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A.E. Arraiolos - E.B. 2,3 / Sec. Cunha Rivara English Test 11th For !

!arch 2"13 Teacher# $ulce Calhau

Read the text attentively.

A. Decide whether these statements are true, false or not stated in the text.

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Correct the false statements. 1. Emma dropped out of university to start looking for a job. 2. She changed jobs because she wanted better pay and working conditions. 3. Her latest job offered her good prospects of promotion. . Her work e!perience helped her to work out what she really wanted to do in life. B. Find words/phrases in the text that mean the following. Paragraph numbers are given in brac ets. 1. in the end "para. 1# 2. a point in time by which something must be done "para. 1# 3. succeeded in doing something$ especially something difficult "para. 1# . be thinking with pleasure about something that is going to happen "because you e!pect to enjoy it# "para. 3# %. to try very hard to achieve something "para. 3# &. to find a way of dealing with the problems or harmful things "para. # C. !ive complete answers to these "uestions. 1. 'hat did Emma like about her job in the call centre( 2. 'hat can students do in their year out( 3. )n Emma*s opinion$ what are the advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year( D. Complete the following text with the words given. + cost + graduate + university + loans + either + culture + afford + practice !ap #ear among American students )n the ,nited States$ the "1#----------- of taking a .gap year/ before entering college remains relatively rare. Students "2#---------- enter college "half enter the post0secondary system through community colleges# or the labor force directly after high school. 1fter college$ most "3#----------undergraduates directly enter the labor force. 2his trend can be partially traced to 1merican " #---------- $ which stresses economic independence$ as well as the considerably higher "%#---------- of post0secondary education in the ,S. 3any 1merican students may not be able to "&#---------- a year off. )n 244 $ over &%5 of 0year college students relied on "6#---------- to finance their education$ with the average debt of roughly 724$444. 1mong "8#---------- students average debt totaled roughly 7 2$444 in 244 . $. %nsert the verbs in brac ets in the infinitive &with or without to' or 0ing form. 1. 2. 3. . %. 2hey had difficulty in------------" learn # English. She had better-----------" begin # by reading the te!t carefully. ) allow children------------" pla# # in the garden. 3y sister won9t let me------------" go # to the party. He looks forward to------------" meet # you soon.

F. Fill in the blan s with the correct tense of the verbs in brac ets.

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)n the world of work$ people were used to " (#------------"have# the same job until they ")#-----------" retire #. :ow$ with the growing automation of service jobs and technology developments$ even skilled workers " *#------------"be# at risk of redundancy. However$ we shouldn9t "+#------------"worr## so much about the future. ;ecent studies ",#--------------"show# that technology can create more jobs than it "-#------------"destro## as many jobs related to it are appearing. !. !ive the passive transformation of the following sentences. 1. 2hey recorded and posted lectures on the )nternet. .ectures-------------------------------------------------2. 2hey believe that having a degree is no longer a passport to a secure job. %t is------------------------------------------------------3. <eople in this village have always spoken <ortuguese. Portuguese-----------------------------------------------. 2hey will give him plenty of time to study for the te!t. /e-------------------------------------------------------%. 2hey are going to open a new shop. A new shop-----------------------------------------------&. <eople discuss politics everywhere. Politics----------------------------------------------------

/. Choose one of the following topica and write about ()01(,0 words on it. (. A #outh maga2ine has as ed #ou to write a short article on 3gap #ear3. /ere4s the headline of #our article5 3=ap year> is it for you(/ ). 6or ing at home is one of the ma7or trends in the changing world of wor . 6hat advantages and disadvantages does this form of wor have8 6rite about this sub7ect, thin ing about the following topics5 - ,se of technology9 - ?le!ible working conditions and timetable@ - )ndependence@ - Social contact@ - ?ree time.

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