved only if the latter kept his horses under leash.
The feudal chief (feeling incensed at their audacity) threatened,
That he intended to shave off their hair to make a leash for his horses. (14)
The Singhs, though feeling outraged at such a provocation,
Remarked that they were desperately helpless to deal with him.
They had large families to feed and support in the village,
Otherwise they would have beaten him to death instantly. (15)
So these aggrieved Singhs proceeded to a village Bhusa
Which inhabited two Singhs named Baghel Singh and Amar Singh Dhillon.
Inviting these two Snghs, the aggrieved Singhs got the Chaudharys horses lifted,
Who dispatched the stolen horses further to village Ghariala
. (16)
Dohra : From there Lakhmir Singh Sandhu
got the custody of those horses,
And sold these to somebody in the forested region of (Malwa).
He offered all the proceeds from the sale of the horses,
To the free community kitchen run by Tara Singh at Wan. (17)
Chaupai : Sahib Rais detectives, picking up the trail of stolen horses,
Also reached the spot where the horses had been kept,
As detectives held the two Dhillon Singhs responsible for the horses theft,
The latter were at their wits ends to find a place to take refuge. (18)
Being desperate, they ran and found refuge at Tara Singhs Bunga,
The (brave) Tara Singh who had shed all fears of death.
(Following their trail), Sahib Rai also reached Tara Singhs place,
And addressed Tara Singh (to heed his warning). (19)
He threatened that either Tara Singh should handover the two cattle lifters,
Or he would get them arrested by the authorities at Lahore.
He warned Tara Singh to keep the thieves under his custody,
Lest they should escape and put him into trouble. (20)
18 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lH= H| J| UJ lH= lJ UJ ! UJ 3J| UJ=lJ 3| J HJ !
J lUH "U 3 " ! JHJ| lHU 3 JJ " !!
singh j kah h singh nahin chra. chr tnh charvhi kht kar jra.
kar insph la tainn lta. hamr jind t nabb kay lai kta.21.
U JJ : lJ 3 JH J lH| lHJ 3J "I UJ !
" JH lJ JU JH HJ JJ3 HI "J !!
dhr : yahi t ham nai hai mith sir turkan lygu dh.
luk bhaj k nahin bachain ham marain bahutan sang lh.22.
UU| : =3| =3| I" = IU| ! JJ| HlU3 J lH= oU| !
H H | JUlJ J| ! 3H U|J J H H =J| !=!
chaupa : vadht vadht gal vadh ga. bur sit par singhan .
jat j patt farydhi karn. tum hn baith sukh sn gharn.23.
JH 3 "| lH= UIJlJ ! JH 3 lU J| U lJ !
Hl JH l3H "I IU| oI ! H3 HJ H UlU HI !e!
ham t ln singhan ugrhi. ham tn tak ik h d thhi.
suni hkam tis lag ga ga. sutt shr janu uthi jga.24.
3 JH lH= J l3 lU ! J| H HlJ JJ JlU !
3lJ JJ 3J lH= JI lUlU ! U J" Ul lIJU lU !!
tau puchhy hkam singh hain kit thi. kah jatt jahin butran bni.
tahin bahy tr singh bung chini. day raul uni girdai pi.25.
3 JH UH | H"lJ ! l3 HH3 J l3J lJ !
H J| UH I5 J| ! U lU UJJ J U J| !!
tau hkam us puchh salhi. kitak jamyat hai tih phi.
jatt kah us pai gardah nnh. d ik chubr hai un ph.26.
UH J|H lH= 3 HU J| JJ ! UH H oJ J| o=lJ HJ !
lH H lH lJ 3"=J ! U| JJ 3lJ lJ JloJ !!
das bs singh t sad h rahain. das paj aur bh vahi jahain.
kis nj kis pahi talvra. ka rahain tahin bin hathira.27.
H JH U5 |U lU ! HJJ 3J J HlJJ JlU !
oH| U | oH=J ! 3J J J3 HJ HJ !\!
sun hkam chardhy pattn dhi. muhr try kar shib ri.
ass payd pajh asvra. tur dhurn karat mr mra.28.
U JJ : lJ 3| 3 =lJ o Hl3 lH= H HlU !
"U|oI =J H=J 3 UU|oI "JJ JUlU !\!
dhr : pahi phutt t vahi y mati singh sun natth jin.
laagu ghr savr tau daagu lahaur pahuchi.29.
19 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Tara Singh retorted that the two Singhs were not thieves at all,
Instead he (Sahib Rai) was a criminal who destroyed others crops.
They had rather done justice by stealing his horses,
And he cared a fig for the Nawab at Lahore. (21)
Dohra : Tara Singh declared that he had made a resolution,
That he would sacrifice his life while fighting the Mughals.
That he would never seek any refuge to save his life,
And shed his mortal frame after killing so many others. (22)
Chaupai : Thus, a little incident flared up into a conflagration,
As it proved to be an inauspicious moment for the Singhs,
The Jat chief went and complained to the authorities at Patti
That they were living safely in the safety of their houses. (23)
He informed that since the Singhs were making collections forcibly,
The people could pay their revenue to only one authority.
The ruler of Patti felt so outraged at the insinuation,
As if a sleeping lion was provoked out of its sleep. (24)
When the Patti ruler asked Sahib Rai about the Singhs location,
He informed that they were picketing at a village Wan
of Buttar Jats.
There the (Tat Khalsa) Tara Singh had constructed his Mansion,
And had spread his terror all around the place. (25)
Then, the Patti ruler asked him for further information,
As to how much force he had managed together there.
The Chaudhary Jat informed him that Tara had no fort of his own,
But a couple of two storeyed rooms for his shelter had he. (26)
He kept a force of ten to twenty Singhs regularly,
While Singhs, in small batches, kept visiting his place.
Some of these Singhs were armed with swords and spears,
While some others stayed there without any weapons. (27)
Hearing this, the Patti ruler advanced (towards Tara Singhs seat),
With Sahib Rai leading this force from the front.
This whole force, consisting of five horse riders and eighty foot soldiers,
Launched on an expedition enthused with high spirits. (28)
Dohra : This force rushed post haste (from their headquarters),
Lest the Singh should escape (before their arrival).
They intended to surround the place before day break,
And dispatch the Singhs to Lahore (after capturing them). (29)
20 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : lU3 J=" lH= J| JI ! J oJUH lH= HI" !
o=3 H 3J UJ UH oU| ! | 3J lHJ lH= o=U| !=O!
chaupa : it baghl singh bn k bhg py. kar ards singh janglai dhy.
vat phauj turak nadar us . th turkan sir singhan av.30.
UH J H o I3 3"=J ! I= J UU H" HU=J!
= lH= lU3 H3 H3 ! oJ JJ J HU H l" U!=!
us hath nj au gtrai talvra. gadav hatth d jal sauchvra.
vkh singh chit mat maty. ab khabar karan ju j pichhlai dy.31.
lH= JI J H5 o ! lU J| UI U !
U JJ o JlU oUI ! HJ HJ HI | UI !=!
singh kahaing daar murd y. in nai h th dang uthy.
unk khabar p hui gu. mr kt jab jang k pgu.32.
U U ""J 3J J"lU ! 3H 3J oI JH J3 HlU !
HU HlJJ JlU " ! J JHlJ H3 U U H!==!
un day lalkr turkan buli. tum tury agai ham bt suni.
s shib ri lay pachhna. kahy hkmahi mat p jna.33.
lJ J lH= H J| lJo ! lUH lU HJ JlU HJ o!
J| UJ J =5|o =J ! J lH= H J oJ !=e!
yahi hai singhan main bada bidha. is ik mr hui jaihain dha.
yah chr hai ghrdan vr. hai singhn madh bada khur.34.
U JJ : 3 JH J" | H3 lH= = H !
lH= J| oI U 3lJ J| HU I = !=!
dhr : tau hkam hall ky mat singh pvai jn.
singh bh agyn kud pay tahin h mach gay ghn.35.
UU| : UlU 3|J JU 3 UH U"lJ ! =lJ J" I U J| HlJ !
U HH3 U "I lJ ! J3 JJ| HH olJ !=!
chaupa : ui tr bandk tak us chalnhin. vahi ral gay un h mnhi.
un k shastar un lag phin. rt hanr samajh na hi.36.
lH H lH HJ 3"=J ! UJ =5 lH= 3J UU J !
lU J3 J3|H UH HUJ ! J" I" H =lJ J HJ !=!
kisai nj kis mrai talvra. upar ghrdyn singh turak da dara.
ik hut bhatj us phujdra. raulai gaulai mai vahi bhay mra.37.
H lH 3 "I IU| ! lU J=" lH= 3 H oU| !
3 " o loU U ! HJ I"| lH= J UU !=\!
kay jn kis tai lag ga. ni baghl singh phatai su a.
tau lau n pid pa. mr gl singh patt bhann da.38.
21 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Here, S. Baghel Singh concluding his Gurbani recitation,
Proceeded to answer the call of nature after a morning prayer.
He spotted a battery of the Mughal forces marching forward,
As the Singhs had already an inkling of their impending attack. (30)
With a spear in one hand and sword slung across a shoulder,
He carried a bowl of water for making morning ablutions.
Spotting out the Mughal force, he made up his mind,
That he should not run back to inform the Singhs. (31)
Singhs would regard his going back as an act of cowardice,
Although they considered him to be the main cause of the present strife.
He decided that they would themselves get informed,
When they heard the din and noise raised by the fight. (32)
So he challenged the advancing Mughal force loudly,
That they should proceed further after dealing with him.
Sahib Rai (Chaudhry) identifying S. Baghel Singh immediately,
Signaled the Patti ruler never to allow Baghel Singh to escape. (33)
He told that since S. Baghel Singh was the most dreadful among the Singhs,
His capture would mean half the battle had been won.
He was the one who had lifted his two horses,
And he alone was the most wild among the Singhs. (34)
Dohra : So the Patti ruler launched an attack,
So that S. Baghel Singh might not make good his escape.
As S. Baghel Singh also jumped into the fray,
There raged a fierce battle (between one and many). (35)
Chaupai : As the Mughal soldiers started firing at him,
He rushed forward and got mingled among them.
Their own weapons started hitting them,
As they lost their wits in the darkness of the night. (36)
Hitting one with his spear and another with a sword,
He would tumble down a soldier from his horses back.
There was a nephew of the Patti ruler in this contingent,
Who got killed in this din and noise of the fight. (37)
Nobody knew whose weapon had hit him,
But the credit for this success went to S. Baghel Singh.
Then a battery of foot soldiers fell upon him,
And wounded him fatally on the thighs with bullets. (38)
22 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U"| JU lH= H U| ! l" lH= UU| JHlU "5U| !
3J U" J UU JlU ! H U JU| J U JJlU !=\!
chal bandk singhan sun p. nikal singhan da bhaji lard.
turak chl kar da hati. muy dy bh par dy bhari.39.
U JJ : JlU U" HUJ H5 U3J J | HlU !
U J "JJ J | lJU JJlJ lU !eO!
dhr : hui chl phujdr murd utray kamb k ji.
un dar lahaur rukh ky phiryd nabbhi pi.40.
UU| : JJUJ J3 JJ ! =J 3J lU= o JJ !
H lH= U|o HU U| ! 3J lH= lJ o lUH J| !e
chaupa : khn bahdar hut nabba. vah tury dikhvan apn bba.
sun singhan kaan sch pa. tr singh pahi n im kah.41
oJ 3 3 3HJ| JU| ! oJ JlU H= l3 U| HU| !
JH "J 3J lH3 lJ HlJ ! lH JH HJ J H I=lU !e!
ab t phat tumr bha. ab hui jvau kit chhu ma.
ham lar turak jitai nahi jhin. kim ham mar kar jn gavin.42.
3 lH= H| U oI UUJ| ! JH 3 JlJ H loJ| !
JH loJ JJ IJ = ! lHH J Hl3IJ U J J !e=!
tau singh j un agyn uchr. ham tau karhin na jn pir.
ham pirai karhain gur vka. jim kar satigur day hai bhkh.43.
lH= HU H J l3 HI ! lH= HU J HJ HI !
oH| "J HJI JI HlJ ! lJ l JH H JUlJ !ee!
singh s ju karai nit janga. singh s karai marnn na sanga.
asn lar maraing bung mnhi. nahin nathi kai ham jn bachhin.44.
J3 H JHI| 3J lH= H ! U HJ U J !
lH J J lUJ HJ|U ! JJ HU oJ HJ =I|U !e!
hut ju bhujng trai singh psa. unai sabhan k yaun day bhkha.
jin hn hai ihn shahda. rah s aur jhu vagda.45.
J =" lH oH ! " lJ U lH"I JH !
lU3 H3 U| IU ! l HJ|U| J| JJ !e!
hai vl jin nathnau ja. kal nahi k milaig bhja.
itan ku sunat ka nath ga. kichhku shahd k bh rah.46.
UJJ : J3 U H 3J JJ lH= " !
HJ J H HJ HJ3 lH= IJ "" !e!
dhr : hut kachch s natth tur rah pakk singh nl.
sr pr j mahn sbat singh gur ll.47.
23 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As the Singhs, heard the noise of musket-fire,
They came out to chase away the Mughal soldiers.
As this Mughal contingent was compelled to get back,
Patti rulers two nephews, sons of his two brothers, got killed. (39)
Dohra : This fleeing Patti ruler (running from Tara Singhs village),
Put up his camp at a village known as Kamboki
From this camp, he intended to proceed to Lahore,
To make an appeal for reinforcements from the Nawab. (40)
Chaupai : So thePatti ruler proceeded to show his miserable plight,
To Khan Bahadur
, the then Nawab of Lahore.
Hearing this development, the Singhs felt concerned,
And approached Tara Singh to share their concern. (41)
They remarked that since the Singhs had won the first bout,
They should now go underground for the time being.
Since the Singhs could never conquer the Mughals in a straight fight,
Why should they die in vain (in an unequal fight. (42)
Thereupon S. Tara Singh addressed these Singhs in such a vein,
That he did not care to hold on to his mortal frame.
He would rather prefer to follow the Gurus injunction,
As the great Guru had ordained (in the time of an ordeal). (43)
He alone was the Singh who engaged himself in daily fight,
He alone was the Singh who feared not to die (for a cause).
So he would fight to the finish at his own place,
Nor would he desert his place to save his life. (44)
The (Tat Khalsa) Singhs who were present at his place,
He told all of them in clear cut terms:
Only those who wished to sacrifice should stay along,
While others should desert (before the fight started). (45)
That was the only day for those who wished to desert,
Next day, they might not find an opportunity to escape.
Hearing this, some of his colleagues took to their heels,
While some of them stayed put to sacrifice their lives. (46)
Dohra : Those, not fully indoctrinated into Khalsa ideology, deserted,
While those, fully committed to the Khalsas cause, stayed.
The latter were those who were fully motivated and committed,
And to whom Gurus cause was too dear to forsake. (47)
24 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : 3 lH= H| H| lJUJ| ! J HJ|U lUJ IU JJ| !
JHJ J3 H HU loJ ! J3 J3 JH U5 J J !e\!
chaupa : tau singh j n jy bichr. hn shahdn ih ga hr.
hamr hut su j pir. kahat hut ham chard hain nr.48.
U UlJ JJ J "U| ! oI HJH| lJ U | JJ| !
J3 | JH U JJ ! HJ =3 HlJJ HJ J" J !e\!
unk chahiy khabar kar la. ag marz phir un k rah.
hut ky ham unhn karra. jab khvat sunhir sabh ral nra.49.
U JJ : 3J lH= J3 JlJ3 UlU JJ HJ| JJlU !
J lHU| J HJH =lJ IJ JU HlU !O!
dhr : tr singh hut rahit dui butar shark bhari.
bada sidk bada srm vahi gur k bachan kamin.50.
UU| : =H= lH= lUJ lH= lU ! JJH HJ| "| lU !
HHU lH= o JJ lH= HU ! HI J3 3J lH= H3"|U UU !!
chaupa : vasv singh kuir singh nni. barhman shh jhaly thi.
samund singh au jhbar singh j. sang hut tr singh mutln d.51.
HJ lH= o J"5 3 ! H lU lU3 HJ|U| !
"H|J lH= =J" H= ! l3 olU J| 3J lH= H J !!
sr singh y khhlardyn takhna. sun chitth chitt shahd thna.
lakhmr singh gharylyn sandhvt. tin i kar tr singh sn bht.52.
UU lH= J5|U H o J" ! H"| lH= IJJH lH= J" !
J|H lH= JU" lH= J3 | olU ! H3 oJUH oU 3U lU !=!
d singh bhardnn sandh n ral. ml singh gurbakhash singh bhal.
bhm singh bdal singh rat k i. sunat ards t dhi.53.
H= lH= HUJ U lI" ! J3 lH= U= J3 lH" !
J" lH= H= U H ! H lH= JH= J=" " !e!
mgh singh madr d gilla. ht singh chngh hut jila.
bulk singh snghan d skh. jdh singh bjv nrvln lkh.54.
U JJ : JI5 lH= o JH" lH= UH| HJ|U HlU !
J3 3J lH= J| =lJ HI U lH| HJ|U| UlU !!
dhr : bhgard singh au rasl singh pards pashaur ji.
hut trai singh bh vahi sangai un mith shahd di.55.
UU| : UlU J3 JJ J J ! H " HJ|U| J oU !
JJ J3 oHJ lH= JH=" ! olU JJ =J J| 3J lH= " !!
chaupa : dui hut karbthn k kar btha. s lain shahd kar ththa.
rahy hut amar singh bhasyvla. i rahy vahu bh tr singh nla.56.
25 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Then S. Tara Singh contemplated (sadly) in his mind,
That the deserters had failed in their promise to sacrifice.
They were those who had been very dear to him,
Who had promised to make sacrifices along with him. (48)
He must also inform rest of them (about the impending fight),
And leave the rest to their own sweet will.
After all, they had been making promises (to sacrifice),
When they had been partaking food from the same bowl. (49)
Dohra : There were two Buttar brothers, Tara Singhs own collaterals,
Who used to stay with Tara Singh at his Bunga.
They were great warriors and highly devout Sikhs,
Who fully subscribed to and followed Gurus ideology. (50)
Chaupai : There were two Singhs named S. Wasawa Singh and Koer Singh,
Who were Brahmins by caste and residents of village Jhalli
There were two others S. Samund Singh and S. Jhabar Singh,
Who were S. Tara Singhs colleagues from the city of Multan. (51)
S. Sura Singh, a carpenter, came to join from Khalra
After receiving S. Tara Singhs edict and resolving to offer sacrifice.
S. Lakhmir Singh, son of Sandhu Jats, came from Ghariala,
And offered himself for sacrifice at Tara Singhs command. (52)
Two more Singhs of Sandhu caste joined from Bharana
Whose good names were S. Maali Singh and S. Gurbax Singh.
S. Bhim Singh and S. Badal Singh arrived from Rattoke
Immediately after receiving an appeal (from S. Tara Singh). (53)
So Megh Singh, of Gill caste, arrived from Madra
As well as S. Hata Singh, of Jill caste, from Chungha
S. Bulaka Singh, of Sekhon caste, reached from Sanghana
As well as S. Jodh Singh Bajwa, came from Narowal
Dohra : There were two more Singhs known as S. Bhogar Singh and Rasal Singh,
Who belonged to a very distant area of Peshawar.
They, too, had been comrades-in-arms of S. Tara Singh,
Both of whom had vowed to make a sacrifice. (55)
Chaupai : There were two other Singhs, of Karbath caste, from Karbath
Who arrived fully armed and dressed as martyrs.
S. Amar Singh Dhillon (brother of late S. Baghel Singh) from Bhusowal
Also arrived to join the ranks of S. Tara Singh. (56)
26 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HJ lH= J" JU| JU ! l oI" l HIJ oU !
l" lJ U lJ ! U H|H "I= | JU| UJ !!
sabhai singh ral b bha. kichh agl kichhu magrn a.
kil kt th nahin un phi. unah ss lagvan k bha chh.57.
3J3 lH= lU H =5 ! U JH J"| J I5 !
J " " ==lU ! " IJ 3J3 H5lU !\!
turat singhan ik thamm ghardy. dkh bhm bhal thaur gardy.
kar jhatk khal chhlai kadahvi. lay nagr turat mardhi.58.
=I H l3 UJ "I ! "H o|U lJ =H= !
3J U5 l3 H5 H3 H= ! JJ HJJ JH UJ o= !\!
vng tamak tin dar lagy. khls kn kahi vajvy.
turak chardhy kit murd mat jvai. bar jarr ham upar vai .59.
\. H H U| U5 U| \. H H U| U5 U| \. H H U| U5 U| \. H H U| U5 U| \. H H U| U5 U|
('lH3 J U lH = | J , l33 lH = lJ J J ') ('lH3 J U lH = | J , l33 lH = lJ J J ') ('lH3 J U lH = | J , l33 lH = lJ J J ') ('lH3 J U lH = | J , l33 lH = lJ J J ') ('lH3 J U lH = | J , l33 lH = lJ J J ')
85. mman khn d chardh
(jitnak bnd singhan k parai, titnak singh phir hain kharai)
U JJ : J H"J lU JU Hl3IJ | J oH!
5 J|o IJ | lU JlU J JH !!
dhr : kar salh iktth bha satigur k kar s.
pardhain bnn gur k ikkan hui kar rs.1.
UU| : oJ lJ J3 3J =" oU| ! H H3 oJ IJH JU| !
| =" HJ "JJ I ! J=" o lJJ lU !!
chaupa : ab phir bt turkan val . sun sant ab gurmukh bh.
patt vl jab lahaur gay. havl pn nibb dikhy.2.
U lJJlJ "I IU| oI ! H3 HJ H UlU HI !
lHH lHH H = lH= H= ! H o3H J = JJU = !=!
dkh nibbhi lag ga ga. sutt shr jan uthi jga.
jim jim nm vai singhan sunvai. jan tas par vai bard pvai.3.
JH 3 lH= l3 J| ! oJ l3 U 5 JlJ J"U| !
JH HJ3 HJ3 IU ! = oI JJ J3 JU !e!
ham tau singh chhaday kit nh. ab kit uth khardai hhi bal.
ham mrat mrat thak ga. vai agyn bahu badht bha.4.
3 "J H| J| ! lU | JJ 3H J| !
lH3 JU lH= | J ! l33 lH= lJ J3 J J !!
27 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
All these Singhs (who volunteered to fight) were twenty two in strength,
Some of whom came earlier while others joined later.
Neither any fort nor a boundary wall they had for protection,
Except that they were too keen to make sacrifice in battle. (57)
So they chiselled out a (wooden) pillar (out of a Tree Trunk),
And planted it firmly on a plain level ground.
Then, skinning a tender lamb after slaughtering it,
They prepared a war drum with its dried skin. (58)
(Soon after) they declared it with the beat of drum,
That the Khalsa was out to defy the (Mughal rulers),
Lest the invading Mughal force should return incognito,
They must launch an attack on (the waiting) Singhs. (59)
Episode 85
Invasion of Moman Khan
(He said that as many Singhs rose from the ground once again
As the number of drops of Singhs blood fell on the ground)
Dohra : After making a resolve, the Sikhs assembled (at Tara Singhs Bunga),
Reposing their complete faith in Gods (benevolent) Will.
They started reciting the sacred Gurbani hymns,
So that they might succeed in their cherished mission. (1)
Chaupai : Now, let us look at the scenario in the Mughals camp,
Listen to their account, my dear Gursikh readers.
As the custodian of Patti approached the authorities at Lahore,
He narrated the account of his ignominous defeat. (2)
Hearing this, the Nawab of Lahore felt as much infuriated,
As a sleeping lion gets infuriated at someones disturbance.
The more the Patti custodian read out (the defiant) Singhs names,
The more infuriated and incensed became the Nawab. (3)
He felt befuddled how these wily Singhs had mushroomed again.
After he had hounded and eliminated every Singh,
The more the Mughals had exhausted themselves in eliminating the Singhs,
The more had the Singhs multiplied in their strength. (4)
At this the Qazi
taking the Nawab aside, remarked
That the latter knew nothing about the mystery of Singhs resurrection.
28 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
tau lmbh kj n kah. in k khabar tumain kachhu nahn.
jitnak bnd singhan k parai. titnak singh phir ht hain kharai.5.
U JJ : 5 lH= U|J HIU|o UU|o HIJ H =lU !
J3 lH U = lJ J= lH= =lU !!
dhr : phard singhan hn mangai daai mungran sn kutvi.
rakat na niksan un pavai phir huvai na singh vadhi.6.
UU| : 3 lU lHJ| oH J| ! H| J3 J3 J HJ| !
lUH HJJ UU "IlU ! "=I lH= lJ 5=lU !!
chaupa : tau ik siph ais kah. kj bt karat hai sah.
isk muhrai du lagi. layvgu singhan yahi phardvi.7.
lUlJ U lH= J ! olU lH"I lJ HJ H !
H H| lHJ | lUo ! J" HI H| JlJo !\!
inhi na dkh singhan htha. i milgu yahi jr stha.
jan kj sir pn pai. blan jg na kj rahi.8.
3J lJJ lJ oH HU| ! HJ lH= oJ HU|!
J U| J JJUJ HJ ! HJ lH= J =J !\!
tab nibb phir ais sun. mr singhan k ab j.
hai ku bada bahdar mr. mr singhan k kar ghr.9.
U| HHJ JU" "= ! lH= " U= !
J HJ lJUo HH JHJ ! J l" JH" JH J !O!
dn majahb k badl lvai. singhan lukan na natthn dvai.
kar mr hindan kasam hajra. hai likhy rasl hamai yau kra.10.
U JJ : =" HH HUJ HI JU| H oH=J !
U"| HJJ |" H oJ JlJ" UJ !!
dhr : ghaly mman khn phaujdr kai sang b sai asavr.
chl jambr phl paj aur rahikl chr.11.
UU| : JU| l3oJ| |J lJ o ! J "JJJ JJJ !
lH= "JJ|o l3 H "U| ! 3J lH= U53| JU| !!
chaupa : bha tir nakb phir y. dar lahaurah bhar py.
singhan lahauran kit sun la. trai singh pai chardht bha.12.
U lH= lH lU=H lJ3 ! J3 U| J JJ !
H lH= 3 J"U| ! J| lH= H H 3J oU| !=!
un singhan kim divas bity. rt pa karan khabrai dhy.
pujy singhan pai phatai bul. kah singhan sn phauj turak .13.
29 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
He said that as many Singhs rose from the ground once again,
As the number of drops of Singhs blood fell on the ground. (5)
Dohra : He advised the Nawab that the Singhs be captured alive,
And their bodies be beaten and crushed with wooden clubs.
Not a drop of blood be allowed to spill from their bodies,
Then alone can the increase in their strength be checked. (6)
Chaupai : Then at such a suggestion of the Qazi, a soldier interjected,
That the revered Qazi was really speaking the truth.
For this (holy) cause should the Qazi be made to lead the troops,
So that he could help the troops in catching the Singhs alive. (7)
He had never had an encounter with the mighty Singhs,
He would never unite with his wife after an encounter with them.
At this remark, the Qazi felt so much exasperated,
That he could not speak a single word in his defence. (8)
Then, the Nawab of Lahore made a pronouncement,
That they must now proceed to crush the Singhs.
He asked if there was any brave warrior among his troops,
Who could crush the Singhs by laying a seige. (9)
Was there anyone who could take revenge from the enemies of Islam,
Who would not allow the Singhs to escape and take refuge?
The Hindus must be eliminated even if one broke a thousand vows,
Such had been the injunctions from the Prophet. (10)
Dohra : Thus, was Momin Khan despatched on this crusade,
At the head of the command of twenty two hundred horse riders.
Equipped with forty camel-loaded guns and five elephants,
As well as four light artillery guns (of medium range). (11)
Chaupai : As the herald announced the launch of this expedition,
The (assigned) troops put up a camp on the outskirts of Lahore.
The Singhs of Lahore who heard the heralds announcement,
Understood that the crusade was launched against S. Tara Singh. (12)
These Singhs, somehow, passed the day in great stress,
But proceeded to inform (Tara Singh) as the darkness descended.
After arriving at Tara Singhs contingent and greeting them,
He informed that the Mughal force was about to attack them. (13)
30 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H 3 oJ H5 = "JJ ! oJ JU | HlJ lJ J !
U H HJ| =5| oU| ! JU 3U H5 "JJ HU| !e!
main tau ab murd pavaun lahaura. aur bachan k muhi nahin thaura.
pandrn ks mr ghrd . bachaun tau murd lahaurai j.14.
U JJ : oJ J3 3H lJ JU l3 " " H JUlU !
J3 J3 3HJ| oJ lU 3J JI olU !!
dhr : aur bt tum nahin bach kit luk jhal jn bachi.
rt rt tumr ahai din turak paraing i.15.
UU| : lJ =lJ 3 H5 I ! H oI H 3J lH= J !
H 3J lH= ""| oU| ! JH o UJ 3J lHJ "U| !!
chaupa : y kahi k vahi tau murd gay. sunn agai j tr singh kahy.
mukh tr singh ll . ham p chahain turkan sir l.16.
JH 3 "J HlJ J lJ lU ! lJ l l3 oJlJ HlU !
o lJ "= l3 " U ! HJ H|H oJ "lJ U !!
ham tau lar mari hain yahi thi. nahin nathi kai kit aurahi ji.
au nahin lvain kit jhal ta. sahain ss ab klahi chta.17.
oJ 3 J l3 " lJ ! HJ " 3 = HlJ !
HlJ HlJ HU|o 3J| 3lJ " ! Hl3IJ U| JU lU" !\!
ab tau nath kar kit luk phin. jahn kl t dahnd na jhin.
jahin jahin jaai tahn tahin kla. satigur dnai bachan dikhla.18.
H : H J " 3 JH JU|3 3 lJ J JH H !
oI J " J olH IH3 H3 J lHJ 3 lH o !
oH I U| H U= J HlJ U= H == JU !
H3 |o H5 J JH 3| HJI3 H !
savaiy : jau kahn kl t bhj kai bchyat tau kih kunt kah bhaj jaiyai.
gai hn kl dhar asi gjat chhjat hai jih t nasi aiyai.
ais na kai gay k su dv r jnhi upv s ghv bachaiyai.
jnt na chhutai mrdah kahn has tnk na kayn sarngat jaiyai.
\. lUH 3J lH = HJ|U| U| \. lUH 3J lH = HJ|U| U| \. lUH 3J lH = HJ|U| U| \. lUH 3J lH = HJ|U| U| \. lUH 3J lH = HJ|U| U|
86. im tr singh shahd p
U JJ : HH U5 lH= HI " U| HJUJ !
HJJ Jl3 H U "U| JJJ JlU lH= HJ !!
dhr : mman chardhy singhan pai sang lai ka sardr.
muhrai rti su un la bkhbar hui singh mr.1.
31 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
He informed further that he had to return to Lahore,
Since he had no other refuge other than Lahore.
His horse having covered a distance of fifteen miles,
Must he return to Lahore (before day break)for his survival. (14)
Dohra : He advised Tara Singh and his companions,
That they had no other option except to hibernate themselves.
They had only one night for these maneavours,
As the Mughal troops would be upon them with the day break. (15)
Chaupai : The messenger returned after giving this information,
But (dear readers), listen how did Tara Singh react.
Tara Singh feeling extremely charged with emotion, remarked,
That he himself was too keen to sacrifice to stigmatise the Mughals. (16)
He would fight to the finish at his own camp,
Nor would he desert his place to find escape elsewhere.
Instead of seeking a refuge in the dense wilds,
He would prefer to confront death in a straight fight. (17)
Where could one seek shelter by taking a flight,
Where could one remain untraced by death.
Death kept a trail of us (like our shadow),
As had been revealed by revered Satgurus words. (18)
Savaiya : If one could escape death by taking a flight,
Then which direction should one choose for fleeing?
When death is looming large wherever one goes,
How can one run back from the looming death?
No one has ever devised any such technique,
Which one could exploit to escape deaths fatal blow,
When nothing avails Oh! foolish human being,
Why dont you smilingly submit before death? (Bachittar Natak-96)
Episode 86
Episode About how S. Tara Singh Attained Martyrdom
Dohra : Moman Khan launched on an expedition to crush the Singhs,
Accompanied by a host of Muslim warriors.
Taking advantage of the darkness of the night ahead,
They intended to take on the Singhs unawares. (1)
32 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
3 UH H U" H J3 lHl" == lU !
3J lH= lJI H U" lUU lUlU !!
t su j upal jat hut miliy ghavnd dhi.
trai singh nihang k main chal din dikhi.2.
UU| : H HH HJJ " ! U lH= 3 !
U UU 3J J " U" ! l3 J3 J3 JJ U " !=!
chaupa : s mman nai muhr ly. un singhan t kuchhak khujhy.
un da turak par daalai chla. kit hut purtan bair un nl.3.
o lH= U J" 3 ! o " lJ"H "I !
U lH= =" UU| JJ ="lU ! 3 3J lH= oJ HlU !e!
akai singhan k un bhal taky. akai nath lukan k bilam lagy.
un singhan val da khabar ghali. tn tr singh ab nath ji.4.
3J H H5 HUI "JJ ! olU JJ| 3 lJ lU3 J !
lU HlU3 JU 3 JJH JUlU ! J oJ H I=lU !!
turak phauj murd jgu lahaura. i bahn tn phir it thaura.
ik sit bachai tau baras bachi. kh akrath jn gavi.5.
3 lH= H| UH |o HH ! HJH JU| 3J| J !
lU3 3H 3 o| HJ| ! JU|UJ | H lU3 J| !!
tau singh j us k samdha. shbash bh tr bdha.
itnak tum tai chh sar. bhachrai k sjh chit kar.6.
U JJ : H 3H J| H Jl" J| J J| HU J3 !
JHJ HJ|U| lU3 J| JH lJ l3 H3 !!
dhr : j tum kah su bhali kah hai yaunh sach bt.
hamah shahd chit dhar ham nath nahin kit jt.7.
UU| : H JH oJ H JU= ! lJ UJ JH U|J J| o= !
"= J"| lIJU JU|UJ ! lUH JH JlJ H loJ !\!
chaupa : jau ham ab nath jn bachvain. phir chhai ham hn h vain.
lvai bl girad bhchr. im ham karhin na jn pir.8.
U3 "=" JJlJ JU| ! lH" U5 H oI HU| !
JH J3 J U l3HJ| ! JH H J lH= UJ U J| !\!
ut daalvlan khabrahi bha. mil daurd s gai ja.
ham rayyat hain khud patishh. ham main rth singh chr k nhn.9.
3 " lH= IJ J ! HU 3J =lJ H !
3 lUH "| 3J H ! olJ lH= oI H !O!
tau lau singhan nagr kary. s turkan n vahi sun py.
tau im ln turkan jna. hi singhan k agai makna.10.
33 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Then (a local resident) Ghumanda
, an Uppal Jat by caste,
Went ahead and accosted the advancing troops.
Saying that since the Mughal troops were searching for S. Tara Singh,
He volunteered to guide the troops to Tara Singhs place. (2)
Chaupai : So (Ghamanda Jat) leading Moman Khans troops from the front,
Led them on a circuitous route somewhat away from the Singhs location.
He directed the Mughal troops towards village Dalla,
Perhaps because he nursed some old grouse against the village. (3)
Or he had thought of doing some favour to the Singhs,
Because the delay in troops arrival would enable the Singhs to escape.
(Simultaneously), he sent a message to the Singhs,
That S. Tara Singh should vacate his place with his companions. (4)
That way when the Mughal troops returned to Lahore empty handed,
S. Tara Singh should return to occupy his place.
Since a moments escape could ensure his survival for years,
Why should he lose his precious life in vain. (5)
Hearing this message, S. Tara Singh addressed the messenger,
That he (Tara Singh) acknowledged the messengers well-meaning intentions,
That the latter had indeed done a noble deed (by informing him),
For the sake of maintaining his fraternal bonds. (6)
Dohra : No doubt, what he had conveyed was for the formers benefit,
And it was also factually correct (to adopt this strategy).
But since he (Tara Singh) had resolved to make a sacrifice,
He would not run away anywhere from there. (7)
Chaupai : He could very well run away to save his life,
And could easily return to his place as well.
But since his fraternity would accuse him of being a coward,
So he would never run away to save his life. (8)
On the other hand, hearing about the arrival of troops,
The residents of Dalla village came out to meet them.
Assuring that they being the loyal subjects of the Mughal sovereign,
Their entire village had no rebel Singh among them. (9)
The Singhs then challenged the Mughals with the beat of a drum,
Which the Mughal troops heard from a distance.
With this, the Mughal troops became aware of the Singhs,
And the location of the Singhs houses and hamlets. (10)
34 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
JHlU =5 U H ! J lH= lH I==J H !
U5 " oJ 5 HlJ ! J| JJ H o 3HlJ !!
bhaji ghrd k pujy pathna. baith singh kim gavvhu jna.
daurd luk ab jhrdan mnhi. kar khabar main n tusnhi.11.
U JJ : 3J lH= H| UH J HJH JU| H| 3lJ !
oJ JH l3 " JH HJ|U U|J J| JlJ !!
dhr : trai singh j us kahy shbash bh j thi.
ab ham nathkai kit lukain ham shahd hn h hhin.12.
UU| : oI lH= J" lH= H=3 ! JJ UI H" H J=3 !
oJ lH= lH= H| H J| ! 3H JJ J" oI J "U| !=!
chaupa : agai singh tahal singhan kamvta. bhar dgai jal shann karvata.
aur singhan singh j sn kah. tum bahu tahal agai kar la.13.
oJ JH J" UlJ J| 3HJ| ! JlU l=3 oJ UlJ JHJ| !
3 lH= H| U J| HlU ! UlJ l=3 JlU HH3 "IlU !e!
ab ham tahal chahin kar tumr. hui pavitar ab dhi hamr.
tau singhan j un kah suni. dhi pavitar hi shastar lagi.14.
U JJ : HH U=JlJ UI "I UlJ l=3J JlU !
3H HH3J "I UJ HlU lU !!
dhr : jais duvrkahi dg lag dhi pavittar hi.
tais shastar k lag pp dhn ji dhi.15.
UU| : 3 Jl3 lH= H| H" " IU ! o=3 3J U " "U !
H5 lH= H| HJ lH= HU| ! lH H HJ JU| !!
chaupa : tau huti singh j jal lain ga. vat turak unhain lakh la.
murd singh j sabh singhan sun. jin natthn s natth jhu bh.16.
o HH3 5 JJJ J=J ! U J JH "=J !
Hl lH= 3J HU UlU ! U J JH 5 HlU !!
akai shastar phard bhar hvhu. chhda t ran bhm khalvhu.
suni singh tur maidn di. chhda t ran bhm khard ji.17.
U JJ : U3 3 3J 3 olU U JHU H IJ !
JlJ U3J HJ HJ HU| HH lJ !\!
dhr : ut t turak tau i pa baj dhauns nagr.
karhin dutraphn mar mr sauch jais khidar.18.
UU| : lH J" lH= oI ! 5 3I l3 JJ 3 " !
oI "I l3H 3| 3|J ! J lHlJ HU| JJ|J !\!
chaupa : paritham bulk singh agyn dhy. phard tg tin bahu tan ly.
agyn lagy tis chht tra. bhay parithmahi s bahra.19.
35 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
A (friendly) Pathan, too, came running on a horseback,
Warning the Singhs not to lose their lives in vain.
As he had intimated them about the approaching troops,
They should escape and take refuge in the wilds. (11)
Dohra : Tara Singh (acknowledging his service), told him,
That he (Tara Singh) was indeed grateful to the brotherly Pathan.
But since he had taken a vow to make a sacrifice,
He would certainly sacrifice his life at his own place. (12)
Chaupai : At that time S. Tara Singh was serving the other Singhs,
By filling a big tub with water for bathing the Singhs.
Then these Singhs beseeched Tara Singh while serving them,
That he had already done a plenty of service to them. (13)
Now it was their turn to do some service to him,
So that they could also sanctify their bodies with his service.
At this, S. Tara Singh addressed his companions,
That ones body was sanctified only after being wounded in a war. (14)
Dohra : As the devout get their bodies sanctified,
By getting themselves branded at Dwarka
Similarly, when a warrior gets wounded in war.
His body gets sanctified with the touch of a weapon. (15)
Chaupai : As S. Tara Singh went out to fetch water,
He spotted the Mughal troops advancing towards them.
Returning, he announced to the Singhs once again,
That anyone willing to escape should escape now. (16)
Otherwise, they should come out with their weapons,
And stand in the battlefield leaving their shelters.
Hearing this, the Singhs came out in the open,
Leaving their shelter, they stood on the battlefield. (17)
Dohra : The Mughal troops launched an attack from the other side,
With the beat of war drums and other trumpets.
Launching their attack from all the four sides,
They scattered like players in the rustic game of Sonchi
. (18)
Chaupai : S. Bulakha Singh was the first to attack the invaders,
Who wounded many Mughal soldiers with his sword.
Then after being hit by an enemy arrow in the chest,
He fell down and departed for his heavenly abode. (19)
36 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
5 HlU lH= =J| J "U| ! lHH J HU | U| !
U3 3 3J J" J o= ! lU3 3 lH= U H5 J= !O!
khard ji singhan dahr bannah la. jim kar khda sauch k tha.
ut t turak hal kar vain. it tai singh un mrd hatvain.20.
IJU IJJ UlU =" 3 JU| ! J3| J3 H oJ| oU| !
U3 J J" 3J =5 U"= ! HJ lH= UJ lIJ= !!
garad gubr dui val tai bha. hut rt jan anr a.
ut kar hall turak ghrdai chalvna. mr singhan chah phtan girvan.21.
oI U lH= H J ! lIJ 3J| JJ JJ !
l lIJ =lJ oH HlJ ! lUH J J I U JJ !!
agyn un singh mukh kat dar. gir tahn bahu thakk kai hr.
kichhku gir vahi pas mnhi. im kar ruk gay un k rhu.22.
U JJ : l3J UlU =" 3 o5 lJ5 lIJ lIJ J IU| J
J J J" H o= J U J 5 !=!
dhr : tih dui val t ard bhirdai gir gir ruk ga thaur
kar kar hall j avain parain unain par dhaurd.23.
UU| : l U U HH3 "I ! l lH= J| HJ JlU oI !
UU 3J 3 HU I = ! IU U=" " " 3 !e!
chaupa : kichh un kai un shastar lgain. kichh singh bh mrain hui gai.
d taraf t mach gay ghna. thakk ga duvlln l l tna.24.
|J| |J| =" UU 3 JU| ! | JJ| o= U| !
3|J JU 5 UJ U"= ! lUH lJ lH= HJ lIJ= !!
dhr dhr val d tai h. chht hathyrn vai na k.
tr bandk khard drn chalvain. is bidh singhan mr girvain.25.
J3 JU 3HU lH= lJ lJ ! J U | I"| "= U J lJ !
3 HH 5 o ! 3 J" l3H J J !!
hut bandk tamch singhan pahi nnhi. par un k gl langh un par pnhi.
tau mman khn nrd y. tau hall tim phr kary.26.
3U HI" 3| =5 U" ! J 3J lH= 3 o !
lH= H| J U" oU oIJ| ! lJH U"U 3 lJ" =J| !!
ta mugal tak ghrd chaly. kahn tr singh puchht y.
singh j kahy chal u agr. bishak chalu tn pahiln vr.27.
5 =5 U 3|J U" ! H|H HH lH= H| " !
J =5 lH= 5 "U| JI ! l3H J3 I3 HHlU lJ I !\!
chhrd ghrd un tr chaly. ss munds singh j k ly.
jhat kar ghrd singh phard la bga. tis hut nagt saji bin nnga.28.
37 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Then the Singhs stood in a circle with their backs towards each other,
As if they were going to participate in the game of Sonchi.
As the Mughal troops attacked these circled Singhs,
They kept on repulsing their attack from their side. (20)
So much dust and din was raised from both the sides,
As if a dust storm had broke in at night.
The Mughal soldiers while riding on their horses,
Intended to crush the Singhs with horses hooves. (21)
But as the Singh chopped off the horses heads,
Their riders fell down feeling exhausted and defeated.
Some of the horse mounted soldiers collided against each other,
And fell down, blocking the passage of their own troops. (22)
Dohra : As the soldiers from both the sides collided against each other,
The passage got blocked with the falling bodies.
As more and more soldiers came attacking,
They too kept on falling on the heaped bodies. (23)
Chaupai : While a few Mughal soldiers got wounded with their own weapons,
Some others were hit by the weapons of advancing Singhs.
There occurred such a blood bath from both sides,
That soldiers from both sides got completely exhausted. (24)
Thus, the attacks from both the sides slowed down,
As it became difficult to wield small weapons in a close encounter.
So the Mughal troops fired and shot arrows from a distance,
And started killing Singhs while standing at a distance. (25)
Although the Singh had not any muskets or small fire arms,
Yet the Mughals bullets hit their own soldiers on the other side.
Thereafter, Moman Khan himself, marching forward,
Once again got an attack launched on the Singhs. (26)
At that Takki Khan
, while advancing on his horses back,
Kept asking for S. Tara Singhs whereabouts (loudly).
Hearing this, S. Tara Singh asked him to proceed a little further,
And gave him option of attacking him (Tara Singh) first. (27)
As Takki Khan shot an arrow while riding on a horse,
The arrow hit Tara Singhs headgear wrapped round his head.
Leaping up, Tara Singh caught hold of Takki Khans horses reigns,
Even as Takki Khans entire body was protected with a steely armour. (28)
38 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : lJ HHlU lUH H" l HJ olU !
lU H I lH= " U3 l" U HlU !\!
dhr : bin saji is mughalk pind nazar na i.
ik mukh nang singh lakh ut pipl day dhasi.29.
H5 3| H HH HH " !
| JJ J"lU UH J U H !=O!
murdy tak mukh zakham kh mman lay pachhn.
pchh khabar buli us kahn kh mukh pn.30.
UU| : 3 3| HH HU| ! oI 3J lH= J J|5 JU| !
JlU lJH3 3 oI JlU = ! UJ 5 J3 J= !=!
chaupa : tau tak nai mman sun. agai tr singh baith brd ban.
hui himmat tau agai hui khv. dr khard kay bt banv.31.
lU J3 U" UH lJ " ! H =lJ lH= J lU U" !
lJ HJ=3 U J| l"lU ! UlU UlU 3|J 5 UU U"lU !=!
ik hut chl us pahi khal. sun vahi singhan par dhi chal.
kahi mahvat day hth pili. dui dui tr phard da chali.32.
lJ HJ=3 U J| 3J= ! U lH= 3 !
U H H UU lU ! UUI J|U lH= lHlU !==!
kahi mahvat un hth turvy. phatt thak un singhan taky.
un jnyn main ch thi. dungu hthn singhan midhi.33.
U 5 lH= ""| oU| ! lIJU U U J| =HU| !
=J HJ UlU UlU = 3|J ! =lJ 3 J=3 J HJJ|J !=e!
dkh thrd singh ll . gird dkhy un hth ghum.
vahu mrai dui dui dahuk tra. vahi t kahvat bada srbra.34.
U JJ : 3 J|H lH= J H| J HJ lHH lU !
5 U J| UJ 3J3lJ " JJlU !=!
dhr : tau bhm singh kar khush pary shr jim dhi.
phard un hth kann daby turtahi lay bahi.35.
UU| : 3 lH= | HJ=3 J =J ! U J oH "I | 3"=J !
o| JJ| HI HJ HJ=3 ! HU I IH| oH "=3 !=!
chaupa : tau singh ky mahvat par vra. un dahy ankus lag tut talvra.
adh rah sang mry mahvta. s gay gash ankas lvata.36.
U 3J lH= HU3 JU| ! "H|J lH= H J HU| !
HU oH| 3H| J3 H| UJ=3 ! 3 J3 H| UlU UlU H=3 !=!
dkh tr singh madat kar. lakhmr singh s kahy sun.
jad asn tusn hut majh charvta. tn hut majh dui dui tapp jvata.37.
39 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Since the Mughal warrior was completely covered with a steel armour,
No part of his entire body was (exposed) and visible.
Tara Singh, spotting out Takki Khans uncovered face,
Pierced the tip of his (sharp) sword into his face. (29)
As Takki Khan turned back with a bleeding face,
Moman Khan recognized him (from his facial features).
Beckoning bleeding Taki Khan to come nearer to him,
He asked him from where did he chew beetelnut leaves. (30)
Chaupai : At this, Takki Khan told Moman Khan tauntingly,
That Tara Singh was sitting there with the beetelnut packets.
He could also have a taste of those if he dared,
Instead of passing such taunting remarks from a distance. (31)
Hearing this, one of Moman Khans subordinates standing there,
Marched ahead and launched an attack on the Singhs.
Asking the elephant driver to move his elephant,
This warrior shot pairs of arrows in each and every attempt. (32)
Reckoning the Singhs to be wounded and exhausted,
He asked the elephant driver to move his elephant further.
Thinking that he being perched higher on an elephants back,
He would get the Singhs crushed under elephants feet. (33)
Feeling emboldened at the sight of Singhs being in a minority.
He assessed their strength by taking a round on the elephants back.
Being known as a great warrior among the Mughal troops,
He shot pairs of arrows in each attempt at the Singhs. (34)
Dohra : Then Bhima Singh (from Peshawar) in a mood of Chivalrous ecstasy,
Pounced upon his enemy like a ferocious lion.
Catching the elephant by the ear and pressing it hard,
He made the elephant to sit down in an instant. (35)
Chaupai : But as Bhima Singh made a dash at the elephants driver,
His sword broke apart as it struck against the elephants prod.
While he killed the elephants driver with a half-broken sword,
He himself fainted from the blow of an elephants prod. (36)
Noticing Bhima Ssingh fainting, Tara Singh rushed to his aid,
While addressing Lakhmir Singh in following words:
When both of them (Tara Singh and Lakhmir Singh) used to graze buffaloes,
Lakhmir Singh used to jump over a couple of buffaloes. (37)
40 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
oJ 3J l3 J"lU ! HJ 3J 3 UJ HlU !
oI "H|J lH= H| H J| ! HJ J| H | I" J| !=\!
ab katt turkan k kitnak bali. mr turak tn upar ji.
agyn lakhmr singh j sn kah. mr bh man th gal yah.38.
H J 3 oI H JlU ! H HJ lUU 3J HlU !
lU3 lJ lH= || U| ! lHH J H J JJJ| HU| !=\!
m par tanak gy j hi. main mr dikhn turkai si.
itnak kahi singh kn dh. jim parai kujan par bahr j.39.
U JJ : 5 H lH= U J HJ U" ""J !
U3 =" 3 U J| J| HJ HJ J !eO!
dhr : phard nj singh kud pary saunhai chl k lalkr.
ut val t un bh kar mrai mr pukr.40.
UU| : 3 "H|J lH= HlU HJJ ! HlU U" H= HJ !
I H UH H= U|J ! 5 JlU 3"=J U" 3|J !e!
chaupa : tau lakhmr singh ji sambhr. ji chl k mdah mr.
gay nj us mdahai chra. phard hui talvr na chalai tr.41.
lU UlU lH= HU3 oJ oU ! U J| lIJU oJ JlU !
3 "H|J lH= UU "I I ! 5 JH J| J I !e!
ik dui singh madat aur . un hth girdayn aur hati.
taun lakhmr singh k du lag gay. phard rass hth par gay.42.
HJ 3"=J U" J U ! J| 3J =" lH= U !
lH= H| J J| lJ H ! JH o JHI I"H!e=!
mr talvr chl dar day. hth tr val singhan day.
singh j kahy hth kih kmna. ham ank bakhsaing gulman.43.
J| lJ HJ "| I ! U" 3J JH lU I !
3 HH JJ|U J"U ! J3 JHJ| l3J lH U !ee!
hth phir jab khl gay. dal turkan k bhj khi gay.
tau mman khn prb bul. hut hajr khitb jin p.44.
U JJ : HH JH o U JH lH lJ H !
JH " J H J3 U"J =J H !e!
dhr : mans rm au day rm jin k th yahi nm.
bhj nl bada phauj hut kundlapur ghar dhm.45.
UU| : = J J" lH= J U ! U3 3 lH= J| HH oU !
HH JH o UlUo JH ! HJ lH= H UH J| H !e!
chaupa : vai kar hall singhan par pa. ut tai singh bh sanmukh a.
mans rm au dai rma. mr singhan su us h thma.46.
41 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Now since this Mughals calf (elephant) was not so big,
He should jump and kill the Mughal warrior atop the elephant.
Answering Tara Singh in the same vein, Lakhmir Singh said,
That he himself was thinking on the same limes. (38)
In case Tara Singh permitted him to make an attempt,
He would definitely be able to kill the Mughal warrior.
Uttering these words, Lakhmir Singh pounced upon his enemy,
As a sea falcon pounces upon the sea gulls. (39)
Dohra : Catching hold of a spear, the Singh made a dash,
While challenging Moman Khans subordinate loudly.
The Mughal warrior also attacked from the other side,
While shouting for his kill with a greater force. (40)
Chaupai : Then, Lakhmir Singh, rushing upon him overpowered him,
And pierced Moman Khans subordinate in the shoulder.
As Lakhmir Singhs spear cut through his shoulder,
He could neither wield his sword nor shoot his arrows. (41)
As one or two more Singhs reached to help Lakhmir Singh,
They chased away the other Mughals from around the elephant,
Lakhmir Singh, taking an advantage of this opportunity,
Mounted the elephant by catching hold of a rope. (42)
Despatching Moman Khans subordinate with one stroke of his sword,
Lakhmir Singh drove the elephant away towards Singhs.
Remarking that a single elephant being of no use.,
The Singhs would allot such elephants to each one of their servants. (43)
Noticing the elephant returning without its rider,
The Mughal troops fled away feeling defeated.
At this, Moman Khan summoned the (muscular) Purbia
Who had been conferred with great wartime decorations. (44)
Dohra : Mansa Ram and Daya Ram were two of these warriors,
As these were the names given to them respectively.
They had been ordered to accompany the Mughal troops,
And they hailed from the village named Kundalpur. (45)
Chaupai : Making a dash, as they pounced upon the Singhs,
The Singh also came into combat from the other side.
Mansa Ram and Daya Ram, (the renowned Purbia warriors),
Were (also) slaughtered by the Singhs at the same place. (46)
42 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
l3J H IU| 3J JU| ! JJ HU lH= U| !
3 lU U5 J UlH" ! H5 3J | 3 HJ" !e!
tih phauj ga turkan par. rahy madn singhan kai p.
tau din chardahy bhay ujiyl. murd turkan ky kht sambhl.47.
U l3 lH= lUH 5 ! oJ HJ o U 5 !
= UJ J| JU U"= ! Ul 5 = 3 H|Jo o= !e\!
k kit singh disai khard. aur mry au dkhy pard.
vai drn h bandk chalvain. uthi nrd dahukai t shhan vain.48.
J| HJ lH= lUH UU ! lJ = HJ lHJ "U !
lUH 3J lH= HJ|U| U| ! lH= lJ UH HI HJ JU| !e\!
bk mr singh im da. phir dahuk sabhan k sir kat la.
im trai singh shahd p. singh nibh us sang sabh b.49.
lUH 3J lH= H| H |o ! HHJJ HJ HI H |o !
IJ = lHH oH H ! H|H U J lHJJ U !O!
im trai singh j sk k. mashhr sabh jag main th.
gur kau vk jis ais kamyy. ss day par sirar na dayy.50.
U JJ : U lH= lHl J H 3H J !
JJ H lJ JH J HI o= H !!
dhr : dhann dhann un singhan kai jini kar sk taj parn.
rah nm thir karam k hai jag van jn.51.
\. 'H| U H 3 J I"|o J l=o |' \. 'H| U H 3 J I"|o J l=o |' \. 'H| U H 3 J I"|o J l=o |' \. 'H| U H 3 J I"|o J l=o |' \. 'H| U H 3 J I"|o J l=o |'
('J = lH = U H =lU') ('J = lH = U H =lU') ('J = lH = U H =lU') ('J = lH = U H =lU') ('J = lH = U H =lU')
87. skh chumnd tath kairn nangln randhvin k
(randhvan singhan dayyai marvi)
U JJ : H H| oJ lH= | lH 3J lHJ lHJ "lU !
lHU J IJ JU J J H HH lJlJ !!
dhr : sun skh aur singhan k jin turkan sir sir li.
sidak rakhyau gur bachan par bhay ksan ssan nibhi.1.
UU| : H H H3 I3 J3U ! lH| H lJ3 J" UU !
H| lHH lJ Jlo H ! J l3H J J3 UH !!
chaupa : nm thm jt gt batn. sikh sjh hit tahal uthn.
sun jisai bidh badaian psa. kahn timai panth rakh ht dsa.2.
Jl3 J= UH JU| JH ! H lU J I" JH !
U H 3 IJ oU ! J" "U| HH3 UU !=!
43 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As the Mughal troops took to their heels,
The Singhs came to dominate over this field of battle.
But as visibility increased with the break of dawn,
The Mughals made a fresh attempt to wrest the field. (47)
While some Singhs were found standing here and there,
Others were lying dead or prostrated with wounds.
Since they were too scared to come near the Singhs,
They fired shots with their muskets from a distance. (48)
In this way, they killed all the remaining Singhs who survived,
And then severed their heads from their bodies.
In this way, S. Tara Singh sacrificed to attain martyrdom,
Along with his twenty two companions who stood with him. (49)
Thus, S. Tara Singh accomplishing a legendary deed,
Became famous (as a martyr) in the whole world.
Following the great Gurus words in letter and spirit,
He sacrificed his life rather than compromising his dignity. (50)
Dohra : Praise be to those devout Singhs (of the Khalsa Panth),
Who accomplished such a legendary deed, sacrificing their lives.
Till eternity, will their great deeds survive and last,
In this otherwise fleeting world of change and flux. (51)
Episode 87
Episode of Randhawa (Singhs) of Chamunday
and Kairon Nanglian
(How the Randhawa Singhs were got slaughtered)
Dohra : (Dear readers) listen further to the episode of those Singhs,
Who sacrificed and held the Mughals guilty of their execution.
Reposing their faith in the (prophetic) words of the Guru,
They sacrificed their lives in the true spirit of their faith. (1)
Chaupai : After narrating their names, domicile, castes and sub-castes,
I shall narrate their (deep) association with their faith.
I shall narrate their deeds with as much faith as,
I had heard about them from my veteran ancestors. (2)
Among the cluster of twenty two villages of Randhawas near Chamunda,
There was a village Kairon Nangal in the midst of this cluster.
44 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
huti randhvai chumund b bsa. madh ik kairn nangal bhs.
un madh t kuchh gur panth . khandai pahul la shastar uth.3.
lHH H| Hl3IJ oI UU| ! =J| Jl3 l3 J| U| !
J" IJ J UIJ| ! "JJ lU"| JJ " J| !e!
jim sar satigur gy da. vah bhnti tin karn tha.
ral panth gur karn dangh. lahaur dill rhu lut khhn.4.
HU U J3 "H 3J ! lU J| l3HlJ HU JJ !
HU JJ lJ 3J U| ! oU HJ U J U| !!
j chaky hut khls taura. in bh timhin machy raura.
s khabar yahi turkan p. mran un kar dh.5.
U JJ : lH= I5 lJ J3 lH3 | U "5lJ !
U JJ| H llJ l J HlJ !!
dhr : singhan pai gard nahin hut jit k t lardhin.
uth nath rh madh chhiphin ki khhan khadaan mnhi.6.
UU| : H| lH= HJ 3J o=U| ! J =J IU JlJ "U| !
J3 U JJ HU ! J" lH" " JU JJ 3U !!
chaupa : sun singhan jab turkan av. chhada kar ghar ga banhi luk.
hut unain k tabbar j. ral mil lkan bach rah t.7.
lU lH= J3 l3J lJ ! J3 J| o=3 =J HlJ !
lUH| JJ 3U lUH JU JJ ! J oU = "| IU !\!
dinai singh hut th tih nnhi. rt par vat ghar mnhi.
is br tau im bach rah. hath na vai khl ga.8.
HJ "| 3J lUH IU oU| HH| 3lJ !
lU3 lHH J3 lJlJ HJ lH= lJlJ !\!
jab khl turak im ga namsh tnhi.
chittai jim jhrat phirhin mran singh phirhin.9.
3J lH= lJ UJ HJ ! lH= J| UJ =3 IHJ !
J lH= J JH J3 o=I ! JH 3 " 3J lHU JU=I !O!
turak singhan phir chhain mrna. singh bh chhain vakhat gujrana.
kahain singh kab ham bakhat vgu. ham tai luk turak jind bachvgu.10.
J J JlU JlJ 3HlJ ! "lJ o o H" UIJlJ !
JH IJJU 3 J| ! JH HJ| HlU U 3JJ| !!
hannai hannai hui bahin patshhi. lahin p apn mulakh ugrhi.
ham gurbachan jhth tau nnh. ham sah jnin dukh katain tahnh.11.
45 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
A few among these Randhawas joined the Khalsa Panth,
After initiating themselves and ordaining the Khalsa armour. (3)
As was ordained by Satguru (Guru Gobind Singh),
They resolved to follow the Gurus ordained path.
Joining the Khalsa Panth, they resorted to the path of fighting,
And started waylaying (the Mughals) on the Lahore-Delhi highway. (4)
Adopting the same tactics as followed by the Khalsa Singhs,
They also raised the pitch of their fighting (against the Mughals).
Hearing the news of their daily skirmishes and fights,
The Mughals launched an attack to eliminate them. (5)
Dohra : These Singhs did not have any fortified fortress,
Where they could find shelter to protect themselves.
So they would escape and hide themselves in the wilds,
And in the swamps and ravines in their surroundings. (6)
Chaupai : Whenever they heard about the impending invasion of the Mughals,
They would desert their homes and hide in the wilds.
Their families which were left behind in their village,
Would somehow survive by mixing with the other people. (7)
The Singhs would not stay at their homes during day time,
But they would return home with the fall of night.
So during the first Mughal raid the Singhs survived,
And the Mughal force had to return empty-handed. (8)
The raiding Mughal force felt extremely frustrated,
As they had to return empty handed from their expedition.
Feeling crestfallen like a hunting tiger missing his prey,
They stepped up their efforts to eliminate the Singhs. (9)
As the Mughal troops were on the prowl to kill the Singhs,
The Singhs, somehow, tried to mark their time.
The Singhs fantasized that a time would come,
When the Mughals too would have to run for their lives. (10)
They (Singhs) too would have sovereignty over their land,
And would collect revenue from their own territory.
Since the Gurus words about (Khalsas sovereignty) would never go in vain,
They were facing hardships in anticipation of that hour. (11)
46 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : J3 =3 H H lHl3 lH= JH lH UH !
l3J| IHJ lH= JlJ " J IJ JH !!
dhr : hut vatan madh sk miti singh basain nij ds.
tihn gujr singh karhin luk chhap rakh gur bhs.12.
UU| : oJ lJ H U lH= J3 ! JlU U lHH UH =3 !
J3 HHU H"3|U IH ! UH lJ lJU J 3J H !=!
chaupa : ab phir sun un singhan bta. kari day jim dushtan ghta.
hut sajd sultnn garma. us kahin hind kar turkan kma.13.
U H J"U HH" "" ! 3U UJ Jl3 3J " !
lUH lH" UlU H3 H3U ! J= lH= U H=U !e!
un sth ral musl kalla. t chkar huti turkan nla.
im mil din mat mat. randhvan singhan dayyai marv.14.
U oU oJ JHJ UlU ! lJ" 3J 3 JH l"=lU !
........................... IJJ U lU U =lU !!
ab hamr di. pahiln turkan t bhm likhvi.
........................... garabh chhd in dayai karvi.15.
lUH JH JJ 3J H JlJ ! lHJU lUH UlJ lU HlU !
I3 UlU lI " ! HlU 3J l3H J| J !!
im ham pai bahu turak khush hhin. sirpu inm chahin pin si.
gupat pp din gin lay. ji turkan pai tim h kahy.16.
U JJ : H U o| 3J U l3H J| H "| !
IH lUH o IJJ U UJ l"| HH| !!
dhr : j un kh turkan k un tim h mann ln.
garm inm au garabh chhd chaudhar likh zamn.17.
UU| : 3J UlJ3 J3 J| J3 ! lHH lH JlU lH= =3 !
lHH lHH U lH= lUH o=3 ! H UJ3 3J 3 H==3 !\!
chaupa : turak chahit hut th yah bta. jim kim hui singhan k ghta.
jim jim unk singh dis vta. j chhat turkan t manvvata.18.
U JJ : lH= JJ lJ lJ JU| UlU I=| lH" J=lU !
UH| lIJU lU JJ J3| o= IlU !\!
dhr : singhan khabar yahi nahin bha ui gavndh sil karvin.
us girad chhap din rahain rtn vain garni.19.
UU| : lHH lH lU=H lH= JlU ! lH= JlU lU3 lH 3lJ HlU !
3lJ UH lH" lH= JU| ! lU H"3| l J| HJ| !O!
chaupa : jis nis divas singhan k hi. singh hui ikttar nis tahin si.
tahin dustan sil singhan kar. ik sultn pind h mh.20.
47 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : The Singhs, having relatives and friends throughout the country,
They stayed with them (away from their own homes).
Thus, they passed their time somehow and kept surviving,
By taking refuge yet keeping their dress code and identity intact. (12)
Chaupai : Now, dear readers, listen to the episode of those Singhs,
Whom the enemies of (Sikh Panth) got massacred.
There was a village Shahzada
of Sultani
Who, though claiming to be Hindus, behaved like Muslims. (13)
These Sultanis contrived with the Muslims Kalals
Who happened to be in service of the Mughals.
Both of them conspired to agree on a resolution,
That they should get the Randhawa Singhs massacred. (14)
Since these Randhawa Singhs have fallen into their trap,
They should first get the Singhs land transferred to their names.
(After getting this landed property entitlement, transferred)
They should get the Singhs progeny eliminated even to the extent of foeticide. (15)
In this way, they would earn the pleasure of the Mughals,
And they would receive robes of honour from the Mughals.
Thus, contemplating the commission of both these crimes secretly,
They unfolded their (evil) plan before the Mughals. (16)
Dohra : So whatever proposals they made to the Mughals,
The latter accepted their proposal ad verbatim.
It not only included great honours and foeticide of Singh females,
But transfer of ownership of (Singh) lands to their names as well. (17)
Chaupai : The Mughals were already looking for such an opportunity,
Whereby they could carryout a massacre of the Singhs.
So as this Sultani-Kalal duo kept on spotting the Singhs,
They wished to seek more concessions from the Mughals. (18)
Dohra : The Singhs did not receive any information,
That their own neighbours were informing against them.
So they kept on hiding in the wilds during the day,
And returning to their homes at night. (19)
Chaupai : Whichever night or day was fixed for the Singhs assembly,
The Singhs would assemble at a place on the fixed night.
A wicked informer sent an information against the Singhs assembly,
Who happened to be a Sultani from their own village. (20)
* This Couplet is incomplete in handwritten Manuscripts.
48 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H H" U J JlU ! HJ| JJ UU H JUlU !
U H oI 3J ="lU ! lUH lH= "U| H3 3lU !!
s sl un rakhy bani. sabh khabar da jatan pahuchi.
dn jat gai turkan ghali. im singhan la maut taki.21.
U JJ : lJ =J J3 lJU H H 3J JlJ !
lJUo lJU 5 lU=lJ H==lJ H|H =lU !!
dhr : kahinai k vuh hut hind kamm su turak karhi.
hindan hind phard divhi marvvhi ss katvi.22.
UU| : lH= H3 J3 5 oU| ! lH= =5 l3 lH =J U| !
UH H" UU| lH" JUlU ! olU 3J " =J lU !=!
chaupa : singhan maut hut nrd . singh vardain kit nis ghar dh.
dushat sl da sil pahuchi. i turkan lay ghr pi.23.
UJ 3J l3 H 5=U| ! 3 " J UH H JU oU| !
=J | JJ 35lU ! oUJ H 3 lU !e!
chr taraf tin phauj khardv. tau lau jhab dushat jat bha .
ghr kn bahu takrdi. andr jn na kut pin.24.
U JJ : lHH UH H"3| H J l3H J| 3J HlJ !
J" lH" UUo lH= "J H lJ !!
dhr : jim dushat sultn jat kahai tim h turak kamhin.
ral mil dan singh kat labhy su chhaday nnhi.25.
UU "J U J H JH U| !
U lH= | " HH oJ U|U !!
chaudn labh un badaan k s purash dn kt.
un singhan k kul samajh aur d kat kt.26.
UU| : H U U| lUH o ! H 3 3I H !
o l3 U JUI I ! lUH J =H" U JUI JJ !!
chaupa : j k unk darishtai y. s t tgan madh katy.
akai kitai un hgu gay. im kar tandhuml un hg rahy.27.
oH| Jl3 U HJ lH= H" ! H5 H JH J IH"!
U lHJ 3 J l3HJ| 3U| ! 3 J J U "J| l3HJ| !\!
`ais bhnti dukh sahy singhan majhailna. murd jnai rj panth py h gusailana.
un sir t parai patishh tak. tau hann hann un labh patishh.28.
U JJ : H U U lH= l JJ J3 =H" !
JH "J JH "J| HU J3U H" !\!
dhr : j k puchhai un singhan kichh rahy hut tandhml.
rj labhy kai bhm labh s batn sl.29.
49 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As he had been planted as an informer by the Mughals,
He reported about the Singhs assembly to the neighbouring Jats.
These (non-Sikhs) peasants further informed the Mughals,
With the motive of getting the Singhs eliminated. (21)
Dohra : Although these Jat peasants claimed themselves to be Hindus,
But their deed were worse than those of the Muslims.
Being Hindus, they became instrumental in the capture of Hindus,
And getting their own brethren/Hindus/Sikhs slaughtered. (22)
Chaupai : With death looming large over their heads,
Where could the Singhs seek shelter on such a night?
The wicked informer having reported the Singhss assembly,
The Mughal troops laid a siege to the village. (23)
As the Mughal troops took positions all around the village,
The wicked Hindu Jat peasants too reached there.
They laid such a formidable siege all around,
That not even a dog could escape through the siege. (24)
Dohra : As the wicked Sultani Jats directed the Mughals,
Their troops kept on following their directions.
So both the Sultanis and the Mughals massacred the Singhs,
Sparing none whosoever they spotted there. (25)
Laying their hands on the fourteen Sikh elders,
They massacred all of them (on the spot).
Whosoever else they came across from their families,
They slaughtered those taking them to be Singhs progeny. (26)
Chaupai : Whichever Singh or their progeny came into sight,
They slaughtered him there and then with their swords.
Had some odd person among Singhs gone away from village,
He might have survived out of their progeny. (27)
In this way, the Majhail Singhs had endured all these ordeals,
In the hope that their defiance would establish Khalsa Panths sovereignty.
They had hoped for a sovereignty at the cost of their lives,
That is why they achieved sovereignty in due course of time. (28)
Dohra : Somebody might raise this question (about those Singhs),
Did anybody survive this ordeal out of their progeny?
Did they get back their landed property and political power?
I would try to give a hint about their survival. (29)
50 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : JU U HJJ lH= H ! l3 I J3 oJ IH !
H| olH3HJ | "J| U J! JU oJUH|U HU UJJJ!=O!
chaupa : bachy k shab singh nma. kit gay hut th aur garma.
sar ammritsar k labh un kr. bha ards sach darbr.30.
U lUH lJH | U=| U| ! HJ 3HlJ U UJ JU| !
U l lUH H| IJ JU| ! U JH JH olU| "U| !=!
un ijai bijai k padv p. shh patshhi un charan chhuh.
un pai karip im sar gur bha. un rj bhmn adhik la.31.
U JJ : U 3 3 JJ JU "| JH J| o =lU !
JU" "U UHH 3 "H J" lU !=!
dhr : un put ptr bahu bha l bhm b apan chhudavi.
badl la dushmann t khls k bal pi.32.
\\. H| H | J lH = olU JJ J H I| | \\. H| H | J lH = olU JJ J H I| | \\. H| H | J lH = olU JJ J H I| | \\. H| H | J lH = olU JJ J H I| | \\. H| H | J lH = olU JJ J H I| |
('3 J 3 JJ| "U|'...) ('3 J 3 JJ| "U|'...) ('3 J 3 JJ| "U|'...) ('3 J 3 JJ| "U|'...) ('3 J 3 JJ| "U|'...)
88. skh sar kapr singh di nabb bhujng k
(turkan t nabb la...)
U JJ : H| olU lJJ | J lH= lHJ H
3J 3 JJ| "U| J HJ J H !!
dhr : skh di nibb k kapr singh jih nm
turkan t nabb la kar sr pr km.1.
UU| : oJ H l" J lH= H| ! lJ JH lHH JH H o| !
HJ JU 3J "| H|3 ! J "H H lJJ|3 !!
chaupa : ab main likhn kapr singh skh. baridh purshan jim ham sn kh.
jab bandai turkan ln jta. bhay khls sayn biprta.2.
J H UH 5 o= ! lH= H UJ HJ== !
HH "H UH 3 J UJ ! olU JJ IJ U JHJ !=!
bhay nsh us nrd vna. singhan k su chahai marvvana.
samajh khls us t bhay dra. i bah gur chakk hazra.3.
J| J3 H" H U| ! H" lU3 =U| JU| !
UlJ3 J3 lH= 35= ! JH =|" o UJJ =" !e!
yah bt mughlan sun p. mughlan chitt vadh bh.
chhit hut singhan turdvy. bhj vakl au darab ghaly.4.
" lH= | J ! H lH= HI " oI J !
HH J JJ JJ U=lJ ! IJ U JH U J =lJ !!
51 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : A person named Sahib Singh survived that massacre,
As he had gone away to some other village.
He was fortunate to get into service of (the Divine) at Sri Amritsar,
As he was appointed the Ardasia
at the holy shrine. (30)
He was conferred with the highest position (in the Gurus survice),
As even monarchs and dignitaries bowed to touch his feet.
As he was fortunate to be worthy of Gods grace,
He was honoured with greater honours than temporal gains. (31)
Dohra : He had a long family line of several sons and grandsons,
Who took possession of their confiscated farm lands.
They also avenged the death of their ancestors from the Mughals,
With the regained strength of the Khalsa Panth forces. (32)
Episode 88
The Episode About Nawab Kapoor Singh
, the Nihang Chief
(He snatched the Nawabship from the Mughals for the first time)
Dohra : (Dear readers) listen to the episode of first Nawabhip,
Which was conferred on a Singh named S. Kapoor Singh.
He had earned this title from the Mughals,
By dint of the great deeds of warriorship done by him. (1)
Chaupai : Now I (the author) would narrate the episode of S. Kapoor Singh,
As my ancestors have narrated it to me.
When Banda Singh Bahadur conquered all the Mughals,
He turned hostile to the (mainstream) Khalsa Panth. (2)
As the moment of his destined doom approached near,
He intended to get the (mainstream) Khalsa Panth eliminated.
Seeing through Baba Banda Singhs game plan,
The Khalsa Panth forces departed and settled at Guru Chak
. (3)
As the Mughals heard about the division in the Khalsa ranks,
They felt delighted at the birth of such a development.
As they were always keen to cause a rift between the Khalsa ranks,
They sent their representatives with a financial package to the Singhs. (4)
Adopting a posture of flattering and pampering the Singhs,
They feigned to be always at the beck and call of the Singhs.
52 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lt pt singhan k karai. j singh mngain lay gai dharai.
kasam kurn bahu br uthvhi. gur chak ham kad pair na pvhin.5.
lJH "J 3H H" "lU ! o J5| HlU !
J lJJ o J IJ ! 3J 3J IJ oJ H !!
bishak lhu tum ml li. nankn au raurd ji.
bada daihr au khadar gur thna. taran tran gur aur makna.6.
U JJ : H" "=J JH HlJ HlJ JlU IJ J !
H| J HH" JH o =J J oJ IJ !!
dhr : ml lvhu bshkai jahin jahin hui gur thaur.
mf karain masl ham au gharn karain aur gaur.7.
UU| : lUH lJ "H " JUU ! oJ lU"H U| JU !
JlU UJ| | lHH JH ! olU JJ UlU JHJ H !\!
chaupa : im kahi khls lay parch. aur dils ka kar.
hui chkr k jis k khhsha. i rahai ui hamr psa.8.
lJU lH= o J lH= J= ! U U UJJ H "U U= !
H H H lH= I" "U ! U J lH= oJ lH"U !\!
bind singh au khan singh bv. un dai darab su la parchv.
paj paj sai singh gailai l. un kai hth singh aur mil.9.
U JJ : oH| oH| HI3 H U "| lH= UlU !
JU 3 =| lUH J lHH JH "= JlU !O!
dhr : ais ais jugat sayn un ln singh parchi.
band t v im daarain jim bjn lav daari.10.
HH "= UlU UJ J| HH 3lU !
J l3HJ| UJ UU lU" UU UI JlJ !!
samn lakhvan ui chahain panth b sam taki.
rakhain patishh chhain d dil d dag rakhhi.11.
UU| : lH= JJ H UlJ ! J IJ U l3 l3 "lJ !
UJ=J lH= J3 lU= ! =J| J3 3 = !!
chaupa : singhan k bahu pais dhin. baith gur chakk nit parti lhin.
panth darvr singh hut divna. vah ht th ptai vna.12.
J3 UH =loU| ! =J| U3 HJ UU| !
UH HJ| J U lJ ! =J| U3 HJ UlJ !=!
panth rakhat th usai vadai. vah dt th sabhan parch.
usai sharkai karai k nhin. vah dt th sabhan parchhin.13.
53 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Swearing an oath on the holy Koran
time and again,
They swore never to set foot on the soil of Guru Chak. (5)
Asking the Singhs to hold congregation without any fear,
The Singhs could assemble at Nankana Sahib
and Rori Sahib
They could congregate at the holy shrines of Dera Baba Nanak
and Khandoor Sahib
As well as at Taran Taran and other holy Sikh shrines. (6)
Dohra : Exhorting the Singhs to hold congregations fearlessly,
At all those places which had been the abodes of the Gurus.
The Mughals would not only exempt these congregations from taxation,
But they themselves would provide security to these gatherings. (7)
Chaupai : In this way they won the confidence of the Khalsa Panth,
By holding out several kinds of promises and assurances.
Holding out promises of providing employment,
They invited the needy among the Sikhs to approach them. (8)
Approaching the veterans Baba Binod Singh and Kahan Singh,
They won their allegiance by presenting moneybags,
Allowing them to keep a contingent of five hundred Singhs each,
They won the support of many other Singhs with their help. (9)
Dohra : Adopting such tactics and (dangling out such temptations),
The Mughals managed to win over the Khalsa Singhs.
But still they were as much scared of Banda Singh,
As a (timid) quail feels scared of a (ferocious) hawk. (10)
Even as the Mughals were marking time (for the right opportunity),
The Khalsa Panth, too, was looking for the opportune moment,
Both sides being equal claimants of being sovereigns,
Both nursed ambitions of waging a war against each other. (11)
Chaupai : As the Mughals kept on offering financial doles,
The Singhs kept on receiving these doles at Guru Chak daily.
S. Darbara Singh
who had been the Diwan
of the Khalsa Panth,
Had also been the treasurer of Khalsa Panths finances. (12)
Since he was highly venerated among the Khalsa Panth,
He used to keep all the factions in good humour.
Since no body considered him as his rival,
He used to disburse uniforms to every one. (13)
54 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HJ lU "IJ J== ! HJ H| =J| JU= !
l3 l3 =3 HlJ ! UI I J| " H lJ !e!
sabh k ik thn langar karvvai. sabhan pushk vah pahuchvai.
nit parti panth yaun vadht jhi. dang phangyn b talai su nhin.14.
lH = HJ U lU UJ lH = HJ U lU UJ lH = HJ U lU UJ lH = HJ U lU UJ lH = HJ U lU UJ
singhan mran ui chahai
U JJ : HJ JU 3J JlU JU oJ J| 3J !
lH= HJ UlU UJ HJJ J lU J !!
dhr : jab band turkan bandhi bha aur h taur.
singhan mran ui chahain sabhhan kar ik thaur.1.
UU| : lH= U UI ! J oI lH= U" !
oH| JU| lH= | U" ! 3J lJ " !!
chaupa : singhan un k dag na khy. dar gai singhan chaly.
ais bha singhan k chla. turak na chhdaain panthhin khayla.2.
lJ lH= I5 U ! HJ "5 =5 H| U !
lU J JJ3 lH= H ! HJ U5 JlU JJ H=H !=!
nahin singhan pai gard k kta. jahn lardain vard jnk ta.
ki bada parbat na singhan psa. jahn chard hui rahain mavsa.3.
JJ3 J lH= 5 J| "5 ! JlU U| " HJ|U| HJ !
oH| JU| J "UJ ! JU H lU 5 !e!
bahut thaur singh khard bh lardain. hi dukh lai shahd marain.
ais bha panthah lchra. bha panth jan chhidrai jhrda.4.
H J : Jl3 JU U H l=J J3 HJ I5 lJ !
H "I H HUU UH | lJ J| !!
srth : huti bandai dayo sarap ghiry hut jab gard bikhai.
s lagy panth janu pp madad us k nahin kar.5.
U JJ : 3 lH= l J " IU 5 JJ3 JlU !
"I IHJ lU lUH oI HlU!!
dhr : tau singh khind ban luk ga thrd bahut hi.
lag guzran din imain gai pchhai si.6.
lUH J| H lU oJ J| H| UU HlU !
J lJJ| J| J lHH JU| J lH= olU !!
is h main ik aur bh skh dn suni.
phr nibb bh kahn jim bha kapr singh i.7.
55 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
He ran a single community kitchen for the entire Khalsa force,
As well as issued dresses and clothing to everyone.
The Khalsa Panth went on flourishing in this way,
Even as they kept on indulging in factional fights as well. (14)
[They (the Mughals) wished to eliminate the Singhs]
Dohra : No sooner did the Mughals manage to capture Banda Singh,
Than they changed their stance (towards the Singhs).
They, now, were too keen to eliminate the (Tat Khalsa) Singhs,
Along with all others (Bandhayees) in one single stroke. (1)
Chaupai : The (Tat Khalsa) Singhs, far from falling into their trap,
Moved their camp farther from Guru Chak (into countryside).
As the Singhs kept shifting their positions and locations,
The Mughals also got obsessed with chasing the Singhs. (2)
The Singhs possessed neither any fort nor sanctuary,
Where they could take cover and fight back.
Neither did Singhs had possession of any mountains,
From where they could fight the Mughals from a vantage-point. (3)
At many places, Singhs had a straight fight with the Mughals,
But sacrificed their lives when pressed too much.
The Khalsa Panth landed itself in such a helpless situation,
That they had to seek shelter in the wilds and ravines. (4)
Sortha : Banda Singh had let out a curse on the Khalsa Panth,
When he had to confine himself in the fort (at Gurdas Nangal).
The Khalsa Panth had to bear the consequences of their sinful act,
Of not reaching out to the support of Banda Singh. (5)
Dohra : Thereafter the Singhs scattered themselves helter-skelter,
In the bands of small and big numbers.
They started marking time somehow or the other,
Either in each others vicinity or at a distance. (6)
In between this episode of Singhs (helpless ordeal),
Let me narrate another episode as well.
