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THE DALLAS EXPERIENCE ORGANIZATIONAL REFORM BY Mary ANN WycOFF GEORGE L. KELLING POLICE FOUNDATION The Police foundation i 4 piatly landed epee, none Somendaos of ths eputare hose 3 the uth and na acess opel he Foandaton he Doce Unprine fee fe mi on the Corman, Prema F CONTENTS Foreword Preface Note on Evaluation Acknowledgments Prologue Executive Summary Chronology Introduction 1. The Context for Change 2 The Process of Change 3° Conclusion References About the Authors Evaluation Staff 3 58 a ow a9 90 4 I FOREWORD In 1971 the Dalla Police Department, in association with the Police Foundation, began 2 human resource development program intended to produce vast organizational change and personnel enhancement, Reloimation and acceptance of innovative ideas and programs are not easly attained in sry type of organiration Such changes within our police department proved 0 be pa ticularly dificu. Law enforcement, by nature, exits in a climate of caution; the volume and extent of the proposed changes were overwheliing to many members of the depart rent AL the time, department administrators believed that temphsis on human resource developmen was the key to ‘operational improvement, attainment of goals, and professionalism Tor the department. Plans were made to up: grade minority recruitment practices, ater entrance Fequitements, improve personnel management systems and training programs, and decentraize major departmental lune Some ofthe proposed programs were unsuccessful. Others ‘worked very well and continue to improve the operation of the Dallas Police Department. ‘The ‘concepts of decentalzed ‘eighbothood stations and yeneralist/specalist tear palcing never made it off the drawing board. proving the status of