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V - VI Grades

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5.-6. Klassen

Subiectele de la 1 la 10 valoreaz cte 3 puncte, cele de la 11 la 20 cte 4 puncte, cele de la 21 la 30 cte 5 puncte, iar cele de la 31 la 50 din nou cte 4 puncte. Se acord 40 de puncte din oficiu. Se vor lua n calcul numai primele 40 de ntrebri la care ai indicat un rspuns valabil (nu i cele la care nu ai bifat niciun rspuns, sau cele la care ai bifat 2, 3 sau 5 rspunsuri). Poi obine mai multe puncte dac abordezi ntrebrile 11-50, dar riti s pierzi timp din cauza dificultii acestora. Dac nu ai bifat limba german n dreptul unei ntrebri, se consider implicit limba englez. Dac ai bifat un rspuns greit i ai observat greeala, poi bifa cerculeele corespunztoare rspunsurilor greite i lsa nebifat numai cerculeul corespunztor rspunsului bun. Acesta va fi considerat rspunsul indicat de tine. Pentru a vizualiza, pe Internet, analiza n detaliu a lucrrii tale completeaz pe foaia de rspuns, n spaiul prevzut, o parol format din 4 litere sau spaii albe. Dup ce se afieaz rezultatele concursului, intr pe i selecteaz / completeaz cmpurile specificate. Concursul propune i ntrebri uoare, dar i mai dificile. n ansamblu reprezint un test foarte dificil. Chiar i numai 10 ntrebri la care ai rspuns bine demonstreaz c eti bine pregtit. Read the text below and answer the questions no. 1-5: Dear Jackie, Here I am in ... . It is the most beautiful city! We are having a fantastic time! When I left home, everybody said that it always rains in England. Well, thats not quite true. The sun is shining and its about 23C. We are staying at Holiday Inn and I can say it is quite comfortable. Every morning we have the traditional English drink and delicious cookies. I want to see the Queens Palace, the British Museum and Sherlock Holmess House. There is also a show The Lord of the Dance that I dont want to miss. You know how I love Irish dancing. Yesterday we went to Trafalgar Square and my brother admired the big column in the center. Its great to be here together with him, only the two of us. Ill write again soon. Love, Jane 1. Where is Jane writing from? A) Paris B) Madrid C) London D) Dublin E) Trafalgar Square 2. What is the weather like? A) cold B) chilly C) rainy D) warm E) hot 1. Im .. ist in Europa oft sehr hei. A) Winter B) Frhling C) Sommer D) Herbst E) Ferien 2. Wie alt .. dein Bruder? A) hat B) ist C) habe D) bin E) macht

3. Jane wants to visit: A) the Queen B) Sherlock Holmes C) a museum D) a hotel E) a lord 4. The Lord of the Dance is: A) a place B) a play C) a building D) a story E) a performance 5. How many other persons are travelling with Jane? A) none B) one C) two D) Jackie E) three

3. Vor dem Essen, nach dem Essen waschen, nicht vergessen. A) Ohren B) Fe C) Hnde D) Haare E) Zehen 4. Was passt nicht in die Reihe? A) Butter B) Kse D) Wurst E) Milch C) Joghurt

5. Miriam .. gut Deutsch. A) sprecht B) spricht C) schlft D) spielt E) kauft


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6. My father is sitting the chair. A) in B) under D) next E) above

C) on

6. Wie heit der vierte Tag der Woche? A) Montag B) Dienstag C) Donnerstag D) Freitag E) Samstag 7. Finde die logische Entsprechung! Elefant: gro = Maus: .. A) klein B) dick C) dnn D) hoch E) niedrig 8. Setze das passende Wort ein: Du ..... fast immer lieb. A) ist B) bist C) seid D) sind 9. 8 + 9 = .......................... A) ziebzehn B) siebenzehn C) siebzehn D) zibzehn E) sibten 10. Ein Tag hat 24 . A) Uhren B) Stunden D) Wochen E) Monate