After that I would narrate the episode of Nawabship,
As it came to be conferred on S. Kapoor Singh. (7)
56 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
\\. H| H " | o lJ=H3 o U|| UlU | \\. H| H " | o lJ=H3 o U|| UlU | \\. H| H " | o lJ=H3 o U|| UlU | \\. H| H " | o lJ=H3 o U|| UlU | \\. H| H " | o lJ=H3 o U|| UlU |
('H H lUH U| J" JH H olU') ('H H lUH U| J" JH H olU') ('H H lUH U| J" JH H olU') ('H H lUH U| J" JH H olU') ('H H lUH U| J" JH H olU')
89. skh mulkhayyan k au bivst au dn khudin k
(j j kim dn pai ralai hamai s i)
U JJ : H| H lJ=H3 HU U| HHJJ J3 !
H" UU|o U JJ lHH 3 !!
dhr : skh sun bivstai mu dn mazhab k ht.
mulkhayyan khudan chak rahain jim kht.1.
UU| : HU H 3H U J| ! lHHJ UU|o H|H lJJ| !
oH"H =5 "JJ ! H" J UH HJ U5 !!
chaupa : s sun tum unai kahn. jimkar khudan ss bihn.
asalam khn thak vardy lahaura. mulak bhay us thn sabh chaurda.2.
H" =H" J ! J H" " "H " !
lJ UH H IU| ! H lJ J l UJ "U| !=!
mulkhn vasl tak na bhay. kahain mulakh lut khls lay.
binn tak us phauj chhada ga. phauj binn kah kin darb la.3.
lJ UJJ J lH3 HJ ! UJJ o= H" J| JJ !
lH JU |U H" =J ! lJ "H oJ U UHJ !e!
binn darab hai mitar na shhu. darab van k mulak h rhu.
paritham bandai k mulakh khuvra. phir khlsai aur day ujra.4.
H lU"| HlJ ! UH JH| 3"J U5lU !
oH=J H | lU JHJ ! l3 H UlU HUJ !!
puj na tak dill k shhi. us n bhj talab chardi.
asavr khs k ikk hazra. tin main th dui pathn sardra.5.
U JJ : ol3U" HJJ3 J HUJ J H= !
J lHJ| U J l3J J|UJU H !!
dhr : atiul mahbat khn kahain sundar khb javn.
kahain siph un bada tih phardbd makn.6.
UU| : U3 3 oU 3U "JJ ! H U|J H J 3J !
H"U|U lU3 oU JU ! HH"H JJ J lU3U !!
chaupa : ut t t lahaura. sunn hn j hy taura.
mulkha it pharyda. muslamn bahu kar itkda.7.
H" H| JJ H"I ! J" lH" |U =J U 3I !
HH"H | UlJJ| HJ ! |U UJ" HJJ 3J !\!
mulln kz hr malnga. ral mil k navb un tanga.
muslamn th kachhir sabha. k uprl sabhan tabba.8.
57 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Episode 89
The Episode About Mulkhayan
and Biwastay
and Dinikhudian
(They are welcome to join our ranks who are committed to Islamic ideology)
Dohra : (Dear readers) listen to the episode of volunteer Muslim recruits,
Who kept themselves planted on the battlefield for the Islamic cause.
Who sacrificed their lives for the cause of their Islamic faith,
Together with Muslim general populace and the Islamic fundamentalists. (1)
Chaupai : So listen to the episode of all those Islamic volunteers,
And the plight through which these fundamentalists passed.
Aslam Khan
, being sick of fighting, retreated to Lahore,
As the whole of Punjab region showed defiance to his rule. (2)
The Mughals failed to collect any taxes from their region,
As they alleged that the Khalsa had ransacked the whole area.
His troops deserted him for want of money and wages,
And who pays taxes/revenue without the fear of troops? (3)
Even the emperor ceases to be a friendly supporter without money,
And money comes only through revenue collections from the country.
First Banda Singh had harassed and robbed this region,
Then the Khalsa Panth Singhs ransacked the people. (4)
As the emperor did not receive the revenue from (Lahore),
He dispatched the Mughal force for collecting the revenues.
This contingent consisted of one thousand horse - mounted troops,
Which was commanded by a couple of Pathan Muslim warriors. (5)
Dohra : Attaullan Khan
and Mohabbat Khan
were these two Pathan warriors,
Who were both very handsome and muscular in their looks.
They were reputed to be great soldiers,
And had their residences in the city of Faridabad. (6)
Chaupai : From there (Faridabad
)as these two warriors came to Lahore,
Listen to the developments that took place there.
The Muslim subjects (of the Punjab) came with a petition,
With a faith that (these two warriors would listen to their woes. (7)
Members of the Muslim clergy and several other mendicants,
Pressed the Nawab of Lahore unitedly (for a firm action).
Holding an audience at the Court of the Nawab,
All the United Muslims made joint efforts (to retaliate). (8)
58 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U| HHJ J UJ" ! HH"H lUH HJ" !
lHH lHH H3 H| oU| ! olU UH H3 lHU| !\!
dn majahb k rakh uprl. muslamn im pakkh sambhl.
jis jis maut najkai . i usai mat kht sikh.9.
oH"H oH J| J3 ! 3J3 "JJ olU JH H3 !
lJ HI JH U ! lJ UJ JH H 3lJ H !O!
asalam khn ais kah bta. turat lahaur i ham jta.
nahin mangain ham dn khna. nahin chhain ham sth tuhi jna.10.
U JJ : I = U|U IJ JU| H JlU !
H H lUH U| J" JH H olU !!
dhr : jhand gaday kadah d ghai haidar nm rakhi.
j j kim dn pai ralai hamai s i.11.
H J : I" J| UU|o J J " JJ H 5 !
H U" lHo3 HH J U 3 !!
srth : gal par khudn kn bandh bandh lak bahu j khard.
janu chal zifat khn pai jam bhachchhan un takai.12.
UU| : U I"I" 3 lUH 3J ! lUH J |U olU "JJ !
HJHU 3| o lUlU3 ! HU H I HU !=!
chaupa : uthy gulgul tau is taura. im dar k i lahaura.
muhmmad tak au init khna. jhand jud j gadaday madna.13.
U J J lU=lU ! JlU JJU J" JH olU !
J3 HUIJ HJ3H ! J" lH= HJ HJ H !e!
unain kahy yau hk divi. hui bkhrach ralai ham i.
hut sudgar murtaz khna. raly singhan mran savb jna.14.
oJ J" JH| JI HI" ! |J HJHU H" U" !
lUlU3" 3=5|U JH3 ! olU H H lH H3!!
aur raly hj bg mugla. pr muhmmad mulln chughala.
initull tarvrd rajpta. i su phasy kisai kasta.15.
U JJ : JH J H" J3 HlJ oJJ U|= !
J5 H" UH H3 J3 UH H3 oJ lU !!
dhr : rj tdaar mal hut shhi akabar dvn.
pahrd mall us sut hut us sut aur nidn.16.
UU| : =lJ J| HH3 o 3J =J ! o " U J| l=U J !
chaupa : vahi bh shmat tab ghr. n ly un b vich dar.
jis pai jugu kharach muki. main dungu un kahy suni.17.
59 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Making a pretence of upholding and guarding their religious ideology,
The Muslims made it their main issue for waging a war.
Whosoever were destined to perish in this religious crusade,
They were indoctrinated in this evil ideology (against the Khalsa Panth). (9)
Making a proposal to Aslam Khan, they remarked,
That they were prepared to reach Lahore voluntarily.
They would neither ask for any provisions for their upkeep,
Nor would they insist on the Nawab to accompany them on this crusade. (10)
Dohra : They planted a Haidri
(Islamic) flag with Islamic inscriptions,
On the premises of a Mosque (on the city outskirts) of Lahore.
They gave a call to all those who swore by Islamic ideology,
To come forward and join their ranks of crusaders. (11)
Sortha : The Islamic fundamentalists, hearing this religions call,
Girded up their loins and joined the crusaders ranks.
They stood expectant as if they were in for a grand feast,
Little knowing that Death was actually waiting to devour them. (12)
Chaupai : Making such hype (in the name religious ideology).
All these Islamic factions camped at Lahore.
There were Mohammad Taki
and Inayat Khan
among them,
Who planted their own flags in the open ground. (13)
They got a public declaration made on their behalf,
That those without any means could join their ranks.
There was another business Tycoon Murtza Khan
Who also joined this crusade in the interest of community welfare. (14)
These crusaders were joined by Haji Beg Mughal
As well as Pir Mohammad
, a slandering Muslim cleric.
The Muslim Rajput Inayatullah from Traori too arrived,
To put his own neck into the impending noose. (15)
Dohra : There used to be Raja Todar Mal
(in the recent past),
Who happened to be a revenue minister under emperor Akbar.
Pahar Mal
who happened to be the son of Todar Mal,
Also got involved in this crusade, being a simpleton. (16)
Chaupai : He also falling a prey to the impending doom,
Arrived to join the Islamic crusaders in their camp.
He got a declaration made on his own behalf,
That he would finance anyone who ran short of money. (17)
60 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : o J3 oHJ H 3"J|U lU JHJ !
U | H3 I=lU |U HH 3U J !\!
dhr : y hut asavr j talb ikk hazr.
un k matt gavi k k jaman t nr.18.
UU| : lJJ 3 U 3 UU| ! HJJ U U ="U| !
lHH lHH lJH3 H JlU ! JH U5 J UJ HlJ !\ !
chaupa : nibb khtar un tpain da. jambrkhn un day ghala.
jis jis himmat jnai hi. bshak chardhai havai chkar mhin.19.
HH"H| JJ oU| =" ! o"| o"| lJ JU| J" !
U| o U| lH ! o lU3 JlU o HJ !O!
muslamn bahu valla. al al kahik bha rall.
ka jhand au ka nishna. y ikttar hui addh jahna.20.
lH= J| o H " ! HlJ " JU "J H !
3J o| lH= lJ lJJ" ! lUH J lH= J " !!
singh nahn t madh lna. jahin luk bachain na labhai su kna.
turak ndh singh nnhi birlai. im kar singhan hatth na khlhai.21.
JJ3 H J J ! J3 U lH= H= J!
U| UH5 U| 5 HlJ ! 3lJ Hl " J5 H JUlJ !!
bahutan sayn kay thr karain. bakhat dkh singh jvain tarain.
ku ujrd k khrdan mhi. tahi madhi luk bard jn bachhi.22.
U JJ : 3 lH= J 3lJ JJ J| U" " 3lJ !
Jo J l=I HH H| U lJ !=!
dhr : tau singh nath kar tahin bahain kahn lah jhall taknhi.
khnnn chhambh dhig ms machh chun khnhi.23.
UU| : lHJ =" H= " UU| ! "I lJUo J J lIU| !
IU JJH o lJUo J| ! " J| J H"HlJ J| !e!
chaupa : jih val jvai lk khud. lag hindan par karan dhing.
ga barhman au hindan bt. talai nahn karain julmahi bht.24.
" H JJ H3U ! J lU H3 =" lHU !
UlU " "lJ U J lJ ! lUH lJUo " olJ !!
lk mjh k bahu sant. kahain inai sut ghal sikh.
ui lut layhin baith khhin. imai hindan lkan akhin.25.
U JJ : H U U U H| lH= J3 !
lI JHJ H|=U U lH" JH l3 H3 !!
dhr : mjh k un dukh day sun singh yau bt.
dharigg hamr jva dukh mil ham pit mt.26.
61 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : The horse-mounted one thousand soldiers from Delhi,
They had arrived to collect revenues from Punjab.
They, having lost their wits (in this malice of raging fanaticism),
Were also pushed into this conflict by the presiding deity of Death. (18)
Chaupai : They offered their own canons for the Nawabs troops,
As well as they made their light guns available.
They also offered to provide employment to all those,
Who had the guts to participate in this religious crusade. (19)
A host of Islamic hordes marched towards Lahore,
Swelling the ranks of those shouting Ali, Ali slogans,
Carrying a wide variety of Islamic flags and banners,
A huge crowd of Islamic populace assembled there. (20)
The Singhs, being in extreme minority against this vast majority,
Were desperately in search of a place where to take refuge.
Singhs, being not worth a tiny whirlwind, against the Islamic blinding storm,
Were reluctant to enter into an open conflict with Muslims. (21)
Singhs in minority being helpless against the Muslim majority,
Would find every opportunity to avoid confrontation.
Thus, Singhs, finding themselves in a dire state,
Would escape to find shelter in the dense wilds. (22)
Dohra : So the Singhs would run away to seek shelter,
Wherever they could spot out a forest cover.
Hiding themselves in the marshy swamp of Kahnuwan
They managed to survive on fish and wild animals. (23)
Chaupai : In whatever direction these Islamic hordes proceeded,
They started committing oppression on the Hindu populace.
Committing oppression of innocent Brahmins and their daughters,
They subjected the Hindus populace to several atrocities. (24)
The Islamic forces committed many atrocities on people of Majha
Alleging that these people have enlisted their sons in the Khalsa Panth.
Accusing the Singhs of supporting their families after robbing people,
The Muslims forces harassed and tortured the Hindus/(Sikhs). (25)
Dohra : The news that Mughal forces were torturing the people of Majha,
Soon reached the Singhs (hiding in the marshes and wilds).
They felt that it was worthless to keep alive,
When their parents were being tortured at home. (26)
62 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : 3 lH= = ! "I 3J lH= !
J3 lU=H lH= 3J H3lJ ! U" U= U JlJ !!
chaupa : tau singhan n kdah kna. lg turkan pai singh pna.
rt divas singh turkan satnhi. chalan na dvain un k rhi.27.
lHH lHH lH= UlU " HJ ! l3H l3H lH= "I U J !
l HU U J| U| ! =5 "JJ U UH JU| !\!
jim jim singhan ui tl mrna. tim tim singh lag unah khavran.
kichhku sch un k bh pa. vardan lahaur unai dush bha.28.
JU lH= U olU U=J ! HlJ "U = 3J HJ !
HJ lH= UlU I" UJlJ ! lH= =5 " 5 HlJ !\!
bha singh un i duvr. jhi la vai turak th sr.
jab singhan ui gail dabhin. singh vard lukain jhrd jhund mnhi.29.
U 3 =5 l3 5 HlU ! H l3 =5 lH= HJ lU !
lH= o lH lU JlJ 5 ! UlU UJ lU J3 JlJ 5 !=O !
un tai vardy kit jhrd na ji. j kit vardain singh mran dhi.
singh athakk nis din rahin khard. ui chhain din rt rahin pard.30.
H J : lH= "U lU lH lU U lIJU JJ !
U lU3 o= HlU UJ lU J !=!
srth : singhan la thaki nis din un girdai rah.
un chit vai mi chubhai kand ik jhr k.31.
UU| : 3 lH= |U 3H UJ ! lU H lU l=I JJ !
3|U JJ H lIJU "JJ ! U J lIJU 3J UJ !=!
chaupa : tau singhan k tumman chra. ik mjh ik dhig pahra.
t rahai s girad lahaura. chauth kar girad turkan daura.32.
UlU UlU H 3H JU ! lU5 U5 J| J" oJ oU !
H 3H l3 lU H HlU ! o oJ HJ J HJlU !==!
dui dui sau k tumman ban. ikard dukard bh ral aur .
jau tumman kit ik phas ji. n aur sabh karain sahi.33.
oH J HH J ! lU 3H U "| =J !
J3 JI=3 lU 3| H ! UH J=| J JJ3 IH !=e!
ais bhay samn k phr. ik tumman un lnn ghr.
hut bhagvant ik khatr nm. us rv kanrai bharat garm.34.
J3| J="| U JU| ! lU 3H l3 =l5U HU| !
J3| J U UJ| HJ ! lJ H3 lH J J !=!
hut havl unhain ban. ik tumman kit vai j.
hut barkh un chah ghujrna. nahin jnat th kim bhay krana.35.
63 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Thereafter the Singhs became alert and assertive,
And started pouncing upon the Muslim troops.
They kept torturing Muslims at every opportune moment day and night,
And blocking their movement on the main highways. (27)
As the Mughals killed Singhs after hunting and hounding them,
The Singhs also launched retaliatory attacks on them.
These retaliations made the Mughals also apprehensive,
As they found it quite difficult to enter Lahore. (28)
The Singhs also started stalking and circling round the Mughals,
And slaughtered every odd Muslim whom they came across.
But when the Mughals came in hot pursuit of the Singhs,
The Singhs would camouflage themselves behind bushes and ferns. (29)
The Mughal troops were scared to get into the bushes.
As the Singhs would slaughter anyone who dared to enter.
While the Singhs could remain in battle gear day and night,
The Mughal troops preferred to relax all the time. (30)
Sortha : The Singhs made the Mughals exhausted and fatigued,
Through their continuous harassment day and night.
The (luxury loving) Mughals cried for their mothers,
Whenever thorns pierced their flesh in the marshes. (31)
Chaupai : The Singhs, then, divided themselves into four contingents,
Positioning one contingent in Majha and the hills each.
Stationing another contingent in the vicinity of Lahore,
The fourth contingent was deputed to keep stalking the Mughals. (32)
While each contingent consisted of two hundred Singhs,
One or two odd Singhs kept on joining these contingents.
Whenever a single contingent got surrounded by the Mughals,
Other contingents would rush immediately to its rescue. (33)
However, the events took such a turn for the worse,
That the Mughals laid a siege around one of the contingents.
There was a Kshtriya by the name Bhagwant
Who was a resident of Bharatpur on the banks of the Ravi. (34)
He had constructed a Mansion in that village,
In which a Singh contingent happened to enter.
Perhaps, the Singhs wished to seek shelter from the rains,
Or God knows why did they enter this Mansion. (35)
64 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : =J| JJ l3 IU| H J3 JHJ oH=J !
3J3 U o =lJU JJ oU HIJ JHJ !=!
dhr : vah khabar tin pai ga j hut hazr asavr.
turat unhain ghri bahu magar hazr.36.
UU| : olU lH= U H "U =J ! "J JJJ l3 U|U IJ !
UJ 3J "U HJU J ! J J H=" o J !=!
chaupa : i singh un madh la ghra. labh bhar tin kat d gra.
chr taraph la mrchai bandha. kar kar madahlai au bada kandha.37.
3 HJJ UJ U5U ! lUH J J JJ lH= oU !
lH= J3 JU ! J3 H H I H !=\!
tp jambrai upar chardh. im kar kar bahu singh ak.
singhan hut th kharach na py. hut ps j gay muky.38.
lH= JU| "UJ ! lJ JU JU HJ =J !
HU3 J HI J| ! UlU o| H JUJ| !=\!
singhan k yau bha lachra. bin kharach bha marn vra.
maddta karan jg panth nnh. ui apn chhap jn bachhn.39.
U JJ : lH= 3J " U5 U3J U5 !
U| J" | J| JU| lH= J H5 !eO!
dhr : singh thak turkan lakh chardh chutraphn daurd.
kh kandh bhal th nahn bha singhan bada saurd.40.
UU| : olU 3J J | U ! lH= oI lIJU !
oJ 3J JJ l o= ! olU olU lUH H HU= !e!
chaupa : i turkan hatth kandhn p. singhan agyn kat gir.
aur turak bahu pichhyn vain. i i im juddh machvain.41.
U U|| 3 "I=lU ! HJ HJ lJ JlU JlU !
3J J 3H oU oJ UlU ! oJ lH" H lU !e!
un dn tpan lagvi. mr mr kai kahin hi hi.
turak kahain tum a ab di. ab k milai na jn pi.42.
lH= J JH J HJ lJ" ! " " HJI 3H " !
3 Hl3IJ lJ J| ! o| o J JJ J| !e=!
singh kahain ham kab marain nirl. lai lai maraing tum k nl.
tau satigur yaun kirp kar. ndh au bada barkh kar.43.
3 JU J IU 35 ! 3|J 3"=J 5 =" lH= U5 !
lHJ J HJ J lH= U5 ! HJ 3I 3J |U U5 !ee!
tp bandkan bujh ga trd. tr talvr phard dahl singh daurd.
sir par maran dhr singh daurd. mr tgan turak k chaurd.44.
65 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : The information about the Singhs hiding in that mansion,
Reached the Mughal contingent of one thousand horse-mounted troops.
As this contingent laid a siege to the Mansion immediately,
More reinforcements arrived in support of this contingent. (36)
Chaupai : As the Singhs inside the mansion came under a siege,
Those out on errands were killed by the Mughal troops.
Making Pickets all around the Mansion under siege,
They raised mud walls and large obstructions around these. (37)
By positioning canons and light guns on these pickets,
They caused a lot of harassment to the Singhs.
Singhs had no means to replenish their stores,
Whatever provisions they had had been consumed. (38)
Singhs, thus getting extremely desperate and helpless,
Were almost on the verge of death without provisions.
The Khalsa Panth itself was not in a position to assist,
As its Singhs themselves were trying to survive somehow. (39)
Dohra : Ascertaining that the Singhs had exhausted and fatigued,
The Mughals launched an attack from all the sides.
Since there was neither any moat nor wall around the mansion,
The Singhs felt themselves in a very tight spot. (40)
Chaupai : As the Mughal troops climbed up the mansion walls,
The Singhs kept on chopping of their hands from above.
As more and more reinforcements kept arriving,
The Mughals queered the pitch of war for the Singhs. (41)
As the Mughals fired balls of fire from their mounted canons,
There were cries of death and destruction all around.
The Mughals shouted that since the Singhs had come into their grip,
They would never be able to escape this time. (42)
The Singhs declared that they would not die in vain,
As they would kill the Mughals as well before their death.
Then Satguru sent a providential help from the heavens,
As a fierce blinding storm and heavy rain set in. (43)
As the Mughal cannons, guns and muskets got moistened,
The Singhs ran out wielding swords, arrows and shields.
Since the Singhs were scarcely scared of facing death,
They killed a large number of Mughals with their swords. (44)
66 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : U l oI 3J JU =5 J H5 HlU !
lH= =" =5 J lU !e!
dhr : d pitth g turak bha vard dar murd ji.
singhan py vl yau vard bt pt dhi.45.
UU| : 3J J JH J 3 U| ! lH= J JH lHU JUU| !
3J 3J H5 "JJlJ =" ! lH= UlJ J IHJ J U" !e!
chaupa : turak kahain ham bada phat p. singh kahain ham jind bach.
turak tur murd lahaurhi valla. singh chahin karn gujar kahn challa.46.
3J IJJ o ! J "H JH !
lHH = 3J IJ ! HJ oJ JH =lJ HJ HJ !e!
turkan k th garb y. kahain khls panth bhajy.
jisai panth n vada turak gr. sabh ab hamnai vahi sr mr.47.
J|"=" l=I J "lU ! JJ 3J U UI lU !
J3 I5 lU "| 3lJ ! JHJ =5 J HlJ !e\!
bhlvl dhig dar li. bah tahn dkh chang thi.
hut gardh ik khl tnhi. pathn hazr vard baith mnhi.48.
lJ=H3 J lU =" J ! U H U J| J !
lJ =J| =5 l3 J JH ! H" o| HH !e\!
bivst dar ik val kar. dkhy thm un nai bh khar.
kahin gharn vardain kit hachchh rja. puchhain mulnan achchh mauja.49.
U JJ : = "JJ l=I HU J I=lU !
U | J| IJ 3lJ l3 oJ H lU !O!
dhr : dahuk lahaurai dhig s baith khauf gavi.
un k hn gr tahin kit aur jn pin.50.
UU| : U | J| "U UJlU ! U U J| JlU !
J| UJ 3U H JlU ! U 3 "H oU| HlU !!
chaupa : un k hn la dabi. dkh un kay hn kari.
hn chhai tau su hi. dn phat khls si.51.
U JJ : lH= l" J" = lJ l3 |U JHHH !
lHH U lU3 "| HU J H J JH !!
dhr : singh nikal bl vada phir tin k hamss.
jim cht chitt khl ja karai manain bada rs.52.
UU| : H HU U JH J| ! lHH lH= lJ J| HJU| !
UH =" lH= 3lJ ! JJH HJ o =IlJ !=!
chaupa : sunau s un rs kahn. jim singhan phir kar mardn.
us vl k singh pachhutnhi. bars mhu au paun vaghi.53.
67 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : The Mughals, turning their backs, took to their heels,
And took shelter in the designated barracks.
Taking a full advantage of this rare opportunity,
Singhs rushed and entered the marshes and wilds. (45)
Chaupai : While the Mughals considered it a great victory,
The Singhs declared that they had survived this invasion.
While the Mughals started marching towards Lahore,
The Singhs wished to search for a new place for survival. (46)
The Mughal troops took great pride in the fact,
That they had made the Singhs flee from the field.
The Khalsa Panth which had routed the great Mughals,
They had now killed the great warriors of that Panth. (47)
The Mughal troops put up a camp at Bhilowal
Considering it a suitable site for their camping.
Finding an old fort lying vacant at that place,
The one thousand Pathan contingent took shelter inside it. (48)
The Muslim volunteers also put up a camp on one side,
Spotting out a vantage point in that area.
They thought of entering their homes on some auspicious day,
After consulting the Muslim clerics about the happy occasion. (49)
Dohra : The Mughal forces stationed themselves near Lahore,
After ruling out all fears of any kind of attack.
But as they were destined to be buried in graves there,
How could they escape from the place of their doom? (50)
Chaupai : As their fate had willed to bury them there,
(Dear readers) see what had destiny in store for them.
Since whatever is destined is bound to happen,
The destiny had willed to grant victory to the Khalsa Panth. (51)
Dohra : As the Singhs entered the sanctuary of the wilds,
They regretted the loss of opportunity of beating the Mughals,
They felt like a tiger having missed its prey,
And feeling a great regret at the loss of opportunity. (52)
Chaupai : (Dear readers), listen to the Singhs sense of regret and rage,
And the way the Singh displayed their manhood once again.
As the Singhs were regretting their flight from the field,
It was raining and a stromy wind was blowing. (53)
68 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H JH U | I"lJ HlJ ! HJ "lJ JH U lJ !
lH= J=3 JH ol3 HJ ! lHJ olU J| lJ J3 HJ !e!
jai ham un k gailhi jhin. mr lhin ham un k thnhi.
singh kahvat ham ati sr. sir i ban nahin karat kasr.54.
oH J3 3lJ HU J ! 3U 3J3 3J oJ lH= UJ !
J3| "H | J J ! HJ UH JlJ J|H H o !!
ais bhnt tahin sch yau karai. ta turat tah aur singh charai.
hut khls k yah bna. marain das rahin bs su na.55.
oJ H| JU o=H ! olU J" HU lHH l3H JH !
lH= JHJ l3J J ! 3 lH= H UUH o !!
aur panth sun bandkhan avja. i ral s jim tim bhja.
singh hazr ku tih thn bhay. tau singhan kai man uddam ay.56.
U JJ : 3lJ lH= lU o J UlU =53 lJ "JJ !
J J lJ lH= J UJJ J 5 !!
dhr : tnhi singh ik kahy ui vardt nnhi lahaur.
kahain parain phir singhan par drhun karkai dhaurd.57.
UU| : H3 "H o JH ! H UH "I HH !
J lH= oJ J l3oJ| ! o HJ U l"J HJ| !\!
chaupa : sunat khlsai y rsa. jan chakhmakh lagy kund jsha.
kahy singhan ab kar tir. p mar y un lihu mr.58.
J HJ HJ J| U U ! lJ UJ|o3 =5 l5U !
lJ UJ|o3 lH J lU ! lU IJ IlJU lH= "5 oU !\!
bandh kamar sabh h uth dh. nahin chahat th ghrd pird.
nahi chahat th kisai bjhai ki. dhayi gur gbind singh lardn .59.
=5 lH3 o lH= U5 ! lJ o l3 UU |U H5 !
J l=I = "JJ ! HlU " U HlJ 3J !O!
ghrd jitku p singh daurdn. nahin atkn kit ch nch saurd.
bt pt dhig dahuk lahaura. ji lakhy un phaujhi taura.60.
oI H 3J | I" ! UlU J| H3 "JJ =" !
=" IJ HU|o JH= ! 3 HJJ " U"= !!
ag sunn turkan k galla. i bh jt th lahaurai valla.
dahl nagr sudan bajvain. tp jambran chhalak chalvain.61.
U JJ : lU o =J =J | J|"=" HH !
JJ| H =5 I5 J" o HU U H !!
dhr : din chh ghar varan puchh ky bhlvl mukm.
rah phauj vard gardah bhalai ay pasand un thm.62.
69 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Had they given a chase to the fleeing Mughal troops,
They would have massacred them there and then.
They had always been claiming themselves as great warriors,
Who never behaved cowardly in a moment of crisis. (54)
As they were still confabulating over what had happened,
A contingent of a few Singhs arrived there instantly.
This had always been the tradition in the Khalsa Panth,
That when ten Singhs died, twenty more arrived there. (55)
As these Singhs had heard the sound of gunfire at that fort,
They had rushed there to assist their brethren.
As their strength increased to one thousand there,
The Singhs were filled with new vigour for a new attempt. (56)
Dohra : Then a Singh arrived there with a fresh information,
That the Mughals were still not keen to enter Lahore.
They, too, were thinking of launching an attack on the Singhs,
Although they might attack (with gunfire) from a distance. (57)
Chaupai : Hearing this news, the Khalsa Singhs went into a rage,
As if a flint-stone was hit with the force of guns trigger.
The Singhs then resolved to make preparations for an attack,
Either to eliminate the Mughals or sacrifice their own lives. (58)
Girding up their loins they rushed to launch an attack,
As they had no horses to harness and mount.
Since they had no baggage or equipment to be carried,
They just rushed after invoking blessings of Guru Gobind Singh. (59)
They rushed on foot with the speed of horses,
Without stopping over hills or swamps on the way.
Running along the river bed, they arrived near Lahore,
And surveyed the positions of contingents of Mughal troops. (60)
Now (dear readers) listen to the account of Mughals forces,
Who were proceeding towards the city of Lahore.
With the beat of drums and play on pipes signifying victory,
They were firing shots from canons and light guns. (61)
Dohra : After fixing an auspicious day for their entry into Lahore,
They had been camping at the place of Bhilowal,
Their trained troops had entered into the fort,
As they liked their forts (from security point of view). (62)
70 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H3 U l=I oU| lUH U "I| l=" !
5 oU lH= 3lJ HH oH lU" !=!
maut un k dhig a im un lg dahill.
pard achnak singh tahin jais akshn ill.63.
UU| : U5 U lH= J =5 ! H JH U" 3lJ 3J o5 !
U J3 I lHJ ! U I l3 l HJ !e!
chaupa : daurd unain singh dar vard. s bhaj chal na tahin turak ard.
k hut th gay shikra. k gay kit pind majhra.64.
U 5 oH3H J3 ! U| l=H 53 !
3 HJJ l3 U JJ ! J" U JJ JJJ IU !!
ku khard astaj karta. k nivjai jhuk jhuk pardata.
tp jambr kit pa rah. bail uth rah bhar ga.65.
JJ H HU =5 5 ! 3J3 lH= 5 U J U5 !
U5 =5 lH= "5 "I ! HJlJ 3J JlU JlU oI !!
bahu kas kas ghrd khard. turat singh phard un par chard.
chardah ghrd singh lardn lg. mrhin turkan hui hui g.66.
3J " Ul HJ ! U| HHJJ H lJUJ !
lU 3 UlU 3 J H UJ ! lUH J lH= |U oJ !!
turkan tl dkhi kai mrain. dn mazhab k juddh bichrain.
ik t dui tarai kar su chr. im kar singhan k akhr.67.
U JJ : U | HU3 3U lH I5 !
"H U J| H 5 JJ HU !\!
dhr : un k maddat k t niks gardn pathn.
khls un k bh katy j khard rah madn.68.
UU| : J3 3J=5| | JH3 ! U U J H3 !
U5 UU U J U ! l =5 U JJJ JJ !\!
chaupa : hut tarvard k nak rajpta. dkhy un yau bhay kasta.
chard chai un hk day. nath pind vard k bhar na rahy.69.
JU H HU =5 l H ! JJJ JJ H J J o !
"JJ| H lH= " HJ| ! JU| =J| H l J| !O!
bach su ju vard pind maddha. bhr rah s kar dhar addha.
lahaur phauj singhan lut mr. bach vah j pind padhr.70.
JH| JJJ JI J| HJ ! |J |J JJ IJ !!
murtaz khn sudgar mar. rj tdaar mal ptr gar.
hj bbar bg bh mry. pr phakran k bahu gry.71.
71 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As their destined death was looming large over them,
They had delayed their departure for Lahore.
The Singhs suddenly pounced upon them unawares,
As a flying hawk pounces upon the prey from the skies. (63)
Chaupai : As the Singhs made a sudden rush into the fort,
The Mughals rushed out without putting any resistance,
While a few had gone out on a hunting spree,
A few others had gone on a visit to the village. (64)
While a few were making ablutions before a morning prayer,
A few others were prostrating while reciting prayers.
Their heavy canons and light guns remained lying unused,
As the bullocks for pulling the gun carriages were out for grazing (65).
The horses which were standing harnessed and saddled,
The Singhs jumped and mounted those horses instantly.
Mounting those horses, the Singh started attacking the enemy,
And killing them by marching ahead of each other. (66)
The Singhs killed the Mughals after a thorough search,
As it was an ideological war between the Mughals and the Khalsa Panth.
As the Singhs sliced each Mughals soldier into one to four pieces,
They displayed rare acts of valour in this field of battle. (67)
Dohra : There were others who rushed to assist their colleagues,
They were the Pathans who had come out of the fort.
The Khalsa Singhs shreded them as well into pieces,
Who dared to confront the Singhs in the battlefield. (68)
Chaupai : There was one (Ataula Khan) Naki Rajput from Tarawari,
Who observed the Muslim troops caught in a cleft stick,
He, climbing up a high dome, shouted loudly to his soldiers,
That they must flee and take refugee in the village. (69)
Thus, those alone who entered the village, survived,
Those standing out were butchered by the Singhs.
While the Lahore troops were robbed and killed by the Singhs,
Only those survived who managed to enter the village. (70)
Murtaza Khan who was a big business tycoon and financier,
Was also killed along with the grandson of Raja Todar Mal.
Haji Babar Beg was also killed by the Singhs,
Along with several Muslim Pirs and Islamic medicants. (71)
72 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H" |J HJHU lUlU3 ! lHJH | lU JlUU H !
IU lJ=H3 UJ HJ ! lH= HJ H=J "J!!
mulln pr muhmmad init khna. mirz nak ik bachi jna.
ga bivst th h sabha. singhan mran savb labbha.72.
U JJ : lH= HJ olU JJ HU HJ IU o !
HJ 3J lH= lJ IU o" o" J H !=!
dhr : singhan mran i rah s mar ga p.
mr turak singh phir ga akl akl kar jp.73.
HJ " J JJ J 3J J !
H HJ lH= lJ lHH J" HJ !e!
mr lutt kar kutt bahu dar turkan kr.
maddh panjb singh phirain jim bl k shr.74.
UU| : lUH "U| "H H H HJ ! lU lU lH= H lJ JHJ !
lH3 lH= 3J HJ ! JU U 3 UI J3 HJ !!
chaupa : im la khls phauj su mra. ik ik singh janu phirain hazr.
jitak singhan turkan th mr. bha un t chaugun rt majhr.75.
3J HJ oJ HlJ HHolU ! HJ| H|= J H J| olU !
3J H "I J l3oJ ! 3 "I lH= "U JJ H HJ !!
turak marn aur jhin sasui. mar mdahan par janu par i.
turak phauj lag karan tira. tau lag singh la bahu kamm sra.76.
\O. J lH = | =J| H I (H H J "H lI J J ) \O. J lH = | =J| H I (H H J "H lI J J ) \O. J lH = | =J| H I (H H J "H lI J J ) \O. J lH = | =J| H I (H H J "H lI J J ) \O. J lH = | =J| H I (H H J "H lI J J )
90. kapr singh k nawb k prasang (jai jai kr khls garih bhay)
U JJ : HJ HJ lJ=H3 lU3 "H = J"H !
3J HH J J U JJ H !!
dhr : mry jabai bivst chit khlsai vadhy huls.
turkan k sans pary bhay unhai bahu nsh.1.
UU| : "J lJ=H3 H H o ! H JU "5 HJ " !
3J 3 l" o UJU ! lH= = U| HU !!
chaupa : laran bivst j j ay. nathy su bachy lardy mr lay.
turak t pichhlan n dab. singhan dahukan na p m.2.
J J J 3J =J ! H H J "H lIJ J !
oH JU| Hl3IJ | " ! 5 "H "HJ JJ I" !=!
hai hai kr turkan ghar kay. jai jai kr khls garih bhay.
ais bha satigur k kal. thrd khls lashkar bahu gal.3.
73 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
While several Muslim clerics, pirs and Mohammad Inayat Khan were killed,
Mirza Naki alone could survive Singhs attack,
All of these had come for the sake of defending their religion,
And for killing Singhs as an act of religious duty. (72)
Dohra : Although all of them had come to kill the Singhs,
But they were themselves killed in this campaign.
The Singhs, having decimated the Mughal invaders,
Shouted slogans of victory by reciting Gods name. (73)
After robbing, plundering and beating the Mughals in war,
The Singhs occupied most of the Mughal places.
The Singhs were now roaming as fearlessly in Panjab,
As a lion walks in a jungle freely and fearlessly. (74)
Chaupai : In this way, the Khalsa Panth eliminated the Mughal forces,
As each Singh was equal in valour to one thousand.
The number of Singhs who were killed in the fortress,
Four times that number had reached the fortress at night. (75)
When one Mughal sildier died, the others started panting for breath,
As if an epidemic had struck a flock of sheep.
By the time the Mughals reorganized their troops,
The Singhs had disappeared along with huge war booty. (76)
Episode 90
The Episode About the Title of Nawabship on S. Kapoor Singh
(There were celebrations in the homes of Singhs)
Dohra : After routing the combined forces of the bigoted Muslims,
There was a big boost in the morale of the Khalsa panth.
(On the other hand), the Mughals became very apprehensive,
After their complete rout and large-scale devastation. (1)
Chaupai : Whosoever came to participate in this Islamic ideological war,
They survived who escaped, they died who dared to fight.
While the dead bodies of the Muslims were buried by their heirs,
Nobody dared to come near the Singhs dead bodies. (2)
While there was mourning in every Muslim home,
There were celebrations in the homes of the Singhs.
Gods will prevailed in such an inscrutable manner,
That a miniscule number of Singhs decimated a host of Muslim Army. (3)
74 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : oH"H lJJ H JU UlU JlU !
HU 3"J| H H J HU U| H 3lU !e!
dhr : asalam khn nibb k manai bha dui bhi.
mu talb s khush bhay mu dn s pachhuti.4.
UU| : J3 JJ HHJ JH ! U HH J" o H !
H3 JH 3 lJ ! H 5 " lU"| HlJ !!
chaupa : hut nabb mansb bja. un samjhay bhal apn kja.
tak pujat th ham t nnhi. mujh k phard lai dill jnhi.5.
J"| JU| H UlU HJ IU ! J" JI H lH= o U !
JHlJ J J ="U ! |H J"| J JH J olU !!
bhal bha j ui mar ga. bhal bhg s singh pa.
hamhi kahan k bany valu. ghanm bal pary ham par i.6.
JU HJ |H HJ I ! UH 3 UI H oJ J !
lUH l"l Ul lU"| =" U ! lHJ HU HJ "HJ J !!
bandai marn na ghanm mar gay. us t chaugun s ab bhay.
im likhikai uni dill ghal day. sir sadk shh lashkar bhay.7.
lJ=H3 | I" Ul lJ J| ! lH =J | U J3 l" UU| !
HHJ H U " " ! lH= lHU J "I H"!\!
bivst k gal uni nahin kah. nij dahab k un bt likh da.
mansb s un khly khla. singhan siun karan lgy mla.8.
oH"H J HJUJ ! U l" l3HJ U J !
lJ |H J JJ| J"lU ! J UU|U lUH lU!\!
asalam khn bada sbdra. un likhy patishhai pch nr.
yahi ghanm hai bur bali. kah parch is tuk pi.9.
U JJ : I5 lU3 UHH HJ lH HJJ J|U|U lU !
J lHo I" lUH U 3 lU !O!
dhr : gurd ditai dushman marai kim mahurau khard dhi.
kahain sin gal imai tukk p kutt na kati.10.
UU| : J 3 UH H " U |H ! lJ HJ "lJ HJ o= 3|H !
J U lHJ = ="= ! " H U 3= !!
chaupa : kah t us sn chhal k kjai. phir mr lhin jab van patjai.
kah unain sir pv ghalvn. lt pt sn unhain patyvn.11.
U3 lUH l" lU3 oJ lJ J| ! HJI lH= HU UH J| =J| !
J HlJ 3 "H =" ! JHJ| U| J lUJ I" !!
ut im likh it aur bidh kar. sabg singh sady us h ghar.
kahy jhi tn khlsai valla. hamr unk kar dihu galla.12.
75 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : (After this defeat), Nawab of Lahore, Aslam Khans mind,
Went through two (contradictory) thoughts of joy and sorrow.
He felt happy at the death of the revenue collecting force of Delhi,
But grieved at the loss of those who died for Islam. (4)
Chaupai : The Nawab who had been a great manipulator felt,
That this defeat was a blessing in disguise for him.
Had he failed to deposit the stipulated revenue to Delhi,
The Delhi contingent would have arrested him to take to Delhi. (5)
It was a God sent dispensation that the Delhi contingent died,
And good that it died at the hands of the Singhs.
This defeat had provided him an opportunity to claim,
How formidable was the enemy who fell upon them? (6)
That the death of Banda Singh was not the extinction of a powerful enemy,
Which had rather multiplied fourfold after his death.
He sent a dispatch to Delhi containing such an import,
Citing the death of the Delhi contingent as evidence of his assessment. (7)
He did not mention the loss of Islamic ideological crusaders,
Writing only those facts which served his own designs.
Chalking out such a strategy through manipulating facts,
He started a move to seek reconciliation with the Singhs. (8)
Aslam Khan being a prominent Nawab (and a strategist),
He wrote to the Delhi emperor suggesting a diplomatic maneuver.
Since the Khalsa Panth was a very formidable enemy,
They should strike a deal with them offering a slice of power. (9)
Dohra : Why should one go to procure a dose of (expensive) cyanide,
When an enemy could be killed with a lump of Jaggery?
A saying by the sages goes in this manner:
That a dog, offered a slice of bread, stops biting. (10)
Chaupai : Emperor permitting, the Nawab could maneuver the Singhs into a deal,
In order to eliminate them later on at an opportune moment,
Or else he could make an offer of honouring them,
And bring them round through diplomacy and rhetoric. (11)
Preparing a draft of proposals on these lines,
He summoned the services of Subeg Singh
Asking him to go as his emissary to the Khalsa Panth,
He entreated him to initiate a dialogue between him and the Singhs. (12)
76 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J"| J| U J H HJ| ! JHJ lHJ 3 H H J| !
bhal kar un yah phauj mr. hamr sir t jan jn tr.
ais bhnt j un samjha. ui ham bardar ham us bha.13.
3H JH HU JH 3H HUlU ! J" lH" "U|o H" JHlU !
HI|J l"lU l"J IJ U " ! oJ 3H J H" UHJ !e!
tum ham sukhad ham tum sukhdi. ral mil laai mulak basi.
jagr likhi lihu gur chakk nla. ab tum kar na mulak ujra.14.
U JJ : HJ| 3HJ UH J HJ 3HJ oH|H lJJlU !
U J| U lH U U HUlU !!
dhr : sabh tumr dsh hai sabh tumr azz bhiri.
un h k dukh kim dayau kayyai un sukhdi.15.
UU| : HJI lH= UH oI J| ! l "H H l=I U J| !
l 3 33 o HIJ UJ ! 3U J 3H H U J !!
chaupa : sabg singh us agyn bhkh. kichhu khlsai main dhig d rkh. kichhu
tph tuphyat au magrn dhu. ta banai tum sayn un nhu.16.
=J| J3 lJJ H "U| ! H3"J o 3J3 o UU| !
lHJ U UH o ! HU HJUJ| l"3 =" !!
vah bt nibbai mann la. matlab apnai turat n da.
sir pu th us n y. s sbdr k khilat ghaly.17.
H lJJ| J lH = lHJ J| H lJJ| J lH = lHJ J| H lJJ| J lH = lHJ J| H lJJ| J lH = lHJ J| H lJJ| J lH = lHJ J|
pushk nibb kapr singh sir dhar
UU| : U l"3 U3| I" J| ! J H H lJ lJJ| JU| !
lUH| H JI l"| HI|J ! lUH| H JI H" 33J|J !\!
chaupa : dai khilat t gal kah. yah pushk na jny yahi nibb bha.
is sth hgu likh jagra. is sth hgu mulak tatbr.18.
lUJ J lJJ| o HJUJ| ! UH lH"I| J3 HJ| !
HJ| = UH lU o=I ! UJ| = HJ "I "=I !\!
ih hai nibb adh sbdr. usai milaig rayyat sr.
shh parvn us ni vgu. uh vand sabh lgan khulvgu.19.
U JJ : HJ H3| U3 J| 3| H| H lU !
U= UH lJUJ H lUH "lU JlU !O!
dhr : sr sat dt hath tap jap j ki.
dvy us bichr kai j is lik hi.20.
UU| : UU| IU| JU 3U| ! HJI lH= 3J H3 JU| !
HlJ J "H " ! JHlJ IJ lH " !!
77 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Briefing him to congratulate the Khalsa for decimating the Delhi force,
As their deed had removed the main irritant from his path.
The Nawab asked his emissary to commiserate with the Singhs,
That the Nawab and the Singhs were comrades in arms (against Delhi). (13)
The Nawab and the Singhs must work in tandem to benefit each other,
And bring about peace and prosperity to their region.
The Singhs should get a territorial custody over the Guru Chak area,
And desist from ransacking and plundering the region. (14)
Dohra : (The emissary should convey) that the whole region belonged to the Singhs,
And all others were their own dear younger brothers.
Instead of harassing and torturing their own brothers,
The Singhs should work for making them feel at home. (15)
Chaupai : (Hearing this proposal), S. Subeg Singh made a proposal,
That the Nawab should pay some ransom to the Khalsa.
It should be followed by the dispatch of more gifts,
Which would elicit a favourable response from the Khalsa. (16)
The Nawab, accepting these proposals instantly,
Offered the proposed concessions in his own interest.
The expensive robes of honour that Nawab had received from elsewhere,
He sent the same to the Khalsa as a gift from the Nawab. (17)
Robes of Nawabship Presented to S. Kapoor Singh
Chaupai : Handing over the robes of honour, the Nawab told Subeg Singh,
That those robes, not being mere garments, were emblems of Nawabship,
Those were accompanied by a written deed of territorial custodianship,
Laying down the terms and conditions of governing the state. (18)
That deed amounted to a Nawabship over half of (Lahore) territory,
Under which the people would deal with the (new) Nawab.
All the royal instructions would be addressed to him,
And he would be authorized to disburse all official grants. (19)
Dohra : (The Singhs should select) a warrior with a spotless character,
Having resolute determination and meditative disposition.
They should bestow that title after a thorough deliberation,
On a person who deserved to be truly worthy of it. (20)
Chaupai : After receiving money in cash for sundary expenses,
Subeg Singh started after chalking out his strategy.
78 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
chaupa : da nagd kharch tn. subg singh tury jukat ban.
jahin dar th khlsai ly. bajhin nagr nishn jhuly.21.
H JU =lJ lH= HH ! oI "I J3 "H U|= !
5 HJU o JH JJJ ! H = J HH HlU !!
j pahuchy vahi singh sujna. gai lagy hut khlsai dvna.
pardhain shabad au bajai rabba. sukkhai ghtain bhunnain mj parshdi.22.
=5 H"H J ! HH3 HH UH" J J !
U 3|J JU U"=lJ ! U UI" J U =H=lJ !=!
k ghrdai k mlash karai. k shastar mj ujjal kar dharai.
k tr k bandk chalvhi. k ungal par chakkar ghumvahi.23.
U JJ : U lH= U| J U UJ "lU !
| "=lJ UJ 3 J lUH JlJ !e!
dhr : k singhan chp karai k chaur jhali.
k pn layvhi dr t baith ishnn karhi.24.
UU| : U| lH= 5 U3 JlJ ! U| lH= 5 JlJ !
lH HJ| J U lJ ! U5 U5 lH= J" HlJ !!
chaupa : ka singh khard dtan karhin. ka singh khard kachchh bannhnhin.
kisai shark karai k nnhi. daurd daurd singh tahal kamhin.25.
U HJI lH= U =5 ! H J J J UlU H5 !
=lJIJ H| | 3 J"U| ! o" o" lJ UU HU| !!
dkh subg singh chhada day ghrdai. kunsai kar kar hath dui jrdai.
vhigur j k phat bul. akl akl kahi chai sun.26.
U JJ : oI "H o=H H J H|H J J !
33 "H J|l3 H lH= JlJ UH J3 !!
dhr : agyn khlsai avz sun dhary ss par hth.
tatt khls rti j singh karhin us bhnt.27.
UU| : lHH HJI lH= l=I o= ! J H o H|H = !
U "H JlU H ! J "H oI !\!
chaupa : jim subg singh dhig jhuk vai. karai kunnas au ss jhukvai.
dkh khls hi parsnna. kahai khls aggyn dhanna.28.
= l=I lH= H JJ "lU! "lU 3J oJ JH|U HlJ!
J "H HJ JH HI ! JH 3J| =JJJ| "I !\!
dahuk dhig singh su rahy khali. li tankhh ab bakhsh mhi.
hai khls sabh bakhshan jgu. ham tankhh gharbr lg.29.
79 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
He proceeded towards a place where Khalsa was camping,
Where Khalsa flags were fluttering and war drums beating. (21)
As this shrewd emissary Subeg Singh arrived there,
The Khalsa Singhs were holding a religious congregation.
Gurbani hymns were being recited to the accompaniment of music,
As well as cannabis leaves were being grounded and meat roasted. (22)
While a few Singh were grooming and sprucing up their horses,
A few others were cleaning and sharpening their weapons,
While a few others were practicing shooting of arrows and firing of guns,
Some one else was rotating a circular ring over his finger. (23)
Dohra : While some one was giving a body message to another,
Someone else was moving a flywhisk over others.
Another Singh was seen fetching a bucket of water,
For giving a bath to his fellow (elderly) Singhs. (24)
Chaupai : While a few were cleaning their teeth and bathing themselves,
Others were changing their undergarments (after a bath).
Instead of having feelings of rivalry against each other,
Everyone was too keen to serving each other. (25)
Approaching their camp, Subeg Singh got down from his horse,
And paid his obeisance with folded hands.
Greeting the Singhs with the traditional Waheguru ji ki Fateh,
He shouted the Singhs famous slogan of Akal! Akal! (26)
Dohra : Hearing these Khalsa greetings of S. Subeg Singh,
The Singhs touched their own heads to acknowledge.
As this had been the traditional mode of exchanging pleasantries,
The Singhs acknowledged his greetings in the traditional manner. (27)
Chaupai : As Subeg Singh kept approaching the Khalsa camp,
He kept on paying obeisance with a bowed head.
The Singhs too felt delighted with his greetings,
Commending him for his regards for the Khalsa Panth. (28)
After coming quite close, he stood (with folded hands),
And begged forgiveness after receiving the mandatory punishment.
Calling the Khalsa Panth as both magnanimous and forgiving,
He pleaded guilty of deserting the Panth due to his family compulsions. (29)
80 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
JlU H JU "H | ! "lU 3lJ JH lJ U| !
"H JH | H JHI! 3J HlU JH J" JI!=O!
hui parsann bach khlsai ky. li tankhhi bakhshan kahi dy.
khlsai hukam ky paj bhujngan. tankhh mani bakhshay bhal rangan.30.
HJI lH= 3U JJ ! J oUJ UH H !
HJI lH= 3J HJ I" J| ! " J3 J HJJ UU| !=!
subg singh ta panth bahy. kar dar us parshan puchhy.
subg singh tab sabh gal kah. layy hut dhar muhrai da.31.
U lH= J " HU ! U J lUH UJ J !
HJI lH= l3 oI UUJ| ! J J 3H I" ol=UJ|!=!
k singh kahai lutt machy. k kahai is dr haty.
subg singh tin agyn uchr. yah kay kar tum gal avichr.32.
U JJ : HJI lH= 3J J "H H J H5 !
IJ|J | J J "J 3J 3 35 !==!
dhr : subg singh n tab kahy khls sn hatth jrd.
garban k rachhy kar lhu turkan t trd.33.
UU| : HU "H H "U| ! l3HJ| lHJ 5 l=U| !
3J JH 3H| lH H5 ! J =J3 oJ " "5 !=e!
chaupa : su khlsai n mann la. patishh kai sir krd tikva.
turkan bhjy tus kim mrd. khh vart aur lain lrd.34.
U JJ : UJJ H oU| | 3U "H "U| =J3lU !
J UJJJ lH= 3 lJJ| " lHJU !=!
dhr : darab ju th ta khlsai la varti.
kahy darbr singh k tn nibb lai sirpu.35.
UU| : UJJJ lH= oI J| ! oH| lJJ| U UJ "U| !
JH Hl3IJ JU l3HJ| ! JH H3 l=I HU oJ| !=!
chaupa : darbrai singh agyn kah. asn nibb kad chahain la.
ham k satigur bachan patishh. ham k jpat dhig s h.36.
JH J3 l3HJ| U= ! H lU3 H oI" = !
H Hl3IJ lH J| J3 ! JI HU| lJ "| H3 !=!
ham rkhat patishh dv. jn itk jn agl pv.
j satigur sikkhan kah bta. hgu s nahin khl jta.37.
l=J3 o =" "lU ! Hl3IJ JU "| HlU !
l3HJ| lH "J lJJ| ! J| lHJ HlJ JJ| !=\!
dhr vidharat au dhaval dauli. satigur bachan na khl ji.
patishh chhada kim lahain nibb. pardhna jih mnhi kharb.38.
81 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Being pleased with his explanation, the Khalsa Singhs remarked,
That Subeg Singh be pardoned after some punishment.
Asking the five selected Singhs to announce the sentence,
They should pardon him after executing the sentence. (30)
After the pardon, Subeg was asked to be seated,
And asked respectfully to put forward his proposals.
Subeg Singh, then, made a detailed presentation of Nawabs offers,
After making an offering of gold coins brought from Lahore. (31)
While a few Singhs remarked that he be robbed of gold coins,
A few others opined that his offer to be spurned off.
(Hearing this cacophony), Subeg Singh then remarked,
Why were the Singhs indulging in such an indiscrete talk? (32)
Dohra : After this, Subeg Singh made a plea to the Khalsa Panth,
With folded hands (in complete humility).
He begged the Khalsa Panth to protect the poor masses,
After striking a (profitable) deal with the Mughals. (33)
Chaupai : The Khalsa Panth accepted Subeg Singhs proposal,
Resolving to charge one crore rupees from the Mughals for the deal.
They opined why should they spurn the Mughals offer?
Instead they should utilize the amount and demand more. (34)
Dohra : The Khalsa Panth, accepting the received amount,
Disbursed it among its rank and file there and then.
(Thereafter), the Khlasa Panth approached Darbara Singh
That he should accept the proffered Nawabship. (35)
Chaupai : Responding to Khalsa Panths proposal Darbara Singh remarked,
Why should he think of accepting Nawabship ?
Since Satguru (Guru Gobind Singh) had promised sovereignty to the Sikhs,
He visualized that the moment for fulfillment of gurus prophecy was fast approaching.(36)
Since the Khalsa Panths claim for sovereignty was legitimate,
They would surely achieve it either in this world or in heaven.
Whatever prophetic words Satguru had said to the Sikhs,
These were bound to be fulfilled instead of going waste. (37)
Even if the pole star shifted its position or earth shook from its axis,
Satgurus prophetic words would never remain unfulfilled.
Why should he barter that promised sovereignty with the wretched Nawabship,
Which was replete with subordination and harassment. (38)
82 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : JH l3HJ| Hl3IJ UU| J J "lU !
HlJ HlJ JJ HH| H" 3lJ 3lJ 33 JlU !=\!
dhr : ham patishh satigur da hannai hannai li.
jahin jahin bahain jamn mal tahin tahin takhat banin.39.
UU| : lUH| J3 JJ lH J| ! JH "5 lJJ| J| !
U HI| U UU| l3HJ| ! JJ J U J| !eO!
chaupa : is bhnt bahu sikkhan kah. ham k lrd nibb nahn.
un mng kad da patishh. panth chhada bahy kab un k ph.40.
3J oH H" ! JJU oI HH " !
lH lH= J J| UJ ! J" J3 lH " "J !e!
panth turkan k ais mla. bard agan k jais khla.
kisai singh k yah b dh. tahal karat kis k lakh lh.41.
J lH= J" H=3 ! U5 U5 "=3 !
U "| 3 | HH "! oH HH| H HlH lHI "!e!
kapr singh th tahal kamvta. daurd daurd th pakh jhulvata.
un jhall tgh th sanumukh kallai. ais saj jan sasi marig chhallai.42.
HH U "I 33" ! J U UH lH= lJ" !
UJ| JU "H J ! olU HH HJ lH= HJ !e=!
zakham kach th lagy tatkla. kahain dkh us singh nihla.
uh bachan khlsai k phury. i samn sabh singh k jury.43.
U JJ : 3J lH= lU o 53 J| IJ "" !
J" HJ" 3U lH" H U H l" !ee!
dhr : tahn singh ik pn pardaht bn gur ll.
tahal mahal tkau milai j kau sdh karipl.44.
UU| : lH= J " U| ! l HJ UH =" JU| !
o=H o" lJ H U| ! IJ I JU H l"J JU| !e!
chaupa : singh kapr jhalai pakkh th. karip nazar panth us val h.
avz akln panthhi sun p. gur garnth bach mann lihu bh.45.
J" J3 lUH HJ" U= ! J lH= lHJU lJJ= !
J U lH= JHI| ! J J H UH o| UI| !e!
tahal karat is mahal puchv. kapr singh k sirpu pahirv.
kahy panth chak singh bhujng. kar kar kunas us kh chang.46.
H JHI|o UJ| JlU ! J H|H HlJ l=3 JlU !
H JHI|o UJ J" U| ! lH= HH JlU J3 JU JU|!e!
paj bhujngan charn chhuhi. dhar ss mhi pavitar kari.
paj bhujngan charan bal p. singh sas hi parbat bha r.47.
83 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Satguru had conferred sovereignty on the Khalsa Panth,
As well as on each individual Singh of that fraternity.
Wherever a Singh sets his foot and settles on earth,
He establishes his own self-reliant/autonomous sovereignty. (39)
Chaupai : Many other Singhs rejected this offer like Darbara Singh,
Declaring that they did not need such a Nawabship.
Why should they accept a borrowed, second hand sovereignty?
Why should they get dependent on the Mughals and alienate from the Panth? (40)
The relationship between the Khalsa Panth and the Mughals was as precarious,
As the relationship between explosives and a spark of fire.
But one of the Singhs must be conferred with this honour,
Even if he is someone entrusted with the performance of odd jobs. (41)
S. Kapoor Singh
was attending upon the congregation at that moment,
Moving the hand fan with quick strokes for fanning the air.
He had faced the stroke of enemys sword on his face single handed,
The scar being still as fresh on his face as the scar on moons face. (42)
With the scar, still fresh and raw on his face,
He had won the hearts of the whole Khalsa Panth.
A thought ran across the mind of entire congregation simultaneously,
As if it was a moment of coincidence for the whole congregation. (43)
Dohra : At that moment, a devout Singh beloved of the Guru,
Was heard reciting the following line of Gurbani!
The honour of serving the Gurus devotees goes to those,
Who become worthy of the grace of Gurus saints. (44)
Chaupai : As S. Kapoor Singh was fanning with the hand fan,
He became the focus of the gracious eyes of the congregation.
As the congregation heard the sacred line of the Divine Guru,
Everyone agreed to accept the message of the Gurbani line. (45)
Since the one performing service deserved to be honoured,
S. Kapoor Singh should be conferred with the proffered robes.
As the Khalsa Panth ordered him to pick up the robe of honour,
S. Kapoor Singh bowed down to accept Khalsa Panths gracious offer. (46)
Placing the robe of honour at the feet of five Singhs,
He begged the five Singhs to put that robe on his head.
With the blessings of the sacred feet of the five Singhs,
Even a rabbit turns a lion and a spec of dust a mountain. (47)
84 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
JH lUJ|o 3J lJ ! = "H J" lHJ HlJ !
JlU H lJ "H J| ! H lJJ| J lH= lHJ J| !e\!
bjan k chirn tr khhin. pvai khls bal jih mnhi.
hi parsann bidh khlsai kar. pushk nibb kapr singh sir dhar.48.
' J lH = lJJ| JU|' ' J lH = lJJ| JU|' ' J lH = lJJ| JU|' ' J lH = lJJ| JU|' ' J lH = lJJ| JU|'
kapr singh nibb bha
U JJ : J lH= JJ| JU| 3 lH= = 3 !
3J HHU JJ J UU =" o !!
dhr : kapr singh nabb bha tau singhan vadhy partp.
turak khushmad bahu karain tak dan ghal p.1.
UU| : U" H oH"H ! JU H "JJ JJ !
lJ | =lJ =J ="= ! J"lU JJ| =lJ J3= !!
chaupa : panth lai sukh asalam khn py. tak bach madh lahaur bahy.
panthhi k vahi ghr ghalvai. bali bur vahi panth batvai.2.
JJ l UU HI|J l"U| ! IJ U lHU UU "IU| !
J lH= H J JUlU ! HU J3 JJ| J"lU !=!
brn pind da jagr likh. gur chakk siun da lag.
kahai singh main rakh parchi. j hut th bur bali.3.
HJ| oI "lJ ! 3 H"U|U U UlJ !
JHJ| U| oH| |3 ! JJU o | HH| J|l3 !e!
tak mahn agg lhin. tau mulkha dukkh na dhin.
hamr unk ais parta. bard aghan k jais rti.4.
HJ o= HJ UlU ! JU lHH UU o" lHlU !
UU| lJJ| Jl lHlU ! UH 5 "= 3HJ lU !!
jkar vain mr di. bandai jim dn alak miti.
da nibb karni dhiji. us phard layvn tumr pi.5.
U JJ : HlJ J| lHH JlU l3H J| "U JlU !
JH H3J| 3 UU| 3 3 UlU !!
dhr : shhi kah jim nk hui tim h la bani.
ham mukhtayr tujh da tujh t kaun dani.6.
UU| : J J3 lH= =J oU| ! H H3 o IJH JU| !
J olU IJ U ! l3 l3 "H J= H= !!
chaupa : phr bt singhan ghar . sunn sant au gurmukh bh.
panth dar i gur chakk py. nit nit khlsai huvai savy.7.
l3l3 o=lJ "JJ ! lJJ =J3=lJ lJ J !
o" JI JlJ "I lU=! J l3 HJ olH3 H!\!
85 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Even the (timid) sparrows tear apart the (ferocious) falcons,
When Khalsa Panth lends its power to these tiny creatures.
Being elated the Khalsa Panth performed the ceremony,
And presented that robe of honour to S. Kapoor Singh (48)
S. Kapoor Singh Became a Nawab
Dohra : As S. Kapoor Singh acquired the status of Nawab,
The fame and reputation of Khalsa Panth highly increased.
The Mughals, not only became more subservient,
But also started paying ransom and revenue voluntarily. (1)
Chaupai : Nawab Aslam Khan
felt relieved after a patch-up with the Panth,
As he felt safe at Lahore and without paying revenue to Delhi.
He kept on intimidating the emperor with the impending threat,
Projecting the Khalsa Panth as a very formidable enemy. (2)
Handing over the territorial custody of twelve villages in writing,
The revenue proceeds of these villages were transferred to Guru Chak
He told the Mughal emperor that he was keeping the Singhs appeased,
Who otherwise were the deadliest of enemies. (3)
That since the Singhs collected the monthly revenues in advance,
They did not loot and plunder the Muslim subjects.
That his relationship with the Khalsa Panth was as precarious,
As the relationship between explosives and the fire. (4)
That whenever the Singhs came under his grip,
He would eliminate them as he had eliminated Banda Singh.
That he had conferred Nawabship on them for temporary appeasement,
But he would capture and present them soon before the emperor. (5)
Dohra : The emperor asked Aslam Khan to deal with the Singhs,
As he deemed fit to protect Mughal interests.
He had delegated his royal authority to the Nawab,
As he considered none else more shrewd than him. (6)
Chaupai : Dear devout gursikh readers now listen further,
To the situation as it prevailed in the Khalsa Panth.
As the Khalsa Panth put up their camp at Guru Chak,
They increased in their strength with every passing day. (7)
As the ransom money kept pouring from Lahore,
Nawab Kapoor Singh kept on disbursing it among the Singhs.
86 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
nitparti vhin tak lahaura. nibb vartvahi panthhi kra.
akl bungai bahi lag divn. karain parti sar ammrit shann.8.
J lH= J l J| ! J"| Jl olU l3H H J| !
JJ3 lH= oUJ J ! lJ I" J !\!
kapr singh par karip panth kar. bhal buddhi i tis main par.
bahut singhan k dar dharai. binn puchh panth gall na karai.9.
J" oI 3 J H=U| ! JJ3 IJ|J| UH H oU| !
lHH lHH lJ lJ" H= ! l3H l3H lH= H| IJHl3 o= !O!
tahal agai t karai sav. bahut garb us man .
jim jim panthhi tahil kamvai. tim tim singh j gurmati vai.10.
U JJ : H o= lU3 U3 H J lU=lJ H !
lU= J3= "H J J l3 oJUH !!
dhr : tak ju vai it utai s dharai divnhi ps.
divn bartvai khlsai kar kar nit ards.11.
UU| : JJ| lH= lU "IJ| U ! J UH lJ H JHU !
U UJ J HH lH= J" ! oJ"=" H J3 "" !!
chaupa : har singh ik lngr th. hth padam nahin mukai ras.
dnai dr kary jass singh bla. hlvl ju hut kalla.12.
lU 3 HJ "J H ! lUlJ lJ HJ U=lJ J !
lU lU HJ JlJ HU| ! J J| U l3H U| !=!
ik thn t sabh lhu pushka. ikhi thhi sabh dvahi rkha.
ikk thni sabh rakhhin kam. rakhai nahn k tisai chhap.13.
U JJ : 3 JJ" lH= H 3 U HlJ !
HJJ HHlU" H lH= U" UlU !e!
dhr : tp rahkalai singhan pai s t chak na jnhi.
jambrain jajil s singh chalain uthi.14.
UU| : J lH= lH= lJ U|U ! U =J l=U HJ |U!
IJJH lH= JlU" J3 |3 IH ! H HJJ l3H H !!
chaupa : kapr singh singhan kahi d. chakkan vran ghiu sr k.
gurbakhas singh hundil hut jhtai garma. saumpai jambr tisk nma.15.
U JJ : H lH lH= JlJJ JJ H lJ =J HlU !
HU "H lJ J" lJ "U| 3lJ !!
dhr : j nis singh bhir rahai j bin puchhai ghar ji.
s khlsai nahin ralai bin l tankhhi.16.
87 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As congregation kept on being held at Akal Takht,
The Singhs were having a dip in the sacred pool every morning. (8)
As Khalsa Path graciously honoured S. Kapoor Singh,
He displayed remarkable wisdom in his thoughts and deeds.
Holding the Khalsa Panth in the highest esteem,
He would never take any decision without their consent. (9)
Serving the Khalsa Panth with an added zeal after this honour,
He displayed more humility in his words and deeds.
The more he devoted himself to the cause of the Panth,
The more devout and more steadfast in Sikhism he became. (10)
Dohra : Whatever money poured into the Sikh coffers from anywhere,
He would religiously deposit with Dewan
(Darbara Singh).
The Dewan would then disburse this money among the Singhs,
After getting this disbursement approved by a congregational prayer. (11)
Chaupai : Hari Singh
, a cook, who prepared the community meals,
Was endowed with the gift of having never run short of cooked food.
The infant Jassa Singh
was appointed a storekeeper of horses feed,
Who came from a family of wine-sellers from village Ahluwal. (12)
The Singhs were asked to get their uniforms issued from one store,
As well as deposit these at the same store after use.
All the proceeds were deposited in one single account,
Without anybody keeping any part of the proceeds with himself. (13)
Dohra : There were some heavier and medium-range canons with the Khalsa Panth,
Which were not portable and easier to ferry along.
But the lighter and long-muzzled guns in their arsenal,
Were carried by the Singhs on their shoulders during movement. (14)
Chaupai : Nawab Kapoor issued instructions to his officials,
That those who carried those weapons were entitled to one kg of butter oil.
Gurbax Singh Hundal
hailing from the village Jheetay,
Was given the custody over these long-muzzled guns. (15)
Dohra : If any of the Singhs ventured out at night without permission,
And proceeded to see his family at home,
He was not allowed to rejoin duty the next day,
Without undergoing the mandatory punishment for his Offence. (16)
88 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : H =J 3 JlU o= lU ! JHlU J" 5 o HlU !
UJJ "lU H JJJ U| ! = H lU HU| !!
chaupa : j ghar t hui vai ki. bakhshi ralai khard p si.
darab layi j bhrn k. pvai khaznai ik thn s.17.
l lH= oJH ! U| lH= IU lH" H !
U|o IJ JI JU ! U| J HH" lUU !\!
kichhak singhan n katy arma. ka singh ga miln dhma.
kaan nagran bung ban. ka baith dharmsl chin.18.
U|o 3| HIl3 JU| ! U| "U =J J UU| !
U| J =J =J H H3 ! U| l"oU oJ JJ H !\!
kaan kht jugti kar. ka la ghar nran parch.
ka rakh ghar ghr su mta. ka li aur bahu stha.19.
JJ3 J J ! lU JJ3 lJ J !
3U lJJ lU3 | lJUJ ! U HI3 JU|o lH3 JlU HJJ !O!
bahut panth k bdh huy. ik thn bahut thambhi na bhay.
tau nibb chit ky bichra. k jugat banai jit hi sambhra.20.
U JJ : UH| lU HU "H o" JI 33 H !
U| HJ UUJ l=I lJJ lH= HH !!
dhr : us din sadd khls akl bungai takhat makn.
dn sabhan uchr dhig nibbai singh sujn.21.
UU| : JU| H| lH= UJJJ HJ| ! "| HJJ H JU| !
3J J" UU J= J"lU ! J lH= o JH lH= lU !!
chaupa : bh man singh darbr pujr. ln sabhan madh baith.
than bhall d bvai buli. khan singh au banj singh thi.22.
HJ| H H l" ! I = o o3 !
JJ J lH= HJ H J| ! J| J3 oJ H H oU| !=!
sabh panth j nm likkhyai. garnth vadhai au ant na payyai.
nabb kapr singh sabh sn kah. yah bt ab main man a.23.
oI l l lJ3 ! o o| IHJlJ J3 !
oJ lU H "IJ J| ! U HIl3 oJ " JU| !e!
agai panth th pind pind phirt. p apn gujrahin kart.
ab ik thn pujai langar nnh. k jugti ab lay ban.24.
lH= U H JlU ! U U JU UH U UlU !
HJ| "H H H "U| ! HU HJ lJ I" oU| !!
singhan dayyai jath bani. d d kharach us dayyai parchi.
sabh khlsai s mann la. pasand sabhan k yahi gal a.25.
89 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Such an offender after returning from his home,
Would voluntarily stand up and seek forgiveness for absence.
Whenever a Singh brought some money from any adventure,
He would deposit the same in the central treasury. (17)
After the Singhs relaxed and passed sometime in peace,
Many Singhs proceeded to their homes to see their families.
While some of them got their residential houses constructed,
A few others established centres for holding congregations. (18)
While many Singhs returned to the traditional occupation of agriculture,
A few others got entangled in the snares of their wedlock.
While many Singhs were kept confined to homes by their mothers,
A few others returned along with many new recruits. (19)
As the strength of the Singh ranks increased manifold,
It became difficult to keep them stationed at one place.
Then Nawab Kapoor Singh contemplated over this organizational issue,
And thought of devising a strategy to manage his organization. (20)
Dohra : He called a congregation of the Khalsa panth on the same day,
At the (historic Sikh shrine) of Sri Akal Takht Sahib
The wise Nawab Kapoor Singh chalked out his plan,
And announced its details from the precincts of Akal Takht. (21)
Chaupai : Bhai Mani Singh
, the head priest of holy Darbar Sahib,
Was made to occupy the centre stage and preside over the congregation.
The Singh warriors from the Trehan and Bhalla clans were invited.
Who were represented by Baba Kahan Singh and Baba Binod Singh. (22)
If the author recorded the names of all the Singh warriors,
His epic would become unlimited in its size.
Nawab Kapoor pronounced all the minute details,
Of the strategy that he had devised for managing his troops. (23)
He declared that earlier the Singhs were always on the move,
And arranged for their provisions on their own.
Now that it was not possible to feed such a large force at one place,
The Khalsa Panth should chalk out a new mode of management. (24)
The Singhs should now reorganize into a few contingents,
And allocate funds for their provisions and upkeep.
The entire Khalsa Panth agreed to the Nawabs proposals,
As its (need and relevance) appealed to everyone. (25)
90 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : H J lJ JU UU| H lH JlU !
H 3 I H| o" JI 3 "lU !!
dhr : paj daran bidh rach da paj nishn bani.
paj jhand tau gada sar akl bung t layi.26.
UU| : H HJ|U o lJI 5 ! U| lH= lH= JH H !
UU JH JH lH= oH3HJ|U ! U U U H3 3J|U !!
chaupa : partham shahdan au nihngan phardy. dp singh singh karam su ny.
d karam dharam singh ammrtasr. day unai th jt khatr.27.
3|H U JJ J oH| ! 3J J" olU IJ oH| !
U lH= UH H ! lI" H J= H !\!
tj chaky bban bada ans. than bhall th di gur ans.
chauth singh dasaundh nma. gill jatt kt budahai th dhm.28.
H= J=J J|J lH= lU ! J3 3J H =5 =lU !
oH| "|| HI3 JlU ! H H| J3 lH= H UU| IlU !\!
pajv ranghrt br singh ni. hut trn sai ghrd vi.
ais ln jugat bani. j sun ratan singh s da gi.29.
U JJ : H H lJ JJ J lH= | H3 !
l o I3 lU HU| H oJ J3 !=O!
dhr : j k puchchh parshan yahi nabb kapr singh k jt.
kaun pind au gt ki s sunn ab bt.30.
UU| : JH" H"lJ H ! U JH H" IH !
J3| JJ JHH|J ! JH" =J =H3| |J !=!
chaupa : pharjull khn th mughlahi nma. unhain basy pharjull garm.
hut khn nabb khn hamshr. pharjulai kai ghar vast dhr.31.
J3| JHlU3 J| HH3 ! U JJ lH= JU =3!
U H H J3 UJ" ! H U HJ=U J J " !=!
hut hamitan bada kamjta. un bahu singh th kar ght.
pandrn sai ju hut chakraila. s un marv kar kar phaila.32.
3lJ J lH= J3 l3 H3 ! lJJ I3 o H | H3 !
=lJ =J H lH HlU3 l3 J| ! JJ3 lJ" U lH= J| !==!
tahin kapr singh hut pit mta. birak gt au jatt th jta.
vahi ghar s niksay sit kit khar. bahut tahil un singhan kar.33.
UH| J" 3 lJ U ! HJJ =J HU !
J" J| lH lJ| HlU! lJ "H U U UlU!=e!
us tahal t yahi pad py. sarab panth k navb sady.
tahal kar kis barithn ji. yahi khls khud khudai khudi.34.
91 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Thus, the whole Khalsa Panth was organized into five contingents
With five distinct emblems for their identification.
The five standards representing each contingent,
Were planted in the precincts of Akal Takht. (26)
Chaupai : The first emblem was allocated to the martyred Nihang Singhs,
Who were represented by Baba Deep Singh and Karam Singh.
The second contingent was headed by Karam Singh Dhram Singh,
From Amritsar belonging the Kshtriya caste of Singhs. (27)
The two elderly Singhs from ancient lineage represented the third,
Coming from the Trehan-Bhalla clans of great gurus.
S, Dasondha Singh who headed the fourth contingent,
He hailed from village Kot Buddha of Gill Jat Sikhs. (28)
The fifth contingent was put under the command of Bir Singh Ranghreta
Which consisted of thirteen hundred horse-mounted Singhs.
Such a command and control structure was put in place,
Which Rattan Singh (the author) has narrated as he heard it. (29)
Dohra : A curious reader may ask the author a question,
About the racial stock of Nawab Kapoor Singh,
So the author would now narrate all the details,
About Nawab Kapoor Singhs village and his racial caste. (30)
Chaupai : There was one (prominent) Mughal by the name Farzulla Khan,
Who had founded the village Farzullapur on his own name.
There was a woman Khano
(Begum) sister of Nawab (Zakaria) Khan
Who had been the wife of this person Farzulla Khan. (31)
She, being a staunch supporter of the Mughals and being evil minded,
Was instrumental in getting a large number of Singhs slaughtered.
The fifteen hundred Singhs who were in the service of the Nawab,
Were executed on the basis of her evil designs. (32)
There lived S. Kapoor Singhs parents in the village,
Who belonged to the Virk sub-caste of Jat Sikhs.
Venturing out of their home at some auspicious moment,
He had rendered a lot of service to the Khalsa Panth. (33)
It was by virtue of this service rendered unto the Khalsa,
That S. Kapoor Singh came to be known by the title of Nawab.
The service rendered (with faith) never goes unrewarded,
Since Khalsa Panth is an embodiment of the Divine. (34)
92 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : U lU=H lUH =J H H oU| HH !
oJ lH= J |U H lH |U H !=!
dhr : k divas is navb kai man main mauj.
aur singhan paurakh k main nij k na kauj.35.
UU| : U5 lJJ lJ " lHJ ! H " "U J|H oH=J !
H3 H3 H H "JJ ! HlU J H UJ3J J !=!
chaupa : chardy nibb kih khlan shikra. sth kull la bs asavra.
jt jt j pujy lahaura. ji baithy su chabtrai thaura.36.
JJ UlU 3lJ JH U"lU ! 3 JJ | 3J l" H HlU !
3 lHJ U lJJ U5lU ! 5 J lH= H lJ l"lU !=!
pahar di tahin hukam chali. tau khabar punn turak kilai ju ji.
tau khizar khn day nibb chardhi. pakard kapr singh m pahi liyi.37.
J lH= H5 l ! lIJ I "lU H5 !
JlU JJJ lH= J" I 5| ! I J oH lJ| !=\!
kapr singh murd pichchhai dhay. nigran daaggai li murdy.
hui bhar singh ral gay jhrdn. gay khda kar ais khidar.38.
lUH| J3 IU l lU J|3 ! UI JJ JJUH U|3 !
H H J UJ lJJ ! lH= lJ " H" lH3J !=\!
is bhnt ga kichhu din bta. dang rahai panth hardam chta.
j takyan main karai dr nibba. singh khhin lut mulakh shitba.39.
\. H| H H lH = | ('HlJ J H H lH = ""') \. H| H H lH = | ('HlJ J H H lH = ""') \. H| H H lH = | ('HlJ J H H lH = ""') \. H| H H lH = | ('HlJ J H H lH = ""') \. H| H H lH = | ('HlJ J H H lH = ""')
91. skh jass singh k (shhi kahy jass singh kall)
U JJ : H| HH lH= | oJ H lUU HlU !
HI3 3 "H J" J l3HlJ !!
dhr : skh jass singh k ab main diun suni.
mangat kht khlsai raly bhay panth patishhi.1.
UU| : o"=" lU H J= ! "JJ HJlJ H JH= !
UJ lU IJ|J "" ! J3 lH= =lJ IJ "" !!
chaupa : lvl ik kaum kahvai. lhaur kasrhi maddh basvai.
hn th ik garb kalla. hut singh th vahi gur lla.2.
U" lH= UH H ! J3 J3 H HJJlJ H !
H HJ I JJ H3 o lJ ! J3 UUo ol3 H J !=!
dayl singh th us k nma. karat hut s sarbahi kma.
s mar gay rahy sut au nri. hut dan k ati sai payr.3.
93 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : One day it occurred to Nawab Kapoor Singh,
That he should also venture out on an excursion.
Since his fellow Singhs had performed adventurous feats,
He must also make an attempt on some such adventure. (35)
Chaupai : Nawab Kapoor Singh, thus, went on a hunting expedition,
Taking twenty Singhs more along with him on this mission.
Riding on further and still further they reached Lahore,
And seated themselves on the capitol in the Centre of Lahore. (36)
As he kept issuing dictates for six hours from the elevated seat,
This news reached the Mughal ruler in the royal fort.
Then the Nawab of Lahore commanded Khizar Khan to proceed,
And capture Nawab Kapoor Singh to present him in his court. (37)
S. Kapoor Singh, then, beat a retreat from Lahore,
In the midst of the beating of Khalsas war drums.
Once out of citys limits, the Singh entered the wilds,
Thus playing such a game for recreation. (38)
Although quite sometime passed peacefully in this manner,
The Khalsa Panth thought of a big fight every moment.
Whenever a delay occurred in payments from the Nawabs side
The Singhs would immediately indulge in loot and arson. (39)
Episode 91
The Episode About Jassa Singh
(Jassa Singh
was made a Sovereign Chief)
Dohra : Now follows the episode of Jassa Singh,
Which I would now narrate to my readers.
Being destitute, he joined the ranks of Khalsa Panth,
But rose to be a sovereign among the Khalsa Panth. (1)
Chaupai : There was a community known as Ahluwalia,
Who inhabited the region between Lahore and Kasur.
There lived a poor person belonging to the community of Kalals,
Who was a devout Sikh follower of the Sikh Gurus. (2)
He was known by the name of S. Dyal Singh
Who took up many odd jobs to earn his livelihood.
He was survived, after his death, by his son and wife,
Both of whom had great affinity for each other. (3)
94 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J3| lH= | J| HlU ! l3 5U| oJ 3lU !
IJJ| l3H =J| ! J3| lH| UlU J| !e!
hut singhan k bt si. pit pardh achchhar ti.
gurbn tis kanth ghanr. hut sikkhn dui pakh kr.4.
| J3 I3 U| ! lH HI3 H JU HlU !
J| 3 U U| J ! HH H J| HUJ 5 !!
pth rkhat gtrai p. sikh sangat main pahuchai ji.
bada part uth chaunk karai. samain sajhai bh sdar pardhai.5.
U JJ : o U3J =lJ 5 J" H UH| H !
UU =3 U| J lJ UH H !!
dhr : p dutr vahi phardai bl su ds parm.
d vakhat chaunk karai yih th us k nm.6.
UU| : HlJ lH HI3 J= H5 ! H HU l3H J H5 !
J3 lUH J H= 3lJ ! J U| HJU HlU !!
chaupa : jahi sikh sangat hvai jrda. j saddai tis karai na mrda.
rt dinas kar jvai tnhi. kar chaunk k shabad suni.7.
JJ H" H= IJUJ ! J| =lJ IJ | J !
HJ "H "lU U|= ! HlU J HJU U| I !\!
har ml jvai gurdavra. khujhai nahn vahi gur k kra.
jahn khls li dvna. ji karai shabad chaunk gna.8.
H "H oH3HJ o ! l3 J| UJH lJ !
|3| U| HlJ "lU ! H| JJ H3 J3lU !\!
sun khls ammrtasar y. tin bh darshan panthhi py.
kt chaunk parmhi li. sun panth bahu shnt barti.9.
ol3 H l3H J J ! J" =3 l3 =J o !
J lH= " J" J"lU ! | lH= lH oH3 lU !O!
ati parsann panth tis par bhay. bhal vakhat kit vahu th y.
kapr singh lay bl buli. ky singh nij ammart chhaki.10.
