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AS Media Audience Research

Name: Date:

Please Tick or Answer the questions that best describe you.

Q1) Out of the following genres what would you say is your favorite.
A B C D E Comedy Horror Action/Adventure Romance Thriller

Q2) Out of all these genres which one would you say dominates the film market.
A B C D E Comedy Horror Action/Adventure Romance Thriller

Q3) How do you usually watch a film for the first time?
A B C D E F Cinema

Tv terrestrial Tv on demand Tv film Channles

Online Film Festival

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Q4) What was your favourite film of 2013? ________________________________________ Q5) Do you regularly read film magazines or visit film related websites?
Yes No

Q6) Where do you hear about the majority of films you go and see?
A B C D E F Poster & Billboard Television trailers and interviews. Magazines Friends Local Cinema Other:________________________________________________________________

Q7) What is your age?______________________________________________________________________________ Q8) What industry do you work in?______________________________________________________________ Q9) What Gender are you?________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for filling this document in. Could you please either email it back to me(, or hand it to me in person.

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