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GMO corn from Du Pont & Dow gets green light in Europe

11/02 22:08 CET smaller_text larger_text Share on print Share on email | Share this article | Share on reddit More Sharing Services espite 1! o" the E#$s 28 mem%ers voting against& 'merican chemicals giants ( )ont and o* loo+ set to get the seal o" approval on gro*ing a strain o" geneticall, modi"ied corn in E(rope.o(r mem%er states a%stained& *hile onl, "ive approved the crop& %(t %eca(se o" the E#$s *eighted voting s,stem the E(ropean Commission is no* o%liged to pass it/0" there is no negative 1(ali"ied ma2orit, against the proposal then the Commission not ma,& %(t shall& adopt the proposal&3 said the 4ealth and Cons(mer )olic, Commissioner Tonio 5org6erman,$s 6reens *ere "(rio(s at their co(ntr,$s a%stention& as a /no3 vote there *o(ld have made all the di""erence/Toda, the .ederal government missed an historic opport(nit, to %e a clear voice against genetic engineering in E(rope- The approval o" geneticall, modi"ied mai7e on E(ropean soil p(ts geneticall, modi"ied "ood on cons(mer$s plates- 'lmost all 6ermans oppose that&3 said the 6reen$s Simone )eterSeveral 6M8 crops are alread, gro*n in E(rope& *hile others have %een re"(sed or *ithdra*n %, their companies& citing cons(mer resistance to %(,ing the prod(ctCop,right 9 201: euronews