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DHA Prometric Exam 02-01-2014 Q-1 The action of histamine

floxa!en Q-"

stimulation of gastric secretion

Q-2 One of the following anti iotics is resistant to !enicillinase #n$eral is

!ure -a$renergic rece!tor loc%er

Q-4 -

Which of the following is NOT betamethasone side effect


Q-5 The term shock signifies : hypoperfusion Q- Which of the following is NOT true about infi!imuab
blocker -"#-$

Q-% The usual daily dose of phenytoin in the range of: Q -( The drug of choice to control pain during acute myocardial infarction is : morphine

&''- ''

Q-) *orrect method of parentral administration of potassium is :

+low ",-, in.ection

Q-$' When concidering drug therapy for hypertention / which is true? beta-blokers should be a0oided in asthmatic patient
Q-$$ 1ecrease dopamine metabolism in peripheral 0essel

Role of carbidopa in treatment of Parkinsonism.

Q-12 which of the following are characteristic for Erythrosine:

should be used in pregnant woman if need

Q-13 which of the following change color of the rine to red Q-1! "he optimal si#e for ophthalmic drops:
2 $'3g


Q-1$ %aily recommended dose for &it. ' in male :Q-1( )eparin


can be monitored thro gh


Q-$% 7 carotine is precursor of :



1enaturation will happened in body for which compounds? proteins Q-1* antihypertensi&e sed in pregnancy +
5lpha 9ethyldopa Q-:' %esmopressine

sed in :-

nocturnal enuresis ;diabetes insipidus cephale!in

Q-:$ 5mpicilline has similar action

Q-:: 8elati0e bioe<ui0alent compared between std, drug ;test drug acc, To :- 5=* >5rea =nder the *ar0e ? Q-:& which of the following make water retention: >"ndometha@ine? Q-:A protamine sulphate is anti dote of:- BC658"NC Q-:5 purified water can not used in:a-ophthalmic preparation b-"- solution c-oral preparation d-oral suspension e-5;7

Q-: 5cti0e immunity can be conferred by :-


Q-2, -ot e.pected with inhaled smoke of cannabis /nore.ia

Q-:( Cnkefaline as peptide used in 5bbre0iations Q-:) a,c stands for before meal Q-&' <,<,d stand for e0ery four hour *alculation Q-&$ one <uestion was find gra0ity of gi0en substance gra0ity D weight40olume Q-&: 5ml sol,amp has conc ',:E/ what will be the amount of drug? $'mg 6harmaceutics Q-&& The substance con0erted in full powder form by which process a-8eduction/ b- e0aporation/ c-+ublimation/ d- 9aceration Q-&A The process of 1ry heater is +ublimation Q-&5 9ost commonly used dosage form is
asimilar in action to morphine

"n.ections/ b- syrups/ c- soft *apsules/ d- Tablets This is all which " remember wish u all the best Thanks

8egards/ Tayyeba 5dil