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This week in FLK-3 We welcomed Miss McCafferty ( Miss M.

) Our new Early Childhood Educator

I am very proud to say that the transition of Miss Evans leaving and Miss M. joining the class has been almost seamless. All credit to Miss Evans for leaving us organized, Miss M. for not only jumping right, but for adding her own wisdom and to the children for being flexible. Its all good!
In Language: We reviewed our sounds and learned the Zz and the Ww. We became adept at signing in each morning so we can practice printing our names. We continued with our morning message to study and practice our phonemic and phonological skills. We continued our new unit entitled Look at Me!. We are working on a scrapbook of our learning about our self. A huge thank you to Mrs. Debicki for creating and sharing this scrapbook!! This week, we incorporated our

individual birth stones as started by Miss Evans. This led to Zodiac signs..which was VERY interesting! See attached under the Inquiry heading! You will LAUGH!!! Manny the Moose continues to inspire with each sleep over visit! Our Star Students this week were Sydney and Megan D. This week, Manny inspired Sydney to acquire a new nickname, Saxophone Syd and in turn, Syd taught Manny to not only STAND on all 4s but to play the sax!!! ??? Megan D, aka Rainbow Dash Girl introduced to none other than the Rainbow Dash musical stuffy! Excellent jobs by both of our Leaders! In Gym: We played with the HUGE blow up KIN ball. We played railroad and keep it up and dislodge the moon. It is fun! In Religion: We said HELLO to Miss M and celebrated a change in our classroom community. We discussed being Special and being Unique. Science: We discussed the fact that Zodaic signs are not real hard and fast science. We did an experiment with ice. We had 3 plates with 2 ice cubes. On one, we added road salt, on the second, we added sand and on the third, we added nothing. Then we predicted which would melt first. 1 said the au naturelle version, 7 said the deicer and 11 said the sand. Low and behold, the de-icer melted quickest. We discussed that de-icer lowers the melting point of the ice. In Fine Motor Development: We revisited proper pencil grips for printing our names and numbers. In Art: We had no Art this week due to PD In Music, Drama and Dance: Every day is Dance Day! Miss M has commented several times how creative and imaginative the class is..and how they LOVE to dance!!! In Mathematics: We counted up to 79 days of school using various visuals and manipulatives. We continued to mark the growth of the Amaryllis and to discuss its measurements. Its final bud bloomed this week! We are working on the numbers 1 to 10. We are learning to form the numerals and to recognize the number words.

We are working on Year 1 booklets and Year 2 booklets to practice our various skills. For each number we have been making a video.similar to the old Sesame Street videos. Remember?? .... posted on website. In Personal and Social Development: We continued to work on the stop, think, do model. As Miss M gets to know the children and as part of our Look at Me unit, we have been discussing emotions and feelings. Miss M created a video to share with the children to discuss and identify their emotions with facial expressions and body language. In Inquiry/Directed Play: We worked on our Look at Me! booklets and studied our individual birth stones and zodiac signs. Ive attached our findings. Some make me giggle every time I look at them!!!!

Upcoming Events:
Friday January 17 PD Day no school for children Tuesday January 21 School Mass Friday January 31 report cards go home for SECOND YEAR STUDENTS ONLY