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Natural Science 1r ESO Full name: Date:

UD01 - Examen Group: A / B / C / D

1. Decide which of the following sentences are false and correct them: (2,5 p) Mo t o! t"e matter in t"e Uni#er e cannot $e een% &"e Mil'( )a( i locate* in t"e centre o! t"e Solar S( tem% &"e Bin+ Ban+ t"eor( trie to explain t"e ori+in o! t"e Uni#er e% Eac" +alax( i ma*e up o! one tar ,it" planet or$itin+ it% Galaxie +roup to+et"er in +alactic clu ter % &"e Uni#er e i 1-0000 million (ear ol*% 2. Underline the astral bodies that emit their own light: .lanet Star Meteorite Comet Galaxie Satellite

3. E plain the life c!cle of big"si#ed stars (bigger than the $%n).

&. 'ich are the differences between the inner planets and the o%ter planets(

5. )ist the planets of the $olar $!stem, from the nearest to the farthest from the $%n.

*. Define the words: A teroi*

/more $e"in*%%%0

+. E plain the 3 feat%res of a dwarf planet and gi,e 2 e amples: (1,5p)

-. .elate the different la!ers of the $%n with its definition: 3t4 li'e an o#en at a temperture o! 150000006C7 ,ic" relea e lot o! ener+(% 8er( t"ic' la(er ,"ere ener+(7 on t"e ,a( to t"e out i*e7 $ecome #i i$le li+"t% &"in ur!ace la(er o! a$out 100 'm7 emittin+ t"e ener+( t"at reac"e t"e planet % 9e#el o! t"e olar atmo p"ere ,"ere prominence occur%

Core ."oto p"ere C"romo p"ere 1a*iati#e 2one

/)0$$1.2 Cannot : no pot emit : produeixen li!e c(cle o! $i+- i2e* tar : cicle de vida de les estrelles de gran tamany !rom t"e neare t to t"e !art"e t : del ms proper al ms lluny !eature : caracterstiques 1elate : Relaciona o#en : forn relea e : emet / produeix t"ic' : gruixat on t"e ,a( to t"e out i*e : en el seu cam cap a fora $ecome : es torna &"in : prim / prima ur!ace la(er : capa superficial reac"e : arriba