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Russia Legal Department Benchmarking Survey 2013 - Key Findings

Laurence Simons

The 2013 Laurence Simons Russia Legal department benchmarking survey is the rst of its kind. It details legal revenue and spend, highlights challenges facing legal teams and recruitment trends. The respondents of this survey come from a wide range of industries covering FMCG & retail, energy, technology, aviation and transport.

Head count
Average Russian legal department size

Legal spend Average internal legal spend amongst respondents is approximately

Median Russian legal department size

Average external legal spend amongst respondents is approximately


of respondents expect head count to increase next year

Average revenue per lawyer

REVENUE PER LAWYER* US$264,716,127 US$125,000,000

Median revenue per lawyer

Operational issues are the biggest pain points for lawyers in Russia, dominated by the need to do more work with less budget and head count, whilst containing costs. Human relations and employment issues also came up as a problem area.

Average worldwide revenue per lawyer

Median worldwide revenue per lawyer

*The revenue per lawyer gures are calculated by taking the total revenue of an entire law rm and dividing it by the number of qualied lawyers.

What proFessional challenGes are Most iMportant to you?** 71%

Pressure to do more with less budget and/or staff

Of the business sectors represented by respondents, the most prominent are:

FMCG & Retail

16% 16% 13% 11%

Energy & Utilities

Human relations & employment issues
**Respondents could select a range of options

Containing legal costs Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Technology & Telecoms