U JJ : H3 J| UH JlU H| U|| JlJ 5lU !
J" JI UH JU JJ lJJ lJ !!
dhr : mt bh us hui khush dn bnhi phardi.
bhal bhg us k bha rahy nibbai phi.11.
UU| : lJJ lHJJ HH lH= oU| ! U =5 J =3U| !
U| JH U H U" ! oHJ J" " J= !!
chaupa : nibb mihar jass singh . dn ghrdan kahy vart.
ka rz un kamm chaly. akasar blak lkan ruvy.12.
95 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The wife being the daughter of initiated Sikh parents,
She was made literate by her own parents.
She had memorized a lot of Gurbani hymns,
As she had a Sikh background both from her parental and in-laws side. (4)
Always carrying an abridged version of Gurbani hymns,
She would participate in every Sikh congregation.
She would recite Gurbani hymns early in the morning,
As well as recite the evening prayers in the evenings. (5)
Dohra : The infant (Jassa Singh) would accompany her in recitation,
By playing on a double-stringed musical instrument with devotion.
Thus reciting devotional hymns morning and evening,
That was the routine of this mother-son duo. (6)
Chaupai : Wherever the devout Singhs held a congregation,
They would never decline an invitation to participate there.
Day or night, they would always participate there,
And recite Gurbani hymns in a musical chorus. (7)
They would visit Gurdwaras on all historical occasions,
Thus never shirking from performing service to the Guru.
Wherever the Khalsa Panth organized a congregation,
They would participate and recite Gurbani hymns. (8)
Once hearing that a Khalsa contingent had arrived at Amritsar,
The mother-son duo too wished to pay their obeisance.
As they recited Gurbani hymns with great devotion,
They created an ambience of piety among the Panthic audience. (9)
They having arrived there at an auspicious moment,
The Khalsa contingent felt extremely pleased with their rendering.
(Nawab) Kapoor Singh summoning the infant boy,
Initiated him into the Khalsa Panth with his own hands. (10)
Dohra : The mother, feeling very elated at her sons initiation,
She handed over her son to the Nawab voluntarily.
The child being favoured by fortune,
He started living under the tutelage of Nawab Kapoor Singh. (11)
Chaupai : Nawab Kapoor Singh, feeling compassionate towards the child,
Assigned him the duty of distributing feed to the horses.
He went on performing this duty for many days,
During which he was rebuffed by many people. (12)
96 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J= J3 J" HJ ! J=3 o J lH= J !
H U =J3 J| ! " HlJ JJ3 JJ| !=!
rvan ht blkan zra. rvat ay kapr singh kra.
maithn dn vart nhn. dhaul dhap muhi bahut karhn.13.
JlU H| J HU " H ! J J UH lHJ J H !
J| J3 H U loJ ! 3 U U JI JHJ !e!
hi khush navb sadd lay psa. dhary hth us sir par khsa.
kah bt mukh day pira. tudh dnn dnai bagg hazra.14.
JH 3 | =J ! 3J lJI l3HJ| 3J !
UH| =3 3 J lJ" ! HlJ J HH lH= "" !!
ham tai kn panth navbai. trai kariyugu patishh tbai.
us vakat t bhay nihla. shhi kahy jass singh kalla.15.
U JJ : J3 lH= H| l"| H H lHo !
J" JHJ| JH|U JHJ| J" !!
dhr : ratan singh skh likh sun kai ps sin.
bhl hamr bakhsh hamr tahal pachhn.16.
'J oH"H JJ|J' 'J oH"H JJ|J' 'J oH"H JJ|J' 'J oH"H JJ|J' 'J oH"H JJ|J'
bhay asalam khn bahr
U JJ : J J| H lU H J oH"H JJ|J !
l3H | HI H JJ oHHU J|J !!
dhr : thrai h s dinan main bhay asalam khn bahr.
tis k jg s bahy asmund khnan br.1.
UU| : oHHU JH JJJ ! J3 UH H JJ3 JJ !
UH H J IJJ olUo ! U lH= JU JlUo !!
chaupa : asmund khn k bajy rabba. hut dushat s bahut kharba.
us kai man bada garb i. un singhan k kharach hati.2.
UU| "H 3U J ! "lIU J l3H " !
3J H lH= J oU| ! lH= J| " l3 J "JU| !=!
da khls tau kar chhta. lagi karan panth tim lta.
turkan phauj singhan par . singh bh luk kit karan lar.3.
\. H| =J J lH = J H I| | ('J o" "H HU|') \. H| =J J lH = J H I| | ('J o" "H HU|') \. H| =J J lH = J H I| | ('J o" "H HU|') \. H| =J J lH = J H I| | ('J o" "H HU|') \. H| =J J lH = J H I| | ('J o" "H HU|')
92. skh navb kapr singh bhujng k (bhay l khls panth ma)
U JJ : JH5 J HJ o UJ HlJ !
U l3 U l3 U o JlJ !!
97 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
(One day) crying desperately (at this maltreatment),
The boy approached Nawab Kapoor Singh in tears.
He told that he could no longer distribute the cattle feed,
As he was severely thrashed by everyone. (13)
Feeling amused, Nawab Kapoor Singh called him near,
And showered his blessings on him with his hands.
Addressing the boy the Nawab remarked affectionately,
That the boy would be issuing feed to thousands of horses. (14)
The Khalsa Panth which had made Kapoor Singh a Nawab,
Would one day make the boy (Jassa Singh) a sovereign.
Since that moment, the boy became worthy of Khalsa Panths grace,
And came to be known as Jassa Singh Kalal, the sovereign. (15)
Dohra : Rattan Singh (the author) has narrated this episode,
As he had heard it from his wise elders.
The author may be pardoned for any inadvertent omissions,
Considering him a humble servant of the Khalsa Panth. (16)
Aslam Khan
Passed Away
Dohra : Within a few days (after the new dispensation),
Nawab Aslam Khan
of Lahore passed away.
His place (for the custodianship of Lahore) was taken over,
By Abdul Samand Khan
, a warrior in his own right. (1)
Chaupai : With this started the reign of Abdul Samand Khan,
Who was extremely wicked and a wily ruler.
Feeling highly arrogant of his elevated position,
He discontinued the payment of revenue to the Singhs. (2)
Khalsa Panth, being liberated from the royal bondage,
Once again started looting and plundering the region.
As the Mughal forces launched an attack on the Singhs,
They also started combating the Mughals through guerilla warfare. (3)
Episode 92
The Episode About Nawab Kapoor Singh Bhujangi
(Ala Singh joined the Khalsa Panth)
Dohra : Khalsa Panth would run away post haste (into the wilds),
Whenever Nadar Shah
invaded the territory of Punjab.
98 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
dhr : bhjard bhannai panth jabai y ndar shhi.
k kit k kitai pa pan rhi.1.
UU| : J lH= =J JHI| ! =5 I H"= lJJ5 HI| !
l lU=H l3J IHJ IHJ ! lJ J5 U J lJ !!
chaupa : kapr singh navb bhujng. vard gay mlv birrdan sang.
kichhuk divas tih guzar guzr. phir barrdan day navb nikr.2.
lU J3 lH= " |J| =J ! U l o HlU U3J !
l lU=H l3J JH =J! lH= JHJ lU U UH 3J!=!
ik hut singh nl thkr vr. un pind pan ji utr.
kichhku divas tih basy navb. singh hazr ik davai us tb.3.
oJ lH= H5 H =5 ! lJ lJ I" JJ 5 !
lHH UI" JlU JJJ ! olU lU J" HJJ !e!
aur singh murd mjh vard. khhi khhi gphl rh pard.
jisk changal hui bharpra. i khi ral panth zarra.4.
l 3I IHJ "H J| ! lJ " U J lJ HJ| !
3 JU| IJJ lH= H o ! J3 J= lH= lHH H !!
kichh tang guzar khlsai kar. bin lut kh kab panthhi sar.
tau bh gauhar singh sun y. hut budadah singh jisk jy.5.
U JJ : l3 3J "IJ o U lJ J lJlU !
o| J3 H UH " H HJ " JlU !!
dhr : tin tab langar day panthhi khb rijhi.
k hut j us kuln s sar lay kari.6.
lJ JU| IJJH lH= UU| "IJ JH3 H lU !
oI "I "I "H U| UUH UU JlU !!
phir bh gurbakhash singh da langar rasat su pi.
agai lag lag khls ka uddam da kari.7.
UU| : l3H olU "IJ o" J| U ! H "lU HJ " o !
J" J =JlJ "U| ! J o" lH= "H HU| !\!
chaupa : tim i langar lai bh day. sth phulin sabh lai ay.
khand phul hath navbhi la. bhay l singh khls panth ma.8.
H3 H J| U J oU| ! lH H HJ "U J=U| !
JU|o JJ| IH JH ! IJlHo H J !\!
mukhat phauj bh un hath . nij kamm sabhan la banv.
bhan rh garm basy. gaurjin nm dhary.9.
99 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The Khalsa Singhs would run helter-skelter,
And seek refuge wherever they found convenient. (1)
Chaupai : Nawab Kapoor Singh, the veteran Singh warrior,
Entered Malwa region among the fraternity of Brars.
After his contingent passed a few days with them,
They turned his contingent out of their sanctuary. (2)
There was a Singh hailing from village Thikriwal
Who made Nawabs contingent put up a camp at his village.
Nawabs contingent which passed a few days there,
Had a strength of around two thousands Khalsa Singhs. (3)
Some of the Singhs returned and entered Majha again,
After robbing and plundering the lethargic wayfarers.
Whosoever had plenty of wealth and resources,
Would surely join the Khalsa Panth and share his possessions. (4)
Thus, Khalsa Panth spent some time in want and need,
Since the Khalsa could not survive without loot and plunder.
Then the Khalsa Panth was approached by Bhai Gohar Singh
Who was the (proud) father of (a devout Sikh) Bhai Budho. (5)
Dohra : Then Gohar Singh served Nawab Kapoor Singhs Khalsa contingent,
And won the hearts of Khalsa Panth with his service.
Whosoever defied his writ in his own territory,
He got them subjugated with the might of Khalsa contingent. (6)
Then it was the turn of the devout Bhai Gurbax Singh
Who made all the provisions for the meals of Khalsa force.
Leading the Khalsa contingent on various expeditions,
He also made successful attempts on various territories. (7)
Chaupai : Baba Ala Singh
also organized a community kitchen for Singhs,
Along with many members of his Phool dynasty.
Getting himself initiated by the sacred hands of Nawab Kapoor Singh,
Baba Ala Singh joined the fraternity of the Khalsa Panth. (8)
Since a fighting force came to be at his disposal gratis,
He also got many of his personal scores settled.
His brothers founded a village in the midst of a wild,
Which the Khalsa contingent named as Gorjiana. (9)
100 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
IJJH lH= oJ H" H" " ! o" lH= J| JJ l=J= !
" J3 UH U| lJJlU ! HJJ JH UU| JlU !O!
gurbakhash singh aur mulak mal lay. lai singh bh bahu ghirvay.
nl hut us ka bhiri. sabhan k bhm da ruki.10.
o" lH= J = HJ ! lIJU =J U HH HJ !!
lai singh bada vadhy pasr. girad ghry un sunm sr.11.
H| "H H HJJ U HJ| (...3J J l3oJ) H| "H H HJJ U HJ| (...3J J l3oJ) H| "H H HJJ U HJ| (...3J J l3oJ) H| "H H HJJ U HJ| (...3J J l3oJ) H| "H H HJJ U HJ| (...3J J l3oJ)
skh khls partham sarhand mr ( panth bhay tir)
U JJ : H| HJ HJU | lHH lH= lH "U| " !
J3 "| JJ JU 3 "U J J !!
dhr : skh sunhu sarhand k jim singhan paritham la lt.
hut khl bahu kharach t lay kar bada chht.1.
H" olH3HJ = H lJ o UU !
lHH l3H Ul"U UJ|U oH lU JU !!
ml ammritsar dahuk sun panthhin y chu.
jim tim chali chh ais thati bhu.2.
UU| : U" U" HJ UUJ ! J|U H lUH H H J !
l3H U" J3 =J lJ J| ! H== HlJJ U| JU "U| !=!
chaupa : chal chal sabh panth uchry. kar shann im man madh dhry.
tim chal bt navb pahi kah. marvv shahir k kharach la.3.
"J lH= lUH J"3 J ! HJ HlJJ | H oJ !
JU =3 lH3 HlJJHU ! l3J J lJU J" =IU !e!
lbh singh im blat bhay. mr shahir khn j ahy.
hu ght jit shibzd. tih par kahi hallan vagd.4.
U| J oJ J| 5 U5| ! U| J H ol3 J 5| !
JJ J| H 3 J ! UJ HJ HJ J !!
ka kahain ab h pard daurd. ka kahain phauj ati hai thrd.
nabb kah jak tak kay kar. hn mran marn khar.5.
UJ H|H lH= H U "=I ! H lU3 " HU =I !
UJ HJI UU H ! HU H3 H|U H|= HH !!
hn ss singh j k lvgu. man ichchhat phal s pvgu.
hn saraing d kja. m mukat j jv sj.6.
U JJ : H| Hl3IJ JU J lH= 5 J| 3 lJ !
UJ U"I J" I lU 5 HlJ !!
101 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
While Gurbax Singh got a lot of territory occupied,
Baba Ala Singh also took over a large tract.
Since he had many of his brothers with him,
He made each of them occupy a significant territory. (10)
Baba Ala Singhs dynasty spread manifold,
Who occupied a large territory around Sunam. (11)
Episode 92 contd.
The Episode About Ransacking of Sirhind
(The Khalsa Panth Got Ready)
Dohra : (Dear readers) listen to the episode about Sirhind,
And the way it was first ransacked by the Singhs.
As the Singhs had run short of money severely,
They brought a lot of money after ransacking Sirhind. (1)
Hearing about the annual congregation at Amritsar drawing near,
The Khalsa Panth (contigent) felt extremely delighted.
They must participate in the congregation somehow or the other,
Such was the faith they had (for the Gurus shrine). (2)
Chaupai : Let us proceed to Amritsar, all of them remarked,
And have a dip in the sacred pool at Amritsar.
Approaching Nawab Kapoor Singh they begged him,
To allow them to ransack some town to meet their traveling expenses. (3)
At this S. Labh Singh came out with a suggestion,
That they must ransack a city soaked with martyrs blood,
The town where Gurus two Sahibzadas were executed,
Must be leveled up to the level of agricultural fields. (4)
While some of them were too keen to rush immediately,
Some others opined that their contingent was too small.
Nawab Kapoor Singh remarked why should they hesitate,
Since in both the situations of killing and being killed was profitable. (5)
Whosoever sacrificed his life at such a place,
Would receive Gurus blessing to his hearts content.
It would indeed be a profitable bargain both ways,
Salvation through death, material gains through survival. (6)
Dohra : With the grace of Guru Gobind Singhs prophetic words,
Even a handful of Singhs would snatch a victory.
102 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
dhr : sar satigur k bachan kar singh thrdh h phat pnhin.
hn chalaing hal gadhai din thrdan k mnhi.7.
J| JJ J3 lUH 3 lUU J !
3 J3 H H =5 U| HlJJ HlJ " !\!
kah nabbai bt im tau pai panth kar chht.
part ht s j vard p shahir mahin lt.8.
UU| : lH= JHJ 3lJ H H ! U UJ=H H H HH !
3J "J U lH= HJ ! "U lJUo H=J U3J !\!
chaupa : singh hajr tahin paj ku pujj. unai darvj j paj muj.
turak labhy day singhan mra. la hindan k jvar utra.9.
UU| HlU o J" U|H ! "U| U UI U |H !
UlU JJ l3 " HUU| ! JU J U U| lHU| !O!
chnd suinn au bhal chza. la dkh chang chakkan kja.
duik pahar tin lt mach. bha bhkh chak kh mith.10.
U HI| UJJ UU| ! =5 "J HU " "UU| !
H5 U5 lH= l33 J| JlJ ! 3 |J| =J JU HlU !!
chakn jg darab uth. ghrd labhy s lay lad.
murd daurd singh tit h rhi. tau thkr vr pahuch ji.11.
=5 H"= lJ =5 "U ! l3 H" l3J HJ oU !
JU "H J " ! HJ oH3HJ lJ lH U"!!
vard mlv phir ghrd la. kit mulak tih nazrai a.
kharach khls k bhay pall. sar ammrtasar bin kim chall.12.
U JJ : H" olUU l=I HU 3J J l3oJ !
HJ J3 J| lI lH3 JJ !=!
dhr : ml i dhig j tab panth bhay tir.
marnn tart th nahn ginan jittn hr.13.
UU| : JJ H"= HJ H U| ! o UU| =U| !
HU HU UU HJJ =5 ! U53 J oI H5 !e!
chaupa : khabar malvayyan jab sun p. n panth k da vadh.
jud jud da sabhhan ghrd. chardaht panth hath gai jrd.14.
oI J lHU JlJ ! J H" o JH lJ !
H JH J 3J =lJ HJ ! JJ "|U JH o JJJ !!
g badhy panth siun rhi. kar ml y ham phi.
j ham par turak pvahi jra. khabar l ham n bahra.15.
103 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As Gurus prophetic words would prove to be true,
This town would be razed to the level of agricultural fields. (7)
As Nawab Kapoor Singh made these remarks about Sirhind,
The Khalsa Panth contingent felt free to launch an attack,
Entering Sirhind just with the break of dawn,
The Singhs indulged in heavy loot and plunder in the city. (8)
Chaupai : The Singhs, being five thousand in numerical strength,
They occupied the five main entrances to the city.
While all the Muslim residents were done to death,
They dispossessed all the Hindus of their jewellery. (9)
Whatever gold, silver and other expensive articles they found,
They picked up all those valuables after a thorough search.
After looting and plundering the town for about six hours,
They gorged themselves on sweets to satisfy their hunger. (10)
Gathering as much wealth as they could carry,
They loaded it on horses they picked from the city.
Returning by the same route they had come by,
They arrived back at the village of Thikriwal. (11)
They procured as many horses from the Malwa region,
As they could spot out through out this region.
Having been provided with the traveling expenses,
How could the Singhs do without marching towards Amritsar? (12)
Dohra : As the time for the annual congregation approached near,
Khalsa Panth Singhs prepared themselves for any eventuality.
Being never scared of shedding their mortal frame,
They reckoned even defeat as their (moral) victory. (13)
Chaupai : As the people of Malwa heard about their success stories,
All of them came to congratulate the Singhs.
Presenting horses as gifts to all the (brave) Singhs,
They stood with folded hands to bid farewell to the departing Singhs. (14)
As the Khalsa Panth had found a new foothold in Malwa,
They were welcome to return there after a congregation at Amritsar.
Whenever the Mughals committed oppression in the Malwa,
The Khalsa Panth was entreated to come to their support. (15)
104 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lJU JH oJ lU ! =l"U lU| J"J lU !
U5 "H J oJUH ! J H Hl3IJ o !!
kahi panth ham aihain dhi. ghalli chith halkrai pi.
chardy khls kar ardsa. karai kamm panth satigur pa.16.
U5 "H 3J "= UJlU ! H| olH3HJ JU olU !
oI 3J U 3"= lJIJ ! lU JI HJ U| J!!
chardah khls tur langhy daryi. sar ammritsar pahuch i.
ag turkan day talv bigra. chin bung sabh dn dara.17.
U JJ : J l"U =3 3" H 3| UU| lJHlU !
H "H H = H "| J J=lU !\!
dhr : hadada lidd ghatt tl madh kht da biji.
s khlsai j kadadah suty ln khb banvi.18.
" : l" " 3 "H H| olH3HJ H" 3 HJJ "lU !
l3J lU lUlU JI J 3 o" JI H3 HJ H3lU !
lH UH U5 " "= 3 J JI H J = !
3J = o= lH= JH H= lUH J J Hl3IJ J= !\!
jhln : nikal khadada khudaall t khlsai j ammritsar ml t jarr lin.
tih nahi chinik bung baith t akl bung mat sabh matin.
kisai dushat k daurdkai lut layvain tau baith bungan madh khb khvn.
turak ghan vain singh bhajj jvain imai hn bdh satigur bhvn.19.
U JJ : U| H" H" J lU JJ H lU !
3J HlJ JJ oU| lH= 3J lH3 l3 UlU !O!
dhr : dp ml ml kar din rah kuchhak sukh pi.
turkan phaujhin bahu a singh tur jitai kit di.20.
\=. H| JU| H| lH = H| | HJ|U| U| ('..J U J U H ') \=. H| JU| H| lH = H| | HJ|U| U| ('..J U J U H ') \=. H| JU| H| lH = H| | HJ|U| U| ('..J U J U H ') \=. H| JU| H| lH = H| | HJ|U| U| ('..J U J U H ') \=. H| JU| H| lH = H| | HJ|U| U| ('..J U J U H ')
93. skh bh man singh j k shahd p ( band suty kapp)
U JJ : oJlJ J|3 H J H H3 "lU |3 !
H| lH= H| J lH| HJ HJ|U| "|3 !!
dhr : abahi hakkat main kahn sunaun sant li part.
man singh j rakh sikkh mahn shahd lt.1.
UU| : H| lH= H3 HH ! H3| H3| o | H !
J| 3| o H3 J ! HJ H|" o lU" HJ !!
chaupa : man singh th sant sujna. jat sat au dhayn mn.
hath tap au mat k pr. sahan shl au dil k sr.2.
105 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The Khalsa Singhs promised to rush forth post haste,
Provided the Malwa Singhs sent a written appeal to them.
After a solemn prayer, the Khalsa Singhs departed for Amritsar,
With a faith that the Guru would grant them success. (16)
The Khalsa Panth contingents, after crossing the rivers,
Finally arrived at the holy shrine at Sri Amritsar.
But the Mughals had desecrated the sacred pool,
And demolished all the constructed Singh Bungas
. (17)
Dohra : Filling the sacred pool with animal bones and dung,
The Mughals had sowed a crop over its surface.
Soon after their arrival, the Singhs cleared the whole debris,
And restored the sacred pool to its original glory. (18)
Jhoolna : The Khalsa, coming out of hibernation from gorges and ravines,
Must assemble for an annual congregation at Akal Bunga.
After constructing and renovating the damaged structures,
They must assemble at Akal Takht for a new resolution.
After robbing and plundering those that are wicked,
They must share and partake the booty inside their structures.
The Singhs must escape when the Mughals come in large numbers,
As this is in accordance with Satgurus will for Khalsas expansion. (19)
Dohra : After illuminating the shrine on the Diwali congregation,
The Singhs spent a few days there in comparative peace.
But as the Mughal forces invaded in large numbers,
The Singhs ran away helter shelter for safety. (20)
Episode 93
The Episode About Bhai Mani Singh Jis
(Got his every Limb dismembered)
Dohra : Now I narrate the true account (of Mani Singhs martyrdom),
And beseech my readers to listen with devotion.
The way Bhai Mani Singh preserved his Sikh faith,
And achieved martyrdom with his supreme sacrifice. (1)
Chaupai : Mani Singh was a saintly enlightened person,
As well as a celibate, and a renowned meditative soul,
He was perfect in resolution, meditation and self-realisation,
As well as perfect in human endurance and courage. (2)
106 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
JH| JH| JIl3 lIo| ! Hl3IJ JU J Hl3 | !
J3 Hl3IJ H JlJ3 JHJ ! l3H J J H IJH3 J!=!
karm dharm bhagti gin. satigur bachnan par mati thn.
hut satigur s rahit hazra. tis kar bhay su gurmat pra.3.
U Hl3IJ H ! 33 J|o o5|o J !
lH H lH| lU5= ! lH|U U l3H 3J "= !e!
un satigur kachhu jth khay. tnt hath ard bhay.
sikkhan k s sikkh darirdvai. sikhn chukai tis tankhh lvai.4.
J|H J|H =lJ IJH3 "= ! UJ JJ lH| lU5= !
J H| JJ lH H= ! IJ J| H 3 "= !!
bj bj vahi gurmat lvai. chr baran k sikh dirdvai.
kar skh bahu sikhan sunvai. kachhu gur kah kachhu man t lvai.5.
U JJ : H3 JH l3H lU"| 3 HHlU !
olH3HJ U53| U5 lH HlJ =lU !!
dhr : mt bhjy tisai k dil t samjhi.
ammritsar chardht chardai sikkhan jhi khuvi.6.
UU| : l3H olU JUJH3 |o ! H3 U5= "H JH|o !
oI U5= H= ! H3 J 3 U|J o= !!
chaupa : tisn i bandbsat k. mt chardv khls bakhsh.
g chardhv patn jvai. mt kahn t hn vai.7.
Hl3IJ H| | "H JU| ! HU H3 H lH= UU| !
Hl3IJ J JH lH= J ! 3 3J UU| JHJ !\!
satigur khush th khls bha. s mt sun singhan da.
satigur kahy th ham singh payr. putar ptr hamr.8.
H | H = H | H = H | H = H | H = H | H =
sar mukhvk
H= : U U| lU J| J" oJ oJ U "I3 | !
savaiy : dn dy in h k bhal ar aur k dn na lgat nk.
UU| : HJ lHJ J HJ| ! J3 Hl3IJ =J J lU3JJ| !
o" JI 33 H J ! 3UJ H o !\!
chaupa : pujran sir bada pujr. hut satigur ghar bada itbr.
akl bung k takhat su baith. khatdr k kann su aith.9.
U JJ : H| lH= l lU" oU| J|5 I UU| J"lU !
3J lH HI3 JU J JI JU JU 3 35lU !O!
dhr : man singh kichh dil a brd garnth da hali.
tab sikh sangat bach kahy hgu band band tujhai turdi.10.
107 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
He was industrious, religious, devoted and scholarly,
Who had reposed complete faith in Satgurus teachings.
Since he had lived in the sacred company of the Guru,
He became thoroughly groomed in the Sikh way of life. (3)
Since he had broken bread with the great Guru,
He became a man of resolution and firm convictions.
He would drive home the spirit of Sikhism to the Sikhs,
As well as award punishment to those erring in Sikh conduct. (4)
He would indoctrinate young minds in Sikh way of life,
As well as preach Sikhism among all the four castes.
He would narrate many episodes from Gurus lives to the Sikhs,
Partly by quoting from the Gurus, partly through self-composed anecdotes. (5)
Dohra : Mata (Sundari
) dispatched Mani Singh from Delhi,
After briefing him thoroughly with detailed instructions.
She asked him to take control of the offerings at Amritsar,
And utilize these for running a community kitchen for the Sikhs. (6)
Chaupai : Arriving at Amritsar, he took over the (shrine) administration,
With the blessings of Mata Sundari for the Khalsa Panth.
Earlier, the offerings from Amritsar were sent to Patna Sahib
Now with Mata Sundaris instructions, Patna offerings would reach here. (7)
Since Satguru Guru Gobind Singh had blessed the Khlasa Panth,
Mata Sundari had fulfilled Gurus blessing to the Panth.
Satguru had declared Khalsa Panth being dearest to him,
The Singhs being the dearest sons and grandsons of the Guru. (8)
Sri Mukhwak
Swaiyya : Charity be best given to the Singhs,
None else is more deserving than the Khalsa Panth.
Chaupai : (Bhai Mani Singh) being the chief among the Sikh clergy,
Satguru had reposed maximum confidence in him.
He would sit at the supreme position at Akal Takht,
And reprimand those who erred in their Sikh conduct. (9)
Dohra : Once acting upon a random instinct in his own mind,
He made certain alterations in Guru Granth Sahibs
At this, the Sikh congregation had heaped a curse upon him,
That his own body would be dismembered limb by limb. (10)
108 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : lHH IJ I JU JU lJ" ! l3H 3H JU JU JI !
lH HI3 lUH U| H ! H| lH= H "I !!
chaupa : jim gur garnth band band hily. tim tum band band hg katy.
sikh sangat im dn sarpa. man singh s lgy ppa.11.
3J J| H| lH= H "U| ! H3 JU l3H lU3 U| !
HI3 JU H "| J| ! Hl3 JU lUJ JH lHJ oJ| !!
tab h man singh yau sun la. sunat bachan tis chint pa.
sangat bachan su khl nnh. satti bachan ih ham sir h.12.
H5 J H 3J3 " ! JJ oIJ H JH H J !
IJ HIl3 HI3 IJ oJ| ! IJ HI3 H JU J| !=!
jrd hth s turat khaly. karahu anugrhu ju ham s hy.
gur sangti sangat gur h. gur sangat mn bhd kachhu nnh.13.
HI3 JU JHlJ lHJ J ! H H UJ oJ JJ J !
HJ| lH| HJ3 JJ ! JU JU 3 lJ U oJ !e!
sangat bachan hamhi sir dhary. s main chahy ab bar kary.
mr sikkh sbat rahai. band band ktat nahin dukh ahai.14.
lH| H l JI = ! UJ H|H 3J lHJ J= !
UJ H HH H ! lH| JJ H J H H !!
sikkh main kichhu bhang na pavai. dh ss turkan sir bhavai.
dh katan main sans na mnn. sikh rahai main bada sukh jn.15.
U JJ : UJ| lH | JJ| lH| lH HJ3 JlU !
UJ 3 o= H J lH| "J J lU !!
dhr : dh kis k bpr sikh ji sbat hi.
dh t van jn hai sikh labhai kab ki.16.
UU| : 3J lH HU H "U| ! lH lH H oI U| !
lH| HJ3 lH | JJ ! J oJUH lH U|U J !!
chaupa : tab sikkhan s mann la. sikhan sikh pajan gy ka.
sikkh sbat sikkh k rahai. kar ards sikhan d kahai.17.
U JJ : lH UU| oJUH J 3U JU H lH JH !
3 lJ H H| lH= =H J J"H !\!
dhr : yau sikkhan da ards kar tau bha kamm sikh rs.
tau phir man man singh k vais bhay huls.18.
U| JJH J|33 JU HH JlUU olU !
H" Uo"| "I 3J 3 o=lU !\!
ka baras btat bha samn pahuchi i.
ml dul k lagy turkan t akhvi.19.
109 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : As Bhai Mani Singh had altered guru Granth Sahibs compilation,
His own body would be dismembered limb by limb.
As the Sikh congregation had hurled a curse on him,
Mani Singh had invited this sin upon himself. (11)
As Mani Singh heard the heaping of this curse,
He felt concerned at the consequences of such a curse.
Since the congregations collective prayer never goes unrewarded,
Such a curse would really be heaped upon his head. (12)
Standing before the congregation with folded hands,
He begged for mercy for his breach of conduct.
Since the Guru and Gurus devout congregation were synonymous,
There was no difference between the Guru and congregation. (13)
Since he had accepted the congregations verdict cheerfully,
The congregation should bless him to fulfill their word.
He should remain steadfast in his Sikh faith,
And be able to endure the mortification of his bodys dismemberment. (14)
He must not betray his faith in the least,
And be able to sacrifice his life against the Mughals.
He must not be scared of his bodys dismemberment,
And be able to seek fulfilment in preserving his faith. (15)
Dohra : Preservation of human body matters a little,
Provided a Sikh is able to preserve his faith.
While human body is subject to cycle of birth and death,
Preservation of faith for a Sikh is a rare phenomenon. (16)
Chaupai : Upon this, the congregation, accepting Mani Singhs plea,
Asked the five representative Sikhs to perform a prayer.
These five Sikhs made a prayer to the Guru,
To grant strength to Mani Singh to keep his faith. (17)
Dohra : As the Sikhs offered a prayer in the prescribed manner,
Everything seemed to fall in place after that.
This acceptance of Mani Singhs prayer by the congregation,
Made him take delight in his heart of hearts. (18)
After many years passed after this incident,
The moment of truth finally arrived at last.
The annual congregation got finalized on the eve of Diwali,
At Amritsar, with due permission from the Mughal authorities. (19)
110 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : Uo"| H" " ! 3J U !
UH JHJ J lJJ ! lo 3J l3 UJI JJ !O!
chaupa : dul k th ml ly. turkan n th tak chuky.
das hazr rupyy thahiry. takian khtar tin darg bahy.20.
JJ J 3H H3 lU3 J ! UH lU H" oJ 3H JJ !
HJ| "H lU lJU ! olU olH3HJ J "lU !!
nabb kahy tum mat chit daar. das din ml ab tum bhar.
sabh khls chith phir. i ammritsar dar li.21.
3J lJJ " U| ! lH= H3 lJ J UIU| !
3J JJ H U5U| ! lU= " I" "U| !!
tab nibb kann lakkh p. singh jt phir karain dang.
tab nabb n phauj chardh. divn lakkh k gail l.22.
3J " J ! JH 3|J HlU J "J !
lJ U 5 lH= l5 ! H 5| 3 JJI UJ !=!
tab lakkh k khn n kahy. rm trath ji dar lahy.
bin un chhrdan singh na chhirdy. phauj pard t rahgu daby.23.
JI U 3U| =lU ! lUH J U " HHlU !
JJJ HI= J| olU ! H JU "lU !e!
kargu na k tadd vi. im kar day lakkh samjhi.
hnhr sagvn ban i. kaun sak panth bachan tali.24.
U JJ : U=" H HJ H5 H J 3J JlU !
HH H| lH= o H o" UU| lU !!
dhr : duvll phaujain jab jurdain sukkh kahn tab hi.
samn man singh puj khn akal da khi.25.
UU| : lJJ o" IU| lJU| ! JJU oI H UJ lH"U| !
HlJ UlU o HH3 lH= UlU ! JU lU3 J H JlU !!
chaupa : nibb akal yaun ga bik. bard agan sn chahai mil.
shhi di au masat singh di. h ikttar kab sukh hi.26.
lH= H H| HJ oU| ! 3 lH= lU" oJ lJJU| !
JH HJ H H oU| ! H" lU JH J JU| !!
singhan phauj sun jab . tau singhan dil aur bih.
hamk mran phauj su . salk inhain k ham kab bh.27.
o o H3 H JU ! l 3 l lJ J| U !
lJ UJI H oU ! J=JJ H J| JU !\!
p pan jt su bha. kichh nt kichh bin h nah.
nahin dargai k tak su . hvnahr su hn bh.28.
111 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Diwali congregation was allowed to be held on Diwali,
After determining the quantum of tax to be paid to the Mughals.
As the amount of this levy was fixed at ten thousand rupees,
The Mughals appointed an official for the collection of this tax. (20)
The Nawab of Lahore, setting all Sikh apprehensions at rest,
Exhorted the Singhs to hold the congregation for ten days.
The Khalsa Panth, sending invitations to the Sikhs for congregation,
Put up their camp at (the sacred shrine) at Amritsar. (21)
At this Lakhu
poisoned the Nawab of Lahores ears,
That Singhs, being Singhs, could never shun violence.
At this, the Nawab dispatched a battery of Mughal troops,
To assist Dewan Lakhpat Rai (to maitain law and order. (22)
The Nawab of Lahore gave instructions to Dewal Lakhpat Rai,
That he should station his forces near Ram Tirath
Prohibiting him from provoking Singhs without any provocation,
He visualized that Singhs would remain peaceful with armys presence. (23)
The Nawab gave strict instructions to Dewan Lakhpat Rai,
That he should not commit any excesses on the Singhs.
But whatever was destined was bound to take place,
How could Khalsa Panths prophetic words remain unfulfilled. (24)
Dohra : Whenever the two armies stood eyeball to eyeball,
How could peace prevail in such a situation?
As the moment of truth for Mani Singh had arrived,
The Nawab had reached his wits ends (by sending the army). (25)
Chaupai : Since the Nawab had lost his mental balance,
He had created a situation by placing fire near the explosives,
When two sovereigns and two wild lions got together,
How could peace and harmony prevail there? (26)
When the Sikh pilgrims heard about the arrival of Mughal troops,
They became apprehensive about the Mughals designs,
The Sikhs thought that the Mughals had come to kill them,
Since there was no love lost between the Mughals and the Singhs. (27)
So the Sikh pilgrims started departing from Amritsar voluntarily,
Some after having a quick dip, others without a dip in the sacred pool.
As a result, the tax amount could not be paid to the Mughal official,
Since whatever was destined was bound to take place. (28)
112 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HI3 J lU o HU| ! H| lH= lHJ J| HU| !
HH H| lH= H H JJ ! U| lH= U H lJJJ !\!
sangat kahy din y s. man singh sir hn j.
samajh man singh man main bahy. ka singh un sth nirbahy.29.
U JJ : H J lJ J 3J oHU H !
UI I J| J JU HH H o !=O!
dhr : pais pr nahin bhay turkan mad jn.
dang phang bh bhay pahuchy samn su n.30.
lH= H UI J " lH | oU3 UI !
J= H UJ J3 J| olUJ UI o HI !=!
singh su dangyn kab talain jin k dat dang.
hvain parsann h karat h dih dang au jang.31.
UU| : olH3HJ " o ! UJ lH= H U U !
UI I H H 5 " ! 5 oI lJJ H JU !=!
chaupa : yau ammritsar lakkh y. hn singh j k un py.
dangai phangai sn s phard lay. phard gai nibb ps pahuchy.32.
J3 lH= H H HUJ ! H 5 "|U H| lH= J !
oH J HH o ! oJ 33 3lJ oJ J !==!
hut singhan main j nmdra. s phard l man singh nr.
ais phr samain k y. aur takat tahin aur bhay.33.
HU lJJ oI 5U ! JJ H|o U|U JU!
JJ J JH H UJ ! oJ lH= J HH "J !=e!
s nibb kai agai khard. nabb kjn d bhakh.
nabb kahy ham pais dhu. aur singhan kahy zman lhu.34.
HJJ J| H oU ! H| lH= H UU JU !
JH oJ H J| ! U JH UJ| !=!
shhkr bh mannan th . man singh s da hat.
ham pai tak abai s nnh. tak na dn hamn kadnh.35.
J =" J JH JH o ! JU lH H UJ U3J !
H JU JU oJ UJ ! lUH lJ U lUH o" !=!
kahy vl hai ham rs y. bachan sikhan main chahn utry.
main band band ab chahaun katy. im kahikai un imai aly.36.
oJ H JH J| ! " H JHJ| IU| HJ| !
HJJ " o lU JU ! " H o "U !=!
ab pais ham pai kachhu nhn. lai jn hamr nagd mhn.
shahar lk iktth h. lai k pais n khal.37.
113 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The congregation felt that the destined day had arrived,
When Mani Singh would have to make the promised sacrifice.
Mani Singh realized his destined end in his heart of hearts,
Even as many other Singhs prepared to sacrifice along with him. (29)
Dohra : The agreed tax money could not be realized for payment,
As offerings declined due to the arrival of Mughal troops.
A little bit of skirmish also took place between two forces,
As the destined moment of truth had arrived near. (30)
How could the Khalsa Singhs avoid picking up a fight,
When they had developed a compulsive addiction for violence?
It gave them immense pleasure to indulge in violence,
Since they had became addict to fighting since their origin. (31)
Chaupai : So Lakhpat Rai, arriving with troops at Amritsar,
Confronted a few odd Singhs present there.
Capturing these Singhs after a minor skirmish,
He presented their captive Singhs before the Nawab. (32)
Those who were prominent among the Khalsa Panth,
He captured all of them along with Mani Singh,
The whole situation took such a turn for the worst,
That the opposite happened to what was intended. (33)
As these Singhs were made to stand before the Nawab,
The members of the Muslim clergy instigated the Nawab.
When the Nawab demanded the payment of tax,
The Singhs promised to sign a surety bond for making payment later. (34)
As many financiers came forward to stand surety for the Singhs,
Mani Singh prohibited all of them for standing any surety.
The Singhs would neither pay any tax at present,
Nor would they make any payment in future as well. (35)
Mani Singh felt that the long-awaited moment had arrived,
When he would be able to fulfill the congregations prophecy.
He would wish to get his body dismembered bit by bit,
Thus making his intention clear through a declaration. (36)
Since the Khalsa Panth had no money to make a payment,
He would instead offer his own life in place of money.
The people of Lahore came in a body in support of Mani Singh,
And stood with money in cash to pay the tax. (37)
114 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : H| lH= H " HH JU| J3 UU 35 !
lH JU H lH " J H3 H J5 !=\!
dhr : man singh s lakh sam hu bt da trd.
sikkhan bachan su kim talain karain jatan ju karrd.38.
UU| : JJ H JJ o ! J H HH H !
H| H" "U J"lU ! U H JJlU !=\!
chaupa : nabb manain bahu kardh y. hn sarp nain samn pujy.
kz mulln la buli. puchhy un k ps bahi.39.
J JJ HH"H ! 3U I 3HJ| H !
lH= J JH lHU JJ ! U| HH J lHU H IJ !eO!
khn kahy hh musslamna. tad chhdaaing tumr jna.
singhan kahy ham sidak na hrain. ka janam par sidak su grain.40.
lH= HJ | lJ J ! J l3J " lHH HJ !
3J H| lHH J| J ! l3= H3 3= U !e!
singhan mran k bidh kah. kurn kitban lakhy jim sah.
tab kz n jim h kahy. tivn mufat n phatv day.41.
JU JU HU lH= H| J= ! lUH J UJ|3 HI3 lU= !
J| H| H U H J"| ! U H J| H H| "| !e!
band band jud singh man karv. im kar chahyat jagat dikhv.
hn s s un mukh bl. un mukh bh sarp kuj khl.42.
U JJ : U | l3J 3 3J lH HU = !
= lH lJ lH H U l3H !e=!
dhr : un k kitban t tabai niksay s vk.
vk sikkhan k nahin mitai mtai udaai tis khk.43.
UU| : 3J JJ JH ! JU JU oJ HU J !
U" lH= 3J3 5 ! lH U l=U JJ !ee!
chaupa : tab nabb nau yaun pharmy. band band ab jud kary.
chandlan singh turat phardy. nikhs chaunk k vichch bahy.44.
U" JU 3J UJ J3U ! JJ I J HUU !
3JlJ H| lH= U H J| ! 3H JU JU H3 J| !e!
chandl band tab chr bat. bhn tangn karn jud.
tabhi man singh un sn kah. tum band band k jnat nahn.45.
H JU JU lH lUU J3U| ! l3H l3H 3 J| U"U| !
lJ" UI"|U U ! lJ H I= JU U !e!
main band band nij din batn. timain timain tn chhur chaln.
pahil ungln pt kat. phir madh gandhn band chhuda.46.
115 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Realising the inevitability of the moment of making a sacrifice,
Mani Singh abandoned every possibility of a negotiation.
He believed that Singh congregations prophecy could never go in vain,
Even if a million attempts were made to put it off. (38)
Chaupai : Nawab of Lahore felt extremely outraged (at Mani Singhs audacity),
Since the moment for the fulfillment of prophetic cause had approached.
Summoning the members of the Muslim clergy and theologians,
He sought their advice (for the execution of Mani Singh). (39)
The Nawab asked the Singhs to get himself converted into Islam,
If they wished their life to be spared by the Mughals.
The Singhs remarked that they would never betray their faith,
As they could forego many lives for the sake of their faith. (40)
The Nawab asked the clergy to suggest ways of executing the Singhs,
Exactly as it was prescribed in the Book of Koran.
Then, as interpreted and directed by the theologians,
The Islamic judge pronounced the manner of execution. (41)
Mani Singhs whole body be dismembered limb by limb,
So that it became a deterrent for the whole world.
What was predestined was expressed through the clerics words,
Even as the Islamic judge became an instrument to unfold that curse. (42)
Dohra : That is why this manner of Mani Singhs execution,
Came to be quoted from the books of the Islamic text.
The Sikh congregations prophetic words could never remain unfulfilled,
Since whosoever tried to subvert these would perish. (43)
Chaupai : Then the Nawab of Lahore made a declaration,
That Mani Singhs body be dismembered bit by bit.
The official executioners, getting hold of Mani Singh instantly.
Made him sit in the central place known as Nikhas
square. (44)
The butchers, identifying four distinct limbs,
Proceeded to dismember Mani Singhs two legs and two arms.
At this Mani Singh reprimanded his executioners,
Did they not know the meaning of cutting limb by limb? (45)
As he would go on demarcating each organ of his body,
They should go on chopping off his organs with their knives.
Directing them to first chopp off the nodal parts of his fingers,
Thereafter they should sever his fingers from their joints. (46)
116 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lJ UI"| l3U| =J U| ! lJ U H J|| U| !
U" UJ lJ Hl= "JU| ! H| lH= UU| J| o5U| !e!
phir ungl ti vr kat. phir pauch su bn chhuda.
chandl chh phir mdahiyn lah. man singh da khn ard.47.
J| lU lJ H= "JU| ! HH| lU lJ J| 5U| !
l3H J| JU ! I I UI" I J= !e\!
khn kati phir mdahyn lah. sajj kati phir khabb phard.
tim h ptyn band katy. gath gath ungal gth badahy.48.
U JJ : HH| lHH J| | 3 U| UJ U"lU !
l3H J l3 I"H I lU !e\!
dhr : sajj jim khabb kat tau dn charan chali.
tim pt pairan kat tin galm gda kati.49.
UU| : 3J lU U HU 3HH ! l UlJ3 J= I HH !
H lUH H 3 lH = ! H=I H3 ="lU3 3 !O!
chaupa : tab ik dkhy sayyad tamsh. pikh charitar badah gay ss.
j is mukh t niks vka. jvgu satt valit tk.50.
lU "| lH J ! l3H U" l o !
U J lH J" ! oJ IJ IU lU 3" !!
ik dhandhl th siddh kahy. tis k chl kichhku aky.
k patan pur niksay bla. athrn garak ga ik tla.51.
3I l3 lHo lJ| ! HJ H| lH= I|= U3J| !
lH= H| H IJ 53 J| ! lJ |5 UJ U H| !!
dh tgan tin min nikr. mr man singh garv utr.
singh j mukh gur pardht bn. nahi kuchh prd dh un jn.52.
lJUJ J lH= H| J ! H H HJU lJUJ UUJ !
HH| H UUJ ! J l HH lJ l HJ !=!
bidh rp th singh j dhry. mukh sn shabad bidh uchry.
pth sukhman mukhn uchrai. nah kichhu janmai nahi kichhu marai.53.
U JJ : HJ HJ H|H H" HJ J 3lJ !
3 lJ 3 3H | H |3 JlJ !e!
dhr : maran sabhan k ss pai suphal maran hai thi.
tanak bikhai tan k tajai py sn part banhi.54.
J|J lHH HJ 3 HI J HJ Hl oU !
HJ J| 3 U|o J JHU !
kabr jisu marn t jagu daarai mr mani nndu.
marn h t pai prnu parmnand.
117 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Then, after getting his each finger cut from three places,
He got his hands severed from the point of wrists.
After that, whereas the butcher intended to dismember his shoulders,
Bhai Mani Singh insisted on getting his arms cut from the elbows. (47)
After the elbows, he got his shoulders chopped off,
Getting the left shoulder-severed after his right shoulder.
He got his second hand fingers cut in the same manner,
Thus, getting his fingers and thumb severed inch by inch. (48)
Dohra : Just as both right and left arms were got severed,
Similarly he got his feet severed inch by inch.
Then, as the nodes of his two feet were got severed,
Similarly he got his heel joints and knees dismembered. (49)
Chaupai : The executioners witnessing this such a gory spectacle,
They started gasping for breath with tension.
They felt if this victim (martyr) perchance, let out a curse,
It would cause havoc across several nations. (50)
They had heard about a mystic (Siddha) known as Dhandli,
One of whose disciples was harassed by some people.
This harassed disciple had let out a curse at one of the cities,
Which sank a cluster of eighteen towns in an instant. (51)
So, the executioner, taking out his sword from its sheath,
Slashed out Mani Singhs head from his neck.
Bhai Mani Singh, being engrossed in the recitation of Gurbani,
His (mortal) human body did not register any pain. (52)
Since his soul had got alienated from his body,
His soul kept on reciting Gurbani even after (physical) death.
Carrying on with the recitation of Sukhmani hymns,
His soul crossed all boundaries of birth and death. (53)
Dohra : Although every human being is bound to shed his mortal frame,
They alone die a meaningful and successful death,
Who shed their mortal frame voluntarily in an instant,
While keeping their communion with the Divine Lord intact. (54)
O Kabir
, Death which sends a shudder down the ordinary mortals spine,
I (Kabir) bask in the glory of its bliss,
It is through the shedding of this mortal body,
That one gets into perfect communion with the Divine.
118 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H| lH= JJ H HJ| JU JU H !!
dhr : mansr mansr im jag bhay katt hatth ik satt.
man singh bahu satt sah band band suty kapp.55.
H"| lJ J UJ H H"| UJ lJlU !
HU| UJ lU J| lUH H| lH= ollU !!
sl rikh rakh dh k madh sl dh phiri.
s dh in nn rakh im man singh adhiki.56.
UU| : H|H J 3J 5 3 UJ ! JJ| lH| lH= HJ3 HJ !
J J J HI3 H J ! H H J lH H !!
chaupa : ss bhay tab dhard t dra. rah sikh singh sbat sra.
hai hai kr jagat main bhay. jai jai kr sikhan man thay.57.
HJ3 lH| lH | JJ| ! H lH 3 J HJ| !
J HJ|U H HJUJ ! HlJJHU l=I lU=|UJ !\!
sbat sikh sikh k rah. sarp sikkhan k tau bhay sah.
bhay shahdan main sardra. shibjdan dhig daiudahdr.58.
H| lH= H |U ! HU| H3J H UJ= !
J3 lH= H H| l"| ! l3 JHJ J| H| l| !\!
man singh yau sk k. sai satrn sai churnvay.
ratan singh sun skh likh. pit hamr kah s pikh.59.
U H =3 J = ('H| lH = 3 " J , J o J H|') U H =3 J = ('H| lH = 3 " J , J o J H|') U H =3 J = ('H| lH = 3 " J , J o J H|') U H =3 J = ('H| lH = 3 " J , J o J H|') U H =3 J = ('H| lH = 3 " J , J o J H|')
us vakat k bhatt k vk (man singh tull bhay k, rn au n rank j)
lJ 3 : lH H lH UU JI3 H JI3 HU,
lH| | loU| J|U JU| H| lH= H| !
lHU H J| H| H H| !
lIo | 5I H H HJ UJI H| !
H IJ lH J= HU J| lJ H=,
H| lH= H| 3" J J o J H| !!
kabitt : sikkhan main sikkh ch bhagtan main bhagat mch,
sikkh k ni kah bh man singh j.
jagat main jai kr bhay dharam arath dh day,
sidak sn katy hy na mn kachh sank j.
sikkh s parsann bha dushat sabh bharishat bha,
gin k khardag saun s mr chaurang j.
j gur sikh kahvai s karn yahi kamvai,
man singh j k tull bhay k rn au n rank j.1.
119 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : (The Sufi saint) Mansur
had become very famous in the world,
When both of his hands were chopped off in a single stroke.
Bhai Mani Singh had undergone a far more grievous pain,
By getting his body dismembered limb by limb. (55)
A sage known as Suli Rishi preserved his human body,
Despite being executed by the executioners knife.
Since Bhai Mani Singh did not preserve his body,
He came to be known as a far greater martyr. (56)
Chaupai : Although Bhai Mani Singhs head got severed from his body,
He kept his faith in Sikhism steadfast and intact.
As the people of the world regretted and mourned his death,
The Sikhs felt victorious and proud at his sacrifice. (57)
As Bhai Mani Singh was able to keep and uphold his faith,
The Sikh congregations prophetic curse proved to be true.
His sacrifice making him a chief among the Sikh martyrs,
Ensured a seat with the Sahibzadas in the Divine court. (58)
The supreme sacrifice which Bhai Mani Singh attained,
Took place exactly in the year seventeen hundred and ninety-four
Rattan Singh (the author) has recorded this episode,
As his father had given an eyewitness account of it. (59)
(Bhai Mani Singhs sacrifice) in the words of a contemporary Bard:
No one could excel Mani Singh (in sacrifice),
Either from the rich or from the poor as well.
Kabit : Being the greatest Sikh among the Sikhs,
Being the greatest spiritual devotee among the devout,
Bhai Mani Singh could be declared as unbeatable in faith,
In the annals of Sikh faith throughout,
Having earned a great applause in the world,
Having sacrificed his life for the sake of religion,
He got himself slaughtered for the sake of faith,
Without displaying a trace of the slightest fear.
Sikhs having been delighted with his sacrifice,
The wicked having been contaminated with his act,
He decimated evil all around the world,
With the sword of his spiritual enlightenment.
He who claimed himself to be a Gursikh,
He alone could accomplish such a deed.
No one could excel Mani Singh in sacrifice,
Either from amongst the rich or the poor as well. (1)
120 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : H| lH= HJ HlU lH H !
U lH "JJ H U" JHlU lH !!
dhr : man singh maran mndi sikkhan sarp pachhn.
chauk niks lahaur main chaly baji nishn.2.
U JJ : H| lH= H H 5 lH= oJ !
HJ UJ U5lU U lH "JJ !=!
dhr : man singh k sth j phard singh th aur.
mr charakh chardhikai chaunk niks lahaur.3.
\e. H| UJ HJ | ('J" 3 lU 3 H IU ...') \e. H| UJ HJ | ('J" 3 lU 3 H IU ...') \e. H| UJ HJ | ('J" 3 lU 3 H IU ...') \e. H| UJ HJ | ('J" 3 lU 3 H IU ...') \e. H| UJ HJ | ('J" 3 lU 3 H IU ...')
94. skh ndar shh k (kbal t ik kutt mangn...)
U JJ U lH= U | J JJ !!
dhr : sattr sai pachnv khn bahdar nabb.
un bahu dukh singhan day pp bada kharb.1.
H| lH= HJ HlJU JU JU l3H lU !
oJ lH= H HJ HJ H lIlU !!
man singh jab mri band band tisai kati.
aur singh th j mar k sabh sakai gini.2.
UU| : U| UJ U| H| HJ ! U| 3 U| J| J !
U|o lHJ HI"| ! U| J U| =H| H H !=!
chaupa : ka charakh ka phns mr. ka tpan ka chhur katr.
kaan kai sir mungl kutt. ka dab ka ghast su sutt.3.
3 3 U| 5 JJU ! H 3I H|H U=U !e!
dabb tang bandkhan da mra. kaun gan j mr hazra.
pnt pnt ka pakard bah. sth tgan k ss udav.4.
lH J lH I =lU ! o = lH " ==lU !
H =" H J JU| ! J" lJJ "J U| !!
kis hatth kisai tang katvi. akkh kadadah kis khal kadahvi.
ksan vl j nar h. bl biradh labh chhadadaai na k.5.
U JJ : lH= U o lJU HJ J|3 JlU !
HH J|U HH lJ3 =3 J5 JlU !!
dhr : singhan kai un ak pakai bich mry hakkat ri.
jais bann ms hit khvat rrd bani.6.
121 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Bhai Mani Singh had determined to sacrifice,
After he realized the implications of Sikh congregations curse.
Shedding his mortal frame at Nikhas square at Lahore,
Bhai Mani Singhs soul went to heavens with a thunderous applause. (2)
Dohra : There were other companions with Bhai Mani Singh,
Who had been arrested along with him.
They too were executed by crushing between spiked wheels,
At the same place of Nikhas square at Lahore. (3)
Episode 94
The Episode About Nadar Shah
(A hound from Kabul would be ordained to be brought)
Dohra : It was the year seventeen hundred and ninety-five
When Khan Bahadur
(Zakariya Khan) was the Nawab of (Lahore).
He had persecuted Singhs on a large-scale,
As he had been a sinner and a highly diabolical person. (1)
When Bhai Mani Singh
was executed (by him),
His body was ordered to be hacked into pieces.
Many other Singhs who perished along with Mani Singh,
It is difficult to keep a count of all those. (2)
Chaupai : While many were crushed between spiked wheels or hanged,
Many others were blown up by cannon fire or sliced with knives.
While many were crushed to death with conical clubs,
Many others were drowned and dragged to death. (3)
All those who were buried alive, hanged or blown up,
It is difficult to keep a count of thousands of them.
Including all those who were made to sit in lines,
In order to chopp off their heads with the swords. (4)
While the hands and legs of a few of them were chopped off,
Eyes of a few others were gouged and others skin peeled off.
Whosoever was spotted out with the hair unshorn,
Was eliminated irrespective of being an infant or an adult. (5)
Dohra : It was on the mistaken identity of being a Singh,
That (an innocent Hindu) Hakikat Rai
too was executed.
It was as if a vegetarian trader, in his lust for a meatdish,
Relished a spicy roasted preparation of rock pieces. (6)
122 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : HJ "H JJ U U ! UJ H HJ H J !
HU HJ H UlU lU ! J3| oU"3 HlJ UJIlJ !!
chaupa : jabai khls bahu dukh day. chr kunt main shr su bhay.
s shr suny ui thi. hut adlat jahin darghi.7.
" HJHU HU l3J U| ! UU| UJ J| J 3J| !
J H UH3 3HJ| J ! o= lJ lUH 3 JH UJ !\!
lay muhmmad sadd tih th. da dr h baithak tnh.
kahy su umatt tumr khavra. v nahin im tn ham davra.8.
JJ HU| 3lJ J| JU| ! oJ HU| "H | oU| !
3H JJU| JJ J "U| ! o "J HJ HJ HU| !\!
brn sad tuhi pr bha. abai sad khls k a.
tumai bur bahu kar la. p lar mar jhu muka.9.
HJ JH J J3J ! lU"| HJ JU oJ !
oH H = I" IU ! J"=3 UJ o JU !O!
jab hukam bhay kartra. dill sb bha khura.
pas main vai phat gal ga. bulvat ndar p bha.10.
U JJ : 3J UJIJ | JU| J lU"| HJHU HlJ !
3J "5 H JH UJ HlJ !!
dhr : tab dargah kp bha par dill muhmmad shhi.
turkan lard k mukan k bhjy ndar shhi.11.
UU| : HJ UJ HlJ H "JJ ! lJJUJ lH" I oJ !
3| lHJ J UU| ! lH= lU" =U| JU| !!
chaupa : jab ndar shhi pujy lahaura. khn bihdar mil gay aura.
tn kt sir rupyy chuk. singhan dil vadh bh.12.
oJ HI3 H J I HJ ! "I lH= J l=U UJ !
J" 3 H o= H ! l3H lH= lH" HJ J !=!
aur jagat main par gay shra. lg singh karan vich daura.
kbal t j vai stha. tisai singh mil mrain htha.13.
U JJ : 3J "H UU "I HlJ lJ HJJ3 !
J" o J "JJ lU"| o"J3 !e!
dhr : tabai khls du lag khshin khhin sarbatt.
kbal au kandhr k lahaur dill albatt.14.
UU| : H lU"|U =" 3J J ! lH" lH= l3H "= HJ !
IHJ "H o| J| ! lH3| J| H o| HJ| !!
chaupa : j dill val turai kandhra. mil singhan tis lvain mra.
guzar khls chh kar. jitn kar su chh sar.15.
123 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : When there was persecution of the Singhs on a mass-scale,
There was a hue and cry of protest from all sides.
The voices of this public outcry rose so high,
That these reached and knocked at the Divine court. (7)
This led to God Almightys summoning of Prophet Mohammad
And being ordered to sit outside the Divine portals.
Since the members of his religious order had gone astray,
He was refused admittance into the Divine abode. (8)
Since the twelfth century Muslim era had elapsed,
The next century belonged to the Khalsa Panths dominance.
Since his religionists had indulged in so much evil,
They must perish through their own internecine feuds. (9)
So when it came to be ordained by the Divine will,
The Mughal rulers of Delhi had to face harassment.
Perishing through their own internal dissensions and feuds,
They themselves invited (an Afghan invader) Nadar Shah Durrani. (10)
Dohra : Thus, with the Divine curse emanating from the heavens,
It fell upon the Delhi ruler Mohammad Shah
The Divine will, inorder to eliminatic the feuding Mughals,
Ordained Nadir Shah (to invade their kingdom). (11)
Chaupai : The moment Nadir Shah reached Lahore (with his army),
Khan Bahadur (Zakariya Khan) too collaborated with him.
As he paid a ransom of three crore rupees to the invader,
The Singhs felt delighted at such a development. (12)
As the news of a foreign invaders advent spread around,
The Singhs also stepped up their militant activities.
Whosoever ventured to enter from the direction of Kabul,
The Singhs would rob and dispossess the intruders. (13)
Dohra : Whenever the Khalsa Singhs came across an opportunity,
They would rob and plunder everyone indiscriminately.
They would waylay those on way to Kabul or Kandhar,
As well as all those on way to Lahore and Delhi. (14)
Chaupai : Whosoever was on his way from Delhi to Kandhar,
The Singhs would waylay them on the way.
Since the Singhs were having good times with the booty,
They had given a good account of their exploits. (15)
124 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
IU| =5 o H" ! " "lJ lH= IJ "" !
lH= J JH 3J o ! 3J H "J 3J !!
nagd ghrd chh mla. lt lhin singh gur k lla.
singh kahain ham khtar y. turkan sn lar turak khapy.16.
J H UlU lJ o ! J "H J J !
lHH 3 lJ ! H lJ U|H3 J !!
hn nsh dui dhir k y. hn khls bdh bany.
jim kantan t kant nikrain. s kant phir djat darain.17.
J lH= oJ HH H o ! Hl3IJ JU o" !
J" 3 lU 3 HIU ! lU U 3 H JU !\!
kahain singh ab samn su y. th satigur yaun bachan aly.
kbal t ik kutt mangn. ink un t nsh karn.18.
lJ U 3 "U H ! "5 J lU U lH H H !
J "H JJ HIU ! UU "H H" JU !\!
phir dakkhan t layn phauja. lard kar ik un mitai jayn khja.
phr khls bhr mangn. d khlsai ml karn.19.
lU"| "JJ 33 U ! H3 J 5 lH"U !
JU| HJ UU 35 ! JH|J l3HJ UU 5 !O!
dill lahaur k takhat putn. st dhran dhrd miln.
b sb dn trd. bajr patishhan dn phrd.20.
3J IJ JH JU ! o" o" H HU !
HU HH oJ o H ! " J H H H !!
turak nagr bajan hatn. akl akl k jp japn.
s samn ab y jn. lt khh j man mnn.21.
U JJ : lH= H lJJ H J lH= H| H !
HJ lH= H l3 J| J lH= J H !!
dhr : singhan main nibb ju kapr singh j nm.
sabh singhan sn tin kah bann singhan bada km.22.
J lH= HJ J| lH= HJ HlU !
Hl3 Hl3 HJ lJ U H J lHJ lU !=!
kapr singh jab yaun kah singhan sabhan suni.
satti satti sabh kahi uth kunnas kar sir nayi.23.
UU| : lU"| " J " I|o ! UH J " I H|o !
3J H lJU H HJ ! JU|o HJ l=U J !e!
chaupa : dill lt kahn lau ganai. padam rupy lai gay sunai.
tuhf th j hind main sr. ban sbyan vich th dhr.24.
125 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Laying their hands on the invaders cash, horses and valuables,
The Gurus beloved Singhs would rob the invaders.
The Singhs would say that it was God sent moment for them,
Since the Mughals themselves were killing each other. (16)
Since it was a moment of Mughals decimation on both the sides,
It was also a moment for the expansion of Khalsa Panth as well.
As a thorn is used to pull out a thorn from the flesh,
The second thorn is abandoned after pulling out the first. (17)
The Singhs remarked that the destined moment had arrived,
Which the Guru had predicted through his prophetic words.
The Guru had ordained the summoning of a hound from Kabul,
Who would be instrumental in decimating the Delhi rulers. (18)
Thereafter an army would be marching from the South
Which would uproot them root and branch.
Thereafter, would come the Khalsa troops
in rugged clothes,
Who would get united with the other Khalsa
troops. (19)
Not only would the Delhi empire get dismantled,
But the seven hill principalities too would be demolished.
Not only would the twenty-two Mughal states be destroyed,
But the Mughal rulers and their ministers too would be eliminated. (20)
Not only would the Mughal war drums cease to beat,
But the Khalsa Panths war slogans of Akal! Akal! Would fill the air.
Since the prophesied historic moment seemed to have arrived,
The Singhs were free to loot and plunder as much as they wished. (21)
Dohra : The one who was Nawab among the Khalsa Singhs,
He was known by the name of S. Kapoor Singh.
He made it known to all the Khalsa Singhs,
That that was the most opportune moment for realization of their goal. (22)
When S. Kapoor Singh uttered these words to the Singhs,
All of them lent their ears to his prophetic words.
Hailing his prophetic words to be absolutely true,
They bowed their heads in reverence to his visionary acumen. (23)
Chaupai : How much wealth did (Nadir Shah) plunder from Delhi?
One reckoning estimates it to be one thousand billion rupees.
It included all the valuable artifacts of whole of India,
Spread over the territories of twenty-two states. (24)
126 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
33 3UH| HU ! HlU HI| H UlU 3" JU !
lU J|J = =" ! U J U J "" !!
takhat tas nau kt j. suin sugndh sau di tlai h.
ik hr th pandvan vl. dy kahain k bada th ll.25.
UH H HJ J 5 J ! J UJU J H HJ !
HlJ J U H| J ! "lU JU lHH HH H J !!
us sn shhu rain pard kurna. hai charch yah maddh jahna.
shi nakr k machchh kahain. li karad jis msh su khahain.26.
H3| o HJI HH ! UH J3| 3" !
I"U| l3| J| oJ ! J| =|HJ Jl oHJ!!
mt nd murag samna. chausath ratt tl pachhna.
gul tink bada apra. kah kavshar budhi anusr.27.
U JJ : 3H l3HlJ U 3J "U UlU !
o U | H" lU o J|J I"J| HlU !\!
dhr : tnsain patishhi d thaph la th di.
ain chain k ml ik au hr gulb si.28.
UH J|J | 3J lU"| HI" l3HlJ !
35 = H=JJ| UlU U=" = JlU !\!
us hr k khtar dill mugal patishhi.
trd vatt juvhr dui chval ghatt kari.29.
JJ J3| | o UlU U=" = HlU !
J = lHH 3J I"JJ H JH JlU !=O!
brn ratt th pak au dui chval ghat si.
par parchhvn jis taraf gulbah su bhsu hi.30.
UU| : o U | H" HlU ! o JlU U U lU !
H UJ 3JH "U| ! lU UJ J 3 I=U| !=!
chaupa : ain chain k ml ji. akkh chhuhi dukh d khi.
s ndar tarkas latk. chhidar chr kar pat gav.31.
oH| J J5 3| ! UJ | " =3| !
HJ JJ J " I ! J|H lJ U !=!
ass hatt thau karrd patt. ndar chhadada na lakhan vatt.
jr bhr khh lai gay. bs kt phir tak chuky.32.
3| l3 H 3 JJ ! HU olU oJHUHJ " !
H HJ "U lJU lU ! "JJ H o| "U| l"lU !==!
tn kt tin main tut rahy. s i ahmadshh lay.
paj sb la hindn kati. lahaur su apn la likhi.33.
127 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
It included the famous Takht-e-Tous
worth nine crore rupees,
As well as two hundred grams of purest quality gold coins.
One diamond
since Pandvas times was a part of it,
As well as a mega sized very expensive ruby. (25)
That the Mughal emperor read the holy Koran under its brilliance,
Was a part of the folklore through out the country.
The rare specie of Shahe-Nakur Fish too was taken away,
Whose flesh could be sliced everyday for daily consumption. (26)
There were pearls as big as the egg of a hen,
Each reckoned to be sixty-four carrots in weight.
The spherical shape of these pearls being fantastic,
Various poets have portrayed it after their own fancy. (27)
Dohra : (Nadir Shah) even robbed the royal poet Tansen
Of the two royal gifts given to him by the emperor.
Which consisted of a very valuable rosary,
And a diamond that emitted a pink hue. (28)
This diamonds weight was reduced,
By the then Mughal emperor of Delhi.
Asking a jeweler to temper with its weight,
Its original weight was reduced by two grains. (29)
This diamond which originally weighed twelve Rattees
Was reduced in weight by about two grains.
Any object on which this diamonds reflection fell,
Made it emit a pink hue after its reflection. (30)
Chaupai : Such was the distinction of Tansens valuable rosary,
That it healed all eye infections with a single touch.
(Foolish) Nadir Shah brandished this valuable rosary on his quiver,
And ruined its intrinsic value by making four holes in it. (31)
There were eighty shopkeepers worth crores of merchandise,
Whom Nadir Shah rendered homeless without a wick of light.
He took away Jaura, Bhaura, two exotic breed horses,
Taking a total ransom of twenty crore rupees. (32)
Since the ransom amount fell short of three crore rupees,
It was collected by Ahmed Shah Abdali, later on.
Annexing the five provinces
from the Indian state,
Nadir Shah got custody of Lahore as well in writing. (33)
128 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : oJ UJJ | lo J|U JU| HJ l3HlJ !
l3 lU| | J| H " I UJ HlJ !=e!
dhr : aur darab k ki kah b sb patishhi.
tinh iktth th kar s lai gay ndar shhi.34.
HU HJ HI H l3 | HHJ !
|3 3" IJ|J U H lU"| H3 JHJ !=!
j mr jang main tin k kaun shumr.
kt katal garb un maddh dill sattar hazr.35.
UU| : lUH J 3J 3J UU I" ! H Il"U H " !
oJ J3 UH HJ| J ! I = 3 lU3 HJ !=!
chaupa : im kar turak turkan da gla. j gali s ptak nla.
aur bt us sr kahn. garnth vadhan t chit sankahn.36.
\. H| "H | JU H U| UJIJ J U| \. H| "H | JU H U| UJIJ J U| \. H| "H | JU H U| UJIJ J U| \. H| "H | JU H U| UJIJ J U| \. H| "H | JU H U| UJIJ J U|
UJ 3 U H=" H=J UJ 3 U H=" H=J UJ 3 U H=" H=J UJ 3 U H=" H=J UJ 3 U H=" H=J
('lH = | lJoU HJ H| H U| UJIlJ...') ('lH = | lJoU HJ H| H U| UJIlJ...') ('lH = | lJoU HJ H| H U| UJIlJ...') ('lH = | lJoU HJ H| H U| UJIlJ...') ('lH = | lJoU HJ H| H U| UJIlJ...')
95. skh khls k pharyd sachch dargh pahuch
ndar t khn d savl javb
(singhan k pharid jab puj sachch darghi...)
U JJ : lH= | lJoU HJ H| HU| UJIlJ !
o3 U| JH 3 J| lU"| J olU !!
dhr : singhan k pharid jab puj sach darghi.
phat uth kursn t par dill par i.1.
lU"| J H U "| J JJH JlU !
UJJ UH U| " I llJ olU !!
dill khb su un lut dar baras kari.
darab padam ka lai gay phiri pchhy khn i.2.
UU| : UJ olU ! JH "JJ J3lU !
lH " JHJ JJ ! H" UH | U U HlJ !=!
chaupa : pchhy ndar n khn i. ham k luttnahr bati.
jin lut khy hamr rhu. mulak usai k uda dayn savhi.3.
3J oH J| ! H" UH lJ lH| !
5 H= o U"3 lJ ! lJ J = l3 lIJlU !e!
tab khnn n ais bakhn. mulak usai k nnhi nishn.
khard svain au chalt khnhi. nahin baithain vai kit girin.4.
129 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : It is difficult to keep a count of the other wealth,
That lay heaped in the twenty-two Mughal states.
The wealth that these rulers had amassed for long,
Was taken away by the invading hordes of Nadir Shah. (34)
It is also difficult to keep a count of all those,
Who died in war during Nadir Shahs invasion.
The number of poor defenceless people he had slaughtered,
Reached a figure of seventy thousand in Delhi alone. (35)
Chaupai : So the Mughals themselves ruined the Mughals,
Because of their own internecine acrimony.
The author (Rattan Singh) desists from elaborating further,
For the fear of his epic getting too unwieldy. (36)
Episode 95
The Episode About Khalsa Petition Being heard in the Divine Court
Question-Answer Session Between Nadar Shah And Khan Bahadur
(When Khalsas supplication Echoed in the Divine Court)
Dohra : As the supplication made by the Khalsa Singhs,
Echoed in the Divine Court (of the God Almighty)
A scourge (Nadar Shah) arose from Khurasan in Iran,
Which fell upon Delhi (the seat of Mughal empire). (1)
Nadar Shah ransacked Delhi so steadily and thoroughly,
That he stayed put in Delhi for full one year.
After extracting thousands of crores of wealth from Delhi,
He enquired from Khan Bahadur
of Lahore about (his losses). (2)
Chaupai : On his return to Lahore, he asked Khan Bahadur of Lahore,
About the identity of those who had robbed his war booty.
He thundered that those who had waylaid his treasures,
He would raze their country to dust and ashes. (3)
Then Khan Bahadur, responding to his query, remarked,
That his plunderers did not belong to any specific country.
They could feed themselves and relax while on the move,
They had not any definitely fixed place for their stay. (4)
130 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
l=J3 HU H ! JH U U= = H H !
J5 lU JJ |= | ! H" J oI lH| !!
nn ghirat k savd na jnain. ham dukh dvain v sukh mnain.
hrd na din bhar pvain pn. sayl rakhain na agan nishn.5.
lJ = = |H H ! "5 JJ3 = J JH !
U JlU 3 H H "J ! HJ 3 = H" J !!
nahin khvain vai psy nja. lardain bahut vai kark bhj.
k hi tn sau sau larain. marn t vai ml na daarain.6.
JH HJ3 U IU UlU =3 l3J UlU !!
dhr : rahai chu un maran k dn mazhab kai bhi.
ham mrat un thak ga ui ghatat na kithn di.7.
lJ UJ =lJ UH3 lJ |J !
=lJ o 3 = 3 =lJ JlJ 3I|J !\!
phir ndar khnn puchhy vahi umatt kih pr.
kai vahi p t vadh tau vahi hhin tagr.8.
3J HJ J IJ H !
JH3 J| JJ J| HH H H| J !\!
tab khnn n sabh kahy gur nnak k parksh.
karmt bh bahu kah janam su skh bhkh.9.
UU| : lHH U HI3 HJ| ! lHH lHH lU H J| oJ| !
lHH lHH "|| JHH3 ! lHH Hl3IJ H | =3 !O!
chaupa : jim un nnak sangat mr. jim jim in sn kar khur.
jim jim ln karsumta. jim satigru s kn ghta.10.
UJ HJ H " ! HJ J3 3J U !
3 JJUJ lHH lHJ U ! lHH J UJ HHU J !!
puchh puchh ndar sabh sun lay. sabh bht tab khnn day.
tgh bahdar jim sir day. jim kar chr sazd hay.11.
3J UJ H H|H lJ" ! o | 3J 3H !
H oJ H|3 H= J| ! lH HlJJ o J| !!
tab ndar sun ss hily. apn kn tab tum py.
s ab jt jvain nhn. jinkai shib p panhn.12.
U JJ : H3 H lo= UJ I J !
JJUJ l 3J J| lH= lJ HJ !=!
dhr : sattr sai chhinvain ndar gay kandhr.
khn bahdar khijh tabai dhar singhan phir mr.13.
131 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Neither did they bother about any taste while feeding themselves,
Nor did they feel any pain while being tortured.
Neither did they care to drink water in the peak of summer,
Nor did they need any warmth in the extreme winter. (5)
While they bothered little about their cereal food being grinded,
They fought fiercely in battle with utmost agility.
Each one of them could fight against a hundred adversaries,
Since they were not scared of death at all. (6)
Dohra : They were too desperate to sacrifice their lives,
For upholding their religion and its fundamental ethos.
The Mughals had exhausted themselves in exterminating them,
But they could not reduce their numbers in any manner. (7)
Then Nadar Shah enquired further from Khan Bahadur,
Which prophets descendents were these Khalsa Singhs?
Did their religious order increase of its own volition,
Or did they convert from some other religious order? (8)
Then Khan Bahadur traced their whole genealogy,
How they owed their origin to birth of Guru Nanak?
He narrated the various miracles associated with Guru Nanak,
As he had heard those narrated from Janamsakhis
. (9)
Chaupai : He narrated how the Mughals had tortured the Nanaks followers,
And the way the Mughals committed atrocities on the Singhs.
He narrated the miraculous resilience that the Singhs displayed,
And the way the Mughals had executed the Sikh Gurus. (10)
As Nadar Shah kept on listening to Khan Bahadurs narration,
Khan Bahadur narrated all the past details of their execution.
He narrated how Guru Tegh Bahadur had sacrificed his life,
And the way the Gurus four Sahibzadas were murdered by Mughals. (11)
Hearing this, Nadar Shah shook his head in disapproval,
Remaking that the Mughals had reaped what they had sown.
He further remarked how could one conquer those,
Whom God Himself had come to provide protection. (12)
Dohra : It was in the year of seventeen hundred and ninety-six
That Nadar Shah had made his departure for Kandhar.
After that, Khan Bahadur feeling more offended,
Started persecuting the Singhs once again. (13)
132 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : HJ3 HJ3 H HJ I ! l3 J H JJ !
H HlU H UU o ! J J3 lHH IU J !e!
chaupa : mrat mrat s mar gay. tin k karn j kuchh rahy.
j suni s dn kha. purakh purtan jim ga bhkh.14.
\. H| JJ | \. H| JJ | \. H| JJ | \. H| JJ | \. H| JJ |
('lHJ J J = lHH H, JJ U o U H') ('lHJ J J = lHH H, JJ U o U H') ('lHJ J J = lHH H, JJ U o U H') ('lHJ J J = lHH H, JJ U o U H') ('lHJ J J = lHH H, JJ U o U H')
96. skh khn nabb k
(sir par hvain jis k ks, rahan na dnn apn ds)
U JJ : HJ UJ J" I H H | !
UJ o UH H lH= JJ U| !!
dhr : jab ndar kbal gay sun ju khn kn.
chhy apn dsh main singhan rahan na dn.1.
UU| : JJ UJ 3 HH| oU| ! 3 3 "I J JJU| !
" " lH= HJ ! HH HJ " lHJ !!
chaupa : nabb ndar t namsh . tayn tayn lg karan bur.
tl tl singhan k mr. jais mr tl shikr.2.
H lH= o J3= ! 3J3 oH H 3lJ lU== !
H lH= UH IH ! 3 U= JJ3 oH !=!
j singhan k n batvai. turat anm su tnhin divvai.
j singhan k das garm. tnk dvai bahut anm.3.
""U lU3 lH= 5= ! " " lH= H H JU= !
oJ H" lJ l" U ! H JU lH= UH H U !e!
llach it singhan pakrdvain. luk luk singh su jn bachvain.
aur mulak pahi likkh path. paj rupa singh dass su p.4.
H3 lH= JJ3 HJ= ! HJ lH= lHJ o U= !
lU lU UlU UlU JlU " H= ! lUH J lH= 3 "I= !!
jt singhan bahut marvain. mr singhan sir p puchvain.
ik ik dui dui hui luk jvain. im kar singhan pat lagvain.5.
J3 3J lU JJ "lU ! U|o "| J" JlU !
U| JJ =J 3|H lU ! U| JJ JUHlJ HlU !!
rt turain din rahain luki. kaan ln kumbhal bani.
ka rahain ghar tj thi. ka rahain pardsahi ji.6.
U| lH= JlJ 5 HJ| ! U| lH= H HI" "J| !
3| J U| lHJ |= ! l3 lJU J5 H|= !!
133 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : He himself perished while persecuting the Singhs,
While some others survived to accomplish the unfinished task.
I (the author) have narrated it in the same manner,
As I had heard it from my ancient peers. (14)
Episode 96
The Episode About Khanu Nawab (Nawab) Zakariya Khan
(Whosoever having hair unshorn on his head,
Would he not be allowed to live in the Country)
Dohra : After Nadar Shah made his departure for Kabul,
(Dear readers) listen to the (evil) deeds of Khan Bahadur.
He reiterated that within the bounds of his own country,
He would not allow any one of the Singhs to stay. (1)
Chaupai : As the Nawab felt humiliated by the admonitions of Nadar Shah,
He started committing more and more atrocities.
Launching on a witch-hunt for the Singhs in the State,
He started killing Singhs as a hunter killed his prey. (2)
Whosoever brought any information about the Singhs,
He would get instantly rewarded by the Nawab.
Whosoever named a village inhabited by the Singhs,
He would give a large reward to such an informer. (3)
As people started getting Singhs captured out of greed,
The Singhs started seeking shelter for their survival.
He sent written messages to the neighbouring states,
That every informer against Singhs would get a five-rupee reward. (4)
After this, many Singhs came to be killed by the people,
Who themselves carried killed Singhs severed heads to Lahore.
Each informer, either Single or in the company of another,
Started spying on the Singhs (for getting rewards). (5)
Travelling during night and hibernating during day,
Many Singhs dug underground bunkers for shelter.
While many Singhs sought shelter in the houses of strangers,
Many started staying in other states outside their state. (6)
While many Singh sought refuge in the wild growth,
Many other Singhs hid themselves in the forests.
134 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
ka singh rahin jhrdan mnh. ka singh j jangal lukhn.
kht karain ka sir nvn. kitnak bich bard khadadaan jvn.7.
U JJ : lH= 5 H JJ UU U lU lJ !
lJ " JH| "J 3 = JJ3 H"lJ !\!
dhr : singh kardk sayn rahain d chauth din khhin.
bin ln bhj labhai tau khvain bahut salhi.8.
UU| : lHH lH= H JlU ! l3H o HU| HU| !
"J HI lJ U ! lJ " " o H !\!
chaupa : jisai singh pai nn ju hi. tis k khain savd s.
labhai sg khhin kachch pakk. barichhann k phal phl au sakk.9.
UU U lU lH" H lJ ! 3 J| l lH" H lJ !
lH= H J IU ol3 3J 5 ! J UJ H= " =5 !O!
d chauth din mil su khhin. tau bh tikn milai su nnhi.
singh su h ga ati tab thrd. kahain dr jvain lai ghrd.10.
U JJ : lHH lU HJlJ UH l3H lU 3 JH lJ !
J| lH" 3 HH3 JlJ lUH lJ IHJ JlJ !!
dhr : jis din mrhin dushat k tis din tau raj khhin.
nahn milai tau masat rahin is bidh gujar karhin.11.
UU| : I" lJ U J"J ! U l"o= H U5 !
lHH IH H lH= H =lJ ! JU| JU l3H HJ 5=lJ !!
chaupa : gail phirain dkhan halkr. dkh livain phauj k chrdh.
jisai garm main singh su pvhin. bh band tis sabhai phardvhin.12.
l" lJJ 3J oH lJ= ! " H =J lH= H = !
lHJ J J= lHH H ! JJ U o UH !=!
likh nibb tab ais phirv. lt mph ghar singh su pv.
sir par hvain jis k ksa. rahan na dn apn dsa.13.
H lH= olU HlJ J3= ! oU oH H H 3 = !
H lH= U U3J H ! UU UH" o J H !e!
j singhan i mhi batvai. anm s main t pvai.
j singh k k utr ksa. dn dushl au bada khsa.14.
U JJ : UH =" UH JU o HJ =" UH !
J ""U 3J U 3J JJ3 lH= J H !!
dhr : dassan vl das rupa au mran vl pachs.
yah llach turkan day tab bahut singhan bhay nsh.15.
135 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
While many started cultivating fields as humble rustics,
Many others sought shelters in the deep ravines. (7)
Dohra : The Singhs had to go without food for days together,
Since they could feed themselves every second or fourth day.
Even when they laid their hands on a tasteless food,
They would gorge themselves on it with great relish. (8)
Chaupai : If a Singh carried a pinch of salt in his pocket,
He was branded as a man of great taste.
