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212 212 The Human Soul in Relation to World Evolution

Anthroposophic Press (1985) 6(5/26/1922, Dornach) 90ff. 4847 212-01 human development The etheric body is an image of the universe at birth, its configuration fades a little towards the change of teeth and begins to send rays inwards. These rays form an etheric structure in the middle at puberty: the etheric heart which substitutes the inherited etheric heart. The astral body is differentiated very much at birth and brings an image of the prebirth experiences with it. This "slips" into the physical organs (situated above the diaphragm) till puberty, and the astral body becomes vague, a nebulous cloud. The movements which are carried out in the external world are now inscribed in this undifferentiated structure. At the moment of puberty, the astral heart is established as a central organ for our activities (karma). References to lectures of CW 212 after 4-15, in 175-04, 211-06, 211-13, 216-07.