7. Today is Wednesday. Yesterday was and tomorrow will be ........... . A) Monday / Tuesday B) Tuesday / Thursday C) Thursday / Tuesday D) Monday / Thursday E) Tuesday / Friday 8. Ten deer have .. legs: A) 10 B) 20 C) 30 D) 40 E) 50

E) bin

9. On the last Thursday of November the American people celebrate ............... . A) Halloween B) Valentines Day C) Thanksgiving Day D) Guy Fawkes Day E) Christmas Eve 10. Your uncles son is your ............... . A) aunt B) father C) cousin D) niece E) nephew Read the text below and answer the questions no. 11-15: Lost! The most important member of our family has disappeared. Last evening, as she was taking her daily walk in the park and we were just approaching the Statue of the Parrot, we heard a loud noise. Surprised, she ran away and we havent seen her since then. Her name is Fluffy and she has white fur with black spots. Her whiskers are long and white and her tail is just like her name. Please, help a family that is missing its beloved companion terribly. If you happen to hear a desperate meowing coming from the direction of the park or you see an animal looking just like the one in the above description, please call 01756789 immediately. In case you are not really sure its her, dont try to call her name because she will not respond: she cant hear. You can be sure its her by looking into her eyes closely. If she starts purring and curls her tail around her legs, its her! 11. What animal has been lost? A) a dog B) a parrot D) a hamster E) a rabbit C) a cat

C) Minuten

11. Welches Wort passt nicht in die Reihe? A) Apfelsaft B) Bier C) Cappuccino D) Kaffee E) Suppe 12. Welcher Gegenstand gehrt nicht ins Badezimmer? A) Seife B) Handtuch C) Kchenhandtuch D) Zahnpasta E) Duschgel

12. Where was she seen last? A) at home B) in her bed C) on a tree D) in the park E) around the park


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13. Why wont she respond to her name? A) She has a limp. B) She is deaf. C) She is blind. D) She cant see. E) She is mute. 14. Her tail is . . A) fluffy B) long D) white E) short C) black

13. In einem botanischen Garten sehen wir viele ............... . A) Tiere B) Insekten C) Spielzeuge D) Pflanzen E) Gedanken 14. In diesem Gebude liegen Kranke. A) die Disko B) das Restaurant C) das Kino D) das Krankenhaus E) das Theater 15. Wie lautet das Sprichwort? ,,Lgen haben kurze .................. A) Arme B) Ohren C) Beine D) Fe E) Hnde 16. Wie geht es .................? A) du B) dir C) dich D) deinem E) deiner 17. Macht bitte das Fenster ., es ist schon kalt hier. A) an B) auf C) aus D) mit E) zu 18. Finde die logische Entsprechung! Pferd: reiten = Fahrrad: A) laufen B) fahren C) rennen D) gehen E) springen 19. Was kann man mit dem Messer machen? A) trinken B) schneiden C) backen D) kaufen E) lessen 20. Verbinde die Buchstaben. Welches Wort kannst du bilden? L o g e t V a t a l A) Loger B) Vater C) Vogel D) Laden E) Lotto

15. The owner says his pet does this every day: she .. . A) purrs B) curls her tail around her legs C) meows D) looks into her eyes E) walks in the park 16. We havent a hotel room yet. A) rent B) got C) hired D) get E) booked 17. What flying mammals hunt at night? A) lions B) crows C) bats D) flies E) owls 18. Which fairy-tale character lost a shoe at midnight? A) Sleeping Beauty B) Thumbelina C) Cinderella D) Snow White E) Tinkerbell 19. How many planets are there in the solar system? A) seven B) ten C) nine D) twelve E) five 20. Oh, Daddy! Is there anything You want beneath the tree? Other than, of course, to watch Me open gifts for me? What celebration is the child thinking about? A) Christmas B) New Years Eve C) Childrens Day D) Fathers Day E) Easter Read the text below and answer the questions no. 21-25: Long, long ago, God decided to make the world a more beautiful place, so He gave colours to all the things around. The little snowdrop arrived late and asked God to give him a colour too, but God answered that he had no more colours left. What can I do now? complained the snowdrop. You can ask the other plants or things to give you some of their colour, answered God. The little flower was very happy and went looking for somebody. He first met the grass.