Otherwise they fed themselves on raw or boiled mustard leaves,
As well as on diverse kinds of flowers, fruit and bark of trees. (9)
Even though they were not able to feed themselves everyday,
Still they could not stay put at one place for long.
So a very small number of Singhs were left (in the Majha region),
Since majority of them escaped to distant places on their horses. (10)
Dohra : The day they succeeded in laying their hands on a wicked Muslim,
They could feed themselves to their fill on that day.
Otherwise, they would go without food for days together,
And kept alive somehow even without food. (11)
Chaupai : Since the informers were on the prowl to watch their movements,
They would bring the Mughal army as they spotted the Singhs.
Whenever Singhs were spotted out in any of the villages,
The informers would get the Singhs relatives and friends arrested. (12)
The Mughal Nawab had issued a written proclamation,
That people could ransack a house which harboured a Singh.
And that anyone having unshorn hair on his head,
Was not allowed to stay in the territory of Lahore State. (13)
That anyone whosoever had information about Singhs whereabouts,
He could approach the Nawab and get rewarded.
That anyone who could shave off a Singhs hair,
He would be honoured by the royal robes of honour. (14)
Dohra : While every informer against a Singh was entitled to a ten-rupee reward,
Every successful killer of a Singh was entitled to rupees fifty.
With such a big temptation thrown by the Mughal rulers,
The result was the extermination of Singhs on a large scale. (15)
136 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HU 3| J3 lH= H l HlJ !
3J J| HlJU H lUH lHJ HlJ !!
j kht karat th singh su pindan mnhi.
th k bh mri ks diss sir jhin.16.
UU| : oH JH lJJ l" ! UJ UJ "JJ !
3| =H J H U| ! H =" U| !!
chaupa : ais hukam nibb likhy. chrn r lahaur pathy.
kht vanaj kar j k. ksan vl chhada na k.17.
lH= H JH | ! lH3 "J l33 HJJ U| !
" UH H JH J| ! JHJ| l"3 U H J| !\!
singhan khn mph ham kn. jit labbh tit mrhu chn.
lt kt us mf ham kar. hamr likhat jnn khar.18.
U JJ : HU JJ ""U J lJU H J"lU !
U= lH= 5 "JJ H U| UlU !\!
dhr : jad nabb llach kahy hind jatan buli.
dvain singhan pakard k lahaur su ka puchi.19.
UU| : H" =" JJ3 5= ! J3 IJ lU lH J= !
JJJI3 lJH|U H J= ! H oI JlU lH= 5= !O!
chaupa : jandyl vl bahut phardvain. hut gur ikk sikkh kahvain.
harbhagat nirjann s kahvai. s g hui singhan phardvai.20.
JHJ l UlU JJ " ! l3 JHJ H !
HH| H H J JJ ! JHJ UU 5 U "JJ !!
hamr pind dui br luty. pit hamr kt suty.
majthai k jatt su rkhain baira. hamr dd phard day lahaura.21.
U JJ : U| UJ U5lU l3 3J lH= H !
JJ 3J |l5o 35 H lU J3 !!
dhr : dn charakh chardhi tin tr singh k sth.
nabb tabai pt prdi tardaf muy din rt.22.
UU| : JH | || JJ ! lJUH lH= HJ3 =J !
JH HJH| lH= JJ HJ ! "H oI JU| J !=!
chaupa : karmn chhnn chhnn rahai. bids singhan mrat vahai.
rj snhs k singh bahu mr. khls aggai bha pukr.23.
UH JJ3 JH J= ! l3 H l" lH o J= !
=lJ lH= JJ3 H3= ! o 5 o HJ= !e!
dushat bahut th rm randhv. tin s kil jin p banv.
vahi singhan k bahut santvai. p pakrd p marvai.24.
137 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Even those Singhs who were engaged in agriculture,
In their respective villages in the countryside,
They were also killed by the Mughal authorities,
As they were seen to be supporting hair on their heads. (16)
Chaupai : The Nawab, issuing forth such a written proclamation,
He got it proclaimed throughout the territory around Lahore.
Even those who were engaged in agriculture and business,
Were not to be spared if they supported hair on their heads. (17)
Since the murder of a Singh was exempted from any penal sentence,
People were free to hunt and kill as many Singhs as they could.
Ransacking and bludgeoning of Singhs were given a free hand,
Since these were allowed through a written proclamation. (18)
Dohra : Thus, the Nawab of Lahore held out such a temptation,
After calling an assembly of the Hindu peasants of the region.
Many of them started catching hold of the Singhs,
And dispatching their hostages to Lahore for getting rewards. (19)
Chaupai : (Niranjanias/Hindalias
) of Jandiala got many Singhs arrested,
Although they themselves claimed to be Gurus Sikhs.
One of these Niranjanias calling himself to be Harbhagat
Became a leading informer to get the Singhs arrested. (20)
He was instrumental in getting the authors village
ransacked twice,
As well as in getting the authors father
Since (the Hindu) Jats of Majitha
were inimical to his family,
They were responsible for handing over his grandfather
to Lahore Nawab. (21)
Dohra : His grandfather was crushed between the spiked
Along with another Sikh martyr Bhai Taru Singh
After this the Nawab of Lahore was stricken with a gastronomical disorder,
And died after a prolonged excruciating stomach ache. (22)
Chaupai : There lived a Jat Karamachhina in Chhina
Who kept on killing many innocent Singhs.
As he also killed many Singhs of village Raja Sansi
They pleaded before the Khalsa Panth for protection. (23)
Another wicked Jat there was named Rama Randhawa
Who had got his own private fort constructed.
He also harassed and tortured the Singhs very much,
As he used to capture and kill the Singhs on his own. (24)
138 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
l3J J| HI3 U"U| ! JH UH HU|U JU| !
JH JH UH H=lJI ! " J H =lJI !!
tinah kahn jagat chal. rm ds na j bh.
ham rm ds na jvhing. dal bt mjh k khvahing.25
JlJ H IJ| JH H UH ! | UJ HU lH= H !
HH J=5 JJ Hlo" ! J lJoUJ| olU UJJlJ " !!
rahi jdh nagr dharam ju dsa. kn chahai s singhan nsa.
mass ranghard rahy mandil. karai biadb di darbrhi nl.26.
U JJ : HlJJ JlU H J3 JH HlJJ IlU !
5 5 lH= =J lHJ U "JJ UlU !!
dhr : shib ri sandh hut basai nushhir gi.
phard phard singhan vah katai sir d lahaur puchi.27.
UU| : 3J lH= J UI"| "U| ! 3J | U H HIU| !
olU 3J H "lUU IJlU ! "JJ H H U|U UlU !\!
chpa : tr singh par chugl l. turkan k un phauj mang.
i turkan s lai gahi. lahaur maddh s d puchi.28.
\. H3J lH = H lH = | H| ('H H lUH H|H U 3J ...') \. H3J lH = H lH = | H| ('H H lUH H|H U 3J ...') \. H3J lH = H lH = | H| ('H H lUH H|H U 3J ...') \. H3J lH = H lH = | H| ('H H lUH H|H U 3J ...') \. H3J lH = H lH = | H| ('H H lUH H|H U 3J ...')
97. matb singh sukkh singh k skh (mass k im ss utry...)
U JJ : H H J "H lHH 5 JJ3 H|3 !
JHJ UU |U HJ JH J U|3 !!
dhr : sunn su paurakh khls jim thrdan bahut jt.
hamr dd th k maran dharam dhar cht.1.
J H JJUJ lH= J |U HJ !
lUH H" J"lU l"lU l=U "JJ !!
navb su khn bahdur singhan par k zr.
im mulkhayyan bulikai likhi vich lahaur.2.
UU| : H lH= U "= ! H =lJ o| H I== !
oU lH= J3= J| ! = | o| lHU I=J| !=!
chaupa : j singhan k k lukvai. s vahi apn jn gavvai.
singh batvai nnh. vai p apn jind guvh.3.
H lH= H J= ! HH"H H J= "= !
H lH= U= H ! HH"H J l3H H !e!
j singhan k sk karvai. muslamn s hvan lvai.
j singhan kau dvai nja. muslamn karn tis kj.4.
139 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
His senseless killings gave birth to a popular folk song,
Which stated that nobody should venture into Ramas territory.
That instead of venturing into Rama Randhawas territory,
It was better to feed oneself on local wild nuts and berries. (25)
Another person Dharam Dass
, a resident of Jodh Nagar,
Also was bent upon the extermination of Khalsa Singhs.
A Muslim convert Massa Ranghar
, a resident of Mandiala,
Indulged in acts of sacrilege at the Holy Darbar Sahib. (26)
Dohra : Another tyrant of Singhs was a Sandhu Jat Sahib Rai
Who happened to be an inhabitant of villege Naushehra.
He killed a large number of Singhs after capturing them,
And dispatched their severed heads to Lahore. (27)
Chaupai : Becoming an informer against Bhai Taru Singh,
He was responsible for Mughal troops raid on Taru Singh.
These troops, after a raid, arrested Bhai Taru Singh,
And took him to Lahore for executing him. (28)
Episode 97
The Episode About Mehtab Singh
, Sukha Singh
(The Way they severed Massa Rangars
Dohra : (Dear readers) listen to the account of chivalrous feats of the Khalsa,
How their miniscule minority conquered the Mughals in majority.
Included among these chosen ones was the (Authors) grandfather,
Who had taken a vow to sacrifice his life for his religion. (1)
It was Nawab Khan Bahadur
(Zakariya Khan) of Lahore,
Who had suppressed the Khasa Panth very much.
Calling an assembly of all the representatives of the state,
He had issued such a written proclamation at Lahore: (20
Chaupai : That whosoever provided a shelter to the Singhs,
He would have to forego his own precious life.
Whosoever did not inform about the Singhs approach,
He would also have to be divested of his existence. (3)
Whosoever established a relationship of blood with the Singhs,
He would have to accept conversion to Islam.
Whosoever handed over provisions to the Singhs,
He would be converted to Islam for this offence. (4)
140 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : oH| oH| =J J U| " JlU !
U|o lHJU U U| l=U 5lU !!
dhr : ais ais ghr kar dn lk daari.
kaan k sirpu dai dn vichn pardi.5.
UU| : 3J lH= " J3= ! U|o o J 5=!
U| U= o HJ ! lH= J oH J=J !!
chaupa : tab singhan k lk batvain. kaak apn hatth phardvain.
kaku dvain p mra. singhan k bhay ais havra.6.
lH= HJ lU= 3J ! oH H = JJ3 HJ !
lH= H" J I JJ ! lH= J| 3 H J J !!
singhan mr dikhvain turka. anm su pvain bahut murak.
singh mulkhayyan par gay baira. singh bh tn sn karain na khaira.7.
"J3 HJ3 J " JJ ! UH 3J| 3J3 3J J !
3lJ H 3J 3J3 U5 o= ! 3H IH | J U= !\!
larat marat kahn luk chhap rahain. dushat tahn turat turkan kahain.
tahin sun turak turat chardah vain. ts garm k dhr udavain.8.
3J lH= J 3JH ! lH= =3 =H !\!
garm chhda ju ujrdan rahain, gird garm ujrdan chahain.
tab singhan k bhay tars. singhan vatnn chhday vsa.9.
U HI" U " ! U JJ J5 J !
JJ UH HlJ H ol3 U| ! JH UH H JJ U| !O!
k jangal dakkhan luk. k prab pahrdan ruk.
rah dsh mahin s ati dukh. bj dsh jayn batran ukh.10.
U JJ : J l3 JHJ lJ H IJ JU HlU !
JH H H"3 J "U| UJ| "lU !!
dhr : par pit hamr nikar kai jai nagar pahuchy ji.
rj sn mulkt kar la chkr li.11.
UU| : H H oJ lH= 3lJ oU ! H3J lH= l3J JU o"U !
UJ =3 JH J3 HU ! lJ lJ 3J J "U !!
chaupa : s sun aur singh tahin . matb singh tih bachan al.
dh vatan ham bt sun. kahin kahin turkan dar l.12.
lH= J J3 ! lHH 3J | =3 !
H J H 3 H= ! H 3 U= !=!
singh kahy kachhu pchh na bta. jim turkan n kn ghta.
mukhn kahaun mukh phatt jvai. kannn sunn t kann dukhvai.13.
141 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Holding out such threats and stringent admonitions,
He created a scarce among the general populace.
Conferring robes of honour on some of the people,
He created sharp divisions within the Community. (5)
Chaupai : After this, people started supplying information about Singhs,
Some of them even getting the Singhs arrested themselves.
Many among them started killing Singhs directly,
So miserable became the plight of Singhs (in Punjab). (5)
Presenting Singhs bodies before the Mughals after killing them,
They used to get rewarded with gold coins for their deeds.
Since a confrontation developed between the people and the Singhs,
The Singhs also started hitting back in retaliation. (7)
Since the Singhs would take a refuge somewhere after hit and run,
The wicked opponents would soon complain to the Mughals.
Hearing the complaint, the Mughals would soon raid the place,
Razing the whole village, sheltering the Singhs, to ashes. (8)
If the Singhs took refuge in the wilds, leaving the sheltering villagers,
The Mughal troops would start ruining the surrounding villages.
At this, getting desperate at such a devastation,
The Singhs abandoned the idea or taking refuge in their own country. (9)
So, while some of the Singhs took refuge in the wilds in the South,
Some others took refuge in the eastern mountains.
Those who remained within the territory of their own state,
Felt as scared as the quails in the presence of hawks. (10)
Dohra : My grandfather, leaving the territory of his own state,
He reached the city of Jaipur in the State of Rajasthan.
After arranging a meeting with the state chief,
He managed to get employment in the state service. (11)
Chaupai : As more Singhs reached Jaipur after hearing of Mehtab Singhs employment,
Mehtab Singh expressed his concern for his motherland.
He enquired about the latest news from his homeland,
And the areas which the Mughal troops had occupied. (12)
The Singhs replied that it was difficult to describe,
The atrocities that the Mughals had committed there.
Neither could their tongue dare to utter those brutalities,
Nor would his ears be able to listen to those. (13)
142 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J3 U|J3| 3| H= ! J|U H H HH= !
HJ UJ | JU| J3 ! UI"3 J J lHH 3 !e!
bt chrt chht jvai. n kah man mn na samvai.
sarap chakndhar k bha bta. uglat ban na banai jim khta.14.
U JJ : |U UU= 3J J olH3HJ IJUJ !
dhr : k upddarv turak bada ammritsar gurdavr.
hari mandar main kachn rakh turkan k sardr.15.
Hlo"| J=5 HH 3 H !
J lJoUJ| JlJ HUJ | J JJH !!
mandil k ranghrd mass tnk nm.
kar biadb rahi mandar pp bada harm.16.
UU| : H3J lH= H IH ! HJ lJ I "I !
J lH= UJ lH= J| ! H|H H UH 35 J| !!
chaupa : matb singh sun guss khy. janakar bichh daang lagy.
kahy singh hn singh k nnh. ss ju usk trdy nnh.17.
lH= 3 H3 I UJ ! lH= JJ J J !
3J UH lH= JU " ! 3 lJ J I= !\!
kay singhan t sat gay dra. kay singhan purkhrath bhay kra.
tab us singh bachan palty. kay tain nath nahin paurakh gavy.18.
3H HJ 3 lJ oU ! U U3 U"J J !
3H JlH 3J JUU ! 3HJ HH HJ UlU JU !\!
tum marn t nath nahin . un k dt ulmbh kh.
tum bhaji turkan parn bacha. tumr jais sabh ui bha.19.
HJ lJ HJ IU ! UJ lH= lUHl U !
UJ lH= H|3 J| ! J3 HHJ| lH= 3U| !O!
marn daari kai sabh nath ga. hn singh k darishti na pa.
hn singh k sunyat nhn. karat maskar singhan tn.20.
=J HJ U|U I=U| ! lH= H|o3 J HI H J| !
H lH= l3 U HI HUJ| ! H "H lH= HJ| !!
navb panth sab d gav. singh sunat kahn jag main nh.
j singh nit uth jang machhn. nm khls singh japhn.21.
H lH= l3 U HJU UUJ ! " l3 3J HJ!
H 3 HHH H J= ! o" o" lJ H|H U5= !
oJ J 3H J| H UJ lH= ! IU J "J| lI !!
143 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Neither could their lungs dare to describe those indignities,
Nor could their hearts contain those in silence.
Being caught between the devil and the deep sea,
They could neither retaliate, nor bear with those indignities. (14)
Dohra : The Mughals had committed the greatest sacrilege,
In the sacred precincts of Darbar Sahib at Amritsar.
The chief among the Mughals had kept a Courtesan,
(For lewd dancing) in the sanctum sanctorum of Harmandir. (15)
This Mughal chief hailedfrom village Mandiali,
And Massa Ranghar was the name of this chief.
Being a great sinner and a notorious evil doer,
He had been desecrating the sanctity of Harmandir. (16)
Chaupai : Hearing of this desecration, Mehtab Singh felt greatly incensed,
As if he had been stung by a poisonous scorpion.
He asked if there were no Singhs present there,
Who could crush the head of such a defiler? (17)
Had the Singhs abandoned their mission to defend the truth,
Or Had they abandoned their mission of performing noble deeds?
Counter-questioning him for his flamboyant bravado, Singhs asked,
Why did he himself shirk from that daring challenge? (18)
As he himself had fled away for saving his own life,
How could he blame others for not facing the challenge?
As he had saved his life by fleeing from the scene,
So had others fled away following his footsteps. (19)
Since all the Singhs had run away to save their lives,
Hardly any Singh could be found there in Punjab.
Since no body had heard of Singhs being there,
People were poking fun at the so-called Singhs. (20)
Since the Mughal Nawab had totally eliminated the Khalsa Panth,
No Singh was supposed to be alive in the whole country.
All those Singhs had perished who used to wage a war daily,
As well as those Khalsa Singhs who used to meditate on Gods name. (21)
All those Singhs had become extinct who used to recite gurbani,
As well as those who used to loot and slaughter the Mughals.
There were no more such Singhs as observed the daily Sikh code of conduct,
144 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
j singh nit uth shabad uchrain. lt kt nit turkan mrain.
jap tap sajam nm karvain. akl akl kahi ss chardvain.
ab hai tum h s hn singha. ga natth kar lamb dainga.22.
U JJ : J H lH= H| lU "I| H J lJ !
3 H oUJ| JJ "I| lU3 J HJ lH !=!
dhr : yah sun singh j chip lag janu kar bichh dank.
tan man achb bahu lag chit dhry maran nisnk.23.
H J : H5| J =" H lH= l3 !
H3J lH= " o UH lHU J !e!
srth : mrd kamb vl sukkh singh tarikhn th.
matb singh k nl y dj sidak kar.24.
UU| : U J lH= H| 3 J"U| ! UJ J lH= oI U| !
JH HJ HlU 3J 3U| ! UJ J H "H oU| !!
chaupa : uth kar singh j phat bul. charan chhh singh gy p.
ham mrain ji turkan tn. charan chhuhn main khls .25.
3J "J HJ J ! l l3H H| l l3 J !!
jkar ss lag gur artha. dhann janam dhann maran samratha.
turkan larnai marnn daar. dharik tis jann dharik pit kar.26.
U JJ : HJ 3 J " J" J !
HJ J lHJ " 3J HJ J J !!
dhr : marn t kay daarpan l phul khand dhr.
jab hth sidhaur lai tur marnn daar na nr.27.
UU| : H H J lH= =3| oU ! olH3HJ l=I lJ U !
J| HU H3 HU|U ! JJ J JU|U !\!
chaupa : karm karm kar singh vatn . ammritsar dhig phiran na p.
kar sch kachhu jatan kama. takai bharan k rp bana.28.
U JJ : lH= J JH lHH H U| Hl3IJ J3 JU !
HlU HH lHJ lJ JH3 JlU oU !\!
dhr : singh kahai ham jim pujain ku satigur bt banu.
ji mas k sir katain nahin rast hui atku.29.
UU| : HU Hl3IJ lJ| JU| ! lHJ UlJJ| H Jl oU| !
=I| = JJ = U ! lUH J "| H l !=O!
chaupa : s satigur bidh ban. sikhar duphir main bani .
vag pavan bahu ghat udan. im kar ln mukkh chhipn.30.
145 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Nor were there any Singhs who sacrificed their lives with the shouts of Akal.
Only the likes of him, the fugitive Singhs, had been left behind,
Who had hastily escaped to save their skins. (22)
Dohra : Hearing this, S. Mehtab Singh felt so much mortified,
As if he had been stung by a poisonous scorpion.
So much mortified did he feel by these remarks,
That he resolved to sacrifice his life without any fear. (23)
Sortha : There was one Sukha Singh of village Mari Kamboki,
Who belonged to the community of carpenters.
He volunteered to accompany Mehtab Singh,
As he too was a devout Sikh of the Guru. (24)
Chaupai : Both these Singhs bade farewell to the Singhs with Fateh,
After seeking their permission for their mission with reverence.
They declared their resolve to decimate the Mughals,
And thereafter touch the sacred feet of Khalsa Panth. (25)
If they sacrificed their lives for the Gurus cause,
They would feel blessed both in life and death.
Curse be on the mother and the father of a Singh,
Who felt scared of fighting against the Mughals. (26)
Dohra : Why should a Singh be scared of death,
Who had partaken Khande-ki-Pahul
A Singh was as fearless as the wife of a slain Rajput warrior,
Who made an offering of Sindhur
as a vow to die with her husband. (27)
Chaupai : Covering the distance in stages, the two Singhs reached their homeland,
But they could not enter the periphery of Amritsar.
Devising a strategy to accomplish their cherished mission,
They decided to disguise themselves as revenue collecting officials. (28)
Dohra : The two Sikhs invoked the protection of the God Almighty,
As they planned to hit their coveted target after reaching there.
They prayed that they might succeed in beheading Massa Ranghar,
That there be no impediments to block their way. (29)
Chaupai : The Divine Satguru, creating favourable circumstances for them,
Made them to undertake their mission in the peak hours of the noon.
They wrapped their faces with a loose garment,
As one protected ones face during a dust storm. (30)
146 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : lHJ UlJJ| JU= HJH ol3 33lU !
U JJH U UH5 lJ oH| "U| 3lU !=!
dhr : sikhar duphir bhdv sraj ati tapti.
kad barsai kad ujjrdai bidh ais la taki.31.
UU| : "I| H = IU| ! l JJ J J =U| !
HH HJI JI I= ! l=U H"JlJ JI o" !=!
chaupa : dhp lag phauj chhvain ga. kichh barkh kar daran va.
mass srang rg gavy. vichai malrhi rg aly.32.
U JJ : H3 HI3 l "lU JU !
U=H UH| H = U3J 3lJ lJ U !==!
dhr : k sutt k jgt kinhai na lakhi bhd.
darvj darshn j dahuk utr tahin bin khd.33.
UU| : UU| =" UlU =5 "U ! U= JJ 3J U !
JI" HlJ 3"=J "U| ! lHH J J| U| !=e!
chaupa : du val dui ghrd l. dvain barchh tahn chhap.
baglan mahin talvr luk. jim kar nnh tk k.34.
H oU lHJ| ! H" l"oU J UIJJ| !
l JH l IH J ! oJ UlJ JJ | J !=!
k jnai k a siph. ml li kar ugrh.
kichh bjai kichh gjai par. aur dkhhin bahu natn khar.35.
lH= 3lJ "I I U= ! lH= lH3J| U = !
Hl3IJ o H H=J ! UlU J U| lUH oJ !=!
singhan k tahin lag gay dva. singhan shitb chakky pva.
satigur apn kj savr. ui kar dn dishat andhr.36.
U JJ : UU lH= 3lJ H H HlJ JH lHJUI !
= lHJJ| lHJ UU| HH lJHI !=!
dhr : d singh tahin j puj jahin bjai mirdang.
kadadah sirh sir da mass k nirsang.37.
UU| : HH lUH H|H U3J ! H J J" Uo J !
J3 H HJJ 3 U=J ! UH lH= H " U3J !=\!
chaupa : mass k im ss utry. jan kar bln kad try.
hut ju zbar t k davr. dj singh s lay utr.38.
3 " HJ J ol3 JJ| ! lJ =5 U5 J| H=J| !
5 H =5 J" IU " ! oH| JU| HH | I" !=\!
tau lau shr bhay ati bhr. phir ghrdan chardah kar savr.
chhrd su ghrd ral ga jhalla. ais bha mass k galla.39.
147 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : It being the peak hour of the noon in the month of September,
The Sun was at its hottest in this (humid) month.
As it rained and stopped at intermittent intervals,
It proved very convenient for accomplishing their mission. (31)
Chaupai : As the scorching heat made the guards recede into shade,
The rest of the troops receded to their barracks to escape rain.
Massa Ranghar ordered the Court dancer to play Rag Sarang
Along with the melodies from the Rag Malhar.
Dohra : With some of the guards dozing off or half-asleep,
None of them could notice the entry of the Singhs.
The two Singhs were able to reach the main entrance,
Without any let or hindrance on their way. (33)
Chaupai : Positioning their horses on each side of the main entrance,
They concealed their spears behind the wall.
They hid their swords beneath their loose robes,
So that no security guard could object to their arms. (34)
Some security guards took them for Mughal soldiers,
Who had come to deposit revenue proceeds.
While some guards were distracted by the live music,
Others were hypnotized by the courtesans lewd dance. (35)
As the Singhs thought this moment to be most opportune,
They proceeded hastily towards their cherished target.
As Divine Will wished to set everything right,
It made their presence unnoticed by the watching eyes. (36)
Dohra : Both the Singhs finally reached the central spot,
Where the musicians were playing on the music.
Pulling out his sword from its sheath beneath his dress,
Mehtab Singh lunged it courageously at Mass Ranghars head. (37)
Chaupai : He chopped off Massa Ranghars head as easily,
As one plucks a pumpkin from a creeper.
Whatever jewels Massa Ranghar was wearing around his neck,
The other Singh took these off his neck quickly. (38)
As there was raised a lot of hue and cry all around,
The two Singhs mounted their horses and fled away.
As the two Singhs, spurring their horses, disappeared into the wilds,
Their brave act ended the (notorious) tale of Massa Ranghar. (39)
148 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
ll3 UJ J J" J ! lHJ UlJJ| H3 l U !
| lJ" l | U| ! U H lU3 | J| U| !eO!
kitik dr kar raul bhay. sikhar duphir sunat kichhu day.
th pahiln kin kth na p. un man chint th nahn k.40.
JlJ3 J3| l3J JJ3| H ! JJ JJ3 " J HH !
o"H UlJJ HlJ ! |U UJU lJ 3JlJ !e!
rahit hut tih bahut phauja. rah bahut ghphal kar mauja.
alsn dpahir mnhi. nnd dab phirain tahnhi.41.
U JJ : | lU JJ " 3 " lH= IU UJ !
HJ H HUJ JJ U| l=HJ !e!
dhr : kth pi hathyr lai tau lau singh ga dr.
mry sun phujdr k hr dukh visr.42.
UU| : H H J lH H J ! UH H JJ U H3 !
HH H J3 J=J ! "JJ HlU l3 J| J !e=!
chaupa : jai jai kr sikhan man bhay. dushtan man bahu dukh santy.
mass k ju hut parvra. lahaur ji tin kar pukra.43.
JHJ | 5 HI= ! J l3 == !
3J JH H=I lU"| ! J| =J| 3H l="| !ee!
hamr khn pakard mangv. tuk tuk kar tin k katvv.
ntar ham jvaing dill. kar navb tum nai dahill.44.
HJ JJ H ! lH= HH HJ I= !
J lIJ lHH lH= oHH ! o=3 H=3 l H !e!
jab nabb n yau sun py. singhan mass mr guvy.
par girajh jim singh asmn. vat jvat kinain na jnn.45.
l H =lJ lJ JJ ! l H = lJ IU !
oH| H =J JJJ| ! H"| H" lJ lHH 3JJ| !e!
kinain na jn vahi kahin rahn. kinain na jny vai kahin ga.
ais sun navb dharhar. machhl jal bin jim tarphar.46.
J HI= JH HJ| ! IU H JHJ l" UJJJ| !
H J JH 3 lJ HI|J ! oJ U J UJ 3I|J !e!
kah mangv parj sr. ga ju hamr likh darbr.
j kar ham t khhin jagra. ab un k kar dhu tagra.47.
lJH|o JJJI3 J"lUo ! JH | H olUo !
JH J= HU HI ! H IJ|U JH !e\!
nirjann harbhagat buli. karmn chhnn sth i.
rm randhv sadd mangy. jdh nagr nn phurmy.48.
149 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As the din and noise continued for a long time,
It could be heard for long at the peak of noon.
As they had never apprehended any sudden attack,
They had no worries about Massa Ranghars security. (40)
Although a large number of Mughal troops were stationed there,
They remained careless and involved in festivities.
Feeling drowsy and sleepy in the summer noons heat,
They were overpowered by slumber at that moment. (41)
Dohra : By the time, the Mughal soldiers mounted their horses,
The Singhs had gone too far to be caught by them.
Learning that their main custodian had been killed,
They could do nothing but grieve over their loss. (42)
Chaupai : As there was a joy and victory in the Singhs camp,
There was a lot of sorrow and grief in the enemy camp.
Then the grieving members of the family of Massa Ranghar,
Proceeded to Lahore to appeal for a relief. (43)
Demanding the arrest of the slaughterers of their chief,
They pressed for cutting their bodies into pieces.
Otherwise, they would approach the Nawab at Delhi,
And complain that Lahore Nawab had lost his grip over the state. (44)
So the Nawab came to know about this news,
That the Singhs had killed Massa Ranghar.
Swooping like a hawk from the skies on Massa Ranghar,
The Singhs had disappeared unnoticed by anybody. (45)
Neither did anybody know where those Singhs lived,
Nor did anybody know where they had disappeared.
Hearing this news, the Nawab felt as desperate as,
A fish felt when thrown out of water. (46)
He ordered all those subjects to be summoned,
Who had given written undertakings to be loyal subjects.
He summoned all those on the pay rolls of the state,
So that he could replace them from their appointed posts. (47)
He ordered Niranjania Harbhagat
to be summoned,
Along with Karama Chhina
from the village Chhina.
Orders were issued to summon Rama Randhawa
As well as Dharam Dass from Jodh Nagar
. (48)
150 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lJ J"U HH||U oU ! H lU lH= JJ3 oU !
lJ " HJ J| " l"U|U ! o lIJU HU lIU|U !e\!
bin bul majth . s in singhan bahut ak.
kahin lau sabh h lk likh. apn gird s gina.49.
U JJ : J H HJ J"lU U UH JJ !
HH HJ lH lH= o H JH UJ !O!
dhr : kahy su sabhan bulikai paid usai karhu.
mass mry jin singhan n su ham k dhu.50.
UU| : J| 3 3H H lH"= ! 3HJ| J| JH H I== !
lH= HH 3H |o ! 3H J lH= JH JlJ U|o !!
chaupa : nahn t tum k sth milvain. tumr bh ham jn guvvain.
singhan k jumm tum k. tum kah singh ham rahin na d.51.
HJ JJ lH= JH J3= ! l3H HI | lH| = !
JJ lH= H IJ| HJ| ! J 3" =|" J| !!
jahn rahain singh hamai batv. tis jg k mit putv.
rahain singh jn nagr mnh. karn katal kachhu dahl na kh.52.
U JJ : HU J3= lH= H H o IH !
U= l3H 5lU H = = lUH !=!
dhr : j batvai singh k nm dhm au garm.
dvai tisai phardi j pvai ghan inm.53.
UU| : JlJJI3 lJH| oH J ! H3J lH= lU JI J !
H|J UlHU IH ! olH3HJ 3 3 J H !e!
chaupa : haribhgat nirjan ais kahy. matb singh ik bhang bhay.
mrn kt dassi garma. ammitrsar tai tarai kh thma.54.
H|J H JJ o"| HI|J ! HJ UU| J o |J !
=J H HU " J"lU ! H U| UH U5lU !!
mr su kambar al jagra. sh da kar apn pra.
navb su sayyad lay buli. sthai dnn usai chardhi.55.
3HJ l J 3" J ! lH= J 3 3H lJ J !!
tumr pind kar katal na karn. singh rkhan t tum nahin daar.56.
U JJ : H HlU l =lJU HU JHlU !
lJJ U "| HU 5lU !!
dhr : phauj ji pind ghri sayyad kachhu na basi.
natth khahir pach th ln s phardi.57.
151 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The Majithias came voluntarily without being summoned,
Who had been harassing the Singhs quite a lot.
It is difficult to keep a count of all the informers,
I (the author) have listed only his nearest neighbours. (49)
Dohra : Summoning all the Hindu Jat informers of the region,
Nawab of Lahore ordered them to produce the killer Singhs.
They must hand them over to the authorities at any cost,
Those Singhs who had slaughtered Massa Ranghar. (50)
Chaupai : Otherwise, the Nawab threatened to include them among the Singhs,
And would eliminate them as well along with the Singhs.
Since they had taken the responsibility for Singhs elimination,
They had been boasting of having eliminated the Singhs completely. (51)
They must reveal the hide-outs where Singhs took shelter,
So that he might raze the whole habitat to dust.
They must name the town where the Singhs took refuge,
So that he might massacre all the inhabitants without any delay. (52)
Dohra : Whosoever would supply any information about the Singhs,
Along with their names, hideouts and village names,
Or whosoever would facilitate the capture of any Singh,
He would be highly rewarded for his services. (53).
Chaupai : Harbhagat, a follower of Niranjani sect, informed,
That it was the handiwork of one Mehtab Singh Bhangoo.
He had been reported to be a resident of Mirankot,
A village situated at a distance of three miles from Amritsar. (54)
Mir Kambar Ali had been given the custodianship of that village,
By virtue of his being the spiritual guide of the emperor.
So the Nawab, sending for the Sayyad Kambar Ali,
Asked him to accompany the Mughal troops to his village. (55)
The Nawab had not massacred the village population for Pirs sake,
Although he had not desisted from harbouring the Singhs. (56)
Dohra : The Mughal troops laid a siege to the village after reaching there,
Rendering Sayyad (Kambar Ali) helpless from protecting his village.
One Natha Khehra
being the elected village chief,
Was taken into custody by the invading Mughal troops. (57)
152 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : J U| H HJUJ ! l3H oH |U UUJ !
3HJ| H 3| J| ! lJ H3J lH= "lU J J| !\!
chaupa : nr dn th phauj sardra. tisnai ais k uchra.
tumr jn chhtt nnh. bin matb singh layi yahn h.58.
H3J lH= |H JHJ ! J H H J " HJ !
3J UH J| ! H3J lH= oJ JHJ J| !\!
matb singh k kjai hzra. banai na s j rakhai luk jara.
tab natth n us k kah. matb singh ab hzar nahn.59.
H JHJ| JHJ oJ| ! JH HJ J UJ| !
JU| lJ J ! "lU 3 l3H UJ 3 H|U !O!
jn hamr hzar h. ham k mr rkh chh.
nrdn n phir yaun kahy. layi putar tisu chahain tn j.60.
3J 3JJ H |U ! "U " H J H|U !
U J =J H|=3 J| ! JU U"U lH= | J| !!
tab natth takrr su k. layn tl ju rkh j.
un bhkhy vah jvat nnh. bachai uld na singh khn kh.61.
J" 3J I ! U J" H|H lJ" !
H H J" UU 5lU ! J" 3J3 UlJI =lU !!
blak pai natth tab gay. dkh blk ss hily.
main j blak dn phardi. blak turat dhing ghi.62.
U JJ : 5lU HJ= J" lJU U lH" U !
lH= H| HI lH 3 UJIlJ " "IU !=!
dhr : phardi marvn bl k bich pachn milai na thnun.
singh j mang nij putar k dargahi kalank lagun.63.
UU| : 3J oH UUJ ! J" HI HJ J !
JJ U"U HI3 H HJ| ! HJ U HI3 J"J| !e!
chaupa : tab natth n ais uchr. blak k sang marn dhr.
rahai uld jagat main mr. sbh pn jagat bhalr.64.
U JJ : 3J J | lU !
H J l3H HI U" U H=| JlJ !!
dhr : tab natth kandh dhary pchhai kandh tapi.
paj purakh tis sang chal pa kamv rhi.65.
H 3 oJ JH UJ5 HI UJ= !
lHJ UlJJ| | H "= IU lU HU !!
sak puttar aru bhnj chhrd sang darvn.
sikhar duphir tt main langh ga ik madn.66.
153 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Noordin, who was a commander of the Mughal force,
Addressed Natha Khehra, in the following words.
He would have to wash his hands off his own life,
Otherwise he must produce Mehtab Singh before him. (58)
Mehtab Singh must be handed over to the authorities,
Otherwise his harbourers would not be spared.
Thereupon, Natha Khehra answered the Mughal commander,
That Mehtab Singh was not present in the village at that moment. (59)
Offering himself for arrest to the chief of Mughal troops,
He asked them to deal with him in any manner they liked.
At this, Noorudin ordered him to produce Mehtab Singhs son,
In case he wished his own life to be spared. (60)
Natha Khehra argued that he would trace Mehtab Singhs son,
Provided they promised to spare the childs life.
Noorudin retorted that he would not be spared.
Because how could a murderer Singhs progeny be allowed to live? (61)
Hearing this decision, Natha Khehra went to the child,
And shook his head out of pity for the infant.
He commiserated that incase he handed over the child,
They would slaughter the child in an instant. (62)
Dohra : In case, he handed over the child to be Mughals,
He would lose his face among the village elders.
When Mehtab Singh demanded his son back left in his custody,
He would feel stigmatized for breach of trust in heavens. (63)
Chaupai : After reflecting thus, Natha Khehra declared thus,
That he would die with the child rather than handing him over.
If his own progeny survived after his death for the cause,
They would earn the honour of being descendents of a benefactor. (64)
Dohra : So picking up the child of Mehtab Singh on his back,
Naatha Khehra jumped over the wall in the back yard.
Escorting the child under the protection of five men,
They escaped towards a path leading to village Mari Kamboki. (65)
The escorting party included his real son and his sisters son,
As well as the family security guard and a menial.
It being the peak of a hot summers noon,
They covered a lot of distance in the open fields. (66)
154 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : JJJI3 lJH|U H U| ! I H U| !
3J3 U5 U UI"| U| ! I o lHJ 3U| !!
chaupa : harbhagat nirjan sun p. natth gay su kandh tap.
turat daurd un chugl kh. gay natth y jih tn.67.
H IU JlJI JHJ| ! U5 3J3 l3H "U|U HJ| !
H3 H 3J3J U5 U| ! lJ" HlU H 5 "U| !\!
s nath ga na rahigu hamr. chardh turat tis la mr.
sunat phauj turtah chardah pa. pahil ji su paird la.68.
U JJ : 3J J " HHlU !
3H JlU lH= " H J H olU !\!
dhr : tab natth n pun kahy lkan k samjhi.
tum ri singh k lai nath main rkhn phauj atki.69.
UU| : 3J J H3 3H H= ! lUH J" U5= !
H 3H J" oJ 3H H= ! 3 ol3 lU HI H = !O!
chaupa : tab natth kahy sut tum nath jv. is blak k kandh chardhv.
j tum blak ab taj jv. tau ati nindy jag mn pv.70.
H| 3J J HJ ! o3 " l3H IU J !
H U|J J H H "J ! 3H l3 HlU IU H =J !!
jk khtar nath kar mar. ant kl tis chhada ga khar.
main hn rk phauj su larn. tum kit ji gun main var.71.
lUH J" lUJ "lU ! 3H lHJ JlU H JlU !
lUH l3 H JH I ! l3H 3J JH HJ J !!
is blak k dih laki. pchhai tum sir hi su hi.
isk pit saump ham gay. tis khtar ham marnn bhay.72.
U JJ : l3H 3J 3J J JH JU H lJ !
H3 oU| JH H|H lH J " llJ !=!
dhr : tisk puttar tab kahy ham nath bachain su nnhi.
maut ham ss pai kim kar lukain chhiphin.73.
UU| : 3J "I H "U =J =J ! HJ| JU J| JJ !
3J 3 H H5 J JJ ! J H" 3J l=I 3 UJ !e!
chaupa : tab lag phauj la vh ghra. mr bandkan kar na bra.
tab t jatt murd kar hra. kar mughal tab dhig t dra.74.
U JJ : 3J HI" J J=5 H J"lU !
"= JU" oJ 3H| HH H JJlU !!
dhr : tab muglan n yaun kahy ranghrdan k su buli.
lv badl ab tum mass k ju bhari.75.
155 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Harbhagat Niranjania, having received the information,
Heard that Natha Khehra had escaped over the back walls.
Informing the Mughal troops about the escape,
He himself rushed to guide the Mughal troops. (67)
He felt he would be disgraced if they escaped,
So they must rush and kill the fugitives.
Hearing this, the Mughal troops launched an attack,
After tracing the footsteps of the runaway fugitives. (68)
Dohra : At this juncture, Nantha Khehra, addressing his companions,
Asked them to listen to his instructions carefully.
He instructed them to run away with the child Rai Singh (Mehtab Singhs son),
While he would try to obstruct the chasing Mughal troops. (69)
Chaupai : Addressing his own son, he asked him to runaway,
While carrying the infant Rai Singh on his shoulders.
If he abandoned the child at this critical hour,
He would have to face social condemnation of the society. (70)
In that case, people would accuse them of abandoning the child,
For whom they had deserted their own home and hearth.
Therefore, while he (Natha Khehra) would grapple with the chasing troops,
They (Nathas son and child) should run and seek shelter in some village. (71)
Once the child Rai Singh
was given a safe sanctuary,
Let any catastrophe strike Natha Khehras own son.
Since Rai Singhs father had left his son in his custody,
He was prepared to face death for keeping his trust. (72)
Dohra : Upon this, Natha Khehras son told his father,
That it would not avail them to run away at that stage.
Since death was hovering over their heads all around,
It would no longer avail them to seek a shelter. (73)
Chaupai : By this time, they were surrounded by the Mughal troops,
Who opened a barrage of bullet fire on them.
At this, Natha Khehras party rushed back with a counter attack,
And pushed the invading troops away from their proximity. (74)
Dohra : At this, the Mughal Commanders issued fresh instructions,
That let the supporters of Massa Ranghar be summoned forth.
Addressing the brothers of Massa Ranghar, Mughal Commander said,
That they should now fight and take revenge from their enemies. (75)
156 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : 3J lJ J=5 J" |o ! UJ UJ J J U|o !
H | l "I =J ! lJ JJ = H J !!
chaupa : tab phir ranghrdan hall k. dr dr kar phr d.
jattan k kichh lag na vha. nahin hathyr vada jattan pha.76.
lU lJ JJ| lU lJ H"! U= J=5 3| " !
J UJ5 U= JJ| ! HH JU| lHJ " J| !!
ik pahi barchh ik pahi sl. dvain ranghrdan chht pl.
hth chhrd k dandh bhr. mass bh sir ly kr.77.
J 3"=J JJ=" JJ| ! HJU =5 "U| J| !
JH J=5 H HI" J ! JH 3 H HJ 3 JJ !\!
hatth talvr barvl rah. mardan ghrdan l kahn.
bhj ranghard j muglan kahain. ham t jatt maran t rah.78.
U 3|J HJ ! lHH 3 "I l3H JlU J !
HI" J 3H HH JU| ! "= =J o 3H HU| !\!
k natth tran mr. jis tan lagg tis hui pr.
mugal kahain tum mass bh. lv vair p tum j.79.
3H JH H J| lHJ| ! lH 3H JHJ| U 3U| !
JJJI3 lJH|U HJ ! H J=5 UlU =" 3 J !\O!
kay tum ham s nahn siph. kim tum hamr t tak.
harbhagat nirjann pai jh. jatt ranghard dui vall t ph.80.
H JJJI3 H oH| J| ! JH 3 J| H HJ3 J| !
HJ lHH 3 | ! HI lJ = H 3 | !\!
sun harbhagat su ais kah. ham t bh jatt mart nahn.
mr natth jis tan kn. mng nahin vai mukh t pn.81.
JJ H H lJ HJ ! HJ Il" JJ JJ !
UJ H| J J= ! 3|J JH 3|J J U= !\!
hathyr phtan sn s nahin mar. mr glin chharrr bhar.
h kamn bada kahvai. tr rm trath pr puchvai.82.
U JJ : JJJI3 J| HU| J| HI" J| UJ !
UlU UJ H "U U3J =J !\=!
dhr : harbhagat kah s kar muglan kah chuphr.
di chuphr psn la chutraphn ghr.83.
H H H oJ HJ H lU !
HJ oU HJ|U J JlU !\e!
natth man main jny ab marn shakk na ki.
mran mr kay rn kay ri.84.
157 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : At this, the supporters of Massa Ranghar attacked Natha Khehras party,
While firing from a safe distance from all sides.
The Natha Khehras Jat group could not combat the enemy,
As it had no firearms in their possession. (76)
As two of them had only spears in their hands,
They kept on piercing the chests of Ranghar adversaries,
The heavy club that the menial carried in his hand,
He struck its heavy blow on the head of Massa Ranghars brother. (77)
The sword that the security guard was wielding,
He wounded many horse-mounted Mughal soldiers with it.
After this, the Ranghar brothers fled and reported to the Mughals,
That they could not fight to eliminate the Jats. (78)
They told that each arrow shot by Natha Khehra Jat,
Pierced through the body which it struck.
The Mughals countered since they were Massa Ranghars brothers,
They themselves should settle their scores with their enemies. (79)
Since the Ranghar brothers were also paid Mughal soldiers,
Why should they look for help to the Mughal troops?
They should approach Harbhagat Niranjanias contingent,
And launch a combined attack from the two sides. (80)
Hearing this, Harbhagat Niranjania also expressed his inability,
That his contingent would also fail to kill Natha Khehras party.
He remarked that whosoever got struck with Natha Khehras arrow,
Could not survive his deadly arrows blow. (81)
Neither could they be killed with weapons or horses hooves,
Nor with the bullets packed with the sharp splinters.
Natha Khehra who was renowned as an ace shooter,
He could shoot his arrows as far as Ram Tirath
. (82)
Dohra : So, as instructed by the pleas of Harbhagat Niranjania,
The Mughal troops made a rush from all the sides.
Thus surrounding Natha Khehras party from all sides,
They launched an attack from the two sides. (83)
At this, Natha Khehra realized it in his own mind,
That they could not escape death at any cost now.
Now when the final moment could not be put off any longer,
They should do or die whatever the consequences. (84)
158 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : 3|J HlJ 3 " ! H "I UHJ UJ lH !
3J lJ JJJ JU| ! U3J H UH lUl"U IU| !\!
chaupa : natth tr jnhi tan ly. s lag dsar r sidhy.
tab phir hnhr yaun bha. utar kamn us chillin ga.85.
H JH H HJ| ! lJ = J HHHJ HJ| !
lHH 3 "= J U5 ! lIJ 3J l3H J= U5 !\!
kamn bhm s natth mr. phir kadadah hath shamshr sudhr.
jis tan lvai kark daurda. gir turak tis hvai chaurda.86.
U JJ : UlU JU H J UlJ UJ 3 U !
lU JJ JU l3J 3 "I !\!
dhr : i bandkan sn hanain dhin dr t dgh.
in pai pht hathyr th pahuch na tih tan lg.87.
HJ JU 3 "U =5 UU lHlU !
JH lU JU oJ JU lH= JlU !\\!
mr bandkan t la ghrdan da midhi.
natth bhnj ik bachy aur bachy singh ri.88.
UU| : oJ JH J3 l3 | oU| ! lHH J l3H | H JUU| !
HJ J =J J ! HJ JU J" J !\\!
chaupa : ab ham bt pit k . jim kar tis k jn bach.
jab natth par ghr pary. mr bandkan raul kary.89.
J" UJ =J ! l3 J HH3J J H J !
= oI | JJ ! l3 HI H J" UJ !\O!
blak nath nath charnan var. tin par shastaran jhr su jhar.
vai nath g pchhai hrain. tin sang pujai na blak daur.90.
lIJ J" l3 I I ! lJ JU l3H U5 H "I !
=H JU 3 H J ! 5 l=U =5 !\!
giry bl tin pag k jhga. nahin pahuchai tis daurd su lga.
vj bandkan t s daarai. jhrd jhund vich kantan vardai.91.
U JJ : J" J H 5 =5 UJ U5lU !
lIJ U " JU3 lUH lU !\!
dhr : blak pairan sn phardn ghrd upar chardi.
gir uth natth luk bacht disai na ki.92.
UU| : 3J J" JU| oJ| ! J" "I H loJ| !
HJ =5 | IJ ! IJU J HJ| HHHJ !\=!
chaupa : tab blak k bha khur. blak lg jn pir.
jab ghrdan k phtan gr. gardan par mr shamshr.93.
159 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Now such was the velocity of an arrow shot by Natha Khehra,
That it pierced through the enemys body and crossed over.
But then as ill luck would have it or God willed it so,
That Natha Khetras bow got unhooked from its string. (85)
After that, dashing his bow to the ground in disgust,
He took out his sword and started wielding it.
Whomsoever he struck after making a strong dash,
He fell flat on to the ground with its fatal blow. (86)
Dohra : As the Mughal soldiers were armed with muskets,
They fired shots at Natha Khehras group from a distance.
But Natha Khehras party had only hand held weapons,
They could not hit the Mughal troops at a distance. (87)
So the Mughal troops killed them with the gunshots,
And crushed them under the horses hooves.
So in this encounter, one of the survivors was Natha Khehras sisters son,
While the other survivor happened to be infant Rai Singh. (88)
Chaupai : Now the focus shifts to the authors father (Rai Singh),
And the way he survived in this fierce encounter.
As everyone pounced upon Natha Khehra from all sides,
They raised a lot of noise while firing from their guns. (89)
The innocent child tried to cling to Natha Khehras feet,
Who was being attacked with weapons from all sides.
As Natha Khehra ran back and forth while fighting,
The helpless child could not keep pace with his protector. (90)
As the child fell down crushed by Natha Khehras feet,
He could not run fast enough to reach him again.
Feeling extremely scared of the gunshots being fired,
The child tried to take cover under the thorny bushes. (91)
Dohra : As the soldiers tried to crush the child with horses hooves,
The child tried to catch hold of the horses legs.
As he struggled to rise, run and find a cover,
There seemed no possibility of his remaining alive. (92)
Chaupai : As the child was being tossed, tumbled and harassed,
The child was desperately trying to save his life.
As he was tumbled over by the horses kicks,
He was hit by a swords blow on his neck. (93).
160 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
IJU =| JJU| ! I" J UH| J U"U| !
IU| JH"| H= 3U| ! 3|H| l3 3 lHJ "U| !\e!
gardan kat k ghand rah. gal par dj phr chal.
kat ga hansl mdah tn. tj tin tak sir k l.94.
H= 3 lHH| HU| ! lUH J HJ JI JU| JUU| !
U H J" HJ I ! 5 " J| !\!
kt mdah t jimn dhas. im kar shh rag bha bach.
un jnyn blak mar gay. dhrd lapty dharn pay.95.
U JJ : HJ 3 IU lJ H|=3 UlJ "lU !
lU HI JlU JU l3J JU| olU !\!
dhr : mr kt kt ga nahi jvat unhi lakhi.
ik sg kambin bchkai tih thn pahuch i.96.
UU| : H" J" H|=3 H ! H J| J =J o !
l3 JHJ | | 3U| ! H J" H " oU| !\!
chaupa : mlan blak jvat jnyn. maddh tkr dhar ghar nyn.
pit hamr k th t. sun rudayl main l .97.
HH lH=U HU| o ! lUH lJl JH l3 JU J !
oH| lJ H| J JU| ! IJ lJ 3 J U| !\\!
zakham siv mch na. is bidhi ham pit bach parna.
ais bidh skh yah bha. gur kirp t pran pa.98.
\\. H| J 3 lH = HJ|U | ('o " I H " 3'.....) \\. H| J 3 lH = HJ|U | ('o " I H " 3'.....) \\. H| J 3 lH = HJ|U | ('o " I H " 3'.....) \\. H| J 3 lH = HJ|U | ('o " I H " 3'.....) \\. H| J 3 lH = HJ|U | ('o " I H " 3'.....)
98. skh bt singh shahd k (n ly gadada nn pais ly kht.....)
U JJ : J H H| lH= | lHH H| J3 lH= !
lH | lU H3 lH | H|H JJ !!
dhr : kahn su skh singh k jim sun ratan singh kn.
sikhan k nindy sunat jin kn ss kurbn.1.
UU| : H3| H3| J ! IJ H= lU" HJ !
J3 lH= 3H H ! H H 3 IH !!
chaupa : jat sat th parn k pr. gur k svak dil k sr.
bt singh ts k nma. mjh mn th tnk garma.2.
HJ U|U lH= =J HJ ! lUH H|U HJ| UJ !
J lH= HJ HJ I" IU ! 3J lH= lU H UU !=!
jabai d th singh vahu mra. dis na sunn mahn chr.
kahain singh sabh mar gal ga. turkan singh khapi su da.3.
161 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
His neck being slit but his Adams Apple still intact,
Another attempt was made to slit his throat as well.
As his collarbone got slashed upto his shoulder,
A third attempt was made to chop off his head. (94)
As the sword, cutting through his shoulder, struck into the earth,
His jugular vein got spared by this stroke.
The soldiers thought that the child had died by then,
As his body was lying flat covered in dust. (95)
Dohra : They left after meting out such fatal blows,
And taking the child to be dead after such brutality.
A female vegetable vender, after having sold her stuff,
Happened to reach the spot where the child lay. (96)
Chaupai : Spotting out the child to be alive and still breathing,
She brought the child home in her vegetable basket.
Knowing that the authors fathers had another aunt,
She brought the fatally wounded child to village Rudiala.
As a village cobbler sewed up his gaping wounds,
The authors father was lucky to have survived.
This was how the incidents of this episode proceeded,
And I (the author) have completed it with Gods grace. (98)
Episode 98
The Episode About S. Bota Singh
the Martyr
(He was charging an anna for a bullock cart and a penny for an ass)
Dohra : Let the author narrate the episode of (Bota) Singh,
As he had heard it with his own ears.
He was the one, who being unable to hear ill of the Singhs,
Sacrificed his own life to keep their dignity. (1)
Chaupai : He was a man of perfect character and commitment,
As well as a devout Sikh and a brave warrior.
Bota Singh was the name of (this great Sikh martyr),
As his village was situated in the Majha region of Punjab. (2)
When (Zakariya Khan) had slaughtered most of the Singhs,
No Singh could be spotted anywhere for four months.
People said that all the Singhs had died and perished,
As the Mughals had eliminated all of them. (3)
162 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UI J3 J oJ ! lUH J lJ HJ "H HJ !
J3 lH= J = JJ ! l lJ3 l3J U H " !e!
dang karat na kahn akhr. im kar kahin sabh khls mr.
bt singh kahn vakh rahy. kinai phirat tih dkh su lay.4.
U3 HU oUJ J ! J lH= J H|=3 JJ !
oH U =J J ! J=I J| U J JJ !!
dkhat s achmbh bhay. kahn singh yah jvat rahy.
ais dkhan vran kahy. hvag bhkh k yah rahy.5.
U JJ : lH= U|H3 J J 3J UU lU !
UH J U| JI J lUJ J "lU !!
dhr : singh na dsat hain kahn turkan da khapi.
dj kahy k hg yah kir kr luki.6.
UU| : "H HU H l3 HI J ! "H HU HJ 3 J !
"H HU H UI HU= ! "H HU H H|H "I= !!
chaupa : khls s ju nit jang karai. khls s na maran t daarai.
khls s ju dang machvai. khls s j ss lagvai.7.
U JJ : J3 lH= H| JJ 3J J| "lU !
H lJ "I "I| J"| lH= HlU !\!
dhr : bt singh n yaun sun rahy tahn h khali.
janu bichchh k daank lagy lag bl singh si.8.
UU| : lH= lU3 J lHU J| ! H|H "I lJ I" lJ J| !
H|H "IU UJU JlU ! HI H "H HlU !\!
chaupa : singh chitt yah nischai dhr. ss lag bin gal nahin kr.
ss lag charch hi. jag yau jnai khls si.9.
oJ U|J l UI HUU|U ! 3J lHJ U JU|U !
lJ "H | UJU JlU ! l3HJ| U= UJ HlU !O!
ab hn kichh dang mach. turkan sir dai jhth kar.
phir khls k charch hi. patishh dv chhai ji.10.
U JJ : JlJ HJlU J |U U3J "|U JlU !
"5 HH| " H I5 J lU !!
dhr : rhi sarni dar k chautar l bani.
lardkan jais khl jayn gard dhary ni.11.
UU| : J lH= 3lJ HI3 "IU| ! UH lH= J=5 J oU| !
UUo J" U|U HUlU ! JJ "JJ lHH H HlU !!
chaupa : baith singh tahin jagt lag. dj singh ranghrdt bhay .
dan raul d machi. khabar lahaur jim pujj ji.12.
163 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As neither any fight nor any encounter was reported,
Everyone believed that the whole Khalsa Panth was extinct.
As Bota Singh had been separated from his contingent,
Some one spotted him moving about somewhere. (4)
The onlooker could not believe his own eyes,
As he felt surprised how could that Singh survive.
After looking at that Singh, the onlooker remarked,
That he must be an imposter in the disguise of a Singh. (5)
Dohra : Some remarked that not a single Singh had been spotted,
Since the Mughals had eliminated all of them.
Someone else remarked that he must be a coward,
Who had taken a shelter somewhere to save himself. (6)
Chaupai : He alone was the Khalsa who picked up a fight daily,
He alone was the Khalsa who feared not death to encounter.
He alone was the Khalsa who kept the fight to continue,
He alone was the Khalsa who sacrificed his own life. (7)
Dohra : As Bota Singh heard those taunting remarks,
His blood froze in his veins where he stood.
He felt hurt as grievously by such remarks,
As one feels hurt by the sting of a scorpion. (8)
Chaupai : Bota Singh made a resolution there and then,
That his sacrifice alone could restore the Khalsas credibility.
The world would know of their presence only after his sacrifice,
That Khalsa was still alive in this (cruel) world. (9)
He must now pick up a fight of some sort,
So that the Mughals claim of Singhs decimation be proved false.
Then alone the people would think of the Khalsa Panth,
That their claim to sovereignty was genuine and legitimate. (10)
Dohra : He set up his post on a raised platform,
At the intersection of road near Nurddins Sarai
Making a make-shift goal post like one of sporting boys,
He named it as the fort of Bota Singh. (11)
Chaupai : Positioning himself there, he put up a toll tax barrier,
Along with his companion belonging to a schedule caste.
Both of them raised such a chaos and din there,
So that the news of their rowdy acts might reach Lahore. (12)
164 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : oJ lU| | l3 l"| H H =J H" HlU !
U5 H lHH 3J3 J| UJ "IlU !=!
dhr : aur chith th tin likh j sun navb jal ji.
chardhai phauj jim turat h kachh na dr lagi.13.
UU| : lU| l" lH= J3 ! J J H l=U JJ 53 !
o " I H " 3 ! o JJ| o lH= J3 !e!
chaupa : chitth likhai yaun singh bt. hath hai st vich rh khardt.
n lay gadda nn pais ly kht. kh bhb khnn nn yaun khai singh bt.14.
U JJ : JJUJ =J | J| H J !
JH" | lUH3J| "H J U U !!
dhr : khn bahdar navb k khnn bada su bhain.
pharjulln khn k istar khls bada dukh dain.15.
UU| : H UU| H U5lU ! H lH= l=I JU| olU !
5 lH= lU l3J lU ! UH U" JH UlU !!
chaupa : khnn sun da phauj chardhi. s singhan dhig pahuch i.
khard singh ik th tih thi. dj chaly th ramn di.16.
U H H5 o HlU ! ""J U| IJ 3 J"lU !
lUH UU lH= JU l3oJ ! J lU H I" 3"=J !!
dkh phauj murd y si. lalkr dn gur phat buli.
im d singh bha tira. hatth ik st gal talvra.17.
UH J H lU " ! l" JJJ lH= l" " !
3J 3J JU J ! "J HJ lH= U" JH J !\!
dj hath nj ik phal. kil bhar singh nikkal khal.
tab turkan yaun bachan pukr. lar na mar singh chal ham nr.18.
3 " HI =J lH"U ! H JH| J 3 U !
lH= J| JH J H JU= ! JH 3 HJ o 3= !\!
tainn lai sang navb miln. jn bakhsh kar tujhai chhadan.
singh kah ham kab jn bachvain. ham t marn p takvain.19.
U JJ : JH H "J J J =l5 U3J 3H olU !
3H JJ H J J JH H "= lU !O!
dhr : ham sn larn jhab kar ghiy utar tum i.
tum hatthyr su hath rakh ham st lvain dhi.20.
UU| : U H H JH 3 HJ ! lJH3 JH 3H J !
lJ 3J J U" JHJ H ! JH 3H J= UlJJ| J3 !!
chaupa : dkh st sn kay ham t sar. kay kay himmat ham tum karn.
phir turak kahai chal hamr stha. ham tumain karvain kachhir bta.21.
165 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Moreover, they had sent such a stinging missive,
That the Nawab might feel incensed after reading it.
That he might despatch his troops immediately,
Without any loss of time (to confront the defiant Singhs). (13)
Chaupai : The missive read that it had been written by Bota Singh,
Who was blocking the way with a staff in hand.
He was charging an anna from a bullock cart and a penny from an ass,
Let these words be conveyed to my sister-in-law Khano
Bhabi. (14)
Dohra : Khano Bhabi was an elder sister of Khan Bahadur,
(Zakariya Khan, who was the Nawab of Lahore).
She, who was married to one Farzulla Khan,
Had been the cause of great atrocities on the Singhs. (15)
Chaupai : Khan Bahadur dispatched troops after hearing the news,
Which reached the (defiant) Singhs post soon.
While one of the Singhs was manning the tax barrier,
The other one was going out for relieving himself. (16)
Spotting out the troops, he returned to his post,
Challenging the invaders with shouting of Waheguru ji ki Fateh.
In this way, both the Singhs got ready for a confrontation,
With one of them being armed with staff and a sword. (17)
The other one armed with a spear and a one-edged dagger,
Stood out after coming out of a fenced area.
At this, the Mughal soldiers advised the defiant Singhs,
To accompany them to Lahore instead of dying in battle. (18)
Promising to intercede on their behalf with the Nawab,
They would get the Singhs pardoned and be let off.
But the Singhs rebuffed that they would loath to save their skins,
Since they were desperate to sacrifice their lives. (19)
Dohra : Asking the Mughal soldiers to start the fight at the earliest,
The Singhs challenged them to get down from their horses.
While the Mughal soldiers could fight with their weapons,
The Singhs would attack them only with their staffs. (20)
Chaupai : The Singhs would demonstrate how much strength their staffs wielded,
And how much stamina they could display to the Mughals.
But the Mughals still advised the Singhs to accompany them,
So that they could strike a deal with the Nawab in the court. (21)
166 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lH= J JH 3H I" ! J UlJJ| oI H U" !
JH 3H H oJ HH3 H" ! H =|H lH"= H" !!
singh kahain ham tum kay galla. karain kachhir agai su challa.
ham tum sn ab shastarn mla. st dahm milvain sll.22.
U JJ : JH o=3 J H 3H J JJ JH | !
U5 J| l3 HJ lHU 5 3J H "| !=!
dhr : ham vat hain ps tum kahy na khabar ham kn.
daurd kar tin shr jiun khard tahn j ln.23.
UU| : U5 lH= 3J HH3 U"U ! J lH= 3J oU !
H =|H 3J lH= U"U| ! 3J H =5 IU lJ"U| !e!
chaupa : daurd singhan tab shastar chal. hath singhan k turak na .
st dahm tab singhan chal. turak su ghrd ga hil.24.
3J lHU UJ JUU| ! lH= lU3 lHU U| !
lHJ HH3J 3J o= ! lH= H U5 U3lJ =" = !!
turak jind k chahain bach. singhan chint jind na k.
jidhrn shastar turkan vain. singh su daurd uthi val dhvain.25.
JU H 3J HH3 "I= ! o J HJ|J JU= !
3J 3 lH HJ|J lUJ= ! "I HH3 3 H|o o= !!
pahuch su turkan shastar lagvain. apn nnh sarr bachvain.
turkan t nij sarr chirvain. lagai shastar tan khushn vain.26.
HU| " " H lH= ! JJ | 3 "J| l= !
3J J| J" J J HJ ! HJ =5 UlJ J !!
sauch khl khlain jan singha. bharain chht kat lamb daingha.
turak bh hall kar kar mrain. mr ghrdan chahi phtan darain.27.
U JJ : lH= U J lIJ 5 J lJ HlJ "lU !
3J J HH3 " lH= "| J 3lU !\!
dhr : singh uthain kab gir pardain kab phir jhin khali.
turkan k hath shastar lakh singh khl daarain na ti.28.
UU| : lH= J lJ H loJ| ! J 3J lJ HH3 lJUJ| !
U lU" J= J"H ! " "| U HJ loH !\!
chaupa : singh karain nahin jn pir. daarain na turak bin shastar bichr.
dnn k dil badahy hulsa. lakh khl un maran pisa.29.
U JJ : UH HH HH3J "I 3 lH= H lJ !
J "I 3J J" = 3J lH= lJ !=O!
dhr : chm ms shastar lagai tau singh mnai nnhi.
hda lagai tab bal ghatai tab singh kachhu ku thakhin.30.
167 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The Singhs retorted they had nothing to strike a deal there,
As they would settle their scores in the Divine court.
Singhs would deal with them only with their weapons,
Which consisted of staffs, pelting stones and spears. (22)
Dohra : The Singhs warned them to get ready for an encounter,
Lest they should accuse the Singhs of attacking them unawares.
Then the Singhs taking a long leap like that of a lion,
Reached the spot where Mughal soldiers stood. (23)
Chaupai : As the Singhs wielded their weapons with a leap,
The Mughal soldiers managed to escape their attack.
Then, as the Singhs pelted stones and hurled sticks,
The Mughals spurred their horses to retreat. (24)
While the Mughal soldiers wished to save their lives,
The Singhs were not at all scared of death.
From whichever direction came the Mughals attack,
The Singhs rushed to the same side to combat them. (25)
Reaching out, they would attack the Mughal soldiers,
Without caring least to save their lives.
Getting themselves wounded by the Mughals weapons,
The Singhs would rejoice every time they got wounded. (26)
The Singhs fought as if they were playing a game of Sonchi
Now taking a big leap and now taking short steps.
The Mughal soldiers also rushed to attack the Singhs,
Planning to throw them away with their horses backs. (27)
Dohra : The Singh would get up and then fall down again,
Only to get up again and stand up.
Even while seeing the Mughal soldiers well-armed,
The Singhs did not feel scared even if empty-handed. (28)
Chaupai : While the Singhs were not scared to lose their lives,
The Mughals soldiers were sacred of Singhs bereft of weapons.
Both the combatants were in a fit of rage,
The Singhs for being empty-handed, the Mughal for seeing Singhs defenceless. (29)
Dohra : With the superficial injuries on the skin and flesh,
The (brave) Singhs would register no sense of pain.
But whenever they had some of their bones fractured,
They would show some decline in their energy levels. (30)
168 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : 3|J "I lH= lH= ! 3J H o| lU= !
lH= J lI 3HJ 3|J ! JHJ U|J H HJ|J !=!
chaupa : tr lagai singh patt sitvain. turkan k s akkhn dikhvain.
singh kahain dharig tumr tra. hamr chr na sakain sarra.31.
3J "I 3"=J U" ! lH= H H J 3 !
UUo lH= "U| l H5 ! H H UU =5 H5 !=!
tab lg talvr chalna. singh stn s rkain tna.
dan singh la pith jrda. stan saun da ghrd mrda.32.
U JJ : =5 U JU J oI ="!
H H U =" | JJ J=" !==!
dhr : ghrd chhada payd bha dahain gai dahl.
stan sn un dahl k kn bur havl.33.
UU| : 3 3J H| o ! lH= J = 3 !
3 3J JU HJJ| ! "= lH= I"| JJ| !=e!
chaupa : tau turkan nai mn na. singhan par na pvain tna.
tau turkan bandk sambhr. lvain singhan gl bhr.34.
HJ "I J U= 35 ! H "= J U 5 !
lH= H J J 5 ! HJ JU "I5 J !=!
jahn lag hadada dvai trda. st lvain hath dain phrda.
singhan stai hath khabb phard. mr bandkan langrd kar.35.
HJ lH= | I UU| 35 ! J lH= oJ lH" J H5 !
3HJ| oJ JH JH| H ! J 3H J HH"H !=!
jab singhan k tang da trda. kahain singhan ab mil hath jrda.
tumr ab ham bakhsh jna. rakhain tumain kar muslamna.36.
U JJ : lH= U lU I lHU lU I | 3J !
=3 J" J HJ H lHJ U J !=!
dhr : singh uth ik tang siun ik tangan k tr.
khyai vat karln karain mr stan sir day phr.37.
UU| : 3 UJ lH= H lI U ! I U3 =" IU !
lH= U 3 H5| o ! oH IU J JH o !=\!
chaupa : tau hn singh j daig pa. gdaan knn utai val ga.
singhan un tai murd na nkha. ais ga bada ham kha.38.
U JJ : o 3 HU| H5 lHH lU3 l HlU !
lH H|= oH 3H| lJ =lJ o UJlU !=\!
dhr : akhn tn s mrd jis chit kichh sanki.
jin jvan s taj nahin vahi nkh churi.39.
169 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : The Singhs would pull out an arrow that hit them,
And would make it a point to show it to their enemy.
The Singhs would react to the piercing arrows with a frown,
To convey that the enemy arrows could not slice their bodies. (31)
When the Mughal soldiers started attacking Singh with swords,
They started repelling their swords with their sticks.
Standing back to back against each other,
The two Singhs turned the Mughals horses with their sticks. (32)
Dohra : Leaving their horses, the Mughal soldiers came on foot,
While combating Singhs staff blows with their shields.
But the Singhs gave such fierce blows with sticks,
That even the Mughal soldiers shields were badly crushed. (33)
Chaupai : After such a beating, the Mughal soldiers were convinced,
That they could not subdue the Singhs in a hand to hand fight.
After that, the Mughal soldiers, loading their muskets,
Opened a heavy shower of bullets on the Singhs. (34)
Wherever the bullets hit, they fractured Singhs bones,
As well as their hands which had wielded sticks.
While the Singhs tried to wield sticks in their left hands,
The bullet injuries crippled and maimed their legs. (35)
When they hit the Singhs and fractured their legs,
They asked the Singhs to crawl with folded hands.
Since they had spared their lives in their magnanimity,
They would convert them to Islam while they were alive. (36)
Dohra : The (badly wounded) Singhs would get up even with a single leg,
And endeavoured to walk even on one leg only.
Making hop-step-and jump like a grasshopper,
They smashed their enemys head with their sticks. (37)
Chaupai : Even when these crippled Singhs fell down on the ground,
They crawled on their knees and elbows towards their enemy.
The Singhs kept looking straight into their enemys eyes,
As it had been narrated to me by my elders. (38)
Dohra : He alone turns his (face) and eyes from his adversary,
Who has some kind of scarce about his death.
The One who has given up hope for life,
He never turns away his eyes from his enemy. (39)
170 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HH HJ lJ53 J o o lH"lU !
""| H JH J J H 3"=J lU !eO!
sanmukh sr bhirdat hain nkhan nkh mili.
ll mukh bhuj pharak hain mukh talvrn khin.40.
UU| : H 3J J ! H3 lH= J J= J !
lUH lJ lH= HJ|U| U| ! H3 l3 UH JU| !e!
chaupa : tk tk s turkan kar. mat singh phr na hvain khar.
is bidh singhan shahd p. dhann mt dhann pit us bh.41.
HlU J" = HJ|U J ! |J lJJ 5 lH =J !
HJ|U| J| J3 lH= "U| ! J3 lH= H HU| J| !e!
ji ralai vai sahdan dar. pr pikmbar phard jin ghr.
shahd bada bt singh la. ratan singh sun s kah.42.
\\. JU| H lH = H| U| JJUJ| | H| \\. JU| H lH = H| U| JJUJ| | H| \\. JU| H lH = H| U| JJUJ| | H| \\. JU| H lH = H| U| JJUJ| | H| \\. JU| H lH = H| U| JJUJ| | H|
(H lH = | lUH UJU JU|, H J lHJH J lIU|) (H lH = | lUH UJU JU|, H J lHJH J lIU|) (H lH = | lUH UJU JU|, H J lHJH J lIU|) (H lH = | lUH UJU JU|, H J lHJH J lIU|) (H lH = | lUH UJU JU|, H J lHJH J lIU|)
99. bh sukkh singh j d bahdar k skh
(sukkh singh k im charch bha, sran k sirmaur gina)
U JJ : oJ H| H lH= | H|U H lU3 "lU !
J | H5| J H3 3 JlU !!
dhr : ab skh sukkh singh k sun man chit li.
kamb k mrd bhay jt tarkhn kahi.1.
UU| : JJH JJ HJ =J J ! H3 l3 lJ=J H U !
UU UH UH lU3 H olU ! "U| J" olH3HJ HlU !!
chaupa : baras brn k jab vah bhay. mt pit bivh su day.
chu upjay us chit main i. la phul ammritsar ji.2.
HlJ lH HI3 lU| JlU ! lHH l3H J JU HlU !
H lH= UH =J o= ! H UH | =lJ lJ" H= !=!
jahin sikh sangat ikth hi. jim tim kark pahuchai si.
j k singh us k ghar vai. s us k vahi tahil kamvai.3.
H HJJ3 UI" IU| ! H U5lU UI" HI "U| !
UH lU J3 =lJ =J lH ! lUH J U J lU !e!
s shuhrat chuglan pai ga. phauj chardhi chuglan sang la.
us din hut na vahi ghar sikkha. im kar un k pary na dikkha.4.
H H5| HJ U3 3 IU| ! =J| JJ UH l3 H3 JU| !
lUH 3 lH= =J o= ! H3 l3 UH J "U J= !!
171 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The brave always confront their enemy face to face,
And keep looking straight into each others eyes.
While they turn red in their faces and puffed up in their muscles,
They bear the brunt of enemys blows on their faces. (40)
Chaupai : So the Mughal troops cut the Singhs bodies into pieces,
Lest they should stand again to confront them.
In this way, these two Singhs made a supreme sacrifice,
Praise be to their parents who begot those Singhs. (41)
These Singhs had joined the abode of those brave Singhs,
Who had kept the great (Islamic) prophets under leash.
This was how Bota Singh had made the supreme sacrifice,
And the author (Rattan Singh) had narrated it as he heard it. (42)
Episode 99
The Episode About Bravery of Bhai Sukha Singh
(The fame of Sukha Singh spread in such a way that
he came to be counted among the bravest warriors)
Dohra : (Dear readers) now listen with concentration and devotion,
The episode about S. Sukha Singh (the brave warrior).
Who hailed from the village of Mari Kambo ki
And belonged to a (backward) caste of carpenters. (1)
Chaupai : As he completed the twelfth year of his life,
His parents got him bound in a wedlock.
As he felt an upsurge of faith in his heart,
He got himself initiated in the Khalsa Panth at Amritsar. (2)
Wherever Sikhs assembled in a religious congregation,
He would, somehow, reach and join that assembly.
Whenever a Singh paid a visit to his home,
He would rejoice to serve him with devotion. (3)
As the informers got wind of his religious fervour,
They sent a battery of (Mughal) troops to arrest him.
Since this devout Sikh was not at home on that day,
They could not spot him anywhere (in his village). (4)
As the troops retreated without taking him into custody,
His parents came to know about his (subversive) activities.
172 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
phauj murd jab ut t ga. vah khabar us pit mt bha.
is khauph t singh ghar n v. mt pit us bada la hv.5.
U JJ : H3 l3 UH lUH J JH lH= lHU H !
JH J H3 H||
l3HJ| H H !!
dhr : mt pit us im kahain ham singhan siun kay km.
ham hai jt kamnn0 patishh sn kay km.6.
UU| : lH= JlU " UJ l3HJ| ! JH H| =J H J oJ| !
l3HJ| U= H HlJ ! o J|H o lJ !!
chaupa : singh hi lain chahain patishh. ham kamnan ghar s kab h.
patishh dv jatt kamhin. pai bjain p khhin.7.
JH 3 olJ H|| H3 ! JH lH" HHJ| o| J3 !
lJ lU3 J lH= J3 =J "U ! UH H UJ3 U HU !\!
ham t hin kamn jta. ham milai majr chh bta.
yahi chit dhar singh rt ghar lay. us sn chhat dagh kam.8.
JI HJJ lH"lU l"U| ! UH "| IU JU| !
H J HJ UH J" IU| ! H|H H HU U| !\!
bhang sharb mili pil. us k ln gnd ban.
suddh buddh sabh us bhul ga. ss mundy sad k na.9.
I oH" UH J3| 3 ! J U lH lHJ J J !
H3 l3 H ! U lU3 J J !O!
gay amal us ht parta. phry un nij sir par htha.
mt pit k jnyn ppa. un chit dhry karnn khpa.10.
U JJ : lJ lH= HlJ lJUlJU lU HJ J !
U5 H H 5 HJ J lU3 o !!
dhr : phir singh manhi bichri in mran bada pp.
daurd kp main j pard maran dhr chit p.11.
UU| : 3J " "H JJ| ! UJ HJ =lJ 5 H J|!
U" " JlU J UJ ! |J J UJ JJ !!
chaupa : tab lkan n lajj pharh. chahai mary vahi phardy su nnh.
ulat palat hui dauby chahai. nr na dabai par bahai.12.
3J UH JU| J H J5 ! 5| "H =lJ J| 5 !
3 " U lH= J oU| ! U o J lUH HHU| !=!
tab us bh khh madh bard. phard laj pun vahi bh phard.
tau lau k singh bhay . unhain kh kar im samjh.13.
173 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Thereafter, he did not enter his house for fear of arrest,
Which made his (aged) parents grieve in his absence. (5)
Dohra : His parents tried to persuade and prevail upon him,
That their family had nothing to do with the Singhs.
Since their family belonged to low-caste artisans,
They had nothing to do with the affairs of the state. (6)
Chaupai : Since the Singhs laid a claim to the power to govern,
They would never share it with those from the lower castes.
The Jat Sikhs were ambitious to claim sovereignty,
As they expected to reap the harvest of their armed struggle. (7)
Since they hailed from a low caste family of artisans,
They were content with the wages of their daily labour.
Although his parents brought him home with these arguments,
They, in fact, wished to play foul with him. (8)
Administering him an alcoholic drink laced with cannabis,
They made him unconscious of his surroundings.
As he lost his consciousness under the influence of intoxicants,
They got his (sacred) hair shorn from a village barber. (9)
As the effect of intoxicants waned towards early hours of morning,
He moved his hand over his head with hair shorn.
Realising that his parents had committed a sin,
He wished to murder both of them on first impulse. (10)
Dohra : (But on a second thought) Sukha Singh contemplated,
That it would be a great sin to kill his own parents.
So he rushed and jumped into a deep well,
With the intention of taking his own like. (11)
Chaupai : When the people lowered a rope inside the well to save him,
He would not catch the rope, being intent upon drowning himself.
Everytime he dived up and down to drown himself,
Everytime the water would push him towards the surface. (12)
When his brother lowered himself into the well,
Sukha Singh caught hold of him as well inside.
Thereafter, a Singh happened to arrive at the spot,
Who addressed Sukha Singh in these words: (13)
174 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HJ J HJ 3J lHJ UJ ! oJ H3 HJ JJ J !
lH 3J IJ H oU ! lJU UlJ 3J JU !e!
marnn hai mar turkan sir chara. aur maut kayn marain bayrath kara.
jin turkan gur sda ak. hindun k chahin turak ban.14.
J 3J "J HJ J" ! l" U H lH= J" !
HJ 3J J= HJ|U ! JHJ| 3H J| 3|U !!
hai turkan lar marn bhal. nikal kn sn singhan ral.
mr turkan k hv shahda. hamr tum k yah takda.15.
U JJ : 3J H lH= H "U| lH lUH lU3 J !
lU lH= HU| J| oJ HJ|U 3J HJ !!
dhr : tab sukkh singh mann la niksay im chit dhr.
inain singh sch kah ab mar turkan mr.16.
UU| : oJ lU3 UH lU53 oU| ! HJ J| lJ H3 oU| !
J 5 J| HJ JH lJ ! JJ HJ JJ lU3 UlJ !!
chaupa : aur chitt us dirdt . marain nahn bin mautai .
khh pard bh mar ham nhin. rah maran k bahu chit chhi .17.
3J H lH= H J ! lJ 3J lH ""J !
lU HH3 HUI "lU ! 3 lJ HU UU JUlU !\!
tab sukkh singh yau man dhry. nahin turkan k mit lalkry.
ik sasatar jng li. tau phir jn du bachi.18.
U JJ : UH l U =5| | lU UI !
| l"= J3 H " HlU J" lHI !\!
dhr : usai pind k paich pai ghrd th ik chang.
pn pilvan bht s lai ji raly nisang .19.
UU| : HlU "H Jl"U ! J HH lH= =l5U !
J" HH lH= 3 "U| ! 3 lHH UH |3 UHU| !O!
chaupa : ji panth khls rali. puchh dar shaym singh k vardi.
phul shm singh t la. putarn jim us part upja.20.
3 H lH= lU" oU| ! =5| H" UU|U ="U| !
lH= 3J "JJ JlJ ! " J l3 H JlU !!
tau sukkh singh yau dil . ghrd k mul da ghal.
yau singh tury lahaurai rhi. lay bhkh tin jatt bani.21.
H H|H 3J UH 5 ! HlU =5 lUH H "JJ !
H H =5 H| JHJ ! lJ3 HJJ J JJ !!
ks ss tab th us thrd. ji vardy im maddh lahaur.
s j vardy sarph bajra. phirat muhran dhar kandhai bhra.22.
175 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Die if you must, then die while fighting against the Mughals,
Why else should you lose your life in vain?
Die fighting the Mughals who had persecuted our Gurus,
The Mughals who wish to convert all the Hindus to Islam. (14)
Better to die fighting the Mughals (than dying in vain),
Better come out of the well and join the ranks of the Singhs.
Be a martyr while fighting against the Mughals,
This is the advice that I render unto you. (15)
Dohra : Sukha Singh, accepting the elderly Singhs advice,
Came out of the well with this resolution in mind:
That Singhs counsel being sound and correct,
He must sacrifice his life fighting the Mughals. (16)
Chaupai : Being more firm in his resolution to sacrifice,
He decided never to die without a cause.
Otherwise also he had not been drowned in the well,
Although he was hell-bent on drowning himself. (17)
Further, Sukha Singh, making a strategy in his mind,
Decided not to throw an open challenge to the Mughals.
After hitting the Mughals at random through stealth,
He would disappear before they could retaliate. (18)
Dohra : There was a headmen of his own village,
Who had in his possession a mare of very fine breed.
Sukha Singh, on the pretext of taking the mare for water,
Took away the mare in order to join the Khalsa ranks. (19)
Chaupai : Sukha Singh, after joining the ranks of the Khalsa,
Finally reached the camp office of (general) Sham Singh.
Getting himself initiated from the (sacred) hands of Sham Singh
The latter developed a filial bond with his disciple. (20)
Then, with a thought crossing Sukha Singhs mind,
He decided to compensate his village headman for the mare.
With this thought, he proceeded in the direction of Lahore,
Disguising himself as a rustic peasant of the area. (21)
With very little hair on his head (after the forced shave),
He entered the centre of the sprawling city of Lahore.
