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Main Image

There is a striking main image of Paris

Hilton looking like a fairy. This gives the
idea that if you buy and wear the perfume
you will become like a fairy. Her clothes are
quite revealing, which fragments the
audiences down to a teenage audience, no
Action Line older because being a fairy would be childish
The action line is a rhetorical for middle aged and older women. The
question, which puts the ideology of this picture may catch a boys
audience in thinking mode. attention to because it’s quite seductive, so
It’s done to attract the he might buy the product for a girl to become
audience more into the

Pack shot
This is a pack shot. It shows
the perfume bottle so the
audience know what the
advert is advertising and
what the product looks like.

There is not much text on the
advertisement. However the little bit Main title
there is has stayed in the same font The brand name is written
and colour for consistency. The text is in a large font compared
in a pink curly/Disney font which to the rest of the text, so
suggests the advert is targeting the audience can
teenage girls, as they are more likely recognise the product.
to wear perfumes compared to girls
that are younger.
• Paris Hiltons perfume is being advertised.
• It is targeting teenage girls; this is clear because of the theme running across the product of fairytales, which is too childish for women any
older. We also know this in the way she is dressed, her revealing clothes make her look attractive and makes her an aspiration for young girls.
• She is using an attractive young woman stereotype.
• The advert gives a message that if you buy the product you will become a fairy and your life will be like a fairytale so all your dreams will
come true!

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