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Long ago I wished to leave " The house where I was born; " Long ago I used to grieve,

My home seemed so forlorn. In other years, its silent rooms Were filled with haunting fears; Now, their very memory comes !ercharged with tender tears. Life and marriage I have "nown, Things once deemed so bright; Now, how utterly is flown #very ray of light $ !Mid the un"nown sea of life I no blest isle have found; %t last, through all its wild wave!s strife, My bar" is homeward bound. &arewell, dar" and rolling dee' $ &arewell, foreign shore $ 'en, in unclouded swee', Thou glorious realm before $ (et, though I had safely 'ass!d That weary, ve)ed main, ne loved voice, through surge and blast, *ould call me bac" again. Though the soul!s bright morning rose !er +aradise for me, William $ even from ,eaven!s re'ose I!d turn, invo"ed by thee $ -torm nor surge should e!er arrest My soul, e)ulting then. %ll my heaven was once thy breast, Would it were mine again $ *harlotte /ront0 Mult tim' 1n urm2 am dorit s2 'lece " *asa in care m3am n2scut "; Mult tim' 1n urm2 am folosit 'entru a 4eli , *asa mea '2rea at5t de '2r2sit . In alti ani , camerele sale t2cute -3au um'lut cu b1ntuit de temeri ; %cum , foarte memoria lor vine !ercharged cu lacrimi de licitaie . 6e via2 i de c2s2torie i3am cunoscut , Lucrurile odat2 considerate at5t de luminos ; %cum , cum totul este arborat &iecare ra72 de lumin2 $ " Mid marea necunoscut2 a vieii #u nu insul2 binecuv5ntat 3au g2sit ; 8n cele din urm2 , din duh de ceart2 tot val de s2lbatic , *oa4a mea este 1n drum s're cas2 . %dio , 1ntuneric i de rulare ad5nc2 $

%dio , 2rm str2in $ 6eschis , 1n matura senin , Tu t2r5m glorios 1nainte $ *u toate acestea , dei am avut 'ass!d 1n condiii de siguran 2 *2 , 'rinci'al obosit contrariat , 9n iubit de voce , 'rin val i e)'lo7ie , %r 'utea s2 m2 suni 1na'oi din nou . 6ei diminea2 str2lucitoare a sufletului a crescut Incantatoare +aradise 'entru mine , William $ chiar de re'aus *erului Mi3ar transforma , invocat de tine $ &urtun2 nici val ar trebui s2 areste7e veci -ufletul meu , e)ulting atunci . Tot cerul meu a fost dat2 de san t2u , %r fi fost a mea din nou $ *harlotte /ront0