As he entered the market dealing in Gold and silver,
He found traders carrying pouches filled with gold coins. (22)
176 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lU "| lH= lUH oU| ! 5 lH= "J H U| !
5 =5| UJ=H "= ! J| l3 HJ HI !=!
ik thail singh darisht . phard kandhyn singh lar main p.
chhrd ghrd darvjyn langha. kar na tin kachhu marn sanga.23.
U JJ : =5| UlU lU JJ3 lH= J JH !
I I J3 JJ lH= H |U lH UH !e!
dhr : ghard duik din rahat th singh bhay paun k bhs.
gay gay kaht rah singh mukkh k nij ds.24.
UU| : J" I" HJ 3lJ J ! 3J " lH= H 5| J" !
3J H l3 HIJ UJ| ! H "= I 3J l3 oJ| !!
chaupa : raul gaul jab tahin par. tab lau singh madh jhrdn ral.
turak phauj kit magrn daur. s langh gay taraph kit aur.25.
HlU J" lH= U" HJ| ! H" =5| U 3J3J| !
3| H J U UH HlU ! "U| UJ| H J3 JlU !!
ji raly singhan dal mhn. mull ghrd k dai turth.
tn sai rupy day us ji. la chaudhar sn bt bani.26.
oJ lH= "IJ U| ! ="| =J HlJ l3 HU| !
lUH| J3 lH= l3 3lJ U5 ! " H "= H" UJ !!
aur singhan k langar p. ghal na ghar jahin th pit m.
is bhnt singh nit tahin daurdain. lutt su layvain ml chuphr.27.]
JJ3 lH= lU3 J UlJ ! UH HJ J= H I" lJ !
HJ HH3 | l=U H ! J lU UH JJ3 H3 !\!
bahut singh chit bhay uchhhi. us mr hatvain j gail phi.
sabh shastarn k viddy jnai. hth pi us bahut satnai.28.
U5 =5| 3 H " "= ! 3J3 "H "IJ = !\!
chardah ghrd t j lutt layvai. turat khls langar pvai.29.
U JJ : HJ H 3J J J HJ lHH HlU !
lU HH3J "lU J" "H olU !=O!
dhr : jahn juddh turkan parai parai shr jim ji.
ik k shastar li kai ralai khls i.30.
UU| : JHHI lH= J U"= ! 3|J HJ HJ =5 lIJ= !
H H" JJ| 3 ! HJ U= JI !=!
chaupa : rmjang singh khb chalvai. tr mr mr ghrd girvai.
nj sl barchh tgha. mr udavai parnan bga.31.
177 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Spotting out one such pouch on a traders shoulder,
Sukha Singh leapt up and snatched the hefty pouch
Spurring his mare, he came out of the city gates,
Without caring for the risk to his own life. (23)
Dohra : As the Suns light was about to fade at dusk time,
Sukha Singh fled as fast as the high velocity wind.
As the traders and city guards kept on shouting,
Sukha Singh headed towards his native place. (24)
Chaupai : By the time the news spread all around,
Sukha Singh had camouflaged himself in the wild.
As the Mughal troops ran in hot pursuit of him,
They crossed his hideout in another direction. (25)
Sukha Singh, after returning to his contingent of Singhs,
Sent money equal to the mares price to its former owner.
Thus paying a compensation of about three hundred rupees,
He patched up his strained relations with the village headman. (26)
He contributed the remaining amount to the community kitchen,
Instead of sending it to his parents at home.
In this way, Sukha Singh kept on going on expeditions,
And bringing wealth through his acts of waylaying and robbing. (27)
Being very bold and daunting in his religious zeal,
He would decimate all those who dared to chase him.
Being quite skilled in wielding all kinds of arms,
A mighty muscular warrior alone could dare to grapple with him. (28)
Whatever he brought through acts of loot and plunder,
He contributed the entire booty to the community kitchen. (29)
Dohra : Wherever the Mughal troops launched at attack,
Like a mighty lion, he would jump into the fray.
After wounding a few enemy soldiers with a dash,
He would join the Khalsa ranks in a flash. (30)
Chaupai : Not only could he shoot with small fire arms,
But he could hit enemy horses with arrows as well.
Such was his deft handling of spears, swords and daggers,
As would put the enemy to death in an instant. (31)
178 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H lH= | lUH UJU JU| ! HJ lHJHJ lIU| !
HI H5 HlJ 3 l"o= ! U|= "H H oUJ = !=!
sukkh singh k im charch bha. sran k sirmaur gina.
jang jurd jahin phat livai. dvn khls main dar pvai.32.
"I U|= l3lJ J ! oI| HH " IJ !
H 3J HH U= ! Jlo 3J lJH l"o= !==!
lag dvn tihin pakkh phrai. angthan k samdh lay grai.
paysan khtar mashak uthvai. bhukkhin khtar rijak livai.33.
lH= | U| J ! oH J= JJ H" JJ !
lU5 UJ =lU ! 5 I5= lH= U3 JlU !=e!
thakk singh k chp karai. ashnn karvai bahu jal bharai.
kachchh nichrdai charan dhuvi. phard gardv singh dtan kari.34.
U JJ : HJU 5 5 HH J| H UUJ !
HJ H lH lU J "5 =" 3J !=!
dhr : sabad pardhai phard sj k bn mukhn uchr.
kamar kass nis din rakh lardan ghulan k tayr.35.
UU| : oJ lJ" JJ lH= J ! UI I = lJ J !
H3 l3 l3H o= lU ! lH= 3 JJ 3lJ olU !=!
chaupa : aur tahil bahu singhan kar. dangyn phangyn vai nahin daar.
mt pit tis vai dhi. singhan t bahu thin akhi.36.
U JJ : H3 l3 l3H olU "H H o=lU !
" IU o =J lJ H"= "| J=lU !=!
dhr : mt pit tis i kai khlsai s akhvi.
lai ga apn ghar bikhai muklv ly karvi.37.
UU| : oJJ H=J H =J H H= ! 3J J lJ U" H o= !
HH lU UH J| JU| ! o HU| J HJ UU| !=\!
chaupa : abr savr su ghar main jv. turkan daar phir dal main vai.
samn pi us bt bha. p mu kai nr mr da.38.
J UJU "H H oU| ! JJ3 J 3 U JU| !
J "H HJ| ! J|l3 "H | J lJIJ| !=\!
yah charch khls main . bartan chhuhan tai day hat.
kahai khls kanny mr. rti khls k hai bigr.39.
"H H "I= ! 5| HJ lJ UJ lJ= !
JH "H lJ J JJ ! lU oUH lH= I !eO!
panth khls mukh na lagvai. kurd mr kahi dr bithvai.
bakhshai na khls binai kar rahy. khi ands singh k gay.40.
179 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
So widespread was Sukha Singhs fame as a warrior,
That he came to be reckoned among the bravest.
Having won victory in every battle he fought,
He got honoured in every Sikh congregation. (32)
He would stand with a hand fan in the midst of congregation,
And bring wood for community kitchens hearth fire.
He would fetch water in a leather bag for the thirsty,
And bring food for the needy and the starving. (33)
He would massage those who got fatigued and exhausted,
And store water for the ablutions of his companions.
He would squeeze the undergarments of elders after ablutions,
And hold a water-bucket while they brushed their teeth. (34)
Dohra : He would recite gurbani hymns (with devotion),
And sing devotional songs to the accompaniment of music.
He would remain dressed in Khalsa robes day and night,
And remain ever ready for a fight and confrontation. (35)
Chaupai : He would render many services to the Khalsa Singhs,
Nor would he feel scared of fighting and rioting.
When his parents would come to take him home,
They would beg the Singhs to persuade him to go home. (36)
Dohra : His parents came time and again ( to take him home),
And begged the Singhs to prevail upon him to go home.
Finally, they managed to take him home,
And succeeded in solemnising his marriage. (37)
Chaupai : Sukha Singh would visit his home at odd hours,
But would soon return to his contingent for fear of Mughals raid.
After sometime, as his wife gave birth to a girl child,
Who died soon either on her own or the mother having killed her. (38)
As this news reached (Sukha Singhs) Khalsa contingent,
Sukha Singh was ex-communicated by the Khalsa Panth.
They accused him of committing female infanticide,
And being guilty of violating the Khalsas glorious tradition. (39)
Since Khalsa Panth did not accept him among his ranks,
They would keep him at bay branding him a killer of his daughter.
Since the Khalsa Panth did not agree to condone his lapse,
Sukha Singh felt extremely concerned about his isolation. (40)
180 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lH3| U5| | lH= | J3 ! l33| UH JU| |U| H3!
H o HlJ lU3 J ! J J" U J JJ !e!
jit chardh th singh k bta. tit usai bha nch jta.
man apn mahin chint kar. bak na bl chup kar rah.41.
OO. H| J J H lH = | ('Hl3I J J| "H "H......') OO. H| J J H lH = | ('Hl3I J J| "H "H......') OO. H| J J H lH = | ('Hl3I J J| "H "H......') OO. H| J J H lH = | ('Hl3I J J| "H "H......') OO. H| J J H lH = | ('Hl3I J J| "H "H......')
100. skh hr sukh singh k (satigur rakh khls lj......)
U JJ : olJHU HJ "JJ H" 5 lU"| JlJ !
"JJ lJH3 J H I =lJ !!
dhr : ahimad shh lhaur mal pardy dil k rhi.
lahaur hifjat karan k phauj chhda gay vhi.1.
lH| H "JJ 3 ol3 J HJU lIlU !
J lH lJ3 lJ JH UJ lUlU !!
niks phauj lahaur t ati bada marad gini.
kahn sikkh kahit phirain ham k dhu dikhi.2.
UU| : =5 J o J Ho ! H HJ H !
H|H HH I" U| ! 35 H J| "J U| !=!
chaupa : ghrd bada au bada juna. sth shh j khn khna.
tp ss saj gal p. trd sutthan b lh p.3.
J| " UH3| UH3 ! =5 J J JJIH3 !
oH JJ lI"H U5 U ! HI HJ| l"oU !e!
pairn nalainn dastn dastn. ghrdan par bada bargastn.
ais bahu gilj chardah dh. sang kasr pathn li.4.
H J : J= lIJlU J3 H lH= =J = !
J"J lH" JlU "| HJ oJ JU J !!
srth : budadah kt giri hut su singhan ghar ghan.
halkran sil kari ly mr ar band kar.5.
UU| : lH= JJ3 UJ lJ ! lI"H " lH= J IU J !
3J lI"H IJJ olUo ! l" lH= | UJ lUo !!
chaupa : singh rahat th dary kinr. giljan lakh singh h ga pr.
tab giljan k garb i. likh singhan k r pathi.6.
lUH l" JH lH= H ! JH J JU| HJ H !
3H o==3 lH= lHJ| ! JH U 3H oU "5U| !!
im likh bhjy singhan psa. ham hain bh shh k khsa.
tum akhvvat singh siph. ham dkhan tum lard.7.
181 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As Sukha Singhs reputation had reached its zenith earlier,
It now reached its nadir in the same proportion.
Feeling worried and concerned in his own mind,
He went into deep silence and remained incommunicado. (41)
Episode 100
Another Episode About Sukha Singh
(Satguru stood by the Khalsa)
Dohra : Ahmed Shah (Abdali)
after occupation of Lahore,
Proceeded on an expedition towards Delhi.
He left behind a sizeable section of his army,
For the safety and security of the city of Lahore. (1)
As his troops left Lahore (on their way to Delhi),
They consisted of the most muscular giants of men,
They boasted, where are those so-called brave Singhs,
We would like to have a glimpse of them. (2)
Chaupai : Huge horses had they, being themselves very tall,
They were being led by the highest Pathan chiefs.
With steel helmets on their heads, bodies wrapped in steel armour,
They had steel coverings even around their legs. (3)
With feet in steel shoes and hands in steel gloves,
They had steel covers even on their horses.
These Gilja sect Pathan soldiers launched an expedition,
With the assistance of Pathan soldiers of Kasur. (4)
Sortha : In a village, that there was, known as Buddha Kot
Majority of its households belonged to the Singhs.
Being informed about its location by the informers,
The Mughal troops killed its inhabitants inside their homes. (5)
Chaupai : The Singh contingent camping on this side of the river,
Crossed to the other side at the approach of Gilja Pathans.
Feeling very proud after making the Singhs retreat to the other bank,
These Pathan troops sent an epistle to the Singhs. (6)
Boasting of their bravado, they sent a despatch to the Singhs,
That they constituted the elite force of Ahmad Shah Abdali.
Since the Singhs proclaimed themselves as Lion-hearted-soldiers of the Guru,
They (Pathans) had come to test their mettle with the Singhs. (7)
182 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J lH= 3H I|U| I"H I=J !\!
dhr : garad dkh tum bhaj ga bha dariyvn pr.
jhth kahy singh tum gd gulm gavr.8.
o 3 JH H 5 3H| olU J UlU J !
UlU UlU o= lH= 3H lU lU UJ| H !\!
akai t ham sn khard tusn i kar dui hth.
dui dui v singh tum ik ik durn sth.9.
lH= "lU U|= 3J "U| l"3 HJ =U !
U3J U l" =" JH 3H "J lUH HU !O!
singhan li dvn tab la likhat sabh vch.
uttar un k likh ghaly ham tum laran im sch.10.
UU| : UH UJ| 3H lU3 3 o ! J JU 3H =| 5 !
lU3 3 o= H JHI ! =" 3"=J 5 JHHI !!
chaupa : das durn tum it t y. hth bandk tum vada phardy.
it t vain paj bhujng. dahl talvran phard rmjang.11.
lJ lI"H lUH o ="U| ! JH 5 "5 JU "5U| !
J| J| HHHJ 5 o= ! 3|J JU JH lJ " o= !!
phir giljan im kh ghal. ham phard lardain na bandk lard.
chhur katr shamshr phard vain. tr bandk ham nahin lai vain.12.
3I J| J| 3H 5 ! JU H o= =J J !
oI "H J l" JlJ ! JH "5 J JlHHI lJ !=!
tg katr chhur tum phard. bandk kamn v ghar dhar.
gy khlsai kahai likhai karri. ham lard hai ramijngayan nri.13.
lU3 U3 3 J JJ ! U| H UlJ J !e!
hami satigur nai imain phurmy. dushat mran rmjang phardy.
it ut t yau kar karra. k na mnai dubidh dhra.14.
U JJ : lI"H HJ HHlU UJ" "5 lJUJ !
J JHHI "H H3 HHlU U= HJ !!
dhr : gilj zr sajik hlai lardain bichr.
daarain rmjang khls jut saji na dvain mr.15.
3 J3 lU o 5 J"J U|U ="lU !
H 3H H U HJU J 3 "5 lU" olU !!
part ht ik khard halkr d ghali.
j tum main k marad hai tau lardai ikl i.16.
183 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : They bragged that their mere arrival had made the Singhs run,
And forced them to cross over to the rivers other bank.
Accusing the Singhs of being liars and fake Singh warriors,
They branded the Singhs as cowards, slaves and serfs. (8)
Challenging the Singhs either to stand face to face before them,
Or to return and have a straight fight with them.
Inviting the Singhs boastfully to advance in batches of two,
And let each pair test their muscles against a single Durrani soldier. (9)
The Singhs, organizing a (special) religious congregation,
Went through the despatch and deliberated upon its contents.
Accepting their challenge, the Singhs sent back their resolution,
That the Singhs would definitely have a fight with them. (10)
Chaupai : The Singhs challenged the Durranis to advance in batches of ten soldiers,
And let them be armed with the biggest fire arms they had.
Form their side only five young Singhs would confront their ten,
And the Singhs would be armed only with swords, shields and small muskets. (11)
To this offer of the Singhs, they sent another alternate offer,
That they would not use their fire arms in this fight.
Their soldiers would be armed only with knives, daggers and swords,
Instead of being armed with arrows and firearms. (12)
They asked the Singhs also to come armed with swords and daggers,
Instead of being armed with bows and firearms.
To this offer, the Khalsa Singhs sent their own resolution,
That they will fight only when they are armed with their small firearms. (13)
They declared that it was ordained by their revered Guru,
That Singhs must kill their wicked enemies with the small firearms.
As these offers and counter offers regarding mode of confrontation continued,
These contradictory proposals created a situation of uncertainty. (14)
Dohra : The Gilja Pathan soldiers, being used to wearing steel armours,
They thought of fighting with the Singhs under the cover of steel armours.
But even being covered in steel armours, they were scared,
That Singhs small firearms bullets would pierce through their steely armours. (15)
So in the early hours of the morning, a Durrani soldier appeared,
Who sent a messenger to the Singhs with a new message.
He challenged that if there was anyone brave enough among the Singhs,
He should come forward and fight single handedly with him. (16)
184 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : J| J| 3I H ! o J JH H UU J !
J| "J 3 I|U| o== ! H lH= 3H 5 HU= !!
chaupa : chhur katr tgan stha. n karai ham sn d htha.
nahn lar tau gd akhvv. nm singh tum krd sadv.17.
" " H lH= J ! J l" 3H JH HI JJ !
IJo | HIU UU ! JH H J Ho U !\!
lai lai nm singh dhadhkrai. kahai likh tum ham sang hrai.
guran k sugndai da. ham sn hth jun na ka.18.
H "J HJ HJJ H= ! H3 l3 l3H J= !
H U "J " JJ ! H3 l3 l3H "H3 JJ !\!
j lar maran k muhr jvai. mt pit tis dhann kahvai.
j k larnn luk chhap rahai. mt pit tis lajjat rahai.19.
JH H lHH oI H=3 ! UJ| 3J 3H lJ o=3 !
lI o lI lH= H ! o lJ lH H 3HH!O!
dharam juddh jim ag kamvta. uh taur tum kayn nahin vata.
dharig panth au dharig singh nma. kh phiry nij phauj tamma.20.
U JJ : U "lH lH J| 3 U53 lH= J JH !
3H JU oI 3J IlJ J HH !!
dhr : k khlsiy niksay nahn tau chardat singh bhay rs.
taj bandk g tury gahi khand hath msu.21.
UU| : 3J H lH= J3 lJUJ| ! J J" J HJ J| !
UH | UJ "J H H5| ! UH | H lUJ 5| !!
chaupa : tab sukh singh bt bichr. yah blak kab mrai kandhr.
us k dh lh sn mardh. us k sakai na ih kat kard.22.
UJ H= UJ HJ ! JH lH= HI 3 IHJ !
5 =5 U U5 lH= IJ ! J lI"H 3 J HJ " !=!
uh kh jvai dumb sr. ham singhan sg pt gujr.
chhrd ghrd un chardah singh gahy. yah gilj tain kab mr lay.23.
3H 3 UI 3lJ HJ|J ! J 3 3 H UH U|J !
H H H3 U "J U ! HJ3 =5 UH "U H5 !e!
tum t chaugan tnhi sarra. kab tudh tgh sakai us chra.
man paj sat un n lh chy. sahat ghrd us phuld mardhy.24.
J U UJ H J|H 3|H ! U5 lJ H J "|H !
lUH HJ =J "5 3"=J| ! 3 J" lJ J3 lJUJ| !!
bjh chakai uh man bs tsa. daurd thakai nahin sau kh lsa.
is zr vah lardai talvr. tain blak nahin bt bichr.25.
185 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : He challenged that let any Singh come armed with a sword, dagger and knife,
And have it out with a single Durrani soldier.
Otherwise Singhs would be branded as cowards,
And their appellation Singh would be considered a fake. (17)
Debunking Singhs as cowards by naming Singhs individually,
He chided the Singhs to admit their defeat in writing.
Asking the Singhs to swear in the name of their Gurus,
That not a single Singh could accept his challenge. (18)
Inciting them further he declared that any one who came forward,
His parents would be applauded through out the world.
Whosoever shirked from accepting his challenge,
His parents would feel ashamed of begetting him. (19)
As had been the tradition with the Singhs to participate in the religious crusades,
Why were they not forthcoming to uphold their glorious tradition now?
Cursed be the Singhs and cursed be their Khalsa Panth,
He went back shouting curses towards his own troops. (20)
Dohra : As no Singh came forward (to accept Gilja Pathans challenge),
S. Charat Singh
felt extremely outraged (at this humiliation).
Leaving his musket behind he marched forward,
Carrying a double-edged sword only in his hand. (21)
Chaupai : At this Sukha Singh felt extremely concerned about him,
That a boy like Charat Singh could never defeat a Pathan.
Since the entire body of a Pathan was covered by a steel armour,
That boy would not be able to make a single hole in Pathans armour. (22)
Since that Pathan could eat a whole lamb, being so muscular,
The Singh youth just survived on green leafy vegetables.
Spurring his horse, Sukha Singh rushed forward,
Asking the youth : How could he overpower that Gilja Pathan? (23)
The Pathan being four times heavier than Charat Singhs weight,
How could his sword cut through Pathans hefty constitution?
That Pathans steel armour alone weighed several maunds,
As his horse too was protected by a steel armour. (24)
He could carry a weight of thirty mounds on his body,
As well as he never felt tired even after running for a hundred miles.
Being so confident of his strength he was ready to fight with a sword,
Why did not you (Charat Singh) take these factors into consideration? (25)
186 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : H3 U53 lH= l3J J| oJ H3 J J3 !
J HJ oH 3 H3 lJ HH 3J IJJ3 !!
dhr : sunat chardaht singh tih kah ahai sat yah bt.
par sahy asn t jt nahin sanmukh turak garbt.26.
UU| : JU =lJ H UUJ ! JH H|=3 =lJ J !
lU JH H lH ! lUH J H "J3 H J !!
chaupa : kht bachan vahi mukhn uchr. ham jvat vahi panth dhadhkr.
panth nindy ham sunn kim kna. im kar main larat jaun parna.27.
U H J UH lUH J lUH J lU !\!
dhr : mran maran hath satigur ham hatth udamm hi.
dkh sakain nah dushat im parain isai par dhi.28.
HH 3 H JJJH IJ = H !
3H HJ J Hl3IJ J3 !\!
jais tanak su harbhajan gr ghan su pp.
tais mrn pathn yah satigur k partp.29.
UU| : J H lH= 3 J" ! 3 5 U oJ H| U" !
H lH= J| HHlU HI ! UH3 UH3 lHJ l !=O!
chaupa : kahy sukh singh dhann tn bla. tn khard dkh ab sda chla.
sukkh singh bh saji mangy. dasat dastn sir tp tiky.30.
J HIlU =5 J| ! "U| J3| | lI"H 3 HJ| !
U53 lH= l3H oI lJJ ! =5 lH= J HH !=!
pkhar mangi ghrd pai dar. la hut th giljan t mr.
chardaht singh tis ang pahiry. ghrd singh k khb sajy.31.
"U| lHJJ| UlU J HHJ ! I3J U| =" HJ" !
H lH= 3 oJUH JU| ! JlU JI3| lH= HJU| !=!
la sirh dui kar namsakra. gtar p dahl sambhla.
paj singhan t ards kar. hi bhagaut singhan sah.32.
HHJ J oH JJ ! HI J 3J UJ J !
U lH= lU" J JHJ ! H oI lI"H J HJ !==!
namsakr kar san bahy. sagan bchhyn tab dahn bhay.
dkh singh k dil bhay hushyra. janu g gilj bhay mra.33.
U JJ : HJ lH= =5 3lJo oJ HI J UI !
lJU JJ3| H 5 o UlJ= "= !=e!
dhr : jab singh ghrd tri aur sagun bhay chang.
bichch bart j khard adh dariyvai langh.34.
187 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Hearing these words as spoken by Sukha Singh,
Charat Singh acknowledged that that was true about the Pathan.
But how could he (Charat Singh) bear to hear those words,
From an arrogant Mughal soldier standing in front of him? (26)
Chaupai : With that wicked Pathan hurling abuses from his mouth,
I cannot bear Khalsa Panth being slandered till I am alive.
Since I cannot bear to hear Khalsa Panth being slighted,
I have decided to fight till the last breath of my life. (27)
Dohra : Since life and death are in the hands of Divine Satguru,
Man is privileged to make earnest efforts.
Since I cannot bear to see this wicked Pathan standing,
I am determined to attack him immediately. (28)
As One moment of meditation on the sacred name of God,
Washes millions of human sins with its benediction,
In the same way, Ill destroy this wicked Pathan,
With the grace and protection of Divine Satguru. (24)
Chaupai : Remarked Sukha Singh, Blessed are you, my dear boy,
Now see how I deal with that audacious Pathan?
With these words Sukha Singh sent for his steel armour,
And covered his head and hands with steel helmet and gloves. (30)
He saddled his horse covering it with a steel armour,
Which he had once snatched from a Pathan soldier.
Charat Singh helped him in wearing that armour,
As well as decorated Sukha Singhs horse for an encounter. (31)
Sukha Singh picked up his sharp sword after invocation,
And slung his steel shield from his shoulders.
He begged the five Singhs to pray for his victory to the Guru,
So that the goddess Bhagwatis grace be on his side. (32)
As he mounted his stead after a thanksgiving bow,
A good Omen came to pass with a persons inadvertent right turn.
Observing this good Omen Sukha Singh felt emboldened,
As if he had already killed the Gilja Pathan. (33)
Dohra : As Sukha Singh started on his horse,
More good Omens followed his departure.
After crossing one half of the flowing river,
He stood on a plateau made of accumulated sand. (34)
188 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : H lH= U53 lH= HH ! oJ J| | J !
3H J Hl3IJ | o ! H H|=3 J| !=!
chaupa : sukkh singh chardaht singh samjhy. aur panth b pchh haty.
tum k hai satigur k na. main jvat nahn chhadan pathna.35.
H lH= ""J ! oJ H5 lH J 3HJ !
lU H J ! IJ 3HJ| JI| J !=!
sukkh singh pathn lalkr. ab murdn kim banai tumr.
panth nind kai jn kahn. gr tumr hg yahn.36.
JH HJI 3H oH ! HU J HH !
3 o J H JJ ! JH HH HH lHJ !=!
ham mraing tum k ais. sch kt hai jhth jais.
tn y kar man hankra. ham k samjhay sas shikra.37.
U HH 3 J3 J HJ ! J" H 3 olU lU3 J !
oH o lH= J 5 ! U3 3 olU lI"H J| o5 !=\!
dkh sas t ht hai shra. bhl phasyn tn i it phra.
ais kh singh bhay khard. ut tai i gilj bh ard.38.
U JJ : U J3 5 J H J J3 loJ !
UU 3I J J J HJ 3 HJ !=\!
dhr : dnn btn khard karain janu bada karat pir.
d tgn hath dharain kahain mr tn mr.39.
UU| : UU "I J3 J ! UU oH H "I oJ !
lH= J 3 HJ" ! o "= U| UH " !eO!
chaupa : d lg btn karna. d pas mn lg arana.
singh kahy tn pathn sambhla. akai layv k dj nla.40.
J H lU" HJ ! JJ| H 3 "J IJ !
U =5 HH H5 ! UUo 3I H J H5 !e!
pathn kahy main ikll shra. bakr jayn tujh laihan gra.
dnan ghrd sanmukh jrd. dan tgan sn hath jrd.41.
UH J J lH 3 =J ! HH JU| U J3 loJ !
UU H HH3 U"= ! UU H =3 JU= !e!
us kahain kar paritham tn vra. jais bh d karat pira.
d jnain shastar chalvan. d jnain ght bachvan.42.
JlU HH =J UUo |U ! =" UJ UUo "| !
H =U olJJ J HJ ! lUH =" J 3I J !e=!
hui sanmukh vr dan k. dahlan par dan ly.
jan vadn ahiran par mrain. im dahlan par tgn jhrain.43.
189 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Persuading Charat Singh not to accompany him,
Sukha Singh instructed other Singhs as well to retreat.
Then swearing an oath in the name of Satguru,
Sukha Singh took a pledge to kill the (arrogant) Pathan. (35)
Thereafter throwing a gauntlet to the defiant Pathan,
Sukha Sikh told that the latter would never return home alive.
Where else could he go after slandering the Khalsa Panth,
Except that he would be burried in his grave there and then. (36)
Khalsa Panth would eliminate him in such a manner,
As truth wipes out every trace of falsehood at last.
Had the Pathan become so arrogant when he started,
That he considered the Singhs as timid as rabbits? (37)
He would realize how a rabbit becomes as brave as lion,
Since he had committed a grave error in challenging the Singhs.
After uttering these words Sukha Singh stood firm at his place,
While the Gilja Pathan also arrived to confront him. (38)
Dohra : Both stood face to face exchanging such (hot) words,
As if they were exchanging pleasantries with each other.
Holding on to their swords in their hands,
Each one asked the other to attack first of all. (39)
Chaupai : With both of them exchanging hot words with each other,
Both of them started pushing and striking at each other.
Sukha Singh warning the Pathan to be ready for the Singhs stroke,
Suggested that the Pathan should have brought another supporter. (40)
The Pathan retorted that he alone was sufficient to deal with the Singh,
As he would pin the Singh down as easily as a lion pins down a goat.
Thereafter, both of them after positioning their horses facing each other,
Both of them took out their swords in their hands. (41)
Each one of them asked the other to attack first of all,
As if two real brothers were fondly playing together.
Both of them, being skilled in wielding arms and weapons,
Both of them knew how to duck and protect themselves. (42)
Both of them attacked each other from the front,
Both of them received each others stroke on their shields.
Both of them cast their (mighty) strokes on each others shield,
As if a black ironsmiths hammer struck hot iron on an iron block. (43)
190 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : UU =J = J lIJ| =" J !
J HHlU UU HJ U oU !ee!
dhr : d vr dadahai karain gir dahl havai tk.
ktan daah saji d mrain cht achk.44.
UU| : 3I H IU ! J J| HJ 3J lIJ U !
UU 3I H 3 IU ! "J3 lJJ3 oH H J !e!
chaupa : tgan sn pat kai kat ga. chhur chhur sabh tab gir pa.
dn tgan mukh tut ga. larat bhirat pas main khah.45.
=5 H lJ 33 JJ| ! HH 3 J3 HJ UlU IU| !
=5 H =5 = U ! H= H H= o5 IU !e!
ghrdan main nahin tkat rah. zakhman t rat sabh chui ga.
ghrdan sn ghrd dahuk pa. mdahan sn mdah ard ga.46.
U JJ : HH H| J JJ lIJ JH H H !
JU lIJ H "lI J| IH| JJ =lH !e!
dhr : jappham japph h rah gir bhm madh jhm.
bha phatt gir satt lagi par gas rahai ghmi.47.
UU| : 3J lH= H| oU| ! lIJ| J| UH lH= UU| !
U HHlU UU| HlU ! lU" oJ J5 IU| =lJ lU !e\!
chaupa : tab singh k kachhu sjh . gir chhur us singh uth.
chak saji da pt dhasi. dil ar rukrd ga vahi khi.48.
H UU| UH H ! o3 UJ| =| HH !
Hl3IJ J| "H "H ! 3 J"U| U lH= IH !e\!
ths da us k madh pta. nt jhar kadah samta.
satigur rakh khls lja. phat bul uth singh gja.49.
U JJ : lU3 H" H J J J3 H ol3 IJJ3 !
J3 lH= l3H l"| lHH H| lH= 3 J3 !O!
dhr : itai mughal s badh bhay hut ju ati garbt.
ratan singh n tim likh jim sun singhan t bt.50.
UU| : 3 J"lU lH= | Hl5U ! U5 lH= =" "H 3lJU !
U3 3 lI"H J" |U ! lU3 3 lH= HJJ "|U !!
chaupa : phat buli singh pchh mui. daurd singh val khls turi.
ut tai giljan hall k. it tai singhan mhar l.51.
U53 lH= =5 oI U"lU ! JlJ IJ| " I" U5lU !
lH= H| " oU UJJ ! lI"H JU UH J| J !!
chardaht singh ghrd ag chali. bnhi gah lay gail chardhi.
singh j k lai a urra. gilj hat us h pra.52.
191 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : With such mighty strokes from both the sides,
Shields of both of them fell down after splintering.
Thereafter, both of them started damaging each others steel armours,
With each blow of their unmistakable strokes. (44)
Chaupai : As the supporting belts of both were cut with sword strokes,
All the dangling daggers and knives from the belts fell down.
As the tips and sharp edges of their swords broke down,
Both of them started grappling with each other. (45)
As all the blood had drained out of the wounds,
Their horses also lost their energy to support them.
As each ones horse struck against the others horse,
Their riders too came too close to each other. (46)
Dohra : Thus hitting and grappling with each other,
Both of them tumbled down staggering on the ground.
Getting seriously wounded due to the gaping head injuries,
Both of them fell down and fainted on the ground. (47)
Chaupai : As Sukha Singh regained little consciousness after some time,
He raised his neck to survey the scene.
Picking up a small knife he thrust it into Pathans belly,
Which scraped through the lungs and heart of the Pathan. (48)
As he pulled it out of the Pathans belly with full force,
It took out all the intestines and arteries with it.
As the great Guru had stood by His Khalsa Singh,
Sukha Singh got up and shouted Waheguru ji ki Fateh. (49)
Dohra : Thus was Mughal Gilja Pathan slaughtered,
Who had been extremely arrogant and defiant.
Thus has Rattan Singh narrated this episode,
As he had heard it from his elderly Singhs. (50)
Chaupai : Thus shouting slogans of victory Sukha Singh retreated,
And ran post haste towards the Khalsa camp.
As the Gilja Pathans launched an attack from the otherside,
The Singhs confronted them from their own side. (51)
Charat Singh, spurring his horse, leapt forward,
And picked up running Sukha Singh on to his horse.
As Sukha Singh was carried to the other side of the river,
Gilja Pathan troops were pushed to the other bank. (52).
192 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : U53 lH= H lH= | J=| ol3 J |3 !
UJ| H3 UlU UlU JJ U J U|3 !=!
dhr : chardaht singh sukkh singh k bdah ati bada part.
dh jpat dui din rahy k havai cht.53.
UU| : HJUJ HJ| U" J oU ! lU lU =5 HJ| l"oU !
U U =5 J ! lH= UJ U JH !e!
chaupa : sardr sabh chal dar . ik ik ghrd sabh li.
dai dai ghrd dhann dhann kahy. singh chahai dkh kanny bakhshay.54.
U JJ : = J J HJ J HJJ H !
" "H H" I" J UU| H| oJUH !!
dhr : thndh bhay kar jr kar sarab panth k ps.
lay khls ml gal kar da khush ards.55.
UU| : =5 H5 HJ U UU ! HH lH= U J "U !
HH lH= J J= ! J H| UH =5 o= !!
chaupa : ghrd mrd sabhai un da. shaym singh k un rakh la.
shaym singh k bt kahvai. kahn kam us ghrdan vai.56.
U JJ : H| H lH= | H| H UU| l"lU !
J3 lH= oJ JI HU| H lU3 "lU !!
dhr : skh sukkh singh k sun su da likhi.
ratan singh aur kahaig s sunn chit li.57.
O. H| H lH = | o J 3 J| ('......Hl3I J H J 3 = JU|') O. H| H lH = | o J 3 J| ('......Hl3I J H J 3 = JU|') O. H| H lH = | o J 3 J| ('......Hl3I J H J 3 = JU|') O. H| H lH = | o J 3 J| ('......Hl3I J H J 3 = JU|') O. H| H lH = | o J 3 J| ('......Hl3I J H J 3 = JU|')
101. skh sukkh singh k aur tur (......satigur paij rakh tuv bh)
U JJ : lJ l=U l=U lH= J =3 HJ UH lU !
oI J "5 lJ HI" JHlU !!
dhr : phir vich vich singh hath ghatain mrain dushtan dhi.
g pchh h lardain nahin mugal pathnan kachh basi.1.
UU| : HJ| 3J J U| HJlU ! H=J 3J " lU !
3" | 3J IU HH| ! "| JJ H U5 lH= | !!
chaupa : mr tab nr dn sarni. sanghar kt tab luty dhi.
katal ky tab gun majth. ln bair su chardah singh dath.2.
lJ U5 lH= lJ HJ|U | ! JH JH lH= JJ UJ "| !
lH= =J IHlJ ! IH "5 3J JJJ o !=!
phir chardah singh kahi mr chhn. karam dharam singh bair chahai ln.
singhan ghr garmhi py. garm lardan tab bhar y.3.
193 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : There after developed such a spiritual bond of kinship,
Between Sukha Singh and Charat Singh after this encounter,
That despite appearing to be two separate entities,
They were united at heart in a spiritual bondage. (53)
Chaupai : The chiefs of all the Khalsa contingents arrived at the camp,
And made an offering of one horse each to Sukha Singh,
While offering horses they praised him for his brave act,
Sukha Singh wished to be exonerated of female infanticide. (54)
Dohra : With folded hands Sukha Singh prostrated in the Khalsa tradition,
In front of the assembly of Sikh congregation.
Thereupon, inviting Sukha Singh to be a part of Khalsa commonwealth,
The congregation performed a prayer signifying joyous forgiveness. (55)
Chaupai : Sukha Singh returned all the horses offered to him,
Except that offered by his Godfather S. Sham Singh.
Since he happened to be the foster child of Sham Singh,
He felt no dearth of horses for himself. (56)
Dohra : I (the author) has narrated the episode of Sukha Singh,
As I had heard it narrated by my own elders.
Rattan Singh would continue with his narration,
And beseaches (Dear readers) to listen with concentration. (57)
Episode 101
Another Episode About Sukha Singh
(May Satguru stand by you!)
Dohra : Thereafter, laying ambush to the Mughal troops here and there,
The Singhs began slaughtering enemy Mughal soldiers.
As the Singhs waylaid the Mughals either from the front or the rearguard,
Pathan soldiers were helpless in locating the Khalsa positions. (1)
Chaupai : The Singhs, after ransacking and destroying Noordin Sarai
They looted and plundered the town of Sangharkot
Thereafter, they massacred the populace of village Majitha
Thus avenging the persecution of Singhs by its feudal lords. (2)
Then the Singhs decided to destroy village Karma Chhina
For avenging the persecution of Singh warriors Karam Singh and Dharam Singh.
As the Singhs laid a siege to this enemy village,
Its entire populace came out to fight with the Singhs. (3)
194 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lH= "|U H JJJ HJ ! H J5 lH= l3 J !
" J| o JJ3J ! U lH= JH I5 =J !e!
singhan l su bhrai mra. sth bard singh tin k nra.
lt kar au kat bahutr. p singhan karm gardah ghr.4.
U JJ : 3J JH HlU lH= oJ 3 lJ !
3J JJ l3H o| o UU| lU !!
dhr : tab karm n jnin singh ab chhdaat nnhi.
trn bah tis pn p da kati.5.
UU| : U| lU H I5| H HJ| ! lJ o| UJ| oJ| !
H I 3lJ lH oJ UJ ! "I =|H H lH= HJ !!
chaupa : ka dinan main gardh su mr. phir k unkar atr.
muk gay tahin sikk ar dr. lagy dahm sn singhan mr.6.
3J lH= U5 oJ| UU| ! =|H H JJ || |U| !
3J lH= U5 H"| oJ| ! J =5 JH JJ| !!
tab singh chardh atr uchch. dahmman sn bhar kn nch.
tab singhan chardah mal atr. hth vardy karmn hankr.7.
lJ lH= =lJ 3 H =U| ! I"| 3 U|J "=U| !
3J U H| JU H J| ! o | lU 3J| !\!
phir singhan vahi chhat sn dah. gl chhattan chr langh.
tab un jn bachaun su nhn. apn kn pi pachhuth.8.
H lJ oJ 3 J| ! JH |U 3J| !
3J lH= H J| U J3 ! JH HI J o" J !\!
jny yih ab chhadat nhn. kht karam k th thn.
tab singhan sn kah un bta. ham sang kar akll htha.9.
3J H lH= J3 3 ! H5| =" I HJ !
lH | U| oJ ! H oI J HJ !O!
tab sukkh singh hut takhn. mrd vl pargat jahn.
jin th kn ka akhr. s khaung phr sudhr.10.
U J JH oU HlJ J| ! oJ lH| 3lJ J J| !
J H "5 3 J " ! H =|H H H" !!
un kahy karmn u muhi ph. aur kis k tuhi bhau nh.
kahai su lard tn hthan nla. mukkan dahman stan sla.11.
3|J JU JJ J J| ! lJ o= H 3 oJ| !
3J JH 5| =" ! o HJ lHU J " !!
tr bandk hr bhau nhn. kahi vn main k tn hn.
tab karmn n pakrd dahl. ay shr jiun kark chhl.12.
195 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The Singhs, after slaughtering those who came out,
Entered the village along with those who rushed back.
After slaughtering a large number and plundering the village,
The Singhs laid a siege to the fort of feudal lord Karma. (4)
Dohra : Anticipating that the moment of truth had arrived for him,
Karma Chhina knew that Singhs would not spare his life.
Gathering all his wives numbering thirteen,
He got them slaughtered (before his own eyes). (5)
Chaupai : As the Singhs took possession of the fort after many days,
Karma Chinna took shelter in the loft at the top.
As he had run short of all his explosives and ammunition,
He started pelting stones on the Singhs below. (6)
Then the Singhs after climbing up the loft at the top,
Filled up the loft by heaping stones into it.
As the Singhs, after climbing, occupied the loft as well,
The arrogant Karma Chhina hid himself under the loft. (7)
Then the Singhs made such a heavy shower of bullets,
That they damaged the entire roof the loft.
Realising that he could never escape the wrath of Singhs,
He felt repentant for his acts of criminality. (8)
He understood that the Singh would never spare him,
For he had committed so many evil deeds.
Then he made a fresh proposal to the Singhs,
That he would like to fight single handed with a Singh. (9)
Then, there was Sukha Singh the carpenter among the Singhs,
Who was very famous as a resident of Mari Kambo Ki
He had participated in a number of battles,
Which would be narrated in detail later on. (10)
Sukha Singh challenged Karma Chhina to fight single-handedly with him,
Without being scared of attack from any other side.
Giving him an option to fight in a hand to hand scuffle,
He could try boxing, pelting stones or wielding a stick. (11)
Assuring him of having no fear of assault by arrows or bullets,
Sukha Singh gave him an option of attacking or being attacked first.
At this Karma Chhina, holding on to his steel shield,
Jumped into the fray with a leap like that of a lion. (12)
196 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H lH= J =J oJ 3J ! =J UHJ JI HJ!
3J JH JJ| HJ| ! H lH= J =" HJJ| !=!
sukkh singh kahy vr ab tr. vr dsr hg mr.
tab karmn n barchh mr. sukkh singh par dahl sambhr.13.
lJ H lH= 3"=J U"U| ! JH U | HU| !
lUH| J3 H JH HJ ! oJ H lH= H oJ !e!
phir sukkh singh talvr chal. karam d th knn s.
is bhnt sn karmn mr. aur sukkh singh sun akhr.14.
3J 3J HJ ! U3 = olH3HJ HJ !
o H 3J JJ JJ ! H" J "H UJ !!
tab turkan py th jr. dt na nahvan ammritsar mr.
n phauj turkan bahu rah. ml karan khls chah.15.
O. H| H lH = H| | JJUJ| | o J 3 J| O. H| H lH = H| | JJUJ| | o J 3 J| O. H| H lH = H| | JJUJ| | o J 3 J| O. H| H lH = H| | JJUJ| | o J 3 J| O. H| H lH = H| | JJUJ| | o J 3 J|
(' = I H lU lJ H | Hl3I J H J') (' = I H lU lJ H | Hl3I J H J') (' = I H lU lJ H | Hl3I J H J') (' = I H lU lJ H | Hl3I J H J') (' = I H lU lJ H | Hl3I J H J')
102. skh sukkh singh j k bahdar k aur tur
(nahvng main din bikhai sar satigur k zr)
U JJ : H| lH= HJ 3 5 lJ lH= = lJ !
J3| lH= = J oJ H=J lU !!
dhr : man singh jab t phardy phir singh dahukan na phin.
rtn singh nvan karan anr savrai dhi.1.
3 H| lJ J J olH3HJ J3 !
HJ JJ H3 H J3 lH= !!
tau kj n phir kahy yah ammitrsar partp.
thakk mr bahu jatan sn ht na singhan khp.2.
UU| : 3 HI" U| JJ"| ! J3 U5 l3 HJ o"| !
3 3J JJH JU ! UJ UJ JUU| JJU !=!
chaupa : tau muglan n chauk bahl. rt daurd tin mran akl.
tau turak n buraj ban. chrn r bandkch bah.3.
HlJ olH3 lJ" 5 JU| ! HJ H" JU HU| !
3 lH= J"| J"| U| ! 3J o| = U| !e!
jahin ammrit hil khardk h. mrain shalak bandkan s.
tau singh haul haul nn. turkan akkhn ghatt p.4.
3 lJ H| IH ! J JJ H J !
3J HUJ U | IJJ ! l" JH HlJ "H HJJ !!
197 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Asking him to avail of the opportunity to attack first,
Sukha Singh opted to retaliate after the formers blow.
As Karma Chhina made a dash with his spear,
Sukha Singh repulsed his attack with a shield. (13)
Soon after, Sukha Singh wielding his own sword,
Sliced Karma Chhinas body into two parts.
This was how Sukha Singh slaughtered Karma Chhina,
And listen further to other exploits of Sukha Singh. (14)
As the Mughal troops came to dominate the region,
They prohibited the Sikhs from having a dip in sacred pool at Amritsar.
As large Mughal army put up a camp at Amritsar,
The Sikhs were desperate to hold a religious congregation there. (15)
Episode 102
Another Episode About Sukha Singhs Brave Act
(I will take a dip in the Sacred Pool in Daylight with Satgurus Grace)
Dohra : Since the day Bhai Mani Singh
was taken into custody (by the Mughals),
No Singh could enter the precincts of the holy Harimandir.
So the Singhs would either take a dip in the sacred pool at night,
Or they would go for ablutions at odd hours of the day. (1)
At this the Muslim cleric made a surmise that,
The Amritsars holy influence was responsible for Khalsas growth.
That was why despite the untiring repression on the Singhs,
They could not be eliminated by any means. (2)
Chaupai : Then the Mughals set up a police post at the shrine,
Which kept on killing the Akali Singhs day and night.
Thereafter, the Mughals raised towers and minarets,
Positioning their sharp shooters on these all around. (3)
The moment they observed a little movement in the sacred pool,
They fired a volley of shots from their muskets.
After this, the Singhs would take a dip without any noise,
Without being spotted by the Mughals in the darkness. (4)
The Muslim cleric, being more infuriated by these furtive visits,
Ordered for an army picket to be set up at the shrine.
198 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
tau phir kj guss khy. dar bahu phaujan k kary.
tab phujdr un kn garba. likh bhjy jahin khls saraba.5.
U JJ : 3H lH= J= HJ J o J= IJ = "" !
3 H H HJH olU = oJ lUl3 3" !!
dhr : tum singh kahv sr bada au kahv gur vada ll.
tau jnn main srmn i nv ab iti tl.6.
UU| : H3 "H HJ U JJ ! lUH U3J l J !
3J H lH= J" H ! JJ 35 oJ "H o !!
chaupa : sunat khls sabh chup rahy. is k utar kinai n kahy.
tab sukkh singh bl suny. hhu takrd ab khls y.7.
HU HlU HHH| J| ! 3J 3J lU3 U| !
UU I U|U U5lU ! H3 U|J lH= 5I olU !\!
s ji jass kah. tab tarukan k chint pa.
ch tng d chardi. mat hn singh pardaing i.8.
JJ3 J U|J o= ! U|J o= o=I !
U|J J3 = = ! | |J lU | = !\!
bahut kahain hn vai kauna. hn van kay vgauna.
hn rt k dahukan na pvain. pachh nr din pn na pvain.9.
U JJ : oI 3 U UH I| J| 35U| l33 !
H H o= lH= o =J lH3 !O!
dhr : gai t un das gun kar takrd titt.
sunn su van singh k y th dahab jitt.10.
H lH= 3J J J3 U 3J UJ !
=I H lU lJ H| Hl3IJ HJ !!
sukkh singh tab yaun kahy rt nahun tab chr.
nahvng main din bithai sar satigur k zr.11.
UU| : 3J "H J"| HU| ! Hl3IJ H J 3= JU| !
J J lHJ J | J3 ! H J 3HJ H !!
chaupa : tab khls bhal man. satigru paij rakh tuv bh.
yah hai sirn par k bta. kaun sakai kar tumr stha.12.
U JJ : 3J lHU HH JlU "U| H J H !
H= lJJ lU HJ JJ "JJ JJ "|U o !=!
dhr : turkan jiun munds bandhi la su hth kamn.
sav pahir din jab rahy lahaur rhu l n.13.
199 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Thereafter, the army commander, out of shere arrogance,
Despatched an open challenge to the entire Khalsa Panth. (5)
Dohra : He insinuated the Singhs for claiming themselves to be great warriors,
And being the most beloved sons of their Guru.
He would acknowledge them to be really brave,
If they dared taking a dip in the sacred pool at Amritsar. (6)
Chaupai : Hearing this insinuation the whole Khalsa Panth kept silent,
Nor did any body respond to his threat.
Then Sukha Singh declared publically to the Mughal commander,
That he should gird up his loins as the Khalsa would surely come. (7)
As the intelligence agents informed the Mughal authorities,
They felt alarmed about their own security.
They positioned their observers at the highest vantage points,
Lest the Singhs sneaked into their fortifications. (8)
Majority of them opined that nobody could dare to enter there,
As it was impossible to impregnate their defences.
How could anyone sneak into the pool at night,
When even the birds were scared to take a dip during the day. (9)
Dohra : The Mughals increased their vigil ten times,
And strengthened their defences many many more times.
Now, dear readers, listen to the narration further,
The way the Sukha Singh planned to enter the shrine. (10)
Sukha Singh confabulated within his own mind,
That he would feel guilty if he took a dip in the darkness of night.
Therefore, he would bathe in the broad daylight,
With the grace and Divine power of Satguru. (11)
Chaupai : The whole Khalsa Panth, acknowledging Sukha Singhs daring,
Prayed to the great Guru to empower his devout Sikh.
Since this was an ordeal involving life and death,
Who else could match Sukha Singh in such a daring act. (12)
Dohra : Wrapping a Mughal style turban around his head,
Sukha Singh picked up a bow and arrows in his hand.
As the sun went down three hours before sunset,
Sukha Singh rode on the road from Lahore to Amritsar. (13)
200 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : HJ JH3 l=I o 3"lU ! H" |= J J"lU !
oI J olH3 l" ! U3J =5 3 UJ " !e!
chaupa : sarn rast dhig y tali. jal pvan k kary bali.
g kark ammrit pily. utar ghrd t chubbh ly.14.
lHJ HH UJ H | ! 3J 3J oUJ U| !
=5 H lU |o H ! J lJU lJ HH"H !!
sirn munds dr su kn. tab turkan n achmbh chn.
ghrd sn in k shanna. hai hind nahin muslamna.15.
3 " lH= o" UUJ ! I5 H H UJ HJ !
lH= l" lJ JJJ o ! 3J ""J H !!
tau lau singh akl uchr. pagrd sann su chubbh mr.
singh nikal phir bhar y. turkan k lalkr suny.16.
o= HH JH J| ! J| 3 JH JHJ JJ| !
= 3I HJ lH= UHU| ! lU oI l5 HJ I U| !!
v k sanmukh ham ph. nahn t bhaj chhada hamr rh.
kdah tg jab singh chamk. ki ag na khaiy sab gay dh.17.
U JJ : oJ UJ J IU U U JlJ !
3|J H I"| l3 =| UU| U"lU !\!
dhr : aidhar udhar h ga chhda day un rhi.
tr su gl tin ghan pchh da chali.18.
UU| : 3|J I"| U J "I| ! lH= =5 "= oI| !
| "I 3U H H" ! lUH lJ lH= H| | " !\!
chaupa : tr gl k nhan lg. singh k ghrd lnghy g.
pchh lag t sak na ml. is bidh singh j khda khl.19.
O=. H| H3J | ('...oI HJ l3HJ| = ') O=. H| H3J | ('...oI HJ l3HJ| = ') O=. H| H3J | ('...oI HJ l3HJ| = ') O=. H| H3J | ('...oI HJ l3HJ| = ') O=. H| H3J | ('...oI HJ l3HJ| = ')
103. skh matb k kt k ( marai patishh pvai)
"|o : =" lHJ| HU "U| JU|o3 HJ| lJJ !
J3 lH= 3 H H H U U|U o=H !
H U U|U o=H HU HJ l" H= !
o U U oJ HJ " lH= !
JJ=" "| HJ HH|J H JJ3 =" !
H =" lJ JJ l" U|U =" !!
kundl : ghall siph sad la raat sabh nibb.
ratan singh t s sunn j un d avz.
j un d avz s sabh likhy na jvai.
201 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Entering the lane to the sacred pool from the Sarai
He pretended to take his horse to the water.
Stepping forth as he put his horse to drink sacred water,
He jumped down to take a dip in the sacred pool. (14)
As he removed the Mughal style wrapping from his head,
The Mughals were dumbfounded to witness such a scene.
Since he had washed himself along with his horse,
He seemed to be a Hindu (Sikh)
rather than a Muslim. (15)
By this time Sukha Singh shouted a Khalsa slogan of victory,
As he had a dip again with his turbaned head.
As Sukha Singh came out of the sacred pool,
He threw a challenge to the guarding Mughal guards. (16)
Either let anyone of them come forward and confront him,
Or they should clear the passage for his exist.
As Sukha Singh drew his sword and brandished it,
Everyone took to his heals, deserting their positions. (17)
Dohra : Running helter shelter to save their skins,
They gave way to Sukha Singhs steed.
As Sukha Singh turned his back to escape,
They let out a shower of bullets and arrows. (18)
Chaupai : Not a single arrow or bullet did hit Sukha Singh,
As his horse galloped past their positions.
Those who came in hot pursuit failed to reach him,
Such was the (wonderous) feat displayed by a Singh. (19)
Episode 103
Episode About Matab Kot
(One fighting from the front would he be honoured in the Divine Court)
Chhand : Nawab of Lahore, sending his messagers all around,
Called an assembly of all the people of his area.
(Dear readers) listen to Rattan Singhs account of royal declaration,
Which the Nawab had made before this gathering.
So atrocious was this proclamation in its wording,
That it was impossible to narrate it in all detail.
Himself having fed up with oppressing and torturing the Singhs,
The Nawab had now the audacity to incite the people.
Since the Singhs had ransacked Bahawalpur
and Punjab,
202 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
p thaky dai dukkh aur sabh lk sikhvai.
bahval lut pajb kashmr s parbat vall.
ksan vlan nahin chhaday nabb likhy d ghall.1.
UU| : =J l"3 HJJ H "U| ! lH= JJ JJ| JU| !
3J lH= UJ 3 oU ! J HI lJ JlJ U !!
chaupa : navb likhat sabhhan mann la. singhan rahan kharb bha.
tab singh hn t nath . kahn jag nahin rahin p.2.
U JJ : JJ UlJU 3 JU H3J !
l3J lH= o l UlJ J" U !=!
dhr : rahy kachh dariyu t bach matb k kt.
tih thn singh kachhu chhip dariy bl t.3.
UU| : IU J"J U l3U ! J HUJ lHJ lUU !
J I HH3J J| ! JH3 3 JU J" | !e!
chaupa : ga halkr dkh tithn. kah phaujdr kujh shikr dikhn.
bhkh nng shastar hn. bhjat thakat bha bal khn.4.
3J3 HlU l3 5 H " ! 5 J l3 "JJ U !
JJ3 lUH lJJlJ = ! U5 oJ UJ "= !!
turat ji tin pakard su lay. phard kar tinai lahaur puchy.
bahut inm nibbhi pv. chard abai kachhu dr na lv.5.
H U 3 HH H UJ ! 3J3 J3 U5 J I l3oJ !
H 5 "= HH lHJ ! H UJ J3 lJUJ !!
yaun sun un t jamn su dra. turat phurat chard h gay tira.
jan phard lvaun sas shikra. j punn hn karat bichra.6.
U JJ : lH= 5 U H H J IH !
lU I" U3 JH J |U HH !!
dhr : singhan thrd dkh kai man main kar gumn.
inhain kanglan k utai ham bada k samn.7.
UU| : HHUJ 3J JHU ! lU HlJ H lJ U !
UJ 3J 3H JlU lUJJ ! |H UJ 3J HJ !\!
chaupa : jamndr tab yaun phurm. in mahin jnn nahin k p.
chr taraf tum hui ikbr. kj chrn tarphain mr.8.
U JJ : 3J lHH | JH H 3 UU !
J 3H|J| J l3H HJI l3H I !\!
dhr : taraph jisai k k bhajai main tk dn na chhda.
bada taksr kar tis mrng tis gda.9.
203 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As well as the whole of Kashmir and adjoining hills,
The Nawab made a written proclamation to the people,
That they should not spare anyone with unshorn hair on his head. (1)
Chaupai : As all the people agreed to abide by Nawabs proclamation,
The Singhs realized that it portended ill for them.
Since the Singhs deserted whole of this region,
They had no place where they could seek shelter. (2)
Dohra : There was some area not devastated by the river (Beas),
Which was known by the name of Matabkot.
A small number of Singhs took shelter in this area,
In the swampy wild on the bank of the river. (3)
Chaupai : Mughal spies, after spotting out the Singhs in this wild,
Informed the Mughal custodian about an easy game.
They told that Singhs were famished, unclad and unarmed,
As they were fatigued and drained of energy after being on the run. (4)
They asked the custodian to capture these fugitive Singhs,
And despatch all of them to the Nawab at Lahore.
Since they could get rewarded heavily from the Nawab,
They must mount their horses without any loss of time. (5)
The custodian, receiving this information from the informers,
Prepared to launch on an expedition post haste.
He reached the spot being obsessed with the thought,
As if he was going on a merry go hunting of killing rabbits. (6)
Dohra : Observing the Singhs to be very small in number,
He felt very proud of a large body of his own troops.
He regretted having come armed with such a large equipage,
To overpower such a handful of famished outlaws. (7)
Chaupai : (Puffed with pride) the custodian made a declaration,
That not a single Singh out of those should be allowed to escape.
Surrounding the Singhs from all the four sides simultaneously,
His troops should launch an attack from all the four sides. (8)
Dohra : He warned his troops that he would not spare anyone,
Who allowed any Singh to escape from his operational territory.
Holding such a Mughal soldier guilty of grave dereliction of duty,
He would shoot him after burying him waist deep in the earth. (9)
204 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : UJ 3J H3 H U5 ! U J| U lH= ol3 5 !
U lH= H3 ! U lH= JH I !O!
chaupa : chrn taraph sunat phauj daurd. un bh dkh singh ati thrd.
k singh th sut pay. k singh th ramn gay.10.
U lH= I =H l"o= ! "5| "= IJ UI= !
J = 5 ! |= JI 3J JlU J 5 !!
k singh gay ghs livna. lakrd layvan gh chugvana.
kachhu th bhkh tdah pard. pvn bhang tab hui hain khard.11.
U JJ : U lH= I J 3J JU H H !
UJ 3J 3 J H J = H !!
dhr : dkh singh nang bhkh turak bha su parsann.
chr taraph t yau par janu kar dahukk jann.12.
UU| : lJ" U JU J| ! l3J HJ 3|J J| !
J H o " HHHJ ! HJ lH= l3 lJ"| JJ !=!
chaupa : pahil cht bandkan kar. tih pchhai mr tran dhar.
phr nj au lai shamshra. mr singh tin pahil bra.13.
lH= | IU| o" J"U| ! 3J 5 JJ HH | U| !
H J oH lJH"| J| ! 3 J| lH= 3 J" HJ| !e!
singhan k ga akal bhul. turak pard bahu jam k nay.
jan kar akshn bijl par. tau bh singhan t bhal sar.14.
U JJ : H 3J lJ" "J 3 lH= 3 U|U HJ !
HU "5 l33 J| o5 J HJ HJ !!
dhr : j turkan pahil labh t singh t d mr.
j lard tit h ard daar na marnn mr.15.
UU| : U lH= lHJ 5 H= ! HJ 3J HU 3J 5= !
HU3 3 oJlJ HU ! 3 HJJ l U !!
chaupa : k singh jih thn khard jvai. sabh turkan s tahn khardvai.
maddat takai na aurahi s. tnk muhrai tikai na k.16.
JJJ lH= H 3J =J ! lJ HJ lHH 5 HHHJ !
U lH= l3H HU3 J ! U = o H HJ !!
bhar singh j turkan ghr. phir shr jim phard shamshr.
dkh singh tis maddat karain. unhain chhadavain p su marain.17.
H J| oU = H ! lH= 5 3J J oJUH !
| lJ H I|U| J= ! oI HJ l3HJ| = !\!
s bh a chhudavan ps. singh pardain tab kar ards.
pchhai phir ju gd kahvai. ag marai patishh pvai.18.
205 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Hearing these orders, Mughal troops ran in all the four directions,
As they also noticed that the Singhs were too small in number.
While someone among the Singhs was still lying asleep,
Someone else had gone out to answer the call of nature. (10)
While someone had gone out to fetch fodder for the horses,
Another had gone to collect wood and cow dung cakes for kitchen fires.
A few among them were lying prostrate on the ground,
Waiting for a drink of cannabis to get charged. (11)
Dohra : Observing the Singhs in a state of utter destitution,
The Mughal soldiers felt elated with (the unequal match).
They attacked the Singhs from four directions so cheerfully,
As if they were participating in a wedding procession. (12)
Chaupai : First, firing bullets from their loaded muskets,
Their second flank shot arrows thereafter at the Singhs.
Then brandishing their spears and swords,
They killed a number of Singhs in the first round. (13)
The Singhs were at their wits ends for a moment,
As the Mughal attack was as sudden as a bolt from the blue.
Although it came in a flash as a lightening from the skies,
Even then the Singhs gave a good account of themselves. (14)
Dohra : The Singhs who were caught unawares in the first round,
They were, no doubt, killed by the Mughal troops.
But those Singhs who fought stood their ground,
Since they were not scared of death while fighting. (15)
Chaupai : Wherever a single Singh stood his ground,
He would obstruct all the Mughal soldiers in front.
Since he never expected any support from any other quarter,
Nobody dared to confront such a diehard fighter. (16)
The Singhs who happened to remain outside the Mughal siege,
These daredevils like lions, pounced with their swords.
They would rush to help a Singh thick in the battle,
Setting him free at the cost of their own lives. (17)
Whichever enemy soldier rushed to save his comrade,
The Singhs would rush at him after shouting a prayer.
Since whosoever turned his back would be branded a coward,
The one fighting from the front would be honoured in the Divine Court. (18)
206 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : H HI" H IU l3 H JU o=H !
o=3 JU H H 3lH J H HJ HH !\!
dhr : j jangal mn th ga tin sun bandk avz.
vat bha su sank taji kar man marnn sz.19.
UU| : "J3 lJJ3 J IU| H J3 ! H lH= JU| JJ3 !
UlU IU "J oJ HJ ! J" "H H J 3J !O!
chaupa : larat bhirat par ga j rta. jan singhan k bha parbhta.
ui thak ga laran ar marn. blak khls janu bhay tarn.20.
U JJ : olU U lU lH= lU" H H UJ !
"U| U HHHJ lH= H| UU| U3J !!
dhr : i dkhy ik singh n iklau phauj su dr.
la khaich shamshr singh mund da utr.21.
HJ o H HJ lH= IJ | !
JH 3J l " IU lH" lH= "U | !!
mran y s mary pakh singhan gur kn.
bhajj turak kichh luk ga mil singhan la chhn.22.
UU| : lH= 3J HU| JU| ! J lH= o U"3 oU| !
HJ lH= H UlJU J5U ! 3 J3 " U oU !=!
chaupa : singhan k tab shd bha. baith singh p daulat a.
mar singh ju dariyu rurdh. part ht lau dn .23.
J3 "H HH=| ! JU| "H o J| !
U HJ 3 UH oJ o= ! JJ U| 3 H| J3= !e!
hut khls summvn. bha khls akhai kahn.
k marai tau das aur vain. rahain dukh tau sukh batvain.24.
H I J J ! HlJJ o !
J JJ HH3 "IJ J ! J 3 H J" JJ !!
s gatth k rup bhkhain. ththan k sunhir khain.
bhukkh rahain masat langar kahain. khh khtan maddh blan rahain.25.
Oe. H| H | "H lJ=JJ | ('J3 5 lH = J =lJ H J...') Oe. H| H | "H lJ=JJ | ('J3 5 lH = J =lJ H J...') Oe. H| H | "H lJ=JJ | ('J3 5 lH = J =lJ H J...') Oe. H| H | "H lJ=JJ | ('J3 5 lH = J =lJ H J...') Oe. H| H | "H lJ=JJ | ('J3 5 lH = J =lJ H J...')
104. skh sar khls k bivhr k (rt pard singh hvhin shr...)
UU| : lUH| J3 lH= U HJ ! U| lH= lUJH UHlJ JJ !
U U lU JlU U5 ! " HU lHJ J| 35 !!
chaupa : is bhnt singh dukh k sahain. dukh singh iham dsahi rahain.
kad kad iktth hui daurdain. lutain mudyyan sir bh trdain.1.
207 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Those who had gone out on various errands,
They heard the sound of muskets being fired.
They returned posthaste feeling no scare at all,
As they were determined to sacrifice their lives. (19)
Chaupai : As darkness descended on the scene during this fight,
The Singhs greeted the night as one greets a sunrise.
While the Mughals felt exhausted and scared to be in darkness,
The Singhs felt as if they had regained their youth at night. (20)
Dohra : As a Singh spotted out the Mughal custodian alone,
(Without being guarded by any of his security guards).
He took out his sword out of its sheath,
And beheaded him (with a single mighty stroke). (21)
One who came to slaughter got himself slaughtered,
As the great Guru had stood by his devout Singhs.
While some Mughal soldiers deserted, others hid themselves,
The Singhs robbed and plundered most of them. (22)
Chaupai : The Singhs rejoiced at this unexpected success,
As they had amassed wealth without much effort.
As they floated the corpses of the Singhs killed in battle,
Double the number of Singhs arrived by the morning. (23)
Khalsa Panth is as eternal as an ever flowing river,
Such is the legend of the inexhaustible Khalsa.
For an each one Singh dead ten more arrive to replace him,
As they rejoice even when frustration stares them in the face. (24)
They relish food with bare onion as a most dainty dish,
As they regard a pot of baked clay a golden bowl.
They consider their community kitchen has closed while starving with hunger,
As they make caves, wilds and ditches their dwelling place. (25)
Episode 104
The Episode About Khalsas Conduct
(The Singhs would stalk like Lions at Night)
Chaupai : The Singhs, thus, continued bearing hardships cheerfully,
As they continued living in their country amidst suffering.
Getting together occasionally whenever possible,
They would plunder and crush the (alien) claimants to power. (1)
208 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J3 5 lH= J=lJ HJ ! lU " JlJ 5| HJ !
JJ3 J lH= I ! J J3 5 H !!
rt pard singh hvhin shra. dinai luk rahin jhrd shra.
bahutan k daar singh na ganain. parain rt k thrdai janain.2.
U JJ : 3J HJ J J 3 J3 lH= JUlJ !
UJ| UJ| JH l3 J| " lJ !=!
dhr : turak jahn dar karain takk rt singh pahuchhin.
chr chr bhajj natth tin h k lut khhin.3.
H| H J Jl=o5 | ('lUH| J3 JJ3 J=5 HlJ') H| H J Jl=o5 | ('lUH| J3 JJ3 J=5 HlJ') H| H J Jl=o5 | ('lUH| J3 JJ3 J=5 HlJ') H| H J Jl=o5 | ('lUH| J3 JJ3 J=5 HlJ') H| H J Jl=o5 | ('lUH| J3 JJ3 J=5 HlJ')
skh shr baghird khadadaan k (is bhnt rahat th baghyrdan khadada mnhi)
U JJ : H H U lH= | H =J HlJ !
JH HlJ o| JU H U lU !!
dhr : skh sun un singhan k j ghrai khadada mnhi.
bhm mnhi k bha sunn unhn k ni.1.
UU| : H|J H H IH ! J " lH= lH= H !
JI I3 oH 3 ! UH HlU U J U !!
chaupa : mrn kt ju sda garma. bhay laddh singh singh k nma.
bhang gt asda ty. pardsh ji un bada dukh py.2.
HI lH" UJ U UlU ! o UJ l JlJ UlU !
H UH5 lH= JlJ J|U ! J 5=| " U |U !=!
mngy mil na udhr k di. khn chr pind rahin na di.
jau ujrdan kai singh rahin bcha. kahain dhrdv lk un ncha.3.
HJ U5 o 5 "lJ ! J JlJ UlJ !
lUH U 3 UH o U" H= ! U| o H5 lH =3 o= !e!
mran daurdain au phard lhin. bhkh rkhhin kachhu khn na dhin.
is dukh t dsh au chal jvain. ka aku murd nij vatnai vain.4.
UH U 3 =3 o= ! U|J " lU "= !
J3| Jl=o5 J| ! JlU U J| JJ| !!
pards dukkh t vatnain vain. hn luk chhap kuchh din lakhvain.
hut khadada baghirdan kr. patt bani un kar badar.5.
U JJ : J3 J3 lH 3U lU U5 JJ llU !
lH= "| J l3H lHH U" HJlU !!
dhr : rt ht niksain tau din chardah rahain chhipi.
singhan ln kar timai jimain ul ku subhi.6.
UU| : Jl3 53 lH= =J H ! =J 3 lH" H J" lH" !
U lH= H U oJ lH= o= ! UH "lU 3 o = !!
209 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
They would roam fearlessly like lions at night,
While going into hibernation during the day.
They, having no scare of the host of enemy troops,
Even a few Singhs would attack the enemy at night. (2)
Dohra : Wherever the Mughal troops put up a camp,
The Singhs would reach there as night.
Sneaking into their camp furtively like a thief,
They would loot and rob the enemy camp. (3)
Episode About Singhs occupation of a Lions Cave
(The Way the Singhs lived in a Lions Cave)
Dohra : (Dear readers) listen to the episode about those Singhs,
Who had to remain confined perforce in a Lions cave.
Listen to the names of those (brave) Singhs,
Who defied the Mughals even when confined underground. (1)
Chaupai : Mirankot which is my (authors) native place,
There lived a Singh by the name of S. Laddha Singh.
Being my fathers elder brother of a (Jat Sikh) sub-caste Bhangoo,
He underwent a lot of harassment in a foreign territory. (2)
Neither were the Singhs given any financial assistance on credit,
Nor did any villager provide them shelter, suspecting them to be burglars.
As the (homeless) Singhs took shelter in the waste lands,
They were branded as highwaymen and low caste nomads. (3)
Country people coming in hot pursuit would capture them,
Thereafter starving them by withholding every kind of food.
So, being harassed, the Singhs would leave for distant lands,
But some of them, being fed up with maltreatment, would return home. (4)
Being harassed abroad, they would return home,
To pass time seeking shelter incognito here and there.
Spotting out an underground lions (empty) cave,
They widened it from inside by digging out some earth. (5)
Dohra : They would come out of the cave at night,
While remaining in hiding during the day.
These (fugitive) Singhs, thus, adopted a way of life,
As is the natural mode of life of the owl species. (6)
Chaupai : A Singh would leave the cave very night,
And all of them would eat whatever he brought from home.
210 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
chaupa : rti pardat singh ghar k jna. ghar t milai su ral mil khna.
un singh ps k aur singh vai. usai khulikai tau p khvai.7.
lHH lH H JlU U ! UH "= o JlJ U !
HU HU lH= UUH| JlU ! UH H J" U5 HlU !\!
jis sikkh pai kam hi chna. usai khulvai p rahi na.
j j singh udm hi. das paj ral kai daurdain si.8.
HI o "= HlU ! UJ| l| U IHJ JlU !
J3=J lHH JlU l3 H3 ! HU| HlU =J = J3 !\!
sg ann pat layvain si. chr chhip pai un gujar hi.
kai bakhtvar jis hui pit mta. s ji ghar khvai rt.9.
U JJ : lUH| J3 lH= JJ3 J=5 HlJ !
HHH 3U " H J H 3J lJ !O!
dhr : is bhnt singh rahat th baghyrdan khadada mnhi.
jassan n t lakh j kahy su turkan phi.10.
UU| : H3 H 3J U5 oU| ! U UJ = JJ| lU| !
lH= J53 U " H "| ! 3lJ UH =3 lH= 3| !!
chaupa : sunat phauj turkan chardah . k r dahuk bah chhip.
singh bardat un lakh j lna. tahin us vakhat singh th tna.11.
" lH= H JI H ! JH lH= "J JJJ I !
H" lH= lI" olJ ! "| 3J =53 UHlU !!
laddh singh j bhang suny. rm singh lamb hhar gy.
sulkkhan singh gill th hi. ln turkan vardat darsi.12.
J U= 3J 3J3 U ! =53 3" lH= o| JU !
5 3"=J oJ JIU JJ ! "5 =" 3J H JU !=!
karkai uthvan turak turat pa. vardat patl singh k bha.
phard talvr aur bugd bah. lardan ghulan k tayr su bha.13.
lU U lU oH HlJ ! |J 3" U lJ !
3J H J oU ! 3J 3J H3 H3U !e!
ik d din k anj th mnhi. nr patl k th un phi.
turkan k s hth na . tab turkan yaun mat mat.14.
U JJ : HJ JU H" JJ J JlU HlU o J !
lH" JH J U "lJ = llJ HlJ !!
dhr : mr bandkan shalak bahu bada hui ji dhn dhr.
kamilai bjai kar unai lhi kadah phiri mri.15.
211 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
If another Singh happened to join them inside the cave,
They would feed him first before feeding themselves. (7)
If a Singh were found to be without provisions,
They would feed him even if they themselves went without food.
Those who were more enterprising among these Singhs,
They would run out in a group (to fetch provisions). (8)
Laying their hands on some grains and vegetables,
They would, sustain themselves through means fair and foul.
Only a rare among them having prosperous parents,
Would go home at night to feed himself well. (9)
Dohra : As these Singhs were, thus, passing their days,
In the shelter of an underground lions cave.
A state spy, spotting out their hideout,
Informed the Mughal authorities of their location. (10)
Chaupai : Getting this information, Mughal troops arrived there,
Camouflaging themselves on one side of the cave.
The moment they spotted the Singhs entering the cave,
There were only three Singhs at that moment. (11)
While Laddha Singh Bhangoo was one as mentioned earlier,
Ram Singh was another from Lambay Hayher village.
The third Singh being Sulakhan Singh Gill,
These three were spotted by the Mughals entering the cave. (12)
As the Mughal soldiers rushed to attack them,
These Singhs went underground hurling defiance.
Wielding their swords and daggers they took positions.
In order to have it out with the besieged Singhs. (13)
The Singhs had provisions which could last for a day or two,
Though they had water that was available from underground.
When the Mughals failed in their attempt to dig them out,
They resolved to adopt an other strategy to deal with them. (14)
Dohra : They should fire such a volley of bullets into the cave,
That there should be a lot of smoke and suffocation inside.
When the Singhs fainted and became unconscious with smoke,
They should be killed after dragging them out. (15)
212 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : HJ JU H HJ| ! JJ3 JHU| oUJ IJ| !
U J 3lJ J =J ! J|U J J oJ !!
chaupa : sabh bandk madh khadadaan jr. bahut bars andar gr.
dhn dhr tahi bhay ghanr. h huty yau bhay andhr.16.
3J U lH= J U "J ! o J H3 U !
J3 "|5 H U lJ ! U H J =lJ !!
tab un singhan bada dukh lahy. dhnn rkan jatan un kay.
hut lrd j un k phi. dai khadadaan mukh rky vhi.17.
lJ 3J lU3 oU| ! 5 " " U| !
J H"lJ lUH H U5 U| ! oU " J J| 5U| !\!
phir turkan k yaun chit . phard lkan khadada layy put.
kar salhi im phauj chardah dh. a lk kar kah phard.18.
olU " lUH J U3JU| ! H|o U UU "U| !
HJ 3J U5 HlJ ! " "3 H| H J| lJ !\!
i lkan im kar chatur. kasn dai puttan da l.
jab puttain tab ukhardrd jhin. nl lat mukk jat bh khnhi.19.
U JJ : J| = 3J HU IU 3 !
3 " J3 H = U| H UlJ J H !O!
dhr : kah thukvan khtar saddan ga tarkhn.
tau lau rt su dahuk pa phauj chahi dar jn.20.
UU| : 3J 3J H3 oJ U| ! JJ U| oI "lU UU| !
oI JU UU 5 H5| ! lH= lUH JU| =J| !!
chaupa : tab turkan mat aur ka. khadada bhar ndhna agg li da.
agan pahuch da kapard srd. singhan k im bha khavr.21.
lJ lH= |U H3 H oJ ! lI"| lH| H HU| J !
lUH lJl H U JU JJ| ! 3 " o J3 J| JU| !!
phir singhan k jatan su aur. gill mitt sn mnd thaur.
is bidhi jn unhain bach rah. tau lau n rt bh bha.22.
" U U J=lU ! J3 J HJ lH= olU !
lU3 J U UlU IU ! " UJ o=3 JU !=!
lkan unhai day daarvi. rt parai mrain singh i.
it daar chhda unhain ui ga. lk chuphryn vat bha.23.
JlU oI 3 "U lJ ! oH lJ3| U lH= J !
lH lHJ J|3| l3 H JH H| ! J3 lH= H l" UU| I| !e!
bujhi g t la nikr. ais bit un singhan nr.
jin sir bt tin sn ham sun. ratan singh s likh da gun.24.
213 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Putting the muzzles of all their muskets in the caves opening,
The Mughals let out a volley of bullets inside the cave.
As the cave got filled with dense smoke and darkness,
The Singhs felt choked with smoke and lack of air. (16)
As the Singhs felt extremely tortured inside the cave,
They made attempts to block the entry of smoke.
Whatever articles of clothing they had with them,
They corked the caves opening with those clothes. (17)
Then, the Mughals, thinking of another strategy,
Thought of forcing the people to dig out the whole cave.
Deciding on such a strategy and sending their troops,
The Mughals brought the people with spades in their hands. (18)
People, being quite clever, came with the troops,
And they were also made to dig the caves with the spades.
But they struck the spades so oddly that the spades got dismantled,
For which lapse they were roughed up by the Mughal soldiers. (19)
Dohra : As the soldiers went out to call the carpenters,
For fixing the dismantled spades in to the handles,
The darkness descended on the scene,
And the troops returned to their barracks. (20)
Chaupai : Thereafter, the Mughal soldiers adopting another tactic,
Set the Caves opening on fire after filling it with wooden logs.
As the raging fire burnt the corked clothings,
The Singhs inside underwent a lot of torture. (21)
Then the Singhs made one more attempt,
And plugged the opening with a moistened clay batter.
As they attempted to save their lives somehow,
Darkness descended on the scene once again. (22)
The people (in the meanwhile) frightened the Mughals,
That other Singhs would definitely attack them at night.
As the Mughals deserted the place being scared,
The people gathered around the cave from all sides. (23)
They brought the Singhs out after putting out the fire,
Such being the ordeal through which the Singhs passed.
I (the author) having heard from those who faced it,
Have narrated it after a thorough contemplation. (24)
214 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : oH oH U HJ 3 H UU|U lJ !
3| 3 "" H lH"| l3HJ| 3lJ !!
dhr : ais ais dukh sah tau chhada su d nnhi.
khattr tarkhn kall jatt mil patishh tnhi.25.
O. H| H J I lH = H JJ | ('H J I lH = I J l3 J "U|'...) O. H| H J I lH = H JJ | ('H J I lH = I J l3 J "U|'...) O. H| H J I lH = H JJ | ('H J I lH = I J l3 J "U|'...) O. H| H J I lH = H JJ | ('H J I lH = I J l3 J "U|'...) O. H| H J I lH = H JJ | ('H J I lH = I J l3 J "U|'...)
105. skh subg singh jambar k (subg singh gur pati rakh la...)
U JJ : HJI lH= HJJ J lH| H HHJ3 !
=lJ J| Hl3IJ lH J3 lHH =J 3 !!
dhr : subg singh jambar bhay sikh madh mazbt.
vahi bh satigur sikh hut jis k th vah pt.1.
UU| : J" o=H H3 JH| 5 ! lJ H UlJJ| J J5= !
= J3 H" J3 oHJ ! JlJ3 "JJ HJ !!
chaupa : bl avsath sut pras pardhy. phir maddh kachhir rakh rardvy.
vai hut mulak k karat ajr. rahit th lhaur majhr.2.
3J UH "H =" 3J ! "H J| l3H J" "J !
U| 3J J HJJ| H ! 3 UH JH J J H"H !=!
turak us khls val train. khls bh tis k bhal lrain.
k turkan parai zarr km. tau us bhjain kar kar salm.3.
JJ3 JJ lH= o ! H lH= H lJ UlJ I !
l3 =J l3 H3"J I|J| ! l3 J" J l3 " J "|J|!e!
bahut br singhan pai y. s singhan kamm nahin chahi gavy.
kit ghran kit matlab garb. kit bal kar kit chhal kar lb.4.
H HJ UU "H J3 ! J3 H ol3 J J3 !
3J 3 H "= ! lJ 3 3J J3 J= !!
s sabh da khls bht. hut panth saun ati bada ht.
panth khtar tan man dhan lvai. nahin putar ptr k ht rakhvai.5.
U JJ : HJI lH= HJJ J3 H| 3| J J !
HH| || 3J H oJ HJ lJUJ !!
dhr : subg singh jambar hut jap tap hatth dhr.
jais kn turak n s ab sunhu bichr.6.
UU| : HJI lH= 5 HJJ HI ! l3H J H 5 !
J J 3H o= U| ! "= UH o H HH| !!
chaupa : subg singh phard jambrn mangy. tisk bt sth phardy.
kahy navb tum v dn. lv dm au km zamn.7.
215 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Although the Singhs underwent such unspeakable ordeals,
They did not give up their claim to sovereignty.
It is for these sacrifices that sovereignty was conferred,
On their commonwealth of Kshtryas, Artisans, wine traders and Jats. (25)
Episode 105
The Episode About Subeg Singh Jambar
(The Great Guru upheld the Devout Sikhs Dignity)
Dohra : There lived a (devout) Singh named Subeg Singh Jambhar
Who was a staunch follower of Sikh ideology and its tenets.
Even he was a devout Sikh of the Sikh Gurus,
Who had begot Subeg Singh Jambar. (1)
Chaupai : Educating his son in the Persian language in childhood,
His father got him employed in the Mughal court.
He, being a supplier of provisions to the Mughals on contract,
He had his residence in the (central) city of Lahore. (2)
The Mughals would, often, send him as their emissary to the Khalsa,
As the Khalsa Panth, too, had a good opinion about him.
Whenever the Mughals had any pressing issue to be sorted out,
They would make him their emissary with many solicitations. (3)
As he had gone (on diplomatic missions) to the Singhs many a time,
The Singhs, too, wished to remain on good terms with him.
His services would the Mughals utilize through various tactics,
Sometime through state pressure, force or else solicitation and manipulation. (4)
All state secrets would he reveal to the Khalsa Singhs,
He, being a great well-wisher of the Khalsa Panth.
He could sacrifice all that he possessed for the Khalsa Panth,
Even at the cost of severing his closest family ties. (5)
Dohra : Such a human being was Subeg Singh Jambar,
A man of ascetic, meditative and resolute disposition.
(Dear readers), the author beseeches you to listen with concentration,
The way the (wicked) Mughals dealth with such a pious man. (6)
Chaupai : Taking Subeg Singh into custody from his village Jambar,
The Mughals captured his infant son along with him.
