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Lesson3 Which Country Are You From Goals: 1. Know de the possessive modifier 2.

Familiar with the sentence pattern: I am.....; I am not.... 3. Be able to answer the question which country are you from and say I am American, I am not Chinese. 4. Be able to ask simple questions with ma and answer them 5. Be able to say thanks and goodbye Vocabulary English cat dog possessive modifier my/mine my cat your/yours your dog his, her, its It is my cat. You are mine. is, am, are/ yes mo gu de w de w de mo n de n de gu t de T sh w de mo. N sh w de. sh Pinyin Chinese characters

isn't, am not, aren't/no b sh Yes or no? good not good Good or not good? sh b sh? ho b ho ho b ho

Ok? country China America person, people Chinese person, Chinese people American person, American people which Which country Which country are you from?

ho ma? gu zhng gu mi gu rn zhng gu rn mi gu rn n n gu N sh n gu rn?

thanks Goodbye

Xi xie Zi jin

Grammar and Practice: 1. possessive modifier de My: His: My cat: Your: Her: His dog: __________________

2. country + person(rn) Zhng gu rn= China+ person= Chinese people Mi gu rn= America +person= American people I am American.= I am not Chinese.= Are you American?=

3. happy= go xng My cat is happy.=_

unhappy= b go xng

Your dog is unhappy.=________________________________________

4. Asking yes/notype questions with ma Tip: all questions in Chinese are stated in the order of a statement instead of a question; so when you ask questions in Chinese, make a statement about you subject and add the question word ma in the end of the statement. Examples: Is it a dog?

It is a dog ma?

T sh gu ma?

Are you American? You are American ma? N sh mi gu rn ma? Is it your dog? It is your dog ma? Is it her cat? Note: the question word ma is very powerful, but remember that ma is only for yes/no type of questions. If you ask when will you go to China?, this is not a question can be answered by yes or no, so you cant use ma. Well learn later how to ask this question.

5. A not A? pattern This is for asking yes/no type of questions, meaning A or not A? For example: sh b sh? ? ho b ho? ? Yes or no? good or not good?= Is it good?

go xng b go xng happy or unhappy?

All A not A? questions can be changed to A ma? A not A?= A ma? sh b sh? ? sh ma?

ho b ho? ? ho ma? go xng b go xng go xng ma? Ask the following questions in a different way without changing the meaning: 1.N sh zhng gu rn ma? (Are you Chinese?) = n sh b sh zhng gu rn? 2. n go xng ma? ? (Are you happy?) =________________________________________ 3. n rn shi b rn shi t? ? (Do you know her?) =_____________________________________________ 4. t sh gu ma? (Is he a dog?) =_____________________________________________

6. Whats the name of.(person, animal)= .(person, animal) jio shn me? For example, Whats the name of you cat? = N de mo jio shn me? Whats your dogs name?= Whats her dogs name?= Whats your wifes name?=_________________________________________

Dialogue Practice (A represents one person, and B another) Note: Please first try to translate them yourself and we will go through them together in class. If you dont have a tutor, try to practice with a partner. 1. A: Are you John? B: No, Im Alex

2. A: Is it a cat? B: No, its a dog.

3. A: Whats the name of your cat? B: My cats name is

4. A: Is it your cat? B: No, its her cat.

5 A: Are you American? B: yes, I am. Are you Chinese? A: No, I am not. 6. A: Which country are you from? B: Im from.

7. A: Do you know her? B: No, I dont know her. 8. Hello, I am______________(your name). Im from America. Nice to meet you.