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Please, grass, give me a little green from you, asked the snowdrop. But the grass refused him and so did the sky, the sun and all the other flowers. Only the snow was sorry for the little flower and helped it. Now you know why the snowdrop is white and it is such a good friend of the snow. 21. What is the snowdrop from this story? A) a drop of snow B) a flower C) a thing D) a snowflake E) a floor 22. Did the rose refuse the snowdrop, too? A) It is not clear. B) We dont know. C) Yes, it did. D) No, it didnt. E) Not really. 23. The sentence God had no more colours left doesnt mean that: A) There werent any more colours. B) There were no more colours. C) All the colours were given. D) No more colours were left. E) All the colours were on the left. 24. To look for means . . A) to search B) to watch D) to meat E) to find C) to see 21. Ich wei nicht, Maria morgen in die Schule kommt. A) dass B) weil C) ob D) als E) denn 22. Das Kind .. sich jeden Morgen die Zhne. A) putzt B) wscht C) trinkt D) kmmt E) duscht 23. Setze das richtige Fragewort ein. ......... kommen Sie? Aus der Schweiz. A) Wo B) Wohin C) Woher D) Woraus E) Womit

24. Mit unseren Ohren knnen wir .......... . A) sehen B) schmecken C) hren D) riechen E) fhlen 25. Wie lautet das Gegenteil von weinen? A) schlafen B) rufen C) schweigen D) laken E) lachen 26. Ich habe mir die Hnde schon ... . A) gewscht B) gewuscht C) gewaschen D) gewiescht E) gewuschen 27. Um 13 Uhr esse ich ................... Mittag. A) zu B) an C) bei D) auf E) in 28. Es ist ein beliebtes Haustier. A) Maus B) Schlange C) Spinne D) Meerschweinchen E) Spatz

25. The snowdrop got its colour from: A) the rose B) God C) the sun D) the snow E) the sky 26. What kind of animals do you have in your stomach, when you feel nervous in a stressful situation? A) butterflies B) ants C) birds D) bats E) elephants 27. A leap year has . days. A) 364 B) 365 C) 366 D) 367 E) 368

28. Which of the following replies is a possible answer to the question: Do you want to go to the cinema? A) O.K. whats on? B) Are you sure? C) Yes, please give me some! D) Sure, here you are! E) Yes, I will. 29. Yes, tell me about it. Im all ears. A) listening carefully B) listening quietly C) listening quickly D) listening completely E) listening nervously

29. Heute bleibt Karl zu Hause, ................... er erkltet ist. A) denn B) weil C) dass D) oder E) wann

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30. We .. when the telephone ............ . A) was watching TV / rang B) watched TV / rang C) were watching TV / rang D) watched TV / was ringing E) were watching TV / ringed 31. If your birthday is between Mothers Day and Easter you were probably born in .......... . A) spring B) February C) summer D) autumn E) winter 32. What letter of the alphabet is an insect? A) D B) E C) C D) B E) K

30. Er ...................... immer seiner Mutter. A) hilfst B) hilft C) helft D) helfe E) hielft

31. Uwe will ein Buch kaufen. Er geht in die . . A) Bibliothek B) Buchhandlung D) Schule E) Apotheke 32. Ergnze: Er .............. gern Pizza. A) ist B) esst C) esse

C) Bank

D) isst

E) essen

33. Alaskas name is based the Eskimo word Alakshak meaning great lands or peninsula. A) after B) at C) from D) in E) on 34. Find the correct option to fill in the blank: I know a boy ............ aunt is a pilot A) whose B) whos C) hows D) who E) that 35. Which word means by mistake? A) accidentally B) unfortunately D) right away E) wrong C) alright

