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13/FA TypeWell Transcribing Schedule 13-Sept-03 13-Dec-14

Day Tue Tue Tue Wed Fri Fri Time 12:30-3:20 3:50-6:40 7:00-9:00 1:00-3:50 8:30-11:20 1:00-3:50 Course ANIM 205 F003 Intro Drawing for Animation I ANIM 219 F001 3D Animation I Screening Night (For MHIS 205) ANIM 207 F001 Animation I MHIS 205 F001 Reading the Screen AHIS 200 F001 Art and Culture Start-End Sep 3-Dec 9 Sep 3-Dec 9 Sep 10-Dec 3 Sep 4-Dec 9 Sep 6-Dec 13 Sep 6-Dec13 Instructor Vanessa Schwartz Bob McAfee Ann Naymie Martin Rose Ann Naymie Patrik Andersson Student Yilin Wang Yilin Wang Yilin Wang Yilin Wang Yilin Wang Yilin Wang Location 260 NB 288F NB 301 SB 241 NB 245 NB 301 SB Transcriber(s) Cheryl Carpenter ?????????????? Cheryl Carpenter ?????????????? --------------------Cheryl Carpenter ?????????????? Cheryl Carpenter Allison Sands (until Nov 15) Cheryl Carpenter Allison Sands (until Nov 15)

Transcriber Contact Information: Cheryl Carpenter No Classes: Monday, September 2 Labour Day Friday, September 20 Truth and Reconciliation (classes suspended) Monday, October 14 Thanksgiving Monday, November 11 Remembrance Day Allison Sands