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TO: All Employees and Contractors FROM: Adelle DeWitt DATE: 10/12/09 RE: Client Acquisition and Retention

DeWitt DATE: 10/12/09 RE: Client Acquisition and Retention Rossum Corporation LA CONFIDENTIAL MEMORANDUM INTERNAL

Rossum Corporation LA


It is my unfortunate duty once again to remind all employees and outside contractors of Rossum Corporation LA that we are not meeting our goals for client acquisition and retention.

Projections from last year have not yet been met, and it is important that everyone increase their efforts to identify new clients and bring them to the attention of the sales team. While it is true that each and every one of you of course must attend to your own responsibilities, it is equally true that each and everyone one of you has a greater responsibility to Rossum Corporation LA as a whole.

All due consideration will be given to any serious ideas put forward both to increase client acquisition and to maintain the long-term satisfaction of existing clients.

While I do understand there has been some hit to morale due to this under-performance as compared to projections – not to mention the loss of our in-house doctor, as well as the sudden investigative interest in our activities on the part of a certain U.S. Senator – trust that I, our chief of security, and the board of Rossum Corporation itself are working diligently to address those concerns.

But it also is of utmost importance that everyone understand the situation cannot be resolved solely by management or by our corporate parent.

While the postponement of this week’s 10/16 staff meeting was planned well in advance, it now also provides all of us the opportunity of an additional week in which to bring aboard new clients as well as reassure existing ones that our operations will continue. I look forward to seeing our progress at the 10/23 staff meeting.

Our corporate parent recently has reiterated its support during these trying times. While no one can know for certain what the coming months will bring, it is my firm belief, and certainly my firm commitment, that all of us working together can bring ongoing success to our endeavors not only for the remainder of the current fiscal year, but into the next as well.

I thank each and everyone one of you for all your hard work, and your dedication to the research we fund. It is through your tireless efforts that I find myself sanguine about the future.

Adelle DeWitt