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\ SCI FICATIONS \ \ \ : OF ‘ \ AUXILIARY BOILER \ \ (TYPE : OVS2) \ Vt reer a meree para mimes merae meme CUSTOMER : KANDA SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD. SHIP No. : 450 DATE: AUG. 2 OSAKA BOILER MFG. CO., LTD. APPROVED _[_ CHECKED CHARGE Rey] DATE HISTORY CHA. | APP. (Kill) sf there) S, Mere) DRAWING NO. [ A-12665 F No. MB-3466 F No. Test and Inspection. Test and inspection shall be made pursuant to classification society's rule under the presence of owner and surveyor of the classification society and shall succeed in such test and inspection. 2. Constructions and Materials. 2-1 Boiler proper. The boiler proper shall be of weld construction consisted of drum, end plate, furnace, smoke tube section on exhaust gas side, and smoke tube section on oil burning side. The exhaust gas section and oi] burning section shall be completely separated from each other Smoke tube shall be inserted into the plate and both ends of the each tubes shall be secured by expanding and welding. Manhole shall be provided to afford entry into the inside of the boiler. Following materials for boiler proper shall be used : Shell plate, Bnd plate, Furnace and Tube plate. Smoke tube and Stay tube. Boiler steel tube. - Boiler steel plate 2-2 Internal fittings of boiler. Inside of the boiler shall be equipped with the following fittings. Feed water internal pipe. -—- 1 set Surface blow off internal pipe. -—- 1 set 2-3 Smoke box. The smoke boxes on both the exhaust gas side and oil burning side shall be steel plate made casing provided with cleaning hole to facilitate check and cleaning. 2-4 Lagging. Outside of the boiler shall be provided with means for lagging protected with precoated galvanized sheet 3. External a{tachments. The following items shal] be supplied as external attachments of a boiler. Safety valve. Steam stop valve Feed water stop valve and check valve. Surface and bottom blow-off valve. Water level gauge root valve. Pressure gauge root valve and Pressure switch root valve. Boiler water sampling valve. Air vent valve Water level controller root valve. Water level gauge and cock. Pressure gauge and cock. Water column root valve. Blow - off valve of water column. 1) Gaskets, bolt and nuts for valves shall be supplied 2) Details are shown as ” FLOW SHEET” 3) Since these attachments shall be delivered without being installed, they should be installed by the shipyars MB-3466 F No. 4. Accessory equipment The following equipment shall be delivered as accessory equipment of a boiler. 4-1 Oil burning apparatus 1 set. Type : Pressure jet type. Details are shown as “ Specifications of oil burning apparatus” . 4-2 Water level controller. --- 1 set. Control : Pump on/off & F.0. cut Type : Electronic differential pressure type. 4-3 Water column with flotless switch. --- 1 set. Alarm signals are used high/low water level alarms and lowest water level fuel oil cut-off. 4-4 Remote water level indicator. --- 1 set. Type : Electric type. 4-5 Manometer of exhaust gas side. --~ I set. 4-6 Thermometer of exhaust gas inlet & outlet. 2 sets. 4-7 Soot cleaner. 1) Oil burning side Fixed position gun type soot blower. --- 1 set. Manual operation (steam jet) 2) Exh. gas side Fixed position rotary type soot blower. --- 3 sets. Manual operation (Steam jet). 3) Portable type water jet system. ~~~ 1 set This shall be delivered for cleaning of boiler tubes by removal of soots to be performed when the boiler is out of operation. For this purpose, a 25A hose valve for fresh water and water source with 0.2 ~ 0.5 MPa of pressure should be provided by the shipyard. 4-8 These accessory equipment shall be delivered without being installed. Therefore, they should be installed by the shipyard. . Spare parts and tools They shall be delivered along with the spare parts and tools complied with each classfication society's request Details are shown in "LIST OF SPARES & TOOLS " MB~3466