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Standard Form Significant Figures -refers to the relevant digits in a number which had been rounded off according

to the degree of accuracy required - all non-zero digits are known as significant

Example a) 7.54 ( 3 s.f) b)62.514 ( 5 s.f) c)905 (3 s.f) d)3.008 (4s.f) e)5.40( 3 s.f) f)18.200( 5 s.f) g)0.006 (1s.f) h) 0.908 (3 s.f) -in whole numbers, the zeros to the right of the last non-zero digit may or may not be significant Example a)Write 71.6309 correct to 3 s.f 71.6309= 71.6 b) Round off 0.0805 to 2s.f 0.0805=0.081

Standard Form - The number that are very large or very small are usually written in standard form Ax10n, where 1 A10 and n is an integer where it can be positive or negative

Example a)6850000 = 6.85 x 106 b)0.0072 = 7.2 x 10-3