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University of Eastern Philippines

Compilation of data made by: University of Eastern Philippines

University Town, Catarman, N. Samar
Romeo Rivera Jr. MSN website:
Catarman is home to the University of Eastern
Philippines, which is the biggest university (both in terms of land Atty. Mar P. de Asis, Ph.D.
area and curricular offerings) in Region 8 having 3 campuses President
(UEP Main, Laoang and Catubig) and several extension
programs offered across the Samar Island catering to 30,000 (O55)251-8008
The University started in 1918 as the Catarman Farm
School. In 1956, it was converted to Samar Institute of (055)354-1314(fax)
Technology. In order to provide a more extensive liberal
education in the arts, humanities, natural and social sciences,
and engineering and technology, SIT was again converted into PROGRAMS OFFERED
a state university in 1964 and was named University of Eastern
Philippines. At present, UEP is considered as the only Doctor of Philosophy (Educational Management)
comprehensive state university in Eastern Visayas offering the Doctor of Arts (Language and Literature)
largest number of programs in the undergraduate, graduate and Doctor of Business Administration
postgraduate education. Doctor of Public Administration (Conditional)
MA in Education (Administration & Supervision, Guidance & Counselling, P. E.)
Mandated to "primarily give technical and professional MA in Language and Literature (English Stream)
training, advanced instruction in literature, philosophy, the MA in Language Teaching (English, Filipino)
sciences and the arts", it also provides for "the promotion of MA in Nursing
scientific and technological researches". MA in Teaching (Elementary Education, Mathematics, Social Studies)
Master of Arts in Business Administration
The University is divided into the following colleges and Master in Public Administration
departments: Master of Management in Public Management
UEP Primary and Secondary Laboratory Schools, College of Master of Arts in Education (Allen Campus)
Agriculture, College of Arts and Communication, College of
MS in Agricultural Extension
Business Administration, College of Education, College of
MS in Animal Science
Engineering, College of Law, College of Nursing, College of
MS in Civil Engineering
Science, College of Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School.
MS in Biological Sicence
MS in Teaching Chemistry
MS in Community Development
MS in Economics Civil Tech,
MS in Environmental Studies Electronics Tech)
MS in Physics BS in Basic Medicine
Bachelor of Laws BS in Nursing
BS in Agricultural Engineering BS in Biology
BS in Agricultural Engineering Technology BS in Chemistry
BS in Water Resource Engineering BS in Environmental Studies
BS in Agriculture BS in Information Technology
BS in Agricultural Education (also in San Isidro Campus) BS in Marine Biology
BS in Agribusiness BS in Mathematics
BS in Fisheries Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
BS in Forestry BS in Meat Technology
AB major in Broadcast Communication Associate in Literal Arts
Abmajor in Journalism Associate in Secretarial Science
AB major in Language and Literature Diploma in Agricultural Technology (Pinabacdao)
AB major in Political Science Diploma in Medical Transcription
AB major in Public Administration
AB major in Sociology UEP-Catubig Campus
BS Criminology Catubig, N. Samar
BS in Community Development
BS Accountancy Master of Arts in Education
BS Business Administration (Management, Marketing) Master of Public Administration
BS in Buiness Economics Bachelor of Elementary Education
BS in Cooperatives Bahelor of Secondary Education
BS in Entrepreneurship Bsin Information Technology
Bachelor of Elementary Education BS Agriculture
Bachelor of Secondary Education BS in Criminology
BEEd-Home Economics
BS in Home Economics UEP-Laoang
Bachelor of Teacher Technician Education San Miguel Heights, Laoang, N. Samar
BS in Industrial Eduction
BS in Civil Engineering Myrna S. Poso, Ph.D.
BS in Electrical Engineering Executive Director II
BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS in Computer Technology (Ladderized program) MA in Education - Administration & Supervision
BTechnology (Arch'l Drafting Tech, Automotive Tech, Masters in Public Administration
B in Elementary Education (English, MAPE, Math, Science & Health)
B in Secondary Education (Biology, Computer, Science
& Health, English, Gen Science, Math, PEHM, THE)
BS in Fishery Education
BS in Fishery Education
BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Electrical Engineering
BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS in Criminology
BS in Industrial Technology (Automotive, Civil Tech,
Cosmetology, Drafting, Electricity, Electronics, Food
Tech, Woodwroking, Garments)
Asso. in Industrial Technology (Automotive, Civil Tech,
Drafting, Electricity, Electronics, Food Tech,
Woodworking, Garments)