Offering various temptations of money, employment and landed property,
The Lahore Nawab asked him to get converted to Islam. (7)
216 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J| 3 HJ J HHJ ! U5 UJ lIJ J= UJ !
HJI lH= 3J JH J| ! UJ5| J =J| !\!
nahn t marnn kar manzr. chardh charakh gir hv chr.
subg singh tab kurnash kar. dhann charkhard dhann yah ghar.8.
U5 UJ5| JH lIJ= ! H oJ JH =|" "= !
JH 3 IJ lH HU= ! IJ J3 J" H= !\!
chrdah charkhard hamain girv. s ab ham k dahl na lv.
ham t gur k sikkh sadvain. gur k ht parn bhal jvai.9.
=J 3= U| ! oU" J 3 J J| !
HJ J JH U| H J ! JlU U| H lJ lJ HJ !O!
dhann navb dhann tav dn. dal hain tn bada parbn.
marnn daar ham dn mn kar. hi dn main phir nahin marn.10.
H lJ J| lHJ HJ JJ ! oH H|= lU H 3H JJ !
HJ J JH o= U| ! H JlU HJ lJ J| !!
jau phir bh sir marnn rahai. ais jvan kiun dham taj bahain.
marnn daar ham vain dn. j hui marnn nnhi kabhn.11.
HH 3H U| J J ! 3H J| J JH JHJ !
U5 UJ5| oJ HJ= ! HJ oJ UJ "I= !!
jais tumai dn hai payr. tais h hai dharam hamr.
chrdah charkhard abai marv. mr abai na dr lagv.12.
HH"H JH J=lJ J| ! JH o H lJJ| !
3J =J JH H | ! U5 UJ5| lH= H U| !=!
muslamn ham hvhin nhn. dharam pn sth nibh.
tab navb n hukam su kn. chrdah charkhard singh su dn.13.
UU U5 lJ JJ3 =H ! =lJIJ l3 lJ J" !
H H H 3 IJ UUJ ! o" o" J UU J !e!
ch chrdah phir bahut ghumy. vhigur tin nnhi bhuly.
jayn jayn mukh t gur uchr. akl akl kar ch pukr.14.
H =J H H JJ ! oJ =HlU J= U !
l3H l3H lH= H oJ UUJ ! Hl3IJ H lJHJ !!
sun navb man main bahu kpai. aur ghumi karv chpai.
tim tim singh su aur uchrai. satigur nnak na mann bisrai.15.
U JJ : 3J =J oH J "J U3J !
J I J H lUJ !!
dhr : tab navb ais kahy y k lhu utr.
yk bt k tangy yh k ju dikhr.16.
217 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Otherwise Subeg Singh should get prepared to die,
With his body being crushed between the wheels with spokes.
At this, lowing his head in acceptance, Subeg Singh remarked,
Blessed be that instrument and the moment (when he dies for his faith). (8)
He begged the Nawab to put him on the torture rack,
And have done with him without any further loss of time.
As he had been a devout Sikh of the great Gurus,
He would feel blessed to shed his mortal frame for his faith. (9)
Great was the Nawab, greater still was his faith in Islam,
Great must be his sense of justice, he being a legal expert.
Should he (Subeg Singh) convert to Islam for fear of death,
Would he never die after his conversion to Islam? (10)
If death is imminent even after getting converted,
Why should he give up his own religion in this life?
He would gladly convert to Islam to escape death,
Provided Islam guaranteed that he would never die. (11)
As Islam was very dear to the worthy Nawab,
So was his (Subeg Singhs) own religion very dear to him.
He pleaded to be immediately executed on the torture rack,
And be done away with without any further loss of time. (12)
Firmly refusing to be got converted to Islam,
He reiterated his resolve to sacrifice his life for his faith.
Thereafter, issuing the orders for his execution,
Subeg Singhs body was fixed between the wheels with spokes. (13)
As the two wheels, with his body in between, were put into motion,
Subeg Singh did not forget to meditate on Gods name.
As he kept on repeating the name of the Divine Guru,
He also shouted the Singh slogan of victory Akal! Akal. (14)
Feeling more infuriated after hearing these Singh slogans,
He ordered to move the wheels more speedily to silence the Singhs voice.
The faster the wheels moved, the louder became the Singhs slogans,
As he did not lose his faith in the sacred name of Guru Nanak. (15)
Dohra : (Failing to subdue his spirits), the Nawab issued fresh orders,
That Subeg Singhs body be unhinged from the torture rack.
He ordered Subegs son to be put on the same device,
So that Subeg Singh might witness his infant sons torture. (16)
218 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : 3J U" =H | ! J I J U" U| !
U5 UJ5| JJ3 =H ! HJI lH= lU !!
chaupa : tab chandlan vais kn. bndh tng kar ult dn.
chrdah charkhard bahut ghumy. subg singh k nain dikhy.17.
HJI lH= 3J oH J ! 3 lU J !
H J H JH lJJ ! J H IJ I UJ !\!
subg singh tab ais kahai. dhann dhann putar dhann din yahai.
s dhann purakh ju dharam nibhhai. dhann purakh j gur pag chhai.18.
l3H U3J =J J" ! U U lJ J3 " !
3 J J" Jl 3 J| ! J J lU UHJ I=J| !\!
tisai utr navb buly. d kai dukh phir btan ly.
tn hain blak budhi tain nhn. kark hath kiun umar gavhn.19.
l3 3J HJ " " ! 3HJ lU oJ U J !
o o |3 H J ! JH J 3 U H o J !O!
pit tr n sabh lakh lay. tumr din ab dkhan bhay.
adh khy adh pt jai hain. dharam rakhy tudh kad kamm ai hain.20.
U JJ : HH"H J "J 3 JJ3| oJ HI|J !
HJ "I JlJ J 33 HI J lU 3I|J !!
dhr : muslamn havai lhu tn bahut abai jagr.
jab lag rahi hai takhat jag karai na ki tagr.21.
UU| : =J J| H lH HJI ! JUU 3 U"3| 3I !
J 3 H5 3 JJ ! 3 J H 3 "H J !!
chaupa : navb kah sun sikkh subg. bach putar k chalt tg.
rakkh putar k jard tujh rah. tn kahu mukh t kalm kahai.22.
J 3" 3 HJ IH ! lHlU 3 J U| UJH !
| H J 3lJ ! 3 J| 3 H J HlJ !=!
karn katal tujh mrn garm. sikhi putar kar dn darm.
y pchh main rkhn thi. tn bh putar sn kar kachhu mhi.23.
3J 3 J| JlJ J JH ! lJ 3 J J lJJH !
HJI lH= H oH| J| ! HU =J 3 H3| J| !e!
puttar t h rahi hai bans. bin putar havai hain nirbans.
subg singh sun ais kah. sachch navb tain jt kah.24.
JH 3HJ H ! J 3H o" !
JH H3 o U UUH ! J HU IJ lH JH !!
ham n tumr nn su khy. ban na kht tumain aly.
ham sut apn day updsh. rkhan sch gur nij bhs.25.
219 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : The executioners, carrying on the orders of the Nawab,
Hung the infants body upside down with his legs tied.
As they moved the spoked wheels with full force,
Subeg Singh was made to see the torture with his own eyes. (17)
Overwhelmed with emotion, Subeg Singh kept remarking,
Blessed be his son and blessed be the day of sacrifice.
Blessed be the person who died for his faith,
Blessed be he who yearned for the lotus feet of the Guru. (18)
Thereafter bringing the child down after so much torture,
The Nawab tried to bring him round through these mortifications.
Telling the child that he, being immature, lacked wisdom,
Why should he lose his life by being obdurate? (19)
Informing the child that while his father had enjoyed every joy of life,
Why should he deprive himself of good days ahead?
What good purpose would it serve to keep his faith,
If he ended his life without enjoying the comforts of life? (20)
Dohra : Impressing upon the child to get converted to Islam,
The Nawab offered to grant him a vast landed property.
So long as the country remained under a sovereign rule,
Nobody could deprive him of his possession of that property. (21)
Chaupai : Addressing Subeg Singh once again, remarked the Nawab,
That he should save his sons life from the executioners sword.
He should keep his family line alive by saving his son,
By swearing on the Islams Koranic religious verses. (22)
The Nawab threatened to slaughter together with village populace,
Otherwise he should instruct his son to convert to Islam.
As his own life would also be spared after his sons conversion,
Subeg Singh should show some concern for his sons life. (23)
Survival of sons alone keeps a family line going,
As families without sons are rendered issueless.
Hearing this advice Subeg Singh said to the Nawab,
That the latter was, indeed, speaking the truth. (24)
Since he (Subeg Singh) had earned his livelihood from Nawabs service,
It did not behove him to use unparliamentary words before his boss.
He would tender only one advice to his son,
That the great Guru alone was the preserver of a Sikhs life. (25)
220 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J lHUI| | J3|3 ! lHJ HJ JJ3| J|3 !
JJ JH 3 oJ J| HlU ! HJ "I H|= JH I=lU !!
kahn zindg k partt. y sir marnn bahut rt.
rah dharam tan ab h ji. jab lag jvai dharam gavi.26.
l3 H|= H JH I=U|U ! HJ HU l3 HU|U !
lH H H IJ JHJ ! H|H U|U lH H J=J !!
kit jvan s dharam gav. marnn sch kitai nath j.
sikkhan kj su gur hamr. ss d nij san parvrai.27.
UJ 3J H JU ! H U| | J JU !
JH J IJ "lJ I=U| ! JH " J JU| !\!
chr putar jn kuh. s chand k bht kar.
ham kran gur kulahi gav. ham kul rkhain kaun bada.28.
oH oJ J3 JJ JU| ! =J lU3 3J oH oU| !
J 3J HH= oH ! H lU5 J= H5 HH !\!
ais aur bt bahu bha. navb chitt tab ais a.
yah puttar samjhvai ais. s darird hvai murdai na jais.29.
3 HU H J J ! JlU HJ l=U U| JJ !
U| J3 HJ JJ3 HJ|J ! J" H3 J IJ = |J !=O!
ynt jud su bt karn. daari mr vich dn bharn.
dukh ht jab bahut sarr. bhl jt hai gur v pr.30.
U= U =J JJ3 HJ|J ! H HI H UJ HI|J !
3J l3H U "I JJ U ! I |U H !=!
dvn dukh vah bahut sarr. j mngai s dhun jagr.
tab tis dn lag bahu dukkh. tngai khchain kutain mukkh.31.
U I 5 l3H =H= ! JJ U lJ | lIJ= !
U| U3 UJ= ! U" H" J H3= !=!
k tang phard tisai ghumvain. bnh khaich phir pchh girvain.
k dantan nakhan chubhvai. ult sult karain santvai.32.
U U UlJ ! J U3 lJ 35 H "lJ !
U J J J HU" ! U3J "J oJ | " !==!
khaichain nk kn dukh dhin. kahain dant yih trd su lhin.
k kahai yah hai mchall. utr lhu ab ynk khall.33.
oH U J " I|U ! lH3 l3 lU3 J|U !
lJ =J lJ U5| U5= ! J lJ | H I== !=e!
ais dukkh kahn lau gan. jitn tink ditt bhan.
kahi navb phir charkhrd chardhv. dar yhi k jn gavv.34.
221 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
While there existed hardly any certainty about life,
Inevitability of death was an accepted universal norm.
So let our faith abide, though we be dead in body soon,
How long could man survive after giving up ones faith. (26)
Why should one give up ones faith for a temporal life,
How could man escape death as it is inevitable.
The Sikh Gurus had served the cause of Khalsa Panth,
Even as they sacrificed their lives together with their progeny. (27)
All the four sons of the Guru had given up their life,
Sacrificing their lives at the altar of goddess of war.
As they had sacrificed their whole family for the sake of the Sikhs,
What distinction would the Sikhs earn preserving their progeny? (28)
As this dialogue continued for some time,
The Nawab had different thoughts in his mind.
As the kind of advice Subeg Singh was tendering his son,
The child was getting more and more adamant in his conviction. (29)
He thought he must separate the son from his father,
And convert him to Islam through duress and threats.
As the childs body would writhe in excruciating pain,
He would forget everything about his Guru and guide. (30)
The Nawab ordered to subject the child to extreme tortures,
As well as grant land gifts if the child so desired.
Thereafter, the executioners began to torture the child severely,
With dragging him from his feet and giving blows on his face. (31)
Revolving his whole body by dangling it from a single leg,
They would then throw him back by pulling his arm.
Pricking his body with the their sharp teeth and nails,
They would mortify him through several twists and turns. (32)
Inflicting pain by pulling at his nose and ears,
They would threaten him with knocking down his teeth.
Somebody remarked that the child was pretending to be unconscious,
He must be skinned alive for his feigning unconsciousness. (33)
My (authors) tongue fails to narrate the mortifications,
Which were inflicted (on the tender body of this child).
Instructing the executioners to fit him between the spoked wheels again,
The Nawab ordered them to keep torturing him till he died. (34)
222 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : U3 U H I JJ oJ UlU !
3J J" J| U J IH| J| l3H olU !=!
dhr : dt dukkh s thakk gay rahy na aur upi.
tab blak bh chup bhay gash par tis i.35.
UU| : 3J U" o J ! oJ J J" HJ =J !
HJI lH= H J JH| ! Hl3IJ J| JHJ| "H| !=!
chaupa : tab chandl yau n pukr. ab bhay blak marn vr.
subg singh sun hy rj. satigur rkh hamr lj.36.
3 3= J H| ! JJ JH oJ JHJ J| !
HJI lH= H lU3 o ! lH J 3 lUJ !=!
dhann putar tav dhann hai jann. rahy dharam ab hamr karn.
subg singh k s chit y. kis bp n putar chiry.37.
3J =J |J HI ! l5 l H l3H !
3J H|= UJ H olUo ! U lU"H 3J J"lUo !=\!
tab navb n nr mangy. kuchh chhirdkay kichh mukh tis py.
tab kuchh jv dh mn i. d kai dils tabai buli.38.
oJ 3H HH J J ! J| UH 3 U| JU !
HH"H lJU H JU ! =J HIlU 5 l=I U !=\!
ab tum janam bhay hai nay. nahn dsh tudh dn bachy.
muslamn hind j bha. navb mangi khard dhig ka.39.
l3 J" J3 " ! HH"H l3 J J !
H JH J3 ! lJU H 3 H=3 I3 !eO!
tin blak k btan ly. muslamn tin hn kahy.
kuchh sudh kachhu bsudh k ht. kahi mukkh t jvat gt.40.
3J =J J"| HU| ! o= U| "|U JU| !
JHlU " JJ U lUU| ! HJI lH= H U| !e!
tab navb nai bhal man. vn dn yaun l kah.
bharmi lay bahu dukh dikh. sabg singh n yau sun p.41.
U JJ : HJI lH= oUJH J JJ U lU3 !
=J J"lU lUl"U U| o= 3 3 !e!
dhr : subg singh achraj bhay bahu dukh py chitt.
navb buli dikhli dn vai tujh putt.42.
UU| : HJI lH= J H3 | J ! J" J U HJ I !
HJI lH= H J I U ! J J JJ lH= J !e=!
chaupa : subg singh kahy sut k bhay. bl kahai dukh sahy na gay.
subg singh sun havai gay chupp. yah kay bhay rahy singh rupp.43.
223 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : As the executioners got exhausted with their job,
Exhausting all means of torturing a human body,
The child also went into a spell of deep silence,
As a fit of spasmodic convulsion hit his system. (35)
Chaupai : At this, the executioner gave an indication,
That the child was on the verge of death.
Subeg Singh felt elated at this remark,
As the revered Guru had upheld his self-respect. (36)
Blessed be his son and blessed be the womb who begot him,
As their faith had been vindicated through their noble deeds.
Subeg Singh recalled another similar incident (of religious conviction),
Where a father had voluntarily got his son sawn into two pieces. (37)
Thereafter ordering a servant to fetch some water,
The Nawab, after sprinkling a bit on the childs face, put it in his mouth.
As the child regained a bit of consciousness,
The Nawab patted him to bolster his self-confidence. (38)
Telling the child that since he had been born again after regaining consciousness,
He would not be accused of converting to Islam after a new life.
Summoning all the Hindus who had converted to Islam,
He made them stand by the side of the child. (39)
Persuading the child through their glib talk,
These converts prompted him to say he would convert to Islam.
Drifting between spells of unconsciousness and awakening,
He spoke a few words with a staggering tongue.(40)
The Nawab heaved a sigh of great relief,
As he made the child say, I would convert to Islam.
The child has been misled to convert through threats of torture,
Subeg Singh heard his own words reverberating into his ears. (41)
Dohra : Being bewildered (at this sudden turn of events),
Subeg Singh felt extremely pained at heart.
Summoning the child to where Subeg Singh stood,
The Nawab remarked that the child was converting to Islam.
Chaupai : To Subeg Singhs query : What made him think of converting to Islam?
The child replied that he could no longer bear the torture.
Hearing this, Subeg Singh was stunned into dumb-foundedness,
As he felt extremely desperate at such a catastrophe. (43)
224 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
J lH= J H|o oU| ! U oJ H H J"U| !
U H "H J ! IJ H lH J" UJ !ee!
phr singh k yah ja . dkhn ab main ps bul.
dkhn kais kalm kahai. gur nm kis bhully chahai.44.
JlJ 3 " H J"U| ! HJI lH= l3J HHU| !
Hl3IJ H U J"U| ! 3 J l 3"=J U"U| !e!
navbhi t lay ps bul. subg singh n tih samjh.
satigur nm kayn day bhul. tain par kin talvr chal.45.
U JJ : U HH3 J J l" HH"H !
HJI lH= lHJ lJU "I H 3 !e!
dhr : dkhy masatak dhayn dhar hn likhy muslamn.
subg singh sir phri lagy su pachchhtn.46.
UU| : HJI lH= " HH3 U ! HH"H J l" " !
3J l3 J| I U3J| ! UJ JlU U lU JJ| !e!
chaupa : subg singh lay masatak dkh. muslamn hn likkhy lkh.
tab tin panh pagn utr. charan chhuhi day ik br.47.
o" o" lJ JU UUJ ! H "H " lJJ !
Hl3H lJ J3 J ! lH IU JJ H J 3J !e\!
akl akl kahi bachan uchr. mty khls lkh bikr.
satinm kahi karat purakh. mit ga haraf ju hn turak.48.
J "H l3H H ! J HI H J J3 lJ3 !
H3 UJ 3 H " ! H3 J H HJ H !e\!
bhay khls tis k mth. hai jag main yah bt bikhyt.
sant chahai t mtai lkh. sant rkh main mrai mkh.49.
U JJ : 3J =J UlU oH J3 lo" !
J |U HJI lH= I "lU HH3 " !O!
dhr : tab navb n dkhi ais karat khil.
yah kay k subg singh pag li masatak nl.50.
UU| : HJI lH= 3J oH UUJ ! H " H l" l""J !
=J J| J | I" ! lH= J| "5 U" !!
chaupa : subg singh tab ais uchr. mty lkh ju likh lilr.
navb kah yah jhth gall. singh kah puchh lardk chall.51.
3J =J U "5 J ! "5 "I HJ !
JlJ "5 3 HH"H ! "H 5 3 !!
tab navb uth lardk th. lardk k kachhu lag na mh.
hhi lardk tn muslamn. kalm pardh tau chhdaain parn.52.
225 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Soon after it occurred into Subeg Singhs mind,
That he should have a look at his sons face.
He must examine how he was going to recite the Koranic verse,
And why was he willing to forget the Gurus Name. (44)
Calling his son to him from where he stood with the Nawab,
Subeg Singh attempted to persuade him gently.
Dear Son, what made you forget the Satgurus Name,
Had anyone threatened you with a sword? (45)
Dohra : As Subeg Singh looked at the childs forehead closely,
He found that the child was destined to be converted.
Shaking his head in desperation after deciphering the inscription,
He expressed deep regret at his sons destined misfortune. (46)
Chaupai : As Subeg Singh had deciphered from the childs forehead,
His son was destined to be converted to Islam.
Thereafter removing a shoe from one of his own feet,
He touched the childs forehead with his bare foot. (47)
Reciting the divine slogan Akal! Akal! loudly,
The pious Khalsa (Subeg Singh) effaced the blasphemous inscription.
With the chanting of the sacred name of the Divine creator,
The predestined inscription was totally effaced. (48)
It became an occurring well-known in the world,
That the word Khalsa came to be inscribed on the childs forehead.
As a saint, if he wills, could as much efface a persons destined lot,
As he could alter altogether the predestined fortune. (49)
Dohra : As the Nawab looked at (Subeg Singhs strange gesture),
He felt a bit disturbed in his own mind.
Questioning Subeg Singhs touching childs head with his barefoot,
The Nawab asked him to explain the implications of his act. (50)
Chaupai : To Nawabs query, replied Subeg Singh in this vein,
That the latter had effaced the childs predestined fortune.
As the Nawab declared it to be a white lie,
Subeg Singh asked the Nawab to confirm it from the child. (51)
As the Nawab started questioning the child,
The child turned a deaf ear to all his queries.
Asking the child to get converted to Islam,
He promisted to spare his life after his conversion. (52)
226 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
3J "5 JU UUJ ! o "H JH loJ !
Hl3H H IJ 3 "|o ! =lJIJ IJ "H U|o !=!
tab lardk n bachan uchr. apn kalm hamain pir.
satinm j gur t l. vhigur gur kalm d.53.
3J =J H o JH ! HJ "5 J HH !
oI 3 UI U U|o ! "5 lU3 H H |o !e!
tab navb man y rs. mr lardk k kar jsh.
g t chaugun dukh d. lardk k chit sukh s th.54.
lHH J"U H U ! 3H J" "I H !
H H J" U "= ! l3H l3H "5 H H J= !!
jim parhld na mnyn dukkh. tais blak lg sukkh.
jayn jayn bl k chtn lvain. tim tim lardk sukh s bhvai.55.
HJ3 HJ3 = IU ! H3 l3 HJ H IU !
3J JJ 3 lJ lU3 oU| ! HU | lU HI3 "IU| !!
mrat mrat vai thak ga. jatan tinhn k sabh muk ga.
tab nabb t yahi chit . jd k in jugat lag.56.
H| H" "U HIU| ! HU UJ JU| !
"H lU"H "= 3 ! H3 J=lJ HH"H !!
kz mulln la mang. ynk jd dhu hat.
kalm ilam kuchh lv tn. jnt hvahi musslamn.57.
U JJ : H3 lU"H "H J3 IU HJ JJ !
lJ "I "H JlU J3 =J !\!
dhr : jt ilam kalm k karat ga sab hr.
kuchh nahin lg khls hi karat khuvr.58.
UU| : =J I U U3 ! J| l3 IJ J3 !
3J =J UU HIU ! U U 3 " JU !\!
chaupa : navb gay thak dukh k dt. py nhn tin gur bht.
tab navb n d mang. dukh dn t lk hat.59.
JU| UU JUlU ! J3 lH= H l" JlU !
HJI lH= IJ l3 J "U| ! HJI lH= H| JU| !O!
bandkhn da pahuchi. ratan singh sun likhy bani.
subg singh gur pati rakh la. subg singh yau skh bha.60.
U JJ : oJ H U53J H" H lJH JU !
HJI lH= H| JU| H H3 H "lU !!
dhr : athr s durdautr sl su bikkarm r.
subg singh skh bha sunn sant man li.61.
227 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
At this child told the Nawab (in unmistakable terms),
That his own faiths teachings were dear to him.
As he (the child) had received Gods true Name from his Guru,
The Guru had blessed him with the Divine name Waheguru. (53)
Getting infuriated at the childs curt, bold reply,
The Nawab ordered the child to be tortured severely.
After this, even when the child was tortured far more severely,
The child felt comforted at his chastisement. (54)
As the saintly child Prehlad
had not experienced pain,
Subeg Singhs son, too, derived comfort from his torture.
The more the child was beaten and thrashed,
The more the child rejoiced at his persecution. (55)
The executioners got exhausted with mortifying the child,
As they had exhausted all means of persecuting him.
At this, it occurred to the Nawabs (disturbed) mind,
That some kind of a magic spell had been cast on the child.(56)
Summoning the Muslim clerics and Islamic theologians,
He asked them to neutralize the alleged magic spell.
Asking them to try their best through the Koranic incantations,
They must get the child converted to Islam. (57)
Dohra : Having recited all the Koranic incantations,
The clerics failed to get the child converted.
As the true Khalsa (Subeg Singhs son) remained completely unaffected,
All their efforts at conversion ended in vain. (58)
Chaupai : As the Nawab got exhausted after practising every torture,
He could not see through the Gurus mysterious support of His Sikhs.
Thereafter summoning both Subeg Singh and his son to his court,
The Nawab ordered the discontinuation of every torture. (59)
The way both father and son were put behind the bars
Rattan Singh had narrated the account thoroughly.
Since the Guru had upheld the dignity of Subeg Singh,
His persecution has become a legend of supreme sacrifice. (60)
Dohra : It was in the year eighteen hundred two of Bikrami Samvat,
(That the father son duo were persecuted by Lahore Nawab).
This is how the legend of Subeg Singhs sacrifice occurred,
Dear devout readers listen to its contents with faith and devotion. (61)
228 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : H| H| | H H 3l3 ! l3H J| l"| J3 lH= Jl3 !
H3| H| 33| JH J| ! oI oJ H Il3 U| !!
chaupa : sun skh th ps su tti. tim h likh ratan singh bti.
jt sun tt ham kah. gai aur sun gati na.62.
O. H| JU| 3J lH = J H I| lJU J| HJ|U | O. H| JU| 3J lH = J H I| lJU J| HJ|U | O. H| JU| 3J lH = J H I| lJU J| HJ|U | O. H| JU| 3J lH = J H I| lJU J| HJ|U | O. H| JU| 3J lH = J H I| lJU J| HJ|U |
('oH| HJ =J '...) ('oH| HJ =J '...) ('oH| HJ =J '...) ('oH| HJ =J '...) ('oH| HJ =J '...)
106. skh bh tr singh bhujng bidh shahd k
(asn na marnn natthan vr...)
U JJ : H| 3J lH= | H lH= H "lU !
H JJUJ " 3J J| lHJ U3JlU !!
dhr : skh tr singh k sunn singh man li.
j khn bahdar lai tury khpr sirn utri.1.
H H H JH3 J" H " IH !
J| 3| HU H3| lJI 3J lH= H !!
j mjhai main basat th bhal su pl garm.
hath tap sch sat nihang tr singh nm.2.
UU| : =J H3 HJ 5 oU| ! l3H l3H "I J JJU| !
H" oJ HU|U UlU ! 3J lH= |U H HlU !=!
chaupa : navb maut jab nrd . tim tim lg karan bur.
sl athrn sa di. tr singh k sk si.3.
U JJ : J H" lH= lJH J 3 lJ !
lJ UIJJ| J" =J| lJ UJ| JH HlJ !e!
dhr : navb mulkhayyan k puchhy singh rizak kahn t khnhi.
nahin ugrh hal vh nahin chkr banaj kamnhi.4.
UU| : IJUJ H U53 U5= ! H J| H UU J= !
lJ IJo UlU loH ! JlU UU| H lH= H !!
chaupa : gurdavr j chardat chardhvai. s bh mainn da hatv.
nahin guran k di niz. hati da main singhan kj.5.
UlU J lH lJ HJJ| ! U | lH "J J| !
H " U J JJ| ! H " HJ 3J| !!
i bhukkh kim nnhi marhn. dn pn jin labbhai nhn.
phauj tl un bannah k rhn. khj tl kai mrain thn.6.
lH l H lH= J ! HU| l UH5 H U !
IU = o UH ! J JlU == JH !!
229 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : The way I (the author) had heard this legend from my father,
I (Rattan Singh) have narrated it in this episode.
I have narrated the way in which I had heard it,
Now (dear readers) listen to another new episode. (62)
Episode 106
The Episode About Taru Singh A Fearless Martyr
(Never would he flee from his impeding death)
Dohra : Dear devout readers listen with concentration and devotion,
The episode about Bhai Taru Singh
(a fearless Singh Martyr).
Who got Khan Bahadur
damned in the Dinive Court,
By getting his own scalp removed from his head. (1)
He being an inhabitant of the Majha region of Punjab,
He resided in village Poolha
in perfect peace and piety.
Being a man of resolute, meditative, upright and abstemious disposition,
He was known by the name of Taru Singh Nihang. (2)
Chaupai : As the Lahore Nawab neared the end of his tether,
He started committing more and more wicked deeds.
It was in the year of 1802 of Bikrami Samvat,
That Bhai Taru Singh performed an act of supreme sacrifice.
Dohra : Summoning his subjects, the Nawab made an enquiry,
Where from did the Singhs manage to get their wherewithal?
Neither did they collect any revenue or cultivate their fields,
Nor were they known to carry out any business or employment. (4)
Chaupai : Whatever they received by way of offerings in their shrines,
Had also been banned through a royal decree.
Whatever the Singhs, received in charity in the name of Sikh Gurus,
That too had been prohibited through his royal orders. (5)
Why did they not die of starvation and hunger,
When all kinds of provisions had been made scarce.
With Mughal troops blockading all the highways,
The Singhs were being killed through search and shoot operations. (6)
In whatever village was a Singh reported to be residing,
He had ordered that village to be razed to the ground.
230 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
jin pinndan main singh k bhay. s pind ujrd main day.
chhda ga vai apn dsh. bhkh hi vatvain bhs.7.
H lH= H J| IJ ! H 3 " = HJ !
HI" JH J lH= JJ ! HJ HI" JJ =J !\!
main singhan k sk bh gr. khadadaan main t tl kadadah mr.
mugal bj hain singh batr. mr muglan n bahu ghr.8.
lJH lJ U| H|= J| ! UlU lH H|= lJH lJJ| !
3 HI lU H J H|= ! H H|= 3J HI lH |= !\!
rijak binn k jvai nhn. i kim jvain rizak binnh.
patt sg khi manukh kab jvai. j jvai turan jg kim thvai.9.
U JJ : lU UH 3J Jl"U lJ J lH= HJlJ !
lUH| UH H lH JJ U U | lJ !O!
dhr : ik dushat tab bli nahin bhkh singh marhin.
is dsh main sikh rahain un d k pchh khnhi.10.
UU| : JJJI3 lJH|U J| ! HU J3 lU JU| o| !
oH oH lH= HI HJ| ! lH= lU |o lH J| !!
chaupa : harbhagat nirjan yau bhkh. sachch bt in bh kh.
ais ais singh jag mnh. singh chhaki pain nij khnh.11.
o HJ = I oJ J ! U H lJ lH= U !
o IHJ oI| " ! lH= =" H lH=" !!
p sahain vai nang ar bhukkh. dkh sakain nahin singhan dukkh.
p guzrain agn nl. singhan ghalain pushk sivl.12.
U| |H |H H= ! = J| lH= H U= !
J J U| J HHJ| ! JH lH= H HJJ| !=!
ka psn ps kamvain. vai bh singhan ps puchvain.
bn batt ka karain majr. bhjain singhan ps zarr.13.
UJ HlU H UJ| lJJ| ! olU lH= oI lJJ| !
lH= HU JUH lHJ ! JH lH= UlU IJ J !e!
dr ji j chkr karihn. i singhan k gai dharihn.
singh j pardsh sidhr. bhjain singhan i gur payr.14.
U JJ : H =J lHJ lJ lJ J lJ !
JH 3 HJ HJ3 J HJ lU UlU !!
dhr : sun navb sir phri kahi kathan panth bhay yhi.
ham t mr marat kab mrai inhain khudi.15.
231 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Singhs, having deserted their country (in desperation),
Had they been moving in the guise of starving mendicants. (7)
He (the Nawab) had eliminated even the relatives of the Singhs,
By dragging them out from their underground hideouts.
Mughals, being ferocious falcons as compared to the timid quail like Singhs,
Mughals had slaughtered the Singhs after nabbing them everywhere. (8)
As no human being could survive without taking food,
How were the Singhs still alive without any food to feed?
How long could a person survive on leafy vegetables alone,
How could one remain active even if one managed to survive? (9)
Dohra : At this, a wicked person let out the (whole) secret,
That the Singh were not dying of any starvation.
There were the Sikhs residing in their own country,
Who fed themselves only after feeding the (fugitive) Singhs. (10)
Chaupai : Harbhagat Niranjania
(a rival to the Gurus seat) remarked,
That whatever the earlier informer had reported was indeed true.
There was no dearth of such devoted Singhs in that country,
Who fed themselves only after feeding the (militant) Singhs. (11)
They were prepared to face starvation and destitution themselves,
But they could not bear a Singh suffering for want of food.
They could keep themselves warm in winter by sitting around a fire,
But they got expensive garments stitched for the fellow Singhs. (12)
Many of them, whatever little they earned through rigorous labour,
They sent their entire earnings to the Singhs (in the wilds).
Many others who engaged themselves in making mats and ropes,
They also sent their proceeds to Singhs without fail. (13)
Even those who were serving at distant places,
They also offered all their wages to the Singhs.
Even those among them who had gone abroad,
Were sending their money to their dear, devout Singhs. (14)
Dohra : Hearing this account, the Nawab shook his head in distress,
Remarking that the Khalsa Panth was indeed very formidable.
Since the Khalsa could hardly be eliminated by him,
God alone had the power to decimate the Khalsa Panth. (15)
232 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
3J =J U H J H JH UJ lUlU !
H lH= JH3 U JH UlJ lU !!
tab navb un sn kahy s ham dhu dikhi.
j singhan k bhjt un ham dhin khapi.16.
UU| : JJJI3 lJH|U lJ J| ! " l lU H oJ| !
3J lH= 3lJ 3| J ! H l =lJ H JJ !!
chaupa : harbhagat nirjann yau phir kah. plh pind ik mjh ah.
tr singh tahin kht karai. sth pind vahi pais bharai.17.
UJ JH 5 = ! JU lH= H U= !
J UH 3 lU J oJ HU| ! |H = J HU| !\!
dh hkam kachhu thrd khvai. bachai singhan k ps puchvai.
hai us t ik bhain ar m. ps kt vai karain kam.18.
o lU =lJ J| lHH| ! H lJJ o JlJ l"H| !
HU JU H lH= U= ! UlU lJ lH= oJ H= !\!
p khni vahi rkh miss. mt pahir p rahin liss.
j bach s singhan dvai. ui bin singhan aur na svain.19.
JI H"3 H HU ! J H|J| |J !
HJU U| IJ o | J ! H HJ 3 J !O!
bng salt sun mnd kn. rt shrn pr na khn.
shabad chaunk gur apn k kar. s marn t naik na daar.20.
II HH l H= ! o IJ | 5| = !
HI o ! JH lH H J !!
gang jamn nikat na jvai. apn gur k chhaprd nahvai.
jagan nth k tund khain. rm kishan k jp na bhkhain.21.
U JJ : J3 3J lU JlJ JJ 3J o JUlU !
lHJ J UlU lH= JUlU !!
dhr : rt turai din bahi rahai turkan nkh bachi.
sir par pand uthikai singhan pai pahuchi.22.
UU| : oJ UHJ H3J lH= H ! H|J 3H IH !
lHH lU 3 U HJ HH ! l JlJ " H H !=!
chaupa : aur dsr matb singh nm. mrn kt ts k garm.
jis din t un mry mass. chhda pind rahi jhall main nass.23.
U 5 U H= UJ ! " UU lH= HJJ !
J|H UH JJ UH H ! " =lJ "= J !e!
kad nrd kad jv dr. lt kt da singhan zarr.
bs pachs rahain us sth. lkan k vahi lvai hth.24.
233 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Thereafter addressing those whom he had called there,
The Nawab asked them to identity those harbouring the Singhs,
He reiterated to decimate all those in his state,
Who had been sending provisions to the militant Singhs. (16)
Chaupai : Upon this, Harbhagat Niranjania made a disclosure,
That there was a village Poolha in the Majha region of Punjab.
There was a Singh named Taru Singh, engaged in agriculture,
Who paid state revenue along with all his fellow villagers. (17)
After paying his dues and keeping a little bit for himself,
He had been sending the rest to the Khalsa Panth Singhs.
His mother and sister who lived with him in his home,
They also earned some money doing some odd jobs. (18)
Keeping themselves alive on the barest minimum victuals,
They covered their frail bodies with course clothes.
Offering whatever they could save from their earnings,
They reposed their faith in none else than the Singhs. (19)
While plugging their ears against the loudly audible Muslim Azan,
They made no offerings of any kind to the Muslim or Sultani Pir.
Worshipping the Sikh Gurus and praying to the Gurus alone,
They were least scared of dying for their faith. (20)
Shunning to have immersion in the sacred Ganges and Yamuna rivers,
They were content to take a dip in the Sikhs sacred pool.
Branding Jagannath
as a Hindu deity with arms maimed,
They did not recite hymns in praise of Lord Rama and Krishna. (21)
Dohra : Remaining still during the day, while moving at night,
They kept themselves unnoticed by the Mughal patrols.
Carrying a bundle on their heads, containing provisions,
They made those provisions available to the Singhs. (22)
Chaupai : Mehtab Singh, being another member of the same fraternity,
He hailed from a village known by the name Mirankot.
Since the day he had beheaded Muslim feudal Massa Ranghar
He had escaped into the wilds after deserting his own village. (23)
Carrying out his raids in local and distant helmets,
He supplied provisions to the Singhs through loot and plunder.
Always having a band of fifty odd Singhs under his command,
He waylaid the people and robbed them of their possessions. (24)
234 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lH HI lH "U JlU ! " J J "U| lJJlU !
H UH | lJ J lJJlU ! U= UH J oI "IlU !!
kisai mangai kisai la daari. lkan par kar la thahiri.
j us k nahin kar thahiri. dvai us khh agan lagi.25.
U JJ : =J J JJJI3 H3J lH= 3 "U !
J UH HI lH JJ JJ3 H " HU !!
dhr : navb kahy harbhagat k matb singh tn layu.
hai us k sang sikkh bahu bahut phauj lai ju.26.
UU| : o 3J lH= lU" HU ! olJU| HlU " o= HU !
J|H l3H HI U UU ! JH3 UH UH J "U !!
chaupa : au tr singh ikll j. ahid ji lai vai s.
bs ku tis sang payd du. rastayn chaukas us kar lu.27.
=J JHU| l3H J| J| ! 3J3 U J H UJ| !
olJU|o HlU 3J lH= 5 ! =J J l3 J J !\!
navb pharm tim h kar. turat dnn par phaujain char.
ahidan ji tr singh phardy. navb kahy tin kark kary.28.
J H5 J "U ! " U Hl oU !
olJU| "I JJ H H ! HJ UH| " 3 !\!
dar mrd bhadan l. lk dkhn suni kai .
ahid lg bur su mnan. mrain chamk lkan tnan.29.
olJU|o U UH ! UJH J 3J lH= IH !
J H | H 5| oU| ! H UH U " =U| !=O!
ahidan k kachhu dai kai dm. darshan kary tr singh garm.
bhain sth th s phard . s damm dai lkan chhadav.30.
U JJ : J3| J5 IJ lH| l3 " o JJ !
3J lH= U|U J| JlU H JlU !=!
dhr : hut bhardn gur sikh tin lakh y rhu.
tr singh chhuda hn hi su hi.31.
UU| : 3J lH= H3 lUo ! 3J lH= o HlUo !
JH olJU|o U J HJ ! J H=I l UHJ !=!
chaupa : tab singhan yau mat paki. tr singh k n suni.
ham ahidan k dai hain mr. kar jvaing pind ujr.32.
lH = J J JH ! IU JJH 3 H I JH !
lUH J 3J J oU ! 3J lH= H 3J3 JU !==!
sikkh chhudavan hai bada dharam. ga barhman t sau gunn karam.
im karn k tayr h . tr singh sun turat hat.33.
235 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Beseeching a few for contributions while threatening some others,
He had started collecting fixed amounts from the people.
Whosoever refused to pay the amount fixed by him,
He committed loot and arson at the offenders property. (25)
Dohra : Addressing the informer Harbhagat Niranjania, the Nawab asked,
That the former should produce Mehtab Singh in his court.
Mehtab Singh being supported by many other Singhs,
The former must take a large battery of Mughal troops. (26)
Chaupai : Bhai Taru Singh, being alone without any supporters,
A court official should be sent to summon the latter.
The court official be escorted by twenty odd foot-soldiers,
Who should escort him safely during their journey. (27)
Carrying out the orders of the Nawab of Lahore,
Mughal troops proceeded immediately to take on both the Singhs.
Reaching there, the Court official took Bhai Taru Singh into custody,
Thus promptly carrying out the orders of the Nawab. (28)
As the troops camped at village Bhardana
after Taru Singhs arrest,
Many people rushed to see him after hearing the news.
The Mughal official, feeling offended at this intrusion,
They started beating the people with the whiplashes. (29)
Offering some money by way of bribes to the court officials,
The residents of Taru Singhs village had a glimpse of Taru Singhs face.
Taru Singhs sister who had been taken into custody along with him,
Her the people got released by greasing the palms of officials. (30)
Dohra : The residents of village Bhardana, being gurus devout Sikhs,
They felt outraged at the arrest of their fraternal Gurusikh.
They resolved to get Bhai Taru Singh released from custory,
Whatever it might cost them in limb and property. (31)
Chaupai : Thereafter, having resolved to get Bhai Taru Singh released,
They communicated their unanimous decision to Taru Singh.
Informing him of their decision to slaughter all the officials,
They told him of their decision to desert their village. (32)
Terming the securing of a Singhs release as the noblest task,
The declared it hundred times nobler than protecting a cow or a Brahmin.
As these Singhs arrived with a resolve to accomplish their task,
Bhai Taru Singh prohibited them immediately from such a recourse. (33)
236 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
oH| HJ =J ! oH| H HlJ J HI" U=J !
JH lH J IJ lHJ "U ! 3 3J o JU !=e!
asn na marnn natthan vr. asn ju mari hain mugal duvr.
ham sikkhan kran gur sir l. put ptr pun p kuh.34.
J= 3J 3U| ! lUH o| IJ " I=U| !
UH | JH HUU ! JH HJ 3 lH HU !=!
panth badhvan khtar tn. im apn gur kul gav.
us k panth hamain sadn. ham marn t kim nath jn.35.
U JJ : J J U3 |U UlU !
U HJ lH H3 UU lHJ 3J UU "lU !=!
dhr : panth rkhan k krn t k upi.
dkh sah nij sut da sir turkan da li.36.
UU| : H Hl3IJ | H 3 J| ! H lHJ U IJ "H lJJ| !
U JJJ "U JlU ! U JU JU o lJlU !=!
chaupa : j satigur th mukh t kah. s sir dai gur lj nibh.
chauth bbar la kahi. un bachnan bha p biki.37.
H lJU l3HJ| UlJ J U| ! H|H U|U lJ lJ HU| !
HJ 3J lJU J = JJ ! " U lHJ H|H U3J !=\!
j hind patishh chahi hai k. ss d bin phirai na s.
jab turak hind par pvain bhr. ly un sir ss utr.38.
H| IJ oIU lJ IU ! oIU H| oHJUH HHU !
oHJUH JHUH J ! H| oJH lHJ UJ HJ !=\!
sar gur angad k kahi ga. angad j amards samjha.
amards rmdsai kahy. sar arjan sir par sahy.39.
JlJ IlJU o H| JlJ JlU ! J| lJ =lJ JJ 3lU !
JJ| lH 5 lU"| IU ! 3J JU| "I=3 JU !eO!
hari gbind au sar hari ri. ban na bidh vahi rah taki.
har karishan phard dill ga. turkan bad lagvat bha.40.
o HlU lU"| U| 3J 3 3"=J !e!
dhr : sar tg bahdar sir dhar gur nnak bachan bichr.
p ji dill kha turkan t talvr.41.
UU| : l3H Hl3IJ IlJU lH= HJ ! JU |U IJ J !
H J=J UlJ "=U| ! IJ JU IU lJU| !e!
chaupa : tim satigur gbind singh sr. bachan k gur nnak pr.
san parvr dhi lav. gur nnak bach ga bik.42.
237 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Declaring that he would never flee from his impending death,
Definitely would he offer himself for sacrifice to the Mughals.
The Guru had not only sacrificed his own life for the Sikhs,
He had sacrificed his sons and garandsons
as well. (34)
It was for the glory and expansion of the Khalsa Panth,
That Guru had put an end to his own family line.
The Sikhs being the devout followers of the Sikh Gurus,
How could he flee from making a sacrifice? (35)
Dohra : It was for the preservation of the glory and dignity of the Khalsa Panth,
That so many sacrifices were made by the Sikh Gurus.
The Guru not only suffered himself and sacrificed his sons,
He blamed the Mughals squarely for these sacrifices. (36)
Chaupai : Whatever had the Guru professed from his sacred lips,
He fulfilled his sacred vow with a supreme sacrifice.
The Guru getting himself slaughtered by the fourth Babur
Sacrificed his life for the sake of keeping his vow. (37)
The Guru had ordained whenever the Hindus (Sikhs) wished to regain sovereignty,
It would never be regained without making a sacrifice.
Whenever the Mughals committed oppression on the Hindus,
The Sikhs should hold the Mughals responsible for their sacrifice. (38)
This message which Guru Nanak had given to Guru Angad Dev,
Had been passed over to Guru Amardas by Guru Angad Dev,
While Guru Amardas had communicated it to Guru Ram Das,
Guru Arjun had fulfilled this mandate with his own sacrifice. (39)
Thereafter Guru Hargobind and Guru Har Rai carried on,
But they did not get an opportunity to make sacrifices.
Guru Harkrishan, reaching Delhi after being arrested,
Sacrificed after putting the entire blame on the Mughals. (40)
Dohra : Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur accepted the Gurus mandate gracefully,
After contemplating over Guru Nanaks ordained message.
The Guru accepted Mughals persecution voluntarily at Delhi,
Getting himself beheaded by the Mughals oppressives sword. (41)
Chaupai : The great Guru Gobind Singh, following the glorious tradition,
Fulfilled the mendate as ordained by Guru Nanak, the same way.
Sacrificing his own life along with those of his whole family.
Guru Gobind Singh fulfilled the mandate of Guru Nanak. (42)
238 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
3 U| | J U5U ! 3J lHJ JlJoU| "U !
o JH o oH JJU| ! U lHo J| lJ UU| !e=!
putar chand k bht chardh. turkan sir buri l.
ak bans akai ans rah. k min chhur nahi d.43.
U 33 U JJ J ! "HI J= UlU o !
3J lH J J3 U| ! lH IJ H|H "I= U| !ee!
k takhat d bahain na bhp. kaljug bhavai na di anp.
tab sikkhan yah bt puchh. kim gur ss lagvan tha.44.
U JJ : 3J lH= U3J U Hl3IJ H HlU !
H JH lH lH l" I UJIlJ !e!
dhr : tr singh utar day satigur mukhn pharmi.
s phurmy kim mitai likhy gay darghi.45.
lH J Hl3IJ U| H|H "IlU !
H lH JH UH IJ lH J H|H JUlU !e!
sikkhan kran satigur dn ss lagi.
s sikh ham us gur k kim rkhain ss bachi.46.
UU| : 3J HI3 H oUJH JU| ! =3 IJ IU lJU| !
o5 IJ oU| ! J lJ =J UJ HU| !e!
chaupa : tab sangat sun achraj bha.kaun vakhat gur ga bika.
kaun aukard gur nnak . kar kirp vah dhu sun.47.
lH =H3 | lJ 5 "5 ! 3H| lHHJ| U J5 !
lJ lH HJ JHJ JJ ! H H HU HJH3| JJ !e\!
kisai vastu k nahin thurd lrd. taj pasishh unhain karrd.
riddh siddh sabh hzar rahain. mukh main sad surssat bahai.48.
o"J o J HJlU ! o U= o "IJ =3lU !
J JJ| JJ H oU| ! HJ3J HJHlJ J| JJ HUU| !!e\!
aklpurakh p kar sahi. ann dv p langar varti.
bhay bhandr kubr su . surtaru sursari bh rah sad..49.
3J 3J lH= U3J J ! o| Il3 IJ o "J !
J| o3 l HlU ! U JU J U J| lJ !O!
tab tr singh uttar kahai. apn gati gur p lahai.
nahn ant kichhu py ji. unk bhd hain un h phi.50.
239 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The Guru sacrificed his sons at the altar of Goddess of war,
Putting the blame squarely on the Mughals for those sacrifices.
Both ones ideology and ones progeny cannot be preserved at a time.
As two swords cannot be kept in a single sheath. (43)
Neither can two sovereigns sit on a single throne at a time,
Nor can two rare powers rule at one time in Kaliyuga.
At this, the Sikh congregation enquired from Bhai Taru Singh,
Which cause made the Sikh Gurus sacrifice their lives? (44)
Dohra : Bhai Taru Singh answered the Sikhs query in the same vein,
As was given by the Gurus in their prophetic utterings.
How could the truth of the Gurus utterings be effaced,
Since it had been ordained by the highest Divine Will. (45)
As the Sikh Gurus had made the supreme sacrifice,
For the sake of their Sikhs and (the glory of their faith),
He being a devout Sikh of those revered Gurus,
How could he think of saving his life (at this juncture). (46)
Chaupai : At this, the Sikh congregation, overawed with such a divination, wondered,
What unfortunate moment was it when the Guru had made such a vow?
Which exigency had compelled Guru Nanak to make such a pledge,
The congregation entreated Bhai Taru Singh to narrate it. (47)
When there was no dearth of material assets in the house of Guru Nanak,
Why did the Guru choose to renounce the temporal power?
As both the powers, material and spiritual, were at His command,
As well as the muse as sacred as Saraswati
flowed from his own lips. (48)
Guru Nanak, being recipient of the grace of the Divine Lord Himself,
The God of sustenance (Vishnu) provided everything to Nanaks House.
While Kuber
, the god of wealth served as his storekeeper,
The sacred Ganges and Saraswati remained under Guru Nanaks command. (49)
At this, Bhai Taru Singh answered the congregations query,
Saying that Guru Nanak alone knew the mystery of his act.
It is not for human beings to the extent of his majesty,
Since He alone was privy to the mystery of His Divine Will. (50)
240 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
O. H| JJJ | (......'JJJ " oU U5 lU') O. H| JJJ | (......'JJJ " oU U5 lU') O. H| JJJ | (......'JJJ " oU U5 lU') O. H| JJJ | (......'JJJ " oU U5 lU') O. H| JJJ | (......'JJJ " oU U5 lU')
107. skh bbar k (......bbar k lai u chardhi)
U JJ : lHH JHH3J lH=lJ H lU3 J JJ U| !
l3H Hl3IJ JJ JJJ U JJ=J| | !!
dhr : jim bhasmantar k shivhi man chit kar bar dn.
tim satigur bar bbrai day bpravh kn.1.
UU| : H H3 3H IJ loJ ! H o IJ U HJ JJ !
JU = H J IU J ! IJ U HJ lH J !!
chaupa : sun sant tum gur pir. mukhn kh gur dukh sah bhr.
bachan kadah mukh par ga pran. gur dukh sahai sikkhan k kran.2.
HJ H| " o3J ! lH |U IJ JJ3 lJJ !
lH J| l H= J| J| ! JJ3 "J U =J| !=!
jab sar nnak lay autr. sikkh k gur bahut nihr.
jin bh kichh sv thr kar. bahut lbh un py ghar.3.
H lU3 lH UJH | ! UH J| " J3 "| !
=J J lH HlJ lo ! U J| H J3 " !e!
suddh chitt jin darshan ky. us n b phal bchhat ly.
ghar baith jin manhi dhiy. un bh man bchhat phal py.4.
U JJ : H lU HJ " "J H lU3=3 olU !
Hl3IJ J3 3 "| lJ HlU !!
dhr : man ichchh sabh phal lah j k chitvat i.
satigur k partp t khl nahin k ji.5.
UU| : 3"=| JlU JlU | J ! 3J HH IJ " !
J3 J" U UJH J " ! l3H 3 =H|J lU"| J !!
chaupa : talvand ri bhi k bhay. tahn janam gur nnak lay.
ht blak un daras kar lay. tis t vazr dill k bhay.6.
U J| Hl3IJ H ! H lU"| H| JU lHo !
o "U| U"3 ! HUJ J3 J H"3 !!
un bh th kachhu satigur jn. s dill mand bha sin.
au ld daulat khn pathn. phaujdr hut th pur sultn.7.
UH HU| Hl3IJ JU ! " J UH " "U !
l3H =J | UlU | ! lJ 3 3 JU| lHo| !\!
us k md satigur bha. kal dhr us n lakh la.
tis k ghar th di pathn. bin putar t bha sin.8.
241 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Episode 107
Episode About Babur
(Invite Babur to invade India)
Dohra : The way Lord Shiva, on an impulse of emotional rush,
Had blessed the demon Bhasmantar
with a boon.
Satguru Guru Nanak, in a similar inadvertent gesture,
Had blessed Babur
with a (great) boon. (1)
Chaupai : Listen to the way dear devout Gursikh readers,
How the Guru had to bear great hardships for his utterances.
For keeping the promise of his utterances and for the sake of his Sikhs,
The Guru had to undergo many trials and tribulations. (2)
Since the moment Guru Nanak manifested himself in human appearance,
His devour Sikhs received his blessings in plenty.
Whosoever showed a little bit of devotion to the Guru,
Instantly was he rewarded by the Gurus grace. (3)
Whosoever appeared before the Divine Guru in mind pure,
He had had his cherished desires fulfilled by the Guru.
Whosoever sat in remembrance of the Guru at home.
He, too, was rewarded by the Guru to his hearts content. (4)
Dohra : Everyone got his cherished desires fulfilled,
Whosoever sought his intercession with devotion.
None went back with an unfulfilled desire,
Such was the grace and beneficence of the great Guru. (5)
Chaupai : At a place known by the name Rai Bhois Talwandi,
Had Guru Nanak taken birth (in the human form).
With one blessed glimpse of infant Nanaks angelic face,
Had Rai Bhoi
been blessed with a ministership at Delhi Court. (6)
Since he had worshipped the divinity in Guru Nanak,
Had he been endowed with a position in the royal court.
In like manner was Daulat Khan Lodhi
Pathan blessed,
Who happened to be the custodian of Sultanpur. (7)
As Guru Nanak became the storekeeper of custodians warehouses,
The latter had seen through the divinity in Guru Nanak.
This Pathan ruler being the husband of two wives,
Both of whom had aged without having any issue. (8)
242 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : U HlJH Hl3IJ H| oU| UJH JHJ !
UlU UlU 3J U lH" U | J| HJJ !\!
dhr : un mahim satigur sunn n daras hazr.
dui dui putar un mil un th yah zarr.9.
UU| : H| IH HH3 H ! H|J H" !
JU = UJ JU| ! U lU"| HlU =J| U| !O!
chaupa : ghz khn gaj masat su khn. mr khn khn jaul pathn.
bha patth vai chrn bh. un dil ji navb p.10.
J3| 3HJ| "U| ! H lHUJ HJ H| !
HU HU H3 JJH JJ ! lU"| 33 U3 H JJ !!
hut patshh ld pathnn. nm sikndar shh s kn.
s m sut bairam khn rahy. dil takhat ut s bahy.11.
J3 "3 "5 " ! HJ | HU| J" !
H JUJH3 U 3 JU ! J U HJ J JU| "IU !!
hut khlt lardkan nl. sb kn s bl.
s bandubsat na un t bha. par un sban par bad laga.12.
H|J H" UlU lUU ! IH HH3 IH| UlU 3I| =U!=!
shh bairam tab bhay hankr. purtan sb un bahu mr.
mr jaul dui kandh chin. gaj masat gz dui tgn gh.13.
U JJ : " JU H3 UU| 3 J| o| J3 !
lJ J3 HlJo H" HJ H3 !e!
dhr : yau lakh bh mat da tain kar na achchh bt.
bin purtan srin mulakh na smbhy jt.14.
UU| : o| J| U JJ| HU| ! JlU JlU J| U HJU| !
UH | J=3 J HI HJ ! J|H J| UJ=H| olJ !!
chaupa : achchh kah un bur man. ri bhi bh day mar.
us k kahvat hai jag mnh. hakm kah darvsh hi.15.
5| : H|U JU HlJU " IU| JJJ| !
JJ HlJJ HH"H| 5| =J| !
o H 3HJ J 3J !
paurd : mn bh mri khulah ga bahr.
bahain na mahirai majals phrd patvr.
adh mn khy ptsh bhay tarnp.
mn bh mri band bah su jp.16.
243 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Hearing the fame and spiritual charisma of Guru Nanak,
Both the wives came to pay their obeisance to the Guru.
Both of them were blessed with a couple of sons each,
Of which both these wives were greatly in need. (9)
Chaupai : While the two were named Ghazi Khan and Gaj Masat Khan,
The other two were named Meerkhan and Jaula Pathan.
As these four Pathan brothers became adults,
They managed to become Nawabs at the Delhi Court. (10)
Lodhi Panthas being the sovereigns at the Delhi throne,
Sikandar Lodhi
, the squint eyed, was the Pathan emperor.
After his death, his son Bairam Khan
succeeded his father,
Thus occupying the Delhi throne as the next Lodhi ruler. (11)
The adolescents who happened to be Bairam Khans playmates,
Were they appointed custodians of various provinces by him.
As these immature adolescents failed to provide good goverance,
Bairam Khan accused the Nawabs of being incompetent. (12)
Getting haughty and arrogant of royal power,
Bairam Khan killed many of the elder custodians.
While Meer Khan and Jaul Khan were bricked alive,
Gaj Masat Khan and Ghazi Khan were, by him, slaughtered. (13)
Dohra : Feeling outraged, Rai Bhoi admonished Bairam Khan,
That such cruel deeds were not worthy of an emperor.
Advising the emperor, the elder Pathan reminded him,
That a country could not be governed without the sane-advice of veterans. (14)
Taking it ill what was otherwise was a sane advice,
Bairam Khan got Rai Bhoi slaughtered as well.
It has become universally proverbial after such an incident,
That a bad sovereign killed his own sage physician. (15)
Pauri : With the assassination of Rai Bhoi,
Fell state governance in Shambles.
Officials deserting the royal court,
Assembled for mourning on a mat.
Emperor having drunk the heady (power) potion,
Had turned arrogant in his youth.
With the assassination of Rai Bhoi,
Had all the controls gone awry. (16)
244 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H|= oH HJ H| HJ H lJJ| !
" JJ o| JU| !
l HU l J JJ H HJ U U| !!
mn bh mr sabh daar kachhir.
jvan s sabh muk shh mny kahir.
k natthy k luk rahy k k h.
kichhu m kichhu hat bah phauj sabh un kh.17.
J"J =lJ lJ HU UU |U loJ !
J" H o= 3lJ J| UI HJ !
3 HJ 3 "| H oH| loJ!\!
halkr nn vahi kahi m p pir.
bds mr put tn barham khn hankr.
natth kbal sun v thi bh dgu mr.
taithn sar tn nn taln j asn pir.18.
oI HU| lH" IJ 3 JUI J !
H H= IJ JU " lJ J=I JJ !
J HJ H| H IJ H J| J !
lU3 H JHU 3 J| 3 U HJ !\!
agn jn mil gur tn hgu kr.
j jvain gur bachan lai nahin hvgu hr.
hai sabh jn jn gur j karn pukr.
ditt j farjand tain kahn t un mr.19.
H U"3 3J = "lo !
J3 lU=H U Ul5o J " J !
UH l=J= 3J lJ H !O!
y sun daulat nath tury vai chhada ludhin.
rh puchhy imnbd k vngu ksad dhn.
rt divas uth daui kar kl bn.
usai vihvai turan k nahi sujjhai khn.20.
U JJ : HlJ H| Hl3IJ 3 J3 UJ J J5 !
3lJ 3lJ lJ J lIJ UJ UJ U5 !!
dhr : jahin sar satigur tap karat par baith rrd.
tarhi tarhi kahi kar giry par charnan daurd.21.
UU| : Hl3IJ HJ H| H ! UH J 3J H !
Hl3IJ J3 HJ H "U| ! HJ J|3 U"3 J| !!
245 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
After Rai Bhois murder most foul,
All the courtiers felt threatened.
Visualising the emperor as a tyrant,
They lost all hope of a dignified existence.
While some deserted, others went underground,
Some others hurled defiance at the ruler,
While some died others withdrew from royal service,
Thus the emperor lost whole of his army. (17)
Sending a message through a messenger,
Daulat Khans sons informed their dear father:
That his innocent sons had been killed,
By the arrogant and haughty Bairam Khan.
They advised their father to flee to Kabul,
Otherwise, he, too, would be eliminated.
He, too, should never miss an opportunity to retaliate,
If he ever had any love for his sons. (18)
He must pay his obeisance to Guru Nanak,
If he wished his cherished goal to be realized.
He would not fail in his endeavour,
If he got himself blessed by Guru Nanak.
The Guru being Omniscient about everything,
He must seek Gurus intercession in his venture.
He must inform the Guru about the murder of his sons,
Who were born on this earth with his blessings. (19)
Getting news of the murder of his sons,
Daulat Khan bolted out leaving Ludhiana.
Asking for a route leading to Emnabad
He rushed with the speed of a fast running messenger.
Doning black robes on his body,
He ran for his life day and night.
Remaining unmindful of feeding himself,
He was obsessed with escaping from there. (20)
Dohra : The spot where Guru Nanak was meditating,
While sitting on a mound of rocks and pebbles,
Desperate Daulat Khan fell prostrate,
At the lotus feet of Guru Nanak. (21)
Chaupai : Although the great Guru was omniscient,
But he kept silent for the sake of his devotee.
246 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
chaupa : th satigur sabh jn jn. usk rakhn khtar mn.
satigur bt sabh sun la. sabh hakkat daulat kah.22.
H H Hl3IJ U J JJ ! lH3J| U3J lJ U !
3J U"3 lJ lH3 J| ! lHJ "lJ I UJ J| !=!
s sun satigur chup havai rahy. shitb uttar nhin day.
tab daulat phir minnat kar. sirn lhi pag charnan dhar.23.
H HJ| 3= lJU olU ! J= HJ J= lH=lU !
JJ HJ lH 3JJ ! 3HJ oI JH J !e!
main sharn tav pari i. bhvain mr bhvain jivi.
bairan mr sikh tuhr. tumr g hamain pukr.24.
3H J lH | "H ! U= lJU JH !
J J oUH ! UJ J l3HJ| !!
tum k hai sikkhan k lj. pathn uthvain hindn rj.
pathn bhay hai dam khn. dr kar patishh pathn.25.
U JJ : J l3HJ| o 3H 3 o UJ
J| l3HJ| lJU | =J o J "J !!
dhr : kar patishh p tum kai put apn dhu
bada patishh hind k ghar apn rakh lhu.26.
Hl3IJ J| H U"3 l3HJ| oH "5 !
l3HJ| lJU | oH 3H| H " J5 !!
satigur kah sun dault patishh asn na lrd.
kay patishh hind k asn taj su lkh karrd.27.
UU| : JH l3HJ| U= H ! JH "HI o HJJH !
oH| H JJ H U ! JlJ | JI3 HlJ JJ H !\!
chaupa : ham patishh dvan kj. bhjy kaljug p mahrj.
asn jn bahu y main dukh. hari k bhagat mnhi bahu sukkh.28.
5| : H l3HJ| 3H J lo oJ H "U !
lJ" | lJ "U| HI U "IU !
H oH U"3 lH| IJ "lJ H !
JJJJJ J | 3H U|| oH !\!
paurd : s patish tum kahain ki ab main ln.
pahil chhda phir la jag chatak lagn.
yau sun s daulat mit gur lhin na khs.
brmbrah karan k taj dn s.29.
U JJ : 3 U"3 J H o HJ| "J !
3 "|H H 3 HI" J| UJ !=O!
247 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
He listened to Daulat Khans plight with patience,
As the latter narrated all the detailed facts. (22)
After listening to Daulat Khans woes, the guru kept silent,
Nor did he answer his pleas in haste.
At this, Daulat Khan pleaded for the Gurus blessings,
Placing his headgear at the Gurus feet. (23)
Since he (Daulat Khan) had sought Gurus protection,
May the Guru protect him or cause him to perish.
Since Bairam Khan had slaughtered the Gurus devotees,
Daulat Khan was pleading before the Guru for justice. (24)
The Guru, for upholding the dignity of his devout followers,
Must cause the Lodhi Pahtans rule over India to end.
Since the Pathan ruler had turned cannibalistic,
Pathans sovereignty over India must be done away with. (25)
Dohra : Either the great Guru himself should become a sovereign ruler,
Or he should anoint his son as the new sovereign.
The sovereignty over India being of great significance,
The Guru must preserve it in his own household. (26)
Hearing this, the great Guru told Daulat Khan,
That he was in no need of any sovereignty.
Of what consequence was the sovereignty of India,
When he had renounced millions of such sovereignties. (27)
Chaupai : It was for the task of bestowing sovereignty on others,
That the Divine Lord had sent him (the Guru) in the age of Kaliyuga.
Since the life of a sovereign was always a bed of thorns,
The Guru experienced great happiness in meditation on the Divine. (28)
Pauri : Why should he (the Guru) take over such a sovereignty,
That Daulat Khan was talking about time and again?
Would the people not heap ridicule upon him,
For having grabbed it after forsaking it earlier?
Hearing this, all hopes of Daulat Khan about,
Gurus acceptance of sovereignty were dashed to the ground.
After this, Daulat Khan abandoned all efforts,
To press the Guru again and again to become a sovereign. (29)
Dohra : Thereafter, Daulat Khan made another proposal,
In case the Guru refused to accept sovereignty himself.
248 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
dhr : tau daulat khn yaun kahy jau p na shh lhu.
tau ljai khs pathn t muglan k h dhu.30.
H J : H 3 JU JlJ JH= HJ| HI" !
J H 3 3lJ J "J !=!
srth : main t bachan karhi bakhshvain shh mugal.
phr ju tn pachhthin nnh pathnan kau labhai.31.
UU| : 3 U"3 J| H " ! lJU J U !
3 oJ HlU l3HJ| ! J= J H o= J| !=!
chaupa : tau daulat yau h mann lay. hind pathnan phr na day.
pathnan t ab ji patishh. bhvain phr su vai nnh.32.
HJ H H J| UJ ! H lH H UJ HlU !
Hl3IJ J J| J HlU ! 3=I 3 lJ olU !==!
mr man main yh chh. m sikh jnn dhu puji.
satigur kahy yaun h h ji. pachhutvng tn phir i.33.
H 3 3J U" J" JlJ ! JJJ " oU U5lU !
H UH J lJU | UlJ ! oH " J3 J H olU !=e!
s tn tur chal kbal rhi. bbar k l u chardhi.
jau us k hai hind k chhi. asn nl bt kar su i.34.
H JH H =J J H|H ! UH J oJ U5= 3|H !
H U"3 JJ H J ! HH H| J3 H3 H !=!
j ham sn vah kar na mj. us par aur chardhvn tj.
yau sun daulat bahu khush bhay. jais khush ht sut jay.35.
U JJ : lHH lU UHH HJ J= oJ J U" H|J !
l3 3 JlU lHH l3H U"3 lU3 H|3"|J !=!
dhr : jis din dushman sar hvai ar parai duklai mnh.
niputr putar hi jim tim daulat chit stlh.36.
UU| : 3J U"3 J" JJ J ! J |J| J JJ 3J !
JJ JU JJH HlJ ! U"3 H J" JlJ !=!
chaupa : tab daulat kbal rh pary. bhkh phakr kar rhu tury.
th rhu ruk barhmn shhi. daulat pujai na kbal rhi.37.
= JlJ o=J JlJ J ! JJ JJ J" =5 !
UJ JH o J ! HlU UH JJJ =J !=\!
chhada vai rhi avar rhi pary. rhu kurh kbal vardy.
hn bhs pun apn kary. ji dsh bbar k vary.38.
249 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Entreating the Guru to snatch it from the Pathans in any case,
The Guru should had it over to the Mughals. (30)
Sortha : The Guru warned Daulat Khan to beware of the consequences,
Before asking him (the Guru) to bestow it on the Mughals.
Lest Daulat Khan should repent later on for his plea,
Sovereignty, once bestowed on Mughals, would never get back to the Pathans. (31)
Chaupai : Let the Hindus or Pathans never be the sovereigns again,
So did Daulat Khan agree to the Gurus conditional proposal.
Let sovereignty be taken away from the Pathans,
Even though it may not return to them ever again. (32)
This being the only fond wish in his (Daulat Khans) mind,
Let the Guru, in his graciousness, fulfill a devotees fond wish.
The Guru ordained it to be fulfilled as Daulat Khan desired,
Although the latter might regret his plea at a later stage. (33)
He must proceed to Kabul post haste,
In order to bring Mughal emperor Babur to India.
In case Babur cherished the desire to be Indias emperor,
He should come and consult him (Guru Nanak). (34)
In case Babur proceeded without seeking Gurus advice,
The Guru would put up an another rival against him.
Hearing Gurus remarks, Daulat Khan felt so much delighted,
As if a son had taken birth in his own family. (35)
Dohra : The way a ruler feels delighted at the defeat of an enemy,
The way onset of rain drenches the drought hit parched land,
The way an issueless parent rejoices at the birth of a son,
So were Daulat Khans hurt feelings assuaged by Gurus predictions. (36)
Chaupai : Soon after, Daulat Khan took the road to Kabul,
Donning the mantle of a mendicant on the way.
Meanwhile Bairam Shah had blocked all routes to Kabul,
Lest Daulat Khan should escape and reach Kabul. (37)
Thereupon, Daulat Khan taking an alternative route,
Somehow managed to creep into the city of Kabul.
Wearing his original robes once again,
He entered into emperor Baburs country. (38)
250 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
l3J JJJ H lH" JU| ! Hl3IJ U loU 3U| !
3J3 JJJ H lH" J ! HJ Hl3IJ =3 J !=\!
tih bbar sn milan na h. satigur n dhi t.
turat bbar sn miln bhay. jab satigur k dhayvat bhay.39.
lJU J=" U HJ H " ! U"3 oUJ !
U"3 lU"| J3 J3 ! H HJ J lI H !eO!
hind havl un sabh sun lay. daulat khn k dar kay.
daulat dill bht baty. phauj jr kar ginn suny.40.
HJ oI" UU H=lU ! U J" UU HJ JlU !
U 3 JUJH3 JlU ! JU| "I= oI" HlU !e!
sb agl da marvi. na blak da sb tharvi.
un t bandbsat na hi. bad lagvan aglan si.41.
U JJ : U| U = HJ HJ HJ oJ JH|J !
J" H5 I=J H H3 |U oH|J !e!
dhr : dnai un vada mr sabh sb aur bajr.
blak mrdah gavr j jt k amr.42.
UU| : H JlUU J oJ 3U| ! 3 oH H|= J| !
l JH=J HJ lU"I|J ! HJ U| |U 3I|J !e=!
chaupa : j k bachi hai ab tn. tnk s jvan nhn.
kiy rajvr sabh dilgr. marhtt dakkhn k tagr.43.
UH lU J= ! o"UJ J HH !
HJ U U HJ oH|J ! J3 H U " 3I|J !ee!
us pai th ik bhv pardhn. akaldr th bada sujn.
jab dkh un mar amr. ht kamm un lakhy tagr.44.
UH J" | o| J3 ! J H lJ J3 !
HJ J UlJ HJ ! J J H J !e!
sai bhal k kh bt. bada kamm nahin chht kart.
mr bada chahiy na sr. chhtn karn na bada kamm pr.45.
H Hl3H H Hl3H H Hl3H H Hl3H H Hl3H
skh satisy k
U JJ : H J 3 HJ J H !
H5 UHH H3 J H UJ UH !e!
dhr : kais chht naran tai sar badaan k km.
mardhy damm jt kab sau chh k chm.46.
UU| : H J HJ I=U ! o JJ| U =U !
lJ 3H|J U HJ Jo ! J J J HI3 JJ Jo !e!
251 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As he failed in his attempt to seek admission to Baburs court,
Daulat Khan sent a silent prayer to great Guru Nanak.
The moment he sought Gurus intercession through prayer.
He got into touch with Babur in a moments time. (39)
Babur, according a state honour to Daulat Khan,
Heard the whole account about India from the latter.
Disclosing all the state secrets of Delhi court to Babur,
Daulat Khan revealed the complete strength of the Lodhi Pathans Army. (40)
Disclosing Bairam Khans slaughter of all the seasoned custodians,
He informed about Bairam Khans appointment of adolescent custodians.
The new custodians, failing to govern their states efficiently,
Had started accusing their predecessors for misgovernance. (41)
Dohra : He had slaughtered all the higher officials of the state,
Together with the Provincial custodians and ministers.
In their place, he had appointed immature rustic adolescents,
Giving them higher positions of state and court officials. (42)
Chaupai : The miniscule number that survived this rulers tyranny,
They, too, had lost every hope of their survival.
All the feudal chiefs, too, became frustrated with the situation,
Even as the Maratha custodians in the south were also replaced. (43)
Rai Bhoi who, being the seniormost among the ministers,
Was also the wisest and the most sensible among them.
As he witnessed the elimination of all the senior functionaries,
He realized that the state administration was going to the dogs. (44)
Being the emperors well-wisher he advised the king in good faith,
That the dwarfs could never accomplish tasks worthy of giants.
Neither should the great warriors deserved to be killed,
Nor could the petty people accomplish the higher tasks of the state. (45)
Episode from Satswayya
Dohra : How can a lowly minion of a state,
Accomplish a task worthy of a giant?
How can the surface of a huge war-drum,
Be sewn with the skin of even one hundred rodents? (46)
Chaupai : Hearing this, the emperor got Rai Bhoi slaughtered,
Thus putting to death his own well-wishers.
252 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
chaupa : yau sun bhy mr gav. apn khairkhh un gh.
bin taksr un mry bh. hai hai kr jagat bahu h.47.
U JJ : 3J U"3 | J3 H JJJ J l3oJ !
JH|J H J lJ UH lJ J J|UJ !e\!
dhr : tab daulat k bt sun bbar bhay tir.
bajr su rky phir usai kari kai yah bchr.48.
O\. H| Hl3I J H I | (' JH HH |o lJ U H3 JlUo') O\. H| Hl3I J H I | (' JH HH |o lJ U H3 JlUo') O\. H| Hl3I J H I | (' JH HH |o lJ U H3 JlUo') O\. H| Hl3I J H I | (' JH HH |o lJ U H3 JlUo') O\. H| Hl3I J H I | (' JH HH |o lJ U H3 JlUo')
108. skh satigur k parsang k (khursn khasmn k hindustn daari)
J|UJ JH|J | J|UJ JH|J | J|UJ JH|J | J|UJ JH|J | J|UJ JH|J | (bchr bajr k)
UU| : lJUH3 J |J J ! J HU3 = HlJ HJJ !
H JH 3 J H|3 HlU ! J |J lHJ o HJlU !!
chaupa : hindustn hai pran pr. karain maddat vai shhi zarr.
s ham tai kab jty ji. karain pr jih p sahi.1.
lJU |J lU lJU H J ! HJ |J | |J| " I!
UH H J U| J ! HU ol5U HU| JJ I !!
hind pr ik hind main bhay. sabh pran k pr lai gay.
us sn pr k na bhay. j ai s har gay.2.
lJU oJ H HH"H ! U U "U lU H H !
UH | H= U J ! "l HJU U J !=!
hind aur su muslamn. un dn la ik s jn.
us k sv dnn karain. lni murdn dnn khar.3.
JH3 H J J J ! H UlU U JJ JHJ !
JH UH | J3 3U| ! H U J| H HU| JU| !e!
karmt main hai bada pr. janu khudi d rahai hazr.
ham n us k bt part. j un kah su sch bh.4.
U JJ : H UJ 3H lJU "U| 3 UH =I| "J !
lJ =I| UH 3 oI J UJ !!
dhr : j chh tum hind la tau us parvng lhu.
bin parvng usai t gai pair na dhu.5.
UU| : 3J U"3 H J"3 J ! JH =J |J J " !
UH =I| 3 JH oU ! 3H J| =I| UH | UJ !!
chaupa : tab daulat sun blat bhay. ham n vahai pr kar lay.
us parvng t ham . tum b parvng us k chh.6.
253 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As he had slaughtered Rai Bhoi without any offence,
There rose an outcry throughout his entire state. (47)
Dohra : Hearing the whole account of events from Daulat Khan,
Babur made up his mind to attack India.
However, his minister stopped him from instant action,
After deliberating thoroughly over the whole issue. (48)
Episode 108
The Episode About Satguru Guru Nanaks Blessings
(Being a ruler of Khorasan (Babur) Threatened India)
The Ministers Counsel:
Chaupai : India being a land of great spiritual saints,
They would certainly lend their support to Indias sovereign.
How could Baburs forces conquer the Indian emperor,
If the spiritual saints bestowed their blessings on him. (1)
There happened to be a Hindu spiritual saint,
Who excelled himself in spirituality among all the saints.
As no other saint could be as perfect as he in piety,
Any rival who confronted him got vanquished in spiritual debate. (2)
Both the Hindus and the Muslims, being born from the same source,
He (Guru Nanak) considered both equally worthy of his grace.
So being revered by both the communities,
Both Hindus and Muslims remained keen to receive his blessings. (3)
So, perfect was he in his spiritual dispensation,
As if he was eternally in communication with the Divine.
He (the minister) himself had confirmed Guru Nanaks divinity,
As everything that Nanak predicted came out to be true. (4)
Dohra : The minister advised Babur to seek Guru Nanaks permission,
If the latter wanted to bring India under his occupation.
He must, under no circumstance, set foot in India,
Without getting clearance from Guru Nanak for his mission. (5)
Chaupai : Hearing this argument, did Daulat Khan speak,
That he himself accepted Nanak as his spiritual mentor.
Since he had proceeded to Kabul on Gurus instructions,
He advised Babur to seek Guru Nanaks permission as well. (6)
254 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
JH oU UH JU JlU ! HJ| H o I=lU!
H o HI" JHlJ ! 3J lJU J" JlJ !!
ham us bachan kari. pathnan shh main ay gavi.
main y muglan bakhshhi. tab pari th kbal rhi.7.
3 JJJ H JU UUJ ! UJ HJ| U= =J !
HJ| U= JHlJ JH" ! UJIJ H| JH J" !\!
tau bbar mukh bachan uchr. uh kay shh dvan vr.
shh dvai hamhi rasl. dargah jnk bakhash kabl.8.
JH" JHJ HJ| UlU ! H UJ H "U JlU !
oJ JH UH U HlU ! H JH = U l3olU !\!
rasl hamr shark khudi. jau chhn s la kari.
ab ham us k dkhn ji. kachhu man ham vai d patii.9.
U JJ : 3J U"3 Jl"o =lJ lJU UH3 UlU !
U" J J lUUJ 3H U= H l3olU !O!
dhr : tab daulat khn bli vahi hind dsat khudi.
chal kar kar didr tum dvai man patii.10.
UU| : 3J JJJ lJ J| U"lU ! H lJ lJU H l3olU !
3 UH JH UlJ HHlU ! HH"H J UU IlU !!
chaupa : tab bbar phir kah ulti. j nahin hind man patii.
tau usk ham dhin saji. muslamn kar dn gadai.11.
JlU U UH "I lU ! JH 3 lJU JJ JlJ !
HJJ HJJ J| =lJ HlU ! UJ J5 HUI "lU !!
hui kch us lagai na pi. ham tai hind bahu daarphin.
jarr jarr h vahi nath ji. upar pahrd jngu luki.12.
H JlU JJ oU" ! H U J HU U" !
"lJ U JH U ! olJ olJ H HU !=!
jau pakk hi rahai achall. j kachch havai j chal.
lhin dkh ham pakk kachch. hi jhth kai hi su sachch.13.
H J : oI U"3 "lU JJJ U5 H lJU !
srth : g daulat li bbar chardhy su hind k.
satigur rabb baji mukh tai shabad uchri.14.
H| I H| I H| I H| I H| I (yath sar garnth)
JH HH |o lJUH3 JlUo !
o UH UU| J3 HH lJ HI" U5lUo !
255 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
He (Daulat Khan) had proceeded to Kabul after Gurus prophetic utterance,
That Lodhi Pathans would stand divested of sovereignty.
It was after Guru Nanak had promised to bless the Mughals with sovereignty,
That Daulat Khan had proceeded on his way to Kabul. (7)
At this, Babul (in his bigoted arrogance) made a remark:
Who was Nanak to bestow sovereignty on the Mughals?
The Mughals would receive sovereignty from their own prophet,
Who occupied a hallowed place in the Divine Court. (8)
The Mughals would get their aspirations fulfilled from their own prophet,
As the latter was as powerful in divinity as God.
He (Babur) himself would see Nanak with his own eyes,
Whether the latter was really worthy of reposing ones trust. (9)
Dohra : In response to Baburs apprehensions, Daulat Khan remarked,
That Guru Nanak was a beloved Hindu prophet of the Divine.
Daulat Khan entreated Babur to proceed to see Guru Nanak,
So that he might feel assured of Guru Nanaks divinity. (10)
Chaupai : Countering Daulat Khans remarks, Babur remonstrated:
What if the Hindu prophet failed to be worthy of his trust?
In that case, he (Babur) would punish that Hindu prophet,
Burying him alive in the earth after converting him to Islam. (11)
Being a fake/counterfeit prophet, he would take to his heels,
As all the Hindus were scared of Baburs very name.
Definitely would he run for his life in scarce of Babur,
To seek shelter in the mountains in the higher regions. (12)
Never would he desert if he be a genuine prophet,
Certainly would he escape if he be a counterfeit.
Himself would he (Babur) judge if the latter be real or fake,
Whether he was an imposter or a genuine prophet. (13)
Sortha : Making Daulat Rai as his guide from Kabul,
Babur led an expedition to conquer India.
At that moment, the Guru uttered to the accompaniment of music,
The following hymn from his sacred lips: (14)
Guru Granth Sahib:
Shabad : Handing over Khorasans
governance to another,
The invading Babur terrorized the people of India.
256 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
khursn khasmn k hindustn daari.
pai dsu na d karat jamu kari muglu chardi.
UU| : oI U"3 J" ! H" oH| J3 o !
lU HJ IH ! HUJ l3H H !!
chaupa : agg daulat khn buly. mulakh amn rakht y.
pathnan k ik mry garm. saidpur th tisk nm.15.
l 3H|J Hl3IJ | U| ! 3J U| I3 =H| JU| !
U"3 3J JJJ J" ! JH 3H JH !!
kichh taksr satigur k ka. tab unk gat vais bha.
daulat khn tab bbar buly. hukam ts k yau phurmy.16.
HJ H" o ! lUHJU l=I J3 J3 !
lI"H 3 =J H J J ! H I l JlJU =J !!
pajb mulakh nnak k y. imnbd dhig hut baty.
giljan t vah mann kar daar. s nath gay ki rahi ghar.17.
H I 3 J l"o= ! JH H J3 o J= !
JH UH H J | U| ! UU HI|J H UJ UU| !\!
j nath gay tau phr liv. ham sn btn n karv.
ham us sn karain na kht k. dn jagr j chhai .18.
H HJ U "| J3 ! Hl3IJ J J lH 3 H3 !
J3 JJ3 o UU| ! UH J 3 HI H JU| !\!
s mrakh un lakh na bt. satigur daar kab kis t jt.
karat hart p . us k daar t jag sukh h.19.
U JJ : HlJ Hl3IJ 3 J3 UJ J5| lU !
JH U" lIJ=J U" 3 IJ oU" JJlU !O!
dhr : jahin satigur th tap karat par rrd thi.
bhm chalai girvar chalai tap gur achal rahi.20.
UU| : 3J U"3 HlJ JH ! 3J3 U"3 =" IJ | !