33. Die Stadtmusikanten kommen aus . . A) Kln B) Stuttgart C) Bremen D) Dresden E) Mnchen 34. Wie heit das Mrchen? Schneewittchen und .. A) Frau Holle B) Rosenrot C) der Drache D) die sieben Zwerge E) der Prinz 35. Das Gegenteil von interessant ist: A) hsslich B) bse C) arm D) langweilig E) unendlich 36. Wer nicht frhlich ist, der ist .......... . A) froh B) lustig C) mde D) traurig E) krank 37. Ich gratuliere dir ....... Geburtstag! A) um B) im C) zum D) zu E) zu der 38. Die Tochter deines Onkels ist deine ........... . A) Schwester B) Tante C) Cousin D) Enkelkind E) Cousine 39. Familie Mller hat ................ Haustier. A) kein B) keinen C) keine D) keiner E) keines 40.Was kann eine Katze nicht machen? A) fliegen B) laufen C) springen D) klettern E) fressen 41. Wann feiert man Silvester? A) am 6. Dezember B) am 25. Dezember C) am 31. Dezember D) am 1. April E) am 1. Mai

36. Guess the ending for the following: An apple a day keeps the doctor .......... . A) stay B) play C) away D) ray E) hurray 37. We dont have ............ time left. A) a few B) much C) many D) most E) few 38. Our neighbour has a house in the .......... . A) park B) playground C) countryside D) seaside E) lake 39. A foot has five . . A) fingers B) toes C) teeth D) hips E) eyes 40. I really ........... sick yesterday. I think it was food poisoning. A) made B) felt C) flew D) knew E) had 41. Do you know the story about King Arthur and his . ? A) knives B) knifes C) nights D) knights E) nites

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42. Miley Stewart is a character in the newly released Disney film Hannah Montana. She moved from Tennessee to Malibu and is adapting to a new lifestyle. Miley has a huge secret only known by her dad/manager Robbie Ray Stewart, her brother Jackson Stewart, and her two best friends Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. What is Mileys secret? Shes a . . A) model B) famous pop singer C) fortune teller D) winner in a beauty contest E) talented painter 43. The dog . when it saw the postman. A) coughed B) roared C) cried D) yelled E) barked 44. There are 7 schoolgirls in a schoolyard. Each girl has 7 backpacks. In each backpack, there are 7 big cats. For every big cat there are 7 little cats. Question: How many legs are there in the schoolyard? A) 14 B) 20 000 C) 343 D) 10 990 E) 2401 45. Im trying to save money to go to Thailand, but I havent got enough . A) already B) still C) yet D) soon E) longer 46. Pluto is . planet in the solar system, and Jupiter is . A) the smaller / the bigger B) the bigger / the smaller C) the smallest / the biggest D) the biggest / the smallest E) biggest / smallest 47. What is the time? 10:45 A) quarter to ten B) three quarters to ten C) quarter past ten D) quarter to eleven E) quarter past eleven 48. My sister always had ......... ambition than me. A) most B) more C) the more D) the most E) much 49. You can borrow books from a . A) bookshop B) library C) market D) magazine E) bookcase 50. Do you know anyone whos interested . having a kitten? A) of B) at C) to D) in E) for

42. Wie lautet die Pluralform? Peter hat einen Fernseher. Markus hat drei .. . A) Fernsehen B) Fernseher C) Fernsehers D) Fernsehere E) Fernsehe

43. Der Weg fhrte uns den Wald. A) im B) auf C) durch D) am E) zu 44. Der Blumenkohl ist . . A) eine Blume B) eine Frucht C) eine Gemsesorte D) eine Wurstsorte E) eine Zimmerdekoration

45. Meine Mutter hat .................. Gemse gekauft. A) frische B) frisch C) frischem D) frisches E) frischer 46. Daniel hat heute keine Lust, seinem Freund zu . A) besuchen B) helfen C) gehen D) anrufen E) geben

47. . tut mir Lied, dass du krank bist. A) Ich B) Mich C) Er D) Es E) Du

48. Die Frsche .............. . A) meckern B) bellen D) brummen E) quaken

C) miauen

49. Das hat der Nikolaus fr bse Kinder dabei: A) Bonbons B) eine Rute C) Nsse D) Mandeln E) Lebkuchen 50. Im Winter .................. es oft. A) regnet B) blitzt D) hagert E) schneit

C) donnert