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Read the text attentively and solve the comprehension exercises.

GROUP I A. Mark the following sentences r!e or "alse. #orrect and $!ote from the text. 1. Its not easy for young people to find a job. 2. Qualifications and experience are not important when one looks for a job.. 3. here are too many doctors and engineers in our society. !. "nemployment depresses people# but it must be fought. %. Answer the following $!estions. 1.$hat kind of workers do %uropean employers look for&

2. 'ow are young people affected by unemployment& 3. ()ore people are becoming o*er+educated.,-./ $hy can this be a problem& !.Is determination important when looking for a job& #. &ho ' which are these words referring to( 1. 3. hey ,line 0. heir ,line 12.

2. 1our ,line2. !. It ,line 1!. GROUP II A. Rephrase the following sentences. 1. Your qualifications have been analysed by our manager. he owner of the company said2. Tomorrow, my sister will look for a better ob. 3 better job!. "eter hasn#t got a ob, so his life is miserable. If 4eter$. %here did & 'ut my ()* 5atherine asked-. %. #omplete the sentences. 1. hat is the girl 666666666666666 father is my boss.

2. 4aul and 7amuel 66666666666666666666 ,ne*er 8 to go. to the 9ob 5entre. 3. 1esterday# those workers 666666666666666 ,to be. fired from the factory. !. he girls 66666666666666666 ,to write. an application letter when the phone rang. GROUP III A. #hoose one of the following topics and write a)o!t *++ words on it. If you could choose any job in the world# what would it be& $hy& $hat do you expect from your future job& ,conditions 8 facilities.