HJ HI IJ HJ H oU| ! U3J =l5U I J| U| !!
chaupa : tab daulat kau shhi pharmy. turat daulat val gur k dhy.
jab jg gur nazar su . utar ghin pag kar dh.21.
UJ JH J3 o ! UJ| H IJ | " !
JJ JJ3 " JJ lU| ! Hl3IJ J oJ "J UU| !!
drn kurnas karat y. charn matth gur k ly.
br bahut lau rahy tik. satigur kahy ab lhu uth.22.
257 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The creator, not taking the blame (for decimating the Pathans) upon Himself,
Willed the Mughals to launch an invasion on India.
Chaupai : Asking Daulat Khan to guide the Mughal troops towards India,
Babur kept on entrusting the enroute territory after getting a ransom.
Thereafter, he ransacked a village occupied by Pathan residents,
Which was known by the name Saidpur
at that time. (15)
For having shown disrespect to Guru Nanak once,
The residents of this village had to bear this devastation.
Thereafter, summoning Daulat Khan to his own camp,
Babur issued orders to him to the following effect: (16)
Since his (Baburs) forces had reached near Punjab, Nanaks own country,
Nanaks seat had been reported to be near Emnabad.
Was Nanak still at his own seat or had he made good his escape,
Scared out of his wits by the approach of Mughal troops? (17)
Ordering Daulat Khan to bring Nanak back if he had escaped,
And ask Nanak to enter into negotiations with him (Babur).
Assuring Daulat Khan of not ill-treating Nanak in anyway,
Babur offered to dole out landed property to Nanak if he so desired. (18)
Babur, being nit-witted idiot, could never realize,
That no scare of any kind could unnerve the great Guru.
The Guru, being the creator and destroyer of the whole world,
The whole universe prospered under the command of his Divine Will. (19)
Dohra : The spot where Guru Nanak sat in deep meditation,
Was situated upon a mound of hard rocks and pebbles.
So immovable remained Gurus seat that it never shook,
Even if the whole earth and mountains shook and quaked. (20)
Chaupai : Having received verbal orders from Babur,
Daulat Khan proceeded posthaste towards Gurus seat.
Spotting out the Gurus seat after arriving in its vicinity,
He started walking on foot after dismounting from his steed. (21)
Bowing his head and paying obeisance from a distance,
Daulat placed his head at the lotus feet of Guru Nanak.
Having remained prostrated at the Gurus feet for long,
The great Guru asked Daulat Khan to rise from the ground. (22)
258 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Hl3IJ HJ H| H ! U"3 IJ J H !
JJJ HJ lHJ H ! 3H JJJ UJ3 o !=!
satigur th sabh jn jn. puchh daulat gur rkhy mn.
bbar k sabh zikar suny. tum pai bbar chhat y.23.
Hl3IJ J JH UJ H= ! U|J " UH "lU H3= !
JH o U UH U" ! JJJ UJ H J| I" !e!
satigur kahy ham hn jvain. hn lk us layi satvain.
ham p dkhain us chall. bbar chahai ju karn gall.24.
U JJ : HlJ J JJJ |o Hl3IJ JU HlU !
dhr : jahin dar bbar k satigur pahuch ji.
mardn k guru kahay sur kar rabb baji.25.
UU| : HJ HJU JJJ JH ! H H "HJ JJ U" o!
JJJ J| H H " ! JHJ "HJ o !!
chaupa : jab mardn rabb bajy. sun sun laskar bahu chal y.
bbar n bh s sun lay. nnak hamr lashkar ay.26.
3 " HlU U"3 J| ! JJJ lU" lJU JU| !
3J JJJ oH=J| HIU| ! UJ3 Hl3IJ H H oU| !!
tau lau ji daulat n kah. bbar dil kachhu nihch bha.
tab bbar asavr mang. chhat satigur ps su .27.
U"3 JJJ " ! J |J | UJ|3 U !
J| U"3 =J " HI ! H3 UH J HJ "I !\!
daulat k bbar puchh lay. bht pr k chahyat day.
kah daulat vah lain na jg. jt usai pai hain sabh lg.28.
H|J| |J| HJ UH lJ ! UI 3H 5 HlU !
3 lJ o J" HlJ ! "| UH3 JJ J HlJ !\!
mr pr sabh us phi. dkhg tum nrd ji.
tau phir p bly shhi. khl dasat rh hai shhi.29.
U JJ : J|3 J HU|U lJ l IJU= !
U oI lJ J = lJ oI U= !=O!
dhr : rt hth na j bhichchhak narip gurdv.
un kai g bin dhar vai phir agn na dv.30.
UU| : 3J U"3 JI J3U| ! Hl3IJ oI J 3H HU| !
U 3J " "|U JJU| ! U3J =l5U J U5U| !=!
chaupa : tab daulat khn bhang bat. satigur g dhar tum j.
un tab thail l bhar. utar ghin bht chardh.31.
259 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Even though the Guru being omniscient of all developments,
The Guru let Daulat Khan narrate the whole situation.
Having narrated all the developments of the past,
Daulat Khan conveyed Baburs wish to meet the Guru. (23)
The great Guru offered to march himself to Baburs camp,
As Baburs armed bands would disturb the peoples peace.
The Guru himself would go to know Baburs intentions,
And gauge what Babur contemplated in his mind. (24)
Dohra : The great Guru, Guru Nanak soon arrived at a place,
Where Babur was putting up in a camp.
Thereupon, the Guru asked Mardana, his companion,
That he should strike a melody on his stringed instrument. (25)
Chaupai : As Mardana struck a melodious tune on his Rabab
The Mughal troops rushed to listen to this fascinating music.
Having heard the spiritual melody, Babur felt,
That Guru Nanak himself had arrived at his army camp. (26)
As Daulat Khan brought information about Guru Nanaks arrival,
Babur felt assured about Guru Nanaks Divinity.
Thereafter, calling for his royal mode of conveyance,
Babur wished to pay a visit to Guru Nanak himself. (27)
(Before proceeding) Babur enquired from Daulat Khan,
What kind of offering should Babur place before Guru Nanak.
Daulat Khan informed Babur the Guru needed no offerings,
As all the people received their cherished boons from Nanak. (28)
All temporal and spiritual powers were vested in Guru Nanak,
As Babur himself would observe after his arrival there.
Thereupon, Babur informed his companion Daulat Khan, that,
It behoved not a royal personage to approach a saint empty-handed. (29)
Dohra : Never should one ever go empty-handed,
On a visit to a mendicant, a monarch, and ones teacher.
One is bound to fail in getting their blessings,
Without placing a (token) offering before them. (30)
Chaupai : Upon this, advising Babur to make an offering of cannabis,
Daulat Khan asked Babur to place it before the Guru.
Thereafter, carrying a bag full of cannabis leaves,
Babur placed it before the Guru after dismounting from a horse. (31)
260 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
3J Hl3IJ HlJ oUJ lJU ! 3H JH J IH lU lJU !
JH 3HJ J J| ! lU J5| J J JJ| !=!
tab satigur shhi dar kari. tum ham par guss kin kari.
ham tumr kuchh rky nhn. ik rrd par baith hnh.32.
H 3 U"3 lU3=3 o ! UJ HH H 3 lU" J !
U oH| ! 3 J " H 3 H|o JH| !==!
j tn chalt chitvat y. dhu saj j tau dil bhy.
kai kachch kai pakkai asn. tn kar lai j t ja bas.33.
J HU HU| ! H| U 3 J HU| !
HU JlU 3 lJJ |J ! JlU lJU U U|J !=e!
jhth karain kai sch kam. najkain dkhn tain kahy j.
schau hi tu karihn pr. jhth hui hind dayn chr.34.
U JJ : HU H HlJJ =J JJ oJ HU lU lJ !
IJ |J l3HlJ HJ U JJ l3olJ !=!
dhr : sch su shib ghar rahai aur sch dikh nnhi.
gur pr patishhi shh dkhai bahu patihi.35.
JH3 JH 3 lU H JH lU= lJ !
JH3 H lJJ J H JJ UJ JlU !=!
karmt ham tn dikhain s ham dikhvai nnhi.
karmt main kahir hai s rabbn dr kari.36.
UU| : JH3 JlU H J| ! o lU J l3HJ| !
JH3 J H JH" ! UlU H lHH J J" !=!
chaupa : karmt hui jnk ph. p kiun na karai patishh.
karmt kah ps rasl. khudi mann jis karai kabl.37.
JH3 H HI3 lU= ! HI3 " l3H JJ H3= !
H| JJ H U UlU ! JH3 3 UJ JlU !=\!
karmt j jagat dikhvai. jagat lk tis bahu santvai.
najk rahai j k khudi. karmt t dr pari.38.
JH3 3H U| UJ ! J J| J| o J !
JH3 J= UU J3 ! lHJJ lJJ J H3 !=\!
karmt tum dkh chah. yah bh nhn chh kar.
karmt hvai d bhnt. kai mihrn kai kahirn hai jt.39.
H= J 3 lHJJ H o= ! lHU 3 UJ lJJ H =!
lHJJ lJJ UU JH3 ! UJ U 3 H " H3 !eO!
sv karai t mihar su vai. zid t chhai kahir su pvai.
mihar kahir d karmt. dr khud t s l jt.40.
261 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Thereafter the Guru, after according due honour to the Mughal ruler,
Asked him the reasons for being cross with him (Nanak).
The Guru told Babur that he never obstructed Baburs advance,
As he (the Guru) had been all long sitting on that rocky seat. (32)
The Guru asked Babur to mete out any punishment to the former,
As he had been contemplating at the time of his departure.
Babur was free to allay his apprehensions that he had,
Whether Guru Nanak was a fake or a genuine prophet. (33)
He must confirm if Nanak followed path of truth or falsehood,
The Guru was willing to offer himself for a close scrutiny.
Found genuine, Babur could acknowledge Guru Nanak as a spiritual prophet,
Found fake, he was free to get the Guru slaughtered. (34)
Dohra : Truth resides and rests with the Divine Lord,
Elsewhere it is never found and observed.
The temporal monarchs and rulers of kingdoms,
Have all been putting spiritual prophets to test. (35)
As Babur wished the Guru to workout some miracles,
The Guru would loath to display any such feats.
Display of miraculous feats not only invited Divine wrath,
These also alienated the spiritual saints from the Divine as well. (36)
Chaupai : If any prophet claimed to work out miracles,
Why could such a prophet not become a monarch as well?
Power of working out miracles vested in the Divine Lord, alone,
For which people accepted Him as the Supreme God. (37)
Whosoever displays any miracles while being a human being,
He is terribly harassed by the people of this world.
Whosoever lives in intimate communication with God,
He always shuns the temptation to work out miracles. (38)
As Babur was too keen to see demonstration of miracles,
It was not a morally justifiable act on his part.
Very often, miracles workout in two diverse ways,
Either resulting in blessings or ending up in disasters. (39)
While serving with devotion saints bring out their blessings,
Insisting upon them to show miracles brings out their curse.
Blessings and curses both work out as miracles,
While alienating a spiritual prophet from the Divine Lord. (40)
262 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : lJJ l3HJ J J H H oJ lJ !
lJJ J H |J JlU UJ UlU 3 lJ !e!
dhr : kahir patishhan kr hai khs ju auran khhin.
kahir karai ju phakr hi dr khudi t phi.41.
3J JJJ HHlo H H lU3=3 olU !
J HJ H| H J HJ JH U J3lU !e!
tab bbar n samjhi j main chitvat i.
hai sabh jn jn yah sabh ham day bati.42.
UU| : U lUUJ lHU o ! H| JJ J HU U !
UlU lJ H JU J| ! oJ H lUH 3 HI l3HJ| !e=!
chaupa : dkh didr k nishch y. najk rahai yah sachch khudy.
khudi yhi main bhd kachhu nhn. ab mai is t mangn patishh.43.
J" J H lUH U=lU ! 3 HJ HJ H J HlU !
o lUH U=lU lH lJ HlU ! 3 JHJ " HlU !ee!
kabl parai j isai duvi. tau mr sabh km ban ji.
au isu duvi ji nnhi puji. tau hamr kuchh palyn na ji.44.
JU lJ lH lJ J= ! H| JU lJ lH lJ H= !
3J JJJ olU U J HJ ! IJH o| H lH JJ !e!
kht bachan kahi kim bikh bvain. mth bach kahi kim nahin jvain.
tab bbar i d kar jr. garaz apn mukkhn mith br.45.
o H 3= UH H ! J |H JHJ| oH !
H HlU 3H lJU J |J ! 3H olUU JlU o|J !e!
y main tav kadam ps. pran kjai hamr s.
main sunin tum hind bada pr. tum pai i hi adhr.46.
U JJ : H HlU H UlU 3 |J lHJ |J !
3H lUUJ J HJ H |J !e!
dhr : j suni s dkhi tn pran sir pr.
tum didr k pkhn bhay mr man dhr.47.
UU| : HH HlU 3H U ! |J lHJ 3 |J J !
H H J3 U"3 J| ! H oJ U| =J| !e\!
chaupa : jais suni tais dkhy. pran sir tn pr parkhy.
j j bt daulat khn kah. main ab nainan dkh vah.48.
U"3 JH HU| ! IJlH UU HJU| !
Hl3IJ | J| ! lJU l3HlJU UJ J !e\!
daulat khn n hamain sun. pathnn gursikh da mar.
satigur kp kar pathnan. hind ptishin dr karnan.49.
263 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Cursed miracles are the fancy of temporal monarchs,
Who seize others belonging with coercion and duress.
If ever a saint indulges in working out miracles,
He is sure to find himself alienated from the Divine. (41)
Upon this, Babur realized Guru Nanaks omniscience,
Since the Guru had laid bare all Baburs secret thoughts.
He decided to share all his fears and aspirations,
After he felt assured about Guru Nanaks omniscience. (42)
Chaupai : Babur felt convinced after his interaction with Guru Nanak,
That the latter had really an intimate relationship with God.
Since there existed no distinction between God and Guru Nanak,
He must seek his blessings for getting a sovereignty over India. (43)
If, God willing, the Guru Nanak answered his prayers,
All his dreams and aspirations will get materialized.
If, God forbid, Guru Nanak declined his prayers,
He would not lose anything substantial of his own. (44)
Why should he poison his future through his insolence,
Instead, why should he not cultivate polite conversation?
After this, folding his hands in supplication, Babur put forth,
His dire necessity in words couched in politeness. (45)
Prostrating at the lotus feet of Divine Guru Nanak,
Babur begged for his aspirations to be fulfilled,
Acknowledging Guru Nanak as the great Hindu prophet,
He had sought the Gurus blessings in his dire need. (46)
Dohra : Acknowledging Guru Nanak to be as great as he had heard,
Babur declared the Guru as the greatest among spiritual prophets.
Admitting that after having a glimpse of the Divine Guru,
He felt assured of Guru Nanaks Divine attributes. (47)
Chaupai : Finding the Guru as venerated as in narrations he had heard,
Babur found the Guru spiritually Supreme after a through probe.
Whatever divine attributes of the Guru had Daulat Khan narrated,
Babur had observed and confirmed with his own eyes. (48)
The way the (Lodhi) Pathans had got the Gurus followers assassinated,
Daulat Khan had narrated the whole account to Babur.
Babur also knew about Gurus displeasure with the Lodhi Pathans,
As well as the Gurus will to dispense with their rule over India. (49)
264 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HI" IJ UJ J" ! o 3H HJ H| H !
H o J 3H J"U ! U"3 3 "J U !O!
mugln k gur chahy bulnan. p tum sabh jn jnan.
main yn h tusn bul. daulat khn t lhu puchh.50.
H 3H lJ HJ U5 ! 3H "H H 3H J" !
lJU 33 HlJ UJ JJlU ! JU| HJ " lU=lU !!
nm tumain kahi mh chardhy. tumain lj j tumain buly.
hind takhat mhi dhu bahi. b sb nl divi.51.
U JJ : H o J HJU J J 3H lH |J !
JH lU== 33 lJU JU| HJ 3JI|J !!
dhr : main y yah murd kar karn tumain nij pr.
hamain divv takhat hind b sb tbgr.52.
UU| : 3 JJ JJJ H J ! 3H l3HJ| lJJ UJ !
chaupa : tau bb bbar sn kahy. tum patishh pikmbarn chah.
bbar kahy pikmbar dr. main n sakkn pahuch hazr.53.
lJJ JJ ="| UJIJ ! Hl3 oHH UJ =J !
JH UJ lH JU HlU ! | H JH UJ J lU !e!
pikmbar rahai vl dargh. satti asamn k par vh.
hamain hn kim pahuchy ji. kannn suny ham nadar nah pi.54.
Hl3IJ J 3H HJ HU= ! o| UU| o J= !
JH3 |J H J= ! H lJJ lH lJ H= !!
satigur kahy tum shh sadv. adh khud p kahv.
karmt pr paj rakhv. ps pikmbar kim nahin jv.55.
lJJ l=I H UJ UU| ! H lJ " l3H 3 l3HJ| !
lJJ H 3 HU| UIlJ ! UJ| UIJ UU l"lU !!
pikmbar dhig main dhun puch. j kari lai tis t patishh.
pikmbar sth tn jn darghi. h darghn d likhi.56.
U JJ : H JJJ JlH J| H lJJ lUUJ JlU !
lJJ 3J3 UlU 3 UI lJU "lU !!
dhr : sun bbar kurnish kar m pikmbar didr kari.
pikmbar turat khudi t daig hind lakhi.57.
UU| : 3lJ Hl3IJ JU UUJ ! oH oH l"H= UJIJ UJ !
H oH UH U 5lU ! J JH lJH3J JJ| JlJ !\!
chaupa : tabi satigur yau bachan uchr. s asda lijv dargah davr.
s s us day phardi. kar bhm bisatr bah banhi.58.
265 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
It was Gurus will to call the Mughals from Kabul
As the Guru, being omniscient and privy to the Divinee Will.
Babur told the Guru that the former had arrived at Gurus bidding,
As Daulat Khan would bear witness to what he said. (50)
Since Daulat Khan had invited him (Babur) in the Gurus name,
The Guru must protect and stand by his humble servant.
Babur begged the Guru to make him occupy Indias throne,
Making his sovereign writ run over all the twenty-two states. (51)
Dohra : Babur said he had approached Guru Nanak with a fond wish,
That the great Guru be Baburs spiritual mentor.
Babur begged for a sovereignty over the Indian throne,
So that his writ might run over the twenty-two states. (52)
Chaupai : Upon this Baba Nanak reminded the supplicating Babur,
That the latter wished to be made a sovereign by Prophet Mohammad
Admitting that Prophet Mohammad being inaccessible,
Babur expressed his inability to seek Prophets (Mohammads) blessings. (53)
Since his prophet was inhabitant of the Divine Court,
It was located across the seven skies (in heavens).
How could Babur (a human being) reach that Divine abode,
About which he had heard but never seen it with his eyes? (54)
The Guru reminded Babur that he had boasted of being an emperor,
Whose writ ran over half of humanity on the earth.
How could he not reach his Islamic Prophet Mohammad,
As he boasted of having the powers of five spiritual prophets? (55)
Promising Babur to enable him to reach his prophet,
The Guru directed Babur to seek sovereignty from his own prophet.
Babur should reach the Divine Court in his prophets company,
Where his prophet would get a written sanction for his sovereignty. (56)
Dohra : Hearing this, Babur bent on his knees in thankfulness,
Begging Guru Nanak to enable him to have a glimpse of his own prophet.
Being extremely confident of his prophets divine powers,
Babur was sure of getting Indias sovereignty sanctioned. (57)
Chaupai : Thereafter, Satguru Guru Nanak directed the Mughal emperor,
That Gurus staff would lead Babur to the Divine court.
Thereafter handing over his staff to the emperor Babur,
Guru Nanak instructed Babur to sit on the ground in front of the staff. (58)
266 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U| J HH3 J ! lH3 UJ l33 HlU J !
Hl3H H HU|U ! HlJ UJ l33J| HU|U !\!
dhp dp kar masatak dhary. jit chh tit jin pary.
sattinm k jp japa. jahin chh tith thn ja.59.
HH3 lJJ " 3 H= ! H=3 UJIJ U o= !
HJ lJJ lU JJ I ! lJ"3 lJ o !O!
samt pikmbar lai tujh jvai. jvat dargah na k atkvai.
jahn pikmbar ik br gay. kund hilt th phir ay.60.
oJ =5|o J= JJ UJ ! JU lJJ J U| JJ !
UJ =5| "I JJ UJIJ ! H H|o o= HI 3lJ !!
ab ghardn bhvain rahu chr. bachan pikmbar kary ka br.
chr ghard lag rahu dargh. j ja vai mng tnhi.61.
U JJ : JlH JJJ J U J oUJ H !
Hl3IJ o| H J| " oH |U lo !!
dhr : kurnish bbar kar uthy bada achmbh jn.
satigur kh s kar lai s k pin.62.
UU| : HlU JJJ HU| J| ! " oH UlU UH J| =J| !
" JU H3= oH ! H JU =lJ UJIJ H !=!
chaupa : ji bbar n s kar. lai s udai us h ghar.
lai pahuchy sattvn ksh. j pahuchy vahi dargah khs.63.
UJIJ JJ o5U ! H lJ " lJJ HU !
Hl3H HJ JJJ J ! 3J3 J3 J| " l=J !e!
dargah rah kund ard. j nahin khulh pikmbar j.
sattinm jab bbar pukr. turat phurat h khulh kivr.64.
3J " ! 5 J|o |o " !
JJJ JH= I= JI ! JI3 JH JI JJ "I !!
tahn nnak k jhand jhl. pardhain bnn pthan khlai.
rabb bajvain gvain rg. bhagat bhajan k rang rahy lg.65.
U JJ : l3J H JJJ UlU HlJ !
HH " UIJ l=U HU HlJJ lJ !!
dhr : tih j bbar dkhi jhand nnak shhi.
sanmukh jhl dargh k vich sachch shib yhi.66
H3 H II |J HH o JUJ HH 3lJ " !
HJ| HI lJ" lJH"| HH " !!
st su gang nr sam au bdar sam tahin kl.
ksar patk sang hilai bijl jais khayl.67.
267 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
With burning jos-sticks and a lamp, he should prostrate before the staff,
After which it would take Babur wherever he wished to go.
With the continuous recitation of Gods holy Name Satnam,
He could reach anywhere he wished to reach. (59)
The Gurus staff would take Babur and his prophet to heaven,
Where nobody would stop their entry into the Divine Court.
The same Divine Court was it where prophet once had gone,
But was made to return the same moment to his abode. (60)
With Gurus staff with them, they could stay there for many hours,
While his prophet could converse with God for long.
Staying there in the Divine Court for a longer spell,
He and his prophet could seek whatever they wished. (61)
Dohra : With a respectful bow did Babur depart from Guru Nanak,
Wondering at heart at the promised great miracle.
Following the Gurus instructions about invocation,
Babur departed after holding the Gurus staff. (62)
Chaupai : The moment Babur performed the proffered incantations,
The Gurus staff took him on a flight the same moment.
Flying across the seven skies with the Gurus staff,
Babur reached the exclusive territory of the Divine Court. (63)
He found the Divine Court bolted and barred from inside,
Which did not open even at the approach of prophet Mohammad.
But the moment Babur recited the Gurus word Satnam,
In an instant opened all the doors that were barred and locked. (64)
Babur witnessed Guru Nanaks standard fluttering in heavens,
And heard spiritual hymns being recited from the holy books.
Spiritual melodies were being recited to the accompaniment of music,
Filling the whole environment with a spiritual ambience. (65)
Dohra : Thus, Babur saw with his own eyes after reaching there,
Guru Nanaks standard fluttering inside the Divine Court.
Observing Nanaks standard fluttering at the entrance,
Babur had a glimpse of God seated on the Divine seat. (66)
Sparkling as the crystal waters of the scared Ganges,
Guru Nanaks standard also emitted dark cloud like hues.
Its saffron cloth fluttered as majestically as,
If a spark of lightening had flitted across its surface. (67)
268 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : Hl3IJ | HH" lUU| ! H3 H JJ J "U| !
U| HlJ U| JJ=lJ ! lJl lHl HJ JHJ =lJ !\!
chaupa : satigur k dharmsl dikh. sant sdh bah dar l.
ka shhi ka bpravhi. riddhi siddhi sabh hzar vhi.68.
U JJ : " HUJ o JJ UU JH3 H3 !
oJ lJ " " H =J =J !\!
dhr : kalap mandr au har chandan prjt santn.
aur barichh phl phal kmdhn ghar gharn.69.
UU| : lU3 Hl H lUU| ! HJ HI| HI l"U| !
JJH UJ J JU ! UU "J| H 3U !O!
chaupa : chint mani sn kandh chin. savran sugndh sang lip.
badaraj k hn thambh thambh. chandan lakr sth chhat.70.
HI UJ "I ! lU3J| JH | !
JJJ 3J H" J ! lJ JJJ H5 " o !!
mung k hn lag kapt. chitarkr pras k tht.
bbar k tahn sail kary. phir bbar k mrd lai y.71.
lJJ | =lJ =" lJ ! U3 JI l3J H" lU !
lJJ UH lU ! JI |" H JJ lU J !!
pikmbar k vahi vall phiry. dt bng tih mulln dikhy.
pikmbar jhand usai dikhy. rangy nl sn bahu din hy.72.
3J lJJ J3| HH|3 ! U H=J| o| J|3 !
JJJ lJJ U 5 ! J| U J| "J 5 !=!
tahn pikmbar hut mast. unhain savr apn rt.
bbar pikmbar dkhy khard. kab uthai kab lmb pard.73.
5 lHH 3lJ o JH" ! 3J JUI| 5 J" !
| 5 3lJ UJ J ! l3 |J JHJ !e!
pardh nimz tahin p rasl. khtar bandg pardan kabl.
pchh khard tahi chrn yr. tink pchh pr hazr.74.
l3J H JJJ 5 ! oH HHJ lJJ H !
lJJ "| JJJ J"lU ! lH 3J o HlJ lJ !!
tih pchh j bbar khardy. s mjr pikmbar suny.
pikmbar ln bbar buli. kis khtar y muhi phi.75.
JJJ J| H UJ l3HJ| ! lJU 33 H HJ JU| !
3J3 lJJ U| HJJ ! lJU 3HJ| J| JH 3J !!
bbar kah main chahn patishh. hind takhat j sb b.
turat pikmbar dy jubb. hind patshh nahn ham tb.76.
269 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : The Gurus staff took Babur around Gurus meditational centre,
Where several saints and sages sat cross-legged in meditation.
So many spiritual supremos sat spell-bound unconcerned,
Although several temporal and spiritual deities hovered around them. (68)
Dohra : The Divine Court had, on its premises, five mythological trees
Bearing the names of Parjat, Kalap Birchh, Santaan, Harichandan and Mandhar.
Besides, there were other trees laden with flowers and fruit,
As well as the mythical cows of the Kamdhen
breed. (69)
Chaupai : With rare Chinta Mani
stones were the walls of Divine Court built,
With fragrant golden paint were these rare walls painted.
With Vaduraya
stones were pillars of Divine Court erected,
With the fragrant Sandalwood was its majestic roof inlaid. (70)
With corals were the doors of the Divine Court made,
With designs on the philosophers stone were these doors carved.
After taking Babur on a round of the Divine Court,
The Gurus staff brought him back to the Divine entrance. (71)
Thereafter taking Babur to his (Islamic) prophets enclosure,
The Gurus staff showed him the Muslim cleric reciting an Islamic prayer.
Babur was shown a glimpse of his Prophets standard,
Which had not been dyed in blue for a long time. (72)
There was situated a mosque, place of Muslim worship,
That was designed as per Prophets own tradition.
As Babur had a glimpse of his spiritual prophet Mohammad,
He started prostrating and supplicating before him. (73)
Prophet Mohammad himself was seen praying to God,
Entreating the Divine Lord to accept his supplication.
Behind him stood his foremost intimate devout followers
Followed by thousands of other Muslims spiritual saints. (74)
Directing Babur to stand in the queue at the back,
The Gurus staff informed Prophet Mohammad about Baburs visit.
Summoning Babur from the back to his own proximity,
Prophet Mohammad asked Babur about the purpose of his visit. (75)
Babur pleaded to be blessed with a sovereignty over India,
So that his writ might run over the twenty-two Indian provinces.
Instantly did Prophet Mohammad reject Baburs plea with a remark,
That He had no divine sanction for granting a sovereignty over India. (76)
270 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lJU l3HJ| J| ! J| oH J 3 HJ| !!
hind patishh nnak kr. karn na s phr tn mr.77.
H J : UlU UlU JH o| lJ oJ !
UH J| 3 lJ "lU lHH lJl lJ lJlU !\!
srth : nnak di na di ham adhn kachhu nnhi ab.
us h t phir li jis bidhi rijhai rijhikai.78.
UU| : lHH oH HI 3 o ! " l3HJ| UH lJ !
lJU 33 JH 3J J| ! JH J JHJ J| !\!
chaupa : jis k s sang tn y. lai patishh us rijhy.
hind takhat ham tb nhn. kursn hai hamr ph.79.
H JH l3HJ"I U ! UH U"U JlU H !
JJ HJJ 3J JJJ J ! JH" U3 H5 H J !\O!
s ham n timralngai day. usai uld hi s kay.
bahu jabb tab bbar kar. rasl tn mrd su dhar.80.
JlU lJH JJJ Hl5o ! H oH " J Ul5o !
JJJ oH UJ 3J JU| ! H UH HJ U J IU| !\!
hi nirs bbar mui. s s lai dar upai.
bbar s dr tab bha. janu us kamar d tuk h ga.81.
J| H| l3H J olU ! "I J H JJ 3lU !
JH|J J| | o| J3 ! lJU |J UJ J| o3 !\!
par ghas tis dar i. lag karan man bahu pachhuti.
bajr kah th chh bt. hindu pr uhn bada aft.82.
U JJ : H5 3 U "I oI 3J 3 JJ !
IJ UUJ HJ H oH J lJUJ !\=!
dhr : pchhai murdain t cht lagai gai turn t hr.
gah chakchndhar sarap jayn ais bhay bichr.83.
UJ lJJ U|U HJJ ! H J U| lJU 3J !\e!
chaupa : thar thar kampai bbar dh. bbar upjay bahu sandh.
hn pikmbar d jubb. mujh kar dnn hind tb.84.
oJ H oH oJ lH J ! oJ lH oI HHU J !
J5 5 HHUJ HlJ ! U|U lJJ oI lU !\!
ab main s aur kis karn. ab kis g sajd karn.
brd pardy samundar mnhi. d pikmbar ag dhaki.85.
271 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Sovereignty of India being the sole prerogative of Guru Nanak,
Babur should have no expectations from his prophet about it. (77)
Sortha : Mohammad told Babur Indias sovereignty being Guru Nanaks prerogative,
The former had no jurisdiction over Indias sovereignty.
He advised Babur to get his cherished desire fulfilled from Guru Nanak,
By whatever modes of supplication he deemed fit to appease Nanak. (78)
Chaupai : The Gurus staff which brought him to the heavens,
His blessings should Babur invoke to get sovereignty.
Sovereignty over India not being in his jurisdiction,
The prophet had powers to grant sovereignty over Khorasan alone. (79)
He had already granted Khorasans sovereignty to Taimurlang
Whose legal heirs were entitled to inherit his legacy.
Thereafter, whatever further appeals Babur made,
Those were declined forthwith by Prophet Mohammad. (80)
Feeling frustrated returned Babur empty handed,
Landing at his camp with the grace of the Gurus staff.
So frustrated and listless had Babur felt,
As if his mortal frame had broke in twain. (81)
Babur fainted on his arrival at his army camp,
So severely was he struck with a sense of remorse.
He recalled the prophetic words of his own minister,
Who had warned him about the presence of a great Hindu prophet. (82)
Dohra : Being equally scared of returning to his Islamic prophet,
As well as going ahead with an appeal to Guru Nanak,
Was Babur really caught on the horns of a dilemma,
As that of a snake which fails either to swallow or vomit out a poisonous lizard. (83)
Chaupai : With Baburs whole frame being in convulsions with fear,
Was he severely struck with a rising wave of doubts.
His Islamic prophet having rejected his pleas,
He had thrown Babur at the mercy of a Hindu prophet. (84)
Whom should he look up to in his hour of dire need,
Whom should he supplicate before for his dream fulfilment?
Having been caught in the whirlwind of life,
His own prophet had left him in the lurch. (85)
272 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lJ = J5 lH J ! J HlU J o| J !
oH| oH| HU J ! J J J HH 3J !\!
bin khvat brd kim pr. par ji kahn aukh dhr.
ais ais schn karai. kab dabai kab sansyn tarai .86.
U JJ : 3J JJJ H J| J| JJ3 H |J !
lJJ J| oH J H lJU JH |J !\!
dhr : tab bbar kai man phur dhar bahut man dhr.
pikmbar bh ais kahy su hind nnak bas pr.87.
UU| : 3J JJJ lU3 oU| ! J UJ oJ HU| !
HJ |J lHJ |J ! lJ J= |J !\\!
chaupa : tab bbar k yau chit . parn charan ab nnak j.
sabh pran sir nnak pr. nnak bin k dharv dhr.88.
3J U U"3 3J3 J" ! 3 H U|J o H !
=H =| H U J ! J Hl3IJ "= J !\\!
tab un daulat turat buly. tain mujh hn n phasy.
ghumman vn main day dar. kahu satigur k lvain pr.89.
" U"3 3J 3lJU H ! J UJ o H5 J !
H J 3 UH UH ! J J JHJ| oH !\O!
lai daulat tab turi sth. chhuh charan au jrd hth.
main hn tujh dsan k ds. pran kar hamr s.90.
U JJ : UJ H JJJ lU J| HU| HJ o !
Hl3IJ JH U JJ UlU HJ H| H !\!
dhr : hn j bbar dikhy kah s sabh n.
satigur hass k chup rah i sabh jn jn.91.
UU| : lJ JJJ JU H ! 3J J3 lJ !
3 HJ| UlU oJ| ! 3 UlU H 3J| !\!
chaupa : phir bbar yau bachan suny. tr bht na kinhn py.
tn shark khudi k h. tn khudi k jy thn.92.
3 HU o UlU ! H J= H 3J| JHlU !
3 JHlU J JJ ! 3J o3 J=J !\=!
taithn jud na p khudi. j hvai s tr raji.
tn raji k karn hr. tr ant na prvr.93.
3 J3 J UJ J|H ! U UlU J 3J| JJ|H !
3 J| lJJ JJ HlU ! 3J lHJJ HlU !\e!
tn karat hain kdar karm. khud khudi hain tuh rahm.
tn h pikmbar rhu numi. tr sirrar na py ji.94.
273 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
How could his ship of life reach its shore without a mariner,
Whom should he pray for a survival from this ordeal?
Being burdened with such depressing thoughts,
Did Babur keep oscillating between hope and fear. (86)
Dohra : Thereafter a thought came to Baburs mind,
Which provided a great solace to him.
He recalled how even his own spiritual prophet Mohammad,
Had confirmed that Nanak alone was the only prophet in India. (87)
Chaupai : Thereupon, a thought overtook Baburs mind,
That he should seek blessings of Guru Nanak.
Nanak being the greatest among the spiritual prophets,
Who else could provide an enduring support? (88)
Summoning Daulat Khan the same moment,
Babur accused the latter of landing him in trouble.
He, being caught badly in the lifes whirlwinds,
Daulat must plead before the Guru to be Baburs saviour. (89)
Taking Babur along, did Daulat Khan approach the Guru,
With folded hands, did they bow before the Guru.
Professing to be the most humble slave of the Guru,
Babur pleaded before the Guru for his dream to be fulfilled. (90)
Dohra : Narrating whatever he had observed at the Divine Court,
Babur put forth his observations before Guru Nanak.
Being omniscient about what happened here and there,
The Guru gave a faint smile and kept his cool. (91)
Chaupai : Thereafter (struck with wonder and awe), remarked Babur,
Nobody could ever gauge the spiritual profundity of Guru Nanak.
The Guru, being the (dearest) son of God Divine,
He alone could match the Divine in attributes Divine. (92)
Both God and Guru Nanak being inseparable,
The Gurus will prevailed in every phenomenal occurring.
Infinite was the limit of Guru Nanaks blessings,
As his will was the cause behind every happening. (93)
Being himself the Divine and merciful like Him,
Guru Nanak was the creator and the compassionate.
He, being both the prophet and the spiritual guide,
Impossible was it to plumb the depth of the Gurus mystique. (94)
274 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : 3J H J H lJ U"3 J !
oJ UJ H |H|U o| "H !\!
dhr : tr nm par main biky daulat hth pathn.
ab chh s kj apn lj pachhn.95.
UU| : Hl3IJ H J lUo" ! JI " HI l" 33" !
J "U H lU U "| ! JJJ 3J3 =lJ "| "| !\!
chaupa : yau satigur sun bhay dil. bhang thail mang liy tatkl.
kahy layu muth pi dai jhl. bbar turat vahi thail khl.96.
Hl3 H| JJ "| U| ! l 5 U "| HU| !
JI H| Hl3 U|| J| ! Hl3 l3HJ| U|| HJ| !\!
sati mutth bhar jhl p. pichhn jhrd un thail mudh.
bhang mutthn sati dn dar. sati patishh dn sr.97.
5| l| oJ J| 3U| ! lJ UJ H 3H 3 "U| !
JI H| JJ H H UU| ! HH lU "= HJ 3U| !\\!
jhard daith kachhu aur bh ta. phir chh main tum t la.
bhang muth bhar j main da. samn pi lvn sabh ta.98.
U JJ : JI JU" HJ lJU UU| J JJ=J| | !
lHH JHH3J UlU JJ U lHJ lH= lH U| !\\!
dhr : bhang badl sabh hind da yah bpravh kn.
jim bhasmantar di bar dukkh sir shiv nij dn.99.
| oH JJ lJ l3HJ| "lJI !OO!
srth : jab gur kahy uchr bhang badal sabh hind da.
kn ais karr phir patishh lhing.100.
U JJ : HJ Hl3IJ J H JJJ H"3 !
lJ 3 lJ HJ JlUI 3J " J U 3 !O!
dhr : jab satigur n y kahy sun bbar sultn.
phir tn nahin jab hig tab lai hain dai kai tn.101.
ol5" : H Hl3IJ JU JJJ JlU !
U " = J| olU !
U " H lHH U J !
J U " HI5 oHH J J !O!
arhill : sun satigur k bachan bbar yau bhkhi.
d k lain thk vadaan h khi.
d k lainn thk mukhn jim chatan hai.
h d kai lain jagrdrdar apjas bada khatan hai.102.
275 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Claiming to repose complete faith in Nanaks Divinity,
Had Babur surrendered to Daulat Khans proposal.
Imploring the Guru to protect his (Baburs) honour,
Let the Guru deal with him (Babur) as he willed. (95)
Chaupai : Taking pity on Babur after hearing his entreaties,
The Guru asked him to bring forth his bag of cannabis.
Hearing Gurus willingness to shower his blessings,
Babur opened his bag full of of cannabis leaves postehate. (96)
As the Guru put seven handfuls of cannabis leaves into Babaurs lap,
The Guru turned the cannabis bag upside down.
With the giving of seven handfuls of cannabis thus,
The Guru blessed Babur with sovereignty upto his seven dynasties. (97)
Looking at the Cannabis leaves lying on the ground,
The Guru was at liberty to take back his blessings again.
Even the sovereignty already granted to the seven dynasties of Babur,
The Guru would take it back at an appropriate moment. (98)
Dohra : Thus, the Guru, in a moment of carefree abandon,
Vested Babur with Indias sovereignty for a pittance.
Little realizing that this blessing would recoil upon his own house,
Much as Lord Shivas blessing to Demon Bhasmantar
had recoiled. (99)
Sortha : When the Guru addressed these words to Babur that,
He had conferred Indias sovereignty on Babur for a pittance.
The Guru had also made a commitment at that moment,
That He would be entitled to revoke his blessings. (100)
Thereafter, Satguru Guru Nanak made it absolutely clear,
Drawing the attention of emperor Babur to his words.
The Guru would snatch Indias sovereignty perforce,
When Babur would no longer be present on the scene. (101)
Ardil : Hearing this conditional grant of sovereignty by Guru Nanak,
Babur addressed the Guru in the following vein:
Taking back a boon after it had been granted,
Amounted to going back on ones own words.
It was as ignominious to withdraw a favour granted,
As one licked ones own spittle.
It was dishonour to take back a granted boon,
As it brought a great disgrace to the giver. (102)
276 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : 3J Hl3IJ JJJ J U "= JlU !
H3 loH3 JUJ J H3 lU !O=!
dhr : tab satigur bbar kahy yau d k lvan hi.
mukhat nimat bkdar rkh na skat ki.103.
U : H3 loH3 U|H | HHJ "|| !
J H| l3 lHU HI " IU| U|| !
H3 loH3 J J lU lHU J !
H lH" oI U HlU J JJ H !Oe!
chhand : mukhat nimat chj th mansr ln.
rakkh na jn tinai jind sang lai ga dn.
mukhat nimat hai kapr pi jiun rakhn.
s mil agan uda ji bhnd rah sakhn.104.
U JJ : 3J Hl3IJ JJJ J 3 JH UJ l=HJ !
I JH oH lHJ 3 lJ "lJ JUJ !O!
dhr : tab satigur bbar kahy tn ham upkr visr.
ktg ham ans sir tau phir lhin hudr.105.
UU| : 3J JJJ H J H5 ! JHJ| " lH 3H lHJ 35 !
JH 3 J HJ|U| U=! JH " lH 3H J U"= !O!
chaupa : tab bbar sunk hath jrd. hamr kul kim tum sir trd.
ham tujh rakhain murd dvai. ham kul kim tum hth chalvain.106.
lJU =H JU| lJU |J ! 3H |J lHJ J |J !
3H 3 JH| JHlJ HI|J ! JH J= lH 3HlJ UI|J !O!
hind vass bha hind pr. tum pran k sir h pr.
tum t bakhsh hamhi jagr. ham hvain kis tumhin dagr.107.
U JJ : H JH 3H J J U 3 3H l3HJ| "J !
lUH JJ UJ oI l3HJ| UJ !O\!
dhr : jau ham tum par hath chakain tau tum patishh lhu.
is karr k pr agai patishh dhu.108.
UU| : lUH JJ J U| l3HJ|! 3| l3HJ lJ J"U| !
JJJ 3 H lJH J ! lJH lJ oJJ H !O\!
chaupa : is karr kar d patishh. tn patishhan nnhi bhul.
bbar t su himyn bhay. himyn n phir akabar jay.109.
3| IJ HlJH J| ! H 3 J| JJ| J| !
U HJ J HJI|J! H" H|o lH" J oH|J!O!
tnn n gur mahim rkh. mukh t bh kachhu bur na bhkh.
chauth shh bhay jahngr. mulln kzan mil bhay asr.110.
277 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Thereupon, Guru Nanak reminded (the arguing) Babur,
That favours granted were withdrawn under certain conditions.
Sometime the recipient, receiving a boon gratis,
Proved unworthy of preserving such a boon. (103)
Chhand : Such a boon Divine in return for nothing,
Had Mansoor
(an Iraqui Sufi Saint) acquired.
Failing to contain its spiritual worth in himself,
The boon cost (that unfortunate saint) his life.
Being as evanescent as the highly volatile camphor,
It is difficult to contain a boon received gratis.
It disappears as instantly as camphor exposed to fire,
Leaving its beneficiary devoid of its blessings. (104)
Dohra : Thereupon, Guru Nanak told Babur in a prophetic vein,
That Baburs House would forget about Gurus blessings.
As his successors would persecute Gurus successors,
The Gurus Will would revoke his blessed sovereignty bestowed on Mughals. (105)
Chaupai : Thereupon, with folded hands pleaded Babur before Guru Nanak,
How could his progeny persecute the Gurus successors?
With Baburs House holding Guru Nanak in high esteem,
How could his successors dare to harm the Gurus House? (106)
Hindustans sovereignty being the monopoly of the Hindu prophets,
Guru Nanak was supreme among those Divine prophets.
Mughals having been made sovereign rulers by Guru Nanak,
How could Mughals afford to turn against Nanaks House. (107)
Dohra : The moment Baburs successors tyrannized Guru Nanaks dynasty,
The Guru should take back Indias sovereignty from Babur.
It was on the basis of that solemn commitment,
That Mughals rule should extend beyond his seven dynasties. (108)
Chaupai : With this agreement, the Guru conferred sovereignty on Babur,
His first three dynasties did honour this solemn commitment.
Babur, being succeeded by his own son Himanyun to the throne,
Akbar, being born to Himanyun, did succeed him further. (109)
These three successors, holding Nanaks House in very high esteem,
Never uttered a single word against the Gurus glory.
As the fourth Mughal emperor Jahangir ascended to Indias throne,
He became a captive in the hands of bigoted Muslim clerics. (110)
278 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U IJ oJH H HU| ! HU JJU| lHJ 3| "U| !
H= J H HJ HJ ! J lJU U| HH"H !!
un gur arjan sn kht kam. s bur sir khatr l.
pajvn bhay su shh jahn. kar hind ka musslamn.111.
|= J H HJ JI ! J IJo H U J UI !
JJ| lH U J" HIU ! UH lHJ IU JJU| "U !!
chhvn bhay su shh nurng. kary guran sn un bada dang.
har karishan un bl mang. us sir ga bur l.112.
U JJ : U UH| JJ3| J| IJ 3I JJUJ olU !
HlJ3 H UJ 3J "I lHJ 3U !=!
dhr : un dusht bahut kar gur tg bahdar di.
sahit su chrn ptr lag khn sir td.113.
UU| : H| IlJU lH= J3 lJUJ| ! lU l3HJ| lU JJ| HJ| !
lU lHJ UJ "I| UJ|U JHJ| ! Hl3IJ H| HH J| !e!
chaupa : sar gbind singh bt bichr. ik patishh in rah sr.
in sir dh lag chah hamr. yau satigur j mans dhr.114.
HU| Hl3IJ UU| lJJ ! JU| l3HJ| H3 lJ3J !
lH JU| IJ U ! JU| IJ IU lJ !!
s satigur da nibh. yau bha patishh st bith.
nij bachn gur yau dukh py. yau bachn gur ga biky.115.
U JJ : lUH lJ lUJ JU JU 3 H H" !
"U| l3HJ| lH J J" IU| =lJ I" !!
dhr : is bidh ih jhth bha bachnan t su mughal.
la patishh nij kahai bhl ga vahi gall .116.
UU| : H" J JH U J"=3 ! lJU HJ |U JH o3 !
JJ lJJ l UlU ! lJU UJ = lU !!
chaupa : mughal kahain ham khud balvant. hind mr k ham ant.
rah pikmbar nikat khudi. hind hn k dahukan na pi.117.
U JJ : oH oH "3 JU| H" H HlJ !
H" H| H I" J" 3JJ =lJ !\!
dhr : ais ais ghaflat bha mughlan k man mnhi.
mulln kz sun galln bhull takrrn vhi.118.
279 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
These clerics, having fell foul of (fifth Sikh Guru) Guru Arjun,
Laid the whole blame (for Guru Arjuns execution) on a Kashtriya
The fifth Mughal emperor in dynastic line being Shah Jahan,
He converted many Hindus into Islam (under duress). (111)
Auranzeb, being the sixth in the Mughal dynasty,
He entered into a big strife with the Sikh Gurus.
Summoning the infant Sikh Guru Harkrishan (to Delhi),
The Guru shed his mortal frame after blaming Aurangzeb. (112)
Dohra : Committing innumerable atrocities on Gurus House,
Aurangzeb executed (the ninth Sikh Guru) Guru Tegh Bahadur,
The blame squarely came to be laid on Aurangebs head,
For the execution of Guru Tegh Bahadurs four grandsons. (113)
Chaupai : Guru Gobind Singh, having contemplated over Guru Nanaks prophecy,
Reckoned that Mughal dynasty would last only for one generation.
Contemplating to sacrifice his life to get the Mughals damned,
Guru Gobind resolved to adopt this course. (114)
Thus fulfilling his vow with his own supreme sacrifice,
The Mughals seven generations dynastic rule came to an end.
Suffering persecution for his own prophetic words of promise,
The Sikh Gurus sacrificed themselves to uphold Guru Nanaks words. (115)
Dohra : Thus, did the Mughals having committed a breach of trust,
Went back from their vows made to Guru Nanak.
Throwing all their solemn pledges to the winds,
They claimed having attained sovereignty on their own. (116)
Chaupai : Claiming themselves to be powerful and autonomous,
They claimed to have decimated Indias Hindus.
Claiming their spiritual prophet (Mohammad) to be closest to God,
They rejected Hindu prophets (the Gurus) proximity to God. (117)
Dohra : Such was the extent of ignorance and willful disobedience,
Into which had the Mughal emperors been engulfed.
Being hynotised by the glib talk of the bigoted Muslim clerics,
The Mughal rulers violated all their solemn commitments. (118)
280 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
O\. o o J H I ('...lH | H lJJ| HH') O\. o o J H I ('...lH | H lJJ| HH') O\. o o J H I ('...lH | H lJJ| HH') O\. o o J H I ('...lH | H lJJ| HH') O\. o o J H I ('...lH | H lJJ| HH')
109. ath aur parsang (...sikkh sth nibhn ss)
U JJ : 3J lH= lUH J| lH HHlU !
J|3| lHJ lH= H oJ J IlU !!
dhr : tr singh n im kah sikkhan k samjhi.
yau bt sir singh k s ab kahn pargti.1.
lJ 3J lH= " 3J 3 "JJlJ UlU !
J|J| U| lH olJU|o UJJ lU=lU !!
phir tr singh lai tur part lahaurhi di.
bb chhuda sikhan n ahidan darab divi.2.
UU| : lJ Hl3HI3 HJ J H5 ! lJ "H lH| | U5 !
lH HI3 J oJUH ! lH| H lJJ| HH !=!
chaupa : phir satisngat sabh hath jrd. nibhai lj sikkh k rdai.
sikh sangat yau karai ards. sikkh sth nibhn ss.3.
olJU| JU "JJlJ HlU ! JU| U|U 5lU !
U| lU=H 3lJ l5U JlJU ! H HI3 o UJH lJU !e!
ahid pahuch lahaurhi ji. band khn d phardi.
ka divas tahin phardi rahi. sdh sangat darshan kari.4.
lHH lHH lH= 3J H3= ! l3H l3H H lH= ""| o= !
lHH lHH lH= |U lU ! l3H l3H lH= H3 J olU !!
jim jim singh k turak satvain. tim tim mukh singh ll vai.
jim jim singh kachhu p na khi. tim tim singh santkh havai i.5.
H|= 3 lH= oH UU| ! lJ UH lU3 H HJ U| !
H3 H3 |J H 3 ! IJ J lHJ J H !!
jvan t singh s chuk. nahin us chint su marn k.
sant santkh dhr man tnk. gur k bhn sir par jnk.6.
U JJ : lHH H H J IJ l3H J HH lJ !
lHH J HH" J | JI oJ 3lJ !!
dhr : jis k man main bhai gur tis bhai jam k nnhi.
jisk hatth mashl hai k kargu andhr tnhi.7.
281 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Episode 109
Another Episode
(May God help the Singh to keep his faith till his last breath)
Dohra : The way Bhai Taru Singh explained his point of view,
To the congregated Sikhs (of his neighbouring village).
The way he passed through the self-imposed ordeal,
I (the author) would narrate the whole chain of events. (1)
Thereafter, picking up Bhai Taru Singh from their camp,
The Mughul officials left for Lahore in the early hours of morning.
The Sikh villagers secured Bhai Taru Singhs sisters release,
After paying a ransom in cash to the Mughal officials. (2)
Chaupai : Thereafter, praying with folded hands in a congregational prayers,
The people prayed for Bhai Taru Singhs success in his ordeal.
The Sikh congregation prayed to God Almighty.
May God help to keep his faith till his last breath. (3)
After the officials reached Lahore with Bhai Taru Singh,
They put him behind the bars in a prison.
Bhai Taru Singh being kept imprisoned for many days,
A large number of devout Sikhs came to pay obeisance. (4)
The more the Mughal officials tortured Bhai Taru Singh,
The more upbeat and in high spirits he remained.
The more Bhai Taru Singh abjured any food and drink,
The more contented and pious he felt within. (5)
The more he abandoned all hope of keeping alive,
The more fearless and immune he became from death.
He always feels contented, confident and confidant of True Divine,
Who accepts and acquiesces in Gods Will in good cheer. (6)
Dohra : One who abides by the will of God Divine,
Why should he feel scared of death?
One who carries a torch in his hand,
What harm can darkness cause unto him? (7)
282 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
O. H| H3J lH = | ( lH = H3J) O. H| H3J lH = | ( lH = H3J) O. H| H3J lH = | ( lH = H3J) O. H| H3J lH = | ( lH = H3J) O. H| H3J lH = | ( lH = H3J)
110. skh matb singh k (dhann dhann singh matb)
U JJ : H H| oJ UHJ| H3J lH= | HlU !
" I JJJI3 Hlo" =" HlU !!
dhr : sun skh ab dsr matb singh k ji.
lain gay harbhagat th jandil vl si.1.
UU| : JJ3 H UH HI" UU| ! H3J lH= 5 "U| !
HU JJ JJ lH= H ! H 5 JJ o= J !!
chaupa : bahut phauj us mugl da. matb singh k pakrdan la.
s rahai bahu singhan sth. jan thrdan bahu vai na hth.2.
H3J lH= J HJ J ! H H3 JlU UHH UJ !
H "lU UH J JloJ ! HJ "J JJ l3oJ !=!
matb singh hai sr pr. nm sunat hi dushman dr.
nm li us bandh hathir. maran laran k rahai tir.3.
lHJ J"J U J3lU ! U5 lJH| l33 =" lU !
lH= JJ " J" HJ| ! H =53 lU3 ol3lJ HJ| !e!
jidhar halkran day bati. chardy nirjan tit val dhi.
singh rahain luk blan mnh. phauj vardat chit atihi sankh.4.
HJ lH= H o= J ! HJ lH= U " JJ H !
U =3 lU U| lJ3 ! H3J lH= 3J H !!
mrain singh j vain hth. mr singh un lai bahu sth.
unai dhndat din ka bity. matb singh tab yau sun py.5.
U JJ : 3J lH= H| 3J I olJU|o H "JJ !
H|H "I= 3J lHJ UIJ HU= JJ !!
dhr : tr singh j tur gay ahidan sth lahaur.
ss lagvan turak sir dargah machvan raur.6.
UU| : "JJ HlU lHJ U5I =J ! l"HlU UJIJ UH J JJ !
H H JI H|H lJlU ! 3J lHJ lHJ UUI "lU !!
chaupa : lahaur ji sir chardgu navb. liji dargah us kar kharb.
ksan s karg ss nibi. turkan k sir sir dug li.7.
UlU H lHJ HlJJ J ! H" H lHJ 3J " !
lH= H H HU= ! lH= H 3J lHJ "= !\!
ui mannai sir shib bhn. suphal mann sir turkan ln.
singh dhann j juddh machvain. singh dhann j turak sir lvain.8.
283 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Episode 110
Episode About Mehtab Singh
((Praise Be to Mehtab Singh)
Dohra : (Dear devout readers) listen to another episode,
About Mehtab Singh (a great Singh Martyr),
Whom Harbhagat
(Niranjania) hailing from Jandiala,
Had proceeded to take into Mughals custody. (1)
Chaupai : Having been allotted a large contingent of Mughal troops,
He proceeded to take Mehtab Singh into custody.
Mehtab Singh being, always with a large contingent of Singhs,
A smaller Mughal contingent could never arrest him. (2)
Mehtab Singh being a mighty warrior and a Singh perfect,
His very name sent shivers down the enemys spine.
The Singhs, who put on their armour by swearing on Mehtab Singhs name,
They would always remain prepared to do or die. (3)
The possible hideouts of Mehtab Singh the Mughal spies indicated,
Were those raided by the troops of Harbhagat Niranjania.
The Singhs having camouflaged themselves in the wilds,
Mughal troops did feel scared of getting into the wild growth. (4)
They would kill an odd Singh whom they came across,
Who would always fight to the finish, killing so many Mughals.
As Harbhagat kept on looking for Mehtab Singh for many days,
Mehtab Singh came to hear about this witch hunt from Singhs. (5)
Dohra : Mehtab Singh heard of Bhai Taru Singhs being taken a prisoner,
The Mughal officials having taken him to the city of Lahore.
With Bhai Taru Singh making a supreme sacrifice of his life,
A turmoil was bound to erupt at the Divine Court. (6)
Chaupai : Laying the blame for his sacrifice squarely on Lahores Nawab,
Bhai Taru Singh would make the Nawab face Divine retribution.
Keeping his faith with hair intact till the last breath,
Bhai Taru Singh would lay the blame squarely on the Mughals. (7)
Acquiescing and abiding with the will Divine,
Would Taru Singh succeed in proving the Mughals guilty.
Praise be to the Singh who wages a religious war,
Praise be to him who sacrifices accusing the Mughals. (8)
284 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : HJ HJ H|H J H" HJ J 3lJ !
JH lJ lH| lJ 3J H|H "I HlJ !\!
dhr : maran sabhan k ss par suphal maran hai tnhi.
dharam nibhai sikh nibhai turkan ss lag jhin.9.
UU| : UJ H| lH= JU| ! JU JU lH UlJ U| !
lUo" lH= HlJ lHJ =" ! U5 UJ5| JH HJ" !O!
chaupa : dhann dhann dh man singh bh. band band jin dhi kat.
dhann dil singh shhi sir vl. chardhy charkhard dharam sambhl.10.
HJI lH= HJJ H3 " ! U5 UJ lH H o" !
= lH= lH lHU JJ ! IJ lJ3 H|H "IlU lHJ!!
subg singh jambar sut nl. chardhkai charakh jin japy akl.
dhann dhann vai singh jin sidak na hr. gur hit ss lagi sidhr.11.
U JJ : JHlJ HU| lo J| " UlJ JUlU !
lH JH U l=I JJ UJIlJ UJJ| HlU !!
dhr : hamhi kam ki kar luk chhap dhi bachin.
kim ham un k dhig bahain dargahi kachaihr ji.12.
UU| : U lH= H JH lH J"|U ! lH U HI oH| J| U"|U !
U| UJ HU lJ J| ! JJ3 UHJ JH IU| lJ3J| !=!
chaupa : un singhan sn ham kim ral. kim un sang asn bh chal.
kch dh sad thir nnh. bahut umar ham ga bith.13.
lJ 3J J UJ IJU|U! HJ|U| HJ3J 3 lU HU|U!
lI HH lI HJ JU| ! 3J lJ lHJ U5 HJ HU| !e!
bin turkan kahn dh gara. shahd martab t kiun ja.
dharig janam dharig marn h. turkan bin sir chardah marai j.14.
H3J lH= oH lJUJ| ! 3J lH= HI J|U l3oJ| !
JHJ UH J3 HJ ! UH J| HI lH" 3H|U UJ !!
matb singh n ais bichr. tr singh sang kar tir.
hamr usk hut sanh. us h sang mil taj dh.15.
U JJ : lH= H oJ l3 J 3H J oJ J| HlU !
oH| H HlU "JJ 3J lH= lJ !!
dhr : singh su auran parti kahy tum ruk aur h ji.
asn su jin lhaur k tr singh k phi.16.
UU| : lJ lH= H| oJ 3lJo ! HH3 J H l5o !
HH3 H U|J "J HJ|U ! H H =J l=I HU|U !!
chaupa : yau kahi singh j aidhar turi. shastar chhadada hath st phardi.
shastarn s hn lar mar. st sayn navb dhig ja.17.
285 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Most successful and glorious is the act of dying,
Among all the ways of shedding ones mortal frame.
Provided he keeps his faith and his religious vows,
Though he may perish while fighting the Mughals. (9)
Chaupai : Praise, more praise be to Bhai Mani Singh
Who got his body dismembered to keep his faith.
Praise be to Bhai Dyal Singh of Shahesar,
Who got himself crushed among spoked wheels for his faith. (10)
Praise be to Subeg Singh Jambar
and his son,
Who kept meditating even while being crushed on a rack.
Praise be to all those Singhs who kept their faith,
Who shed their mortal frame in the name of their Guru. (11)
Dohra : Hardly any noble deed was he (Mehtab Singh) doing,
Spending whole of his life remaining incognito.
How could he hope to sit in the line of great martyrs,
In the Divine court of the Almighty after leaving this world? (12)
Chaupai : How could he join the ranks of those great Singh martyrs,
How could he join the company of the blessed ones?
Human body being mortal and never enduring forever,
He had wasted most of his life in mundane affairs. (13)
Why should he shed his mortal frame without fighting the Mughals,
Why should he miss the opportunity of attaining a Martyrs status?
Damned be a person taking human birth and then dying,
Without shedding his mortal frame while fighting against Mughals. (14)
Thus, contemplating his death on these (patriotic) lines,
Mehtab Singh readied himself to join Bhai Taru Singh.
Bhai Taru Singh being one of his intimate friends,
He must join his company after shedding his mortal frame. (15)
Dohra : Addressing the fellow Singhs of his own contingent,
He asked them to join some other contingent of the Singhs.
He himself would proceed in the direction of Lahore,
So that he could join his colleague Bhai Taru Singh. (16)
Chaupai : With these words, Mehtab Singh proceeded towards Lahore,
Carrying a single wooden staff after disarming himself.
Arms being meant for fighting on the field of battle,
He would present himself before the Nawab only with a stick. (17)
286 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
JJ|JI3 "3 HJ ! lH= H| JU o 3J !
U3 U 3J3 5 " ! J5 J5 I J !\!
harbhagat th tlat jahn. singh j pahuchy p tahn.
dkhat unhai turat phard lay. narard karard gadada par thay.18.
U JJ : JJ H UJ JJ J "|o H llU !
"J |" =5lU U| lU lJ !\!
dhr : bnhu su par bnh dhar nalan madh tiki.
lh kl ghardik thk dy ik thnhi.19.
UU| : lJ H JJ l5U| ! UH U|| 5| U| !
lH= H| lH IH l"oU ! JJ " HUU !O!
chaupa : phir madh daand bnh pird. us thn dn nrd p.
singh j k nij garm li. pachhnan k bahu lk sad.20.
lH= H| HJ3 UI" lJ"U| ! lJ oJ lHo | I" U| !
H U| o o ! l JU|UI HH"H !!
singh j shrat ungal hil. nahin ab sinan k gal k.
j k khai n pachhn. pind karg muslamn.21.
U JJ : JlJJI3 "JJlJ " H U| JJ HlU !
3J lH= lU" J UJ UJ U5lU !!
dhr : haribhgat lahaurhi lai pujy dy nabb suni.
tr singh dikhl k kahy dh charakh chardhi.22.
lH| lH= | lH= H| l3H U5 UJ J lU !
HH JH U lH| J| lHJ "lU !=!
mith jivn th singh j tim chardy charakh par dhi.
dhann janam dhann karam un sikh rakh sir li.23.
3J lH= H H J lH= U5 UJ lH3J !
oH lH3 o o lH" lH= H3J !e!
tr singh sun khush bhay singh chardhy charakh shitb.
asn namit p mily dhann dhann singh matb.24.
. H| 3J lH = H I | . H| 3J lH = H I | . H| 3J lH = H I | . H| 3J lH = H I | . H| 3J lH = H I |
111. skh tr singh k parsang k
UU| : 3J lH= J lJ I" oU| ! H H3 3H H lU3 "U| !
3J lH= =J J" ! U olJU| o lH" !!
chaupa : tr singh par phir gal . sun sant tum man chit l.
tr singh navb buly. unain ahidyan n mily.1.
287 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
The spot where Harbhagat Niranjania was hunting for him,
Mehtab Singh arrived at that spot on his own.
They arrested him instantly at the first sight,
And loaded him on a cart after putting his body in fetters. (18)
Dohra : After handcuffing both of Mehtab Singhs hands,
They placed his handcuffed hands on a flat board.
Fixing an iron peg in the wooden board of the cart,
They chained his handcuffed hands to the fixed iron peg. (19)
Chaupai : Thereafter, pressing his arms between two wooden poles,
They numbed his muscles by stopping the blood circulation.
Carrying him on a cart to his native village,
They assembled the whole village populace to identify him. (20)
Mehtab Singh, with a sly gesture of his little finger,
Prohibited the villagers from identifying his identity.
In case, any villager identified Mehtab Singh,
Harbhagat would get the whole village populace converted to Islam. (21)
Dohra : Arriving at Lahore with Mehtab Singh in his custody,
Harbhagat Niranjania informed the Nawab of Lahore.
He pleaded for Mehtab Singhs execution on the spoked wheels,
After the latter had had a glimpse of Bhai Taru Singhs face. (22)
The way Mehtab Singh had resolved to make a supreme sacrifice,
He placed himself between the two spoked wheels voluntarily.
Praise be to the blessed Singh and his noble sacrifice,
Who made the supreme sacrifice to keep his Sikh faith. (23)
Bhai Taru Singh felt ecstatic after hearing of this act,
That Mehtab Singh had voluntarily made a supreme sacrifice.
Priase, Praise unbounded be to great Mehtab Singh,
Who had joined him (Bhai Taru Singh) in the noble cause voluntarily. (24)
Episode 111
Episode About Bhai Taru Singh
Chaupai : As the narrative, once again, returns to Bhai Taru Singh,
Dear devout readers must listen to it with concentration.
As Bhai Taru Singh wished to call on the Nawab,
The court official arranged a meeting between the two. (1)
288 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
=lJIJ | 3 J"U| ! o" o" lJ UU HU| !
H3 =J ol3 H3 J ! oI" H " "I !!
vhigur k phatai bul. akl akl kahi ch sun.
sunat navb ati skhat bhay. kt angul janu ln lagy.2.
U JJ : 3J lH= H| 3J J 3 H J3 =J !
JH 3HJ lJIl5U 3H lH U3 oHJ !=!
dhr : tr singh j tab kahy tn sun bt navb.
ham tumr na bigi tum kim dt azb.3.
UU| : H JH 3HJ| J lJIJ ! 3 3H JH H JJ !
o H =H =J JH J ! 3 J| 3HJ JH" JJ !e!
chaupa : jau ham tumr bhn bigrain. tau tum k ham pais bharain.
au j vanaj vapr ham karain. tau bh tumr hsal bharain.4.
3H U H JlJ HlU ! H JH o lU !
o 3 J U| ! U3 oJ UJ UJ| !!
tumk d k j rahi ji. s ham apn ptan pin.
apn tan pt rakh kai n. dt aur k chaban chabn.5.
J 3J| I HlU ! JH 3H lH U3 HHlU !
=J oI lJ JJ ! H 3 JU UUJ !!
kahu tr kay gthn ji. ham k tum kim dt saji.
navb ag th kardhhi bhary. mukh t kht bachan uchray.6.
=J J 3 J HH"H ! 3U I 3HJ| H !
lH= J JH J H ! JH J= lH HH"H !!
navb kahai tn h muslamn. tau chhdang tumr jn.
singh kahy ham daar kay jnn. ham hvain kim muslamnn.7.
HH"H J HJ H J| ! H lJ HJ lH JH I=U| !
UJ|U =J 3 JH J ! H| HH| lJJ J !\!
muslamn kar marn ju nhn. jau phir maraun kim dharam gav.
chah navb t dharam rakhy. ks ssn nibhu kary.8.
U JJ : lJ =J UJ| J| lHU UJ 3 o=J U| !
oJ H UJ HI H oJ H" HH| !\!
dhr : phir navb h kah jind chahain tn vhu dn.
aur ju chhn mng s dhan ar mulakh zamn.9.
UU| : o HI" J| "J ! J|U J=" JH JJ !
3J lH= H| JU UUJ ! H UJ JH H "I loJ !O!
chaupa : au mugal pathnan bt lhu. bch havlan bs karhu.
tab singh j n bachan uchr. s dhu ham j lagai pir.10.
289 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Bhai Taru Singh entered the court with traditional Singh greetings,
Shouting Akal! Akal! And Waheguru ji ki Fateh loudly.
So incensed felt the Nawab hearing these Sikh greetings,
As if somebody had rubbed salt after slicing his fingers. (2)
Dohra : Bhai Taru Singh, facing the Nawab in his royal court,
Asked the latter to pay attention to his (Taru Singhs) words.
On what pretext was the Nawab torturing Bhai Taru Singh,
When the latter had done no harm to the Nawab. (3)
Chaupai : Whatever state agricultural land did Bhai Taru Singh cultivate,
He had been paying the land revenue for it to the state.
Whatever additional business did he transact,
He had been paying the prescribed tax on it as well. (4)
Whatever legitimate income he earned after paying taxes,
He had been sustaining his family on that income.
Whatever little he saved out of his own meager nutritional needs,
He had been sharing those provisions with others in need. (5)
What did the Nawab lose by the latters austerity,
That he (Nawab) was bent on persecuting the latter?
Being incensed and outraged by Bhai Taru Singhs argument,
The Nawab used unparliamentary words against the latter. (6)
The Nawab asked Bhai Taru Singh to get converted to Islam,
Otherwise the former would not spare the latters life.
Bhai Taru Singh retorted that he, being a stranger to fear,
Would never convert to Islam under any circumstances. (7)
Could conversion to Islam save him from death,
If not, why should he disown his own professed faith?
He must keep his faith rather than pandering to Nawabs offer,
And must uphold his faith till his last breath. (8)
Dohra : Thereafter, the Nawab repeated his proposal once again,
The latter must convert to Islam if he wished to live.
The latter could also ask for any favours he wished,
In terms of financial package or landed property. (9)
Chaupai : He could also ask for a Mughal Pathan bride,
As well as live in comfort in a palatial mansion.
Upon this, Bhai Taru Singh made these remarks:
The Nawab must grant what was dearest to the latters heart. (10)
290 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
3 H JH J lHJJJ ! o JH JJ HH"H !
3 UH JH oH JJ ! H| HH| JU| lJJ !!
tn j ham pai hain mihrabn. kh hamain n hhu muslamn.
tun dass hamain kachhu ais rhu. ks ssn h nibhu.11.
3J =J JJ IH ! H 3 JU H !
H3 H J J" UJ! U|o J lHJ HJ HJJ !!
tab navb bahu guss khy. mukh t kht bachan suny.
jtan sth karn bl dr. nan kahy sir munnhu zarr.12.
U JJ : 3J 3J lH= UH J =lJ H3 3HJ lJ !
H lH J Hl3IJ l3 lHJ H lJlJ !=!
dhr : tab tr singh us kahy vahi jt tumr phin.
j sikh pr satigur tin sir ks nibhin.13.
UU| : 3J =J UU "IU ! U HU = J oU !
lHH lHH UU J "I= ! l3H l3H U J J5 = !e!
chaupa : tab navb na na lag. un k sand khundh h .
jim jim na phr lagvain. tim tim un hath bhaird pvain.14.
lHH lHH Uo =J J= ! l3H l3H Uo J = !
" "H 3J oH| U| ! Uo lUH HU 3J JU| !!
jim jim naan navb daarvai. tim tim nauan hath kampvain.
kal khls tab ais ka. naan darishat mand tab bha.15.
=J J lU HU U" ! Uo "J lU= !
oJ "= HU| U UJ ! J| H lUJ J" U3J !!
navb kahy in jd chaly. kai naan kachhu labb divy.
ab layv mch d chr. khpr sth dihu bl utr.16.
3J lH= H| JJ J"| HU| ! H H J| HU| !
3 J| JHJ JU JJU| ! lH| | IJ H JU| !!
tab singh j bahu bhal man. sth ksan k khpr j.
tau bh hamr bachan rah. sikh k gur paij rakh.17.
o" o" lH= H UUJ ! H =J HU HJ !
3J =J JJ lJ JJ ! HU JH U HU|o J !\!
akl akl singh jp uchr. sun navb mnd kann sr.
tab navb bahu kardhhi bhar. s hukam un mchan kar.18.
lUH | J| H J" ! U3J JJ| " !
3J HlU =H| J| ! J | lHJ JJ| J| !\!
is k khpr sth bl. kt utr ramb nl.
tabai kasin vais kar. kar pain sir ramb dhar.19.
291 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
If it pleased the Nawab to be compassionate towards him,
He must not ask Taru Singh to convert to Islam.
The Nawab must suggest such a way out to Taru Singh,
As would enable the latter to keep his faith till his last breath. (11)
Feeling highly enraged at these words of Bhai Taru Singh,
The Nawab started using abusive language against the latter.
Ordering his minions to give severe shoe beatings to the latter,
He ordered the barbers to shave off his sacred hair. (12)
Dohra : Thereupon, Bhai Taru Singh said (in a prophetic vein) to the Nawab,
That this ordered shoe-beatings would recoil upon his own head.
The Sikhs who were perfect in their faith in their Gurus,
They would sacrifice their lives with their sacred hair intact. (13)
Chaupai : As the Nawab ordered the barbers to shave off his head,
Their shaving blades failed to shave the Singhs (sacred) hair.
As the barbers tried again and again to do their job,
Their hands became numb and bereft of energy. (14)
The more the Nawab threatened the shaving barbers,
The more they felt their hands trembling with fear.
So great was the impact of the devout Sikhs spiritual power,
That the barbers felt the loss of their eyesight. (15)
The Nawab felt either Bhai Taru Singh had cast a magic spell,
Or had he offered the barbers some gratification.
Asking for the summoning of a couple of cobblers,
He ordered them to scrape Taru Singhs scalp along with the hair. (16)
Upon this, Bhai Taru Singh rejoiced at such an order,
As his scalp would go off with his sacred hair intact.
As he was going to keep both his word and faith,
He felt the great Guru had stood by his devout Sikh. (17)
As Bhai Taru Singh burst out in joyous words Akal! Akal!
The Nawab plugged his ears in disgust and despair.
Thereafter, feeling enraged at Bhai Taru Singhs audacity,
He ordered the cobblers to peel off the latters scalp. (18)
Ordering to remove the latters scalp along with the hair,
The Nawab ordered the cobblers to ply their tools.
Following whatever they were ordered to carry on,
The cobblers placed their sharpened scrapers on Taru Singhs head. (19)
292 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : | | JJ| J| J H UU| UJlU !
H 3 3U| lIU|U UU| lU !O!
dhr : pain th ramb kar dhar matthyn da dabi.
matth t kannn tan gichn da puti.20.
UU| : lH= H| H 3 H| J| ! IJH J| HJ| !
JJ U " JJ JJ ! H Ho H H J J J !!
chaupa : singh j mukh t s na kar. dhann dhann gurmukh kahn sar.
hakr dkh lkh bahu bhar. j sa sunain su hai hai kar.21.
" lHo oH J ! l3HJ| lU | JJ !
J H UJ UlU H" ! H | 3J lH= " !!
lk sin ais kahain. patishh in k na rahai.
thrn sai par dui sl. sk ky tr singh nl.22.
H3J H lU= H" ! lUH J| | J|3 " !
UH 3 HJ| J| | U| ! HI= =J I UJ"U| !=!
satrn sai iknvn sl. is kar th hakkat nl.
us t sar nahn th k. sagvn navb gay chambhl.23.
U JJ : =J H"H| J| HJJ3 JU| HJ !
lU"I|J| lH= JU| o H|o HH"H !e!
dhr : navb khn zulm kar shuhrat bha jahn.
dilgr singhan bha au khushan musslamn.24.
JHH" lH J3| 3H U| lU !
HJ lHI lUH 3J 3H U lU !!
dharmasl sikkhan hut tmain dn pi.
jab niksaing parn is tab tum day phuki.25.
UU| : lH= H| H JlU J ! IJ IJ H 3 H JJ !
H|H J3 H J H ! lHU II H J| " !!
chaupa : singh j mukkhn hi na karai. gur gur mukh t s rarai.
ss rakat sn karai shann. jiun gang mn tubh ln.26.
lHH HHJ J U ! l3 "J H =H HHU !
l=H JU| UH UJIJ J" ! H" H| JU JH" !!
jim mansr n hatth kat. tin lh sn vuz saj.
nivz bha us dargah kabl. mulln kj bha rajl.27.
U JJ : UH J| lU H =J JH lH= H| J !
3 H J3 H JH H|H J| H lJJ !\!
dhr : us h din su navb n puchh bhjy singh j phu.
tn ju kahat th ks ham ss h sth nibhu.28.
293 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Placing a sharpened scraper on Taru Singhs head,
They pressed its sharp edge from the forehead side.
Then scraping from the forehead upto the ears,
They scraped Taru Singhs scalp from the rear end. (20)
Chaupai : Not a single cry did escape from brave Taru Singhs lips,
Praise be to the noble deed done by a great Sikh.
Dumfounded and breathless felt the onlookers,
Pitifully cried those who heard about this evil deed. (21)
The wiser among the populace cried in a prophetic vein,
The (tyrannical) rule of the Mughals would not last long.
It was in the year eighteen hundred and two in Bikrami Samvat
That Bhai Taru Singh had made this supreme sacrifice. (22)
It was in the year Seventeen hundred and ninety-one in Bikrami Samvat,
That Hakikat Rai
had met a similar fate.
The latters sacrifice having made no impact,
The Nawab had rather become more vain and arrogant. (23)
Dohra : With the treatment that the (bigoted) Nawab meted out to Taru Singh,
His fame spread far and wide (in the Islamic world).
While the Singhs mourned (the torture of Bhai Taru Singh),
The Muslims rejoiced at the prowess of their Nawab. (24)
There existed a place where the Sikhs congregated,
Where Bhai Taru Singh disfigured body was placed.
The Nawab asked the devout followers of Taru Singh,
That his body be consigned to the flames after his death. (25)
Chaupai : Allowing not a single cry to escape from his lips,
Bhai Taru Singh kept on meditating on Gods Name.
So thoroughly was his head splattered with blood,
As if he had immersed himself in the sacred Ganges. (26)
So had Mansoor
got both his hands chopped off,
Letting his arms awash with his own sacred blood.
As Mansoors prayers and sacrifice had reached the Divine Court,
Highly exasperated had felt the executing Muslim clerics. (27)
Dohra : The same day (after getting Bhai Taru Singhs scalp scraped),
The Nawab of Lahore put forth a poser to Bhai Taru Singh.
How could Taru Singh justify his much touted claim,
That he would not part with his hair without his head? (28)
294 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : J 3HJ| JU| | I" ! IU J" " lHJ " !
lJ J" lHJ UJ| JJ| ! UU J3 3 | JU| !\!
chaupa : yah tumr bha jhth gall. ga bl laik sir khall.
binn bl sir dh rah. d bt tujh jhth bha.29.
3J lH= J| J| ! lJ =J 3H HH oU| !
JJ H JH J| " ! J UlU 3HJ H" !=O!
tab singh n yaun bn kah. nahin navb tum samjh a.
rah ks ham khpr nl. hain jhth dui tumr savl.30.
HH J JH lUH J UJ ! HJ H3 3 oI J "lJ !
UH3U lH" 3 oI lU ! J|3 U I 3lU !=!
savs rakh ham im kar dh. mr jt tujh ag dhar lhin.
ustd mily tudh ag na ki. khn hakkat pach gay ti.31.
HJ H3| J "U oI ! 3lJ lJJ "I !
oJ H 3H oJ H= ! 3H 3 o J"| J= !=!
mr jt dhar ln g. chhdan thi pikmbar lg.
aur ju tumk ab chhada jvn. tam t p bal kahvn.32.
I lJJ 3 lU" ! UU UH UlJJ| " !
=lJ 3lJ 5| JJ H3 ! =lJ J| l=U =H| H3 !==!
chhdagu pikmbar tujhai dikhl. dn usai kachhir dal.
vahi tuhi krd bhar shapht. vahi bh vich ghasty jt.33.
U JJ : HJ J|3 JU JJ oJ 3 JU3 lJ !
lJJ J| UH 5 H IJ 3HJ| JlJ !=e!
dhr : mr hakkat bach rahyn ab tn bacht nhin.
pikmbar bh djak pardai jau gahai tumr bhin.34.
UU| : J HlU J JJ HHJ3 ! HJ JU J JI H3 !
JJ 3J 3 UH 3U ! HJ H3 3J lJ" l"HU !=!
chaupa : kah ji h rahu mazbt. mrn band kar hagnn mt.
hhu tayr tn djak tn. mr jtan tuh pahiln lijn.35.
. H| =J 3HU|J H U oHJ | . H| =J 3HU|J H U oHJ | . H| =J 3HU|J H U oHJ | . H| =J 3HU|J H U oHJ | . H| =J 3HU|J H U oHJ |
('I J "H "H I J o'...) ('I J "H "H I J o'...) ('I J "H "H I J o'...) ('I J "H "H I J o'...) ('I J "H "H I J o'...)
112. skh navb k tasdh jn kandan kai azb k
(gur khls khls gur p...)
U JJ : UH J| =3 =J J H JU lHJ !
35 lHH " H| =3 J oHJ !!
295 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Rejecting the Nawabs claim of removing his (Taru Singhs) hair as false,
Bhai Taru Singh explained that his hair had gone along with his scalp.
Since his body alone had been dispossessed of his hair,
Nawabs claim on both these counts had been proved false. (29)
Explaining his remarks further to the (arrogant) Nawab,
He told the Nawab that the latter had not understood his words.
Since his (Taru Singhs)(sacred) hair remained intact on his scalp,
Nawabs claim about both Bhai Tari Singhs hair and skull were false. (30)
Bhai Taru Singh had deliberately not shed his mortal frame,
So that he could thrash the Nawab with shoe-beatings.
Since nobody had ever taught the arrogant Nawab a lesson,
The Nawab had gone scot free with Hakikat Rais murder. (31)
Now Bhai Taru Singh would thrash the Nawab with shoe beatings,
And chase him to the seat of his Islamic spiritual prophet.
Bhai Taru Singh would not spare the Nawab in any case,
Otherwise the Nawab would claim himself as the mightiest. (32)
He would let go off the Nawab only after presenting him before the prophet,
Thereafter, he would present the Nawab in the Divine Court.
If, in the Divine Court, the prophet still vouched for the (tyrant) Nawab,
The prophet, himself would get chastised along with the Nawab. (33)
Dohra : The Nawab had, somehow, been acquitted of Hakikat Rais murder,
But this time, he would not be spared of Divine retribution,
His spiritual prophet too would be damned into hell,
If he ever made an attempt to vouch for the wicked Nawab. (34)
Chaupai : Warning the Nawab to get ready to meet his nemesis atlast,
He would kill him by getting his urinary and intestinal tract blocked.
Warning him to be ready for being damned forever in hell,
He would chase the Nawab with shoe beatings to the doors of hell. (35)
Episode 112
Episode About the painful Death of Nawab Khan Bahadur
(Synonymous Are the Guru And the Khalsa)
Dohra : The moment Bhai Taru Singh let out his prophetic warning,
The Nawab developed a blockage in his urinary tract.
296 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
dhr : us h vakhat navb k bhay s band pishb.
yau tardphai jim thal machh pvat bhay azb.1.
UU| : U JH U "= = ! U l U U U = !
U U U H JlU ! U U J H JlU !!
chaupa : kad bhm kad palangh pavai. kad tikai kad uth uth pavai.
kad ndh kad mdh hi. kad kkai kad parai s ri.2.
"I HI= H" H| ! J olU JH J|U JH| !
5 5 H| "H ! l3H l3H "I =J 3 J !=!
lag mangvan mulln kz. kahai i ham kar rz.
pardah pardah saif kalman phkain. tim tim lagai navb tan hkain.3.
|" J J J H ! HJ HJ|U JI = H !
lHH lHH |J lJJ = ! l3H l3H HJ|U UH JJ3 o= !e!
nl bn hath bada st. mrain shahd bhang ghtn mt.
jim jim pr pikmbar dhayvai. tim tim shahd us bahut akvain.4.
J UH 3J oI U" ! J =J oH J=" !
HH UJ =J o= ! H|H JU J UJ =H= !!
kahain dushat tur gai chl. karain navb k ais havl.
sanmukh nadar navbai vai. ss karad hath chakar ghumvain.5.
=J U oJ J J ! H 3 H lJJ H !
J JHJlU3 HI= |J ! U JHI JlU HlU 3I|J !!
navb dkh ar thar thar kamp. mukh t nm pikmbar jamp.
kar hazrit mangvai pr. dkh bhujngan hui jin tagr.6.
U JJ : |J lJJ lHH H HU| o= lU !
U J| JU H HJ HJ|U UlJ lU !!
dhr : pr pikmbar jis japai s vai dhi.
chakar katr karad sn mr shahd dhin nathi.7.
UU| : |J lJJ U H3 ! 3H| oH l3 H| H" 3 !
=J JJ U oH UU| ! 3J "H UH oH 3U| !\!
chaupa : pr pikmbar dkhai jt. taj s tin kz mulln t.
navb rahy un s chuk. tab khls us s tak.8.
lHJ lHJ J U "I JU ! JJ "I l3H HJ J| U !
U| lJU| |J IJ H3 ! U|U " H=3 J 33 !\!
jih sir par dukh lg band. bur lagain tis sabh h dhand.
dn bidn pr gur jt. dukh lk svat hain tt.9.
297 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Panting for breath like a fish thrown on a sandy desert,
The Nawab felt tortured by his urinary ailment. (1)
Chaupai : A minute on the floor, a minute on the bed would the Nawab stretch,
Resting for a while, soon would he get up with a start.
Now straight, now prostrate would he lie on his bed,
Shrieking and crying now and then, so miserable he felt. (2)
Claiming that they would heal the Nawab of his ailment,
Were the Muslim clerics summoned to the royal court.
The more they cast their spells after chanting the Koranic verses,
The more shrieks did the tortured Nawab let out. (3)
Appearing in the guise of blue robes with heavy clubs in hands,
Did the spirits of martyred Singhs thrash the Nawab with heavy clubs.
The more the clerics invoked the Muslim spiritual prophets,
The more did the spirits torture and punish the Nawab. (4)
Directing the wicked Nawab to crawl ahead of them,
Did the Singhs spirits chastise the Nawab in this way.
Noticing the Singh spirits standing in front of him,
Did the Nawab see them bradishing their daggers and quoits. (5)
Observing these apparitions did the Nawab shake with fear,
Meditating upon the spiritual prophets name all the while.
The more he invoked the prophets through various incantations,
The more the prophets spirits felt scared of the Singh spirits. (6)
Dohra : Whosoever prophet did the desperate Nawab invoke,
His spirit came rushing in aid of the Nawab.
But with the touch of their sharp daggers and quoits,
Did the Singh spirits chase and pursue those spirits. (7)
Chaupai : Seeing the Muslim spiritual prophets spirits retreating,
Did the Nawab abandon his dependence on the Muslim clerics.
Thus abandoning all hope of being relieved of pain,
Did the Nawab seek protection of the Khalsa Panth. (8)
Whenever a person gets afflicted with any affliction,
He takes no delight in any activity of this world.
It is for this reason that the afflicted people worship,
The prophets and spiritual saints of other religions as well. (9)
298 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
lH lH 3 J" JlU ! H=3 " oJ 3lU !
J J J oJ H= ! o JH H5 lUH = !O!
jin jin t kuchh bhal na hi. svat lk auran k ti.
bhatak bhatak nar auran svain. apn dharam mrdah im khvain.10.
U HJ J HJ|J ! lH IJ J J| J |J !
J IJ lH HI HlJ ! JH JlJ U J olJ !!
k sr pr sarr. nij gur par h rkhain dhr.
hai gur sikh k k jag mnhi. bmukh hhin na dukh kar hi.11.
U JJ : JU| HJ J J J H"H !
3 J| J lJ lJ oJH !!
dhr : band khnn sabh chhaday kar kar navb salm.
tau bh bandhan nahin chhuty nahin py kachh arm.12.
UU| : 3J =J J H|o oU| ! lH= H lH= 3 HU| !
H J 3 lH J= ! 3J lH= 3 lH JH= !=!
chaupa : tab navb k yah ja . singh sarp singhan t j.
j rkhain tau sikh rakhvain. tr singh t sikh bakhshvain.13.
HlJJ| lH =J J"U ! H JU HJ J| U" oU !
H5 J l3 oI "U| ! H 3H|J lHlJ JHU| !e!
shahir sikh navb bul. s daard sabh h chal .
jrd hth tin ag khal. main taksr kimhi bakhsh.14.
3J lH= 3 3 JH= ! J| H|H J l= l= !
J3 lH HlU o| HU| ! U3J 3J lH= oH J3U| !!
tr singh t khat bakhshv. khpr ss par kivn tikv.
daarat sikkhan ji kh s. utar tr singh ais bat.15.
J =J lH 3J" "= ! oJ JH J| lJ J= !
H 3 l=U H "lU " 3 ! lJ 3 UH HJ !!
kahu navb kim tarl lvai. ab ham khpr knhi chhuhvai.
j tudh vich s li lai tn. nahin chhdan tudh s jahn.16.
U JJ : 3J =J H HlU HlJ J H lU !
J o H H H H= HlU !!
dhr : tab navb man jni muhi rkh na skai ki.
rkhan khai j mujh sth jvai si.17.
UU| : lHH lHH HJ|U H H "= ! l3U l3U =J H|o H= !
lHH lHH HJ|U UH U= 3H ! JJlJ o= o HH !\!
chaupa : jim jim shahd ju st lvain. tiun tiun navb ghasn pai jvain.
jim jim shahd us dvain tars. nabbhi vain aukh ss.18.
299 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As people fail to get relief from some of these prophets,
They proceed to worship the prophets of other religions.
Wavering in their own faith, they worship others prophets,
Thus these fools lose faith in their own religious ideology. (10)
Very few there are perfect in their faith and piety,
Who repose their faith in their own spiritual saints in adversity.
There are a few devout Sikhs in this world of ours,
Who do not renege from their faith in the time of adversity. (11)
Dohra : Ordering the release of all the prisoners from the state prison,
Did the Nawab prostrate in front of them in vain.
Neither did the blockage in his urinary tract get cleared,
Nor did he get any relief from his bodily affliction. (12)
Chaupai : Thereafter, did it occur in the (harassed) Nawabs mind,
That Singhs alone could uplift the curse meted out by a Singh.
They alone could save him from the impending doom,
They alone could get him pardoned by Bhai Taru Singh. (13)
As the Nawab of Lahore summoned the Singhs of the city of Lahore,
They arrived at the court feeling scared of Nawabs wrath.
Prostrating before these urban Sikhs with folded hands,
The Nawab begged them to seek a pardon for his sins. (14)
Beseeching them to persuade Bhai Taru Singh to pardon him,
He requested them to replace Bhai Taru Singhs scalp on his skull.
As these Sikhs conveyed Nawabs petition in subdued tones,
Bhai Taru Singh responded to Nawabs appeal as follows: (15)
Of what avail was the Nawabs desperate appeal now,
How could his (Taru Singhs) scalp be restored to its original place?
Warning the Nawab to use all his powers to save himself,
Bhai Taru Singh would not let him stay alive in this world. (16)
Dohra : Then did the Nawab realize in his heart of hearts,
That no person on earth could save him from death.
Whosoever dared to intercede on his behalf,
He too would get damned along with the Nawab. (17)
Chaupai : The more the Singh spirits thrashed him with their clubs,
The more convulsions did the Nawabs body undergo.
The more the Singh spirits threatened and scared him,
The more short of breath did the Nawabs lungs feel. (18)
300 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
3J =J J H|o oU| ! J J oJ "H HJU| !
HJI lH= H J" ! J" o UH H !\!
tab navb k yah ja . karai na karai ab khls sah.
subg singh chhada ps buly. hl apnn usai suny.19.
J HJ|U H 3 J| ! H |J lJJ JJ loU| !
|J lJJ o= H ! U5 HJ|U J U H !O!
kahy shahd mujh chhdaat nhn. main pr pikmbaran rahy dhi.
pr pikmbar vain ps. daurd shahd karain un ns.20.
oJ 3 oH JH lH= J| ! HJ J "H HJ| !
HJI lH= 3J H|H lJ" ! H3 HJ H|U lH !!
ab t s ham singhan kar. mr rkh khls sah.
subg singh tab ss hily. sant sarp na sak mity.21.
JJ3 l3 H H ! H3 HJ UJ|U HI !
H3 JH J J U = ! J= =J H |5| " !!
bahut khauph tin man main khy. sutt shr na chah jagy.
mat ham par kachhu kar dai vk. huvai khavr s prdh lk.22.
U JJ : HJI lH= U J JJ J U| J3 !
=J 3J "= "I HJI lH= I J !=!
dhr : subg singh chup h rahy phurai na k bt.
navb tabai lvan lag subg singh pag hth.23.
UU| : HJI lH= H|o UlUo oU| ! =J J l3H lJ J HU| !
=J J H J H"H ! JH HJ oJ UJ oJH !e!
chaupa : subg singh ja dai . navb kahy tim kahi haun j.
navb kahy mujh kahy salm. bakhsh mh ab dhu arm.24.
H 3J J UH| " ! H UJ H JJ J !
J lH= H lJ HJ ! H J 3H HH JHJ !!
mujh khtar hath kadmn ly. j chh s karr bandhy.
phr singhan k main nahin mrn. j rkh tum ss hamr.25.
H 3H JH JH J| ! 3 HH JHJ U H HJ| !
HJ HJ| J lHJ ! H= lHU J lJ oHJ !!
jau tum ham k bakhsh nhn. tau ss hamr dukh sn jhn.
marn sah par chhut pishb. jvai jind par binn azb.26.
U JJ : =J J| H HJ J| HJI lH= HlU !
oI 3J lH= J| JHlUH UH "lU !!
dhr : navb kah s sabh kah subg singh n ji.
agyn tr singh kah phurmish dushtan layi.27.
301 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Upon this, did it occur to the Nawab once again,
The Khalsa Panth alone could be the saviour of his soul.
Getting S. Subeg Singh released from the state prison,
The Nawab narrated the tale of his weal and woe to him. (19)
Telling him that Singh spirits were out to wreak vengeance on him,
The Nawab had exhausted all endeavours to invoke his prophets.
The moment Muslim spiritual prophets holy spirits approached him,
The Singh spirits chased and decimated the prophets spirits. (20)
His last hope of survival being vested with the Singhs,
The Khalsa Panth alone could be the sole arbiter of his fate.
Shaking his head as a gesture of disgust and denial
Subeg Singh told that a Saints curse could never be revoked. (21)
Feeling highly scared in his own mind of Bhai Taru Singhs rebuff,
Subeg Singh thought better not to meddle into mighty Singhs affairs.
Lest Bhai Taru Singh should heap a curse on him as well,
Which would then damn his family for generations to come. (22)
Dohra : Thereafter, did Subeg Singh maintain a stony silence,
Nor could his mind suggest any other alternative.
Upon this, prostrating himself in front of Subeg Singh,
The Nawab touched his feet begging for mercy. (23)
Chaupai : Thereupon a second thought did Subeg Singh feel,
That he should convey Nawabs plea to Bhai Taru Singh.
Entreating Subeg Singh to pay his respects to the great Singh,
The Nawab begged him to be relieved of his affliction. (24)
Beseaching Subeg Singh to touch Bhai Taru Singhs feet on his behalf,
He authorized Subeg Singh to make any commitment from his side.
Never again would the Nawab ever torture the Singhs in future,
If his life could be spared now by Bhai Taru Singh. (25)
In case Bhai Taru Singh did not pardon the Nawab,
The latter would meet his end with an excruciating pain.
Volunteering to die but begging to be relieved of urinary blockage,
The Nawab begged Bhai Taru Singh to let him die without torture. (26)
Dohra : Whatever pleas had the Nawab made to Subeg Singh,
The latter conveyed all those appeals to Bhai Taru Singh.
Reacting sharply to the narration made by Subeg Singh,
He accused the latter of vouching for a wicked tyrant. (27)
302 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : H lH JH lH H o= ! JHJ UH | J| J= !
lH J I J H J ! JH J lHJ UH UJ !\!
chaupa : j sikh ham pai sikh kamm vai. hamr chm k panh banvai.
sikh kran pag dharai ju dharan. ham dhrain sir us k charan.28.
lJJ HI =I| =I IU| ! HJH UH UJ|3 J| !
lH J JHJ lJ JHlU ! oJ J HI UH HlU !\!
nibb jg vagn vag ga. safrash dushat na chahyat kar.
sikh par hamr nnhi basi. aur kar sang us k ji.29.
HJI lH= o U| HJJ ! JJ3 U| oJ J lJJ !
lHU lHU J J|H| "I ! lJJ lJo JJ3 JI !=O!
subg singh dy jubb. bahut dukh ab bhay nibb.
jiun jiun karain hakm lg. nibb bip bahut rg.30.
J lJ H =J H U ! U J HJ J| H !
HJI lH= H lJ J ! H oJ "H HJ| o !=!
kar nahin sakai navb su chp. dukh kar mr bada su kk.
subg singh sn yau phir kahy. main ab khls sharn ay.31.
U JJ : 3J lH= H JlU H U HJ !
H H5 3 lH oJ H HJ !=!
dhr : tr singh k sarp hui sakai na k mr.
j mrd t sikh aur na sk k mr.32.
UU| : lHH H" UH H H" HJ ! H H" HJ HU H" 3J !
HU "H HJ=J ! "H UJ 3 J lJ" !==!
chaupa : jis jal upjai s jal mr. j jal mr s jal tr.
j khls mrnavr. khls chahai t karai nihl.33.
33 "H J lHJ HlU ! HlU 3J3 3 l3H J| lU !
JHJ 3H J| J ! JHJ| 3H lJ3| J !=e!
tatt khls hai jih ji. ji turat tn tis h pi.
hamr thn tum pairn par. hamr thn tum bint kar.34.
H 3 JU| J 3H|J ! H 3HJ J U= I|J !
J IJ 3HJ l"lo lJ ! H3 U| U lJ !=!
main t h bada taksr. main tumr hn dvan gr.
hai gur tumr likhi yhi. sant dkh k thu k nnhi.35.
H3 lU HJ Jl3oJ ! H3 lU JHHlJ HJ !
H3 J= 3 "U UJlJ ! l"lU 3H I HJ !=!
sant k nindku mah hatir. sant k nindku parmsuri mr.
sant bhvai t la ubri. yau likhi tum garnth majhr.36.
303 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Let a Sikh ask for a favour for a fraternal Sikh,
Bhai Taru Singh would readily make the greatest sacrifice for him.
Let a Sikh walk a single step for favouring a fellow Sikh,
Bhai Taru Singh would dust his feet with his own hair. (28)
Now that the inevitable curse had been heaped on the Nawab,
Subeg Singh should desist from recommending a wicked mans case.
Bhai Taru Singh would not harm Subeg Singh, being a Singh,
Any other mediator would have met the Nawabs fate. (29)
As Subeg Singh returned without any assurance,
Much did the Nawab grieve, indeed, over his fate.
The more the apothecaries administered their concoctions,
The more did the Nawabs urinary affliction aggravate. (30)
Unable to bear pain in his bladder in silence,
Would the Nawab burst out in louder shrieks.
Returning once again to Subeg Singh for help,
The Nawab sought protection from the Khalsa Panth. (31)
Dohra : Being cursed by a Singh of the stature of Bhai Taru Singh,
Nobody could dare to wipe out that curse.
Khalsa Panth alone being empowered to annul that curse,
No one else could save the Nawab from that curse. (32)
Chaupai : The water that creates destroys those creations as well,
The water that drowns buoys the drowned as well.
The Khalsa Panth, who destroys the wicked (enemies),
Could as well pardon them if it so desired. (32)
Begging Subeg Singh to trace the location of Tat Khalsa
He should rush posthaste there on Nawabs behalf.
Beseaching him to prostrate before the Khalsa on his behalf,
The Nawab entreated Subeg Singh to plead his case. (34)
As he had been guilty of committing a great sin,
He owed an explanation and accountability for his misdeeds.
Even the Sikh Gurus had inscribed in the holy Sikh scripture,
That an oppressor of a saint had no where to belong. (35)
Not only was the denunciator of a saint worst than a slaughterer,
But damned and destroyed was he by the wrath of Divine God.
The sinner could be redeemed as well if the saint so willed,
Such was the inscription in the holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib. (36)
304 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : oJ J3 JH lU H| IJ "H I J3lU !
H lH HlJ J H5 3lJ H JU olU !=!
dhr : aur bt ham ik sun gur khls gay bati.
paj sinkh jahin hath jrdain tahin main pahuchn i.37.
UU| : IJ I H l"lU HlU ! lH HI3 J H3 H JlU !
lUJ 3lU H JH lUlU ! oH o =J JlU !=\!
chaupa : gur garnth main likhi ji. sikh sangat kah satt su hi.
dih parti su hamain dikhi. ais khy navb bani.38.
oJ H| H 53 J| ! HH| H IJ J| !
H3 U| U lJ ! H3 J= 3 UlU J| Il3 lJ !=\!
aur sun main pardht bn. sukhman j gur bakhn.
sant dkh k thu k nhi. nnak sant bhvai t i bh gati phi.39.
H3 | lU U HlJ U ! H3 J= 3 UH J| JlU H !
H3 U| J| U ! H3 J= 3 "U lH"lU!eO!
sant k nind dukh mahi dkhu. nnak sant bhvai t us k bh hi mkhu.
sant ke dokhi ko nahi thau . nanak sant bhavai ta lae milai.40.
H3 U| U o=J JJJ ! H3 J= 3 "U UJlJ !
H J J| J IJ HU| ! 3 3H|J J H U| !e!
sant k dkh kau avru na rkhnahru. nnak sant bhvai t la ubri.
j yah bn hai gur sch. t taksr kar mujh kch.41.
U JJ : JH HH | lJ U H3 "H HH lJ lU !
HH| H H l"lU 3lU lU" HlU !e!
dhr : ham sam pp nahin k sant khls sam nahin ki.
sukhman main j likhi parti dikhl si.42.
H IJJ| H H3 3 lH HU H HlJ !
3 3 HlU =J H J lH= HlJ !e=!
j gurbn main shakat tau sikkh sach pajan mnhi.
tau tn ji navb pai j hai singhan mnhi.43.
H lHU JH lJ lH= 3 lU3| 3 J "lU !
lU JJ U lU J lJ 3J lH= " HlU !ee!
jau jind bakhsh nhin singh tau itn t kar layi.
ik br dukhn chhudai kar phir tr singh lai ji.44.
HJI lH= HJJ 3J H JU "H H !
3 J"U| Hl3IJ J JH JJ3 J"H !e!
subg singh jambar tury j pahuchy khls ps.
phat bul satigur kar kurnas bahut huls.45.
305 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : He (the Nawab) had also heard of another spiritual edict,
Which some of the Khalsa Singhs had conveyed to him.
Wherever the five Singhs prayed together with folded hands,
The Divine Will manifested itself among those Singhs. (37)
Chaupai : Whatever had been inscribed in the sacred Guru Granth,
The Sikhs believed it truly to be the word of God.
That he, too, wished to test the veracity of that inscription,
So said the Nawab of Lahore to Subeg Singh there. (38)
He had also heard the Singhs reciting the sacred text,
Which had been inscribed under the title Sukhmani
Though Perpetrator of atrocities on the saint has nowhere to belong,
But even a sinner is redeemed if a Saint pleaseth, sayeth Nanak. (39)
Though slandering of a Saint is the worst kind of affliction,
But even a slanderer attains salvation if a Saint wills, sayeth Nanak.
Though none can provide protection to a slanderer of a saint,
Even such a sinner can be absolved of sin if a saint wills, says Nanak. (40)
Nobody can save the slanderer of a saint,
Even he can be redeemed if a saint so wished.
If these words of the Satguru be true,
Must he be demonstrated the truth of these words. (41)
Dohra : None else was a sinner more steeped in sin than the Nawab,
None else was greater in piety than the Khalsa Panth.
Whatever truthful inscriptions had been recorded in Sukhmani,
Let their truthfulness be put to test and verified. (42)
Whatever spiritual power was vested in Gurbani,
The same Divinity was vested in a congregation of five Singhs.
Subeg Singh must, therefore, proceed to the chief among Singhs,
Whosoever he might be occupying that glorious seat. (43)
Even if the Singhs refused to condone his sins,
They should at least concede to this much relief.
That the Nawab be relieved of urinary affliction only once,
Though his life be taken away by Taru Singh the same moment. (44)
With such a mission, proceeded Subeg Singh Jambar,
And arrived soon where the Khalsa Singhs camped.
He greeted the Khalsa Singhs with the Khalsa greetings,
While paying obeisance and respects to the venerated Khalsa. (45)
306 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : HHJ "H lU= "I ! oUJ H HJI lH= J" !
HJI lH= | H" "U| ! J lH= H| =J olU U| !e!
chaupa : samh khls divn lagy. dar sn subg singh buly.
subg singh k kushal puchh la. kapr singh j navb i pa.46.
lJ | 3J lH= J3 ! HJ H3 lHJ "3 !
3J lH= UUJ ! lI lI =J lJJ !e!
phir pchh tr singh bt. mr st khn sir lt.
dhann dhann tr singh uchry. dharig dharig navb khnn dhirkry.47.
H3 l3 UH JU| ! lH| J| o UlJ I=U| !
oH| oJ J l J| ! U3J H|H lH J| J| !e\!
dhann mt pit dhann us bh. sikh rakh au dhi gav.
ais aur purakh kin kar. utru ssn jin khpr dhar.48.
U JJ : HJI lH= 3J H J| H J| =J JlU !
H3 H lH= lUH "I| lHH JJU oI JlU !e\!
dhr : subg singh tab s kah j kah navb bani.
sunat su singhan im lag jim bardai agan chhuhi.49.
3J lH= H J oJ U5 "JJ lU !
lHJ |U =J o JJ|U lU !O!
tabai singh sun yau kahy ab chardh lahaur dhi.
y sir kat navb k kai apn rah kati.50.
UU| : U J UJ H lH = ! JH 5 lH J JH H= !
U J JH J J= ! U J JH J3| = !!
chaupa : k kahai hn jn kim pvain. ham thrd kim kar ham jvain.
k kahai ham bhkh batvain. k kahai ham rtn dhvain.51.
H U HJ3 JH HJ HU|U ! Hl3 HJ|U| lHU HU|U !
3J lH= 3 lJ" HU|U ! HlU UJIJ H JJ HUU|U !!
j un mrat ham mar j. satti shahd sidak kam.
tr singh t pahiln j. ji dargh main raur mach.52.
H" HH o J "U|U ! J oJUH l=" "IU|U !
3J lH= l HJH l3oJ ! U HIJ 3J JU|U J !=!
suphal janam apn kar la. karu ards na dhill laga.
tr singh kiy jahz tir. dukh sgar tar h pr.53.
U JJ : lJ lH= H J| 3J lH= " J !
" HU UH J oI H3 H3| HJ !e!
dhr : phir singhan sun yau kah parn tr singh lay dhr.
lai jn us par agai jtan st mr.54.
307 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Holding a religious congregation of the Singhs,
They accorded a respectable welcome to Subeg Singh.
As they made enquiries about Subeg Singhs well-being,
S. Kapoor Singh occupied the Singh chiefs seat. (46)
Thereafter, enquiring about Bhai Taru Singhs well-being,
He cursed the wicked Nawab while kicking the ground.
Uttering words of lavish praise for Bhai Taru Singh,
He heaped curses on the Nawab of Lahore. (47)
He praised Bhai Taru Singhs parents for begetting him,
Who had upheld the Sikh ideology at the cost of his life.
Who else could make such a supreme sacrifice,
As he had offered his scalp to be removed from his head. (48)
Dohra : Thereafter, narrating in a manner the Nawab had instructed him,
S. Subeg Singh conveyed the latters appeal to the Singhs.
Hearing this appeal the Singhs flared up so much,
As if a spark of fire had touched a heap of explosives. (49)
After listening to Subeg Singhs account of Nawabs misdeeds,
The Singhs became desperate to launch an attack on Lahore.
Either they must succeed in beheading the Nawab,
Or they must make a supreme sacrifice of their own heads. (50)
Chaupai : Someone opined that they being very small in number,
How could they reach Lahore (to settle scores with the enemy)?
Someone else opined that they must enter Lahore in a disguise,
Still another suggested that they must sneak and attack at night. (51)
Either they must kill the enemy or themselves perish in a fight,
So that they become martyrs in the cause of their Sikh faith.
They must proceed Bhai Taru Singh in martyrdom,
And raise their voice for justice in the Divine court. (52)
Some said that they must make their lives worthwhile,
And proceed to seek martyrdom after a hasty prayer.
With Bhai Taru Singh as their captain on a spiritual voyage,
They must board his ship of martyrs to cross the ocean of life. (53)
Dohra : Thereupon listening to the sentiments of devout Singhs,
Subeg Singh informed them about Bhai Taru Singhs pledge.
The latter had also resolved to take the wicked Nawab along,
After beating him severely with his own shoe-lashings. (54)
308 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : 3 "H |J H oU| ! 3J lH= J 3lJ HU| !
3J lH= JU l3| 3"=J ! H= U|J HHJ J !!
chaupa : tau khls kachhu dhr man . tr singh kahy dhann thi kam.
tr singh bach tikh talvr. jvai chr sumrn pr.55.
3J lH= UH UU| H5 ! |J lJJ U= 33 H !
H3 HJ UlJ H HlU ! lJ" =" lHH HlU !!
tr singh us da jardah putt. pr pikmbar dvn takhtn sutt.
sant sarp chahi mty ji. pahiln chhutai dhl jim si.56.
UH | lHU H J H ! HJ|U HJ UH H !
H3 HJ J H U ! lU U !!
us k jind k j rakh sakkai. shahd mrain us sthai dhakkai.
sant sarp k kahain ju t. ik cht phutai ktan kt.57.
HJI lH= 3J JU UUJ ! H H3 3H lH loJ !
=J HJ H HJ J| ! HJ| 3J "J HJ I" HJ| !\!
subg singh tab bachan uchr. sun sant tum sikkh pir.
navb maran main kuchh kasar nhn. sabh turak lar mar gal jhn.58.
U JJ : HJI lH= lJ lUH J| U "U| "H U !
lJ H3 lU" "H 3 "I "H !\!
dhr : subg singh phir im kah un la khls t.
nahi shakat dikhl khls tau lag khls kht.59.
UU| : HJ "H HlJ 3| ! olJ "H H oH| !
3J lH= UH JU " ! 3J lH= UH HU lU !O!
chaupa : sabh khls mnhi tufk. hi khls mukh amk.
tr singh us parch ly. tr singh us sachch dikhy.60.
IJ "H "H IJ o ! 3J lH= lJJ J o !
=J "H HU o ! 3 "H lJ HlJ =" !!
gur khls khls gur p. tr singh nibb kahy p.
navb khls parn sach y. tau khls pahi mhi ghaly.61.
"H HlJ U "| 3| ! "H H U " oH| !
J "H HJ J U3 ! IJ "H H lJ J3 !!
khls mahin un lakh tuphk. khls mukkh un lakhy amk.
kah khls sabh kar dt. gur khls main bhinn na bht.62.
IJ "H "H IJ ! lJ I IJ J HJ 3J !
H3 lH H J3 J| ! J HJ lH HlJ H3U| !=!
gur khls khls gur. kahi gay gur bhay jab tur.
sant sikkhan main bht kachhu nhn. hai sabh sikkhan mnhi sant.63.
309 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : Upon this revelation, did the enraged Singhs calm down,
Praising Bhai Taru Singh for his great noble deed.
Bhai Taru Singhs prophetic words being sharper than a sword,
His curse could cut through the proverbial Sumer mountains. (55)
Bhai Taru Singh had uprooted the Nawabs dynastic rule,
His spirit would even tumble down the Islamic prophets.
Whosoever dared to counter Bhai Taru Singhs curse,
Would he tumble down like the shield of a wounded soldier. (56)
Whosoever dared to save the life of cursed Nawab,
Would he be dashed to the ground by the Singhs spirits.
Whosoever dared to protect the Nawab from a saints curse,
Would he be blown into millions of pieces with a single stroke? (57)
Thereafter, addressing a congregation of the devout Singhs,
He asked his dear colleagues to pay attention to his words.
He informed them that with the Nawab, being on the verge of death,
The whole Mughal empire would crumble through internecine wars. (58)
Dohra : Thereafter Subeg Singh made another plea to the Singhs,
That the Nawab had sought Khalsas merciful protection.
In case the Khalsa refused to be magnanimous in their pardon,
The Khalsas glorious image of pardoning the humble would get tarnished. (59)
Chaupai : The Khalsa being a worthy embodiment of all the Divine virtues,
Their virtuous utterings have unlimited far-reaching implications.
Bhai Taru has illustrated the strength of Khalsas spiritual powers,
As he has made the Nawab realize the consequences of his misdeeds. (60)
The Nawab himself had admitted before Bhai Taru Singh,
That Divine Guru and Khalsa were synonymous with each other.
After verifying the veracity of a Khalsa Singhs solemn pledge,
Had the Nawab sent Subeg Singh for mediating on his behalf. (61)
After realizing that the Khalsa being worthy of all accomplishments,
Had the reckoned the Khalsa to be truly great.
Believing that the Khalsa could accomplish every task,
Had he realized the Divine Guru and Khalsa being integrated. (62)
That the Divine Guru and the Khalsa were embodied in each other,
Had the (Tenth) Guru prophesied at the time of his last departure.
The Divine Saints and the devout Sikhs being inseparable,
The devout Sikhs wielded all the Divine powers of saints. (63)
310 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : HJ J J H H3 U= HI "lU !
HU H3 oJ "H U JH J3lU !e!
dhr : mrain rkh par mkh sant dvain jug palti.
s sant ab khls dkhy ham partayi.64.
UU| : UH| "H H HJ o ! UJ|3 J JU " !
o IJ | "H lJJ ! H H l= JUJ !!
chaupa : us khls main sharan y. chahyat hai kachhu parch ly.
apn gur k lj nibh. mainn kashtn kivn bachh.65.
lHH U UH | H J| ! H" "H H lJ UU| !
o 3J lH= o ! U "H oUJ H !!
jim un dushat th mainn kah. sakal khls sn kahi da.
au tr singh thn puchh y. un khls k adab suny.66.
oJ lH| H 3 ! "H UlJ J H !
"H U3 UH IH JlU ! J| "H H " HlU !!
aur kis k mannai na tn. khls k chahi rkhy mn.
khlsai ut us guss na hi. kah khls mann lai si.67.
H "H o JU| ! "I3 3J lH= o HU| !
3J lH= 3 J H J| ! HJI lH= o HU| !\!
jau kuchh khls chh h. lagat tr singh chh s.
tr singh t daar su nhn. subg singh yau kh sun.68.
3J "H J3 lJUJ| ! HI H J| JHJ| !
HJ lH= H3 ! IJ "H oH J !\!
tabai khls bt bichr. mnaing j kah hamr.
sabh singhan n mat paky. gur khls ais tharhy.69.
U JJ : lJ" H JJ HHJ olH3HJ H| H !
" J U U o J !O!
dhr : pahiln ju brn mjrah th ammritsar sar sth.
chht lai k bada dai uth k apn hth.70.
UU| : JJUJ J ! =H JH" o !
H"J l3H IH JH ! =J J lH= U =H !!
chaupa : khn bahdar khnn bhain. vasai pharzull khn k ain.
pharjullpur tis garm basy. navb kapr singh th vasy.71.
l3H U ="lU ! lH= J l3H H JlU !
H J lH= IH |o ! HI JH l JH U|o !!
tisk pat day ghali. singh pur tis nm dhari.
sun kapr singh guss k. mngy rj kin hamk d.72.
311 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Could he change a predetermined destiny if a saint willed,
Could he transform an entire civilization if he willed.
That those saintly attributes had come to be vested in Khalsa,
Was the Nawab keen to ascertain their vestige. (64)
Chaupai : To the same Guru Khalsa had the Nawab come for protection,
As well as for verifying the spiritual legacy of the Khalsa Panth.
Must the Khalsa vindicate their being spiritual legatees of the Guru,
By ridding him of his ailment of the urinary tract. (65)
The way the wicked Nawab had asked him to narrate,
Had Subeg Singh narrated the whole account to the Khalsa.
Also had he sought the consent of Bhai Taru Singh for this petition,
Who had paid his respects and obeisance to the Khalsa. (66)
Refusing to succumb to anyone elses pressure to change his decision,
The Khalsa Panth alone did he hold in the highest esteem.
Never feeling offended by whatever the Khalsa Panth decided,
Would Bhai Taru Singh abide by the Khalsa Panths decision. (67)
Whatever did the Khalsa Panth deem fit (in their collective wisdom),
Would Bhai Taru Singh deem proper (being a humble Singh).
That the Khalsa must not have any reservations regarding Taru Singh,
Said Subeg Singh to that august gathering of the Singhs. (68)
Thereafter, having received Bhai Taru Singhs consent,
They felt Bhai Taru Singh would abide by their decision.
After arriving at a unanimous resolution on the issue,
The Khalsa Panth decided to adopt the following resolution: (69)
Dohra : The Nawab must restore the twelve villages to the Khalsa Panth,
Which were allocated earlier to the sacred shrine at Amritsar.
The Nawab must handover the territorial custody himself,
Of all those tiny and bigger helmets to the Khalsa Panth. (70)
Chaupai : Besides, Nawab Khan Bahadurs sister Khano Begum
Was an inhabitant of Farzullah Khans household.
The village which had been named after Farzulla Khan,
Was indeed founded by the ancestors of Nawab Kapoor Singh. (71)
The Nawab, after leasing out this village in writing to the Singhs,
Must rename that ancient village as Singhpura.
Nawab Kapoor Singh, feeling outraged at such a demand,
Refused to accept anything that was given in charity. (72)
312 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HJ l oJ JlJ JHJ ! HJ JH "lJ "JJ HJ !
oJ H JH IJ JU HU ! HJ " U H3U !=!
sabhai pind ab hhin hamr. jab ham lhin lahaur mr.
ab ju hamain gur bachan sun. maran kl k dukh sant.73.
HJ " U J JJ| ! JJ J lH= oH UUJ| !
HH HJ HI U U oJ| ! 3 Hl3IJ JlU HJU| !e!
maran kl k dukh hai bhr. nabb kapr singh ais uchr.
janam maran jag dukh d h. ynt satigur hin sah.74.
U JJ : lUH U H| IJ I " oHJ olU !
lU3| 3J UH U|H U lUlU !!
dhr : im un sar gur garnth k lay sr i.
itn khtar dushat k djai parch dikhi.75.
UU| : UH JH J oHI ! IJ JU J J HI !
H lH= 3J lH= UU ! lUH lJ UU| oJUH JU !!
chaupa : dushat bakhshan bada ajg. gur k bachan rakhan bhay jg.
paj singh tab singhan uth. im kahi da ards kar.76.
3J lH= | H3 H ! =J "== lH= J !
lHJ =J H JlU ! lJ HJ 3J lH= oI HlU !!
tr singh k jtan sth. navb lavvai singh k hth.
chhutai pishb navb sukh hi. phir marai tr singh gai si.77.
3J lH= | oI U ! 3 =J H3| JU !
3J lH= | oI J ! J lJJ H !\!
tr singh k gy p. tau navb k jut chhuh.
tr singh k gy bjh. kar na kachh nibbai kj.78.
IJ JU 3J |U ! 3J lH= lJ U|U !
HJI lH= JJ JH J| ! U" JU " lHJ J J| !\!
gur bachnan khtar yau k. tr singh k yaun kahi d.
subg singh bahu kurnash kar. chaly bachan lai sir par dhar.79.
U JJ : HJI lH= "H JU " JU 3J "JJ !
lH 3J lH= H J| HJ I" J !\O!
dhr : subg singh khls bachan lai pahuchy tabai lahaur.
parithmain tr singh pai j kah sabhai gall khr.80.
UU| : HJI lH= 3 lH= H "U| ! H "H H H U| !
"H J HJ UJ JJ ! " "H J J !\!
chaupa : subg singh t singh sun la. nm khls sun kunash ka.
khls par sabh dh kurbn. kal khls karan karn.81.
313 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
All the villages would fall under the Khalsa Panths command,
Once the Khalsa Panth had taken over the city of Lahore.
The (devilish) Nawab was now quoting the Gurus scripture in desperation,
When his death was looming large over his cursed head. (73)
Fear of death was the deadliest of the human afflictions,
Thus spoke the venerated Nawab Kapoor Singh to the Singhs.
Birth and death were two of the several human afflictions,
From which Divine Satguru alone could liberate human beings. (74)
Dohra : It was for seeking liberation from this kind of affliction,
That the Nawab had sought protection of Guru Granth Sahib.
It was for the manifestation of the spiritual prowess of the Guru,
That the wicked Nawab must be given a live demonstration. (75)
Chaupai : Though the wicked Nawab never deserved to be pardoned,
Yet for his faith in Gurus words, he deserved to be saved.
Thereupon, selecting five devout Singhs out of the congregation,
Were they asked to offer a prayer to this effect: (76)
May the Nawab get himself touched on his person,
By Bhai Taru Singh with one of this own shoes.
May the Nawab get relieved thereafter of his urinary blockage,
Before shedding his mortal frame before Taru Singh. (77)
Must Subeg Singh seek Bhai Taru Singhs permission,
Before touching the Nawabs person with a Singhs shoe.
Must not the Nawab undertake any other activity,
Before seeking permission from Bhai Taru Singh. (78)
Must Bhai Taru Singh be informed about this development,
That had the Khalsa decided to vindicate the truth of Gurus words.
Thereafter, paying his obeisance with thanks to the Khalsa,
Did Subeg depart with the decision of the Khalsa Panth. (79)
Dohra : For conveying the unanimous decision of the Khalsa Panth,
Did Subeg Singh arrive at the city of Lahore.
Approaching Bhai Taru Singh first of all,
Did he narrate the Khalsa Pnaths decision in detail. (80)
Chaupai : After hearing the whole account from Subeg Singh,
Did Bhai Taru Singh pay obeisance to Khalsa Panth.
Declaring Khalsa Panth the sole arbiter of all things,
Did Bhai Taru Singh declare to sacrifice his life for the Panth. (81)
314 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HJJ "H oI UU| ! oH H lJ HU| !
H lH oJUH H lJ ! =lJ 3 H|3 J UJIlJ !\!
sambh khls gy da. ais kaun ju nnhi mana.
paj sikhan ards su yhi. vahi tau mnyat dhur darghi.82.
oJ "H J J ! JH H| "H | HJ !
lUJ HJ " "H 3 JlU ! J HJ "H HlU !\=!
ahai khls kran karan. ham pj khls k sharan.
ih sabh kal khls t hi. rkh mr khls si.83.
"H IU H =J HJ ! oJUH H l3HJ JJ IJ !
o H lHH| J "= ! lHJ l3HJ 3 lIJ= !\e!
khls nugdan s navbai mr. ardsan sn patishh bahu gr.
aputh st jimn par lvain. sir patishhn chhatar girvain.84.
U JJ : HJI lH= 3J H J| HJ =J H !
lHJ lJ HJJ "H J U|| oJUH !\!
dhr : subg singh tur j kah sabh navb k ps.
jih bidh sambhai khls kar dn ards.85.
UU| : J| "H =J H "U| ! HH" H UJ J UU| !
J lH3J| UJ|3 U| ! 3J lH= | H3| HIU| !\!
chaupa : kah khls navb sun la. musl psn dr kar da.
kahai shitb chahyat ka. tr singh k jut mang.86.
lJ"| H3| J olU ! U| HIU| " J| lU !
HJI lH= U J ! o| IJH U "U| H !\!
pahil jut hth na i. na mang lai pairn pi.
subg singh k d kai hth. apn garaz un l mth.87.
lH I H" lHJ oHJ ! =J J JHJ JI !
3J lH= JH J l J| ! HlU3 oJ J =J| !\\!
mit gay sl pishb azb. navb kah dhann hamr bhg.
tr singh ham par karip kar. dhann sit aur dhann yah ghar.88.
U JJ oI JU| ! HU| "H JH 3 JU| !
HJ HH|J | H"H| U| ! H= H HU U3JU| !\\!
k br yau g bha. s khls ham t kara.
jabai kashmr th zulm ka. sav man jan pakk utra.89.
U JJ : 3J =J " " JU oJ |U HH"H !
3J JJ lHJ U H lH3 J H !\O!
dhr : trn ghar kull luk bach aur k muslamn.
tab nabb k sir dukhy jan niksat hai jn.90.
315 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
When the entire Khalsa Panth had permitted (the Nawab),
Who was he (Bhai Taru Singh) to disobey Khalsas decision?
The decision being a prayer by the five devout Singhs,
Definitely would it be accepted in the Divine Court. (82)
Khalsa Panth being the sole arbiter of our destiny,
He (Bhai Taru Singh) was under the protection of the Khalsa.
Khalsa Panth being worthy of all spiritual prowess,
Life and death of a person depended on the Khalsas Will. (83)
Khalsa having decimated the mighty Nawabs with cannabis husk,
Khalsa Panths prayers had destroyed many emperors.
With the mere touch of their clubs on the ground,
Khalsa Panth had brought down mighty emperors royal canopies. (84)
Dohra : Thereafter, having proceeded to the Nawab of Lahore,
Did Subeg Singh narrate the whole account to him.
Communicating the Khalsas unanimous prayer for Nawabs well-being,
Subeg Singh communicated the whole process of prayer. (85)
Chaupai : After listening to what the Khalsa had communicated,
The Nawab ordered all his Muslim colleagues to leave.
Being in great haste (to get relieved of his pain),
He asked for Bhai Taru Singhs shoes to be brought immediately. (86)
Failing to trace Bhai Taru Singhs old pair of shoes,
A new pair of shoes was put on Bhai Taru Singhs feet.
Making Subeg Singh hold Bhai Taru Singhs shoes,
The desperately needy Nawab got his forehead touched by it. (87)
As the highly painful urinary blockage got cleared,
The grateful Nawab burst out in words of thanks-giving.
Bhai Taru Singh having obliged him with a favour,
It was indeed a moment of great good luck for the Nawab. (88)
A similar precedent had already taken place,
Which the Khalsa Panth had repeated in his (Nawabs) case.
It had taken place during the oppression committed in Kashmir,
When the Muslim ruler had stripped countless Hindus of their sacred Janeau
. (89)
Dohra : Except for the thirteen Hindu families who survived somehow,
All other Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam.
Thereafter was the Muslim ruler afflicted with such a severe headache,
As if he was going to breathe his last. (90)
316 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
UU| : HJ =J U JJ U ! J lH JH H J !
3J " J UlU ! H3| lJU | H JlU !\!
chaupa : jab navb un bahu dukh py. kahy kimain ham jn rakhy.
tab lkan yau kahy upi. jut hindun k mth bandhi.91.
U HJ lUH J| J| ! 3J =lJ JU HJ | HJ| !
J =J oJ J JU| ! "H U U|U lHU| !\!
dukh k mr im h kar. tab vahi bachy jab yaun th sar.
kahy navb ab kar badh. khls n dukh d mit.92.
IJ 5J J= ! U| H" l=U HlJJ H"= !
JH HU H" JU| ! UU| J3 I" 3U| !\=!
gur nnak k kardh karv. dp ml vich shahir jalv.
baj shadyn shalak kar. da kharait kanglan t.93.
=. J J H| =J | ('...... lH | | I J H JU|') =. J J H| =J | ('...... lH | | I J H JU|') =. J J H| =J | ('...... lH | | I J H JU|') =. J J H| =J | ('...... lH | | I J H JU|') =. J J H| =J | ('...... lH | | I J H JU|')
113. hr skh navb k (...... sikkh k gur paij rakh)
U JJ : =J U JH3J "U lJ JJ UlJJ| olU !
olJ lH= HU| H| H JH "U| J3lU !!
dhr : navb na bastar la phir bahy kachhir i.
hi singhan sch skh s ham la parti.1.
UU| : HJI lH= =J J" ! J oUJ l3H H JJ !
HU IJ 3H HU| J| ! oHHlUH JH UJ lJJ| !!
chaupa : subg singh k navb buly. kar dar tis ps bahy.
sch gur tum sch bn. azmish ham upar bihn.2.
HJ H= H J= oJ| ! J HJ H lHJ J HJ| !
H U U lH I ! 3H lJ 3 H HJ J !=!
mar jvn main bhvn ab. hai mar jn sir par sabh.
jn kandan k dukh mit gay. tum kirp t sukh sabh bhay.3.
oH U JH J o= ! H JHJ| H H H= !
lH= J H H"H| JU| ! o| J| o U| e!
ais dukh ham phr na vai. jn hamr sukh sn jvai.
singhan par main zulm kar. apn karn p p 4.
H JH U|J JJ U"U ! lH= H =lJ J JU !
"53 lJ53 J H JU| ! 3 UH "I3 lJ U| !!
j ham hn rahai uld. singhan sn vahi karai na bd.
lardat bhirdat ran j kachhu h. tn k dsh lagat nahin k.5.
317 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Chaupai : As the Muslim Nawab got afflicted with severe headache,
Did he beg for getting relieved of his pain somehow?
Then it being one of the measures for relieving pain,
Someone suggested a Hindus shoe to be strapped on to the Nawabs head. (91)
Being stricken with the unbearable pain, the Nawab agreed,
And got relieved soon after Hindus shoe was strapped on to his head.
The Nawab Khan Bahadur asked for celebrations to be arranged,
As the Khalsa Panth had cured him of his affliction. (2)
He ordered for making an offering of Karah Parshad
to the House of Nanak,
And the city of Lahore to be illuminated at night.
In the midst of playing of Music and firing of guns,
The Nawab distributed alms among the beggars in charity. (93)
Episode 113
Another Episode About the Nawab
(Truly had the Guru upheld a Devout Sikhs honour)
Dohra : Wearing new robes (after being relieved of urinary blockage),
The Nawab again started holding his royal court.
Declaring that Singhs prayer had been truly vindicated,
As he had confirmed it through his personal experience. (1)
Chaupai : Thereafter inviting Subeg Singh to the royal court,
The Nawab honoured him with a seat near his throne.
Having experienced the impact of Sikh Gurus utterings on his own person,
He declared the Sikh Gurus and their spiritual words to be true. (2)
(Now) he would not mind even if he died the same instant,
Death being the inevitable end of every human being born.
As he had been relieved of the excruciating pain,
The relief followed Subeg Singhs Gurus grace upon him (Nawab). (3)
Would that he would not be subjected to such a torture again,
May he shed his mortal frame in peace and comfort.
As he had committed oppression upon the Singhs,
He had harvested the fruit of his own misdeeds. (4)
Swearing solemnly on behalf of his own progeny,
He promised never to enter into any conflict with the Singhs.
Whatever loss of life occurred on the field of battle,
Nobody would be held guilty for that loss of life. (5)
318 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : lJ =J HJJ J HI H 3lJ UJ H !
=J| U JH oJ UJ " HJ !!
dhr : phir navb jambar kahy mng ju tuhi chah km.
chhda navb k ham aur chah lay smbh.6.
UU| : HJI lH= 3J H lJUJ ! H "H UJ|o3 HJ !
J UJ3J HlJ H3J ! "I H" oJ H JHJ!!
chaupa : subg singh tab manai bichry. km khls chahat savry.
kar chabtrai muhi mukhtayr. lag taksl ab nm hamr.7.
HU J3 H "U| JJ ! |U UJ3J lH= 3J !
HJI lH= H3 J3 ! JJ H|UI lU U J3 !\!
s bt mann la nabb. k chabtr singh k tb.
subg singh th jnat bt. nabb jg ik d rt.8.
lUH J lH= UJ "U| ! 3J3 J3 H" "=U| !
lH= HJI J lU HJJ ! J HH| 3 UJ oJJ !\!
is kar singh kachhu dr na l. turat phurat taksl lav.
singh subg bhay ik jambar. hth jamn t par ambar.9.
U JJ : J3| IU| UJ5| U|| HU lU !
HJ|U IH lHJ lU 3U U|U lU !O!
dhr : hut gada charkhard dn s puti.
shahd gaj th sir chin t d phuki.10.
lU=H UJ J|33 JU H oU H lJJ !
3J3 J3 J| HJ I oHJ !!
divas chr btat bha sukh anand sn nibb.
turat phurat h mar gay py na kachh azb.11.
UU| : JU| lU J|3 lUH IJ ! =J 3J lJ "J UIJ !
J J J oU J ! Jl5U " J !!
chaupa : b din bt is jhagr. navb tury phir lamb dagr.
hai hai kr achnak bhay. kupp rurdhi lkan kahy.12.
lJU= lU" JU| JU| ! lH| | IJ H JU| !
J 3J lH= J ! JH lH= =J oJU 3J !=!
hinduvan k dil bha badh. sikkh k gur paij rakh.
bhay tr singh k parn pr. baj singhan ghar anhad tr.13.
HH" JJ lU3 JU| ! l3HJ| JH 3 oJ IU| !
" "H UU| JU| ! 3J " |U| J IU| !e!
muslan k bahu chint bha. patishh ham t ab ga.
kal khls ch bha. turkan kal nch h ga.14.
319 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Thereafter, entreating Subeg Singh Jambar,
The Nawab asked him for any favour that he wanted.
Except for laying a claim to the Nawabs post,
Subeg Singh was free to claim everything belonging to his state. (6)
Chaupai : Contemplating deeply over the Nawabs generous offer,
Did Subeg Singh wish to do something for Khalsas welfare.
Demanding to be made the chief executive of the state,
He asked for a state coin to be struck in his name. (7)
Accepting Subeg Singhs proposals in totality,
Did the Nawab appoint Subeg Singh as the chief executive.
Full well had Subeg Singh known (Bhai Taru Singhs prophesy),
That the Nawab would not live beyond one or two days. (8)
Wasting, therefore, no time in getting his proposals implemented,
Subeg Singh got a state coin struck in his own name.
Bearing an inscription of his own name Subeg Singh Jambar,
He made this coin and his writ run over the entire state. (9)
Dohra : The gallows that the Nawab had installed for Singhs execution,
Did Subeg Singh order the same to be dismantled.
The Mussoleums that had been raised over Sikh martyrs bodies,
Did Subeg Singh dismantle and cremate the martyrs last remains. (10)
Hardly had a time of four days passed,
As the Nawab had lived in peace and bliss.
Thereafter suddenly did the Nawab pass away,
Without having undergone any pain or discomfort. (11)
Chaupai : Having passed through the whole ordeal for twenty-two days,
Did the Nawabs soul depart forever on a longish journey.
Amidst the cries of sudden wailing and weeping (in Nawabs household),
Did the people hail Nawabs death as a good riddance. (12)
With the Hindus feeling heartened at the oppressors death,
Truly had the Guru vindicated His devout Sikhs honour.
With Bhai Taru Singhs solemn pledge having been fulfilled,
Really had a wave of happiness run over the Singhs camp. (13)
Muslims having fallen in the grip of fear and grief,
They apprehended Indias sovereignty slipping from their grip.
With the Muslims hold over India having gone weak,
The Khalsa Panths stock went high in the region. (14)
320 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
H3 HU lU= H" ! HJ J|3 H J" !
oJ 3J lH= J HH "|U ! HJ H3| =J HJJ |U !!
satarn sa iknvn sl. mry hakkat khusy na bl.
ab tr singh bada jas l. mr jt navb muhrai k.15.
U JJ : JJ| "H | IU| 3J | "H !
3J lH= HJI lH= | lH| H !!
dhr : rah khls panth k ga turkan k lj.
tr singh subg singh knn sikkh kj.16.
e. H| JU| 3J lH = | ('...... HJ|U lHJ HJ|U J ') e. H| JU| 3J lH = | ('...... HJ|U lHJ HJ|U J ') e. H| JU| 3J lH = | ('...... HJ|U lHJ HJ|U J ') e. H| JU| 3J lH = | ('...... HJ|U lHJ HJ|U J ') e. H| JU| 3J lH = | ('...... HJ|U lHJ HJ|U J ')
114. skh bh tr singh k (...... shahdan sir shahd bany)
U JJ : Jl5U HI J J| HlJJ H JJ !
lH= oU o J 3J lH= H| J !!
dhr : kupp rurdhi jag kahai par shahir main raur.
singh achnak kahy tr singh j kr.1.
UU| : 3J lH= H| JU UUJ ! "= "5| lU J l3oJ !
H3 lH= lJ HU| J| ! lU l3oJ| UJ JU| !!
chaupa : tab singh j yau bachan uchr. layv lakrd chikh kar tir.
sunat singhan bidh s kar. chikh tir dr na bha.2.
3 lH= H| JJ J" J| ! JJ H|o H UJ| JJ| !
Hl3IJ H "H J| ! JJ HI3 H HI HI H| !=!
tau singh j bahu khal dhar. bahu khushan sn dh bhar.
satigur paij khls rkh. rahai jagat main jug jug skh.3.
J3 olH3HJ H" H HI ! o lH= oH J !
5J HlU J 3JJ| ! HJU 5 HH| HJJ| !e!
hut ammritsar jal ju mangy. p singh ashnn kary.
kardh parshdi kary tabh. shabad pardhy japuj sabhh.4.
oU 5lU J oJUH ! lH= HJJ = l3H H !
J oJUH lJ H ! IU IJ5 H HH U !!
anand pardhi kar ards. singh sabahn thndh tis ps.
kar ards phir mth jhuky. ga garard jayn ss uday.5.
U lU J oI "IU| ! J5 U| 3J J| 3J3U| !!
pahuchy ji sach dargh. subg singh jambar turth.
day chikh dhar agan lag. bhardak uth tab h turt.6.
321 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
It was in the year seventeen hundred and Ninety-one
That Hakikat Rais murder had made no impact on the Mughal rule.
It was indeed to Bhai Taru Singhs credit to win that glory,
That he had decimated the Nawab with shoe-beatings. (15)
Thus remained the honour of the Khalsa Panth intact,
Thus were the Mughals disgraced and dishonoured.
Thus did Bhai Taru Singh and Bhai Subeg Singh,
Rendered a great service to the Sikh Panth. (16)
Episode 114
(Another) Episode About the Bhai Taru Singh
( was declared the greatest Martyr among Martyrs)
Dohra : Declaring Nawabs sudden death as a good riddance,
Did the whole city resound with the news of Nawabs death.
Having arrived so suddenly at Bhai Taru Singhs place,
Did a Singh break news of Nawabs death to him. (1)
Chaupai : Thereupon, Bhai Taru Singh uttering the following instructions,
Did ask for his funeral pyre to be prepared.
The devout Singhs acting upon Bhai Taru Singhs instructions,
Did pile up wood hastily for his funeral pyre. (2)
Thereupon, did Bhai Taru Singh prepare hastily for his departure,
As he felt overwhelmed with joy at his wish fulfillment.
The Divine Guru had indeed upheld the Khalsas honour,
As this legend would the world remember for ages to come. (3)
Asking the water to be brought from the sacred pool at Amritsar,
Bhai Taru Singh had his body washed with the sacred water.
Making an offering of Karah Parshad
for the fulfillment of his mission,
He had the whole of Japji Sahib
recited before him. (4)
Offering a prayer after the recitation of Anand Sahib
He made the devout Singhs stand all around him.
Prostrating after offering a prayer (to the Divine Satguru),
Bhai Taru Singh breathed his last as quietly as a blue Jays
flight. (5)
The moment Bhai Taru Singhs soul reached its Divine abode,
Subeg Singh Jambar prepared instantly for cremating his dead body.
The moment Subeg Singh lit the funeral pyre,
The flames leapt up to the skies immediately. (6)
322 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : J H UlU H" J J|3 lJHJlU !
3J lH= 3J " 3J H3 H l3J lHJ "lU !!
dhr : thrn sai dui sl par bt bikkrmari.
tr singh tab lai tury jt ju tih sir li.7.
UU| : HJ|U lH= " oU IJ J ! HJU 5 JH U3J !
J =5 H 3" "U ! 3J lH= lJJ UU !\!
chaupa : shahd singh lain gur payr. shabad pardhain bjain dtr.
hth ghrd s ktal lay. tr singh bibn uth.8.
lJJ " H HH oU ! J| H3 H" H5U !
=J U 5 UH ! H H3| l3 JH JH !\!
nibb lain k s jam . hatthn jt slan jard.
navb unai phard dzakh py. sau jut nit hukam phurmy.9.
3J lH= JH| JJ ! HJ|U lHJ HJ|U J !
IJ IlJU H3 HlJ UJ ! J 3J lH= lU| UJ !O!
tr singh k kuras bahy. shahdan sir shahd bany.
gur gbind sut jahin chr. bhay tr singh daida dr.10.
H| lH= HH H ! 3J lH= |U J =H !
lUH lJH | U=| U| ! HJ HJ|U HJJ U| !!
man singh th sajj ps. tr singh k khabb vs.
ijai bijai k padv p. sabhai shahdan muhr th.11.
l=U "JJ lH= I ! HJ " JU lU !
H H H H =J = ! 3J lH= 3 HJ l o= !!
vich lhaur singh jhand gaday. sabh lkan k parch dikhy.
j sukh sukkh s var pvai. tr singh t sabh kichh vai.12.
oJ |J | |J| JJ| ! lHJ |J |J| JU| !
U 3 H o UJ ! 3J lH= H HJ = !=!
aur pran k pr na rah. sir pran k pr bha.
ddh pt j ann dhan chhai. tr singh sukkh sabh pvai.13.
3J lH= | H| H H ! UlJ U lJ H H I !
HJ " lJ " H3= ! HH lJ l3H lJ o= !e!
tr singh k skh j sunai. dhi dukkh nahin man main gunain.
maran kl nahin kl santvai. jam kinkar tis nnhi akvai.14.
HH HlJ l3H lH H" ! lH| lJJ H " !
l"| J3 lH= HH| H| ! 5 H=J oI 3H I| !!
ss jnhi tis sikkh sukhl. sikkh nibhai ksan nl.
likh ratan singh jais sun. pardh savr g tum gun.15.
323 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : It was in the year of eighteen hundred and two,
In the Bikrami Samvat calendar of time.
Bhai Taru Singhs soul had departed taking along,
The (cursed) Nawabs soul in a chase with shoe-beatings. (7)
Chaupai : Extending a warm welcome to Bhai Taru Singhs soul,
The martyred Singhs spirits recited sacred hymns in his honour.
Escorted by a fleet of the smartest horses (of exotic breed),
Bhai Taru Singhs soul was carried away in a procession. (8)
(But) demons from hell arrived to carry away the Nawabs soul,
Were they armed with spiked shoes in their hands.
Hurling the Nawabs (cursed) soul into the deepest hell
He was ordained to be given hundred shoe beatings a day. (9)
Offering a place of honour in the heavenly abode,
Was Bhai Taru Singh declared the greatest among the martyrs.
The section harbouring the holy spirits of Gurus four revered sons,
Of that enterance was Bhai Taru Singh made an incharge. (10)
Bhai Mani Singhs
spirit being custodian of the right flank,
Bhai Taru Singh was given charge of the left side.
Being honoured with the chief among the heavenly custodians,
Bhai Taru Singh occupied the highest status among the martyrs. (11)
Planting a flag post in the memory of Bhai Taru Singh ,
All the people were informed about its hallowed sanctity.
Whatever one wished and prayed for came to be fulfilled,
Such, indeed, was the spiritual prowess of Bhai Taru Singh. (12)
All other prophets having lost their spiritual prowess,
Bhai Taru Singh became the supreme among the spiritual prophets.
Whosoever wished and prayed for livelihood, wealth and prosperity,
Would Bhai Taru Singhs holy spirit grant all the boons. (13)
Whosoever listened to the legend of Bhai Taru Singh,
Would he receive boons of good health and peace of mind.
Neither would the dread of death threaten such a devotee,
Nor would he get scared by the demons from hell. (14)
Would such a devotee breathe his last in peace,
Till his last breath would a Sikh keep his faith.
Rattan Singh having narrated as he had heard,
Must his talented readers read it attentively. (15)
324 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : J H U UJ H" H lJ JlU !
JJUJ HlJU 3J lH= l=HlU !!
dhr : thrn sai d prai sl ju bikkar ri.
khn bahdar mri tr singh ghisti.16.
. H| H H J | ('HH3 3 HJ "| lH = JJ H"') . H| H H J | ('HH3 3 HJ "| lH = JJ H"') . H| H H J | ('HH3 3 HJ "| lH = JJ H"') . H| H H J | ('HH3 3 HJ "| lH = JJ H"') . H| H H J | ('HH3 3 HJ "| lH = JJ H"')
115. skh jass baddh k (jaspat khatar mr k ly singhan bahu ml)
"JJ o H"3 HJUJ JU HlU !!
dhr : khn bahdar jab mary rah puttar us di.
lahaurai au multn k sbdr bha si.1.
UU| : oJ| o HJ l=H ! U lH" J | JH !
HJ l=H 5 oJ| " ! " JJJ J U !!
chaupa : ahy khn au shh nivj. dnn mil kar knn rj.
shh nivj phard ahy lay. lt kt bhar kar day.2.
lUH lJl " lJ3 ! HJ l=H =J J !
H J| "I lH= HJ ! oH J HH J !=!
is bidhi kl kachhuk bity. shh nivz navb kahy.
s bh lgy singhan mran. ais bhay samn k kran.3.
"l3 HHl3 JU lU= ! "J 3| H !
3 J| lH= HJ J ! U lHU "H "J HJ J !e!
lakhpati jaspati bha divn. kalnaur k khatr jn.
t bh singhan mran daah. un siun khls lar mar khah.4.
lH= J| J l3HJ| U= ! HJ 3J J = !
HlJ lH= H H J ! 3J H H = =J !!
singh bh rakhain patishh dv. mrain turkan kark dhv.
jahin singhan k sunai su dar. turak phauj j pvai ghr.5.
U JJ : "J HJ lH= 3J 3J lJ H5 lJ !
HJ JH lH= HlJ l I" 3J olJ !!
dhr : larain marain singh nath turain tur nath phir murd phin.
mr bhajain singh jahin chhipain gail turak akhin.6.
UU| : o lH= lU H IHJ ! UJ 3 lJ oI lHJ !
J l3HJ| oH J ! = U H H lJUJ !!
chaupa : akk pakk singh din su gujrain. hn t phir ag sidhrain.
karan patishh s dhrain. pvn dukh s sukkh bichrain.7.
325 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : It was in the year eighteen hundred and two,
In the Bikrami Samvat calendar of time.
Was Nawab Khan Bahadur of the Lahore province,
Decimated by dragging his soul by Bhai Taru Singh. (16)
Episode 115
Episode About the Slaughter of Jassu
(The Singhs seized a lot of treasure after killing Jaspat Rai)
Dohra : Following the death of Nawab Khan Bahadur Zakariya Khan,
Was he succeeded by two of his sons.
One becoming the custodian of the province of Lahore,
The other became the custodian of the province of Multan. (1)
Chaupai : Being known by the names of Ahiya Khan
and Shah Niwaz
Did both of them take over the reigns of power.
Shah Niwaz after taking his brother Ahiya Khan into custody,
Did oust him from power after ransacking his province. (2)
As some time passed in this internecine strife,
Did Shah Nawaz rule as a Nawab of the state.
He too started committing oppression on the Singhs,
Such being the turn of events at that moment of time. (3)
Lakhpat Rai
and Jaspat Rai became the custodians,
Coming as they did from the kshtriya families of Kalanaur.
With these two custodians indulging in the massacre of Singhs,
Did the Khalsa enter into strife with them as well. (4)
With the Singhs staking their claim to sovereignty,
Did the Singhs indulge in slaughtering the Mughals aggressively.
Receiving information about Singhs putting up a camp any where,
Did the Mughal force lay a siege to the Singhs camp. (5)
Dohra : Fighting and killing would the Singhs desert the field,
But soon would they return after deserting the place.
The Mughals too would chase the Singhs upto their sanctuaries,
As they too kept on harassing the Singhs in their hideouts. (6)
Chaupai : Thus did the Singhs pass their days in great adversity,
Deserting one hiding place and moving to another shelter.
With the hope of being sovereigns sooner or later,
Did they face hardships with such expectations. (7)
326 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U lH= H JJ ! HJ J=5 H JJ !\!
bachan gur ham sch bh hhain. hann hann ham shh karhain.
k singh knan main bahain. shr baghyrd khadadaan main rahain.8.
U UJU JJ3| JJ ! 3J HlU 3J| "J !
UJ UJ HlJ J= |J ! " JU= o HJ|J !\!
k daryu bart rahain. turak ji tnh thn lahain.
duhn r jahin hvai nr. luk bachvain apan sarr.9.
3J H H UJ =" J ! HJ JU 3J l3 !
lH= |J H J J 3J ! 3J JU J !O!
turak phauj sn chahn val rkain. mr bandkan tab tin phkain.
singh nr main daub daub tarain. turak bandkan phundan karain.10.
U JJ : =J 3 = H J " J 3H |J "lU !
H" HlJ " 3 lJ JU J lH= 3 HlJ !!
dhr : ghar t kadah su ban lukain ban taj nr lukin.
jal mahin lukain t nahin bachain kah singh kat jhin.11.
UU| : J lH lH= " ! 3J J" H5 J " !
HU lH= H UlJ JJlU ! H HH| 3 "U UlU !!
chaupa : par nis chhutai singhan khayl. turak ralain murd daran nl.
mu singh j dhin bahi. j zakhm t lan uthi.12.
lUH HI H= HJ| ! oH| J HJ JUJ| !
U| J l lU lU J= ! U J l Hl3 l3 = !=!
disai na jg jvain jhn. ais thaur na jahn bachhn.
k kahai khind ik ik hv. k kahai khind mati pati khv.13.
"J HJ lU 3J " ! oJ J3 U J J" !
lU J JH H= 3J| ! "J HJ J= HJ| !e!
lar mar in turkan nl. aur bt k banai na hl.
ik kahai ham jvain tahn. larnn marnn hvai sah.14.
"J HJ 3 H HJ| ! 3 JH lH = l3HJ| !
3J J| "H lUH lJJU| ! JlJ H I" JU| !!
laran maran t j nath jhn. tau ham kim pvain patishh.
tab h khls im thahir. hhi phauj k gail bh.15.
"U|U =5 J3 HlJ H= ! HU loU oH=J H J= !
J H lH= U| JU l3oJ ! H3 3J "= HJ !!
la ghrd rt jahin svain. j pid asavr su hvain.
yah sun singh ka bha tir. st turkan lv mr.16.
327 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Believing in Gurus prophecy about Khalsas imminent sovereignty,
Did they expect to be sovereigns of their land at last.
Thus did some of the Singhs seek refuge among the reeds,
While some others hid themselves in the Lions caves. (8)
Some would take shelter in between the river tributaries,
Where also would they be traced by the Mughal forces.
Thus would they save their skin by hiding themselves,
On a dry patch between the two watery features. (9)
With the Mughal forces blocking their way from all sides,
Would the Mughals fire shots to kill them.
As the Singhs would dive into the water and swim,
Would the Mughals shoot them as they surfaced. (10)
Dohra : Ousted from their homes Singhs sought refuge in the wilds,
Driven out of the wilds would they dive into water.
Now with their failing to survive even in the water,
Where else could they move to save their lives?
Chaupai : With the fall of night would the Singhs get some relief,
As the Mughal troops would return to their base camps.
Then would the Singhs throw the dead among them into the river,
And pick up those lying on earth wounded and maimed. (12)
Finding no such territory where they could escape,
Nor did they find any safe sanctuary for their protection.
Someone suggested that they must scatter allover the region,
Another opined that scattering would harm their prestige. (13)
They must keep up their fight against the Mughals,
As no other alternative would solve their problem.
Someone else suggested that they must keep chasing the Mughals.
As continuous strife and fight alone would set things right. (14)
In case they tried to shun fighting with the Mughals,
How could they realize their cherished aim of being sovereigns.
Thus, did the Khalsa Panth arrive at a unanimous resolution,
That they must keep chasing the Mughal troops at all costs. (15)
Must they steal horses from the sleeping Mughals at night,
So that the Singh foot soldiers could also mount those horses.
Hearing this resolution, many Singhs got ready for the venture,
Being desperate to take on the sleeping Mughal troops. (16)
328 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
HJ lH= J JJU| ! lH= 3J U I" U| !
oH| 3J lH= U U" ! 3J H HI J" !!
sr singhan yah thahr. singh tur un gail dh.
ais taur singh uth chal. turkan phauj k sang ral.17.
U JJ : lH= H J = =5 H H HlU !
3J H HlU IU "I "H UlU !\!
dhr : singh su dar vkh k vard phauj main ji.
turak su thakk si ga lagy khls di.18.
UU| : 3J lH= =5 "U " ! UJ U5 H Hl3IJ J" !
UH I" "U "IlU ! I" 5 l3H o= =lU !\!
chaupa : tab singhan ghrd la khlah. par chardh su satigur bl.
dj gail la lagi. gail pardai tis vain ghi.19.
U JJ : lH3 =5 HJ U3 lH= "| !
l3 l3 oH| lJ J H 3J JU| | !O!
dhr : jitn ghrd th mar utn singhan ln.
nit parti ais bidh karain phauj turak bha khn.20.
U JU| IJ " oU HJ UlU !
3U HJ "H 3J = HlU !!
dkh bh gur kal mran i.
t mr khls turak ghan th si.21.
UU| : 3J H lJ JJ3| o= ! 5 lH= H 3lJ " H= !
3J " HlJ JlU J " ! "= I5 H" !!
chaupa : turak phauj phir bahut vai. thrdai singh su tahin luk jvain.
tahn lukain jahin hui bada jhall. lvain gardah knan k mall.22.
J3 lH= JlU JJ JlHoJ ! "= 3J lJ HJ !
lU H 3J JJ3 lH" = ! " lH= l3 J o= !=!
rt singh hui bahu hushir. lvain turkan k phir mr.
din main turak bahut mil dhvain. luk singh tin hth na vain.23.
3J H J3 J5 " ! " J5 lH= HJ J" !
" lH= 3 JJJ H= ! 3J H UJ H = !e!
turak su daart bardain na jhall. jhall bardain singh mran rall.
jhalln singh tau bhar jvain. turkan phauj dr sun pvain.24.
HJ JH3 lU"| "JJ ! U| HJ JJ lHJ !
oI l JlU " "JJ ! lUH J lH= HU= JJ !!
mran rast dill lahaur. k mrai rh pishaur.
ag pichhai hui lutain lahaur. im kar singh machvain raur.25.
329 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
As the brave Singh warriors arrived at this resolute solution,
Rest of the Singhs followed their leaders on this expedition.
Having thus started on this agreed upon expedition,
Did they infiltrate into the ranks of Mughal troops. (17)
Dohra : Spotting out one such night camp of Mughal troops,
Did the Singhs sneak into this Mughal camp.
Mughal troops having fallen asleep after a days fatigue,
Did the Khalsa Singhs find an opportunity to enter their camp. (18)
Chaupai : Thereupon, picking up the horses from the Mughals camp,
Did the Singhs mount those horses with Gods grace.
Holding out more spare horses from their reins,
Did they slaughter those Mughal soldiers who blocked their way. (19)
Dohra : As many as Singhs own horses had perished in fighting,
Did the Singhs make up their loss from the Mughals fleet.
As the Singhs continued this practice of stealing horses,
Did the Mughal force get weakened and depleted. (20)
Such being the Divine Will of the Guru,
The invaders had to bite the dust.
Did the Khalsa Singhs vanquish those Mughals,
Who had come in hordes to subdue the Khalsa. (21)
Chaupai : Whenever the Mughal troops attacked in large numbers,
Singhs, being in small strength, would escape and hide.
Spotting out a large tract of wild growth and cover,
They would camouflage themselves among the thick reeds. (22)
At night would the Singhs come out again furtively,
And pounce upon the sleeping Mughal troops.
During the day, would the Mughals invade in large numbers,
But never would the hibernated Singhs fall into their hands. (23)
Being scared, the Mughal troops would not enter the wild,
As the Singhs would slaughter them in case they entered.
As the Singhs emerged out of the wild forest,
The Mughal troops would run to a distant place. (24)
On the main highways to Delhi, Lahore and Peshawar,
Would the Singhs waylay and slaughter the Mughals at night.
They would also ransack the city of Lahore at odd hours,
Thus would the Singhs cause havoc and chaos there. (25)
330 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : lH= H H = UU J5 H J=| " !
HJ " =3 lJ J lH" J I" !!
dhr : singh su mjhyn kadadah da bard su rv jhall.
mr lt khvat phirain rkhain mil kar gall.26.
UU| : lUH| J3 lH= IHJ JJ| ! H =| " J| HJ|!
HJ " "= JJ| ! "JJ lIJU l3 U UHJ| !!
chaupa : is bhnt singh guzar karhn. phauj ghan lakh nath b jhn.
mr kphl lvain bhr. lahaur girad tin day ujr.27.
U 3J "I oI ! HJ lH= I" "I !
H5 H5 " " lH= H "J ! JJ3 H 5 J !\!
dkh turkan k lg g. mrain singhan gail lg.
murd murd luk luk singh su larain. bahutan s kay thrd karain.28.
lJ H|J lH= H ! HH3J JH3J J| H H !
I J o J H ! UJ lH lJ H !\!
nnhi zakhr singhan ps. shastar bastar hn s khs.
nng khar au bhkh pays. dr sikk nahin kachhu ps.29.
J JHJ H J| ! JI| o lJ HJ HJ| !
IJ JU | U oH ! J| H U H !=O!
ht patan bzr su nhn. rg aukhadh bin mar jhn.
gur bachnan k un k s. yah khaznn un k ps.30.
U JJ : 3 J| lH= J= = lH lU oJ H oJ !
U UJU lI HJ "J 3J !=!
dhr : tau bh singh hvain ghan nis din aur su aur.
dkh darad kachhu na ginain marnn larnn taur.31.
UU| : 3J "H oH lJUJ ! HJ 3J HUJ !
HJ H H J= ! " H UlJU = !=!
chaupa : tabai khls ais bichr. mrain turkan k phujdr.
mr phauj k sdh hv. lt phauj k drid khv.32.
J| =5 U l"o= ! JH HH lJ JH = !
JH H" " l" lUU| ! lJ l" H "5U| !==!
hth ghrd th liv. rj sj bin rj na pv.
bhm mal lai kil chin. bin kilan na pujai lard.33.
oH lJUJ3 oI IU ! lUHJU l=I JU3 JU !
o= HIJ 3J " H ! J| lJ lH= | H !=e!
ais bichrat g ga. imnbd dhig pahuchat bha.
vain magar turak lai khj. bhkh phirai singhan k phauj.34.
331 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Being driven out of the Majha region of Punjab,
The Singhs sneaked into the wilds around the river Ravi
Surviving on what they could lay their hands on,
They maintained a good-coordination among their ranks. (26)
Chaupai : Thus passing their days in hide and seek with the Mughals,
Would the Singhs desert the field being out numbered in strength.
Waylaying and robbing the traveling Mughal caravans,
Had the Singhs ransacked the suburbs of Lahore. (27)
Getting incensed at the sight of militant Singhs,
Would the Mughal troops run in hot pursuit of the Singhs.
Adopting a strategy of hit and run in their fight,
How could a handful of Singhs confront hordes of Mughals directly? (28)
Having neither an abundance of provisions to feed upon,
Nor did the Singhs have any arms and armour of good quality.
Being bereft of any provisions to feed and clothes to put on,
Nor did they have any arms and ammunition in their possession. (29)
Having no access to any shopping markets and other facilities,
Would the sick among them die for want of treatment.
Reposing the faith entirely on the prophetic words of their Guru,
Had the Gurus words become the mainstay of their lives. (30)
Dohra : Despite these odds did the Singhs increase in number,
Gaining strength, day in and day out did they flourish.
Never did the allow their suffering to have the better of them,
During their relentless fight involving life and death. (31)
Chaupai : Thereupon, the Khalsa Panth made another resolution,
That must they kill the commanders of the Mughal troops.
They must equip themselves by plundering the Mughal forces,
And must they get rid of their destitution through loot and plunder. (32)
Must they snatch horses and camels from the Mughals,
As it was impossible to be sovereigns without the trappings of royalty.
Must they occupy land to raise a military fortress,
As it was impossible to wage a war without a fort. (33)
Having resolved thus, did they proceed further,
Reaching the outskirts of the town of Emnabad
Mughal troops too came in hot pursuit of the Singhs,
Being desperate to hunt down the running Singhs. (34)
332 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : lUHJU HI|J | U HH3lJ lU= !
UJ UIJ| J3 JJ3 H 3 !=!
dhr : imnbd jagr th khud jaspathi divn.
hn ugrh karat th bahut phauj k tn.35.
UU| : "= H U U ! J U H J J !
lH I lH HU HJ ! oH J3 lHU H" UHJ !=!
chaupa : lvai pais d k dukkh. bandhai paich su hkai rukkh.
kisai tang kisai kamchan mrai. ais bhnt siun mulak ujrai.36.
J H lH=| J" ! =J UJ J" H U" !
lH =J U HI J| ! lJ JU| "H J| !=!
bhkh jatt nath singh ralain. ghar dar chhadak ralain su dalain.
jin ghar dn jg nnhn. phirain pharyd khls ph.37.
lJ3 3 IU J5| 3|J ! = UJ H" HJ|J !
l3J lH= o H" " ! HH3 l" = !=\!
phirat nathat ga rrd tr. nahvan chhain suphal sarr.
tih singhan ml ly. jaspat k yau likh pathvy.38.
U JJ : lH= H JJ3 lU J o 3H !
l" JH| lUH "H HHl3 oJUH !=\!
dhr : singh su bahut dinan k bhkh ann k tars.
likh bhj im khls jaspati k ards.39.
UU| : lU= lJU 3 IJ J ! HH3 lUH l" !
JHJ 3HJ JJ H J| ! JJ JHJ 3J 3U| !eO!
chaupa : divn hind tn gur bany. jaspat k im likkh pathy.
hamr tumr bair su nnh. bair hamr turkan tn.40.
JH3 H" JH "| UJ ! HlJJ 3HJ J|U JJ !
lH= J JJ lU oJ| ! 3HJ lJIJ J| !e!
rasat ml ham lain chhain. shahir tumr khard karhain.
singh bhukh bahu din k nh. tumr kachh bigrain nhn.41.
H" o "J JUlU ! oJ H" JH J5J HlU !
J H HHl3 | JH ! H HJ = 3HJ H !e!
mulakh pan lhu bachi. aur mulak ham bardhain ji.
yah sun jaspati kn bj. main mrn kadadah tumr khj.42.
lH " 3H JJJ U ! 3H 5 H HH " oU !
H|H H 3H H J= ! 3HJ J" H" J= !e=!
nikas jhalln tum bhar dh. tum k pakard su jam lai .
ss munnn tum jt banvn. tumr blan mlah banvn.43.
333 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : Territorial custody of Emnabad having been granted to him,
Jaspat Rai himself was the custodian of this place.
Revenue collections he used to make from this territory,
Backed by a large contingent of Mughal troops. (35)
Chaupai : He would collect levies on the pain of sufferance,
The village chiefs would he arrest and maltreat.
With booted kicks and canes would he thrash them,
The entire region would he thus ransack with force. (36)
Famished and pauperized would the peasants join the Singhs,
They would abandon their homes and hearths to join Singh contingents.
Those failing to pay the stipulated levis to the custodian,
They would petition the Singhs against their exploitation. (37)
Being on the run thus, did they reach the shrine of Rori Sahib
As they wished to have a dip in the sacred pool there.
The Singh having organized a religious congregation here,
They sent the following written proposal to Dewan Jaspat Rai. (38)
Dohra : Singhs being without food for the last so many days,
They were desperately in need of some sort of victuals.
Having drafted a petition to this effect,
Singhs did send this petition to Jaspat Rai. (39)
Chaupai : That a Hindu had been made a custodian by the Gurus Will,
The Singhs reminded him of it in their written petition.
That enmity with the Dewan had Singhs none whatsoever,
Their enmity being alone with the (tyrannical) Mughals. (40)
That the Singh would like to make a purchase of provisions,
From the city of Emnabad falling in the Dewans territory.
That the Singhs being famished for want of food for days,
They would not cause any harm to his city. (41)
That he could keep his territory free from Singhs,
As the Singhs would then leave for another region.
Hearing this message, Jaspat did take offence,
As he declared to hunt the Singhs down and kill. (42)
Since the Singhs had come out of their hideouts in the wilds,
The Lord of Death himself had brought them out into the open.
Not only would he convert them into Jats with their hair shorn,
He would make ropes out of their shorn hair. (43)
334 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
U JJ : HH I"| HI HH UJ !
JH 3H UJ HJ 3H HI JH3 oH !ee!
dhr : jais gl nath mangai khasam chhai kat nakk.
ham tum chhain mrn tum mng rasat ashakk.44.
UU| : JH H oJ 3H UJ JH3 ! 3H HJ J JUJH3 !
JU| "l3 H oJ = ! H| lH= lHH 5 " H= !e!
chaupa : ham sn ab tum chh rasat. tum k mrn kar bandubsat.
bh lakhpati sun ab pvai. man singh jim phard lai jvai.45.
HlU J oI lH= ! JU JU 3H UH = !
H3 lH= o U ! J lH= l"J JU" 3U !e!
ji navb k agai sitvai. band band tum umain katvai.
sunat singhan k y yd. kahy singhan lihu badl td.46.
U JU| lUH lH H3 ! HJ HI 5 H" H3 !
H| lH= lUH JlU 5 ! JU" "J oJ J UlU o !e!
yd kar is nij maut. shr jagy phard muchchhal saut.
man singh is bhari phardy. badl lahau ab yah di y.47.
HJ lH= oH H ! H lJ 3 "I !
3J| "H J| oJUH ! 3| HJ JlU H JH !e\!
jab singhan ais sun py. jan bichh tan daank lagy.
tab khls kar ards. khattr mrain hui kamm rs.48.
U JJ : =lJ " Ul5U "H H "|U "H " !
lJJ lH= IH U5 HJ 3I lUU H !e\!
dhr : vahi ltan chardhi khls s l khls lt.
nibh singh gaj pai chardhy mr tg di st.49.
UU| : lJJ lH= U5 IH I ! H|H HJ H=J " !
oJ UJJ UU| UJ IJ ! oJ lH= U "|| =J !O!
chaupa : nibh singh chardah gaj pai gay. ss kt sabh zvar lay.
aur darab da prn gr. aur singhan chak ln dahr.50.
U JJ : J H UJ3J J3 lJH l H" !
HH3 3| HJ "| lH= JJ H" !!
dhr : thrn sai chaurtr hut bikarm narip sl.
jaspat khatr mr k ly singhan bahu ml.51.
335 Sri Gur Panth Prakash
Dohra : As a maid servant demands a nose-ring,
From a master who intends to chop off her nose,
The Dewan intended to liquidate the Singhs asking for food,
While the Singhs expected a generous response from him. (44)
Chaupai : While the Singhs were expecting a supply of rations from him,
He intended to slaughter them in a systematic manner.
If, perchance, his brother Lakhpat Rai heard about their congregation,
Definitely would he arrest them as he did Bhai Mani Singh